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Retrenched, Revenge

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Paul could not believe what he was hearing. After 4 years of service, he had believed himself to be an asset to the company. His boss, Richard, now sitting there, spewing the company line, had become a good pal. Yet, here it was.

“… and with the overall downturn showing no signs of recovery in the near term, it is really a last resort that the company has to take affirmative actions to ensure the survival….”

On and on he went. Yet, Paul could not but detect a note of falsehood through it all. After all, only 15% of the staff got laid off, and he was quite sure that within his division, he was one of the top performers. In fact, there was even rumours about his promotion to management this year. Somehow, he felt that Richard had shafted him. Maybe he was feeling insecure, having a strong contender in his team. Some folks can’t handle that. Whatever. There was only one way to deal with this. Paul headed down to his favourite drinking hole.

Always, it seems that when you want most to be drunk, that state of euphoria eludes you. He had been drinking for hours, but it was still early, just 11pm. Worst of all, he was still sober. Looking around him, he almost laughed at the scene. Next to him along the bar counter, a guy was making his move on a pretty young lady. Over at the tables, groups laughed together, unwinding after a day at work. How nice. He did not have to crawl out of bed tomorrow morning.

Just as he turned back to address the problem of a full cup in his hands, he noticed an attractive, dark haired woman walking in. He had seen her before, somewhere. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, sleek long hair, nice short skirt, a white blouse and a light jacket over it. Paul watched as she moved up to the bar and ordered her drink. She moved well, he observed. Nice ass. He thought. Just then, she looked his way and caught him staring. She gave him a small smile, which seemed to speak directly to Little Paul. He twitched. Paul smiled back and went back to his drinking.

Then it hit him. He knew who she was! She was Lydia, wife of the good ole buddy Richard, his once wonderful boss. He saw her look his way again. He raised his glass in a toast, which she returned. Paul walked over to her side of the bar. She watched him as he approached, probably trying to guess the “opening line” that he was going to use.

“Hi, Lydia.” He said. She was surprised. Whatever line she thought he would use, this was not one of them! Paul introduced himself. Obviously, she still did not know what her dear hubby had done. Otherwise, she concealed it well. As they chatted, a nagging idea formed at the back of Paul’s mind.

“Your husband screwed me. Now, I will screw you. And I’ll drop him a thank you note.” He thought.

Paul made sure she had plenty to drink. After all, he was invincible tonight. If anything, he was even more clear headed now. But he could see the alcohol hitting her. She started to laugh a little louder, and he was moving closer and closer to her, not touching, yet he had positioned his seat such that she was sitting directly in front, in between his spread knees. Leaning close, he could smell her perfume, and had nice glimpses of her cleavage. She touched him first, putting her hands on his arms as she giggled at something he said. Turnabout is fair play, so he put his hands on her knees. Two more stiff drinks and she was laughing hysterically on his shoulder and he was rubbing he waist. “Let’s get out of here,” he suggested.

She hesitated, but nodded. She swayed against him as they walked to his car. He grabbed her ass, and fondled the side of her breast as he “helped” her along. He drove straight to a hotel.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“Just somewhere for you to cool off, you can’t go home in this state!” he explained.

“Oh, yeah, right, thanks.” She mumbled.

Thanks indeed. He smiled. He helped her into the room, and got her to sit down on the bed.

“Lie down.” He said.

Then he proceeded to remove her shoes, rubbing his hands up and down her calves as he did so. Quickly, he removed his own shirt and pants, leaving his briefs on, for the time being. Watching her lying there, his dick started to come to attention. Sitting next to her, he slowly started stroking her arms. She was sighing in contentment. Definitely a good sign. His hands started to get bolder, stroking the inside of her arms, and rubbing across her stomach. Placing both hands on her neck, he started a gentle rubbing, supposedly soothing, helping her relax.

Then he turned her on her side. “What are you doing?” she asked. He doubted if she really knew what was going on by that time.

“Just turning you around so I can give you a back rub,” he said.

His fingers quickly lowered the zipper, and unsnapped her bra. Then he started running his hands along her back, kneading the shoulders, letting her get used to his hands on her.

“Your dress will get really rumpled,” he told her. “Let’s ease it off, so I can do this right.”

She offered no resistance as he eased he dress off her shoulders, bringing the bra straps with it. Then he turned her on her back, and slowly dragged the dress down. Her breasts were nice, pear shaped beauties. He pink nipples were already starting to stand out. Stepping back to admire the body laid out before him, he draped the dress on the chair and went back to work. His fingers danced around her chest, not quite touching her already erect nipples. Gently, he rubbed his palms over her breasts, finally stroking her nipples as she released a soft moan. Bolder now, he started to pay more attention to her breasts, all pretense of “relaxation” thrown out of the window. He lowered his head, and used his tongue to flick her sensitive nipples. Another moan escaped her lips. Sucking gently, he took first one, then the other nipple. The heat of his mouth sent ripples of pleasure through her as she arched her back, trying to push more of her breast into his mouth. His hands traced a hot path down her belly, reaching the top of her silk panties. He traced the line, causing her to push her hips up.

He reached beyond, and stroked her mound through the thin silk. She was moaning non-stop now, as he felt a damp spot begin to form outside her cunt. His fingers snaked below the elastic bands and made their way slowly down, her nicely trimmed path providing a nice distraction as he headed for his goal. He stroked his fingers slowly up and down her slit. His mouth never leaving her breasts, he continued to tease her, not touching the spot that she most needed him to. She was so wet. He inserted a finger into her, feeling that hot moistness greedily engulf his digit. While he continued to pleasure her with his finger, his other hand quickly pulled off his brief, releasing his aching hardon. He took one of her hands and placed it on his throbbing dick. Instinctively, she started to stroke him. The shock of this sudden stimulation almost caused him to cum! Digging another finger into her cunt, his thumb found her clit and pressed down on it. She arched her back, crying out.

Quickly, he removed her panties, wanting to bury himself in that cunt more than anything else in the world. Positioning his thighs on either side of her head, he lowered his mouth, replacing his fingers with his tongue. As he lapped up her juices, he felt her pull his dick down to her lips. She traced the little veins and ridges along his prick, driving him crazy with her quick, darting tongue. Then she sucked the tip of his penis, her tongue never stopped moving, flicking hotly against the tip as she slowly pushed his dick deeper into her mouth.

He buried his head between her thighs, pushing his tongue deep, then pulling out to lick her clit again. She was thrashing about, pulling his dick this way and that. The sensations were unbelievable! He brought his finger back to her cunt, dipping it in for lubrication, then, tracing a path to her little puckered hole. As he continued to suck on her clit, his fingers were tracing patterns around her other hole. She was close. He could feel it. Then, as he pushed his finger into her asshole, she screamed, with his cock buried in her throat. He could feel the vibrations right to his balls. Her cunt contracted wildly as his tongue continued to lash at her clit, drawing out the orgasm for as long as he could. Just as he felt her tremours subsiding, he turned around, and plunged his prick into her in one forceful stroke. This set her off again as she screamed. Clamping his mouth onto her breast, he sucked and he fucked her, feeling the contractions fluting along his throbbing dick. He pumped hard and fast, knowing that he needed to come soon. He lifted her legs around his shoulders, then plunged deep again. He looked at her face, contorted in a mask of bliss. He pushed himself deep and started to grind his hips into her. As she started cumming again, he felt the start of his own eruption.

“I’m cumming!” he groaned.

“Yes! Yes!” she was still screaming incoherently. He pumped the biggest load of his life into her hungry cunt as the walls of her cunt milked him for every drop. He collapsed on top of her. Totally spent. He could still feeling her trembling as wave after wave of contractions pumped his waning dick.

“Richard is a fucking lucky bastard!” he thought.

They lay like this for a while. Spent and satisfied. He never kissed her. He left her sleeping, tangled in the rumpled bed cloths, among the juices that they each discharged.

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