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Room Service, Texas Style

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Part 1

After a long but uneventful flight, I arrived at the downtown Marriott in Austin, Texas, to find a spacious and comfortable room with a good view of the city. The first night I ordered dinner from the room service menu, which I was pleasantly surprised to find included southwestern cuisine, flavors that I love and don’t often have a chance to enjoy.

I wasn’t really very hungry, but figured I should have something to tide me over.

We had a series of mishaps with room service as I found out that nothing on the menu was actually available! The room service menu had been changed and apparently mine was out of date. The man on the phone had such a sexy voice and flirtatious manner, it saved the day as I simply could not be upset or annoyed with him, and was actually having fun with the situation. Finally after receiving a new menu, I was able to order my dinner, which was just a simple sandwich, after all that.

He asked in a very sultry way, “Would you like something sweet to go with your dinner?”

Well…. you can imagine what thoughts went through my head. Somehow I resisted though I was mightily tempted, and I said, “no…” somewhat reluctantly, as I really wasn’t that hungry.

He said, “If you need anything else, just ask… my name is Brad.” I could almost hear him smiling into the phone.

Two nights later I was talking to someone online about how I had survived my college years by eating macaroni & cheese, and still loved it! Tired of hotel food I suddenly got a hankering for it. I looked on the children’s menu and sure enough… there it was. But it said “Kids only, please.”

Hmmm… always worth a try. I called room service again and got the same sexy guy. I asked, “Pretty please, could I have the mac and cheese ‘cause that’s what I really want!” He must have thought that was cute because when I ordered a salad he asked if I wanted a toy with that!

So I asked, “Are you the toy?” and he said “I might be” and I just said “mmmmmm.” He got so flustered in a very fun and sexy way that he couldn’t remember the names of the salad dressings – what could have been distracting him?

Then he whispered into the phone, “I’d better go before I get in trouble…,” though the laugh we shared at the end of the phone call was enough to fuel my fantasies that night.

Later I realized that not only was he surely not allowed to fraternize with the guests, he had no idea what I looked like… nor did I, though I had been captivated by his voice and manner. And I had long since figured out that the phones were answered by the guest services staff at the front desk and the food delivered by someone else from room service. Still, there must be a way to surmount these difficulties….

The next day I dressed carefully in the sexy but elegant business clothes I normally wear to conferences – flowing black silk pants, sage green and black filmy blouse with a black satin bra underneath, black stockings and heels, setting off my red hair and hazel eyes to perfection. When I returned in the evening, I left my conference tote on a chair in the lounge and approached the front desk, pleased to find that the man behind the guest services sign was my unsuspecting man on the phone. He was attractive, young, and looked like he would be fun to spend an evening with… so I approached the desk.

He asked, “Can I help you?”

I replied, “I’d like that toy with my dinner tonight…,” in the same sultry voice I had used on the phone.

Recognition dawned… and he couldn’t help looking me up and down as he thought about this proposition. He looked regretful as he said, “I could lose my job for that.”

I asked, “When does your shift end? Isn’t there something we can do to work it out?”

Thinking for a minute, he whispered, “Call in your order at about 20 minutes to 9, when my shift ends… and I’ll find a way to deliver it.”

With a wicked grin I said, “Thanks so much, you’ve been very helpful!”

Back in my room I carefully perused the menu for just the right items, planning every detail of this encounter. This being Texas, I settled on barbecued baby back ribs, and garlic-cilantro mashed potatoes. Dessert, I would save for later.

At the appointed time I called to the front desk, and my playful friend took my order. I asked his opinion on which barbecue sauce to choose – I wanted something not too hot, but spicy, considering the uses to which it was going to be put. He recommended the ginger chipotle sauce as his personal favorite, which sounded great to me. I ordered extra sauce on the side, for my own special purposes, along with a garden salad.

At 9:00 on the dot he arrived at my door, carrying my order along with a sexy grin. Once inside he set the tray down on my desk.

I said, “You’re off duty now,” and removed his jacket, pulling him toward me for a deep kiss, leaving him in no doubt of what was to follow.

Part 2

He held me close, running his hands over my silk-clad behind, feeling bare skin and the outlines of a lacy thong underneath. A growing bulge pressed firmly against my barely-covered pussy as his hands rose to trace the contours of my back through the filmy blouse and then forward to cup my large breasts through the fabric.

He unbuttoned my blouse and removed it, sighing as he ran his fingers across my nipples through the black satin bra… unhooking it he let it drop to the floor, as my breasts sprang out and nipples hardened at the sensation of being freed from confinement. Unable to resist a caress, we both gasped at his fingers on my nipples, lightly cupping my breasts before dropping to my waist. Finding the clasp on the side of my pants, he unzipped them to reveal a thin band of black lace riding high on my hips. Slowly he slid the silk pants down and I kicked my shoes off, until I was clad only in lace panties and black silk stockings.

Quickly, I returned the favor, not wanting my dinner to get cold. I unbuttoned his shirt and tugged off his undershirt, then slid his pants down as fast as possible. He must have thought I was certainly eager to get to him, but he didn’t mind a bit! Shoes and socks followed, as he removed his watch and set it on the nightstand. Lastly, there remained only his briefs, under which a deliciously long shaft was hiding… the head peeking out of the top… straining upward in its eagerness to be released. Trailing my hair down his stomach, I tugged on the top of his briefs with my teeth and pulled them down his legs… trailing my tongue along the length of his shaft on the way down and stopping to leave little licks and sucks in sensitive places…

Afterwards I stopped to admire what I had revealed… a swimmer’s body with wide shoulders and a strongly-muscled back and stomach… and shaved! This was more than I had dared hope for, but perfect for my purposes. I smiled to myself as I traced the silky hard cock and smooth balls with my fingers, feeling them move and tighten under my touch. He tugged on my panties, pulling the thin material of the thong into my slit, and revealing my bare pussy with just a small triangle of pale red-blonde above. Already wet, it was all I could do not to lower myself onto him and press my clit against that enticing hardness. But I had other plans…

After all, it was late, and I was hungry! Removing the cover of the hot plate, his eyes widened in surprise as I scooped up a handful of mashed potatoes and spread them across his balls. I took another handful and mounded them up around the base of his cock, in a little mountain of mashed potatoes.

He asked playfully, “What do you think you’re doing?”

I said, “Just close your eyes and enjoy” with a wicked little grin. The warmth of the food surrounding his cock must have felt wonderful, because he quickly gave in and lay back on the bed, just waiting to see what was to come next.

I reached for the little boat of orange-chipotle sauce and drizzled the warm liquid over his cock and the mound of mashed potatoes. At this sensation he gasped and opened his eyes, and promptly shut them again when I waved a finger at him teasingly. Unable to resist the sight of his cock and my growling stomach any longer, I dived into the creamy mound, starting at the base of his balls, and making sure to suck them in along with the tasty concoction surrounding them. Scooping some of the potatoes onto my finger, I offered him a taste and he licked and sucked the mixture off of my fingers avidly.

Taking my time, I licked up all the mashed potatoes, then started on his cock, tasting the sweet tangy barbecue sauce and swirling my tongue all over his head and shaft to clean off every last drop. Moaning through this treatment of his rock-hard cock, he pulled me up his body and sucked my nipples hard, pulling my thong down roughly to expose my pussy to his hands and cock. I followed his lead and pressed my spicy lips to his, letting him taste the mixture of barbecue sauce and precum I was enjoying.

Not finished with my dinner yet… I made him wait while I served up the next course. Removing my thong, I drizzled the rest of the sauce over the ribs. Taking each one in turn, I painted my body with barbecue sauce, then suckled on the succulent ribs while he traced the sauce with his tongue, wherever I wanted him to go. First, along the cleft of my throat… then down between my breasts, next to my nipples… ohhhh the sweet sensation almost made me lost track of what I was doing….

Down my stomach, circling around the little triangle above my pussy and mmmmmm…. a tiny dab on my clit, which he took care to lick and suck at length to ensure its cleanliness. When all the ribs had been consumed, I took two little cucumber slices and placed them on my pussy, and one cherry tomato slipped up inside, to clear his palate for the next course. Meanwhile I nibbled on a few slices myself, while he finished his salad and licked and sucked my pussy to perfection, the tangy taste of raspberry vinaigrette mixing with my natural flavors and juices.

Looking over at the room service tray, he satisfied himself that we were done with the main course, and could move on to our other appetites.

With that sexy look, he cocked his head, smiled up at me and asked teasingly, “Can I have my dinner now?”

I laughed and said, “Yes, you may!”

“Good!” he replied, “because I know exactly what I want, and it isn’t on the menu!”

Part 3

“But first,” he said, “I’m going to wash up just a little… wouldn’t want to get anything too spicy hot on these sensitive little lips of yours…”

This was just the opportunity I had been waiting for. As he cleaned up in the bathroom, I quickly dialed room service and ordered the piece de resistance of the evening… a Chocolate Eruption Cake. When they said it would take about 20 minutes to arrive, I figured that would be just about perfect.

When he returned, he looked the picture of perfection. Such a yummy body… I stretched out on the bed and offered myself up for his dining pleasure.

“Mmmmm… now I’m hungry” he said, as he started nibbling on my toes, sucking each one into his mouth and flicking his tongue over the soles of my feet, tickling and making me giggle. Slowly, he licked up my legs, stopping to nibble in sensitive places, and teasingly working his way up to my inner thighs. He flicked his tongue delicately over the soft skin there and bit lightly into my skin… making me shiver with desire for his tongue to move just a little closer… a little higher… teasing me with one rapid flick of his tongue on my clit.

Instead of stopping there, he kissed his way around my pussy, lingering in the groin area and moving up to nibble on my stomach, nipping at the skin just above my hips, making me jump… and worked his way up the center of my body to just below my breasts.

Stopping to admire the view, he said “Mmmhmmm I think I see what I want…” Gently, he licked around the base of my breasts, teasing me with the nearness of his tongue to my very hard and sensitive nipples. Slowly he swirled his tongue around my right breast, circling the creamy skin ever closer to the hard nub, stopping to nip and bite, leaving me squirming on the bed with anticipation.

Just as his lips closed on my desperately erect nipple, there was a knock at the door. Not removing his mouth from its treasure, he looked up at me questioningly. When I made a move to get up he held my wrists down on the bed and sucked my nipple even more firmly into his mouth… my body sank back onto the bed with pleasure and I almost abandoned the delicacy I had ordered for our enjoyment.

Remembering the mouth-watering flavor of dark chocolate from my previous encounter with this dessert helped strengthen my resolve, and I said with a grin, “It’s a surprise… I promise you’ll like it.”

“Alright, but hurry,” he replied as he sucked my nipple in again and flicked his tongue hard across it for good measure before releasing me and stepping out of view of the doorway.

Grabbing a robe, I answered the door and quickly signed for the order, taking only the plate with its delectable dessert. Triumphantly, I returned with my prize… a luscious chocolate cake with a warm liquid center, surrounded by whipped cream and raspberries, with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Quickly, I scooped up both handfuls of whipped cream and spread it enticingly on my breasts, lay back down on the bed and smiled up at him, saying, “Now where were we?”

Glancing over at the plate he asked, “What about the rest of that?” with a twinkle in his eye.

“Mmmmmm… we’ll get to that when the time is right,” I smiled, “but hurry so the ice cream doesn’t melt!”

“I’ll take that as an invitation,” he said as he hungrily dived back onto my cream-covered mounds and began licking them clean, lingering over the nipples and sucking them delicately, cleaning up the yummy topping like a cat licking a bowl of cream. Once every bit of the whipped cream was gone, he returned to my nipples and sucked them in hard, flicking his tongue over the tips and taking them in as if suckling nectar out of them. Heat flushed through my body, my pussy becoming swollen and wet as little flashes of pleasure made their way to my clit. It was time for the ice cream…

Taking a spoon I scooped up the ice cream, and raising my legs up onto his shoulders, spooned the melting concoction over my pussy, pressing some inside, some onto my lips and mounding it onto my clit… letting it melt into me and over me, shuddering with the sensation of the creamy coldness against my hot, swollen and sensitive center.

The mix of sensations was almost enough to send me into ecstasy… all I needed was his tongue. He quickly brought his warm mouth to the melting ice cream and began to eat it and me, sucking me into his mouth as he tried to finish up all the ice cream before it melted. Little rivulets ran down my thighs and onto the bed, which he chased with his tongue before returning to the creamy vanilla mound in the center.

Licking and sucking the ice cream off my lips, he turned his attention to the mound at my clit… diving into the rapidly melting cream and finding the hard little nub at the center. Oblivious to the cream coating his chin and nose, he paid special attention to this hot little button, flicking his tongue across it in all directions, scooping up the cream as he licked. Soon the warmth of his mouth replaced the cold ice cream, and the heat in my body rose along with it… Quickly he dove down to my wet center and sucked the ice cream out along with my juices, adding a sweet and tangy flavor to the vanilla.

Licking as far as he could inside me to get every drop out… I shuddered as the feel of his tongue and the cold cream mingled inside me. Thrusting his tongue inside me, his fingers playing insistently with my nipples and clit… there was no holding back now… yelling with pleasure and grabbing the bedcovers… my body arching in a shuddering orgasm as a clear juice spurted from me and mixed into the creamy concoction coating my pussy.

“Oooh ooooooooooooh ooooh my god” I panted as I lay back, feeling the afterglow of the orgasm. Happily, he licked up the last of the ice cream along with my cum and then sat up grinning like the Cheshire cat, cream dripping from his chin.

Laying my head back down on the bed I caught sight of the cake and remembered what I had in mind for the rest of it, almost forgotten in the lovely attentions being given me. Sitting up I rested a hand on the cake and smiled, finding that it was still warm.

Pushing him down on the bed, I said, “Now it’s your turn!”

He looked at me, then at the cake, and obviously had no idea what I was planning.

“Close your eyes,” I said mischievously, “I want you to concentrate on how it feels…”

Taking the round cake in one hand, I grasped his rock-hard cock in the other and held it carefully still. He moaned with pleasure at the first touch of my hand on his shaft this evening… I slowly slid the top of the cake down over his cock, making sure that the warm liquid center was centered on his shaft, the firmer edges sheathing it in chocolate cake. I slid the cake down until it was entirely surrounding his pulsing cock, the head emerging coated in dark molten chocolate.

“Eruption Cake indeed,” I thought to myself, “if only the hotel could see this!”

Gasping at the feel of this incredible sensation on his hard shaft, he opened his eyes to see the chocolate spectacle gracing his lovely cock and balls.

I looked up and said, “Now this is how this dessert ought to be enjoyed!” and returned my attention to the sweet scene before me, wondering where to start. First, I nibbled at the cakey edges which were beginning to crumble, falling away in pieces onto his thighs and other delectable places. I chased these with my tongue, exploring under and around his balls, thighs, and the base of his cock, determined to obtain every last morsel. Now his shaft was coated with the dark liquid center with bits of the cake remaining. His chocolate-covered cock fulfilled one of my long-time fantasies, and I savored the sight for a moment, before bending down to take the darkly sweet head in my mouth.

Slowly I licked up and down the length of his shaft, swirling my tongue across it and exploring every contour and chocolate-coated ridge, moaning with enjoyment of the dark rich liquid and the silky smooth cock. Avidly I licked up the drippings from his balls and finally took his entire cock deeply into my mouth as far as I possibly could, his sweet head hitting the back of my throat, causing us both to groan in pleasure and tingles to shoot through my pussy again.

Sucking hard on his cock and licking up and down the underside of his shaft was pure heaven for both of us, the endorphins released by the sweet dark chocolate thrilling me and heightening my erotic state. Wanting desperately to feel his sweet cum in my mouth, I increased my pace and swallowed him even more deeply with each thrust, lightly caressing and playing with his balls with one hand, the other hand deep into my pussy. His hips began to thrust harder into my mouth, his cock swelling, balls tightening as I heard him begin to moan and my own body responded as he reached the edge of orgasm.

Coating one finger in chocolate I slipped it quickly into his ass and fingered him deep inside while sucking him faster and harder, as I began to cum he cried out with the sensations of my mouth and finger, an intense need rising from deep in his balls and spreading hotly into his cock as he came hard into my mouth… his cream mixing with my chocolate… an unforgettable combination. Climbing up his body, I took the raspberries from the plate and put them in my mouth, and we shared a passionate kiss of chocolate, raspberries, and cum, the tangy-sweet fruit making a wonderful light contrast to the dark and musky flavors.

I’ll never be able to eat dark chocolate again without remembering that sweet cock in my mouth, wiggling in my chair, and loving every moment with a faraway look in my eyes…

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