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Restrained and Cutting

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Her sharp intake of breath almost stopped my heart for a second, when the scalpel bit into her smooth pale skin. The skin parted easily to that sharp thin blade, and the vein just beneath the collarbone and above the firm breast and hard nipple opened forth from the same incision.

She didn’t move or scream. There was plenty of play in the ropes that loosely bound her naked body to my bed. She wanted to bleed for me.

She wanted to be inside me.

And as my mouth closed over that inch long cut she was.

Her essence filling me as her blood flowed down my throat. As I drank from her the more I wanted her. And the more I wanted from her. I sucked at the wound already spurting in my mouth as I felt my cock growing hard. Ravenous. My whole world was in that small cut, though as I drank my awareness grew to include all of her. But beyond the bed there was nothing. Here and now-all that existed.

Blood is by nature salty but hers was also sweet. And intoxicating. My hands roamed and caressed her naked body as she bled for me. It was a cool night, but still I was bathed in sweat. Excitement coursing through my body in myriad ways. My heart pounding as loudly as hers. And I could feel every heartbeat from her body with my lips and tongue. Her pulse evident as she squirted into my mouth in time with the pounding of my own heart. We were connected. The rhythm of her life perfectly in tune with mine as I feasted upon her.

Physical pain to pull back my mouth from her, but I did. Too much too quickly is never pleasant, yet I had already drank in much of her red velvet moisture. My mouth followed my hands. Chasing and caressing every inch of her naked body held down and at my disposal. There were a few inches of play in the ropes, but still she did not fight against them to use it. The purple suede cuffs and collar held her in place, but no more than her desire held her down. She moaned more loudly then when she was cut when I licked the thin sheen of sweat from her tight stomach, and sighed in disappointment when I evaded the smooth shaved spot beneath it to kiss lick and bite my way down her legs. All the way down I went. I could feel her eyes on me as she watched. The heat I felt from her stare inspired me further.

As I took her toes in my mouth I looked up at her and our eyes met and locked. Electricity! My hands caressed her calves as I sucked on each toe one after another. Our eyes, never leaving each other’s.

I could see blood from her still open wound had begun to run down into her armpit. It too was as shaved as the rest of her. It too was as naked and exposed to me as the rest of her. It too was as much mine as the rest of her. I turned and crawled up the bed. My body as naked and shaved as hers. My hair as long. I so enjoyed watching Goosebumps appear on her breasts as I licked the blood from her armpit. My cock so hard the throbbing was near painful.

I dragged my tongue upwards. Firstly to the still faintly pumping wound. Capturing all the fluid and essence that she gave to me. Then further up, tracing the lines of her neck. Still for more of her I hungered as I bit her neck. First delicately, then harder. Firmly. Enraptured by the flesh between my teeth. Then back to dragging my pierced tongue along her skin. Inhaling the scent of her skin and raven dark hair as my tongue finally was guided into her open mouth.

Tongues entwined as our lips locked together. Too hungry to be considered tender, yet in a way it was. I could feel the corners of her mouth turn upwards as she tasted her blood from my lips.

Life was only this moment. And she had given herself to me. There was nothing else.

My hand slid between her legs as we kissed. Her legs parted a little wider at the touch of my fingers. Her clit hard against my fingertips. I slid my fingers a little further down. So wet she was dripping. I brought my fingers to my mouth and broke our deep kiss, to put those moist fingertips into my mouth. Delicious!

Then gone as I kissed her once again. Fingers again quickly down to her moist opening, then back to her clit once they were slick. Our kiss grew more passionate as two slick fingers gently circled her clit. I stole the breath from her lungs as we kissed. She was mine in every way, and had given herself to me without restraint.

Her sweetest breath was in my mouth when she came. Liquor to the starving. Intoxicating. Her moans virtually contained in my mouth.

Our kiss again broken, as I again kissed and licked her body. Down her neck. Lingering long around her breasts and straining nipples. Then again sliding down, this time avoiding the escape route of her legs to take her pussy in my mouth. All of it, and sucking hard. Drinking her moisture as I had done to the cut atop her chest. Then my teeth grabbed around her firm clit, and I gently ground my teeth. Mere seconds to her orgasm. Once she had peaked I let go and allowed my tongue to flicker across that engorged clitoris. Her moans were as much my sustenance as her blood. I craved more, and was rewarded repeatedly as time after time the waves of orgasm washed over her.

Again i slid my head down to drink of her. My tongue sliding deep inside her to capture any trace of fluid I could gather. There was much to drink. Her legs parted yet wider. Even more slack in the ropes that bound her. Moans became screams as I fucked her with my tongue. Once that violent surge had passed it was time to feed her.

I got up and turned. Grabbed to the scalpel that lay beside the bed gleaming. Only a trace of her blood on that sharp then blade. My knees caressing her arm to each side. Her wound beneath me, and my cock hard above her face. I watched her watching it for a moment. Seeing the blood flowing through its veins. When she looked away to lock her eyes with me I knew it was time. I held the blade near the prominent vein right above my hipbone, and watched her eyes. She did not want to break that connection. But the moment she did and her eyes drifted to the blade in my hand I cut. Cutting down directly on the vein. Not completely severing it, but splitting it in half. The cut small but deep. Blood spurted in a stream across her face as i pulled the glistening blade away. Beauty.

I leaned forward across her. I kissed her cuffed hand as i felt her lips close around my strongly spurting wound. My cock against her neck feeling her repeated swallows as she worked to devour me. No restraint in her devouring of me, like the restraints on her body; ineffectual. Her tongue alternatively probing the spurting vein and pulling back to swallow and imbibe. My knees shook from the surge of blood pouring out of me. The rest of my body shook with the excitement of pouring into her. The giving as rewarding as the receiving. To be THAT craved by another is as consuming as consumption. Again we were totally immersed in each other. I gently sucked on her fingertips as she violently sucked on my vein. Teeth digging in now as she devoured me. Rapture.

Throbbing in my cock had now become pure pain. I was inside her now, but wanted it inside her. It was a struggle to remember to breathe. Between my lust and the pain and the knowledge she was filled with my energy and essence, and the blood which forever bound us together. I held still ’til I could stand it no more.

In a frenzy I twisted my body, and threw myself against her. Her hips unable to part any further I feasted on her still seeping wound. Again we kissed. Our blood on each others lips mingling together as we feasted on each other. Bloodbound and enraptured.

The head of my steel hard shaft slid effortlessly into her hot and dripping wet pussy with an audible squishing sound. Immediately I rode her body as she rode the wave of orgasm. And when it peaked, I thrust deep the entire length. She bucked hard as she was filled by it. Smooth shaved skin against smooth shaved skin we ground together. Holding myself deep in her as we truly became one. Unable to maintain our kiss she broke her lips away to scream uninhibited into the evening air. A sound to feed and encourage me.

Each stroke complete withdrawal from her to be followed by total immersion in her. The pleasure of entry followed immediately by the pleasure of depth. In and out. Long and hard. Kissing and licking. Biting each others lips. Tasting fresh blood from teeth made wounds. Completely lost in each others moans and screams. frantically gasping for air that could only be found in the others lungs. Suffocating in moments where moth was covered by tender flesh.

Over and over again she bucked and climaxed. Tortured by the restraints now, as legs were unable to wrap around me. I could see the suede of the restraints biting into her wrists as she strained to touch me. Her touch would have felt wonderful, but here mere desire was endlessly satisfying. My hands drifting her sides and ass. Caressing, squeezing, scratching, exploring, and possessing. Palms against hot skin. Skin against skin, and sweat upon sweat. Blood seemingly lubricating all as she squirted and lubricated my cock. Thrusting increasing in tempo and speed, but maintaining the firmness and depth.

Finally I could endure no more.

Deep inside her-hot and wet I released. What felt like gallons of cum blasting into her. Draining yet energizing. Release and empowerment! The violence of the charge spurred her final scream of orgasm, as we leaked fluids onto each other. Blood pumping from our wounds. Totally and blissfully immersed in each other. Forever connected we lay in place, and our lips continued their embrace.

Tenderness grew.

In a moment we joined in eternity…

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