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Roger and Me Play Again

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Walking through O’Hare airport in Chicago, I stopped short when I recognized my old friend Roger, whom I had not seen since our college days back in Oklahoma. Roger recognized me as well, as he smiled broadly and stuck out his hand. It had been almost 35 years since we had last seen each other and now we happened to meet by chance in an airport, both of us laying over for the night on business.

Roger and I had been close friends growing up back in Oklahoma, and had attended one year of college together before I flunked out and joined the Marines. I found out that Roger had gone on to get his PhD and was a college professor. I was a construction manager and had been married for over 30 years. Roger had only married in the last 10 years. His hair was now a salt and pepper gray, but over all he hadn’t really changed that much over the years. On the other hand, I had gained some weight, and even though I was just over six foot two, I was not in near as good of shape as I had been back in the day.

We decided to get a cab together and go out for dinner so we would have a chance to catch up on old times. I couldn’t help but remember the intimate experience we had as teens, while I was spending the night at his house, almost 40 years ago. (For background information, read my story — “Playing Husband & Wife”). I wondered if Roger was thinking the same thing when he suggested we get a hotel room first, before we went to dinner.

Since I already had reservations I asked if he wanted to stay at the same hotel. He readily agreed. When the cabby dropped us off at the hotel, we found out there were no additional vacancies. Roger was quick to suggest he get a cab and find another hotel, but of course, I insisted he stay in my room since I had two double beds. There would be plenty of room, so he agreed.

We found our room on the 8th floor and dropped off our luggage and washed up, then headed down to the hotel restaurant for dinner and drinks.

By the time we finished, we had consumed a bottle and a half of fine Beaujolais and both of us felt somewhat giddy.

On the way back to the room we were both having a great time and waxing eloquent about days gone by.

Once inside the room, Roger insisted I shower first as he turned on the TV, so I stripped down to my underwear and grabbed my dop kit and headed for the bathroom. As I showered I began to think back about our childhood experience together that night at his house, and began to develop an erection as I fantasized about what could happen, yet once again, in our hotel room.

After drying off and brushing my teeth, I wrapped one of the large Turkish towels around my waist and exited the bathroom. Roger had already stripped down to his underwear and T-shirt and was sitting on the edge of his bed watching TV. He looked up and smiled as he headed for the bathroom.

I turned out all the lights except for the lamp above my bed, and slipped under the covers, completely naked. In anticipation, I put a tube of self warming KY jelly on the night stand between us. It was in plain sight, and Roger was sure to see it. I wouldn’t say anything, but I’m sure he would know that I was willing if he was. As I lay back watching TV, and wondering what may happen, I gently fondled my clean shaven scrotal sac and gave my semi-stiff penis a squeeze. Over the years I had developed a thicker and more mature penis, and a lower hanging scrotal sac. I could only imagine what Roger’s thick penis and heavy balls would look like if he had matured as much as me. I heard the shower stop, and waited in anticipation to see how things might play out.

When Roger stepped out of the bathroom, he flipped off the light and walked toward his bed with a thick towel wrapped around his waist. When he had turned down his covers, he allowed the towel to drop to the floor, giving me a full frontal view of his nakedness.

Erotic thoughts flooded my mind as I visually devoured his genitals. His long thick penis was still young looking and perfectly circumcised, elongated in a semi-erect condition. His heavy balls hung low between his thighs inside a clean shaven scrotal sac. It seems both of us were used to shaving down there to facilitate the enjoyment of our wives when they sucked us to orgasm.

As Roger began to get in bed, he stopped and picked up the tube of KY Jelly.

“This brings back memories,” he grinned as he set it back down and slipped under the covers.

I flipped off the light above my bed and we both lay there, without saying a word, watching the TV. The light from the screen cast an eerie glow about the room, and gave off just enough light so that one could clearly see what was taking place in the other bed. I turned down the volume so that we were watching only the video.

I glanced over and noticed Roger seemed to be openly fondling his genitals. This only served to cause my semi-flaccid penis to begin to grow into a full erection, and it emboldened me to start openly fondling myself.

Roger must have seen I was as excited as he, when he whispered if it as OK if he came over to my bed. Of course I agreed.

I couldn’t believe we were going to relive an experience we had enjoyed together nearly 40 years earlier. Here were two grown men, happily married, and we were going to enjoy one of nature’s greatest gifts . . . totally, uncommitted, no-strings-attached orgasm.

Roger slipped beneath the sheets on my left side and we both immediately turned toward each other, reaching out, and grasping and fondling each other’s throbbing members. The wine was working it aphrodisiac magic when I suggested we throw back the sheets and get in a 69 position to begin with. Without a word Roger crawled around until our heads were conveniently resting on the inside of each other’s thigh.

From the light of the TV I could clearly see Roger’s thick swollen penis and heavy scrotal sac as I grasped his thick rod at the base and began to lick and suck on the plum sized head. Pre-seminal fluid was profusely leaking from the deep slit on the crown of his swollen glans, and I greedily sucked it into my mouth, allowing the clear slick nectar to roll around on my tongue so that I could extract all of it’s flavorful essence. I always enjoyed the taste of my own pre-seminal fluid when I masturbated, and Roger’s was just as tasty.

This was slow and enjoyable sex between two mature men who knew exactly what they wanted, and were in no hurry to get there.

Roger expertly sucked my own swollen penis, paying particular attention to my balls as he sucked one and then the other into his mouth and gently roll them with his tongue. I readily returned the favor, savoring the taste and feeling of the hairless smooth skin surrounding his sperm laden balls. I could hear him groan as I sucked them gently into my mouth, while gently stroking his engorged penis.

From the feeling of my own approaching orgasm, it was clear that Roger was just as near. I decided it was time to consummate our reunion and whispered to Roger that it was time to make another baby.

Without a word, Roger repositioned onto his knees, between my open thighs as I rolled onto my back, and he reached over to grab the tube of KY Jelly. His long thick erection swayed back and forth as I reached out with my right hand to grasp his erection as I fondled his heavy balls with my left hand. He squeezed a generous amount of jelly into his palm and began to rub some on my stiff erection and balls, and down between my ass cheeks. I could feel his slick finger probe my tight anus. He then squeezed more into his hand and lubed his own organ as I grasp my knees and pulled them back toward my chest, with my thighs gapped wide open.

Roger placed a pillow under my ass to lift me up and then leaned forward, supporting his body with his left hand as he grasped his thick penis with his right and guided his well lubricated glans toward my dark nether hole.

The feeling of his swollen glans against the sphincter muscle surrounding my anus sent shivers of erotic delight throughout my body.

“Go ahead and fuck your wife,” I hoarsely whispered as he began to push forward, now supporting his body with both arms on either side of my head. The feeling of his thick, throbbing penis pressing against my anus sent shivers of pleasure throughout my groin, buttocks, and thighs. With just a bit more pressure, I felt his plum sized glans slip inside of me. Roger paused momentarily, mercifully allowing me a moment to get used to his fullness before he continued to violate me as a husband violates his wife.

With short in and out movements of his hips, his well lubricated hose began to slide deeper into my nether hole, until he finally was able to penetrate me to the furthest depths of my loins. He stopped momentarily, his thick, hard penis buried to the hilt, and allowed the full weight of his body to press into mine. My own lubricated erection was nestled between the flesh of our stomachs as Roger began to grind his hips as he moved gently in and out slightly. The movement of our bodies against my erection soon took it’s toll and I notified Roger I was going to cum soon.

That must have tripped his own lust as he then began to more rapidly thrust in and out of my ass, massaging my prostate with his rigid flesh. I could no longer hold back as I groaned with lust as my orgasm rushed to completion. Roger continued to thrust in and out as my thick white sperm began to ooze out, lubricating our stomach flesh, causing our bodies to slip and slide uncontrollably. Soon Roger announced he was going to cum as well, and began to grunt and groan as he pressed forward, as deeply as possible. I reached out and grasped his sweaty buttocks, pulling him against me and urging him to make me pregnant.

Those words sent him over the edge. I felt his body stiffen and then he announced he was cumming inside of me.

He must have been exceptionally excited, because he let go with at least six grunts of orgasmic release, filling my bowels with his thick white sperm. I could feel it running down my ass onto the sheets as he involuntarily continued to thrust against my ass cheeks. Finally he collapsed on top of me, his erection stayed buried to the hilt inside my ass. I simply could not get enough of the feeling of his rigid penis rubbing against my sensitive prostate. It was a very satisfying feeling as he lay on top of me, sighing as we drifted off to sleep.

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Bob wrote

Now that was one way to make up for lost time and renewing the friendship and having the breeding continue after many years of separation. Write more of these two hooking up so very hot.