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Karaoke Night

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Dating when you’re in your late thirties is a lot different from dating in your twenties. The expectations are different and there is a freedom to it that wasn’t present twenty years ago. No, we haven’t gone through menopause so pregnancy is still a worry as are sexually transmitted diseases. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the expectations surrounding sex. At twenty a girl has to worry about appearing too easy. If she sleeps with a guy on the first date, will there be a second? Probably not.

If she doesn’t sleep with him, how long should she wait before she does? At what point do you lose that window of opportunity and move from being a sexual candidate/girlfriend to being a friend? Y’all know what I’m talking about. You’ve been there.

Women who are approaching middle age aren’t trying to snag a husband. We aren’t looking for the father of our children, we aren’t trying to find Mr. Right, and we aren’t looking for a Sugar Daddy. A confident, single, middle-aged woman doesn’t need a Sugar Daddy. We make our own money, we take care of our own homes, and we’ve raised our children. Sure, a husband to share all that with would be nice, but we aren’t actively looking for that. Someone to share our free time with, someone to laugh with, someone to take to the company picnic, someone to attend a friend’s wedding with, that is what we need. What do we want? We want all that and sex… preferably great sex!

The kids are grown and out of the house so we don’t have to be quiet anymore. We can be the screamers we were meant to be if that’s what we want. We’ve learned some tricks and the men in our lives get to benefit from those. And yes, older men have learned what it takes to satisfy a woman, so there are definite perks in getting older. The added bonus is we can have sex with someone who strikes our fancy and if it’s good, we’ll probably get to do it again! And that includes sex on the first date. We’re adults who know how to play so the playing field is level.

Such were the topics of conversation amongst the group of women seated around our table as we watched the men in our lives play pool. The bar was quiet, there were only about 30 people scattered around the room. It was a typical Thursday night in a small town. It was karaoke night. They called Paula’s name and we all whistled and yelled as she walked up onto the stage to give “Proud Mary” her best effort. I glanced away and caught my date, Dennis watching me. He winked and tipped his beer bottle at me as he waited for one of the other guys to finishing shooting. We hadn’t been dating long and our last date had not ended in the manner we would have liked. Tonight’s date was going to be much more satisfying. I watched him move around to take his shot. Dennis is over 6 feet tall so he had to duck a little to keep from hitting his head on the light above the table. When he bent down I admired the curve of his butt covered by the blue Wranglers he’d chosen to wear with his polo shirt. His hair is going gray and it gave him a distinguished look that was completely at odds with the boyish grin he displayed when he made the shot. His eyes are clear and blue and his face is a little weathered from time spent working outdoors. It’s a nice face and his body is nice too. Sure, he’s 54 so it isn’t the hard body of his youth, but he keeps in pretty good shape so there’s only a little bulge at his waist. It’s the body of a mature man and I watched him, knowing I’d be seeing it naked before the night was over.

Our last date had been dinner followed by drinks and dancing here at this same bar. He had a group of friends who were going to be there so he’d invited me to be his date with the intention of joining them. We had a great time. I liked all his friends and they’d done everything they could to make me feel welcome in their little circle. We laughed and talked until after midnight. Dennis had kept his arm around me for most of the night and we’d danced a couple of slow ones, pressed up close against each other.

When it came time to leave, we had to return to the restaurant so I could get my car. We both enjoyed the dances so I was anticipating at least a kiss before we went our separate ways. Dennis parked next to my little car and undid his seatbelt.

“Do you want me to start your car so it can be warming up?”

“No, that’s okay,” I answered. “It isn’t hard to start in the cold. It’ll be fine.”

I undid my own seatbelt as he slid across the seat toward me. When I looked up he used one hand to pull my head close. His lips brushed mine, softly at first, then more firmly.

“Mmmm,” he murmured as his lips rubbed mine apart. He adjusted his head and I let my purse slide off my lap onto the floor so I could use the hand that wasn’t trapped between us to touch his hair. I love hair, always have, always will. Sorry Bruce Willis. I just can’t understand what makes a perfectly sexy man decide to ruin the look by shaving his head! My fingers splayed against the back of Dennis’ head. He had lightened the pressure on my lips and I wanted it back. His were teasing me, his tongue lightly touching my lips making me want more.

His tongue slid between my lips and I immediately closed mine on it, sucking firmly. He moved it in and out a couple times, making love to my mouth, imitating the motions of consummation. His hand dropped and delved under the tail of my shirt. I felt the warmth of it caressing my midriff just under my bra as the kiss went on. My nipples were tingling in anticipation, growing longer and harder, poking against the fabric of my bra long before his hand brushed over them.

My own hand was caressing the back of his neck as his mouth continued to feast on mine, kissing and licking my lips, alternating between light kisses and firm, hungry ones. I felt coolness on my upper chest and realized he had somehow managed to undo the top two buttons of my blouse from the inside! He pushed it open and dropped his head to place small kisses on the top of my breasts. I had on a pushup bra so it didn’t take much for him to push one up and out of the satiny cup. My nipples are not the flat, barely-there kind. They are light brown and definitely noticeable when erect. They were both tightly beaded and aching to be touched. One pressed firmly against my bra and the other invited Dennis to take it into his mouth.

His mouth was warm and I didn’t even try to suppress the moan when he finally closed it on my quivering flesh. My hand dropped away from his head and I found my back arching as he sucked on my nipple. Before I could get used to it, he was turning his head away to sneeze. He had been coughing and sneezing and apologizing for it all night long. Now his cold was making itself known regardless of the passion building between us. He turned back to me and I guided his head back to my breast. I wanted him to continue. I was getting wet and I knew I wanted him.

He didn’t tease me this time but sucked on it, long and hard. The suckling sounds filled the cab of his truck as his mouth pulled the areola inside. My head tipped back and I gave myself up to the sensation, whimpering as the pleasure seemed to connect my pussy to the tip of my breast.

He released the nipple to kiss his way back up my chest to my lips. One hand closed on my braid to hold my head still and he ravaged my lips. My hand caressed his neck and slid down over his chest. I felt the pebbled tightness of a male nipple as my fingers pressed against him. Suddenly he broke the kiss to sneeze again. It made us both laugh. He looked into my eyes and his hand reached for mine. As his lips lowered to kiss me again, he placed my hand on his upper thigh.

Either he wears boxers or no underwear at all because my hand was resting on a very solid bulge that wasn’t his thigh. I moved my little finger and felt the ridge where his head meets the shaft. We both moaned. My hand cupped him and I ran it down the hard ridge to where the head was straining against the denim covering his thigh. He was so long and so hard. I felt his cock jump a little in my hand and my pussy gave an answering squeeze. I wanted to be filled with him. I wanted him inside me.

Suddenly the cab was filled with the sound of another violent sneeze. His cold refused to wait. It was going to continue to interrupt like a spoiled child who can’t have its way. Regretfully, we pulled apart and I buttoned my blouse. We agreed to keep in touch and go out again once his cold passed. I have been anticipating it ever since. The heat between us that night hinted at a very enjoyable evening to come.

Their game over, the men came back to the table after signaling the bartender for another round. Dennis was determined to get me up on the stage and I’d unknowingly issued a challenge when I told him there wasn’t enough alcohol in the world to induce me to get up and sing! I’d already had a couple of drinks and now there was another whiskey sour in front of me. Dennis slid into the seat next to me and put his arm around me. He pulled me close and asked if I was enjoying myself.

“Yes, I am.”

We watched Paula finish her song and then it was her husband, Allan’s turn. Thinking about our last date and about how solid the bulge in Dennis’ pants was then had me a little bit turned on. I turned my head toward him and put my lips near his ear so he could hear me over the music. We couldn’t leave yet but I wanted to raise the excitement level a little.

“You know, I remember every detail of our last date,” I whispered before gently biting down on his earlobe. I soothed it with a quick lick of my tongue before I pulled my head back.

He moaned and then covered the sound with a loud cough. His eyes were hot when he looked into mine. I could see that I had awakened the tiger in him and my own excitement level raised a notch wondering what he would do. I didn’t have to wait long. He pulled his arm back from around me and slid it in between my legs. He pulled so I had no choice but to scoot over closer to him.

“I like satin,” he said for the benefit of those watching. I’d chosen to wear jeans with a long sleeved, pink, satin blouse. He rubbed his hand down over the fabric covering my stomach before lifting his arm back up around me. He pulled me close against his right side so my head could rest on his shoulder as we watched the performance. Allan finished and they called the name of a woman sitting at another table. As we watched her, his left hand began rubbing little circles on my thigh. His hand inched higher until it was under the tail of my shirt completely concealed from anyone who might glance our way. His fingertip began to run up and down the seam of my jeans from the bottom of the zipper to my crotch.

His touch was light, with just enough pressure to tickle the skin under the seam. Suddenly he looked me in the eyes and held my gaze as his palm opened and pressed against my lower stomach. His hand was almost cupping me with two fingers between my legs, against the upper curve of my mound. He bent his head and kissed me. As our mouths opened so our tongues could play, those two fingers began to move up and down pressing harder against the seam of my jeans. I could feel my nipples getting hard and one hand lifted to caress the back of his head. Our backs were to the wall so we could see the whole bar. Unless someone turned around and looked, we wouldn’t be noticed. When we came up for air, all eyes were on the stage and no one was paying any attention. He gave me a slow smile before removing his hand from under my shirt and picking up his beer.

The song ended and Paula turned back around toward the table. She told us we were too quiet. She made a joke about us playing with each other and everyone laughed. Little did they know that was exactly what Dennis had been doing! I excused myself to use the restroom but found the door locked. I was forced to stand in the short hallway outside it waiting for whoever was inside to finish and let me in. As I waited, one of the guys playing pool smiled and tipped his beer bottle at me. He looked to be in his late thirties like me. I smiled back and wondered briefly what he was doing here all alone. His scrutiny made me feel sexy as he continued to smile at me.

My friends say I could easily pass for 35 even though I’ll be 40 in a couple of months. I have two grown children so I have no illusions about looking like a model. My hair is long and I let a couple friends talk me into having it streaked. It took some getting used to but I have to admit that the few strands of gray aren’t noticeable with the streaks. I’m pretty fit but having two babies takes its toll on a woman’s body. My stomach isn’t flat anymore and I know outside of surgery, it won’t ever be again. My breasts require a decent bra to keep them where I want them and I’m not a thong fan. I simply have no patience for spending the day pulling my underwear out of my ass. I don’t wear granny panties but thigh high briefs are comfortable. I couldn’t begin to imagine what the fellow with the beer thought as he watched me wait for the restroom door to open.

About the time I was moving from feeling sexy to feeling uncomfortable under his watchful eyes, the door finally opened and I escaped into the confines of the bathroom. I quickly used the facilities and exited when someone else rattled the knob. The guy with the beer was at the bar with his back to me when I walked back to the table. Dennis watched me walk toward him and stood up to meet me. The bartender was on stage just beginning a slow, country song. Dennis asked if I was ready to sing. I told him he knew I wasn’t so he asked about a dance instead. That I could do.

We walked onto the little dance floor and Dennis pulled me into his arms. I circled his shoulders and knew again why I like tall guys. I’m tall myself and it is so much better to be held in the arms of someone taller. My head fits better on his shoulder and I like being short enough to kiss his neck without bending down. We moved around the floor, slow dancing with the other couples. The bartender sounded pretty good. As he sang the chorus Dennis let his hands slide down my back so he was holding my hips. He pulled me up flush against him and I could feel the bulge under his zipper. It pressed solidly against my lower stomach. He took a slight step back and then pushed up against me again. His eyes held mine as our lower bodies pressed against each other.

Suddenly another couple stepped into us. Dennis swept me around out of harm’s way as they apologized. He nodded his understanding at them and pulled me even closer against him. I couldn’t resist kissing his neck. As we moved into the darkest part of the dance floor I opened my lips and gently scraped my teeth over the cord in his neck. My own neck is very sensitive and I was hoping he would take the hint and do the same to me. He ducked his head and put his lips against my ear. I felt the warm wetness of his tongue playing along the surface of my skin. The tip gently traced the whorls of my ear before he bit my earlobe as I’d done to his a few minutes earlier.

“Oh God,” I gasped. Dennis turned his head a little and kissed me. His lips were firm against mine. His mouth opened and he brushed my tongue with his. I opened my mouth and his tongue moved all the way in. It rubbed against the surface of mine, stimulating me even further. He moved it in and out, imitating the sex act and I closed my lips to hold it still. I sucked on it briefly as his hand dropped to cover one cheek and pull me even tighter against him. I was becoming more aroused by the moment. He knew it and we were both slightly breathless when we pulled apart. Between my remembrance of our last date and the feel of his hard cock pressed against me, we could have left right then. I was that ready.

“Can you feel how hard you’ve made me?” he asked as his breath stirred the hair near my ear.

“Yes,” I groaned back at him. We turned so his back was to the room and no one could see his hand on my ass. Our heads were side by side so we could whisper to each other without anyone else hearing. He held me against him, our feet not moving at all now.

“You know it’s only ten o’clock,” he continued, his hand massaging my butt and upper thigh as he kept pressing himself against me.

“We can’t leave yet,” I complained breathlessly as his other hand moved down to cup the other cheek.

“I’m as hard as a rock.” With that he actually pulled me closer and rubbed me against his cock, thrusting his hips at me. The feeling was exquisite. The bar had long since faded away in my mind until it was just us… alone… in the dark. I was so incredibly turned on that I knew he could easily have continued and he’d have brought me to climax right there on the dance floor.

The sound of clapping snapped me back to reality. The bartender’s song was finished and he was receiving a round of applause from the bar’s patrons. We joined in before returning to our table. Dennis walked close behind me so no one could see his erection pushing boldly against the cloth covering it. Under cover of the table, I watched him adjust himself so it stretched down against his thigh. I wondered if it was painful. When I dropped my hand down to my lap, he took it in his and placed it on top of the bulge. I tried to hold my hand still so I wouldn’t add to the discomfort but it was impossible. The heat coming from his skin had me pushing against it. I felt an answering jerk from it. Then my fingers spread and I pressed my fingertips all the way down it, shaping it, feeling the solidness of it.

He was talking to one of the other guys and drinking his beer but his eyes were on mine as I ran one finger around the corona and down over the head. It jerked against me again and became even more noticeable as it strained upwards. Slowly I cupped my hands around it and began to stroke up and down, just a couple of times because I knew we couldn’t continue. His hand dropped down to cover mine and he pressed my hand down hard on himself. To anyone looking he appeared to be moving into a more comfortable position but I knew what he was doing. He held my hand in his and still looking into my eyes, he smiled before moving them both over to my lap.

We continued to talk and laugh as the clock crept ever closer to eleven. He had adjusted himself a couple of times since I quit touching him and I knew his erection was gone. Finally I began making noises about getting up early the next day for work. Dennis went outside to warm up the truck while I waited inside. The excitement I’d felt earlier was coming back. I could feel my nipples getting hard as I gathered up my coat and purse.

Dennis came back inside and sat down to get warmed up from being out in the cold. He rubbed his hands together before drinking the last of his beer. His eyes flicked down over me and seemed to stop their descent when he saw my nipples poking proudly against the front of my shirt. The bra I’d chosen for tonight was another pushup one but these cups were formed from thin lace. It just wasn’t enough fabric to conceal my excitement. He stood up quickly and took my coat from me. Wrapping it around me so I could put my arms into it, he managed to keep prying eyes from seeing the evidence of my arousal.

“Are you sure you’re ready to go?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” I answered. “I’m ready to go home.” He took my hand in his, we said our goodbyes and left the bar. He had locked the doors of the truck to keep anyone from stealing it as it sat idling in the bar’s parking lot. He hurried to unlock the passenger door but didn’t pull it open. Instead he turned and pulled me into his arms. I knew he planned to kiss me and when his lips descended, I raised up to meet them.

This was no tentative meeting of lips. There was nothing shy about the kiss at all. Our lips met hungrily, both of us greedy for the feel of the other. My hands pulled against his shoulders as I arched up against him. His hands pulled me tight against his hips as he backed me up against the door of his truck. He held me there with his lower body as his hands moved upwards, cupping my breasts inside my coat, making me moan into his mouth. He curled his fingers so they were almost like claws and scraped them down over my breasts. He continued the movements across the tight buds of my nipples as I whimpered uncontrollably. His hips pushed against me and I could feel how hard he was again.

For the second time in as many weeks we were necking like teenagers in a parking lot. My hands dropped down to his hips and I found myself alternately pushing and pulling him, helping him thrust against me, taking us both closer to the edge with each movement. Suddenly the bar door opened again. Dennis stepped back quickly, pulling me away from the truck door so he could open it. He went around and got in behind the wheel as another couple climbed into the vehicle next to us. We looked at each other and laughed.

“Can you imagine what they must think of us?” I giggled.

“They probably think we’re lucky and they wish they could be doing the same thing!” he answered. “Scoot over here. I want to be able to feel you next to me while I drive.”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I abandoned my seat and slid into the center. I put one hand on his thigh as he gave me a quick kiss before putting the truck into reverse. We didn’t have far to go but I wanted to touch him too. As we left the parking lot, I began running my hand lightly up and down his leg. I put my head onto his shoulder once he got the truck up into high gear. He dropped his hand from the gearshift down onto my thigh. Immediately he pushed my legs apart and nestled his hand up high against my sex. He moved it up and down, the outer edge rubbing against my slit. I cupped my hand over the head of his cock. I could feel it pushing hard against me as I rubbed my hand back and forth, never completely leaving the head. We were both breathing hard when he removed his hand to pull into my driveway.

He shut off the truck and turned his head to look at me. “Can I come in?” he asked.

“Oh God Dennis,” I groaned. I grabbed the back of his head to pull him down to me. Between pressing kisses on his chin and cheeks and lips I answered, “Yes please. Please come in. I need you inside,” and there was no doubt that I meant both inside the house and inside me.

Dennis made a sound that was almost a growl as he pressed his lips to mine. One of his hands was back between my legs and I moaned low in my throat when he pushed his knuckles hard against the spot covering my clit. He rocked his hand against me as his other hand cupped one of my breasts. He pinched the nipple between his thumb and forefinger and my legs spread even further apart. My hand dropped to grasp his forearm as his hand continued to rub against my jeans. My hips were moving and I was unabashedly rubbing myself against his fist. His tongue thrust into my mouth in time with the movements of his hand.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm” I could hear myself moaning in time to the thrusts. I could tell by his movements that he didn’t intend to stop until I climaxed. He moved his head back so he could whisper in my ear.

“Come on, baby,” he whispered. “Let it go. Come on. Feel my hand. Concentrate on how good it feels,” he continued. “Does it feel good? You know you need this, don’t you?” He rolled my nipple around and pinched it again. Between his hand on my clit and the feeling in my nipple, I let the orgasm take me.

“Oh, Dennis. Oh God, don’t stop,” I begged as I held onto his arm and his shoulder. My hips shuddered against him. My butt lifted off the seat as I arched up against his hand. “Yeeesss. Please don’t stop,” I moaned as my climax spread out in waves to the rest of my body. He continued to rock his hand back and forth over my clit just as I’d asked. Slowly I returned to reality as the motions of his hand slowed.

“Oh gosh, I can’t believe I did that,” I blushed. “Now would you like to come in?” I asked as I peeked at him from under my lashes, too embarrassed by my display to look at him directly.

“You’re very beautiful,” he said, using one of his fingers to tip my head up. “I’d love to come in for whatever you want,” he added, dropping a quick kiss on my lips. “Just because things got a little hot and heavy doesn’t mean we have to do anything you don’t want to do, okay? If you’re uncomfortable, I can leave and we can do this another night.”

I looked into his eyes there in the gloom of the cab and realized he was perfectly willing to leave without getting any satisfaction himself. I knew he wanted me, I’d felt the evidence all evening but he wanted it to be my choice. I was grateful that he was being such a gentleman but there was no question about how I wanted this evening to end.

His words gave me the nerve to say, “No, I’ve thought about you and this night for two weeks. I’ve waited for this and I don’t want you to leave. Please come inside with me and make love to me,” I finished, looking straight into his eyes.

He pulled the key out of the ignition and got out of the truck. I scooted across the seat and got out next to him. I dug my house key out of my coat pocket as we walked toward the back door. I let us in and offered him a drink, draping our coats over chairs in the dining room.

“Just water for me,” he answered. I fixed us both a glass of water adding some ice from the freezer. I carried the glasses into the living room to find him looking through my music. I put them on a table and pushed the button to turn the stereo on, asking him what he wanted to hear. He handed me a couple of the cds he’d picked and I put them in the player, pushing the repeat button so the music wouldn’t suddenly stop. I pointed out the door to the extra bathroom and excused myself to freshen up.

When I came out of my bedroom, he was waiting for me. He pulled me into his arms and we began to dance around my living room. His hands were on my hips and I snuggled up as close to him as I could get. It didn’t take many turns around the floor before I felt his erection pushing impatiently against his jeans. I moved one arm down from his shoulder and boldly cupped him in my hand. He moaned as I caressed him, thrusting himself more fully against me. My excitement built as I anticipated sex without condoms. We were both disease free and he’d had a vasectomy. We didn’t need any protection whatsoever.

I pulled out of his arms and picked up our water. “Come on. I think we’ll be more comfortable in the bedroom.” I carried the glasses and didn’t wait for him to reply. He followed me and reached out a hand to caress my hip and butt as I put the water on the nightstand. I turned around and moved into his arms. His lips were hot against my cheek as he pressed little kisses against me. My neck arched and I waited breathlessly for him to kiss my neck.

He didn’t make me wait long. His kisses moved down my neck to the sensitive point where it meets my shoulder. His fingers were busy unbuttoning my blouse at the same time. When he had it open he hooked his fingers over the edge of my bra cups and pulled them down. The lace was stretchy and my breasts spilled over the top. His kisses continued as he covered every inch of exposed flesh with the moist heat of his mouth and tongue. I pulled his shirt up in back, tugging it out of his pants. I wanted to feel him too. He pulled back long enough to jerk the shirt up over his head then he went back to licking and sucking my breasts. His arms pulled the blouse down my arms before unhooking my bra. He pushed me back against the bed so I was lying on it with my feet on the floor. He straddled my hips, leaning over me as my hands ran over his broad chest.

When my fingertips found one of his nipples, I heard him inhale sharply. I pinched it lightly and he moaned before grabbing my arms and holding them both above my head against the bed. He kissed me hard on the lips.

“You have beautiful tits,” he said. “I’ve got to have a bite,” he groaned. He held my arms down with one hand while he lifted one of my breasts up to his mouth. His teeth closed on the flesh near my nipple, gently biting me. He sucked on it hard as I used my elbows for leverage and arched up against his mouth. I knew his actions would leave a mark I’d have for days to come. I wanted more. I needed more.

“Again,” I moaned when his mouth lifted. “Please bite me again,” I moaned. I trembled with need when he complied. My nipples were tight and achy when he finally pulled one into his mouth. He released my arms so both his hands could squeeze and mold my breasts as he sucked on the tips. His knees pressed into the mattress on either side of my hips. At last it was my turn to touch him.

Immediately my hands went to his belt. I needed to touch him. I wanted the hot, hard length of him in my hand, not covered by denim. I pulled his belt open as he looked down our bodies and watched. I unbuttoned his jeans and pushed one hand inside. He sucked in his stomach and we both watched as I unzipped him. The hand inside his pants had found its prize. I held him as the fabric gave way.

“Oh God, Jessie,” he groaned. I pushed the jeans down as far as his spread legs would allow. His cock was just as hard as I knew it would be. I rubbed my thumb over the head and felt the moisture from a drop of pre-cum. He watched my hand when I pulled it away. I put my thumb in my mouth so I could taste him. Apparently the sight was too much for him. He propelled himself back off the bed and stood up to take off his jeans. His cock thrust out proudly from a nest of tight curls. His balls were already rising against the shaft so I knew he needed to cum. I sat up and tried to caress him as he undressed but he was too fast for that.

I stood up, kicked off my shoes and unzipped my own jeans. I let them fall so I was standing before him with only my panties left covering me. I pulled them down and kicked them out of the way, too. He reached for me and cupped a hand over my pussy. Two fingers slid in between the wet folds. He rubbed me lightly and steadied me with his other hand on my hip. I was so well lubricated from my earlier orgasm that two of his fingers slid right into my hole.

“No, Dennis,” I moaned even as my hips thrust forward. “I want you inside me when I cum,” I begged. My hands reached for him again. I pulled on his cock and he was forced to step closer. I placed it against the outside of my pussy and reached around him to grab two handfuls of his butt. Slowly he moved his hips back a little before pushing them forward. We both groaned. I spread my legs a little further apart and this time when he thrust, his cock parted my outer lips and slid against my wet pussy. He was hot and the slickness of my juices on him made movement easy. We kissed hungrily as our hips continued the slow thrusts that were driving us wild. Finally we broke apart, both gasping for air. He pushed me back on the bed again, lifting my knees up on either side of his hips.

“You have to tell me what you want,” he said. I lifted my legs to rub my calves against the outside of his thighs.

“I want you,” I answered.

“No, I mean you have to tell me exactly what you want. I want to hear you say it.” He pushed his hips forward but I was too high up on the bed. Bending down a little, he grasped my upper thighs with his forearms and jerked my entire body closer to him. I felt the edge of the mattress press against my butt. He pushed my legs out and back toward my chest. I was displayed before him, wet, and oh so ready.

“You know what I want to hear,” he continued. He pressed the head of his cock against my clit. He made gentle thrusts that came close to my pussy hole but never went inside. “Say it!” he demanded.

“Please… I need you so bad,” I whimpered. “I can’t take much more teasing.” My clit was a tight bud and I could feel my orgasm building. My cunt was a wet, needy hole, demanding to be filled. I wrapped my arms around my legs so his hands were free. He continued to make shallow thrusts against me, spreading my wetness around, teasing me with the heat of his cock.

“What do you need, Jessie?” he asked. “Do you need my cock? Do you need it inside you?”

“Yes, please Dennis.” My breath came out on a sob as I pleaded with him to take me. I thought I knew what he wanted me to say but I couldn’t bring myself to use those words.

“Do you need fucked?” he asked me, his voice tight with desire.

“Oh God yes.”

“Do you want me inside that hot little pussy of yours?”

“Yes, I want you inside me!” I nearly sobbed. My entire body was consumed with desire. It was a hot, burning flame inside me.

“Then say it. Tell me what you want,” he commanded. “Say it!”

“Fuck me, Dennis!” I screamed. “Fuck me hard!”

And with that, he did. His hands gripped my hips. He changed the angle of his thrusts and his cock slid inside my greedy hole. It closed around him, pulsing with pleasure as he filled me completely. But he didn’t stay still. Immediately he pulled himself back and thrust again. Now that he’d made me tell him what I wanted, I couldn’t seem to stop. My hips thrust up to meet him and I told him how good it felt being fucked by him. He held my hips and slammed into me over and over again. I could feel his balls slap my ass with the force of his thrusts. My pussy was on fire. It clenched again and again as he gave me what I’d wanted all evening.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I grunted with each thrust. My voice got tighter as I got closer to the edge. “Oh Dennis, oh God, nooowwwww, yes, nowwwwww,” I cried as the first quivers ran through my pussy. His face was tight with the effort he was making to control his own orgasm. I needed to feel him cum too.

“Cum in me Dennis,” I begged. “Let me feel you cum.” All attempts to sound ladylike were gone. The powerful clenching of my pussy walls around his rigid length had reduced me to the most base of individuals. Over and over again I begged him to keep fucking me. I wanted so badly to feel the liquid heat of his cum mixing with mine. His movements were more purposeful, the need to cum the driving force behind his every action.

“Your pussy feels so good… so tight. I can’t… Oh… Oh… Here it comes,” he finished, his voice tight as he finally gave in. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” he groaned over and over as his hips pounded into me.

I felt the heat and the wet stickiness of his cum spreading through my pussy as he seemed to grow larger inside me. The sounds in the room were more liquid as he continued to thrust himself into me, over and over, in and out. I felt a trickle of it running down my ass as his movements began to slow. I spread my legs out and wrapped them around him. He was breathing hard, his head thrust back, his hands still holding my hips tight as his cock gave one last jerk inside me and then stilled.

We stayed that way for a moment letting our heartbeats return to normal. I felt his cock beginning to soften when he pulled back and let it slide out of me. He pushed it against my slit and rotated his hips a little so it slid up and over my clit. After being inside me, it felt incredibly hot and wet against my sensitive flesh. He pulled completely away so I dropped my legs and patted the bed beside me.

He sat down next to me and I ran my hand over his back, rubbing his lower back near his spine. He curled his shoulders in and arched his back at my touch. He seemed to enjoy the massage so I turned over slightly and used both hands.

“Mmmmmm, that feels good,” he murmured.

“I’m glad you like it,” I answered continuing to rub his hips and back. When he’d had enough he turned to look down at me. I turned myself around so I wasn’t lying horizontally across the bed anymore and opened my arms. He stretched out beside me and I put my head on his shoulder. We lay there satiated and content watching the spinning of the ceiling fan over our heads.

My last thought before I dropped off to sleep was, “Yep, middle-aged women have the freedom to choose what they want and when they want it. With his sexual expertise and the knowledge of just how sexy it is to play in public, Dennis is a very dangerous man. Isn’t it lucky that he let me choose him?”

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