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Road Trip

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With a sharp intake of breath, I looked down at Steph’s head in my lap. Yep, her index finger just stroked the tip of my cock through my trousers. Oh shit, what do I do? I looked up in the rear view mirror and saw the sweet, sleeping faces of my daughter Amanda, and her sorority sister, Jess.

Before I document my impending spiral into the pits of a Heironymus Bosch-like Hell, let me lay out a little background info.

I’m a recently divorced father of an 18 year old daughter who came home from her freshman year of college with the plan to road trip from our home in southern Wisconsin all the way to Destin, Florida. Amanda’s plan involved her two best friends and college sorority sisters, Stephanie and Jessica; a rental car, and driving straight through – about 14-16 hours.

Needless to say, I was a bit nervous about this scheme. The first thing that popped into my head was that all three of these girls were stunningly beautiful. Amanda takes after her mother, with dark brown wavy hair, big, smoky brown eyes, and olive skin indicative of her half Mexican heritage. Perky tits and a tight, small ass on her tiny 5′ 2″ frame round out her physical attributes, which I can’t help but notice, even being her father.

Jessica is the edgy one. Spiky-haired, bottle blonde, Jess wears lots of eye-liner and short, short mini skirts. Her breasts are magnificent, about a 36D, and she rarely wears a bra, leaving her incredibly sensitive nipples on display for all to see.

Finally, there is Stephanie. Steph was a late bloomer. Tall and leggy, she is all gangly elbows and knees. With her glasses on, her hair pulled back into a pony tail, and a mouthful of shiny braces, Steph looks about fifteen, yet on her eighteenth birthday she recently showed me her brand new driver’s license, proving her age.

Steph has the kind of coltish beauty that has to be seen to be appreciated. She snorts when she laughs, she has a tendency to knock things over and trip over her own two feet, but she was also state high jump champion three years running in high school. On the night of their senior prom the three got together at my house, and when I saw Steph, my mouth fell open and my tongue hit the floor. With makeup on her pretty face, contact lenses, and wearing a gorgeous full length emerald green evening gown, Steph looked like a fashion model. Her legs go up to her armpits, and her dimples show and her green eyes sparkle when she laughs, which is often.

So, when Amanda approached me with their plan to head to Florida for a week all I could think of were the thousands of college boys all trying to get my little girl’s pants off so they could fuck her silly.

Somehow I wound up being chaperone, chauffer, and visa card all rolled into one.

We left at 5pm, planning on driving all night and arriving at our rented condo sometime in the late morning of the next day. My job was to drive the big SUV while the girls listened to ipods, watched movies on the DVD system, and giggled incessantly throughout the ride.

At about eleven pm or so, the girls got sleepy. Amanda and Jess had the rear seat tilted back, pillows pressed up against the windows, headphones on, slumbering peacefully.

Steph was up front with me. She was leaned over against the inside of the car door, reading a Dean Koontz novel illuminated by a little pen light.

After about thirty minutes or so, she yawned sleepily, stretched, and set her book in the inside door pocket. She spent a few minutes tossing and turning, then leaned towards me and with a pretty scowl on her face, whispered, “I can’t sleep – I’m uncomfortable.”

She tried a few new positions, which only caused her gray sweat pants to ride up into the cheeks of her ass (she didn’t appear to be wearing panties, I guiltily noticed), and finally she poked out her bottom lip in a fierce pout and quietly said, “Can I lay my head in your lap?”

“Uh, um, sure. That’d be ok. Here, let me adjust the steering wheel and move the seat back a bit to give you some room.”

Steph placed her soft, white pillow on my right thigh, and sighed as she laid her head down.

“Mmmm, that’s perfect, thanks so much. Maybe now I can sleep.”

As her breathing slowed, I felt her hand move under her pillow to rest on the upper portion of my thigh. I sucked in my breath and felt the unmistakable stirrings of my loins.

I’m not huge in the male anatomy department, but I’m not small either, and my member was, unfortunately, pointing down my right leg. As I felt it grow, it inched its way down my leg towards her index finger.

Great, I thought, I had to pick loose boxers and khakis to wear while I drove. Should I try to adjust? What if she wakes up to find me with my hand down my pants?! Should I wake her up and tell her I need to shift myself? No fucking way. She’d know I was sporting a massive hard-on.

As these thoughts passed through my mind, my traitorous cock made its inexorable way down my leg, as if it had an appointment with Steph’s hand.

She mumbled something incoherent, and her hand moved up slightly and her palm passed over the head of my turgid manhood. In her sleep, she squeezed what she thought was my thigh, but was actually the shaft of my dick. I groaned and humped back a bit — it was like my body had a mind of its own.

With my stirring, Steph shifted slightly and her hand left my groin area. I sighed in relief, yet part of me was actually kind of hoping she was awake and intentionally taunting me.

Resuming my attention to the road, with one hand on the wheel and my right hand resting on Steph’s shoulder, I tried to banish the lascivious thoughts from my head.

I heard a soft slurping sound and looked down to see Steph quietly suckling on her own right thumb. She was cutely sucking it right down to the palm, and I could see her tongue moving inside her mouth back and forth.

Oh great, here I go again with the erection. She was undeniably cute, with her pony tail and glasses (which, for some reason she was still wearing) and her hand at her mouth, yet my perverted mind was once again careening down the path toward damnation.

What the fuck, I thought. Here goes nothing. I adroitly slipped her thumb out of her mouth and replaced it with my own. She fussed for a second or two, but then resumed in her suckling. I could feel her tongue pressing against the underside of my thumb, rubbing back and forth. She made a little mewling mmmph, mmmph sound and sighed contentedly.

My erection sprung back to life where it lay, just inches below Steph’s sucking mouth, separated by a mere few inches of pillow. I could almost hear my cock screaming “Put me in there, you dumbass! If she’ll suck your thumb, she’ll really like sucking on me!!”

I looked up in the mirror, but nothing had changed with my charges in the back seat. Amanda was snoring softly, and Jess had her eyes closed, her music droning quietly in her ears.

Steph had picked up her suckling speed and her little mouth was actually moving up and down on my thumb, as if she were giving a blow job in her sleep.

I think what did it for me was the little moan she made, and the trickle of saliva that ran out of her mouth and down her cheek onto the pillow. Her mouth was so wet and hot, and she was soooo into sucking. If she could be sucking my thumb like this, why not my hard on?

Fuck me, I’m really going to do this. I pulled my thumb out and replaced it with her own. She continued to sleep/suck as if nothing had changed.

I glanced up in the mirror and reached down with one hand and quietly unbuttoned my trousers and then slowly pulled the zipper down. Reaching into my slacks, through the flap in my boxers, I pulled my cock out with my left hand and stroked it a few times. It was rock hard, angry red at the tip and hot to the touch.

I pushed Steph’s pillow a little to the side and shifted her head slightly so that her thumb sucking mouth was a few inches from the head of my dick.

Thank God for cruise control, I thought, as I steered with my knees and prepared to make the switch.

In one swift motion I pulled her thumb out with my right hand and slid the head of my cock in her mouth with my left. She made a soft mmmph sound and her right hand, thumb wet with saliva, tried to find its way back into her mouth but was blocked. I gently placed her thumb and index fingers around the base of my cock and waited for her to wake up and start screaming.

Instead she settled down and her tongue started working its magic on my sensitive head and shaft. Her hand gripped me tightly as she mewled around the mouthful of cock and contentedly resumed her sucking.

Her tongue stroked my frenulum, and the head of my cock grew in size. Hot saliva drooled out the corner of her mouth and she made soft, wet sucking sounds as she ministered to my mushroom head.

Her entire right hand circled my shaft, leaving just a few inches of cock and head, which her mouth suckled insistently. I groaned and humped upward slightly, arching my back.

Looking into the mirror, I saw Jess’s eyes open momentarily, and we locked gazes for a few agonizing moments. I waited for her to mouth the words “what the fuck?!!,” but she just smiled at me dreamily and her heavy lids closed again.

Amanda slept on, blissfully unaware that her father was in the process of orally molesting her best friend.

Steph’s urgent sucking was beginning to get to me, and I realized that I had not thought about what to do when I came. Should I just shoot it into her mouth and hope she swallows it all and continues sleeping? Fuck! As my mind wrapped itself around this question, Steph began working more and more cock into her mouth.

Her tongue was now working frantically, and she had somehow buried the fat, purple head of my cock deep into her mouth, all the way into the entrance of her throat. Her throat muscles were clenching and unclenching in conjunction with her suckling tongue, building me closer and closer to an impending orgasm of gargantuan proportions.

I groaned and pressed myself up, deeper into her mouth, half expecting her to gag and come awake, sputtering and crying in confusion, but she simply redoubled her efforts and even started moving her mouth back and forth a little.

She must be dreaming she’s giving her boyfriend a blow job. Or maybe she’s giving Brad Pitt a blow job, who the fuck knows. All I know is that it’s driving me crazeeeeee.

I could feel the tingle start from the tips of my toes, travel up my legs to my thighs and into my heavy balls. Sensing the orgasm soon to happen, my cock swelled to an even larger size and I began humping myself into her greedily sucking mouth.

As if sensing that this was definitely not her thumb, her tongue swirled around the cockhead in her mouth and her hand began squeezing and pumping the base of my shaft.

At the first volcanic gush of cum, her mouth buried itself deeply over my cock, my sensitive head pushed back against the back of her throat, which sucked spasmodically.

I let out a sigh and a groan and my eyes traveled to the mirror to see Jess staring at me quizzically. Fuck me! Bad timing, I thought. Oh well, fuck it. Maybe she thinks my back is sore.

I pulsed once, twice, three times, each fountain sucked down Steph’s throat like she was drinking a milkshake through a straw. Her tongue continued suckling, her throat worked convulsively and her hand squeezed my shaft deliciously. Her mouth popped off my cock and a small bubble of cum erupted out of my purple head. Her tongue slurped around the crown and lapped up the cum, while she softly mewled contentedly.

Down went her mouth, sucking me deeply into her throat, swallowing what little was left of my sperm. Her tongue began suckling again and in her sleep she smiled around my cock shaft. I could see pearl white strings of cum caught in her braces, and her continued ministrations made my toes curl almost painfully.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth with a soft “pop” and quickly replaced it with her thumb. She sighed and burrowed down into her pillow and her breathing evened out.

Looking into the mirror to see if I was busted, I saw that Jess was slumped over, apparently asleep. Amanda too was blissfully unaware, and was still snoring softly.


An hour later I pulled into a quickie mart to fuel up and refill my coffee. I gently shook Steph’s shoulder, expecting the worse. She groggily straightened up and scrunched up her face and made a “smack, smack” sound with her mouth.

“I need to go in and get something to drink,” she sleepily whispered. “I feel like I have a tennis ball in my mouth.”

She covered her braces with the back of her hand and arched her back and stretched and yawned. I admired her perky titties, with erect nipples pushing out through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. Looking up, I realized I had been busted, as she was smiling shyly at me and turned bright red when she looked down and saw her party hats.

“Be right back,” she said as she slipped out of the car. At the sound of the door opening, Amanda and Jess woke up and after a few minutes all three headed into the store.

After fueling up and refilling my coffee cup from my handy thermos, I watched as all three beautiful girls came out of the market, giggling and jostling each other.

Jess snickered and came around to get into her side of the car, but Amanda climbed in the front passenger seat next to me. She leaned over, looked me in the eyes and whispered,

“My turn to lay with my head in your lap, okay, Daddy?”

The End

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