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Rewarding Wesley

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I sighed the instant I walked through the door. Some women are upset because their boyfriend’s don’t do enough housework. I was upset because mine was doing too much. He knelt on the carpet in front of me; his head bent low, the back of his neck exposed. Usually I placed a thick black collar around that neck, but this morning I had taken it off before going to work.

“I want you to have a day off,” I said to Wesley, stroking his neck and lifting his face to look up at mine. “You are doing a great job, and you deserve a break.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he had replied, his voice meek, as always. When I had first met him, the meek demeanor and submissive behavior had driven me wild with desire. I’d loved the way he lowered his eyes and worshiped my body, not hesitating at all to complete an order I gave him. In my few years as a would-be-Domme I’d never encountered such an obedient submissive, and Wes was a treasure. Great body, great kissable lips, sexy voice.

“Good boy,” I’d smiled, leaning in and kissing his lips. As always, he hardly kissed back, seeming to hold something inside. The passion that I always felt when I kissed him didn’t seem to be returned. His lips allowed mine to ravish them, but did no kissing of their own.

So, happy that my live-in boyfriend slash submissive was going to relax for the day, I had left for work. But upon walking inside, I could see that he had not taken my request seriously at all. It looked like Wes had scrubbed the entire house with a toothbrush, the way it shined.

I didn’t know what to make of this. On one hand I felt terrible that he hadn’t taken the day off. Wes had been living with me and serving me for over a month; it was time for him to have a break. On the other hand I felt angry that he had disobeyed me. I choked on my emotions and turned my attention back towards Wes, his bent head, and his curved back. His skin seemed to shimmer in the dim light, and I was tempted to take him upstairs and allow him to pleasure me. Shaking myself off again I lifted my arms, slipping my coat off my body and hanging it on the coat rack.

“Wes,” I said, softly, “You did a lot today.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he murmured. I could see his lips curving into a small smile. He was happy that he had pleased me.

Walking over towards him again I sank to my knees, taking his face in my hands.

“Wesley,” I said, keeping my voice soft and at what I hoped was a comforting tone. “I didn’t want you to do any work today. I just wanted you to relax.”

Wesley’s eyes met mine, a mixture of fear and excitement flashing across them. “I’m sorry, Mistress,” he said, looking at my face as I frowned at him. “I wanted to please you.”

“There’s more to life than pleasing me, baby,” I said, sitting down on the floor next to him. “Will you stop kneeling and talk to me seriously for a minute?”

Wes didn’t move, his brow furrowed with puzzlement.

“Sit down. Now.” I said, a bit sternly.

This time there was no hesitation. Wesley moved gracefully from his knees, sitting down next to me. He crossed his ankles and held his arms behind his back, thrusting his chest out towards me as if I had bound him in the position. Sighing with frustration I put my arm around him, hugging him towards me almost motherly.

“Wesley,” I said, “I know that we have an odd relationship. But it is a relationship, and I want to be able to be something other than your Domme sometimes. I want to be your girlfriend. Is that possible?”

“If you wish, Mistress,” Wesley said, his body held tight against mine.

“Will you hold me?” I asked, tenderly. But he didn’t move, his arms remaining tight around his back and his legs crossed in front of him. “Please, Wes,” I murmured. “I have never been in the dominant role for this long before, I need to slip out.”

“May I speak, Mistress?” Wesley asked softly. I nodded furiously, wanting more than anything for him to speak. “I want to serve you,” he said. “I don’t mind if you want to slip out of your position…just let me take care of you. I’ll draw you a bath, wash you, cook you dinner…”

I sighed in exasperation.

“That isn’t what I wanted,” I said, taking my arms away from him. Shoulders drooping I walked out of the room, towards the stairs and up to my bedroom. I didn’t know what to do. Was Wesley so far gone in the fantasy that he couldn’t snap into reality again?

I shut my door and sat down on my bed, my head in my hands. This wasn’t a three-hour session that I was used to; this was an every day situation that I’d walked in to. Perhaps when Wesley and I had discussed what we were looking for in our relationship I hadn’t understood what he meant by twenty-four-seven. Maybe he actually did mean nonstop. But this was too intense; if I wanted to keep our relationship going I would have to find some way to make him relax, to take some time for himself, and to get some of his own pleasure back.

By the time I was ready to leave my room I had a plan.

“Wesley,” I said. “I would like to see you in the bedroom at once.”

Obedient as always Wes came walking down the hallway, his arms at his side, and his blonde shaggy hair nearly in his eyes. When he came to me he halted, his hands clasped behind his head and his eyes downcast as usual. Most days this aroused me, but today it almost frightened me. I wasn’t ready for this responsibility; I was barely twenty-five years old, not old enough to have another human life to look after.

Without saying a word I pointed to the bed, and Wes positioned himself in the middle on his stomach, his hands and legs stretched out spread-eagled for anything I might want to do.

“Not tonight,” I said. “Flip over, on your back.”

Wes moved over, rolling to his back, his eyes looking at me in puzzlement. Without meeting his questioning face I walked to the side of the bed, taking one of his wrists with one of my hands and the cuff attached to the bed with another. Snapping it shut, I moved down to his leg, and locked it to the corner of the bed. Walking around him I attached his other two limps in place. One more item, a blindfold, lay on the dresser next to my bed. Climbing up, straddling his body with mine, I covered his eyes with the fabric, locking out his vision.

“You’ve been very bad, Wesley,” I said, still sitting on top of him. I took one of his nipples in each of my hands and began to stroke them softly. He whimpered, as he always did when I played with his chest, but didn’t part his lips at all. “I wanted you to take a break. You work very hard and you deserve a break.”

Wes moaned as my fingers pulled his tiny nipples away from his chest, stretching them out and then letting them relax again. Instead of hurting him I toyed with him, teasing him, running my nails over his skin as I continued.

“Since you won’t give yourself a break, I’m afraid I have to reward you some other way.”

Under me, Wes was breathing heavily. With each breath he took my body rose, and I could feel his skin growing hotter through my pantyhose. That wasn’t the only thing growing; I could feel his cock swelling near my bottom, the head of it prodding my ass.

“Mistress,” Wes whimpered, his hips pushing up towards my body. “Please, I just want to serve you.”

“What are you afraid of, Wes?” I asked him, my voice still soft and gentle. “Just relax. There’s no way you can escape, so just enjoy your reward.”

Squirming restlessly underneath me, Wes whimpered again, his lips parting slightly. I wriggled down his body, rubbing my thighs against him. I knew he loved the feel of the scratchy soft hose against his bare skin, and I used that to my full advantage as I made my way down his trim stomach. Reaching his now fully erect member I stopped my movements, allowing myself just to sit on him as he writhed underneath me.

My boy’s face seemed to be twisted with agony, but I knew he was in no pain. I frowned as his brow furrowed, and his lips pursed tightly together again. He tried to stop moving, I could tell by the way his muscles tightened that he was struggling with himself, but his hips still gyrated softly underneath me.

“Mistress,” he whispered. “Please release me. I want to please you.”

“Just relax,” I said again. “Stop complaining about it or I’ll have to gag you.”

Wesley shut his lips tightly again as I wriggled over his cock, the thickness of it pushing against my pussy. The feel of it aroused me and I could feel myself growing wet as I rubbed myself over his cock, pushing the skin of it around roughly with my body.

Moving once again I shifted myself and crawled backwards down his body, bending over to place soft kisses on his belly as I moved. My chest rubbed softly against his manhood as I licked lightly at his soft skin, kissing him and nipping him, trying to get him to show some reaction other than the swelling of his cock.

He didn’t make a sound, which angered me. I wanted to please him, to reward him for a job well done, but how could I do that if he wouldn’t let me? Shutting my eyes I moved further down his body, between his bound legs, and placed my lips upon his thighs.

The skin of his thighs was slightly moist with perspiration, the smell musty and filling my nostrils. Inhaling deeply of the scent I opened my lips, taking a mouthful of his thigh and sucking on it lightly, lapping at it with my long tongue. Still no reaction from him, his body mostly still, no sounds escaping his mouth.

What was he thinking? Why was this so hard for him? I was angry with myself for not making him do this earlier, and angry with him for not responding in the way I wanted him to. Determined to make him enjoy himself I put my lips around his cock, taking the full length of it into my throat, and sucked on it lightly.

Finally a reaction from him. Wesley pushed his hips up, forcing his cock back into my mouth as I slipped off of it, a moan of pleasure escaping from his lips. As though started by his own loss of control Wesley went silent in mid-moan and his butt fell back on the bed, his hips still once again.

Slowly I moved my mouth off of his staff, giving him what I hoped was a taste of luxury with my tongue as I pulled off of him. Wesley lay on the bed, his head to one side and his chest moving up and down slowly and steadily with his even breaths. Smiling to myself, I thought that my treatment might be having some effect on him. His cock was stiff in front of my face, and I licked my lips at the thought of kissing it again, but instead decided to tease him just a little bit more.

With my long fingers I began to stroke the soft flesh between his legs, running my hand through the crack up between his balls and along his thick cock. Wesley’s tension finally seemed to be melting away, and when he breathed a heavy sigh I smiled to myself and kissed his cock once again. The head tasted salty and I lapped at it momentarily before climbing on top of him, straddling his stomach and looking down at his closed eyes.

“Baby?” I whispered, throatily. “Look at me, sweet heart.”

Almost reluctantly he opened his blue eyes, looking at my face and allowing me to see what he was thinking. His face was a perfect mirror to his emotions, and I loved it. I put my palm to his cheek and stroked his lips, running the pad of my fingers along their softness.

“Are you relaxed, now?” I asked. I bent down, my legs still on either side of him, my breasts brushing against his chest through my blouse. He nodded and I smiled at him. Lifting myself from his large body I stepped to the floor. “I’m going to release you, but I want you to stay right there. We’re still going to have some fun, okay?”

Wesley nodded, his lips slightly parted. I could see the edges of his white teeth between his soft lips, and just a hint of his red tongue. Not bothering to walk around to the other side of the bed, I reached over Wesley’s body to reach the cuff on the opposite side. My cleavage dangled in front of his face, and I heard his breathing become a little heavier as my breasts brushed against him lightly. Smiling to myself I threw the cuff to the floor and straightened out again to reach the nearer one. The cuffs on his feet were soon released, and he was free from his bonds. Wesley lay on the bed, still spread-eagled, as I smiled at him.

“I’m going to get undressed, now,” I told him, reaching for the top button of my blouse.

“May I help you, Mistress?” he asked sweetly.

I shook my head. “Just watch and enjoy, baby,” I suggested, my eyes never leaving his as I undid the six buttons holding my blouse together. Slowly, seductively, I peeled the cloth away from my chest, exposing my white breasts covered with a black lacy bra.

I heard Wes suck in a breath, and my heart fluttered at his excitement. We’d been living together for some time, but he still loved the sight of my body. I slipped the skirt off of my long legs, revealing the matching panties, and kicked it to the side.

“What do you think?” I asked, my voice sugarcoated, as I did a little twirl for Wes.

“You’re beautiful, Mistress,” he whispered, and the sincerity in his voice made me happy.

The insides of my thighs were wet from wanting him, and I took my bra and panties off quickly to get to him sooner. Putting one leg on the bed, I exposed my pussy to him, and stroked it a few times with my middle finger. Wesley licked his lips, and I moved my hand away, crawling the rest of the way on the bed, my body spread out on top of his. My bare breasts pushed against his chest, and I could feel his stiff cock teasing the lips of my pussy.

Bending my head I placed small kisses on his strong neck, teasing the skin of his throat with my tongue. I felt the moan against my lips before I heard it as he writhed underneath me, his hips rising to push the head of his cock into my wet folds. I moaned with him as I felt the smooth cock pushing it’s way inside my body, and laughed even as I pulled away.

“Mistress,” Wesley moaned, his hot breath on my face as I kissed his lips passionately.

“What is it, darling?” I said, smiling into his face.

“I want…” He trailed off, his arms coming up from his sides and wrapping around my torso. It felt so good to be in his arms, I could feel my body molding to his. “I want to taste you, please.”

“If that’s what you want, baby,” I nodded, kissing him again. My tongue ran over his sweet lips and felt the sharp texture of the edges of his teeth.

I shifted my body, kneeling up and turning around so that my bottom was facing Wesley. I backed up until my face was directly over his throbbing cock, my pussy above his lips. Eagerly Wesley’s hands gripped my hips, pulling my body down slowly until he could taste it easily with his mouth. I shut my eyes and moaned at the first feel of his long tongue stroking my nether lips and prodding my most sensitive flesh.

For a few moments I relished the feel of his tongue busily lapping away at my juices, but as soon as I opened my eyes, snapping out of my momentary daze, my mind was locked on the throbbing cock in front of me. There was no teasing involved as I took it into my mouth this time, opening my jaws wide so that I wouldn’t scrape the sensitive flesh with my teeth. Wesley’s gasp heated my pussy as I swallowed the head of his cock, licking at the stiff staff as best I could.

I felt Wesley’s body moving underneath me as he thrust into my mouth. Slowly, smoothly, I pulled my lips up and down on his hard cock, wetting it entirely until I was slipping rather than sucking. His tongue didn’t falter for a minute, and soon I had to stop my sucking to take a deep breath.

“Oh, god, baby,” I hissed, pushing my hips towards his face to get his tongue deeper within my depths. It was not enough though; I wanted his cock in me right that moment.

Against my body’s wishes I moved away from his face, turning back around and directing his hard staff into my wet body with my fingers. I sat straight up, my head thrown back by my desire as I began to ride him, my breasts bouncing as I used every ounce of strength in my legs to move myself up and down.

My movements quickened and my body bent forward, my hips pushing down to impale myself further on the staff.

Wesley’s face was bright red, his mouth glistening with the juices he had licked off of my body. His eyes were shut tight, and I could see his tongue between his open lips. Smiling I shut my eyes again, sitting back up to get his cock deeper inside my body.

My face felt flushed, and I knew that it was. My breasts seemed heavier than ever before as they bounced on my chest, and with a small outcry I came in an explosion of shivers. Muscles spasmed, my pussy tightening around Wesley’s cock.

Wesley’s eyes opened, and my wide one’s met his gaze. I smiled widely, still moving up and down on his cock. Usually we would stop after my orgasm, Wesley settling between my legs to lick up the mess before I fell asleep in the bed. This was for him, however, and I was determined to give him his fullest pleasure.

It didn’t take much, just a few more movements, and I felt Wesley’s body shudder underneath me. A warm feeling filled my body as his cum emptied into my pussy, and I paused in my movements to watch as my sub writhed underneath me in pleasure.

Opening his eyes again, Wesley finally returned my smile. I scooted off him slowly and lay down next to him, our sweaty bodies sticking together on top of the covers. In a wet, sexy mess, I fell asleep.

I woke up in the night, Wesley’s warm breath making the hairs on the back of my neck tingle. I sighed happily and scooted closer to his warm body, relishing the strong arms wrapped around me.

“Mistress,” Wesley said softly, his voice filling my ears.

“Can you call me Sue, baby?” I pleaded, rolling over in his arms to look into his blue eyes.

“Sue,” Wes said, his lips forming the name beautifully. “I love you.”

I brought my lips towards him for a warm kiss.

For the first time since Wesley had submitted to me he seemed to be kissing with passion. His usually soft and plaint lips pushed at mine, dragging something out of me that I didn’t even know had been there. I moaned and pushed my breasts closer to his bare skin, my nipples growing hard almost instantly, and felt a rush of heat flow straight between my legs.

“Oh god,” I murmured, nearly out of breath from the passionate kiss. “I love you.”

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