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Rubbed the Right Way

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My girlfriend, Julia, had given me a gift certificate for a massage. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I tried it.

I arrived and was given forms to fill out. Then I was taken back to a room by a very good looking young woman. She was petite with long red hair, nice tits and great legs. She told me to get undressed.

I had my choice of totally stripping down, or if I was more comfortable, I could leave my underwear on. If she was going to be rubbing on me, I was getting naked. She could touch me anywhere she wanted to.

I was lying on the table massage table face down, under the sheet just as instructed. There was soft music playing, the lights were down low and some candles were lit. It was pretty romantic and I was more than ready for the sweet young thing to come in and start rubbing.

I heard the door open and looked up to see a man walk in. He was a good looking guy and fairly well built. It was obvious that he worked out and I’m sure many women paid attention to him. He explained the procedures to me and asked if I had any questions. When I said no, he walked over to one side of me, poured some oil in his hands and began to work on my shoulders. This guy was going to give me my massage? What happened to the cute little girl that led me in?

I was a little tense with this guy having his hands on me, but he started working some muscles that were quite tense and I began to relax. As he did the massage we chatted about sports, girlfriends, the news and other every day topics. He was slowly working his way down my body and to my lower back. I became very aware that I had decided to forgo my underwear.

He left the sheet over me, but pulled part of it to the side to massage my leg. He started at my foot and worked his way up to my thigh. As he did, his hand grazed my ass. I was surprised when I felt a little jolt. It felt good. This was a guy. It can’t feel good.

The next thing I knew, that leg was covered and he was working on the other one. How did I miss the change? Was I really spending that long thinking about his hand on my ass? As his hand worked the upper part of my other leg, I waited for him to touch me again. I was both excited and tense. Would he? Would I like it if he did? As his hand neared my ass, I held my breath. I didn’t have to wait long. I let out what I hoped was a small groan as his hand ran near my cock. I started to get hard. What was I thinking?

He told me to turn over so he could work on the front. Now what was I going to do? I had a hard on and he was going to see it. I had no choice but to turn over as he held the sheet up for me. I just hoped it wasn’t going to be too obvious.

If he noticed, he didn’t say anything. He just started working on my shoulders. I tried to relax, but it was getting difficult. His hands worked down my body and started on my leg again. As he got near my thigh, he had to be able to see my hard on, but he didn’t say anything. I inhaled sharply as he worked the upper part of my thigh. His hand was so near me and I both wanted him to touch me and hoped he wouldn’t. Then I heard him ask, “A little tense?” Tense didn’t even begin to cover it.

His hand inched further up and again, it ran alongside my cock and I groaned. He didn’t say anything. He just replaced the sheet and started on the other leg. This time, when he got near, he didn’t just graze my cock, he fully ran his hand over it. I groaned much louder this time. I couldn’t believe it felt so good to have a man touching my cock. He asked me if I wanted more. My response was simple, “Hell yes.” He poured more oil into his hands and started to stroke me. His hand gripped my cock and slowly stroked up and down. I damn near wanted to shoot my load right then.

He removed the sheet and placed my knees on the table. He continued stroking my cock with one hand and was massaging my balls with the other. I felt his hand slide down toward my ass, and he lightly fingered my hole. He stopped for a moment and reached for the oil again. He poured it down my ass and worked my hole. I felt a finger slide in and I let out a loud gasp as it did. He slid it in and out very slowly while adding a second finger. As he worked my ass, he slid his mouth down over my cock. Damn! It felt so good. I closed my eyes and let him work on me. He sure knew how to give a blow job.

I was so involved I never heard the door open. I heard a voice say. “I see you started without me.” I snapped my eyes open and there stood Julia. Oh shit. It was about to hit the fan. I could barely speak when I heard her say, “I see you’ve met Carl. Are you enjoying it?” How the hell did she know this guy’s name and why wasn’t she flipping out? If I had walked in and saw this I know I wouldn’t have been very calm.

Carl never stopped what he was doing. Julia then informed me that Carl had been her massage therapist for a few years and she was very well aware of the extra services that he offered his customers. That’s why she sent me here. She sent me here to get sucked off by another guy? What the hell?

I was already stunned, and when she joined Carl to work on my cock I couldn’t believe what was going on. Was this really happening or was I in some weird hallucination? As her mouth replaced Carl’s and Julia went full blast taking me into her mouth and bobbing up and down my shaft, I stopped caring and let the two of them work me over. The sensations were overwhelming and I was groaning as I shot my load. Julia pulled off my cock and Carl sucked me dry.

Julia turned to Carl and told him that we were alone. The cute girl up front had left and told Julia to lock the door behind her. Then Julia began to strip. Apparently we were going to be here awhile and she was going to be part of it. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I was game.

Julia started to remove Carl’s clothes and was stroking his cock. I was enjoying watching them when she invited me to join them. I couldn’t get off the table fast enough. My hands were on her tits and fingering her pussy while she stroked and sucked on Carl. Then she told me she wanted to see me suck Carl’s cock. I was a little taken aback, but I had come this far. I knelt down beside her and she started guiding me in what to do. I had gotten many blowjobs, but this was the first one I had given. Julia was telling me what Carl liked and how to do it. I watched as she reached into a bag I never saw her bring in. She pulled out a bottle of lube and got behind Carl. She lubed her fingers and his ass and began to place her fingers in one at a time. With each finger she added, Carl fucked my face a little faster. I heard him say he was going to come and before I knew what had happened, he was coming down my throat. He tasted somewhat salty and I tried to swallow what he was giving me. Julia came around and kissed me hard, licking what I had missed and cleaning Carl’s cock off.

I was starting to get hard again. I picked Julia up and laid her on the table. Carl raised the table up slightly, and I dove in to work on her wonderful pussy, which she keeps shaved for me. I was licking her pussy like a starving man. I stuck my tongue deep inside of her and flicked my tongue over her clit, which was swollen. She moaned a little each time I hit her magic button. Carl was working on her tits. He had one in each hand and was feasting on her nipples. She has incredibly sensitive nipples and she can come just from having them played with. I was amazed she was able to hold back this long. I concentrated on her clit and worked her until she couldn’t hold it off any longer. She screamed as she came and I buried my face in her to get every drop.

I was rock hard and ready to go again. I eased my cock into her. She was so tight. When I looked up, I saw Carl was straddling her face. She was groaning and begging me to fuck her faster. I was happy to oblige. As I stroked in and out I felt her grip me tighter. I was close to coming and she knew it. She told me to wait; that she had something else in store for me.

She got down from the table. She told me to get on the table on my back, with my ass at the bottom edge. I did as she asked. She nodded at Carl and he joined her. They pushed my legs up and were repeating the treatment I was getting when she walked in. Then I saw her grab the lube and go to work on Carl’s cock. He was hard and ready for action. I thought I was ready for anything, but was shocked when I saw and felt her guide Carl’s cock to my ass. She told me, not asked, that Carl was going to fuck me as he had fucked her many times. She told me how much he likes to be in her ass. Damn! I’d never gotten in her ass. How did he manage it? I felt him push at the entrance and he slowly advanced. I was nervous and tightened up. Julia told me to relax and enjoy it, and she went down on me again. Her mouth was hot and working me well.

The blowjob she was giving me let me relax and Carl slid in slowly. I let out a loud groan as he pushed further and further in. My ass was tight and it felt like every nerve ending was ignited. I heard Julia start talking to me again. She had produced a double headed strap on. She told me that one end went in her and the other end would be going into Carl’s ass. She’d fuck herself and him while he fucked me. I thought I knew Julia, but this was a new side of her and it was damn hot.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she stroked lube onto one end. She worked it just as she would a real cock and she moaned as she did it. She stepped into the harness and placed one end inside of her. She told me how big and hard it was and how good it felt in her. She started to lube the other end and I watched intently, knowing it was going inside Carl next.

Julia is taller than the average woman, so she fit neatly behind Carl. She told him to bend over and I could watch the excitement on her face as she lubed his ass, and slowly slid her strap on into him. As Julia drove into his ass, the speed he was using on me increased. She must have been working him well because his moans started to come more often and a little louder. Julia had a look of pure delight on her face.

This was the hottest thing I had ever been a part of. It was everything I could do to hold back. Things changed and Julia became the only one fucking. She worked that strap on like a pro. She drove into Carl, which pushed him fully into me. It was like getting fucked by Julia. Her speed increased, which meant I was getting fucked at the same speed. I reached down to grab onto my cock and told Carl to grab his. We were both working our cocks while Julia worked our asses. Apparently it worked well on her pussy too because she was yelling that she was coming, but was fucking us harder and faster. I couldn’t wait anymore and I came about a minute later. Carl was right after us. Julia told him to come on my stomach where I had just shot my load. She took one cock in each hand and licked our come off my stomach. Carl laid her on top of me, removed her strap on and licked her pussy while licking my cock and balls and sucked her juice off the strap on.

Julia asked me if I thought Carl was any good. I could only groan in response. She replied, “That’s good. Carl and I thought a regular threesome might be some fun.” Holy shit! Was she suggesting what I thought? I didn’t have to think about it for long. She told me that she’d like Carl to come home with us and teach me a few new things. Then she told me that she had many more toys at home that I didn’t know about and she looked forward to teaching me about them. I was a willing student if these two were going to be my teachers. I’m hoping that next time I will be in the middle. As she whispered to me that she wanted to have one of us in her ass while the other was in her pussy, my cock started to stir and I suggested we head straight home. I even asked Julia if the cute little redhead could join us some time. She told me that her name was Rachel and she had a great tongue that I would really enjoy. Was there anyone in this place that Julia hadn’t been with?

When Rachel called me the next day to ask me how I liked my treatment, I told her that the services they offer are incredible and I hoped to be back for many more treatments.

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