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Riding Lessons

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I had just graduated at Wesley Women’s Academy and along with five other girls was taking a summer course that was a combination of horseback riding and sex education. We had finished our morning ride and were standing in one of the barns dressed in our riding gear listening to Miss Chambers our sex teacher. She was a tall woman with a broad ass and huge tits. She wore her usual costume: comfortable shoes and a long, white lab coat over a knee length, blue skirt.

Being from Europe, her bare legs had never been scraped by a razor. Her long blond hair was pinned up in a bun with her wire rimmed glasses parked on top. She slipped her glasses down on her nose and started the class.

“Ladies, today instead of using pictures and films about the male genitalia, we’ll be examining the real thing. You all know Carl and Roy.” These were two men who cared for the horses. Carl stood about five-eight, wearing jeans and a tee shirt over his muscular chest. He had short, black hair and was deeply tanned from working with the horses. Roy wore the same ensemble. He was about six feet tall, had a wiry build, a shock of red hair on his head, and his white face and arms were heavily freckled by the sun. On the wall behind our teacher hung a large, full color poster displaying a cutaway side view of a penis hanging down in front of a testicle. We sat on hay bales waiting for the lesson to proceed. “Okay, let’s get started. Carl, Roy, let’s show the ladies your genitals.”

The men sat on hay bales and removed their boots, then stood and unbuckled their jeans. After slipping off their jeans and under shorts, they put their boots back on. She told them to pull off their tee shirts too, so they stood facing us, naked except for cowboy boots.

Miss Chambers went on, “We’ve learned that some men are circumcised, that is, they’ve had the foreskin cut off their penis. I’ve picked these two men so that you ladies can examine both a cut and an uncut penis. As you can see, Carl still has his foreskin, and in its flaccid state, his foreskin conceals the glans of his penis. The glans of Roy’s penis is exposed because his foreskin has been cut off.” She wrote their names on a chalk board easel and wrote “uncut” under Carl’s name and “cut” under Roy’s. “These men are also good illustrations of the variety of shapes and sizes of penises.” I could see her point. Carl had a dark brown dick, short and fat. Roy’s was long and skinny, very white, except for the grayish pink knob on the end. She took a tape measure and measured the length of the two dicks and then wrote “two inches” under Carl’s name and “four inches” under Roy’s name.

“Now we need to give them erections so we can see what their penises look like when they are ready for intercourse. For this I’ll need two volunteers.” After some hesitation Heather and Amber raised their hands. She asked Heather to come up front and remove her riding pants and panties. After spreading a blanket on a high bench, she directed Heather to sit on the bench, wearing her black cap, red jacket, and riding boots, but no pants.

Teacher told the rest of us to crouch on the other side of the bench so we could see the erection. “You ladies have all seen dogs sniffing each other. Homo sapiens isn’t all that different. When a man smells and tastes a woman’s vulva, his penis will become erect. Heather, I want you to spread your thighs wide apart so that Roy can sniff and taste your vulva.”

I had seen Heather often enough in the shower to know that under her black bush, she sported a long, thick lipped pussy, with a larger than average cunt hole. Roy spread his legs and squatted in front of her. As he rubbed his nose in her bush and licked her slit, the rest of us witnessed him getting a hard on. It was fascinating. His balls moved around in his bag and his cock began to thicken. As he slurped, his cock rose up from his balls in rhythmic jerks, swelling and lengthening.

When his erection was complete, his cock stood out at a forty-five degree angle, twitching with his heartbeat. Roy’s white shaft curved upward slightly and the skinless knob became purple. In the center of the head, a string of clear cock juice hung from an opening resembling small vertical lips. His white ball pouch sprouted a few hairs, red like his bush. Roy’s balls stopped squirming when he had a full hard on, hanging up tight against his cock root. Miss Chambers knelt and measured his erection and wrote the results under his name: “top-five and a half inches”, “bottom-six and a half”, “width-inch and a half”, and “girth-four inches”.

“Okay, Amber, let’s let Carl lick your vulva and give him an erection.” Amber removed her pants and panties and traded places with Heather. She spread herself open and Carl squatted and began giving her cunnilingus. Amber and I had masturbated together and I knew Carl had his nose in silky, straight brown hair. Amber was a blond with a pretty little pink pussy.

We heard her moan as Carl slipped his tongue into her tight little cunt hole. Carl’s transformation was even more interesting. His balls squirmed and his dick swelled and stretched as it filled with blood. His hard on was bigger than Roy’s, curving up more as it throbbed close to his stomach. He had heavy balls that hung farther down from his crotch. His left ball hung lower than his right, maybe it had more sperm in it. Carl had a black bush and his cockshaft and ball pouch were dark brown.

But what was more interesting was what his foreskin did. As his erection increased, the foreskin peeled back, fully exposing his cockhead, finally snapping back behind the rim of the head. His cockhead was a beauty! Carl’s shaft was thicker than Roy’s and the head was even bigger yet. It was a darker purple, long and wide, with a rim that flared out like a blooming flower, looking slick and shiny. The little mouth seemed to be smiling as it drooled cock juice, hard wired to the neurons smelling and tasting Amber’s pussy flavors.

As Miss Chambers knelt and measured him, she said, “The lesson here, ladies, is that you can’t tell by the size of a man’s flaccid penis how big his erection will be when ready to copulate. Nor is there any correlation between a man’s physical stature and and the size of his erection. Even though Carl is a small man, he is hung with a big cock.” We looked at each other and smiled. This was the first time we’d heard teacher use the cee word. Her clit was probably as hard as Carl’s cock. She blushed as she wrote his stats under his name: “top-seven and a half inches, bottom-eight and a half, width-two inches, girth of shaft-five inches, and girth of corona- six inches”.

“Now that we have given the men full erections, ladies, I want you all to examine their genitalia up close. You can be as rough as you want when handling their swollen penises, but you can hurt them if you squeeze their testicles too hard.” When it was my turn, I felt up Roy first. More cock juice oozed out of the little mouth and I rubbed it all over his skinless head while I stroked his shaft in my other fist. This made him even bigger and harder. The skin of his sack clung tightly around his balls.

I massaged his hard balls around in his bag. I was most interested in checking out his sperm tubes in the back of his pouch. Roy’s tubes were thick and rubbery, swollen full of cum. Roy needed pussy, the sooner the better. Feeling up Carl was even more fun. We had learned that the slick, clear liquid that flowed from the end of a male’s hard on served two functions. The glycerin-like precum lubricated his cockhead to ease its entry into an awaiting cunt and it neutralized any acid in the tube running along the bottom of his cock. This was necessary because unlike a female, a male’s piss tube served a dual function as a hose through which he ejaculated his semen.

With his piss acid neutralized, there was less chance of his sperm being killed before being pumped into a cunt. Carl’s tube had to be a friendly place, because the end of his erection was soaked and dripping. His sack was looser, so there was plenty of room to move his big, hard balls around with my hands. His tubes were also bigger than Roy’s, thick and firm, engorged with sperm ready to inseminate a cunt. Like Roy, Carl needed to fuck. As I played with his cock, I could smell the musk of his balls and a very faint piss smell mixed with his sweat.

I took him in both hands, stroking his shaft up and down, popping his big, purple cockhead in and out of its skin. I had once given an uncut boy a hand job, so I knew how to play with his foreskin. That boy only had a five incher about as thick as Roy’s. Unskinning Carl’s huge, purple acorn was much more fun. I pulled his skin completely down and rubbed his juice all over his swollen head. His cockhead felt soft and silky compared to the rougher feel of Roy’s. I think it surprised him when I took his cockhead in my mouth. Carl sighed and his cock got harder.

After massaging him with my tongue, I felt his crotch and found where his piss tube started behind his balls. In addition to the eight and a half inches from his balls to his tip, he had at least another four inches of thick, hard trunk anchoring his erection in his crotch. I pressed hard against his tube and milked all twelve or thirteen inches, sucking his precum into my mouth. His juice tasted lightly salty and the skin of my tongue felt astringent as his precum tried to neutralize my mouth acids.

After we had all played with their cocks and balls, Miss Chambers announced, “Some of you may have noticed when you were feeling their scrotal sacks that their epididymides are enlarged. That’s because both men’s pairs of epididymides are swollen with sperm. You remember that the sperm are born in the testicle and mature in the epididymis awaiting ejaculation. I asked the men to store their seed for a week so you students could witness full ejaculations.”

As she continued, she disrobed. “I’m going to copulate with the men. They will ejaculate outside my vagina so you can see what happens during insemination.” When she finally slipped out of her panties, we noticed the cotton crotch was soaked . She spread a blanket on some hay bales and got on her hands and knees with her ass at the right height for the men to stand and mount her from the rear as she went on. “Contrary to popular belief, the so-called missionary position is not the natural position for human sexual intercourse. If you’ve ever been to a zoo and happened to witness our chimpanzee cousins copulating, you know that the male enters from the rear and this is the natural position for human copulation. Roy will now copulate with me in this position.”

Roy’s erection had gone down some, but the sight of Miss Chambers’ big tits hanging over the hay bale combined with her wide ass spread out, soon had him at full song. Even though she let her reddish brown crotch hair grow wild, she was so aroused that her swollen pussy protruded out of her mane, the thick, dark lips dripping with her fuck juice. Roy put his cock in her slit, rubbing until his cockhead found her cunthole. He slowly thrust his hips to and fro until her cunt swallowed all his hard on. He used all his cock to fuck her in full strokes, pulling almost all the way out, then ramming her hard as she pushed her butt against his hips, fucking him back.

From the way they fucked, we could tell this wasn’t their first time together. Roy knew when she was about to come and he reached around under her and lightly stroked her hard clit. Miss Chambers spasmed in a long powerful orgasm as Roy gave her short deep thrusts, keeping her cunt full while her clit throbbed. When she had come down she instructed, “Now you can watch Roy ejaculate his semen. Heather, I want you to get behind him and feel the ridge between his anus and his scrotal sack. You’ll be able to feel him pumping his semen.”

Heather took her position and put her fingertips against his crotch behind his balls and Roy started to fuck the teacher again. He grasped the sides of her wide pelvis bone and used his legs and buttocks to ram her cunt with all his cock. He grunted as he came, pulling out and thrusting his wet cock over her ass. His erection jerked up shooting out a small stream. As it kept jerking thick streams of cum squirted out of his tube, making a semen pool about three inches from his cockhead, in the small of her back. When he had squirted a dozen or so times, his ejaculation petered down to just an ooze and he was done for the time being.

Watching all this hot sex, Carl was hard and ready when he took Roy’s place. I got behind Carl and massaged his balls and cockroot as he filled Miss Chambers’ cunt with his big, hard tool. He fucked her slow for several minutes, giving her hard thrusts as he bounced his balls on her swollen pussy. As he fucked her faster and harder he began to pant, and I had to time my movements with his ramming to stay in touch with his crotch.

This time Miss Chambers didn’t need a clit massage to come. Carl’s big cock got her off. She moaned and convulsed coming even more than the first time. Carl kept fucking her hard as she came, and as she was coming down, he pulled out his big, steaming cock and plopped it in her butt crack. I felt his cock muscle flex, jerking his seven plus inches up and squirting out a small stream of semen. His root muscle now flexed in powerful, regular spasms, pumping thick spumes of sperm cream from the tubes behind his balls, shooting it up her back, inseminating her shoulders.

He pulsed against my fingers at least a dozen times before his cum became less and only landed in the middle of her back. He must have pumped a couple dozen times before his cum was down to a dribble. Miss Chambers’ back was covered with their cream from her butt crack to her shoulder blades. When the lesson had started, the barn had smelled of hay, dirt, leather and horses. Now mixed in was the musk of pussies, the fecund aromas of man sized cocks and testosterone filled balls, and now finally, the sharp, slightly metallic pungence of freshly pumped semen.

While the men recharged, Miss Chambers turned her attention to us. “Okay ladies, now I’m going to let you copulate with Carl and Roy. Carl will service three of you, and Roy the other three. Are all of you on the pill?” All of us nodded yes. “And raise your hand if you are still a virgin.” Angie and Jennifer looked at each other, then hesitantly raised their hands. The rest of us knew that they weren’t exactly virgins. They were lezzies. “In that case you two can just watch, but for the rest of you, it will be okay for Carl and Roy to squirt their loads of semen up your vaginas, if you want them to.

I’ve copulated with both of them many times and can assure you that these men can maintain hard erections for you and that their testicles can easily inseminate the four of you with plenty left. Now as you’ve seen, Carl’s aroused penis is bigger than Roy’s, so I’m going to divide you up by the size of your vaginal opening. The two with the bigger vaginas will copulate with Carl.” We sat on bales and displayed our pussies for Miss Chambers. Heather and I had bigger cunts than Amber and Shannon, so we were assigned to Carl.

Our teacher brought out benches for our studs to lie on. The benches were narrow, designed to be barely wide enough for them to lie on, yet narrow enough for us to straddle comfortably. Stirrups hung from the sides of the benches. The men lay on their backs on the benches. I straddled Carl’s head while Amber did the same to Roy so they could eat our pussies. I felt Carl licking up my juices, sliding the tip of his tongue up and down the inside of my slit and rimming my piss hole. After he had done this for a little while, he rimmed my cunt hole and worked his tongue up my cunt. I squeezed his tongue muscle in return as he massaged my insides. I shifted a little so he could fuck my clit with his nose. He settled into a rhythm, nosing my erect clit while he massaged my gee spot with his tongue. I was really getting off on this. It was much better than having a cock in my cunt and getting only partial clit action. And a tongue is much more talented in finding and fucking the hot spot in my cunt. My abdominal muscles contracted as my cunt squeezed his tongue and my clit throbbed against his nose. I came so hard that I almost fell off of him.

After I’d come down, I reversed my position so that I could see his cock. I shifted until my asshole was in his hairline, and my clit was on his mouth. Cunnilingus had given him a big hard on. His hood had peeled back exposing his big, dark purple cockhead which pulsed as yet more cockjuice dripped on his stomach. His big balls hung down between his legs, preparing another load of sperm to mix with his crotch milk, making another geyser of cum. As Heather mounted him, I could see that she was excited. Her lips were dark and swollen and her pussy furrow was soaked with her fuck juice. She had a full hard on and her clit erection was as big as a pecan.

Heather inserted her boots in the stirrups as she grabbed his shaft and held it vertical while she covered his cockhead with her big cunt hole. Her cunt gradually swallowed him down to his bush and balls. I felt two fingers entering my cunt and what felt like a little finger being inserted in my asshole. We fucked Carl at both ends. Heather rode his cock while I rode his mouth and hand. I knew I was close and I ground my pussy against his face. Carl had curled his tongue, creating a small cunt around my clit.

He sucked my little, pussy cock in and out giving me the biggest hard on I’d ever felt We all came together. Heather ground her pussy against his cock trunk, yelling and bucking, while my hard clit throbbed in his tongue cunt and I drenched his face with my cum. Carl groaned and thrust his pelvis up into Heather’s crotch. Heather held his cockhead deep in her cunt while he came and pumped her full of semen. Before his hard on could soften, Heather ground against him more and came again. When she finally released him and rose up to dismount, a river of sperm cream ran out of her.

While we took a little rest, I went out to the ice machine and got a glass of ice water. I noticed that Angie and Jennifer had disappeared. I wondered where they had gone until I heard whispering and giggling from the loft. They were no doubt sucking each other’s hard clits. Truth be told, I was sated by now, and I didn’t think Carl’s big cock could ever match his tongue in a contest to give me the better orgasm. But still, I was excited by the idea of giving him an orgasm and him shooting twenty million sperm up my cunt.

After walking around outside and thinking, I returned to the barn. Heather lay back on one of the bales. Carl had her spread wide and was pounding her pussy with his amazing cock while he bounced his big balls on her ass. While I watched I sat on another bale and inserted four ice cubes up my cunt. Just as the ice cubes finished melting, Carl made Heather come. She made a lot of noise and he kept ramming her until she’d come down. Before things got out of hand, or maybe, out of cock, I squatted down behind him and reached between his legs and grabbed his balls. Surprised, he turned his head to look behind. I squeezed his tubes between my fingers and thumbs and told him, “Carl, I don’t care if you fuck Heather until she can no longer walk, but this wad is mine and I want it now!”

He lay on the bench and I straddled him and inserted my boots in the stirrups. He was still fully engorged and soaking from Heather’s orgasm. I swallowed his erection with my cunt. His eyes widened as he felt how cold I was inside, but this also excited him, because I felt him grow thicker and harder. I knew he had to be pretty close from the way he was fucking Heather. I wanted to make him come while my cunt was still cold. I used the stirrups for support and my large thigh muscles to fuck up and down his shaft, using the entire length of my chilled cunt to rub the coronal rim of his big cockhead.

I leaned back and kept riding his cock, which still felt hot in my cool cunt, but I knew I’d warm up soon. I reached behind me and felt under his balls until I found his asshole. I shoved my middle finger in his ass all the way to the knuckle. I ground my pussy against his cock trunk and stopped riding with his cockhead buried as deep as it could go up my cunt I massaged his sperm pumping muscle at the root of his cock trunk. This did the trick. His muscle flexed against my fingertip and I felt his first shot of cum pulse through his cock tube.

As he ejaculated, his muscle contracted powerfully, siphoning his seed from the tubes behind his balls, propelling it back into his abdomen through the tubes to his cock pump while mixing it with juice from the male sex glands in his crotch, and finally shooting this virile yogurt up the tube on the bottom of his big, hard cock exiting through the little lips in the middle of his engorged cockhead, flooding the pool at the end of my cunt. After his pump had contracted three times, I felt the first shot of hot semen squirt into my still chilly cunt.

Even after two previous orgasms, Carl was still full of cum. His cock root kept spasming powerfully as he pumped and pumped his hot sperm cream up my cunt. I felt him pump thirty times as he emptied his balls. In my earlier encounters with boys, I’d learned what it was like to have cum squirted in me, but the volume of Carl’s ejaculate and the way it felt so hot because of the ice treatment, made me feel like I’d been a virgin before. For the first time I felt truly inseminated and full of hot, thick, sperm rich cum. If not for my daily pill, I had no doubt that I was not minutes, but seconds away from being well knocked up.

Amber and Shannon had finished pumping Roy out, so Miss Chambers dismissed the men and tracked down Angie and Jennifer, who joined us, smiling and holding hands. Miss Chambers summarized what we had learned today and asked if there were any questions. Heather raised her hand and the teacher pointed at her. Heather asked, “I wonder if we could repeat this lesson tomorrow, Miss Chambers, I think I could use more instruction.” Understanding what she meant, the teacher smiled and answered her.

“Well, no Heather, we can’t exactly repeat the same lesson, but if you feel you need more ‘instruction’, Mr. Beauchamp is teaching his senior boys a class in advanced cunnilingus, and I understand he needs women volunteers for the boys to practice on. In fact here comes Mr. Beauchamp now, looking for volunteers. A dark complected man with a mustache came and stood beside Miss Chambers. He wore only flip-flops and tight fitting swim shorts. Where his muscular legs met at his crotch he sported a huge bulge. She noticed where we all were looking and said teasingly, “Why, Mr. Beauchamp, I believe the ladies would like to see what is causing that bulge in your shorts.”

He pulled off his shorts and displayed a flaccid, uncut cock about seven inches long, and very thick even at rest. “Would anyone like to volunteer to make Mr. Beauchamp’s penis erect?”, asked Miss Chambers. My hand shot up before Heather’s and I knelt in front of him to give him fellatio. I pushed the skin back off his cockhead with my lips and took it in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his cockhead while I stroked his shaft in my right fist. I knew seven inches of soft cock hadn’t created the bulge in his shorts, so I checked out his balls with my left hand. He was hung with a pair even bigger than Carl’s.

They felt hard and virile. I moved them around in his bag and checked his epididymides for size and firmness. His tubes felt firm and full of mature sperm. It never occurred to me that, like Roy and Carl, he had been saving it up, for by now, I’d fellated him to a full hard on. Miss Chambers had me move to the side so the other girls could admire his massive cock. His shaft and pouch were brown, like Carl’s. His erection throbbed up past his navel aiming the little piss and sperm hole at his chin. His curved like Carl’s, but it was thicker, longer, and had an even bigger purple head, made shiny by the juice running down it.

Miss Chambers proudly announced, “Mr. Beauchamp’s erect phallus is ten inches long from bush to mouth, eleven inches form his bag to the tip, almost three inches across, and nearly eight inches around.” And that’s why I didn’t think he’d been building up his sperm supply. I’d be willing to bet that he’d creamed every legal cunt on both campuses, and maybe some who weren’t legal! He likely got pussy at least twice a day.

.”Now that you’ve seen his erection, I know we’ll have no problem getting volunteers for his cunnilingus class, but for now we need just one volunteer to get his penis reduced to fit back in his shorts. Heather, since you have the biggest vagina, will you do the honors? Even though my hole is a little bigger, Mr. Beauchamp already filled me with his seed this morning and I think we should all share such a magnificent specimen.”

Heather got on her hands and knees on the hay bales and the teacher pushed the head of his big cock into her pussy hole. Even the well endowed Heather took a little stretching before she could accept his seven to eight inch girth. He fucked her slowly and firmly until she was taking all ten inches and his massive balls were touching her pussy. Another sign that he was getting a lot of pussy: he was in no hurry to come. Long after he’d given Heather three orgasms, he was still fucking away. Mind you, he wasn’t pounding her, just stroking her steadily, nine inches out, ten inches in.

The smile had disappeared from Heather’s lips and I knew she was starting to get sore. I decided to move things along. I got behind him and began to knead his balls with my left hand. He liked this. I felt the cock root where his balls hung get harder. Using my other hand, I felt behind his balls until I found his asshole, then shoved my right thumb up his ass as far as it would go and started massaging his prostate and semen pump. He climaxed and I felt his muscle contract as it started to siphon sperm from behind his balls. He was out of control now, and not knowing whether or not Heather’s cunt was fertile, and not wanting to knock her up, he pushed me back as he pulled out just before the first small shot of cum flew out. He thrust back and forth in her butt crack as he ejaculated.

His big cock already reached halfway up her back and as his breeding muscle flexed under my thumb, about a dozen thick spumes rocketed through his tube, erupting out of his cockhead in long ,white streams of semen, landing between her shoulder blades creating a sperm lake of impressive size, considering this was at least his second, and maybe his third or even fourth cum shot of the day. After his stud had receded to seven inches, he tucked it back in his shorts and left.

Naturally, we all volunteered to help teach the boys cunnilingus. We even talked Angie and Jennifer into giving it a try. They finally said yes, reasoning that they sure liked to have their pussies licked, and taking it as a challenge to teach the boys how to ling cunny as well as a girl.

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