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Ricky Inside Me

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Ricky is simply a superb lover. He treats me to the best sexual experiences I have ever had. I get throbbing hard and dreamy-eyed when I think about having Ricky inside me. This is an account of how it goes down when we get together for some fun.

Usually we’ll chill on a Friday night at home, have a few cold Coronas and pop in a video. We like to kick back on Ricky’s black leather sofa, usually just in athletic shorts, no underwear.

It usually doesn’t take long before we get excited and start reaching for each other’s cocks. His is so nice – cut, fully 9 inches when erect and so thick with a beautiful, big mushroom head. It’s only minutes before I move my head down into his lap to get that tool in my mouth.

The soft leather feels cool on my bare skin and the rich smell combined with the musky maleness of Ricky’s crotch is making me ache for him. I lift my head up off his lap, letting his hard tool slide off my tongue. As the tender head passes my lips, I gently squeeze and he moans.

“I really want you inside me now” I manage between pants. Ricky smiles, “OK, I’m ready, too.”

As I rise up, he settles back into the sofa back, his cock looks so huge and thick; I wonder how I manage to take it in me. Facing Ricky, I straddle him with my knees on the sofa to either side of him. He takes my ass cheeks in his hands, spreading them as I aim his hard missile directly at my hot, hungry target. As I feel the head of his cock contact my lube-slippery hole, I rub it up and down and around my waiting ass-pussy, readying myself for that sharp poke of initial penetration.

Ricky looks directly into my eyes as I lower ever so slightly and his thick cockhead splits me. He playfully thrusts up slightly, sending his mushroom cap past my ring. Wincing, I gasp out, “easy!” and I rise up, pulling his unit from my quivering hole. My heart is pounding and my breathing is in quick pants. I want him inside me right now, but going slowly now opens me up to take his thick shaft all the way.

My breathing is more even now and I relax a bit and with Ricky still holding my ass apart, I guide him into my hole once more. The sharp stab is not as intense this time and I lower onto him, taking an inch or two of his fat cock into my rectum. I smile and rise up again taking him all the way out of me.

“You’re teasing me now” Ricky moans petulantly. “I thought you wanted me to fuck you.”

“Oh I do,” I whisper as I put his tool back to my backdoor.

My ass-pussy is nice and open now and he pops right in. I shift a little and begin lowering myself onto Ricky’s tremendous cock. It is difficult to describe the experience of taking a man inside you. It is exquisite to feel my ass open up around him as I begin the slow, blissful plunge to the bottom of his pole. It’s like being completely filled with something wonderful and warm. I become hypersensitive inside and it seems as if I can feel every detail of his beautiful rod.

I move my hands and take over the cheek spreading as I continue sinking onto Ricky’s shaft. He moves his hands to my nipples and begins tweaking and tugging on them, making them almost as hard as my cock – or his cock now nearly completely buried in my ass. When his cock reaches my prostate, my cock stiffens and begins dripping precum. One quick gasp later and I feel his balls against my ass cheeks and I know I’m home!

Ricky moans out “mmmm, how you like that, baby? Is that what you wanted, a hard cock in your ass?” It’s all I can do to barely nod my head and pant out “yesssss….”

He lifts himself up to me and puts his arms around me’ pulling us together. We kiss. I feel my cock pressed against his hard, flat stomach and his hard, fat cock deep inside me.

Still locked in this passionate embrace like some gay yoga or male tantric position, I rock my hips back and feel Ricky’s fullness from a new angle that puts more pressure on my prostate. I am leaking more precum on our already sweaty bellies and I start a slow rotating grind on his cock buried inside my ass. This feels divine, this slow circular rhythm feeling Ricky’s cock inside almost splitting me open, but warm and hard. I give my ass a slight squeeze, clinching down on the mammoth dick I am riding.

Ricky pulls his tongue from my mouth long enough to moan in my ear “God you feel so hot inside.”

That excites me to the point that I really want to start fucking. So I rise up and feel his thick shaft begin to slide its way out of my ass-pussy. As I feel the underside of his big cockhead begin to stretch my pussyring from the inside, I squeeze for all I’m worth and slam back down on his wonderful pole. That gets us both going.

Ricky places his big, strong hands on top of my hips and I begin back up, feeling the entire length of his shaft first leaving, then entering my hot, hungry ass-passage again and again. We begin a slow but forceful rhythm that has me banging down onto him hard as he pulls on my hips, forcing himself ever deeper into me. Arching my back while bucking into this slow motion, bareback ride gives a straight shot at my prostate and Ricky pounding away at it has me aching to come.

Sensing my stiffening and my tightening passage, Ricky says to me “slow down, baby. Let’s turn you around like a backwards cowgirl.”

As I rise up off his huge member, my ass suddenly feels very empty, yet I can still feel the entire length of Ricky’s cock, as if my walls are twitching, looking for that lovely tool that moments ago stretched me. Ricky lays on his back, his cock straight up. I bend over him on all fours, my ass towards him.

“Mmmm, looks good from here, baby, nice and swollen. Those are some pouty lips you got there, do you miss me in there?” In answer to that, I position my longing ass-pussy over his shaft and sit down on it all the way in one plunge.

“Ooooohhhhh…..” I moan out as my canal is suddenly filled to the max again. Ricky grabs my ass and begins lifting and pulling me onto him. The length of his shaft plunges into my bowels deeper and deeper as we pick up speed and force.

The sweaty, slapping sounds of my ass meeting his pubes sends me into a trance-like state where all of existence is about this fuck, this cock pounding away in my ass. My senses are as filled as my ass-pussy with the masculine, sweaty, musky smells of our sex. The sounds of our breathing are hard and fast like the cock ride I am getting.

As my head is reeling from the sensory overload, I begin bucking wildly into Ricky’s thrusts his hands pulling me down, down onto him. A shudder builds from deep inside as if my guts are trembling. My ass-pussy is on fire and I begin to spasm uncontrollably. Without breaking our stride, and having not touched my own cock the entire time, I begin cumming all over. Ricky continues fucking me and is grunting like a horse and I am his rider.

“Oh yeah, cowgirl, you go on and shoot your gun, but it ain’t over yet.” With that, he lifts me off his impaling member and once again my ass-pussy is vacant. This time I spasm violently, which Ricky says makes my ass look like it is gasping for air! I feel my hole open and close as if looking for that cock it wants back inside.

My knees are weak and my legs tremble as I try to get up on all fours. Ricky helps me over to the sofa where he bends me over the soft leather cushion, my gaping ass up towards him. “Please come back.” I plead with him to sink himself back into me. He slicks up his rod a little and saddles up behind me.

“Fuck me now! Put it back in me and fuck me some more!” I am moaning and finding my strength again I get a second wind and start pushing back to him. I feel his big head push against my very swollen and tender pussy lips. “Ssssss…. Easy!” I hiss. Ricky presses into me and my hole opens wide for him, beckoning him to penetrate me all the way. Which is exactly what he does. He has me by the hips and sinks his hardness into me in one swift push. I arch back and rotate my ass on his shaft then start bucking into him as he pulls my hips to meet his thrusts. Slowly at first, we build a rhythm and soon Ricky is deep-dicking me wildly. My ass canal feels alternately plugged and open as Ricky pistons in and out of me to his entire length.

Sometimes he pops out when he pulls back, only to reach down and ram his man meat right back in. Those moments really make me know I am getting an ass fucking like no other. When he pulls all the way out and pokes back in, my pussy ring just surrenders to his girth and that sends exquisite jolts through my entire body.

At times during this doggy-style fuckfest, I want to feel all of him for a moment and I will reach back for his ass and pull him into me and hold him there, screaming “IN! IN! OH GOD ALL THE WAY IN!!!” I push back as hard as I can trying to take even more of him into me. I am over the edge in ass-bliss as I can feel every inch of him inside me.

Continuing our rocking and bucking and slamming, Ricky’s breathing is getting faster and he is really pushing hard, slamming all the way into me, then adding an extra “hip thrust” that is brutalizing my prostate until my cock is throbbing and leaking like a faucet. “Don’t come in me yet. Finish me off like a girl.” I say to him and he relaxes a bit, slows down and slowly pulls himself out of my thoroughly stretched out love tunnel.

“Lay back, baby.” Ricky says as he helps to turn me over on the sofa, my ass just hanging off the edge of the cushion. I throw my legs up and hold them back at the knees, making my sore, swollen asshole gape wide open. It feels so empty now and I want him back inside. Ricky points his gun at my easy target and begins to push just his big, fat cockhead in and out of my ass-pussy which makes me crazy with sensation, like my ass ring getting snapped like a rubber band! “Don’t tease me! FUCK ME!” I cry.

I am answered with all of his cock, all the way in. I shudder as he starts to back out again, this time just almost out and slams right back in. Ricky takes my ankles in his strong hands and pushes my legs back as he begins to motor-fuck my ass. He is banging away and it is all I can do to grab the edge of the sofa cushion and pull my self toward his mighty thrusts.

Ricky really knows how to power fuck and he gives me all he’s got for a few minutes more when I feel him stiffen. Unbelievably his cock seems to get bigger inside me and I feel my own spasm begin again. I am totally abandoned to his ramrod fucking and waves of orgasm sweep over my whole body like an earthquake that centers deep in the cavern of my ass. I come again, this time shooting all over Ricky’s stomach and mine.

My anal tremors trigger Ricky’s own orgasm and he thrust into me twice more very hard and then he pushes as deeply into me as he can possibly go and lets out a long, low moan. Suddenly I feel his cock jerk forcibly inside me. Then there is an intense rush of warmth far up inside me as Ricky unloads shot after shot of thick hot sperm way up inside my ass. The warm glow spreads out trough my trembling, quaking body as we hold each other there, his cock still buried as deep in me as possible, my legs wrapped around his waist, locking him in me.

“Don’t pull out yet,” I ask and Ricky lies down on top of me as I put my arms around him. In this moment that I want to last forever, I am trying to pull him all the way inside me to be one unit with my ass filled with him always. For now though, I am filled with his come as his cock softens and eventually slips from my wasted asshole, followed by a steady leakage as we drift off to sleep in each other’s arms. I dream of Ricky inside me.

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Bob wrote

Fuck you lucky bottom to have a man like Ricky fuck you and you fucking yourself on the huge cock and the way you guys fuck in so many positions had me panting and leaking pre-cum. Will think of you two when I get in bed and cum feeling as if I am watching you both have the fuck of your lives till he fills you with his hot cum. Please write more you have away of my mind picturing ever action so clearly.