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Restricted Items

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Sitting at the gate reading my book, my name was called to the podium. Since I hadn’t placed my name on any waitlists, I was more than a little mystified. I placed the book back in my workbag, and walked up to the podium.

“Ms Montgomery, there is a problem with your checked bag,” the gate agent said. The poor girl was terrified, trying to maintain a seriousness about her.

I adjusted my bag, standing a bit straighter. My mind raced. Recalling the recent lists of “not approved for checked luggage” nothing came to mind. Okay, must be some random check then, and have to get thru this.

She led me back to the inner sanctuary of the airport. Each terminal at our airport is the same, so this area I recognized quite well. Even though I never worked in this terminal, it echoed the familiar lay out of my long ago first job.

A man turned around to look at me. With out stopping to be polite, he led me back to a secluded office.

A rising dread filled me. My heart pounded in my chest. Again I ran thru the contents of my checked luggage. I took a large breath, and walked into the small-enclosed room. Windowless, it could be a prison cell, empty and cold.

He sat behind the table, my bag next to him. My knee high, leather boots laid out, black skirt, and black low cut sweater laying on top of them. Pretty outfit, all black, ready for the funeral.

“Ms Montgomery, are you aware of TSS restrictions for prohibited items in checked luggage.” He glanced up from his clipboard to catch my eye.

All the e-mails I’ve read for our clients passed before my mind. I’ll admit, I’ve never read the full content. Better to plead naïve then try to defend myself.

“No.” I tucked my feet underneath me. I wanted to adjust my t-shirt. The low cut top always makes me nervous that the lacy edge of my bra might be showing. But this isn’t the time to show my fright, my nervousness.

“It is posted at security, ma’am.” He handed me a flyer. I glanced down. Do I pour over the details, or do I keep my attention on him? His eyes glared into me.

I looked down at the words as they spun before my eyes. What had I done wrong? Shampoo, conditioner, make-up. There was nothing unusual in my bag! I tried to focus on the bullet points. No weapons in my bag, no knives, or corrosive substances. I flipped it over, looking for a clue, something. I found nothing, and set the paper down to look back up at this bastard.

What was going on? I straightened up, and looked at him, my eyebrows coming down a bit.

“What is the problem?” I had had it with this game. There was nothing wrong in my bag, nothing at all!

“Ma’am, is this yours?” He pulled up the zip lock bag of my toys. Dildo, and jackrabbit vibrator. I felt a blush rise from my chest to my cheeks. My toys!

I am a woman, and I enjoy my toys. Was there a problem with it? My chin jutted up, “Yes, those are mine.”

My lips were set into an angry glare.

“Please look under section 1.5 on the flyer I gave you.”

I wanted to flip off an angry quip at this ass hole. How dare he have a problem with me taking sex toys with me! Don’t try and tell me other women don’t do the same.

Instead I took a breath, and picked the flyer back up. Snide remarks vied for attention, but instead I read. The section covers weapons, knives, scissors. It seemed to apply mostly to items taken on board a plane that can be thrust into a person.

I set the paper back down. “There is nothing here that applies to those items.”

“Young lady, I will determine that.” His voice was angry, controlled. I felt a wave of fear rush thru me. A burning developed in my breasts as I sat higher. My lips buttoned up tight in frustration.

“Are you saying these items are not dangerous? Are you questioning me?”

I stared at him. There was no good answer to those questions. Instead I choose silence. Better to give this jerk more room to hang himself. I’m not falling for this crap.

He opened the zip lock bag, and took out the Dildo. His paws all over my toy! “Are you telling me this has never been thrust into a person, like a knife, driven up to the hilt?”

He fingered the balls on the toy, and turned to look at me. Standing up, he kept fingering my toy.

I was flabbergasted. Suddenly I have gone from fuming mad to being turned on. This guy is playing with my toy. I couldn’t deny the warmth growing between my legs. My glare doesn’t have quite the fire that it had seconds ago. Instead it has become confused, watching his hands.

“And what about this one?” He put the dildo down to pick up my jackrabbit. Messing with the controls he flipped it on. The clit vibrator sang out, and the whole toy began to dance. I watched it, my eyes becoming wide.

“It’s a thrusting weapon.” He looked down at my legs tightly wound together under the chair. My ankles are crossed, and tucked under me, my knees now clenched together.

“Do I need to demonstrate what I mean, so that you understand what sort of weapon this is?”

“No, thank you.” My eyes narrowed, flashing at him in anger.

“Oh, I think I do! I don’t think you understand the gravity of your actions young lady.”

I breathed in, looking for my logic and intelligence. I had to get out of this some how. This man had rape on the mind. And though one part of me agreed that could be fun, that wasn’t on the books for today, and not with this bastard!

“Excuse me!?” I finally respond.

“Since you don’t understand that these are weapons, I’ll show you.”

“No you will not. You will give me back my toys and let me board my plane.” I spat out. I looked him straight in the eyes daring him to say otherwise.

“I don’t think so.” A cruel smile played over his lip.

I looked at him. Taking a moment to take stock of his character, the situation. No flying off the handle.

“What are you going to do?” I asked thru tight lips, shoulders thrown back. I am a proud woman. This bastard didn’t scare me.

He walked over to me, holding the dildo. He fingered it, and looked me up and down. I stared at his eyes, refusing to be frightened. I would not wilt under him. He couldn’t keep my eyes. My willingness to return his anger, to not be cowed- it got to him.

He brought a finger to my face, ran it around my lips. I froze.

The dildo came to my face. “Lick it! I’m going to show you this is a weapon. I’m going to thrust this into your face, and pump it.”

I lifted my face higher. I didn’t speak a word, but it was obvious what the answer is. Hell no you wont!

He pushed the toy against my lips, and I fought back against it. Grabbing hold of my face, he tried to push the toy into my mouth. My hands flew to my face to defend myself.

Then the logical portion of my brain kicked in. Oh yes, defensive training here. Both hands turned out, palms. And I used a quick jab straight to the groin. Quick, with both hands, palms as the hitting surface. He pulled back, doubling over. I stood up, quickly raising my right leg. Knee flew up, and foot flicked up to follow the hands.

The chair fell over behind me as I stood to my fighting position. He was now groaning in front of me, not paying attention. I glanced behind me for the door. I knew not to turn around. My hands held in defensive position in front of me, I shuttled back towards the door, my eyes never leaving him. In a graceful move, I put my bag on. And I backed up to the door.

It was locked! My hand behind me tried to wiggle it. Flipping around to face the door I realized it was locked with a key! CRAP!

Now I had goaded a bull, and was trapped in the room with him. Obviously he had the key. He looked up at me, eyes wild.

Bending my knees slightly, I came down to full fighting position. Hands flat, ready to fly and hit. He growled at me. I saw his hand flick to his waist and out came a set of handcuffs. My eyes opened in surprise. Oh no, this could go really bad. I tried to think this thru, remember my training. Chain punching is the best defensive and offense. It’s hard to get thru. And keep the feet moving so that the attention can’t be focused in one place.

He lunged for me, cuffs open. My leg flew up, and the hands began to fly thru the chain punching. I connected with skin, multiple times. I didn’t have time to think of where to hit. And he was quickly thru my defense, body tackled. I fell to the ground beneath him. I tried to pull my leg up to work with it, but his weight was on me.

Quickly the cuffs were on, and he dragged me back to the table. He leaned me back over the table, his body trapping me. My legs were spread, and I couldn’t raise myself up.

“I’ve got a weapon here with your name on it.” He growled, grabbing for the dildo. His fingers seized at my jeans.

I laid back. It was a foregone conclusion now. There was no way I can get out. Door locked, me cuffed. I could either fight and it would hurt more, or I could accept what is happening. Doesn’t mean I had to like it.

He quickly loosened my jeans, and as I tried to breath and recover. He yanked them down to my knees. The scrunched denim fabric held my legs open. With his knee pressed between, I was spread open for his eyes.

“You bitch!” He looked down at himself. “You came so close to hitting me. Man that hurt!”

I smiled to myself! YES! He rubbed his growing erection. I didn’t hit him square on, but probably hit the thigh, or pelvis. It hurt, but didn’t score the big one.

“You’re going to get it.” He picked up my dildo, and brought it back to my now exposed pussy. I squeezed my legs together as much as I can. My pussy was wet, slick with anticipation. This whole time I had been turned on! This ass hole managed to get me dripping wet. I refused to show him the reward of his hard work.

His hand reached down my slit, to find my hole. His face brightened with pleasure as he felt my wetness. I thought I’d die of shame. He looked at me.

“You like this!”

“No!” I twisted and writhed on the table.

His fingers found the opening, and he stuck a few up in me. A low yelp comes out of my mouth as I tighten up. My back came up off the table, and my hips opened a bit. With the other hand he shoved the dildo into me. I screamed, coming up higher off the table. The rubber balls of the toy grinding into my pelvis.

Waves of tightening washed over me as my body danced upon the table. I fought to lay my body back down, to deny this bastard what he sought. My spasming hips quieted to a tick under my willpower.

He pulled the toy out, only to jam it straight back in. I gasped in surprise. It quickly hit that spot. Everything tightened, and I froze, my whole attention focused deep within me as the toy jammed against the back wall. My hips shifted, falling open.

Again and again he pumped the toy back, slamming it against me. I fought to quell the waves, to hold myself down; to resist what was being done to me.

“So that can’t break thru your control, can it?” He jeered at me. He went back and removed the jackrabbit. My eyes stopped on the toy as he played with the controls. This was my sure orgasm toy. Every time I wanted to get myself off, guaranteed orgasm, never fail. I felt my mouth clamp shut, I would not betray myself. I bit my teeth together.

Simply hearing the familiar buzzing of the toy made me want to clench my pussy in anticipation. I could hear it; I could remember the waves of pleasure as the clit tickler happily works my spot. And the hard toy was even better for ramming up against the back wall of my cervix. Its hard head was a painful pleasure, pounding out clenched orgasm after orgasm that left me double over in euphoria.

My face locked down into a mask. But my eyes widened. And despite my best effort, I felt my nipples becoming erect. My body was jumping for joy.

He brought the head of the toy to rest against my lips. I felt the clit tickler turned on, low. Somewhere, far away from its proper spot, the little vibrating joy was turned on.

“This is a harder weapon, better suited to rip you open, isn’t it?” And the toy dug deep into me, tearing past my tightened muscles.

My back arched, my hips thrust against the toy. A moan of pleasure escaped my lips. I bit back on my lips, trying to swallow the ensuing sounds. My bucking pelvis though was harder to contain. Slowly I lowed my shoulders back to the table. Then my back, followed by my lower back. My wide spread hips though continued grinding after the toy, pushing from side to side, sending the toy into all it’s usual nocks and pleasure crannies.

“You like this, slut.” He said as he reached for my breast. Thru my shirt he mauled the large mound of flesh. Pinching it, squeezing it, making it hurt. He sneered at me, some how knowing that I’m enjoying myself.

In a quick movement his hand found the hem of my shirt and ripped it up. Suddenly my bra was exposed. A gasp of surprise escaped me, sounding a bit more like a sexually excited sound. He pushed my bra back, exposing raw white flesh. Nipples stood hard under the cold air-conditioned air. With one hand he reached down to pinch a nipple.

I felt my back arch up, pushing the soft flesh against him. The side of his mouth flicked up in a wicked smile. He twisted the tender flesh, pulling. A sharp gasp came from my lip as I twitched on the table.

And then he went back to stabbing the toy deep in me. One hand assaulted my nipple, the other reeked havoc on a spot right next to my cervix. My body snaked up to meet his hands. First the hips lifted, and then the back to trust my breast up. My head fell back as my eyes closed. My heavy breath rasped over my vocal cords as I fought to stop. It was fight that I was destined to loose.

Without warning my other nipple was bit. I heard myself scream, and my head flew back up. Hand cuffed hands swung forward, suddenly trying to protect the sensitive flesh. He looked at me, my nipple captured in his teeth as he pulled it up. His eyes crinkled in a smile. Like a dog, his head went back and forth, worrying the nipple. My mouth opened slightly as I breathed. Eyes dilated in unspoken pleasure.

My pussy muscles clenched tight, high up next to my cervix. Like a bowling ball rolling down the lane, the tightness rolls over the remainder of my pussy, flicking my body along as an after thought. The slow motion crack of the whip drove my head into the table. And I finally began to breath again. He has staid on thru this crashing wave of a building orgasm. He looked up at me in awe. Eyes that were simply cruel were now filled with something different, desire maybe. I didn’t have time to think as that high spot next to my cervix sang it’s squeezing song again. A sensuous whip ran thru my body again. And then my body stilled against the table.

A dreadful shame fills me. This man has now been left with no doubt that I am enjoying myself. I laid still, drained for the moment. Emotionally I was a wreck. The anger was still boiling in me, but now it was mixed with my desire for this bastard. It was a hard knot in my throat.

He stood up, looking down at me. Assessing where I was, and what he could do. I whimpered under his gaze. He had plans, and I had no control. It was scary, and so exciting.

He knelt down, spreading my pussy wide. His large thumb resting on my sensitive clit, just pushing. My breath came in big gasps, heavy. The hips opened, and I squirmed.

I felt his fingers running over the lips. First the outer lips, and then opening the inner portions. A finger danced at the hole, and I thrust my hips at him.

“Please!” The word escaped my lips before I realized. More a breath. I prayed he didn’t hear it.

“What?” He stood up to look at me. One hand resting on my wet, needy pussy. “What did you say?” His voice was hard, demanding an answer. I couldn’t believe myself, begging this raping bastard, begging him to put his fingers back inside me. Standing there, his finger on my clit, I rolled my hips around hoping he’d simply go back to his play. “Count of three, answer me. What did you say? One. . two”

“Please!” I closed my eyes and said the word, biting my lips after I let the word escape me.

“Ohhh . . you like this!” Grinding his pelvis against me.

My legs fought against my jeans, fought to spread wider, to lay myself open before him. Before this stranger having his way with me. He bucked against me, and I bucked back. He dug in, nails in my thighs, growling.

A low sound came out of my throat, meeting the wild sound in him. My lip curled, one side coming up as I pushed back, flicking my hips from side to side. My pussy lips opened around the cock in the trousers, a wet trail being left along his pants. Deep in my throat a noise arose. Pure pleasure. Wonderful, uninhibited.

A hand reached down to grab my nipple again. Clipping on so tight, pulling it up. My body flung on the crashing euphoria. I could hear sounds coming out of my mouth, the low sexual sounds as I approach an orgasm. My nipple, pinched, clutched. It was being turned, and tweaked, stretched and pleasured. It hurt, it sang. At once two things. The joy of it shooting down to my clit. My clit, grinding against his trouser clad cock. His cock held by the lips of my pussy. My pussy open, wet, rubbing up against him.

His hand came off my nipple, and he stepped back from my pussy. I struggled to sit up, left momentarily unsure of what was happening. The sound of a zipper coming down brought reassurance. The cock was coming back. This time without the accompanying clothing.

I heard him swear as he realized that his shoes were in the way. Some quick, desperate pushing, and the shoes dropped off his feet so he could free himself. Large gasps of air, I drew in. My pussy clamped down waiting for the cock. I wanted to nurse that head, jam it up against the wall of my cervix. Squeeze it until it popped like some teenage boys over ripe zit. Push that thing to it’s limit, and make it burst, make it gush forth in my pussy.

He stood up, throwing his clothes elsewhere. His hands came to my thighs. He yanked my shoes off, and ripped my jeans off of me. I sighed in relief, wiggling my hips wider, scooting back so that I could take him. Give to me, now!

Digging his hands into my thighs, he positioned himself. With one hand he held his cock. I could feel the warm, wet head at my pussy lips. My pussy opened wide, the muscles working to reach, trying to stretch out, to draw him in. I thrust my hips up at him.

Slapping my hips, he grabbed them. He slammed my hips back onto the table.

“When I say so.” He ground the hips down into the table, his cock trembling, shaking at my pussy. My pussy nibbling at it, lips and cunt hole opening, closing, trying to work him in.

And suddenly he pushed his way in. I screamed as he split me, pushing down thru tight walls, to slam against the wall of my cervix. It rang for joy as he hit it. Rang and vibrated thru my body, the shock waves pulling me up off the table.

He growled a possessive, satisfied sound. A man who had just taken what he wanted. His half lidded eyes looked at me, and he ground against me. His fingers dug into the skin of my hips. Taking, holding, making it his. I was marked.

He slowly pulled the cock back out, exploring the cunt walls as he did so. Pressing against one side he came out. And changing his weight, he pushed in, exploring the other side. I tried to open my pussy wider, give him room. My whole mind, focused on that cock, feeling its texture.

I held it in my pussy as he pushed past. It was silk, slick and smooth. At my highest point, I measured the breadth of his head, coming in close around him. He tipped up slightly at the point. As I tightened in certain areas, I could change which point he hit. I experimented, tightening lower, higher, changing his angle as he came in.

“OOOHhh!!” The surprised jolt went thru me as I found the magic combination. It was that elusive spot. That one amazing little spots that so rarely I could find. That spot, that once it’s hit, if you just keep hitting it, I’ll cum for how ever long you hit it. I’ll cum again and again, never stopping. Magic.

His pace increased as he pumped quickly into my pussy. The piston quick action was having the desired affect. Loud sounds, kept welling up from my throat. My hips were no longer under my voluntary control, moving to give him access, to pound back against him. I was only along for the ride as my body fucked wonderfully to this stranger.

And he pull out, taking his cock all the way out of my pussy.

“WHAT?!” I yelled, struggling to sit up. My legs wrapped around his butt. Where was he going? Another spasm hit my pussy, flinging me back onto the table in its wake. I was victim to my own oncoming orgasm. It’s crashing crescendo taking control over my body. All it was missing was the cock that had been so wonderfully pounding it into oblivion.

“Flip over.” He said. The words were meaningless. I wanted a cock back. Flip over? What was that? Orgasm, cum, those I could understand. Clit, yes I knew what that was. Other things, no. No, they had no room in my brain. My brain was buzzing with pleasure, buzzing with unfulfilled pleasure.

Seeing that I was too far-gone to follow orders, he picked one hip up off the table, and flipped me to my stomach. My legs flailed, unsure what was going on. My breasts smacked against the table, forcing air out of my lungs. Cuffed hands clanked down. He grabbed my ass, and moved me around the table, putting me where he wanted me. My legs hung off the table, nearly touching the ground. If I stretched my toes I could find the ground.

He opened my ass, thumbs reaching for the rose bud. Slowly he pushed a thumb against the ring. His other hand reached under me to find my clit.

“Relax your ass,” muttering as his thumb popped into my tight ass. The other thumb began to work my shaking clit. Tight in the pussy, trying hard to open the ass. Instead the waves of pleasure coming from my clit made things tighten down. As a crashing wave went thru me his thumb felt so much larger held tight in my ass. The spot high in my pussy, my magic spot that was still singing from remembered joy, it did me in.

An orgasm began to build, to mount. My thighs tingled with the oncoming clenching. My stomach turned warm, hot like molten honey. I could feel my breathing change. I was at the point of no return. His thumb on my clit dug in, finger nails flicking over the sensitive skin. I didn’t know if it hurt or brought more pleasure. Fortunately my mind was turned off and didn’t have to decide. It simply was added to the growing mix of the orgasm. It was more sensation, and it worked. He groped around, trying to pinch the dripping wet morsel, but his fingers slipped off. So instead he contended himself with rubbing his thumb against the clit.

My ass was relaxing a bit with the honey warm wetness of orgasm just seconds away. He pulled his thumb out to replace it with a finger. As the finger came down, brushing into me, it hit.

Waves of oblivion, sensation swept me away. My mind left as my body convulsed in the waves of sheer pleasure. It mattered not that my breasts dug into the table each time a wave went thru me. His finger had become two, and that mattered not either. Into my ass they went, and my pussy knotted down again. My pussy was looking for a cock to curl up high against the walls of my cervix. Instead of finding what it wanted, it simply opened and closed, taking my ass with it. Open, close, search for cock, fill me.

That open ass was spotted, and the fingers came out. I noticed that the cock was positioned against my opening ass. His thumb on my clit kept me going. I wanted to slam the orgasm shut, to make it stop, but it wasn’t something that I could do. Instead he was able to take advantage of one open moment, and the head of his cock went in.

I screamed. The sudden feeling of fullness was terrible. It was a ring of fire, not pleasure. It held me in place. And the orgasm continued it freight train trip without my consent. My violated ass opened itself, and the pain ceased. I felt him pushing against me. Pushing into me. I screamed at the pain. I screamed with the ending orgasm. I screamed as his thumbnail racked over my swollen clit. I simply screamed, experiencing more than I knew how to process.

Then I began sucking in air, realizing that I had quit breathing thru the orgasm. Big sobbing breaths of air, I drew in. And with each breath of air, he pushed further in. The fullness in my ass grew.

And he was in. His balls hung down against me. Again he ground in, feeling me as he did so. His hands high on my pelvis, positioning me where he liked. I felt like a rag doll, drained of my will power. My body had surrendered to this man.

He ground into me. Slowly, gently pulling out just a bit, and then slowly pushing back in. Slow long strokes. Slow. Taking. Feeling out all the tightness. Taking ever grain of pleasure.

Slow hard stroke after stroke, as my ass grew used to, and began to enjoy what it was getting. His hands on my hips. Controlling me. Occasionally a hand reaching around to feel my clit.

He pulled all the way back to the head, only the head left in, and then slammed the cock in. Balls bouncing against my ass as his weight forced me forward. A umph of air came out of me. And then he pulled back just as quickly, momentarily dragging me back. I didn’t come back far enough, so he yanked my hips back to him. And again repeated the process. Pound, push forward. Drag back, pound, forward, drag back. I pushed myself back, raising myself up, ready to meet the next onslaught. And as it came it hit something. It was like the mirror side of my magic spot. It wasn’t quite the same, and yet it was.

“Oh yeah” I ground back against him, trying to figure out what I had done. How did I manage to get that result?

I reached my cuffed hands down underneath, trying to reach to my clit. It was the work of a contortionist, fingering my clit while restrained, but I did it. My ass raised up high in the air as he continued to pummel it. Somehow I had found out how to make him hit that spot nearly every time he dove into me.

My head lolled back on it’s own. Warm waves of euphoria crashing over me. Each wave new, wonderful, to be experienced enjoyed. His wonderful cock running up and down my ass, running deep into spots I didn’t know I had. I pushed back, swirling, dancing, enjoying.

With urgency he grabbed my hips and begin to quickly thrust in and out. Quick jabs, deep, and hard. His cock trembled, and actually seemed to grow fuller. Again and again it hit the mirror image of my magic spot. And the magic spot did its happy little thing, pulling pussy muscles into crashing waves of orgasm again.

As he neared orgasm I could feel another orgasm coming on. This time it was a dreadful, painful, sore abused thing. Like a snake it wound thru my belly. A constrictor, growing ever tighter around the cock that pistoned into. I heard him begin to ejaculate. I heard him moan and yell as his cum then spurted warm into me. My pussy moved in quick spasms to lap up the cum that was on the other side of the mirror. My ass tried to mirror the movements. Hot and warm, it flooded into me. Wonderful. Better than the honey sensations.

I wasn’t sure how long I orgasmed as he pumped me full. As I came to awareness I realized that I had been cumming for sometime after he quit filling me up. My muscles tired and limp left me falling onto the table, with nothing to support myself. Everything was gone. It was over.

As I fell onto the table, his cock popped out of my wide-open ass. He leaned down onto my exposed back, kissing along my spine.

“Oohh that was good.” Kissing up my spine as he continued to hold my ass. Kissing.

I lay on the table, not sure if my legs were even under my control. I tried to push myself flat, but I couldn’t do it. Drowsy, happy, sexual fatigue filled me. We laid there. On the table, neither one of us moving.

Finally I felt him move, and found some strength myself. He stood up, and I laid down. My body laid out on the table, resting, flat. It was too much to think of moving.

I heard him move around the tiny cell, gathering things up. My suitcase scattered on the floor. Somewhere in the mess, my clothes. What did it matter?

I felt something gentle brushing against my ass. “Turn over.” Came the gentle words. I flipped over, realizing that he had brought a towel up against me. As I flipped over, he wiped me up so I didn’t make a mess.

He pulled me up to sitting, holding me against himself. His hands moving around me, in my sleepy, post orgasmic bliss; quite unaware of any purpose he might hold. He dressed me, expertly knowing how to reposition my clothing. He cleaned my ass up, and got my pants on me. Somehow I was back to something resembling my original state. And in the time, he got himself dressed also. All the while, little kisses being dropped on my face, my lips, my nose, my ears. I kept leaning into him, unable to find the motivation to put my shirt on, my shoes, or my belt. His kisses instead drops of dew up on me.

“How often do you travel? Do you always travel like this?”

“Hmm . . . oh, yeah.” I struggled to find my voice.

“Well e-mail me ahead of time, and I can insure that we make sure your bag gets the care it needs.”

He picked up the radio that was at his belt. Turning it on, he called some jargon in, listening for the response. He nodded and smiled at me.

“Your plane is ready to depart. I’ll walk you to the gate. My agents will put the bag back together and make sure everything is taken care of there.”

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