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Rosemary: Her Part In My Downfall

Category: Incest
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This tale is set back when I was a teenager many, many years ago and details my first experience of anal sex with a female person.

“Hi pops”

“Hi mate”. I replied as my mate Chopper approached.

“Just saw your Rosemary, you still shagging her?” Chopper asked.

My dick twitched, not half hour earlier I’d been talking about my wild part time lover Rose with mum.

Well mum had been doing the talking, I had been doing the thinking and the wishing. Wishing to see my rampant cousin again.

Cousin Rosemary is two years older than me, back then in 1965 I’d just turned legal age, Rose of course had been legal for two years.

Not that it made much difference; Rose lost her virginity long before she was legally allowed to do so.

Rose decided we should become lovers one evening at a family get together, she was bored and I was the only other teenager there, well the only one she could get along with socially anyway so she took me outside and fucked me.

Mum had been telling me Rose was in trouble with her mum and dad yet again for her wild behaviour.

She’d stayed out all night without telling them first or some such crime.

Rose was my first real lover, real as in full-unprotected sex without the need for silly chat or complex foreplay, and without the need to cover your cock with an uncomfortable rubber item.

She was on the birth pill so no pregnancy to worry about, AIDS hadn’t been invented in those days and you could cure all the other dick dribbling ailments with a course of tablets.

It was also the sexual revolution, you no longer had to be married and over 30 to feel comfortable about having sex.

All of my friends knew about Rose and me and about our close family ties, well OK they knew I was porking my cousin.

“Oh really, is she in town then?” I asked trying not to sound as excited as I was.

“Yea mate she’s hanging by the shops with her sister”. Chopper replied.

Damn, Rose was with Sue her younger sister, Sue was still at school and far too young to know of our lust affair.

That’s what it was lust, we didn’t meet often as we associated with different people being different ages.

When we met we fucked, when we were apart we fucked someone else, or tried to more than succeeding in my case.

I steered Chopper in the general direction of the shops without either of us realising I think.

The block of shops came into view, no Rose or Sue just a couple of old folks chatting as they stood waiting for a bus.

‘Damn it’. I thought, no Rosemary no sexual relief today or even this week, maybe next as well with my record of pulling a willing female.

A sudden sound behind Chopper and I made us both jump.

“Hello cous, hello Chop’s, wot’ya doing?”

Rose, my cock twitched violently as I turned to greet her.

She was alone, no Sue, she looked different much different with her short boyish hairstyle, mum had told me Rose had re-styled her hair shorter.

Even cheekier looking prettier than before, and that wicked sparkle in her eye told me she was happy to see me, that hadn’t changed thank God.

“Hello Rose, long time no see”. I replied, putting on my best hello smile.

“Hi Rose haven’t seen you for a while”. Chopper said trying to make polite conversation, Chopper was quite nervous of Rose and felt the need to be submissive and grovel in her presence.

“Bollocks Chopper, you saw me earlier on”. Rose snapped, she had a way with words did Rose, Bollocks was one of her favourites, this did nothing for Chopper’s nerves of course.

Chopper was in fact nervous of all girls, he had yet to lose his virginity, 17 and never been laid.

I was still studying my cousin with her new look, not just the hair she was dressed differently.

Tighter jeans that showed her lovely perfectly shaped hips and legs to the full.

A bright yellow flimsy blouse attached in the middle showing her perfect big tits to the full.

In the month or so since I last saw her she seemed to have changed a lot, much more attractive all round.

I felt quite proud that she was mine, well OK I was hers nobody controlled Rose.

“Where you guys taking me then?” Rose blurted out with a wicked grin.

“Where do you want to go?” I replied.

“Anywhere you like darling”. Rose said with a wink as she flung her arm round my shoulder and hugged me tightly.

Rose was feeling horny I could always tell, well let’s be honest Rose always felt horny.

Chopper immediately went into defensive mode.

“Umm, Oh, I have to go home now”. He stammered.

Chopper always avoided being led on by females specially Rose, he knew of her reputation for shall we say enjoying the company of more than one guy at a time during her sex sessions sometimes.

Rose loved a nice hot threesome; she loved a nice big gang bang occasionally, horny trollop.

Chopper desperately wanted to dip his dick for the first time, but the idea of being watched doing it horrified him.

Not that he thought group sex dirty or anything but being a virgin he’d prefer his first clumsy attempts to be more private.

Chopper made his escape without a further word.

“Just you and me then big boy”. Rose whispered in her sensual voice.

She always called me big boy God knows why, maybe because I was so much taller than her and quite muscular in those days, I never considered my one eyed trouser snake to be anything but average in size.

Not something I thought of or studied much to be honest, I wasn’t into staring at other guy’s pricks and I’d never had any complaints about mine.

“Where do you want to go”? I repeated.

“Mmm, anywhere you wanna take me big boy”.

“Well we could go for a walk and find somewhere quiet”. I said.

“Do for me darling come on”. Rose replied grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the edge of town, which wasn’t far away.

Within 10 minutes we reached our regular love nest, an old hay barn in the corner of a field, we always seemed to head for the barn whenever we met in the street.

Everyone’s love nest actually you had to book it some days it got so busy, or share it with other young couples.

“Hmm, come on big boy shag my brains out”, Rose whispered as she collapsed onto a pile of hay, that was about as sensual and long winded as foreplay got with Rose.

I knelt in front of her and began to lift off my T-shirt as rose unhooked her blouse clasp; she was a pioneer of crop tops. As I said Rose had taken to wearing her blouse hooked by just one or maybe two metal clasps in the middle her belly and a large amount of cleavage showing.

Rose had plenty of cleavage to display 36inchs of firm upright tits worth of cleavage.

As her blouse popped open when the pressure of the exquisite pair of lobes was released I couldn’t help a little gasp.

She really did look so much more attractive with her shorter hair.

Rose’s cheeky filthy smile gracing that pretty yet boyish looking face, her firm upright boobs with the nipples already rock hard and sticking out proud made my junior member shoot up so fast it almost split my jeans apart.

“My God Rose you’re beautiful”, I whimpered love welling up in my heart, lust welling up in my loins.

“Wow big boy you’re fucking randy today. Aint you had a shag for a while?” She chirped, Rose wriggled a little my sudden loving outburst pleased her, aroused her more.

Within another couple of minutes we were both naked and rolling about in the hay kissing passionately.

I could feel Rose’s tongue thrashing in and out of my mouth as she set about trying to suck my face off.

Rose seemed hotter than usual maybe she hadn’t been fucked lately, no not possible Rose could seduce a Monk without breaking sweat, she never went without.

Rose pushed me back and studied my raging hard cock, I had a bone on you could prise a door open with, like a rod of steel.

“Ohh, big boy you are fucking big today”, She whispered as she leaned forward and took my shaft in her hand.

Without a further word she lunged forward and took almost the entire length of my cock into her mouth and began to try to suck the helmet off of it.

Rose had gone down on me before many times but never with this degree of enthusiasm, this was not going to last very long at all if she carried on like it.

Rose was always a noisy lover, loads of grunts and moans, endless strings of filth and obscenity from her pretty lips, this day she was noisier than I’d ever heard her.

Gurgles grunts and moans as she fucked my cock with her mouth, she was trying to utter words with her mouth full of prick.

Rose was out of it with arousal, high as a kite on sexual feeling.

Suddenly the tempo dropped Rose was a very suddenly person, one minute wild the next calm and loving, she’d always been like it.

I felt my hard organ sliding gently out of her mouth, just a little tease with her teeth on my tingling helmet as she released the rod from her mouth.

“Shag my fucking guts out big boy”. Rose whispered as she lay back slowly her lips and chin shining wet with saliva from her excited cock sucking session.

I slowly slid between her wide-open legs as sensually as I knew how; I was in truth still a clumsy teen but I liked to try to put it on a bit with the gentle lover thing.

Rose lifted her legs slightly bending them at the knees to open her fantastic love chamber wider for my approaching member.

As I aimed my organ into her wide-open wet cunt lips with one hand Rose lurched forward to receive the weapon with a loud grunt as it slid into her without restriction.

By heck she was wet and ready her juices began to flood out squelching around my cock as I fucked in and out of her like a steam hammer.

Gentle lover had gone randy ram was at work.

Rose felt beautiful so loose and wet as I fucked her like a demon, both of us muttering filth to each other.

Both of us moaning and grunting as we elevated ourselves higher into heaven with ever thrust of my organ into her lovely wet hole.

Rose flung her legs up and around my back she pulled me deep into her with a vice like grip as her ankles crossed and locked behind me.

I felt her belly thrusting against me hard and fast she was trying to get every available millimetre of my cock inside her huge chamber.

She felt bigger than ever before, deeper, looser, wetter juice pouring out of her as though she were pissing herself.

Rose was experiencing her first real orgasm with me, OK she’d made herself twitch and cum mildly in the past with my cock up her, but this was the real thing.

She’d obviously cum like this with other more mature lovers, but never before with her baby cousin, that was the other stupid name she gave me sometimes because of our age difference of two years.

Rose screamed out loudly, then relaxed I knew what had happened but I’d had no experience of bringing a woman to real orgasm before that event.

The effect was instant without realising I was on vinegar stroke I felt my balls tighten and my cock pulsing and tingling as I fired the biggest load ever into Rose, it seemed to be pumping for ages.

My head was spinning I was weak at the knees, my toes felt as though they were curling up with the intense feeling of release and sexual pleasure combined.

Rose’s legs dropped away from my back, I felt my rapidly softening soaking wet member sliding out of her beautiful cunt lips of it’s own accord.

We rolled apart then instantly hugged each other tightly, both covered with sweat and panting like a pair of knackered dogs in a dessert.

Both of us were covered with strands of hay sticking to our sweat soaked bodies, itching uncomfortably.

“Jesus H Christ darling that was some fuck, I love you”. Rose whispered.

My brain went into overdrive, the first time ever Rose had uttered those three magic words, ‘I love you’.

Often I’d had to control myself to stop me blurting those three words to her as I fired a load of cream into her.

Now Rose had said it, did she mean it, I began to panic.

Strange how in such a situation when love and lust should be the only things in your brain you panic and begin to think of the downside.

Up until this time Rose had just used me, used me for a fuck when she didn’t have a boyfriend available or just for the hell of it.

I had at times desperately wanted Rose to love me I wanted to hear those three magic words.

Now she’d said it.

Oh fuck, what happens if she means it, Rose appearing on my doorstep regularly asking to see me. Mum would soon know what was going on.

Uncle Bill and aunt Hilda, (Rose’s dad and mum), Jesus Bill would kill me if he knew I was screwing my cousin, his daughter.

Visions of Rose being forced to move far away to get her away from me, this was what happened to girls who screwed a family member or got pregnant in those days.

I’d been gently kissing Rose’s neck and face as I thought of my fate with a family true lover.

She had been gently moaning and whispering things to me, I’d heard none of them; well I’d heard but not registered them.

The fact that Rose only being a cousin and sex with her being totally legal and acceptable to the authorities hadn’t entered my head.

I knew families frowned on it that was good enough for me, or should I say bad enough.

I felt Rose’s hand stroking my soft cock, it had been about 15 minutes since we climaxed like a double-barrelled cannon shot.

I was typical of all teenage guys then, 15 minutes was plenty long enough to recover I felt Percy begin to stiffen.

My strange and confused thoughts began to vanish rapidly.

Rose kissed me gently on the lips.

“Well have you”. She whispered, I was confused Rose had whispered something I should have taken in but hadn’t.

“What’s that darling, what?” I whispered trying to sound as if I hadn’t heard her last comment not all the previous ones.

“Have you ever shagged a girl up the bum?” She whispered.

“You know stuck your prick right up there”. She continued a few seconds later.

“Umm, well no, not up the arse”. I replied wondering what else I’d failed to hear.

My cock was rapidly becoming rock hard again at the thought of what may be coming next from Rose.

“I love it up the bum, Ralph does me up there all the time”. She whispered.

Ralph was Rosemary’s supposed regular man friend, a 27 yr old married man he’d been screwing her for a long while.

Rumour had it that Ralph’s wife liked to join in with him and Rose but I never asked her if this was true and she never volunteered the information.

I always suspected from comments she made and outside whispers that Rose was bi-sexual but I didn’t find out for sure until years after our affairs ended that it was true.

“Here wipe some of this on your prick, plenty of it mind”. Rose said handing me a pot of Vaseline she’d retrieved from her belt bag.

Then without further comment from me she rolled onto her side and spread her top leg right forward exposing her lovely pink crinkled arse ring in the process.

“Fucking hell Rose you serious?” I stammered.

“Bloody serious big boy, get it up my bum”. She replied.

I began smearing a huge blob of Vaseline up and down my shaft as I did so I studied Rose’s arse, beautiful rounded cheeks nice and stable yet soft to the touch.

I inspected her arse ring closely; I’d never really looked up a woman’s arse before, anyone’s arse for that matter.

“Finger some grease up me darling, gently though”, Rose whispered.

I took another blob of Vaseline and offered my finger to her rear entry, I hesitated for a second or two with mild disgust at the thought of sticking my finger up someone’s arse, all that smelly stuff up there.

“Come on it’s alright, I like it a lot, no ones going to know”. Rose reassured.

It felt fucking fantastic as her ring relaxed and allowed my finger to slide into her hole so tight yet at the same time very receptive.

Rose moaned and grunted a little as I fingered the slippery grease in and out of her and spread it round her arse cheeks and ring.

“Go on do it then, fuck my arse”. Rose whispered in a gruff aroused voice.

“Go on, gently though and not too far in at first”, She continued in a more open tone.

I guided my hard member to the goal not really knowing what to expect, I had visions of difficult entry struggling to force it into her.

I mean it had felt tight around my finger how was it going to take my organ three times the girth or more.

As I began to ease my prick harder against the small opening it suddenly popped loose as Rose relaxed her muscles to take it in and my dick slid in much easier than I anticipated.

“Ohhh yes, nice”. Rose whispered as my cock began sliding deeper inside her arse hole.

Rose cried out a little as my cock hit a restriction inside her; I stopped pushing I knew without asking this was as far as I could go to start with.

I gently eased it back out and then in again to the limit, then repeated the operation again and again.

“Nice, go in a bit deeper I can take it”. Rose whispered in her gruff voice.

I did as instructed and began to slowly fuck her up the arse for real, in out, in out, deeper and deeper each time.

I was leaning back watching my cock fuck in and out of her arse hole, it was the most disgusting filthy sensation I’d ever known and it turned me on like nothing I’d ever done before.

There was I in an abandoned barn fucking my cousin up the dung funnel.

My cock was so hard again and it still tingled around the helmet from the previous ejaculation.

Rosemary’s arse hole felt so lovely and tight yet again so receptive.

By this time my organ was going almost the entire length into her each time before it hit something, the only thing that spoiled the sensation was the extra care needed with each thrust so as not to injure her.

I soon developed the knack of judging the depth however and all seemed nicer.

Rose was grunting more than moaning this was hurting a bit I could tell, I slowed to almost a stop.

“Am I hurting you darling, I don’t want to hurt you, I love you”. I whispered.

There I’d said it at last, the three words, I felt elated.

“Don’t be soppy you daft fucker, of course it hurts but I like it”. Rose said, bang went my love affair.

By this time Percy was on the verge of another firing anyway and lust took over from love.

This tight and vile sexually arousing sensation was far too horny to last very long.

I fired my second load of cream deep inside Rose’s arse, she twitched and cried out loudly as she felt the warm fluid pump into her.

She then let out another deafening squeal and jerked quite violently as she had her second full blown orgasm. A string of sexually abusive filth pouring from her lips.

As I gently eased Percy out of her arse hole Rose gave a sigh of relief, I was amazed to watch as her arse ring remained open for many seconds before slowly tightening back to a more normal size.

A dribble of brown and white mixed liquid oozed out of her arse hole as it closed.

This I must admit turned my stomach a little as I was reminded what this hole was really for.

I immediately examined my softening member expecting to see it covered with shit; it wasn’t to my surprise, just very shiny with Vaseline and spunk residue.

What did alarm me was a small trace of blood near the base of my cock nothing much but visible as blood.

I also at that point noticed her arse cheeks around the ring were smeared with a little blood.

“God Rose you’re bleeding a bit, you all right”. I said in panic, weird thoughts in my head again, visions of trying to explain all this in the hospital and again later at home if Rose was injured badly.

“It’s OK darling, I always said you were a big boy, you’re a bit bigger than Ralph and I’ve got a small split in my ring I expect”. She said so unconcerned.

“Fucking hell Rose that was lovely, you sure I didn’t hurt you though”. I whispered.

“I’m alright honest, of course it hurt and it’ll be as sore as hell later but I love it, it reminds me I’ve been shagged”. Rose said with a reassuring smile.

We hugged and kissed gently for a while then dressed to leave, as we were about to exit the barn Rose spoke in her serious voice again.

“You’re only the second ever to fuck my arse big boy, Ralph and you, he’s done me up there loads, you can now can’t you”.

The love sensation hit again, my darling Rose had allowed me such a privilege in my eyes, second man up her shit locker.

Anyone else would have wanted to be first.

That wasn’t the first new sexual experience Rosemary introduced me to during our long part time lust affair, the love word was used again by us both many times but only in the throws of orgasm.

The next Rosemary tale may well be in group sex category.

Cousin Rose, her part in my downfall (1: By pop_54/2002.

Copying and reproduction of this story for non-commercial entertainment is permitted providing the relevant acknowledgments are included.

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