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Room for Rent Ch. 01

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The house looked beautiful in the pictures…a gorgeous suburban home with a driveway and a big private back yard. The rent was reasonable and week to week, and express buses to the city were right around the corner. It seemed like the perfect place to stay while I looked for an apartment of my own in New York City, where I was about to start a new job.

The ad was simple: A Bi/Gay male in his 40s with two bedrooms to rent in his large home in suburban New Jersey. He was looking for Bi, Gay, or Straight men between 18-50. The rooms have their own private bathrooms, and his housemate is in charge of the kitchen detail, and was willing to do all the major cooking.

When I called, Gary, the owner, was very friendly and helpful, and even offered me a discount if I stayed for a whole month. I agreed, as I figured it would take at least that long to get settled at work and find a place of my own.

It was curious that Gary had advertised for ‘Bi, Gay, or Straight men’. I suppose he wanted to make straight men feel comfortable that he wasn’t interested in anything sexual, but then again he didn’t seem to want to rent to women. Gary never asked me about my sexuality, but he did ask the usual questions. I introduced myself as Max and told him about my new job in New York. He seemed comfortable enough with me on the phone to offer me the room without meeting me in person. And I felt comfortable enough with him to take the room.

If Gary had asked me about my sexual orientation I’m not sure what I would have said. I probably would have said that I’m straight, but that’s certainly not the case. I’m thirty three years old and have been having sex with men for over ten years. But I suppose I still consider myself straight as I’ve never dated a guy…I’ve always dated women and very much enjoy sex with women. But I also love to suck cock.

My gay sex life is very discreet, and no one in my ‘normal’ life would ever guess that I’ve cruised bathhouses and sex clubs and sucked over two hundred cocks in my life. I’ve been able to attract men and their big cocks by keeping myself in descent shape…exercising regularly. I’m not buff by any means, but I keep my slim 5’7″ frame toned and fit. My youthful face, large dark eyes, soft full lips, and my love for sucking cock also keeps me popular with the horny bi/gay male.

I decided to take the room a week before my job started. This would give me time to get settled and adjusted, and take a mini-vacation as well. I had recently bought a brand new pale blue (very gay, I know) convertible VW bug, and was looking forward to driving from Ohio to New Jersey with the top down. It was late July…hot and humid. I wore a fairly short pair of cut off jean shorts and a tank top most of the way. It had gotten so humid, however, that I took my shirt off half way there.

When I arrived, the house looked even better than the pictures. Gary and his housemate, Jack, greeted me in their driveway. They were very friendly and seemed to eye my shirtless torso as I unloaded the trunk of my car.

Both Gary and Jack are tall handsome men. Gary is particularly masculine…over six feet tall and quite muscular. His broad hairy chest stretched the tank top he was wearing and his thick legs and strong backside nicely filled his jeans. His skin was a nicely tanned olive and complemented his reddish-brown hair and mustache.

Jack was not quite as tall and broad as Gary, but still a fine specimen of manhood. He was about the same age, mid 40s or so, and had a full thick head of jet black hair that contrasted sharply with his blue eyes. He appeared to be smooth and lean through his t-shirt and shorts.

Both of them helped me with my luggage and showed me around the house. It was a truly beautiful home with a huge modern kitchen and living room in addition to a great finished basement with a giant big screen television.

That night Jack cooked us a wonderful dinner…they both made me feel at home with their hospitality. I went to bed that night knowing I had made a good decision.

My bedroom was great. It was large with its own private bathroom. There was a large mirror on one wall of the bedroom, and if the bedroom door and bathroom door happened to be open, one could see into my bathroom from the hallway. From the bathroom mirror, I could also see the hallway.

The next morning I woke up refreshed and rejuvenated. I walked downstairs to the kitchen to find the house quiet, so I went back to my room and quickly showered.

I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, naked and refreshed after my shower and started to carefully shave my face. In the mirror, I noticed Gary’s reflection…he was standing in the hall wearing only a bathrobe.

Gary kept watching me shave and I don’t think he knew that I had seen him. Being somewhat of an exhibitionist, I loved Gary’s attention. I teased him even more by bending suggestively over the sink, showcasing my slim ass cheeks.

After shaving my face, I took my exhibitionist show one step farther by shaving my cock and balls. I did it slowly and seductively, giving Gary a great view of my package…I left just a small patch of pubic hair above. Shaving my cock always gets me excited and my uncut cock was at its full six inches – pointing straight ahead. Gary was obviously enjoying the show as he hadn’t moved from his spot in the hallway…his impressive cock peeking out from his bathrobe.

At this point it was obvious that we could both see each other. Gary let his robe fall off of him as he walked into my room and stood before me in the bathroom. Gary had a beautiful masculine body…muscular and moderately hairy – unlike his cock, which was smooth and shaved.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off his crotch…his penis was large and uncircumcised, a good eight inches, but even more impressive were his balls…a large pair of low hanging beauties. Without saying a word, I walked over to Gary and stroked his cock. He looked at me and smiled, and with a gentle push, lowered me to my knees.

With his cock inches from my face, I examined him closely…admiring every inch of his erect penis. I kissed the head and then worked my way down the shaft, enjoying the sensation on my lips. I cupped his smooth ball sac while I put each testicle in my mouth, gently sucking on his scrotum. I was in heaven and continued to fellate Gary for some time, licking his cock like a big lollipop. I was rewarded for my effort with a sizeable load of cum that coated my lips like liquid candy.

Gary sat on the bed recovering, his sizeable cock still semi-hard. I sat on the floor with cum still on my face as we made post-sex small talk. Gary was very complimentary of my blowjob skills, calling me a ‘consummate cocksucker’…I was almost embarrassed to hear that, but I was excited by his compliment. I love being such a slut.

We were about to clean up when Jack walked in. He was not at all fazed by Gary naked on the bed or me naked on the floor with cum on my face. In fact, Jack was practically naked himself, wearing only a tight fitting pair of briefs.

“If you’re still hungry Max, there’s breakfast in the kitchen…you seem to really like sausage, so I made some extra,” he joked. We all had a good laugh as I licked the cum off my lips.

For the next few days no one mentioned that mornings events, nor did Gary come into my room asking for a blowjob. But the atmosphere around the house did become far more relaxed and overtly sexual. Gary and Jack wore less clothing around the house and were often nude. I followed their lead, as I’m much more comfortable nude.

The first time I saw Jack completely naked was on a Friday night. I came home from work late and found my housemates watching television in the buff. They weren’t self conscious in the least to be naked in front of me…and after a quick shower, I decided to join them – I sat in between them wearing nothing but a smile.

We were quite a site, I’m sure. All three of us sitting on a couch, naked, watching some sitcom and laughing. Our nudity was innocent at first – a comfortable relaxing way to sit and watch television. But I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of Jack’s penis.

Even soft, it was quite large…an unusually smooth circumcised cock that was a good six inches limp. It rested against his shaved ball sac, leaning slightly to his left.

My desire couldn’t have been any more obvious – my eyes were fixed on Jack’s manhood and my own cock was at full attention. Jack turned off the television and gave his cock a gentle stroke. This was all the encouragement I needed. Without saying a word, I leaned over and kissed Jack’s now hardening cock.

Jack leaned back and moaned as I licked the head of his penis. I slid off the couch and positioned myself in front of him. On my knees, I worshipped his member with my tongue, coaxing it to its full length…a thick eight inches.

Engrossed in fellating Jack, I had almost forgotten about Gary. I looked up to find him still on the couch…seductively smiling at me. Licking Jack’s balls and shaft, I kept my gaze on Gary. I came up for air briefly and beckoned for him to join us.

With both my housemates sitting naked in front of me, I was in cocksucker paradise. I gave both cocks everything I had…worshipping their members with my tongue and lips. After a good twenty minutes or so, both Gary and Jack were ready to cum.

Instead of trying to swallow them, I decided I wanted a facial. My housemates stood up in front of me and stroked their magnificent cocks above me. I looked up with my eyes closed, and waited for them to unload themselves. Jack shot his load first and covered my forehead…his cum quickly ran down my cheeks. Seconds later, Gary exploded all over my lips and chin…a few drops fell into my mouth giving me a taste of his juice. Feeling their cum dribble down my face and neck was deliciously naughty – my inner slut was thoroughly satisfied.

My housemates’ love of receiving fellatio and my love of providing it made our home life extraordinarily pleasurable. Combined with our collective penchant for nudity, I was in my own personal paradise.

My new sexual reality was supremely satisfying. So when I finally found a place of my own, I was a bit sad to be leaving Jack and Gary behind. They were also disappointed to see me go, and gave me a wonderful going away party – one I will never forget.

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