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My husband and I were on a weekend trip to Las Vegas for a wedding a few weeks ago, when something happened that changed my way of thinking about sex with another woman.

We had the evening to ourselves and were going out for dinner and a show.

While walking through the mall area of one of the mega casinos, I spotted a beautiful bar that had red leather chairs, a deep red lighting, and a lighted backdrop to the bar that had clear bottles that constantly changed patterns and colors. The whole atmosphere of the intimate lounge literally breathed of sex.

It was not crowded, and we found a small table where we could watch the light show. We had been seated only a short while when our cocktail waitress arrived. As she knelt down by the low table, my eyes went to her

breasts, that were barely covered by a red and black lacey top. I scanned down to her bare midriff and past to her short mini, that hardly covered her crotch. She must have caught me looking, because as I glanced back up to her beautiful smile, raven hair and sparkling green eyes, she just gave me a little wink, and said, ” My name’s Shauna and I’ll be taking care of you this evening.” Immediately, I felt a dampness between my legs, and my nipples stiffened under my dress.

She recommended their signature cocktail, which of course was a dark red combination of infused vodka, pomegranate liquor and juice. Even the ice cubes were made with the juice. Carl order one for each of us and she left to place it with the bartender. As she walked away, I couldn’t help but notice her perfect ass and legs, walking sexily in her 4 inch heels. I looked to see Carl’s reaction, but he appeared to be studying the changing patterns on the wall.

Shauna returned with our drinks, and they were every bit as stunning as the décor. She knelt down again in front of me, placing our drinks on the table, and parted her legs ever so slightly, allowing me a view of her panty covered crotch. I fidgeted in my seat a little, knowing that she was deliberately giving me a little view. As I glanced up, she gave me another little smile and said, “Enjoy.”

We sat there for a while, just watching the wall change, and I finally commented to Carl, ” That girl really makes me want to have sex!”

He asked’ With me?”. I replied, ” No, believe it or not, with her!” He just grinned and said'” Only if I can watch.” I just looked at him and said it would be up to her.

We finished our drink, and I had quite a buzz going, but still had an hour before dinner, so when Shauna returned, I motioned we would like one more. She quickly brought us our second, and as she knelt down, opened her legs a little wider, giving me a really great shot of her dark red panties, that now appeared to have a dampness in the center. Once again, I was caught looking as she asked me,” Anything else?” I told her we had to tab out, but would be back after the show. As we were getting up from the table, she brushed up against me a little and smiled, “Please do come back.”

All during dinner and the show, my thoughts returned to Rouge and Shauna, keeping me in a state of total arousal. I don’t think my nipples calmed down the whole time, and I know my pussy was totally soaked, because there were several times I had to wipe myself with a Kleenex, just to keep my juices from running down my leg. I don’t think Carl took me seriously that I really was ready to have sex with this girl.

It was nearly one AM when the show got over, and we made our way back to the bar. The place was now busy and as we entered the door, Shauna saw us from the bar, and smiled, waving us over to her. We went to the bar, and she quickly found us a table near the bar. The table still gave us a wonderful view of the light show, (not that I was watching), but Carl enjoyed it.

She brought us each another of their signature drinks, and this time, as she placed them on the table, her hand slightly touched my leg to balance herself. Unconsciously, I parted my legs just a little at her touch. She looked up at me and said smiling,” Sorry about that.” I just smiled back and barely above a whisper replied,” My pleasure.”

It seemed to me that the chemistry was cooking something up between us, and my pussy was now throbbing at the thought of her touching me. Carl had now joined in a conversation the couple next to us, so he was totally oblivious to what was happening to me.

Shauna came back to the table in about fifteen minutes and said, ” They are letting me off early tonight, but the bar doesn’t close for two more hours.” I

still wasn’t sure about what was happening, but I asked,” Would you like to join us?” She smiled and replied, ” I was hoping you’d ask.” She said she needed to change so she would be back in a few minutes. I asked” Where’s the ladies room?” She took my hand and said,” Follow me.”

Shauna took me back through the hallway by the bar and opened the door for me. I went through the door and was about to lock it behind me when she came in, locking it, and pulling me to her in one move. She gently pressed her lips to mine, opening her mouth slowly to allow my tongue to sneak eagerly against hers. Our hands roamed each other’s back sides and she slid her hand through the back slit in my dress, squeezing my breast and lightly pinching a nipple. I quickly slid my hand down the front of her skirt and felt the warmth of her sex, as I cupped her mound. She moaned into my mouth, ” Yes.” We continued to feel each other up like two schoolgirls at a slumber party until someone knocked on the door.

We straightened up and quickly opened the door, allowing two women to enter. I wonder if they had the same thing in mind. I went back to the table, and Shauna went to the employee lounge to change. Carl was still talking with the couple next to us, and I joined in.

Shauna joined us at the table, wearing a short mini, with a light silk blouse.

From the way her nipples poked through the fabric, I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and probably not wearing panties either. We had several more drinks, as Carl joined our conversation about Las Vegas, and the fun that could be had here. I continued to fantasize about doing her and at this point, knew it was going to happen. I sensed she felt the same way, and finally blurted out,” Would you like to come back to our room for a nightcap? ” She looked at me and said,” No, but I’d like you to come over to my place. I have a Jacuzzi and there is a lot more privacy there.

Carl paid the tab, and we got up to leave. As we hit the parking lot, Shauna threw Carl the keys and said,” You drive!” She told him how to get there as we stood in the lot. He said,” No problem.” and started the car. As we were getting in on the other side, Shauna motioned to the back seat. I just giggled and got in. She followed and soon, we were locked in a tight embrace, kissing each other and grabbing tittie. She slid her hand under my dress and whispered,” God, you’re wet!” as she slid two fingers up my dripping pussy. I humped against her hand as she began to diddle my clit with her thumb, as her fingers moved in and out of me. I could feel my juices running down the crack of my ass, when she slid her little finger up my butt, causing me to explode instantly. We hadn’t been in the car five minutes, and I’d already cum. I was still trembling from the orgasm when she began to gently force me down a little as she ran her fingers through my hair. Making my way to her neck, I unbuttoned her blouse and licked my way to her breasts. I sucked each nipple gently, not playing favorites until I thought they would explode, they were so hard. I had not yet touched her pussy, and she began to guide me lower, spreading her legs, exposing her bare pussy below her skirt. ” Eat me, please make me cum.” she begged.

I slid down onto the floor of the car, and inhaled the aroma of her sex. This would be a first for me, sucking on another woman’s slit. I looked up at her as I stuck my tongue into her hole, fucking it in and out, eating pussy like a pro. I guess it comes naturally. Her sex was dripping, and I sucked up all the juices, that literally covered her entire crotch. Her lips were swollen and I found her clit easily, sucking it into my mouth like a small cock. She began to buck against my face, holding the back of my head and forcing me to eat her. Suddenly she began to tense up and tremble screaming,” I’m cummmmmmmmmmming! As she held me tightly against her mound. Her juices streamed into my mouth as I swallowed and swallowed to keep up with her. She collapsed against the seat and took a really deep breath saying, “That’s the best pussy eatin I’ve ever had!” I pulled myself from the floor and back onto the seat next to her and said, ” You owe me one.” We both laughed and began kissing again, her sucking the cum from my lips and tongue. If I had known eating pussy was that much fun, I’d have done it a long time ago.

We continued our play in the back seat until we arrived at her home. Carl pulled in the drive and parked, as Shauna and I clamored from the back seat, rearranging our clothes on the way out. I walked around to where Carl was getting out and planted a big wet kiss on him and whispered,” She tastes great doesn’t she?” He just grinned and said ,” I hope I can taste it first hand.”

Shauna just smiled and purred,” Only if you’re a very good boy!” We then went into the house, with Shauna leading and removing clothes as she said,”

Let’s get in the Jacuzzi.” We followed suit and she told Carl to get a bottle of champagne from the bar. He went to get it and Shauna and I jumped in the Jacuzzi. From the moment we hit the water, our hands were allover each other, teasing nipples and running fingers into our smooth slits. I was glad that we both were hairless because it almost felt like I was doing myself each time I touched her. Carl came out with the champagne and three glasses, opening the bottle and pouring before he got in the tub. As he stood there naked, his cock was standing straight up and Shauna commented,” That looks good enough to eat, too!” He stood by the tub and she pulled him over to us, enveloping his throbbing hard-on into her throat, then passing it over to me. I wasn’t sure he could take much of it, so we made him get in the tub with us. The warm bubbles circled around us, causing even more arousal, not that it could have gotten any hotter. We sat there sipping our champagne and alternately kissing each other, with several times Shauna and I kissing Carl at the same time. I could tell he really was getting off on this, and so was I. At times, it was difficult to tell who was who. After about twenty minutes of this teasing, Shauna suggested we go back in the house. We got out, toweled off and followed her into the bedroom. It was spectacular, King-size bed with curtains around it, and beautiful bed spread.

Everything was so sexy that I was nearly crawling out of my skin. She put on some blues and adjusted the lighting so it was dimly lit, but still light enough to see easily.

She got on the bed and motioned for me to join her telling Carl that he could just relax and watch for a while. He sat in a chair near the bed, his purple erection still pointing at the ceiling as I joined Shauna. I lay down next to her and she began tweaking my nipples, making them even harder, before she began to suck each one, taking turns, moving from breast to breast, causing my pussy to lubricate profusely. She began slowly working her way down to it, tracing a line with her tongue until she was just above my mound. I tried to force my pussy toward her mouth, but she moved down to my thighs and began tonguing her way up my thigh and across my mound, being careful not to get to close to my now throbbing hole. Down the other thigh she went, slowly working her way back around to the top. Finally I could take no more and grabbed her head, forcing her to into me. She slowly lapped my pussy from top to bottom and then back, stabbing her tongue deep in me as I held her tightly. When I was satisfied she was going to stay there, I released her head moaning,” Oh yes, eat my hot pussy, I want to cum in your mouth!” She ground her face into my hole as her tongue dove to depths I didn’t know a tongue could reach. She pulled her tongue out and began to tongue fuck my ass, jabbing it in and out, as she inserted two, then three fingers into my pussy. Though I was somewhere else, I looked over at Carl and saw he was slowly stroking his cock, spreading pre cum over the tip as it leaked out. Knowing he was happy watching, I went back to fantasizing as Shauna continued to fuck me with her face. She had been ministering to me for a long time and I had fought cumming from the beginning. I think she sensed I was nearing a massive climax and she turned around, placing her pussy over my face. Her juices were actually running from her as she plunged her tongue deep into me. I could not quite reach her dripping hole, but small droplets were dripping from her into my mouth. I somehow motioned for Carl to put a pillow under my head as I strained to reach her sex. He put the pillow under me and I stuck my tongue into her and sealed her lips with mine. We both began humping out of control and stiffened at the same time, cumming violently in each other’s mouth. I could feel her vaginal walls contract in unison with mine as we went over the edge. We collapsed into each other and lay there panting. I wanted more.

Shauna rolled off me and got out of bed, going to her walk-in closet. I looked over at Carl, and saw him still slowly stroking his rigid member. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t cum yet, but he just smiled and gave me the rolling hi sign to continue. I was about to make him let me suck him when Shauna returned, wearing a leather teddy with a very realistic cock attached.

She got back up on the bed and I quickly got on my hands and knees, allowing her access to me doggy style. She grabbed my ass and drove the cock into me to the hilt. As wet as I was, it slid in without a problem and she began to stoke in and out, each time nearly pulling out before sliding it back in. I could feel another cum building, but she sensed it and turned me around and began to fuck my mouth with it. Tasting my own juices, which I love, made me even hotter. I began to jack her off in my mouth, pulling the cock away from her and then forcing it back against her mound. She was enjoying it as much as I was. She flipped me back over and reinserted it into my gaping hole. A few minutes later I screamed,” Oh god, I’m cummmmming again!” feeling my vaginal walls contracting against her cock. She moaned,” aghhhhh, me too!” and held it buried deep in me until we both stopped spasming.

After calming down slightly, I motioned Carl onto the bed and growled,” Now you can clean up my cum for being such a good boy.” He got on the bed and began licking the cum from my hole as he was told. Shauna wanted to get back in the act and said” Up on your hands and knees, boy!’ He complied and she stuck her cock in his ass, slowly burying it all the way to the balls. Carl groaned,” Fuck me with that big dick!’ She began pistoning in and out as he ate my pussy. It didn’t take long before I was cumming again, this time in Carl’s mouth. Juices shot out of me like a cannon, but he managed to contain everything.

Shauna pulled out of him, and removed her teddy, this time laying on the bed beside me. She told him to fuck me, and Carl pulled me up and stuck his cock in me from behind, driving it home on the first stroke. I bucked back against him and Shauna rolled under me, licking my clit and alternately Carl’s cock as it slid in and out. It wasn’t long and I felt Carl tense up and felt his cum shooting deep in me. His cock seemed to throb and hit my G=-spot with each squirt. He kept himself deep inside until his cock began to soften. As he pulled out, Shauna kept her position and I sat back on her face, allowing his load to flow into her mouth. She sucked and swabbed me and soon I came again, forcing her to swallow everything that was inside me.

I rolled over and just collapsed on the bed. I was not alone. We all lay there exhausted, and completely satisfied. We drifted off to sleep and awoke several hours later. There were no uneasy feelings with any of us. She offered to give us a ride back to our hotel, but we said just call us a cab and we’ll get back. We talked while waiting for the cab, and gave her our card to come see us at our B&B in Arkansas. She said she just might do that.

After returning home, we had an e-mail from her saying she had a vacation due this summer and would we like her to come out. I replied. “As soon as you can.”

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