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Ride on the Wild Side

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Emily shivered and cursed Keith vehemently. This was all his fault, and really made her wonder why she stayed with such an asshole. She shivered and huddled closer to the cold stone wall of the comfort station where she was stranded, at a rest area somewhere on I-81 in Virginia.

They had been going to New Orleans for spring break with some friends when nature called and Keith grudgingly pulled off at the rest stop, just outside of Binghamton. She had come out of the restroom just in time to see the car driving away. Emily knew Keith and his buddies were jerks, but she expected Rachel and Donna to make them come back. After an hour of waiting, she realized this was another of Keith’s little ‘jokes’, which is to say, humiliating, unthinking, and uncaring abuse of her. Rather than try to head back to the Syracuse campus, she decided to hitch to New Orleans.

She had been lucky and caught a ride with a family from Binghamton to Scranton, but the next three had been lone men and all had eventually tried to get her to have sex with them. Emily wasn’t a prude by any means, but she felt that giving sex for a ride was too close to prostitution. The last one had been a traveling salesman who had put her out at this godforsaken rest area when she flatly refused to give him a blowjob. Now, she was cold, lonely, and beginning to lose any hope of getting a ride before morning.

A tractor-trailer flew past and the sound of its engines dwindled into silence. The night was cold, and the insects had gone to ground, which left a thick shroud of silence over everything. She was considering trying to figure out a way to sleep in the ladies’ room without lying on the floor, when she heard the sound of a motor approaching. It became louder and long before she saw it, she knew it was a motorcycle. She was a little worried. She knew bikers often traveled in packs and there were many stories about them being violent.

Emily was only five foot one and, at one hundred and twenty pounds, she was not very imposing. She had a nice figure, with heavy breasts and long legs, for her height. To make matters worse she only wore a thin summer dress. It had been perfect for the sunny day they had left Syracuse, but it wasn’t enough to keep her from shivering now and did little to hide her charms. She suddenly felt very small and vulnerable.

The bike rolled to a stop at the closest parking spot and the rider dismounted. Emily felt a little better when she was sure it was only the one bike. With the killing of the throaty engine, silence descended, once again. The rider stretched languidly, and then she took off her helmet. She was a thin, tall woman, probably about five eleven, but she moved very gracefully. She wore a black leather jacket, black leather pants and heavy boots, the clothes serving to conceal the shape of her body, but Emily’s impression was of someone who was very willowy.

As the rider came up the short walk from the parking lot to the comfort station, she passed out of shadow and into the harsh glare of the lights. Her face was exotically beautiful. Her skin was ebony, as dark as any Emily had ever encountered, but her hair was blonde and worn very short, almost in a crew cut. Her eyes, striking blue, were shown off by high cheekbones and a long, aquiline nose. Her chin was strong and prominent, but her features were softened by full, pouty lips.

The woman stopped in front of Emily and her eyes traversed the smaller girl, from her feet to her big brown eyes and long dark hair. The look was leisurely and seemed to be appraising. Emily felt herself flush slightly, but smiled tentatively when their eyes met. The black woman smiled back, revealing beautiful white teeth, before she continued into the restroom. Emily was a little confused; the look the woman had given her made her feel warm and tingly inside, but she also felt nervous in her presence. She had an aura of confidence and power that the small coed found at once discomforting and exciting.

Emily had composed herself by the time the woman emerged from the restroom, and took a deep breath. She wanted to ask for a ride, but, as soon as her eyes met the woman’s, she lost her nerve. Those blue eyes were like ice, daring anyone to try and get closer to their owner. Emily managed to smile again and the woman chuckled on her way back to the bike. She picked her helmet up off the seat and started to put it on, and then it seemed to dawn on her that there wasn’t another vehicle anywhere to be seen. She stood for a few moments and then walked back up to Emily, with her helmet under her arm.

“You alone?” the big woman asked. Her voice was deep and throaty, with a soft accent that sounded almost French to Emily, who was used to French-Canadian students.

“Yes,” Emily replied, almost stammering. Something about this woman was very disconcerting. Not in a bad way, but something almost arousing, which only left Emily feeling even more nervous.

“How’d you get here?” the woman demanded. Emily started to explain, but the words became a torrent and, before she finally ran out of breath, she had told this stranger her whole story. She was embarrassed by her predicament, and really didn’t know why she had been so candid with a complete stranger.

“So, you still going to try to hitch to Nawlins?”

“I guess,” Emily said. The woman looked her over again, with that frank glance that sent the blood rushing to the little woman’s head.

“Ever ridden bitch before?”


“Yeah, ever ridden a bike?”

“Oh, no, I haven’t,” Emily admitted.

“Well, I am heading south, if you want a ride,” she said and turned on her heel. Emily was very confused, but found herself almost running along behind the big woman to keep up.

Once there, Emily got a good look at the bike. It was huge, all chrome and black, save for a red hourglass painted on the gas tank. A bedroll, a sleeping bag, and a haversack were lashed with bungee cords to the chrome post that stood up from the end of the seat, and the woman was digging into a black leather saddlebag. She pulled out a heavy leather jacket and tossed it to Emily. She also pulled out some other rolled-up garments and walked around the bike to Emily.

“Don’t just stand there, put it on, girl.”

The jacket was huge and fell to almost mid thigh. The woman rolled out what she was carrying and knelt before Emily.

“Hike up your skirt,” she commanded.

“What?” Emily exclaimed. The woman stood up and stared down at her, capturing her eyes and holding them.

“It’s forty degrees or less, out. You are about to add an eighty mile per hour wind to that. Your asshole boyfriend took your clothes and I don’t have anything that will fit you beside these, but you can’t wear them over a fucking skirt.”

Emily felt her will drain away and blushed deeply as she hiked her skirt up around her waist. Beneath the skirt, she wore only powder-blue French-cut panties. The big woman knelt again and whistled.

“Damn,” she said.

She fastened the leather chaps around Emily’s waist and cinched them up tight. She then fastened them around the girl’s thighs, calves, and ankles, with buckles and straps. Emily was blushing scarlet and wished she would do it faster, but the woman seemed to be in no hurry at all, and her hands brushed Emily’s sensitive skin so many times it was hard to believe it was accidental. Once the chaps were fastened, the woman stood up, and Emily let her skirt fall, leaving only the sensuous and exciting feeling of the leather on her smooth legs.

The woman handed her a pink helmet from the saddlebag and, once Emily had it strapped on, she slipped onto the bike behind the black woman. The bedroll forced her to press her hips forward and, once she found a place for her legs, she was pretty comfortable. Until the woman started the engine, that is.

The tall woman walked the bike backwards and Emily’s arms flew to the seat, but she could find very little to hold on to. The powerful engine sent a thrumming vibration through the seat and into her legs and abdomen. Once the bike was pointed towards the onramp, the black woman turned to plug a wire into Emily’s helmet and another into her own. She then plugged them both into a pair of jacks on the bike’s control panel and flipped a switch.

“Put your arms around my waist and lean in against my back. Keep your legs in tight and don’t lean back,” the words came from inside her helmet. Emily complied, noticing fleetingly that in this position the vibrations from the engine seemed stronger. The woman wound the accelerator out, and the big machine roared off into the velvety darkness.

The acceleration was quick and Emily felt her stomach lurch, her hands tightened around the woman’s waist, and her eyes snapped shut. The first sensation after that was of the wind, tearing at her skirt, legs and jacket. Her skirt billowed back, exposing her upper thighs and panties, but she was afraid to let go and try to tuck it under her. When she finally dared to open her eyes, the road, trees, and everything else alongside the highway were moving past in a blur. She closed her eyes again and ducked her head until the helmet rested between the tall woman’s shoulder blades.

“You all right?” the soft voice purred in her ear.

“No,” Emily squeaked. The black woman chuckled.

“First time on a bike is a little scary, I guess. Just hold tight and open your eyes, you’ll get used to it. It’s not like riding in a car, there you’re not really experiencing the road, you’re just watching it go by, like on a TV. Here you get to be a part of it all.”

“I forgot to ask your name,” Emily said. She opened her eyes, but kept staring forward.

“You can call me Dee.”

For the next few minutes, Emily slowly got brave enough to look past Dee’s shoulders, at the road. The night was dark and the wind was cold, but the jacket and chaps kept her warm. After a few minutes of getting used to it, she managed to tuck her dress in under the sleeping bag behind her, so it wouldn’t get ruined.

Emily found she actually liked the adrenalin rush. Dee slipped the big machine into the left hand lane and passed a tractor-trailer. It was so close that Emily felt as if she could reach out and touch it, and she felt herself getting nervous again, so she closed her eyes. She decided opening them was a bad idea, settled in, and held tight.

The way she was sitting forced her pussy tightly against the seat, and the vibrations from the engine had become distractingly pleasant. Emily had been on her period in the days just before they left, and Keith refused to touch her when she was menstruating. It annoyed her, because that was when she was the horniest, but she had expected to make up for it on the trip.

With her eyes closed, her other senses seemed more acute and the vibrations began to really arouse her.

Emily squirmed in the seat, experimenting, until she settled in the position that made the vibrations feel the best. The throb of the engine soon had the material of her panties slick with her juices. She found that she could really crank up the sensations by working her hips down and forward, but she had to be careful not to be too obvious — she didn’t want Dee to know what was going on. What had began as an amusing game, became sweet torture after an hour on the road. She was so hot, now, every nerve ending seemed to be tingling and she could feel her nipples poking out. She had her bottom lip held tightly between her teeth to keep from making any noises, but when the big bike hit a test section and began to bounce wildly, Emily couldn’t hold back a moan.

The moment the bike hit smooth road again, Dee straightened up, slipped one of her hands back between them, and forced it between Emily’s thighs. Her index finger pressed inward and began to stroke Emily’s pussy through the slick satin.

“Oh god!” she cried out. The blood in her veins felt like fire, and she groaned as the first of several powerful contractions hit her. Being carried away on a red wave of bliss, she heard Dee’s voice in her ear.

“Cum for me baby, cum for mama.”

Emily couldn’t speak. She just held on tight and shuddered as wave upon wave of pleasure assaulted her senses. Even through the heady pleasure, she could feel the wind whipping over her, the bike moving on the road, and Dee’s hard body. The sensations blended, warped, and melded, crossing over each other and joining the spasms of joy, until the experience became something new and thrilling. Not just an orgasm, but a whole new level of pleasure. Emily rode the waves and then enjoyed the warm, relaxed sensation that spread from her pussy throughout her body in its aftermath. When her mind began to function again, though, she was feeling acutely embarrassed.

“Goodness, I’m sorry,” she blurted out.

“Don’t sweat it. My ex used to get off all the time, that’s why I had Deke install the intercom. I like to listen and she was a screamer. Are you always so quiet when you cum?” the silken voice seemed to whisper right in her ear. Emily felt herself blush from her chest to her forehead. This was so surreal to her, discussing an orgasm with a complete stranger. She blushed even deeper when she thought about it and realized this woman had brought her all these delicious sensations.

“No, I’m usually pretty loud,” she admitted.


The conversation ended there. Dee seemed content to say no more, and Emily was struggling with the implications of what had just happened. She had never thought of herself as bisexual. She had never really thought about it at all, but as the road flashed by and the motor noise became a monotonous drone, she found herself thinking about many things. Most of all, she thought about the pleasant vibrations running through her nether regions, and the warm fuzzy feeling that came with them. They were almost enough to make her wish she had a bike of her own. Or better yet, someone who owned one. She didn’t think she would ever feel comfortable driving one, but she was really starting to enjoy the ride.


Dawn was about to break, when Dee steered the big bike off the highway and onto a short off-ramp. A left-hand turn and another brought the bike and its riders under an awning, in front of a motel. Emily was tired and needed to use the bathroom in the worst way. She hopped off the bike and almost ran into the lobby and past the blurry figures of a sleepy clerk and a bored guard, watching her.

When she emerged from the restroom, she noticed the clerk and guard staring at her. Dee was already out on the bike, and she was the only one in the lobby. The looks were not exactly hostile, but there was some deeper feeling of menace in them, something unfriendly. She hurried out and slipped onto the bike behind Dee. The feeling of oppression was gone as soon as her arms went around the leather-clad biker. It was strange how she felt so safe there, and when the big bike roared to life, she thrilled.

Dee drove around to the back of the hotel, and parked in front of room 518. She took the saddlebags, haversack, and bedroll, and threw them over her shoulder before opening the door and going into the room. Emily stood and watched the sun as it broke over the tree line, far away. She was strung out from the road, even the orgasm hadn’t allowed her to relax, and now she was wired. She walked into the room, closing the door behind her.

Dee was in the bathroom, and Emily suddenly realized why the clerk and guard had been staring. The room had only a double bed, and Emily blushed when she imagined what was going through their minds as she walked out. Her embarrassment quickly faded into introspection, though.

She had always appreciated the beauty in her friends and, occasionally, an especially attractive woman would catch her eye. She had never considered it out of the ordinary. Now, she had to wonder if perhaps her interest hadn’t been more than just the norm. If it was, then her interest had never translated into action, with either a woman or a sensitive man. She always ended up with bad boys. She had always assumed it was because there was something about them that she found sexy and dangerous, but now she wondered. Every boy she had dated was the same: egotistical, full of himself, callous towards her, self-absorbed. There was no intimacy; the boys she dated had no room for consideration of her feelings.

Still thinking about this, she busied herself moving the small table and pushing a pair of chairs together to make an improvised bed.

She couldn’t really be upset about Dee having gotten a room with just a double bed. The tall biker was giving her a lift in exchange for nothing and didn’t even really have to let her share the room. She seemed willing to let Emily stay inside, and even that was a simple act of kindness she wasn’t used to. She always dated bad boys who wouldn’t have given a shit where she slept, if it weren’t for having sex. She had long suspected that maybe the attraction for her wasn’t in the danger, but was really in the fact that such boys were safe. They were safe, because she never had to let them in, never had to open herself up, or face real intimacy. They could never really hurt her, because they never got to know her. Oh, she had taken a few beatings, but that kind of pain was preferable to opening herself up and getting cut inside, where the bruises and scars never go away.

Dee came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. She wore only a thin white cotton ‘wife beater’ t-shirt and her leather pants and boots. As she began to unlace the boots, Emily studied her in detail. She was tall and very thin, but not emaciated; rather, she had the lithe and graceful lines of an athlete. Her arms were supple, and the muscles were very well defined, but not bulky. Small breasts rode high on her chest, and her waist was tiny, leading into slim hips that held only a hint of roundness. The pants rode low on her hips revealing the top of her red boxers. The word that came to Emily’s mind, unbidden, was tight; the woman was a tight package.

When Dee finished removing her boots and socks, she scooted back on the bed, until she was sitting against the headboard. From her haversack on the floor, she retrieved a black book and copied some information from a handful of receipts she dug out of her pants pocket. Emily pushed a chair between the two, and studied her makeshift bed. It wouldn’t be very comfortable, but it beat sleeping on the floor. She didn’t dare consider the other option. She felt deep down that she could have more to fear from this enigmatic woman than from all her bad boys combined.

“What you doing, girl?”

“I am making a place to sleep, and my name is Emily,” she replied without looking up. Dee chuckled and was silent for a short while. When Emily looked up from her work to grab a pillow, Dee caught her eyes.

“You’re welcome to share the bed, I don’t bite. Well, not unless you ask nicely,” she added with a smile that brought a blush to Emily’s face.

“This will be fine for me,” Emily said, indicating her makeshift bed. “Can I have a pillow or two?”

Dee stood up and approached Emily. Involuntarily, the small brunette took a step backwards. The tall woman’s eyes were flashing with a strange light, and Emily felt her insides go all tingly.

“What are you afraid of? Is it me? Or are you afraid of yourself?” Dee said quietly as she continued to close in on Emily. The smaller woman felt her ass bump against the door of the room. She was unable to break eye contact with the taller woman, and couldn’t seem to find her voice. Dee’s hands pressed flat against the door on either side of her head and Emily became aware of the woman’s scent and, to her stunned surprise, of her own suddenly erect nipples.

“So which is it?”

“I don’t know,” Emily admitted sheepishly. Dee flashed her that smile again and leaned closer, allowing her elbows to rest on the door with her hands. There was barely any room between their bodies, and Dee’s face was only inches from Emily’s.

“You were headed down to Nawlins for spring break, right?”


“And why Nawlins?”

“It’s supposed to be wild and fun,” Emily stammered.

“So you wanted to take a walk on the wild side?”

“Well, yeah, I guess so.”

“Well girl, have you ever been to bed with another woman?”


“Ever had sex with anyone who wasn’t as lilywhite as yoself?”


“Well then, can’t get much wilder than that,” Dee said.

When Emily didn’t respond immediately, Dee leaned forward and brushed her lips over Emily’s. It wasn’t a kiss, not really, but Emily felt a knife of desire twist in her tummy.

“No one has to know. If you don’t like it, we’ll stop, no questions asked.”

“I don’t know,” Emily said. Her voice was husky, and deeper than usual.

“What’s not to know girl? We’re in Bristol, by this time tomorrow I’ll have you in Nawlins. You don’t ever have to see me again. You can take that walk on the wild side before you even get there and no one has to know. Of course, you may discover you like it,” Dee said. Her voice was soft, but coaxing and Emily felt her resistance to this strange woman’s advances melting away.

Dee bent again and this time pressed her full lips to Emily’s. Her long tongue gently swiped over the small coed’s lips, but moved to her chin before Emily’s lips parted. Dee kissed her just below her lips, then on the point of her chin and then on the underside, slowly moving down her neck until she reached the hollow between Emily’s collar bones. The taller woman swirled her tongue over the point of each bone and deeply into the hollow, before she began to kiss back up. Emily found herself gasping for breath. It felt so good, and her body was responding even as her mind fought through her reservations.

By the time Dee’s mouth moved over her chin and back to her lips, Emily had passed the point of caring about any moral implications. Her body was taut with need, and her lips parted at the fist hint of contact with Dee’s. Rather than explore her mouth, as Emily expected, the black woman captured Emily’s lower lip between her teeth and slowly licked it. It was incredibly sensuous, and seemed to turn up the fire raging in her tummy, and spreading to her pussy. No lover had ever taken this much time or made any effort to arouse her, and the knowledge that Dee cared about her satisfaction was almost as erotic as the woman’s soft tongue on her lip.

A shudder ran through her when Dee released her lip and kissed along the line of her jaw, working towards the sensitive lobe of her ear. Once there, she began to tongue and worry it, until another shudder ran through the smaller woman. Emily was beside herself, and the gentle teasing was driving her mad. Dee’s bare shoulder was near her mouth, and she leaned forward and bit down on the soft skin, to keep from moaning.

“Well, maybe I should have been the one worrying about getting bitten,” Dee purred in her ear before gently nipping Emily’s earlobe. Emily tentatively slipped her arms around the taller woman, and held tight. Dee’s lips traced their way back down her jaw and then pressed against her quivering lips. This time, the black woman’s tongue darted into her mouth, but quickly retreated. Emily thrust her own tongue after it and, in moments, they twined and pushed against each other. The sweet battle lasted for a long time, before Dee finally snaked her tongue deep into Emily’s mouth. Once there, she began a thorough exploration, still taking her time.

Emily was confused, almost lost in a trance. The urgent need she felt was juxtaposed to Dee’s unhurried lovemaking. Her reservations about doing this were drowning in a sea of pure sensation, and the woman hadn’t even touched her yet! None of her previous lovers had ever set her body on fire this way, or stoked such an all-consuming desire within her. She clutched at Dee and held tightly as her knees went weak. The tall woman’s arms slid around her waist, and held her up while the searing kiss continued. Emily felt as if she were floating; her body was tingling and her pussy was on fire. Emotions, sexual frustration, long repressed needs, all burst out at once and she was powerless to fight the maelstrom within her mind.

Without breaking the kiss, Dee stood erect and lifted Emily off her feet. Emily’s arms immediately slipped over her shoulders, and her legs wrapped around the biker’s waist, to help support her weight. Holding her up, never breaking the kiss for the whole time, the tall woman carried her to the bed and gently put her back on her feet. Once settled, she broke the kiss, and her mouth moved back to Emily’s neck. Dee’s hands slowly drew her skirt up until Emily could feel the cool air on her naked cheeks. At the first contact of Dee’s hand on her skin, Emily’s whole body convulsed. Her shaky knees gave way and she slowly slid down onto the bed with an audible moan.

“You all right girl?” Dee asked.

“I… I… I’m not sure,” Emily stammered.

Dee chuckled and pulled her t-shirt over her head. She wore no bra and her small breasts bounced as the tossed the shirt aside. The aureoles were surprisingly light colored and her tiny nipples were hard. Emily blushed when she realized she was staring at another woman’s breasts with such fascination.

Dee seemed not to notice, or mind, and knelt on the floor. She ran her hands up Emily’s legs, stopping to trace along each of the straps that held the leather chaps in place, pushing her skirt up around her waist, slowly approaching the vee of her legs. Dee’s hands were warm, and her touch was extremely soft and tender. It was obvious to Emily that the woman enjoyed what she was doing, and the increased pounding of the blood in her temples was a clear sign that she was reveling in it as well.

When Dee’s long fingers touched the edge of her panties, Emily felt the blood rush to her center. A strong spasm deep in her pussy caused her to arch her back and she moaned loudly. Dee smiled, and slowly began to trace her hands back down Emily’s legs. The tiny brunette groaned in frustration, and her hands moved, almost reflexively, to her own breasts. Dee stopped, and unhurriedly undid each of the buckles. As soon as one would come undone, the tall woman would gently kiss and lick the newly exposed skin. Inner thighs, backs of knees, calves, ankles, all got the attention of Dee’s silken tongue. When the coed’s sandals came off, Dee gently kissed the soles of her feet, and then sucked her big toe into her mouth.

Emily moaned, and her hands involuntarily shot to her sides, clutching huge handfuls of the comforter. Dee’s lips left her feet, and slowly worked their way back up her legs. By the time the biker reached her inner thighs, Emily was gasping like a fish out of water. Her panties were wet, and her whole body was shaking.

Dee continued to push Emily’s skirt up her body, baring her hips to the tall woman’s hungry eyes. Her long fingers gently stroked the naked skin, and Emily whimpered.

“Tell me something, girl, do you cum with your boyfriend?” Dee asked.

“Sometimes,” Emily hissed. Those fingers just stroking her skin were driving her crazy. She didn’t want to be talking, she wanted to be fucking.

“Ever cum more than once with him?” Dee asked.

“No,” Emily replied as she raised her hips, trying to make the contact firmer.

“Like giving head?” the black woman asked, still teasing Emily’s skin.

“No, I hate it.”

“But you do it?”

“Sometimes,” Emily grunted, the teasing really starting get to her.

“Swallow?” she asked, her fingers relentless on Emily’s hips.

“No,” Emily hissed.

“Like getting head?”

“I never have,” Emily moaned. Her body was on fire now, her need more demanding than anything she had ever experienced.

“Just like a man,” Dee said, and then she lowered her face and gently tongued the inside of Emily’s thigh. She hooked her fingers into the panties and peeled them down Emily’s long legs.

Dee eyed Emily’s thick pubes and got up. Without a word, she retrieved some things from her saddlebag and went to the bathroom. Emily was confused, and had propped herself up on her elbows, when Dee returned with a towel, a can of shaving cream, lotion, and a straight razor. Her leathers were undone, and Emily could see the front of Dee’s boxers.

“Gotta trim that forest, girl,” she said by way of explanation. Emily couldn’t care less what had to be done, as long as it got her to sex. She was dying for it now and quickly lifted her ass so Dee could place the towel under her.

Emily giggled, as Dee rubbed the thick foam into her mound, the contact just heightening her need. And besides, it felt good. Once it was all worked in, Dee wiped her hands and took up the razor.

“Spread your legs wide and hold real still, this is gonna feel wild, but if you start bucking I might accidentally cut you.”

Emily spread her legs and tried to relax. The cold kiss of the razor on her hot skin was a shock. Wherever it passed, her skin felt warm and tingly. She felt Dee gently scrape it over her skin, working slowly down her mound. Emily hadn’t had her bikini area done yet, it was still a long time before it would be warm enough at home, and the motel where they were heading had no pool. She had assumed that was all Dee had in mind, but it was obvious from the feel of the cold razor that the black woman was denuding her whole bush. Emily briefly considered saying something, but she just didn’t give a damn at this point, concentrating on holding still and only relaxing when she felt the razor leave her sensitive skin.

She closed her eyes, and waited for its kiss to return. Dee pulled the razor away and wiped it clean on the corner of the towel. It was still a shock when it returned to her skin, but by keeping her eyes tightly closed and concentrating on relaxing, it wasn’t that bad. In fact, by the time the blade was caressing her lips, it had passed into the realm of wildly exciting. Her hips were actually quivering when Dee finished and wiped her clean.

Emily opened her eyes and let out a little gasp.

Dee was smiling at her, but what really caught her attention was her pussy. Dee had indeed shaved her mound completely bald. She was almost mesmerized by how much more prominent her pussy looked. It almost stood out, now. Dee rubbed some of the oil in to sooth her skin, pulling Emily out of her enthrallment and causing her to moan.

Dee’s fingers were firm and strong, as they worked the oil into her soft, slightly abraded skin. Demanding, but gentle. Her pussy was aching for more, so the competing sensations only served to increase the awareness of the demands from her body. The tactile stimulation on her mound was strikingly acute, almost unbearably so. Dee seemed to be very intuitive, seemed to know exactly what she needed, so unlike her previous lovers. When Emily thought she would go insane, Dee suddenly lowered her head, and pressed her tongue between the puffy lips of Emily’s pussy.

The first contact was electric, and Emily gasped. Before she could recover, Dee found her erect clit and sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue lashed the sensitive nub, as a long finger probed Emily’s entrance. When that long finger slid deeply into her tight pussy, Emily felt herself spasm, and her inner muscles clamped down on the finger. She groaned, and felt her whole bottom come unglued. Her back arched and she moaned and tossed her head rapidly from side to side.

Her inner muscles spasmed around the finger, relaxed, spasmed again. Her eyes shot open as Dee retracted her finger and, when she forced it back into Emily’s tight channel, the small brunette felt her muscles contract violently. For the briefest moment, she felt like her body would be torn apart by the tension, and then her muscles relaxed, and her pussy exploded into pulses of raw pleasure. They ripped through her body, sending her nerves to the edge of screaming bliss in their intensity. Red waves hazed her vision, and her mind wallowed, adrift on the sea and totally at the mercy of those shattering waves. She tried to scream, but only a thin, keening squeal issued from her lips. As the intensity of the waves fell off to mere ripples she realized Dee’s tongue was still feathering her clit. The sensation was strange, like velvet sandpaper. So wonderfully soft, but pushing her frayed nerve endings to the point where even pleasure was painful.

“Oh… Oh… Oh,” she moaned, and her hands released the rumpled comforter and shot to Dee’s head. The woman’s crew cut prevented Emily from gaining any kind of purchase, and Dee’s neck muscles proved stronger than Emily’s ineffectual tugs. Her hips were bucking wildly, and her back arched and relaxed. The pleasure coming from her pussy was exquisite, and she felt the tensing of muscles in her back that signaled an impending orgasm.

“No!” Emily gasped as Dee’s tongue moved into another gear and the constant fleeting contacts became unbearable.

“Please,” Emily pleaded, but her voice cracked and a shuddering groan eclipsed the words. Her muscles spasmed again, contracting all over her body, it seemed, and then another warm orgasmic explosion tore through her. She was no more prepared for this one than the one before, and as shivers of delight raced though her system, she screamed out in ecstasy. This time her mind was deluged with the intense sensations and, for a timeless period, she lost touch with reality, simply letting the waves carry her where they willed.

She felt Dee’s body on her own, and when the woman’s lips pressed against hers, Emily kissed back hungrily. She could taste a musky flavor that she realized had to be from her own juices. Dee’s small breasts rested on top of Emily’s full ones, and she could feel the hard bullets of the black woman’s nipples pressing into her. As the kiss continued and their tongues battled, Emily felt Dee’s hand slide between their bodies. Her knees came up and raised her hips off Emily’s. Dee’s other hand was next to her head and the biker seemed to be holding her weight on that elbow.

Something bumped against her still hypersensitive mound, something blunt and hard, and then settled at her entrance. Before Emily could assimilate the sensations, Dee’s other hand moved to her side and the tall woman slowly shifted her weight from her upper body to her lower. Emily groaned as the hard object pushed tissue aside and slowly sank into her tight channel. It felt large and stretched her passage as it sank into her, but it also felt indescribably good. She threw her head back, and it was only when Dee’s hips rested upon her own again that Emily was able to raise her head and look between their bodies.

Emily’s first thought was that Dee was a transsexual, which would have been very disconcerting if her mind hadn’t been so fuzzy. She was certainly big and strong enough, Emily thought. When her eyes focused, though, she realized that wasn’t the case. Dee still wore her boxers, but they were pushed down at the front. A wide band circled her hips and, from it, a thick dildo was suspended.

“Oh!” Emily blurted out as the situation became clear to her. Her inner muscles were clenching and relaxing, gently squeezing the latex cock, and her body was so sensitized she just threw her head back again and closed her eyes.

“You like, baby?” Dee whispered, before nuzzling Emily’s neck.

“It’s… Oh!… big…” Emily hissed, as Dee moved her hips slightly and the dildo slipped deeper into her slick channel.

“Not really,” Dee chuckled. She raised her hips and lowered them again, slowly. Emily’s head came up sharply, and her arms shot to Dee’s biceps. Holding onto them, she watched the juncture of their thighs, as Dee raised her hips again. The dildo was big, but not menacingly so. It was black and now it glistened in the harsh light from the lamp, totally coated in her juices. Dee let her hips fall and Emily watched, mesmerized, as it disappeared into her. Dee moved her legs up, spreading them, forcing Emily’s up and back with her knees. This time, when she withdrew, she drove back in with a circular motion of her hips.

“Ohmigod!” Emily blurted out as her fingernails dug into Dee’s soft skin. It was the last coherent sound she made for a long time.

Dee began to fuck her with long, deep strokes. The rolling motion of her hips made sure the cock continued to touch Emily from different angles, and the effect was to make her feel like it was much larger than it was. Large or small, it hardly mattered to the coed. Her eyes were tightly shut, and little barks of pleasure escaped her lips every time Dee drove down. Something inside her was building and, without warning, it broke ferociously upon her. Pleasure so powerful it blotted everything from her mind. She was reduced to a mewling, howling, wiggling wild thing, arching her back, and humping her hips upward to meet each thrust.

Each stroke produced sparks of pleasure, each withdrawal a desperate need to be filled again. The intensity was outside anything in her experience. Even in the throes of passion with Keith, there was a part of her walled off from him. It felt good, of course, but there was never anything remotely like this burning need. Now, she was totally open, totally exposed, all the inner walls shaken down by the massive bursts of pleasure. She didn’t just want Dee to keep it up, she needed it, had to have it, in the same way an addict had to have their fix.

Dee seemed to be happy to give her what she needed and, in no time, a soul-blasting orgasm blotted her consciousness from the world.


“Wake up, baby, the sun’s down.”


“It’s time to hit the road,” Dee said with an amused expression.

“Huh? What! What happened?” Emily said as she sat up.

“You passed out, babe. I was pretty worn out too, so I just curled up and slept. The whole day’s gone by, so get your rags on and let’s blow this place,” Dee said, shouldering her gear.

Emily jumped up, and her eyes scanned the room hurriedly. She found her panties on the floor, by the television. Her dress was rumpled from sleeping in it. And from other things, she thought with a wry grin. The chaps were at the foot of the bed and, once she stepped into her panties, she quickly put them on. As she left the room, Emily shrugged into the jacket Dee had loaned her. She glanced back once before pulling the door closed, trying to remember the details of the small room where she made it with another woman for the first time.

She put her helmet on as she sat behind Dee, and the tall woman attached the wires to the control panel before cranking the big bike.

That vertigo-like feeling hit her when Dee got the big bike to the onramp and accelerated. Emily wrapped her arms around Dee and leaned in tight, as the wind picked up and the road blurred past. For a long while, she just held on and enjoyed the ride, but, eventually, her curiosity got the better of her, and her hands slipped down to Dee’s crotch. She wasn’t totally surprised to feel a bulge under her leathers, but she did giggle.

“Frisky? Or just curious?” Dee’s disembodied voice asked.

“Not sure. Curious, I think,” Emily said.

“Yeah, it’s there, and yeah, I wear it all the time.”


“Dunno,” Dee replied after a long pause Emily took to be introspection. “I guess ’cause you never know when you’ll find a girl in the mood and it fucks everything up if you have to stop and load up.”

“Do you always use it? I mean when you have sex with a girl?” Emily said, feeling her blush rise as the intimate interrogation continued.

“Nah, not every girl wants to get fucked. Some just like it the old fashioned way.”

“Old fashioned way?”

“Yeah, tongue in groove,” Dee said with a short bark that Emily knew had to be laughter.

“Which do you prefer?”

“Don’t make me no never mind, tongue, fingers, strap-on, as long as my girl gets off.”

“But which do you prefer?”

“Never really thought about it. Never had a girl who really gave a damn about how I felt. Why do you ask?”

“I do,” Emily replied in a small voice. Dee was quiet for a long time, so long Emily wondered if she had said something wrong.

“You’re a real sweetheart,” she said at last. “The kinda girl I can only dream about having. If you’re really interested in what gets me off and you aren’t in too much of a hurry to get to Nawlins, we can stop for the day in Birmingham.”

“I… I think I’d like that,” Emily said, blushing furiously and hugging Dee tightly.

“Tell me about yourself,” Dee said.

“There isn’t much to tell really, I’m kinda boring.”

“Tell me anyway. Even if you don’t think it’s interesting, it is to me. I’m on the road most of the time. I love riding, but it gets lonely sometimes.”

Emily shrugged and started to talk. She wasn’t sure what Dee wanted, but, after a while, she came to feel it didn’t matter what she said. That wasn’t to say Dee wasn’t interested in her; she knew instinctively that the big biker was, but Emily just had the gut feeling that Dee was lonely and hearing another voice was as important as what that voice might be saying. So she talked, long into the night, telling the big woman her whole life story and a lot more about her hopes and dreams than she had ever told anyone before. The long night passed slowly as the miles rolled by, and Emily kept talking, perhaps as much for herself as for her companion, by the end of the road.


Dee pulled into a huge autoplex outside of Birmingham. She stopped the bike at a pump and Emily, still shaky from the ride, dismounted, and stumbled into the massive building that housed shops, restaurants, showers, an arcade, and all the other amenities long-haul truckers might need. The place was pretty empty at this hour, but a few men gave her interested looks as she made her way to the ladies’ room.

She got more looks on her way back out, but no one approached her, and Dee was waiting on the bike when she got back to the pumps. The big woman had a cell phone to her ear, and was conversing in hushed tones. When she finished, she put the cell in her jacket pocket and looked hard at Emily.

“We got problems, kiddo,” she said.

“What?” Emily replied.

“Never mind, I’ll explain once we get a room,” Dee said.

They returned to the highway and Dee took the 459 exit to go around the city proper. It was early morning, now, and traffic was picking up. Emily had to close her eyes again, as sleek sports cars passed them like they were sitting still. They seemed so close, and Emily could feel the bike fighting the rush of air as they shot past. She was glad when Dee got off the highway and pulled into the parking lot of a small economy hotel.

Once in the room, Dee locked herself in the bathroom with her cell phone and, for a long time, Emily just lay on the bed as the quiet conversation filtered through the door. She didn’t catch any words, and turned on the television when she realized she was unintentionally trying to eavesdrop. Dee came out about half an hour later, and tossed her jacket on the chair in the corner of the small room.

“I’m sorry kiddo, I don’t think I am going to be able to take you to Nawlins after all,” she said slowly.

“Why not?” Emily asked, feeling her heart sink.

“Well, I gotta pick up some things for one of the sisters I ride with. I don’t think you want to get involved.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh hell,” Dee snorted. “Cards on the table, Emily, can’t believe I am telling you this shit, but for whatever reason I trust you. I’m picking up some drugs from a dealer here. Hetty has a buyer in Nawlins right now, and since I am here, she asked me to bring it over. It’s not a big deal, I’ve carried a lot more and the risks are pretty minimal, but you’re a good kid and if something goes wrong I don’t want you picking up a drug conviction. I’ve done some time and it ain’t a big deal to me, but a sweet thing like you… they’d rip you up good on the inside.”

Emily chewed on her bottom lip as she considered that. She wasn’t as naïve as Dee supposed. Most of her boy friends were recreational users, and Keith was actually a smalltime dealer at college. In fact, he had slipped some into her purse once, when they had been pulled over at a routine roadblock. She had been livid when they got home and she found out, but nothing bad had come of it. Funny how he had been perfectly willing to used her, and possibly ruin her life, while this almost complete stranger wasn’t willing to get her involved. The problem was that she was already involved. Not with drug trafficking, but with Dee. Realization hit her like a ton of bricks.

“I don’t really care,” she said at last.

“About what?” Dee asked as she raised an eyebrow.

“About the consequences,” she replied after a short pause. “I’d rather stay with you and run the risks than try to hitch from here to New Orleans. If it’s okay with you?”

Dee smiled a little self-mocking smile and put her arms around Emily.

“I’m glad you feel that way, I wasn’t relishing the ride alone,” she said softly.

“I don’t know what I feel, or how I feel… Well, I know how I feel, I just don’t know what it means. Or, maybe that’s not it. I’m so confused. I just know I’d rather be with you than away from you. I guess I’m not making much sense, am I?”

“No, but that’s okay,” Dee said smiling brilliantly before she leaned down and kissed Emily soundly. When the kiss broke, Dee scooped Emily up in her arms and dumped the small girl on the bed. Emily watched expectantly as Dee stripped off her boots, pants, and boxers, leaving only her t-shirt and the harness.

Standing there like that, she looked almost like a guy, Emily mused. Almost, but not quite. There was too much in her eyes. They spoke of love, tenderness, caring, concern, in a way no man’s she had ever encountered had.

Dee pulled up a chair and sat down with her legs spread wide and slowly stroked the black dildo.

“How ’bout a striptease?” she said, and smiled broadly when Emily blushed.

Dee reached across the small table and turned on the radio. It wasn’t dance music, but Emily tried to get the beat. Once she did, she began to sway seductively, but broke out into a fit of giggles and hid her face in her hands when she tried to reach back and undo her dress. Dee laughed with her and changed the station to a hip-hop channel. Emily picked up the beat and began to move again.

She wanted to be sexy and seductive, but she felt like an utter fool. She knew she was blushing beet red, and that only added to her sense of looking silly rather than sexy. She started to just give up several times, but the look in Dee’s eyes kept her going. Those eyes were hungry, not amused. They made her feel sexy, even as she felt foolish. Thankfully, she wasn’t wearing much and was able to finish before she lost control and gave in to the feeling that she was making a fool of herself.

Dee was all smiles as she motioned for Emily to come sit on her lap. Emily moved to the chair and carefully climbed into Dee’s lap.

Dee grasped the base of the dildo and held it up as Emily gingerly rose up on her knees. Dee pushed the fat head between Emily’s legs, rubbing it along her lips until it seated at her entrance. Emily wiggled her hips a little, and then slowly lowered herself onto it. She felt the big head strain the muscles at the entrance to her canal, but it was momentary. She was very wet and, once it passed, she took the rest in easily. Her hips were on Dee’s, soon, and the black woman grasped her waist.

“Get off your knees, baby, put your legs through the arms,” she said and rose slightly, holding Emily tightly to her. The coed straightened her legs and pushed them under the steel arms of the chair. Dee settled back onto the seat and smiled. In this position, Emily was almost able to look at her eye to eye.

Dee’s hands trailed up from her hips to her shoulders, and then pulled her close for a kiss. As their lips met, Emily felt the dildo move slightly within her. She felt deliciously full, and Dee’s tongue invading her mouth sent shivers down her spine. Dee’s hand slipped around her body and gently kneaded her breast. Emily moaned softly into her lover’s mouth, adjusted her hips. The slight movements she could make were just enough to cause the dildo to stir in her.

Emily’s hands were still on Dee’s shoulders, and she marveled at how soft and silky her skin was, compared to the firmness of the muscles underneath. Contrasts. Dee was all about contrasts, she thought. Not just the obvious contrasts, like the sexy way her dark skin looked compared to Emily’s. She was strong and tough, but so gentle and tender. Confident and capable, yet understated. She could scare the small coed to death with her anger, but, somehow, she always felt safe in her presence. Her kiss was demanding, but her hands so loving. She appeared to be the consummate loner, but Emily could tell that she was lonely too. Enigmatic, but in a way that made her want to unravel the mysteries.

Her mind was ripped from such thoughts when Dee’s hand slipped from her waist, to her ass. A long finger pushed between the soft globes and began to gently massage her anus. She moaned again and pushed back against it, only to discover this made the dildo move even more. With her feet flat on the floor to gain some purchase, Emily slowly began to grind her hips in Dee’s lap.

Dee broke the kiss after several minutes and lowered her head to Emily’s breast. She took the stiff nipple into her mouth and began to suck and roll her tongue over it. Emily’s hips seemed to develop a mind of their own and soon she was undulating in Dee’s lap, making the dildo move and brush her clit on Dee’s harness.

A slow fuck. Body to body, face to face, with a lot of kissing, hugging and touching. Emily had never experienced anything like it before. Sex had always been violent, frenetic, and urgent. This was soft and sweet, with no sense of urgency on either part. The sensations built slowly, piling up on each other, until becoming unbearably pleasurable, but, even on the brink of orgasm, the overwhelming feeling was of closeness, tenderness and love. Her orgasms had always been violent affairs, powerful and shattering, but this one was different. Like a stone cast into a still pool produced ripples that slowly spread to the edges. It started with a soft burst of pleasure that slowly moved through her, spreading from her toes to the hairs on her head. The experience was exquisite, and afterwards, as she came down in Dee’s lap, she felt like she did after a gentle spring rain: calm, happy, content, right with the world.

Dee picked her up and carried her to the bed, with the cock still buried in her. She gently put Emily down, settled on top of her, and began to fuck the tiny brunette. Long, smooth strokes, designed to bring her maximum pleasure. Emily looked up at the biker’s face. It was set in a grimace, but the eyes were smiling and kind. She came a second time, under that slow assault, and a third, before Dee rolled off of her and held her tightly. She drifted off to sleep, totally satisfied. The only thing clouding that feeling was a nagging guilty sensation, when she realized Dee hadn’t cum.


I-55 merged into I-10 in the small town of Biloxi. The once pristine shoreline was now lined with casinos, and if they had arrived while it was still dark, the whole oceanfront would have been glowing in wild neon light. Dawn had already broken, and the big buildings looked desolate and forlorn, adding to the slightly dirty and rundown feel of the place.

Dee slipped the bike into the westbound lane of I-10 and accelerated, quickly passing the few cars on the road and breaking into a long open stretch. They passed a beautiful white lighthouse before the ocean, with its clean salty smell, gave way to thick green undergrowth.

The skyline of New Orleans was dazzling in the rays of the rising sun, as they crossed into the city limits. Emily had never seen New Orleans before and, for a short distance, she gawked like a tourist, turning her head this way and that.

“Where yo friends at?” Dee asked. It was the first words she had uttered since Birmingham.

“We’re staying in the Key Largo de Monte Cristo, but I have no clue where it is.”

“I do, it’s a roach trap over in Kenner. Vacationing on the cheap?”

“Yeah, none of us have much money,” Emily replied. Her journey with the tall woman was coming to an end. Part of her was happy to have finally arrived, she wanted to see her friends again, but another big part of her was sad. She felt the urge to just say fuck it and ride along with Dee wherever the road led. She was surprised when the big bike came to a stop and she found herself in the parking lot of a really rundown motel.

“End of the line, baby,” Dee said, and then removed her helmet. Emily removed hers and stood to stretch. She took off the jacket and chaps, while Dee just sat and watched her.

“I can’t thank you enough for the ride,” Emily said. She wanted to say so much more, but suddenly felt very shy and self-conscious.

“Don’t mention it,” Dee said. She seemed to be ready to say something too, but hesitated, and then they both stood there in the warm sun.

When the silence became very awkward, Emily stepped forward and hugged the biker. It was meant to be just a thank you hug, but Dee’s arms went around her and the bikers lips pressed to her own. She parted her lips and sucked on Dee’s tongue and, during that kiss, she almost convinced herself that she wanted to stay with this enigmatic woman more than anything in the world. When the kiss broke, Dee smiled and fished something out of her jacket pocket.

“Been a long time since I met a sweetie like you. I think I could be damned happy to have you along all the time, but you aren’t ready for that yet,” she said. After a short pause, she continued. “This card has my cell number on it. I’ll be staying with some friends over in Slidell, for a few days. If you go back to your friends and things work out, you can lose it, but if you decide that maybe the wild side is what you really want… well, call me. I’ll be here in no time. Take care, kiddo.”

Dee put her helmet back on, and roared off. Emily’s heart seemed to go with her. She felt very small, very lonely, and totally unhappy, standing alone in that parking lot.

The clerk directed her to the room her friends were staying in. When she knocked, Donna opened the door. She looked green, and her eyes were bleary. She motioned for Emily to enter and returned to the bathroom. Rachel was passed out, half-naked on the bed. Emily was tired, but strung-out from the road. She curled up on the empty bed as Donna wretched in the bathroom. It took her a long time to finally go to sleep and, even when she finally did, her dreams were chaotic and disturbing.


The nightclub was filled with college students out to have a good time, and the dance floor was so tightly packed with bodies that Emily doubted a snake could get across.

She sat at a large table, along with Donna and Rachel, holding the guys’ seats. Donna, black leather mini, fishnet hose, corset top, black stilettos, had really gone for the Goth look, tonight, with pale skin accented by dark red lips and nails and her normally brown hair dyed black and worn long. At least it made it easier to hide the fact that she was still pale from last night’s drunkenness, Emily thought. Rachel, wearing a little black dress with moderate heels, had her red hair caught up, and her green eyes sparkled in the flashing lights.

Emily has dressed down, in tight jeans and a pink halter-top. Her friends were chatting away, but she was only half listening, her mind a thousand miles away. If she had to be honest, it was on a bike, somewhere in the velvety night, with Dee.

The guys showed up late and already roaring drunk. Keith was the ringleader, only five six and thin even at that height, but always the most bombed, the most blasted, the most belligerent. His black hair was long, and the scraggly attempt at a goatee was almost comical, Emily realized. Burt, about a foot taller, was solid muscle. He drank less than Keith, but only slightly less, and Emily hated when he was even around. He was just mean, something deep down in him was evil. She had no better way to put it. Toby, or Goat, as they called him, was probably the worst of the lot: short, stout, and simply vicious. Emily knew he regularly beat Rach, taking out on her all the crap he took from Keith and Burt. She wasn’t in much of a position to say anything about it, though.

“Well well, seems you made it after all,” Keith said when he saw Emily.

“Record time too,” Burt added.

“How many dicks you have to suck?” Goat finished, causing the other two to laugh out loud.

“Yeah babe, how long I gotta wait till you’re clean?”

“Actually, I rode the whole way with a woman, and as for me being clean, it shouldn’t matter to you. It will be a cold day in hell before you touch me again,” Emily spat.

“Aww, be cool babe, was just a little joke,” Keith said as he sat down and lit up a cigarette.

“Some joke,” Emily said, but let it slide. She didn’t feel like arguing. In fact, she didn’t even know why she was here. She pondered how strange it was that a single experience could change her perception so much. Three days ago, she was looking forward to this, the clubs, her friends, her boyfriend, being in New Orleans for spring break. Now she not only found that it wasn’t any fun, but it wasn’t even interesting. As the night wore on, her mind turned more and more to Dee. With her, every moment had been exciting, every experience had been new and different and the strong sexual tension between them had lead to such mind-blowing sex.

Around two in the morning, Keith scooted his chair over and put his arm around her. She could smell the whiskey on his breath, and his clammy touch made her skin crawl. When he grabbed her head and tried to kiss her, Emily actually gagged.

“What the fuck is up with you?” he demanded, loudly enough so that people at tables nearby stared. Emily pushed his arm off her shoulders and scooted her chair away from his.

“I told you not to touch me. It’s over, Keith. I’m sick of you, sick of your abuse, and sick of your poor performance in the sack,” Emily spat.

“What the fuck? It was just a fucking joke! Quit being such a bitch and come here,” he shouted, reaching out and painfully grabbing her arm. Emily slapped him hard, trying to get him to let go of her, and he reared back and punched her in the face. She crashed to the floor, and lay there in a heap. Keith jumped up, but, before he could move towards her, a commanding voice with a thick southern accent cut through the suddenly silent club.

“I wouldn’t.”

All eyes turned to look at the speaker. He was a large man, in his mid fifties, with a silver crew cut and a bit of a pot gut. His arms were huge and he wore a dilapidated leather jacket with all kinds of military patches.

“Who the fuck asked you?” Keith screamed.

“Don’t know where you’re from, son, but down here we don’t hit women. Some of us take it as an offense and the only reason I haven’t taken you out back and whipped your ass is because I don’t feel like spending the night in the drunk tank. But if you’re bound and determined to get fucked up,” he said as he rose heavily from his seat, “you just make another move towards that lady.”

Keith might have been willing to risk fighting one old man, but a large black fellow wearing a Special Forces tunic stood up beside him, as well as two younger men in dress greens.

Beating Emily up was one thing, as was tackling an old may with Burt and Goat there, but a face-off against four men, all of them obviously military, was way too much and Keith had to back down.

“You all right, lady?” the old man said as he helped Emily to her feet.

“I think so,” she replied hesitantly. She knew she would have a nasty bruise under her eye, but otherwise she was all right

“Need a ride home?” he asked. Emily pulled her cell phone out of her purse, but frowned when the no signal light came on.

“No, I just need to get to a phone. I came down here with him and don’t have a ride back to Syracuse.”

“Got someone you can call?”


The old man reached into his pocket and brought out a handful of quarters. He put them in Emily’s hand and pointed toward the back.

“Payphone’s by the ladies’ room.”

“Thank you,” Emily said, impulsively hugging the man. He smiled awkwardly and patted her hand. After she let go of him, he turned back to Keith.

“You so much as look crossways at her, boy, and you’ll wish your Yankee ass was back in Noo-Yark,” the old fellow said as he and his friends sat back down.

Emily made her way back to the bathrooms and found a dilapidated payphone. She put three quarters in and dialed the number on the back of the card Dee had given her. It rang three times before someone picked up.

“Yeah?” an unfamiliar voice said.


“Spit it out,” the voice replied impatiently when Emily hesitated.

“I’m looking for Dee,” she managed.

“No shit? I thought you were looking for the President of the United States. ‘Course you’re looking for Dee, this is her cell, but who the fuck are you and why do you want to talk to her?”

“I’m Emily… and she told me to call if…”

“Hang on,” the voice interrupted. The woman must have held the phone away from her mouth, but Emily distinctly heard her when she called out. “Hey, Dee, some bitch named Emily, should I hang up on her?”

After a few seconds, Dee’s voice came over the line.

“Hey, kiddo, what’s up?”

“Who was that?”

“Oh, Hetty?” Dee said with a chuckle. “She’s one of the girls, hates phones. She can be a real bitch sometimes, but she’s got a heart of gold. So, what’s up? Why ya callin?”

“Keith hit me, tonight. He’s drunk and abusive. I don’t have anywhere to stay and no ride home. I didn’t have anyone else to call.”

“Hit you? Like slapped you?” Dee said, her voice taking on a hard edge.

“No, he punched me.”

“Where are you?” the biker replied, her voice like ice.

“Johnny K’s, in the quarter,” Emily said.

“Do you know your way around?”

“No, I can’t even get back to the motel, we took a cab,” she replied.

“Listen, I’m on my way. You just stay put and I’ll meet you,” Dee said.

“I can’t stay here, Dee. Some nice man stopped him from hurting me, but Keith and them are still here and I don’t feel safe.”

“All right girl, you got a pen and paper handy?”

A few seconds later, once Emily had found them in her small bag, Dee gave her directions to Jackson Square.

“It’s late and kinda dangerous to be out walking alone, you be careful,” was the last thing Dee said before she hung up.

Emily made her way across the bar and out the front door. She noticed Keith and her friends were gone, but couldn’t waste time. She just had to get out of that place. As she walked away from the crowds on Bourbon, the streets became emptier and quieter. A couple of times she thought she heard footsteps behind her, but when she turned there was nothing.

She was actually within sight of the tall steeple of the old cathedral when she heard a rush of feet and was slammed hard to the pavement. A hand over her mouth muffled her scream and she only got a glimpse of Keith’s rage-contorted face, before she was dragged through an alley and into a deserted parking lot. Rachel and Donna were there, terrified and helpless, and Burt and the Goat were both leering at her.

“Gimme a hand with the bitch,” Keith hissed as Emily cleared the cobwebs from her head and began to struggle. Emily got part of Keith’s hand in her mouth and bit down until she tasted blood. He cursed and jerked his hand away. Emily only got a partial call for help out before Burt delivered a brutal backhanded slap that made her see stars. She was only vaguely aware of Goat ripping her halter off and could do little to stop him from starting on her jeans, because Keith still held her arms pinioned behind her back.

“Think you’re gonna embarrass me and then just walk away scot free, bitch? Do ya? Think you can tell people I’m no good in bed? I’m gonna fuck you like the slut you are,” He screamed. “Then I’m gonna let the guys have a turn, and then you can suck your way back to school, you cunt. There’s gonna be some changes with us. No fucking bitch walks out on me!” His voice was so shrill it covered the noise of the nearly idling motor that was approaching from the direction of Jackson Square.

Suddenly a single harsh light came on and illuminated them all. A soft, feminine chuckle echoed, as the darkened figure put the kickstand down and dismounted from the motorcycle.

“What’s so funny, bitch?” Keith shouted. Emily could see his face now, could read in his wild eyes that he had been hitting the amphetamines.

“You three limp-dicked white boys thinking you got a prayer of pleasing a woman like that,” the figure replied. Emily groaned when she recognized Dee’s voice.

“Get on your fucking bike and scram, unless you want to join her,” Keith snarled.

“Oh, I’m going to join her all right, in my bed. I’m only going to say it once, you little piece of shit, get your hands off my bitch,” Dee said, her voice going from amused too deadly serious in the space of that one sentence.

“Your bitch?” Keith said quizzically, and then turned his face back to his captive. “So that’s it? You been eating pussy on the way down here? Hell, fucking you will be doing you a favor,” he laughed, joined by Goat and Burt. “Why don’t you two go take care of her friend,” he continued. “There’ll be plenty left here when I’m done.”

Burt and Goat started towards Dee, and Emily struggled to get free. More than anything, she didn’t want the tall woman hurt.

“Always wanted to try some dark meat,” Burt said as he cracked his knuckles. Goat giggled hysterically and moved in on Dee.

The tall black woman was still laughing quietly to herself, but stopped when the two men got close. Burt and Goat were almost on her when she exploded into action. One second she was standing there, calm and quiet. The next she was a whirling dervish, lashing out with a two-foot long section of bike chain she had been concealing under her jacket. Burt screamed the most horrible scream Emily had ever heard when the whirling chain caught him across the face and laid his cheek open to the bone. A well-placed kick to Goat’s privates tore a high-pitched screech out of him. The lashing chain caught him across the nose, and a fountain of blood went up in the stark illumination of the headlight. Just like that, the Goat was out of it.

Dee turned her fury on Burt, then, and the chain landed again and again. Emily heard ribs crack and bones break and, in a few short seconds, the big man was a bleeding ball on the ground, curled up in a fetal position, and whimpering pitifully. Emily realized that Dee must have seen him slap her, and if she hadn’t been so worried about herself, she might have felt pity for him when Dee began to kick him viciously with her heavy boots. There was a terrible sound, as one of her kicks broke more ribs, and then Dee stopped.

She turned to Keith and chuckled again. It was a strange laugh, outwardly almost amused, but Emily could sense the rage it was hiding.

“Amateurs. My first bitch could have taken all three of you and she was a pure-dee bit of fluff.”

Keith was still holding Emily’s arms behind her, but his breathing was ragged and she realized he was actually scared. She could smell the alcohol and sweat, but mostly, she could smell his fear, and it sickened her.

“I believe I already told you once, boy-bitch, get your hands off my woman.”

Keith released her arms and Emily ran to Dee. The tall woman’s arm went around her waist and held her close. Keith took the opportunity to turn and run the other way. Dee made no move to stop him, now she had her girl, and dropped the bloody chain.

“You all right, baby?” Dee asked, her voice suddenly soft and concerned. Emily just started to sob. She was embarrassed by her tears, but she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t tell if the sobs were relief, gratitude, or fear, and it didn’t really matter. With Dee’s strong arm around her, she felt safe; she knew that nothing could hurt her now.

Dee whispered endearments to her ear as she guided the smaller girl over to her bike. She picked Emily up and sat her on the seat, and then she opened her saddlebag to retrieve a small military-style first-aid kit. The big woman removed her heavy jacket and helped Emily into it, partially zipping the front to cover her bare chest. She then cleaned up the cuts with a tenderness that was touching. Emily was racked by sobs and shaking. Dee pulled out a syringe and deftly injected something into her arm. When she was done, she put the first-aid kit away, pulled out the pink helmet, and helped Emily put it on, before mounting up and driving away, the last thing Emily saw was Rachel and Donna, kneeling over their boyfriends.

Dee said little during that ride, and Emily was grateful for the silence. Her heartbeat finally slowed, and the last of her tears fell. By the time Dee pulled up in front of a big building with graffiti all over, Emily was feeling very drowsy. Dee picked her up in her arms and carried her through the front door.

She saw a lot of women, some in leathers, and others in little bits of nothing. Some were playing pool and others were sitting around a bong surrounded by a wreath of smoke. A radio was blasting, but she didn’t hear what it was playing. All the images were disjointed; her vision seemed fuzzy, soft around the edges, like a love scene on TV. Dee didn’t slow down to let her take stock of the place, but carried her upstairs and to a small room, where she gently placed Emily on a king-sized bed.

“What did you give me?” Emily mumbled as she slumped over on her side.

“Just relax, baby, it’s nothing bad. Just a strong sedative to let you rest,” Dee said as she pulled Emily back up and helped her out of the jacket. The big woman removed Emily’s jeans and shoes next. She pulled the covers back and then tucked Emily in with almost motherly care.

“Don’t leave me,” Emily murmured when the tall biker turned towards the door. Dee nodded and quickly stripped before lying down beside Emily. The small girl noticed in her haze that Dee also removed the harness. It was the first time she had ever seen the lean biker without it.

“It’s all right, baby, just got to sleep. Momma’s right here,” Dee whispered, her arm protectively wrapped over Emily’s waist.


Emily woke to find herself staring at Dee’s breast.

It took her a while to piece together how she had gotten here; her memories of the previous night were all very hazy. She was pretty sure that was due to the drug Dee had given her, and considering how awful what she did remember made her feel, she was grateful to not remember. Dee was breathing regularly, and Emily found herself watching the black woman’s nipple in fascination. It was small, very dark, and surrounded by an aureole about the size of a quarter. Moved by something she didn’t quite understand, she gently licked it once.

The action produced no response that she could discern. Feeling very much like a naughty child playing with something she wasn’t supposed to, Emily flicked her tongue out again and ran it over the soft nipple. Still no reaction from Dee, but the nipple began to stiffen before her eyes. Emily, very slowly and very gently, licked the entire nipple and aureole, then, feeling the soft skin pucker and the nipple harden. When this produced no reaction from Dee, Emily bit her lower lip and cocked her head.

Making a decision, she moved her head slightly forward and up, and enveloped the nipple. She just held it in her mouth, waiting tensely for any reaction from Dee. When none was forthcoming, she gently sucked.

Dee moaned softly in her sleep. Emily stopped sucking immediately, but still held the biker’s nipple in her mouth. When she was sure Dee hadn’t woken up, she began to gently suckle, occasionally rolling her tongue over the rubbery nipple, and thrilling to its texture and taste. Dee moaned again, and then whimpered softly. The sounds were like music to Emily’s ears, and she tongued the now stiff nipple ardently. Dee inhaled deeply and a shudder ran through her lithe frame. She rolled over onto her back, pulling her nipple from Emily’s mouth with an audible pop. Emily held her breath, but slowly, Dee’s breathing became regular, and she seemed to return to deep sleep.

Emily carefully raised herself up on her elbow and bent her head to take Dee’s stiff nipple back into her mouth. She sucked gently, letting her free hand very gently cup Dee’s pussy. With extremely slow and restrained motions, she began to massage the black woman’s mound as she suckled on her nipple. Dee moaned again and spread her legs, involuntarily allowing Emily better access to her now damp pussy. Emily was surprised when her fingers slipped between Dee’s lips. She could feel the silky skin, and slick dampness, and she quickened her motions. Dee moaned loudly, her hips began to jog.

“What the fuck?” she suddenly exclaimed. Emily redoubled her efforts now that Dee was awake, sliding her fingers into and out of the lithe woman’s pussy, fast and hard, as she lashed the nipple with her tongue.

“Oh fuck! Shit! Goddamn… Don’t stop baby,” Dee groaned. With one arm locked around Emily’s shoulders, she pulled the small girl tightly to her thrashing body, groaning. Her body went rigid suddenly, and then exploded into frenetic writing, as orgasm washed over her.

When she finally relaxed, Emily allowed herself to be pulled back into the crook of Dee’s arm. The black woman sighed and then kissed her nose.

“What was that all about?” Dee asked finally.

“I wanted to thank you, for last night, for everything. You never seem to let your guard down and just enjoy sex, so I decided to try to get you when you weren’t prepared. I hope you aren’t mad?”

“No baby, I’m far from mad. Pleasantly surprised, touched, a little worn out, but definitely not mad.”

Emily smiled and snuggled up closer to Dee. They had both almost drifted back to sleep when a shrill beep startled them both.

“What the hell?” Dee shouted.

“It’s my cell,” Emily said as she jumped out of bed and pulled the now wildly beeping phone from her purse.

When she hung up, her brow was knit in concentration. Dee looked at her and smiled at the cute way she chewed on her lower lip when thinking.

“What is it?”

“It’s Donna. Keith took the car and left them both stranded at the hotel. Didn’t even pay the bill. Burt is still in the hospital, but Goat beat Rach up pretty bad, and Keith slapped Donna around when she tried to stop him.

“So? What’s it to you? Those two would have just stood there and let you get raped,” Dee said. She was already stepping into her pants, with her back turned to the small brunette.

“I know,” she said slowly, “And I should probably be mad at them both, but I can’t. They’re my friends and if I hadn’t met you I would still be there with them. Taking my beatings and being too unsure of myself to leave. They called me because I’m the only one they have to turn to. I don’t see how I can help them, though.”

Dee shrugged into her jacket and then picked Emily up and tossed her onto the bed. She jumped on the smaller woman and settled on top of her as their lips met and they kissed deeply. When the kiss broke, Dee smiled down on her and ruffled her hair.

“I suppose I can get Hetty and Jenna to take a drive over to Kenner with us and get your girls.” Dee said smiling. Emily didn’t know what to say, she was so touched by Dee’s generosity and compassion. She didn’t know what to say, but she suddenly understood what she felt, what her heart had been trying to tell her since Birmingham.

“I love you,” she whispered.

Dee seemed genuinely taken aback for a second, and then blushed.

“I love you too, Emily,” she said. She seemed embarrassed, but smiled playfully.

“I hope those two are as good in bed as you are.”

“Why? Am I not enough for you?” Emily asked with a petulant frown. Dee burst out laughing and kissed her nose before replying.

“Oh, I’m fine with just you, but if they stay here and want to sleep in a bed, they’ll be sharing it with someone,” Dee said, still chuckling.

“They can fend for themselves, as long as they keep their eyes off mine,” Emily said with a serene smile on her pretty face.

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