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Rough Date

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I pulled into the driveway only to see the form of my mother standing on the front porch waiting for me to come home. She looked angry and her arms were folded across her chest, I did not want to go inside. She must have already heard how my date with the daughter of my mother’s best friend had gone.

As I got out of the car I could hear the front door slam shut and I went into the backdoor. I wanted to try to get to the stairs and get to the sanctuary of my room as quickly as possible.

“Robert!” my mother said loudly, stopping me cold in my tracks.

“Yes mom.” I said.

“Can you please come in here, your father and I want to talk to you about what happened tonight on your date with Carolyn.” She said.

“Okay.” I replied worried at how this was going to go.

“Sit down boy.” My father said in his usual commanding tone when he was mad.

“Honey, I’m glad you like Carolyn, her mother and I thought you would make a cute couple, but what happened on your date tonight is so unlike you.” My mother explained.

“I’m sorry she just got me worked up, I thought she was as worked up as I was.” I said trying feebly to defend myself.

“Well this is uncomfortable to say but she enjoyed the date up to a certain point, she was not ready to go as far as you wanted and the way you did things with your mouth and hands were rough on her.” My mother explained.

“Son you were rough with the way you touched her and it upset her, when you take a young lady out even if it leads further you need to be gentle and more respectful.” My father said to me. “And if she does not want to go further, you should not give her an attitude, apparently you treated her poorly after she said no.”

“Robert why don’t you go up to bed and we will come up with a punishment or something, you knows Stan he is eighteen.” My mother said.

“I know.” He groaned as I ran upstairs.

I lay in my bed for almost an hour; I could hear my parents talking downstairs the whole time. Then they came upstairs and went to their room, almost a half an hour later my mother knocked on my door.

“Come in.” I said.

“Oh good you are awake.” My mom said coming into my room and sitting at the end of my bed. “Son are you experienced with dating, through high school your father and I don’t remember you dating much?”

“No not really.” I replied.

“Well we will talk about this more in the morning, maybe we can come up with a solution to your inexperience.” She said getting up off the bed and kissing me on the forehead.

I had a hard time sleeping that night and ended up getting up late; after I showered and got dressed I did my normal Saturday morning routine. I gathered up all of my dirty laundry and stripped the sheets from the bed put them in the basket and carried them down to the laundry area in the basement.

When I got back up I found my mother standing in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee, she was dressed but not like she usually was on a Saturday. Today she had on a tight button up white blouse that gave a hint of her deep cleavage of her large breasts. She was also wearing a tight pair of beige dress slacks that emphasized the roundness of her ass.

“Good you are up and dressed, I’m starved and you are my date for brunch.” She said to me.

“Your date?!” I asked her.

“Yes dear, your father and I talked and he wanted me to have you take me out as if it was a date to teach you how to be more gentlemanly.” She said. “So let’s get going I’m starved.”

We took my car and I made sure I opened the door for my mother as she got into the car and we drove to a local restaurant. We had a lovely brunch, but I could not shake the mother son outing as no more than an outing. Besides I know how to act like a gentleman when we are out in a restaurant or other public places.

On the drive home we made idle chit chat about things going on at dad’s job and catching up on other family members. I wanted to tell her this was a waste of time, I knew how to be a gentlemen, what I really needed is something she could not teach me. Not being my mother and all, I did not know how I was going to approach this without actually coming out and saying it.

As we pulled into the driveway I got out quickly and opened my mother’s car door and she gave me a peck on the cheek. She thanked me for a lovely date and we went into the house. While in the kitchen I finally worked up the courage to tell her what I was thinking in the car.

“Mom, thank you for what you are trying to do, but I know already how to act like a gentleman on a date. What I need to learn you can’t teach me, but thanks mom I love you for you effort.” I explained retreating to the living room.

I was slumped on the couch watching a sports channel trying to get caught up on the day in sports. My mother strolled in and sat down next to me, I know she did not want to watch sports with me, so now I wondered what she was up to. She must have freshened up her perfume before coming in; the scent was stronger than it was in the car this morning.

“I understand your other problem Robert, I can help you with it, as long as it is only kissing, I will show you how to be gentler in that area. Just as long as you keep this our secret, no one can ever know.” She explained.

Before I could respond she leaned down and kissed me on the mouth, her lips were soft and moist. Soon I overcame my nervousness and kissed her back, I pulled her tight against me feeling her breasts mash against my chest. I pressed my lips against her harder and pushed hard to part her lips apart to get my tongue into her mouth overcome by lust. She pushed away from me and I looked at her disappointed that this moment had ended.

“I see your problem, you need to relax and be gentler when you kiss.” She said as I sat up more.

She leaned back on the couch and beckoned me down on top of her to try again, she told me to follow her lead. She started kissing me again slow and gentle, as before then she gently parted my lips letting her tongue gently snake into my mouth. After several minutes of this we were making out and I was learning quickly, my mother shocked me at what a good kisser she is.

My cock was very hard in my jeans and I reached up, I roughly fondled one of my mother’s breasts causing her to gasp and pull away.

“Is that how you tried to touch Carolyn?” She asked.

“Yeah I guess.” I replied.

“Well first off you really should not be touching your mother’s breast and second you should be more like this.” She said showing me on one of the throw pillows.

My mother was gently caressing the couch pillow and then giving it gentle squeezes with her well manicured hand. Then she took my hand so I could get the idea, it was weird sitting there feeling up a pillow with my mother, but I guess no weirder than making out with her. I was beginning to see what she was talking about and she smiled at me as I was getting the idea.

We started kissing again and after a few minutes it became more passionate, I guess I’m a quick learner when I have the right teacher. I gently reached up this time and ran my hand over my mother’s breast. She did not do anything to stop me and this time she let out a soft moan into my mouth. I continued to gently stroke it and then I gave it a squeeze, like the couch pillow it was soft and pliant, yet with every gentle squeeze I could feel it get firmer and her nipple harden.

I then unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse and I was going for a third when we heard the car door open. It was my dad returning from his usual Saturday golf outing, Mom quickly buttoned her shirt and went up to her room.

“Hey kid, how was your brunch with your mother?” He asked putting his clubs in the closet.

“Good dad, mom is up in your room if you are looking for her.” I replied.

“No, if she is looking for me I will be in the den working on my big proposal for Monday.” He said going out to the kitchen to get a beer.

The rest of the day and evening went on like a normal typical Saturday; my mother did not even hint that anything happened between us after our brunch date. After everyone went to bed I laid in bed replaying what happened on the couch in my mind, soon my cock was very hard.

I took my six inch cock into my hand and masturbated furiously thinking of my mother. I could almost still smell her perfume on me, then I remembered how her breast felt and I exploded a powerful blast of cum all over my stomach and chest. After I cleaned myself up I drifted off into a deep uninterrupted sleep.

The next morning I was awaken by the smell of breakfast cooking in the kitchen, I threw on an old tee shirt and a pair of gym shorts, took a long morning piss and headed for the kitchen. Mom was standing at the stove in her long terry cloth robe, while dad sat at the table in his pajamas reading the paper.

“Wow a big antique bazaar down at the community center today.” My dad commented.

“Dear, is this your way of trying to get me out of the house today?” My mother asked him.

“Actually both of you, it would be another good practice date and I would have it quiet so I can work on that proposal for Monday.” Dad explained.

“I don’t have anything going on today mom, I will be glad to take you.” I said to her.

“Well in that case it’s a date.” She said putting our plates on the table while she sat down to her usual bowl of grain cereal and grapefruit.

Mom went up after breakfast so she could have the bathroom first to shower and get ready. Dad explained to me if his company’s proposal was accepted they would get a really huge account that would really help his business. Mom hollered down she was done and I went up to shower and Dad went up to get dressed.

When I finally came back downstairs I wore a pair of casual pants, a button up shirt and loafers. Dad was already in the den working on his proposal and I gasped when I saw my mother. Mom really looked hot today her hair and make done perfectly, she wore a tight red top that showed a lot of cleavage, she had one of dad’s dress shirts on and she left it unbuttoned. She also wore a short khaki skirt that showed her shapely legs until this time I never really noticed and the sandals she had on showed her toe nails that were painted red.

Mom went and gave dad a kiss good bye and we were off to the antique bazaar, once again I was the perfect gentleman. My cock was giving me a hard time as it kept getting hard as I could not help but notice how sexy my mother looked.

At the bazaar my mother found all kinds of thing she liked, I could not help but to think of the antiques as junk. She bought several things and since we took her mini van she made me carry them out for her. After three hours of the bazaar she finally decided we had spent enough and it was time to leave. As we pulled out of the parking lot my mother asked me if I had ever been to Johnson Park.

“I never heard of it.” I said to her.

“Really I thought kids have been going to that park for years, even before your father and I were dating.” She said sounding surprised.

“We usually go up on Riley Hill now.” I told her.

“Well I want to go to Johnson Park, just follow my directions and we should be able to find it.” She said to me.

It took us twenty minutes of driving and a few wrong turns as mom was trying to remember where the park was. As we drove through the entrance I could not help thinking I was driving into a scene of an old horror movie. The park had been abandoned for several years and the dirt road that led into was in ill repair. I pulled up into one of the former parking spots; there was a large pond, a couple of old buildings and some rotten old picnic tables.

“Now this brings back memories.” She said. “Too bad the town let this place go.”

“I just hope Freddie Krueger or Jason don’t come up and chop us to pieces.” I said to her looking around at how dreary the place looked even in the afternoon sun.

The surrounding trees kept the clearing that used to be the park kind of dim and did not let a lot of sunlight through. My mother undid her seat belt and got into the backseat; I got the point and joined her.

“Well we never did come here for the nature of it; it was a good place for young lovers to get to know each other better.” My mother explained.

“Oh I see.” I said to her. “So am I going to get another lesson today?”

“Well I had a very good time and you were such a perfect date today I guess we have time before we have to get home for another lesson.” She said as we embraced.

We continued my lesson in the backseat of her van; we were kissing passionately as I pulled the shirt off of her slowly without us even breaking our lips apart. After a few minutes of kissing I gently pulled her shirt from her skirt and put my hand under it on her flat stomach.

My hand soon found its way up to her bra clad breast and like the day before I gently caressed it through the material. My mother continued to let me play with her breast even letting out a soft moan when I toyed with her hard nipple.

“It unhooks in the front.” My mother said softly in my ear.

I reached up with both hands and undid the bra freeing her breasts from their confinement. I tried to pull her shirt up further so I could see them but she stopped me from doing so. I almost came in my pants when I first got my hand onto the bare skin of her firm breast and the rubbery feel of her nipple intrigued me.

After several long minutes of making out with my mother and feeling her bare naked breasts under her shirt I reluctantly left them and ran my hand down her stomach. I could not help to notice that during the whole time we were kissing my mother kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. I ran my hand up the bare soft skin of her thigh and got it under her skirt; you could imagine my surprise when I found that she was wearing a thong. Then I was even more surprised to find that she did not have a hairy bush either, she a perfectly trimmed, perfectly shaped landing strip of pubic hair.

“Oh, I wondered when you wanted to learn about this part of dating.” She said breaking our kiss. “Go ahead slide your hand inside and feel my pussy.

I did as I was told I slid my hand between the fabrics of her thong and felt her pussy, it was wet and the lips of her labia were thick and meaty.

“Feel how wet I am, when you treat a woman right on a date she will be wet like I am now. Slowly run your finger up my pussy until I tell you to stop.” She explained.

I ran my finger between the wet lips of her pussy and my mother told me to stop on the hard nub that was her clit.

“Now gently rub your fingers slowly yet firmly over my clit and go back to kissing me, ooh yeah that’s it.” She said to me as our lips met again.

My mother was softly moaning into my mouth as I continued to play with her pussy, our tongues dueled in each others mouths wildly. Reluctantly my mother broke our kiss, she was panting hard and her finger nails digging into my shoulder.

“Oh yes, oh keep that up honey, oh yes, yes, oh don’t stop now you are making cum.” My mother moans filled the van as she humped her wet pussy against my hand.

Soon my mother was having an orgasm; I could feel more liquid oozing out of her pussy, my hand now soaked with her juices. My cock was so hard now I was going to burst if through my pants if something was not going to be done soon. I continued rubbing my mother’s pussy as her orgasm subsided, and then she pulled my hand from her pussy.

My mother slid off of the seat and got on her knees, then she undid my pants and I pulled them down. It felt so good to finally have my cock free, my mother smiled and got between my legs.

“See what happens when you do so well on date, you get rewarded.” She said taking a hold of my cock.

Before I knew it my mother’s pink tongue was now moving up and down my shaft very tenderly over the sensitive skin of my cock. Never in a lifetime could I have thought my conservative mother could tease the living hell out of a man’s cock. Then she sat straight up took my cock in one hand and engulfed it into her warm wet mouth.

The van was now filled with sounds of my mother slurping all over my hard cock and me moaning in pleasure. I reached down and pulled her shirt up onto her shoulders so I could now see her nice tits. I pulled her hair back so I could see how lovingly she was working my cock. After another thirty seconds my mother was rewarded with spurt after warm thick spurt of cum, which to my surprise she eagerly swallowed.

Without saying anymore my mother and I got redressed and headed home, she must have chewed a whole pack of gum on the way. When we got there I carried all of her antiques in for her and she went upstairs to change.

I could not believe how uneventful the rest of the evening went on, my mother made a nice dinner as usual. Then she and dad watched a movie on the couch while I ended up in my room searching the internet for mother son incest porn, something I never did before now.

Monday came and dad went off to work for his big proposal and I went off to my job doing construction. It was a great way to earn money for college and I got to work outside. When I got home dad was there and he had a big bottle of champagne, he announced his company got the job and he would be leaving for a week to sign contracts and other business related things.

Mom took him to the airport Tuesday morning and when I got home that night I was hoping for a repeat of what happened Sunday. Mom however resisted and told me she was not in the mood, she also said she was only helping me date; she was not there at home for me to have sex with.

This went on until Thursday, I got paid on Thursday and I put three quarters of my check in the bank and kept the rest out in cash. I had been thinking about this all day long and could not wait to get home and ask my mother. When I came in the kitchen I saw my mother sitting at the kitchen table thumbing through the mail.

“Hey mom, I got paid today and you know what?” I asked her.

“What sweetie?” She asked back.

“I put some in the bank, but I kept enough out for a date tonight with my beautiful mother, I thought we would stop bye the burger joint and then go to the drive in they have a zombie double feature going on tonight.” I told her hoping she would go for it.

“Oh my god I have not been to a drive in movie in twenty years, let’s go up and get ready, you need a shower and I need to get changed too.” She said.

With that we both ran upstairs and I went in and took a shower, my mother closed her bedroom door and went in to get changed. When I came out I was dressed in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, when I got downstairs I found my mother waiting for me. She had on a pair of cut off shorts that fit her really tight and one of dad’s old wife beater undershirts.

She was not wearing a bra under it, she was wearing a bikini top under it, and she got up and slid her sandals on. I smiled at her and took her hand leading her out to my car, we drove off to a little burger stand just outside of town. No one we knew would be at the place and we at our dinner on the way to the drive in.

“Mom why are dressed so skimpy?” I asked.

“Why do you ask, do you not like the way I’m dressed?” She asked.

“Oh I like, it’s just that I was just wondering.” I said.

“Well the weatherman said it was going to get very humid tonight and your car does not have air conditioning.” She said as I paid the girl at the booth as we pulled into the drive in.

I found a nice secluded spot, tuned the car stereo into the right channel and asked my mother if she wanted anything before the movie was going to start. She only wanted a nice cold diet soda, so I left the car and got both of us cold drinks.

When I got back my mother was no longer in the front seat she was now in the back seat. She had shed the wife beater shirt and the tight shorts; she was sitting back in with a snug fitting floral pattern bikini on. I got in the backseat with her and we pushed the front seats up as far as they would go for leg room.

The movie finally got started as we both sat back drinking our soda’s my mother wanted to set heir’s down so I put them both up in the back window. She leaned up against me so we both could be more comfortable. It was not long before we were making out passionately, I wasted no time and already had her bikini top undone and both of her beautiful breasts on display for me to play with.

My mother was right it was hot, I kissed her neck and I could taste the salt of her sweat. Her breasts felt so warm and hot in my hands as tenderly kneaded them both gently. I reached up and took some ice out of my cup, then I put the ice on her breasts, then I put my hands on top of the ice moving the ice all around her breasts, concentrating on her puffy nipples.

Mom shuddered at the coolness and then relaxed enjoying how good it felt on her hot skin. I then took more ice and reached down her bikini bottom with it rubbing it all over her pussy, even pushing some inside. My mother groaned aloud on how hot I was making her, I whispered in her ear to get off me and get up on all her knees.

She got up on her knees with her back to me and slid her bottoms down, her beautiful round ass staring me in the face. I spread her legs apart just enough to where I could get good access to her pussy and buried my face in it. My mouth locked onto its target and I got right to work licking and sucking her sensitive clit.

“Oh yes, oh shit baby that feels so good, lick it, oh yes suck my clitty.” She moaned.

I continued to work my tongue doing its job at pleasuring my mother; she was now pushing her pussy hard against my face. While doing this I pulled my hard cock out of my jeans and worked my way out of them.

“Oh baby, oh mommy is cumming oh shit I’m cumming on my baby’s tongue.” She moaned as I eagerly lapped up all of her delicious juice.

She did not know what to expect next, before she had a chance to change position I got behind her and slid my cock into her hot pussy. I held her waist tightly as I worked it in all the way into her tight pussy.

“Oh no Robert, no honey, let me suck your cock again.” She said and I did not listen.

“Oh my I loved the way you sucked my cock, but I really love the way your pussy feels, please mom.” I said slowly thrusting in and out of her.

“Oh honey that feels real good, okay I think you should have your last lesson.” She said changing her mind.

I worked up a nice steady rhythm fucking my beautiful mother doggie style in the back of my car. The smell of sweat and sex was permeating the car and the windows were completely fogged up now.

“Mom uh god you are so tight and wet.” I grunted.

“Don’t stop, whatever you do don’t stop, oh fuck mom is cumming again.” She moaned.

After her orgasm subsided she told me to pull out and sit back, then she climbed on top of my cock. I was able to suck her big full tits while she rode up and down on me, after this orgasm her pussy was very wet and looser now.

Mom rode me until she had another orgasm, I was now well rested and I kept my cock in her laid her back down on the seat. I pulled her legs up on my shoulders and drove my cock into her as deep as it could go into her. My mother was screaming and panting loud, the whole car was shaking as I pounded my cock into her.

“Oh baby, let’s cum together, oh god make me cum again, that’s it oh god I’m cumming.” She moaned digging her nails into my back.

“UGH MOM!” I shouted filling her womb with shot after shot of cum.

We held each other for a long time and near the end of the second movie my mother was giving me a long sloppy blow job. After I came in her mouth we got dressed and she told me on the way home she was going to call her friend tomorrow and this would be our last date.

I had to promise never to ask her again, never to mention any of this again and never try to have sex with her again. I told her it would be hard, but if I had Carolyn it would be alright because I would have a steady girlfriend again.


The following day I left work early to see how my mom and Carolyn’s mom made out; I was hoping everything went well. I had to park on the street when I got home due to the fact that Mrs. Gretchen Harper was blocking our driveway. Carolyn’s mother was out in the backyard sunning herself at the pool with my mother.

I went inside and ran up to my bedroom which gave me a great view of the backyard and my window was open so I could hear everything going on. Gretchen looked awesome in her bikini, her breast were smaller than my mother’s more like grapefruit shaped. Her hair short and blonde, her skin was already nicely tanned and they were working on another layer.

“Really Gretchen, Robert has learned a valuable lesson, talk Carolyn into giving him another chance.” My mother said.

“Well I tell you what Jennifer, have him take me out on Thursday night, Bill plays poker at a friend’s house that night and I will see what kind of gentlemen he is before I will let Carolyn go out with him.”

“Okay Gretchen, but I hope you are doing this so you can corrupt my little boy.” My mother laughed.

“He is a very nice looking boy; I tell you what if he got a little rough with me I would not mind it.” Gretchen said surprising me. “My pussy is wet thinking of how hot it would be with a nice looking young man paying attention to me.”

“Well we have sometime before either Robert or my husband gets home.” My mother said undoing her bikini top.

“Oh I thought you would never take the hint.” Gretchen giggled as she got her top off.

Gretchen had very large areolas, they were dark and around three inches round, both women were now massaging their breasts. My mom was rolling her nipples with her fingers and Gretchen was running her thumbs over hers. Then both of them slowly ran a hand down their bottoms rubbing their pussies. They were both frigging themselves pretty steadily until they both came at the same time.

“Hmmm I’m feeling really naughty today, how about you Gretch?” My mother asked.

“Yes Jen, oh let met get my bottoms off.” She said pulling down her bottoms revealing her shaved pussy.

My mother crawled up the lounge between Gretchen’s legs and spread her pussy lips apart. My conservative mother continued to surprise me as she expertly lapped her friend’s pussy while gently fingering her. Gretchen was moaning aloud and humping her pussy against my mother’s mouth.

“Oh dear Jen, oh you do that so good, oh don’t stop oh shit I’m cumming, oh, oh shit, oh god Jen I’m cumming, oh, oh, oh yes.” She moaned aloud as she had an orgasm thanks to my mother’s tongue.

“Now it’s my turn, god Gretch you are such a nasty little slut.” My mother said as she stood up.

“Hmm let me at that tasty twat of yours.” Gretchen said grabbing my mother by the ass and pulling her crotch to her face.

Gretchen angles her head so that her mouth could get access to my mother’s pussy and she was now eagerly sucking my mom’s pussy. One of Gretchen’s hands was pawing my mom’s ass and the other was fingering her asshole. My mom grabbed Gretchen’s short blonde mop and spreading her legs wider to give her better access to her pussy and ass.

My mom was moaning very loudly now as Gretchen continued her rapid assault on Mom’s pussy.

My mom was cumming and Gretchen continued to lap up her juices until her orgasm subsided. The two of them snuggled together for a few minutes kissing and caressing each other before finally getting dressed. Gretchen had to leave and she told my mother to pick her up by seven.

I slipped out of the house and pretended to be getting out of my car as Gretchen was pulling out of our driveway. She waved at me and drove her car down the street, my mother waved for me to come into the house. She explained to me what I already knew and I could not wait until Thursday.

The rest of the week could not come fast enough to Thursday as I drove over to Gretchen’s house at the time I was told too. She assured me when I got there that her husband was playing poker until midnight and that Carolyn was at her aunt’s house.

We went to a nice restaurant for dinner, I did everything a gentlemen was supposed to do on a date with a lady. I could tell Gretchen was obviously impressed; we talked about what I planned on doing in college and how good she thought Carolyn and I would be together.

After dinner we went out and got ice cream for dessert, I took her home after we finished our sundaes. I walked her to her door and we seemed to have a long uncomfortable silence before she spoke to me.

“Robert comes in and watch television with me for a little while, my husband does not get home after midnight.” She told me as she led me into the house.

“Sure that sounds great.” I said following her in.

We went in and sat on their couch, she turned on the television but refused to turn on any lights telling me she rather watch in the dark. Gretchen sat real close and we watched a scary movie which made her grab my leg or arm periodically.

“You know Robert; you are a very handsome young man.” Gretchen said.

“Oh thank you and you are very attractive as well.” I said.

“Well we still have a couple hours until my husband comes home, anything come to mind?” She asked running her hand up to my crotch where I’m sure she felt my hard cock.

“Sure there is.” I said to her and leaned into kiss her.

We were kissing passionately and my hands were exploring her body, as I undid the buttons of her blouse. Then I had her bra off so I could get to her breasts, I wished my mother paid more attention to them, well I was not going to let this go to waste. I licked and sucked on her tits, my tongue exploring her big areolas making her moan softly.

My hand was now undoing her slacks and was now inside her panties, I was happy her pussy was nicely shaven still. Her pussy was very wet and I began to rub her clit with my fingers in gentle circles.

“Oooh, that feels good baby.” She moaned aloud.

“Glad you like it.” I said to her.

“Let me get up and get my slacks off.” She said. “You better get undressed too.”

She pulled her slacks off and dropped down onto the floor, as I got my pants off and my boxers she was pleased when my cock popped out. It bobbed lewdly in front of her as she took it in both hands and put her mouth around the head. Her tongue swirled around the sensitive head of my cock sending electric sensations through my penis. Her mouth was highly skilled as she now worked it further down my shaft, deep throating me like a porn star.

“Oh wow Gretchen that oh that feels so good.” I moaned as she made gentle little choking sounds.

“Do you want to fuck me now or would you rather I keep sucking this nice cock of you have here.” She said to me.

“Oh god yes I want to fuck you.” I said to her.

She got up off of her knees and laid down on the couch, I got between her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy. It was nice and tight, then I felt her legs lock around behind me pushing me the rest of the way in. I was now pushing my cock in and out of her pussy in long deep deliberate strokes. Gretchen was moaning softly under me as she enjoyed the fucking I was giving her.

We continued this way for several minutes as I made her cum, she wanted to change positions. She got me to get off of her and then she got up on all fours, I entered her from behind and fucked her doggie style.

“Robert I know you have been trying to be gentle and trying to be a gentlemen, but baby stop messing around and fuck me hard. Fuck me like a slut.” She told me.

I put one hand onto her shoulder and the other wrapped around her waist; I pounded my cock in and out of her as fast and as hard as I could. I could feel her tits bounce hard off of my arm as I railed her hard.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me, fuck me good and hard baby.” She told me.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh I’m going fuck you hard bitch.” I growled back.

She was moaning loudly and I could feel juice gush out of her pussy as she was cumming hard against my cock. I stopped fucking her and tried to catch my breath and then I told of a different position I saw on some porn that I wanted to try. Gretchen was all too eager to help me out with this as I sat down on the couch she got up and then she turned around and I helped her straddle me.

She began to ride up and down on my cock, I reached around and played with her tits with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. She enjoyed what I was doing as she rode harder making my balls feel squashed with every thrust.

“Oh fuck this really feels good, oh fuck Robert, and fuck me.” She said as I tried to plunge my cock into her to meet her thrusts.

After several long minutes, several more orgasms for her, I was finally shooting load after load of cum into her pussy. We lay together on the couch until eleven o’ clock and then she gave me a blow job to thank me for such a great date. After a good twenty minutes of her sucking and deep throating my cock I was rewarding her mouth and belly with more of my thick cum.

“Well Robert, I would say you can take my daughter out again, I will have her give you a call Saturday morning.” She said seeing me out the door.

Wow what a time I was having I found out my mother was not as conservative as I thought as she taught me how to pleasure a woman. Then I get to fuck the mother of the girl I really want to date, I could not wait to hear from Carolyn on Saturday morning.


Carolyn called me around nine o clock Saturday morning informing me that her mother talked her into giving me another chance. I told her to make it up to her I would take her to a nice restaurant for dinner and then for desert we would go to a nice secluded spot make smores and be alone. She giggled at the thought of us sitting cozy by an open fire roasting smores, but she also liked the idea thinking it would be kind of romantic.

I called a florist and had a bouquet of flowers sent over to her and I killed the several hours for my date in my room playing video games. Then in the shower I jerked off, if I was to get some action I wanted to make sure I would last for her.

I picked her up for our date around six o clock, her mother winked at me as I took her to my car. Carolyn looked hot tonight wearing a tight pink sweater, a short white skirt and sandals. Her firm apple sized breasts pushed up and out by the bra she was wearing, I could feel my cock stir as we drove to the restaurant.

Once inside the maitre d led us to a nice table with candlelight and soft music in the back ground. I pulled her chair out for her and helped her into the table to sit down, and then I sat down. After we ordered we then made conversation, I was nervous at first, but when I saw how relaxed she was I began to relax.

“I’m sure glad I listened to my mother and decided to give you another chance Robert.” She said to me.

“Me too, I really like you and I felt so bad to do anything to have hurt you or made you feel uncomfortable.” I replied.

“Well hopefully tonight will be a night to remember.” She said.

Our appetizers came out and we both nibble on the stuffed mushrooms and then our entrée came out. Then we had our salads followed by our meals, everything was delicious, when the waitress asked if we wanted dessert I told her I had it covered.

We drove to same spot I was with my mother not too long ago; I had been out here before our date to set up the fire pit and wood. Carolyn laid the sleeping bag out and the pillows I had brought along, I got the fire going.

Soon we were roasting marshmallows, talking and listening to power ballads on my car stereo. We sat real close as we smushed the marshmallows between the graham crackers and chocolate. Then after we ate a few and the moment seemed right I leaned in and planted a soft tender kiss on her lips.

“That’s pretty nice.” She whispered wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Thanks. Want more?” I asked as she pulled me down on top of her.

We were now passionately kissing, our tongues gently exploring each others mouths and my hand soon found its way under her sweater. Gently I fondled her breasts making her moan softly, and then I slowly pushed her sweater up to reveal them. I break our kiss to gently lick and suck on her nipples.

“Oh yes Robert, oh that feels nice.” She moaned as I pleasured her.

I go back to kissing her and my hand now drifts slowly down her flat stomach and up her under her skirt. She has her legs parted enough for me to slide my hand over her moist crotch which I can feel through her cotton panties. She moans softly as my hand slides inside her panties over her bare pussy. Gently my fingers push her lips apart and I slowly tease her clit. I keep rubbing her like this making spread her legs more to give me better access.

“I’m ready Robert, make love to me.” She tells me breaking off our kiss.

We both work on getting undressed while slides her panties down; I roll a condom down over my cock. She smiles at me and lays back down opening her legs for me to get between them to enter her. Her body tenses as I slowly slide my cock into her tight pussy inch by inch until I’m all the way into her. Then I slowly raise my hips and thrust back into her, we continued to make love nice and slow like this for almost twenty minutes with her cumming several times.

“Let me get on top of you.” She says pushing me off.

She gets on top of my cock now and starts riding up and down on it at her own pace, her pink nipples stiff in the night air as I reach up to touch her. We both start working up the pace and soon we are both cumming at the same time. After several minutes my cock finally deflates and I pull out of her tossing the condom into the fire. As we lay together side by side she finally asks me a question I wanted to hear.

“Do you have more condoms?”

“Yes.” I replied.

We made love two more times that night and now we see each other steadily, I got her home at three in the morning that night. It took a lot of explaining to her father that we did not do anything but take a long walk and talk. Luckily her mother told him I’m a perfect gentlemen and he finally let me go home.

When I got home my mother was laying on the couch watching an old movie in a short football jersey nightgown. She had waited up to hear all about my date, she did not want the boring details of dinner or roasting marshmallows. I told how we made love three times in several different positions and that were now going to be dating steady.

After my mother was satisfied with all of the torrid details I got up off of the couch and leaned down kissing her full on the lips for several long seconds.

“Thanks Mom.” And with that I bounded up to my room.

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