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Room Full of Candles

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The room was filled with the heat of what seemed like thousand of candles and a sweet yet spicy aroma of burning incense. He was blindfolded, but from what he could tell other then the beating of his heart and his slow even breaths the man was alone. However he couldn’t be completely sure.

The man didn’t know what was going on at all, but that didn’t stop him from loving every minute of it. One moment he was in his flat the next he was attacked, bound, gagged and taken to God knows where. He had been roughed up by his unknown assailants then stripped of his shirt, shoes and socks.

Only once did he hear something, and it sounded like a female. To him it was a light breathy noise, not quite a gasp or a moan. And so he couldn’t be 100% sure. But as soon as he heard that tiny betrayal his attention was abruptly brought back to his mysterious captives. They threw his arms up in the humid air, bound his wrists; tighten just enough to cause him a slight discomfort as the invisible hands guided him to some kind of suspended hook.

That was hours or minutes ago (he couldn’t tell) and now the silence was playing tricks on him, making him not sure of what he hearing, keeping him thinking about what was (or wasn’t) had happened to him. All sense of time seemed distorted as the man shifted slightly in place. However that didn’t stop him from getting excited in fact his erection straining against his pants, it was sweet torture.

He could feel his pre-cum dripping on his underwear, every now and then his throbbing cock would twitch. Sometime after the keepers had hung him in the air he felt a light feather touch. It was followed by a sharp nip at his exposed skin, finding nearly all the sensitive spots that drove him wild. Soft lips began their magic at his neck on that spot right at his collar bone. They followed his pulse up to just below his ear, shivering the man swayed against the restraints.

When she (?) bit that special spot he saw stars despite the fact he was blindfolded. And she didn’t stop, she kept biting that one point over and over, sending him to heights of pleasure he hadn’t known he was capable of. His cock was virtually weeping now; he was so hard achingly hard. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse those luscious lips parted and her moist tongue began to whirling, swirling on his neck.

‘Oh God!!’ He cried out mentally. Those lips, those teeth, and that tongue all over the sensitive area, torturing him making every cell in his body tingle. He was trembling violently, making whimpering sounds despite his mouth piece. His cock was as hard as it ever been, he felt like he was about to burst. It was exquisite pain with every lick, every bite she gave him on his neck.

And then as quickly as it started it stopped, the man whimpered in protest of that lost of indescribable sensation. The mystery woman let out a delicate sound of amusement, but he certainly found nothing funny about this whole situation. The man found himself suddenly frustrated; his pants were becoming uncomfortable against his straining erection that was harder then anything he’s ever known. In a burst of sexual frustration he pulled harshly at his restraints trying to do something.

The man was unprepared for the stinging slap across his cheek, startled he stopped all movements at once. His chin was firmly grasped and his head jerked down forcibly.

“No!” came the soft alto command. The man shuddered at the sound of her voice.

‘Oh god her voice!’ He moaned mentally again, to him it was like warm velvet chocolate being poured all over him. The temptation was great; he very much wanted to try his restraints again just so he could hear that velvety voice once more. He needed to hear her voice again… and just the thought of her whispering dirty suggestions in his ear made him nearly cum right on the spot.

So caught up in his fantasy of her triple x word play, the man was caught off guard when the woman bit the same spot on the opposite side of his neck. He had no idea that spot existed, so he was ill prepared for the onslaught of erotic fervor that hit him. She attacked that spot just as viciously as she did on the other side; it was as if she instinctively knew just perfect combination to drive him to the brink.

His legs became weak, almost as if they had turned to jelly no longer able to support him. But he also never felt so very much alive, his cock was hard, heavy and beyond stiff with need. His balls were so tight and full he knew he could cum with just the slightest touch. Never before had he got so worked up and all that was done to him was kisses on his neck. The man wanted nothing more then to free himself, and bury his weeping cock inside this… this… goddess of pleasure and torture.

With a muffled groan the man brought himself back to the present. The heat of the room seemed to have gone up several degrees. In the air along with the incense that was still burning was the musky scent of his arousal. Sweat trickled down his back, his chest… everywhere really. His arms were sore and stiff from being suspended for god knows how long. He longed to get off in more ways then one. After a few moments he shifted his weight trying to get some kind of relief but nothing worked. He was still cramped, he was still painfully hard, his balls were probably purple and they hurt like no body’s business. He had no clue if the woman was still in the room with him, the man thought he heard the sound of a door opening then closing.

As if someone heard his thoughts, there was a husky chuckle and once more the man froze. So he wasn’t alone… she was there still and all this time she had been watching him. Enjoying his discomfort, he wanted to be angry or furious even but instead he got even more aroused. (If that was at all possible) There was another noise then nothing, the man strained to hear something anything. But there was nothing, nothing at all.

The man nerves were virtually non-existent, every little sound made him twitch. To know that she was in the same room made his cock jump slightly, and not knowing her exact whereabouts sent chills down his spine. He blood was boiling he felt like a pressure cooker set on too high; his heart was thumping wildly in his chest. The fact that she was just watching, just watching him not doing anything but staring at him… he could barely handle it.

He never knew that his nipples could be so sensitive. Not until her… this goddess got a hold of them. A low gut wrenching groan escaped from him when he felt her moist warm tongue come in contact with his taut nubs. The moan was followed by a gasp as her teeth bit down on his right nipple, while simultaneously tweaking his pert left one.

“Ah… you like this huh?” she mused quietly in her rich low seductive voice. He trembled and nodded in agreement he hoped she would say something more but again the woman fell mute.

Needless to say his cock was crying a river, the heat and dampness penetrating through to his pants. He balls had tightened to the point of agony, and then he felt her lick his nipple again. His hips thrust forward on their own accord, his cock bobbled as if begging for the same attention his upper body was receiving. If it wasn’t for the mouth piece gagging him, he would have begged her for release. He wanted that mouth of her on his cock; he wanted her sucking and licking his pre-cum.

The man yearned to have that talented mouth make his cock disappear down her throat. He could picture it, that velvety tongue of hers caressing his head traveling down the length of his erection… he stifled a moan and his cock pushed against his pants again. It was torture, it was agony…

It was pure bliss…

And then she bit him… hard. What ever blood that was left in his head, rushed down to the other one he cried out loudly and wantonly. The man didn’t care he was bombarded by both pleasure and pain of it all.

As the woman began to swirl her tongue clockwise/counter clockwise over and over his extra sensitive nubs, the man thought he would die from the seer agony of it all… only to be reborn in ecstasy in spite of it. As she transitioned from one nipple to the other his knees gave out completely. He sobbed loudly, crying out his frustrations and passion.

‘Oh god!’

‘Oh god!’

‘Oh god! Please don’t let her stop! PLEASE!!’

That was the only thought in his frantic lust hazed mind. He knew he wasn’t going to survive this ordeal for much longer.

He couldn’t stop the tremors even if he wanted to (which he didn’t). The woman was taking her time; she was being slow and deliberate in her exploration of his body.

He made a high pitch gasp when her nails clawed down his chest. The sensation… he felt it from the roots of his hair to the bare sole of his feet. He didn’t know who or how this woman manages to get a response from him. He was harder then he’d ever been in his life, the man knew that the moment his cock was encased in something warm and wet it would all be over. He calculated two maybe three thrust max.

Her hands raked his back leaving stinging tracks in their wake, the man wince as his sweat ran over the welts. In some places her scratches drew blood and the salt of his sweat burned some. However he was long past caring he could feel her making her way down towards his bulging cock.

She was lapping up the beads of sweat running down his belly; she bit a tender spot by his navel and pelvis. He groaned, his cock hopped and proceeded to weep more pre-cum. Running her tongue back and forth the woman mimic her actions that she did before. The only difference was that she was closer to him all she had to do was go down a few more inches…

“Heh… somebody is excite now aren’t they? Do you want me to…” she trailed off and lightly palmed that man’s cock. He flinched at the contact, her touched seem to sear straight through to his engorged organ. His cock in turn pulsated against her gentle grip.

“You want me?” she inquired in a conversational tone. He groaned bobbing his head all the while thinking,

‘Yes… yes… oh god YES!’

The woman chuckled and increased the pressure of her hand ever so slightly on the man’s enlarged shaft. He thought he was going to die right then.

“I said… do you want me?”

‘Yes!! I want you! I will worship you please! I’ll do anything you say!! Just don’t stop touching me!’

That’s what he said but it came out as incoherent groans, moans, and cries. Frustrated the man sobbed a little and pulled at his restraints he wanted to be free of this, he had to show her that he indeed wanted what she had to offer.

Her laughter was like warm massage oil being poured slowly on his body, and his body jerked in reaction to it. Her voice caressed him in a similar fashion as her hand that was cupping his cock did. It felt so good he never wanted it to stop and he thrusted cock forward hoping she take the hint.

“My, my aren’t you eager? Hmm you’ve been such a good boy… maybe I should…”

Another pause, the man lean forward still trying to hear what was going on. He knew she was still there he could feel her hand, but that was it nothing more. Clenching his fist the man growled defeat, then he slumped his shoulders once more and sighed softly.

Was he ever going to get release?

It was so faint that he nearly missed it, even in this silent room. It was a snap followed by a distinct metallic glide of a zipper. Then dainty hands rested on his hips and began to gradually pull down his ruined trousers and underwear. He cock burst free when the restricting garments fell away.

In spite of the stuffiness of the room, it a tad bit cooler to his freed member. The man’s cock bobbled and throbbed as if seeking the mysterious woman who was responsible for his agonizing state. Mean while that goddess pulled his pant legs down, first one leg then the other.

The sound of material being thrown was like music to his ears; finally he was free, standing proudly naked before his goddess. And he could sense her approval of what she saw. She stroked his hips lingering at the small of his back; he moaned when she moved behind him and cupped his cheeks.

She smacked his ass and the crack sound seemed to echo in the room, unconsciously he flexed his ass cheeks. She smacked his cheeks again in the exact same place as before and he clenched his fists.

“You like it…” She told him however this time there was odd note in her honey silk voice.


“Say you like it!”

The man bobbed his head up and down, but apparently that wasn’t enough for her because she smacked his ass cheek with violent force. He groans and his cock leaked down his shaft.


“SAY you like it!!” she demanded anger seeping into her tone. The man flexed his ass cheek and bowed his head in submission.

‘I like it!! By the powers that be I LOVE IT!!’ he replied but the mouth piece muffled his answer. He wanted to whimper or cry but he did neither he just continued to answer her demands.

But his body was growing taunt, that familiar tingle in his balls was signaling that he was coming close to his end. His hips moved on their own thrusting in the air as if it was a warm wet mouth or pussy. As her smacks grew harsher, his thrusts and answers grew increasing frantic. The woman kept repeating the same question over and over, he kept trying to answer to give her was she desired. He was screaming behind the gag several long minutes into this demented dance. He was shaking, screaming, shuddering, and crying everything imaginable. But still she kept on; punishing him for not doing she wanted.

‘but I am… I AM!!’ he cried silently it was no use however; she refused to listen to his muffled pleas. His cheeks were on fire, and so was his inner thighs, but it felt so damn good! The tingling feeling grew stronger with ever smack delivered he was so close! Very, very close!

So when she stopped the man shrieked his objection behind the mouth piece. He couldn’t believe she would be so cruel, he wanted this! He WANTED to be punished, the fact that she would stop nearly crushed him. Sagging again the man whimpered and pulled at his restraints. He didn’t know how much of this on/off torture tease he could stand.

A low mechanical hum brought the man’s head up abruptly, turning his head this way and that he strained to hear the source of this new sound. It seemed to be coming from across the room from what he could decipher. The man soon got his answer to what exactly was that noise when the suspended hook began to move.

It raised him up until he was forced to stand on his tiptoes then it stopped. This was a new feeling, being stretched to just before his limitation kicked in. Gravity was doing its job on making the weight of his erection more leaden. It pushed down on him making his ball sacs feel like dumbbells attached to his cock.

The man was forced to spread his legs in order to get any kind of alleviation and in doing so he played unknowingly right in to the mystery woman’s plans. Without any warning ankle restrains was snapped into place, keeping him right where she wanted him.

The woman groped his ass cheeks firmly and whispered ‘Nice very nice…’ to no one in particular. His abused rear end was further mistreated as she smacked him as hard as she could. And he yelled out his ecstasy, his sweat and musk flying in the air.

For some unknown reason his response made his goddess giggle, such a display of feminine was the final straw. His cock twitched and he felt the white hot stabbing of an orgasm about to erupt.

Just as he was about to spill is seed everywhere, a vice like grip seized his throbbing cock cutting the orgasm off prematurely. The man bellowed with all his might and rebelled against the invasive touch. He jerked, bucked his hips and tried to implore the woman to finish what she started… it didn’t work.

“I don’t recall giving you permission to cum yet.” The woman declared thinly, as the man muttered against his mouth piece she grip on his suffering cock tightened. His yelp of despair and discomfort seem to amuse her greatly, because she let out another feminine giggle.

Chest heaving, the man panted some what tiredly. His nerves and body were raw; he was one big mass of hypersensitive flesh. If he could only find release… if she would only give him that, he would die a happy man.


He was ill prepared for the return of that moist perfect tongue of hers, and his body went into shock as he realized just what she was doing. With a steel grip still on his cock, the woman had maneuvered herself and was now playfully licking his engorged sac.

The sound of his frenzied moans and groans of feverous pleasure bounced off the walls. His body broke out into spasms bordering close to seizures, his hips franticly lunged forward in her grip. His pre-cum leaked into her palm, his thighs flexed and clenched as his body went ridged.

She worked the foreskin of his sacs with her lips and tongue. He could barely feel her teeth at all; it was a mind blowing experience. Never before had any female that the man had been with paid him this type of attention. Through the feverish hazed lust he again wondered who she was.

However the woman stole all his concentration the moment she manipulated both sacs into her mouth and suckled. With her free hand on his hip, she expertly sucked and licked his balls. Then ever so gently scraped her teeth on the sensitive flesh, the man lifted up and nearly blacked out. It was too much entirely too much to bare.

Whimpering the man head fell back, his was wet and hot. His hair was plastered to his skull, he felt sticky. The room had gotten unbearably hot, it was almost suffocating. The smell of sex was overpowering to him, it was not just his arousal he smelled but the woman’s as well. She wanted him, yet she was just content in teasing him, driving him mad.

A sob escaped him when the woman halted her stimulations, but his heart all but stopped the moment he felt her lips touch his head. It was tentative at first, from what he could tell she was licking his pre-cum covered cock clean. She then ran her tongue over him, whirling it around the bulbous tip. The woman moved her hand down his cock, and her mouth followed until she took him all the way in to the hilt.

The man was past making any kind of sound at his point; all he could do was quiver with unspeakable rapture. She sucked him like he was her very own crème-cicle; alternating between sucking and licking the again scraped her teeth gently along his harden cock.

He was sobbing dry tears, because his goddess was doing just enough to bring him to the brink, but not enough to let him fall over. He pre-cum was dripping in her luscious mouth, her saliva mixed in with it. Her tongue coated his cock with their mixture and he felt her hands cup his cheeks digging her nails into the taunt muscles.

When she moaned, he found his voice. He knew she was as hot as he was, and he realized she was having trouble portraying the calm air now. As he thrusted in her mouth she kept up with him. Her nails digging and kneading his buttocks painfully, she was moaning loudly now and he could feel her limbs tremble just a tiny bit.

So he when faster and faster trying to get regain the release that had been denied him for so long. And his goddess kept up the pace going faster and faster with him, his balls were slapping her chin. The sound of flesh against flesh was so erotic to his senses he never wanted this to end.

They kept the furious tempo until he was on the edges of an orgasm, yet before he could come any closer her mouth slipped away.

‘No… no… No… NO!!’ He cried with dry hiccups and gasps, she couldn’t stop not now! She stroked his aching weeping cock in pace with his thrusts but it wasn’t the same he wanted her delicious mouth on him not her hand. As if hearing his unspoken please she responded to him.

“Not yet, baby not yet… Just hold on a little bit more! Oh god you’ve been such a good boy! God hold on for me a little bit longer!!” There was no silky seduction in her voice this time; she was nearly as desperate for him as he was for her.

He could picture her tight wet pink pussy dripping down her legs; he could just imagine her being almost virginal tight. Her soaked walls clenching around his cock, he pictured himself driving in to that pussy. Slamming over and over on her g-spot, bring her to a climax that she denied him. Then finally… FINALLY releasing his seed in her so long and so hard that it floods her insides.

He heard the mechanical noise again, and felt his position began to change. It was taking him from a hanging pose to one on his back. It only took a couple of minutes but they lasted an eternity for him.

All the while this was going on his goddess kept murmuring softly, ‘Just hold on… just hold on…’

When the process was complete, the man found himself still suspended, but closer to the ground with nothing under him. The woman to his immense pleasure straddled his hips in once graceful swoop. She was nude as well; he realized when her bare thighs came into contact with his slick skin. The man bounced slightly from her added weight, though his mind wasn’t on that.

He heard her suck the air between her teeth as she moved to grasp his rock hard cock from behind. Another shudder ran through his body making his toe curl as it dawned on him that this was it. The moment he was yearning for was finally here.

The man grunted has he felt the heat of her pussy on his pelvis and now the scent of her arousal was much more potent to him. She shimmied down a bit and he groaned in torment, then she began to ease herself onto his cock.

‘Oh my GOD!!!… she’s so wet… and so tight… nagh…!’ Her moans mixed in with his as the woman made her way painfully slowly down his cock. Despite of her pussy being soaked, it was a extremely tight fit. Her pussy was the second skin on him and she convulsing against him.

When at last she sheathed him completely the woman went utter still. So did he, the man had been put through to much in order to cum after a two thrusts. Their breaths were loud and heavy. Several manic heartbeats later the woman began to move easy at first, but it was still earth shattering.

He felt her pussy wall contract and stretch as she moved up and down in long languished strokes. It was pure heaven.

She rocked and rolled her hips in a forward dipping motion, grinding into him causing the man to bounce under her weight even more. She was moaning in a high pitch now, her palms once flat on his chest were clawing him. The slow grinding dig of her hips made her ass cheeks clench and smack against his balls.

The speed was too much for him to cope with, and he thrusted upward trying to get her to move faster. But his movements were severely limited as he soon discovered much to his chagrin. He could only arch up a couple of inches before the strain caused him to collapse back down.

So he was forced to endure this torment until her body could no longer keep itself in check and she had to pick up the pace. There were no words in the world that could describe how it felt when she sped up. The thrusts became shorter and shorter, and she leaned forward grasping his shoulders firmly. She was moaning and sighing and he groaned his pleasure.

Her lush breasts were mashed up against his chest, he could feel the harden buds that were nipples roll on him. She was so slick now he was gliding in and out with ease; she was almost completely horizontal with him as he thrusted up. Her breath was by his ear, her soft hair brushed against his cheek.

The combination of her fucking him and her biting his neck shattered all remaining control he had stored. The mixture of the two alternation back and forth simply overwhelmed the man. He yelled out and violently thrusted up in her walls, it caught the woman off guard for she screamed ‘OH GOD YES!!!’ before abandoning his neck and sitting straight up.

He heard her growl, and it was the sexiest thing in the whole world. He felt her lean back till her arms rested on his lower thighs. She pushed against him making them both seesaw up and down fiercely. She shouted obscene things to him, cursed at him called him names, demanded he go faster, demanded he fuck her pussy till it was raw.

And in his minds eye he could see her, breast jiggling and glistening with her sweat, her face flushed with lust and desire. He could see her pussy swallowing he cock over and over again. He saw those pink enlarged lips, swollen just for him… just for him!!

“GOTDAMMIT I SAY FUCK ME YOU BITCH!!” she shrieked, he roared and pushed harder slamming his cock in her as far as he could get it.


It was turning primal both of them were being reduced to grunts, groans, snarls and yelps. The restrains bit into his wrists, his leg cuffs dig into his ankles, everything on his body strained. The woman reached up and snatched off his mouth piece.

Her lips mashed against his mouth, she slipped her tongue inside his and the man could taste his saltiness. The woman mimic his cock thrusts, fucking his mouth in the same fashion his body was fucking hers. She dug her nails in his shoulders; his moans were swallowed by her mouth.

There was biting, nipping and of course sucking; she captured his tongue with those full masterful lips and suckled it greedily.

“Sing for me! My lovely songbird!” the woman commanded him, “SING!”

Then she leaned forward and bit him, hard on that special place right before his collar bone.

And he sang for her…

Her orgasm was first, the man felt her throw her head back and screamed a scream high enough to shatter glass. The walls of her pussy buckled violently clamping down hard on his cock.

The warm juices of her release flowed down onto him, but still he kept thrashing in her. The man knew he was close so very, very close. He had the sharp tingling sensation in his swollen testicles, the skin was pulled tightly he thrashed up.

He plunged in as deep as he could get it screaming so hard until his voice ran raw.

‘yes… Yes… OH FUCKING GOD YEESSSSSSSSSS!’ he shouted completely and totally without abandon.

And then… it happened.

With one extremely violent thrust forward, the man found his climax. It hit him so hard that his roars drowned out the woman’s second orgasm. He came long and hard inside her, with every thrust he spurt his white hot seed into her tight pussy walls. His body was locked painfully in an arched position, he couldn’t stop cumming in lengthy sessions.

Even when he filled her up with his seed, it seemed like there was no end to his release. His voice long since forsaken him, and all he had left was silence cries of pleasance. His body shook like a 10.0 magnitude earthquake, utterly destroying him mind, body and spirit.

Shattering into a billion pieces the man blacked out.

The next time he woke up he was in a room full of light. Groaning in pain the man turned away and buried his head in the pillows.

‘Wait… pillows!?’

The man sat up sharp and took in his surroundings, when his eyes adjusted to the light he realized he was back in his flat. Laying in his bed, looking over at his clock he saw the digital light flash 10:27 am.

‘No… don’t tell me it was a dream… please someone tell me that was real…’ The man thought mournfully to himself. But something like that had to have been only a dream. There was no one that he knew, who would do such a thing to him; none of his friends would ever do that.

He flung his arm over his eyes drowning out the light, when he felt something not quite right. Pulling his arm from his face the man stared at his wrists.

A giant smile blossomed on his face; both wrists were bandaged up neatly with gauze. Flinging the covers aside the man ran into his small bathroom and stripped his pajamas. What he saw in the mirror made him sag down to the tiled floor.

It was real… that incredible night actually happened, he hadn’t imagined it. Everything… every last thing that he experienced truly did happen, and the meant…she was real!! His goddess of pleasance did exist!! With an exuberance cry of delight the man jumped to his feet. He had to find her, he just had to! Surely she knew who he was (he refused to consider the possibility she was a stranger) and that meant she ran in the same circles he did.

A knock on his door halted his plans of searching. Pulling on his pajama bottoms, the man rushed to the front door and opened it. He couldn’t quite keep the disappointment off his face when he saw that it was just his downstairs neighbor.

“Oh hey Dani what’s up?” He greeted politely leaning against the door. His chocolate skinned diminutive neighbor smiled up at him curiously eyeing his marking from his ordeal.

He flushed at her knowing expression.

“Hey… I came to see if you were okay… I heard you come in really late last night but heh… I guess my concern was misplaced.” Her tone was light and teasing, her brown eyes full of mischief.

If it was even more possible the man blushed even harder, coughing he looked away and muttered ‘its not as bad as it looks…’

Dani reached up to the man and turn his chin back to her face, their gaze locked for a moment then her eyes roamed his exposed upper body. As if she was memorizing each and ever marks on him. Then it was over, she let him go and stepped back, and he had to suppress a shiver.

“Since you’re obviously alright I’ll let you get back to whatever it was you were doing. Ciao, ciao birdie!!”

Waving goodbye Dani lightly jogged to the steps and descended them down to her floor. The man had lifted his hand in a limp wave and he moved back into his flat closing the door.

Leaning heavily on it, he tried to clear his head. He felt oddly dizzy and breathless from that encounter. And he didn’t understand it he’d known Dani for years and never once did her touch illicit a reaction…

Sinking to the floor the man started to laugh; resting his head on the door he closed his eyes and laughed until the tears flowed.

It all fell into to place… it made perfect sense, absolutely perfect sense. Jumping to his feet the man grabbed his keys and locked his house. He didn’t bother to change clothes he only had one thing in mind.

Knocking on the familiar flat door he waited anxiously for it to open, when it did the man rushed inside and closed the door firmly behind him locking it.

“Dean what on ear—-” Dani started to say but he cut her off by shushing her with one finger. He stared deep into those mahogany rimmed eyes until she realized that he knew. Dean knew everything.

“Dani… let me sing for you again?”

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