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The Luger felt cold and heavy in Anne-Marie’s small hand. She hated guns, violence, confrontation, and was by nature timid and reserved. Under normal circumstances she would be home now, or maybe out with Polly at the girl’s club, in the underground. I wish I was anywhere but here, she thought. Circumstances were far from normal, for this was Paris in 1943 and Anne-Marie had joined her countrymen in resisting the German invaders.

She was not at all what one would assume a member of the Resistance should look like. At barely five feet tall and one hundred pounds she was had the trim figure of a dancer. Hazel eyes gazed out of a delicately featured face and were framed by a mass of black locks. Her slim hips, small chest, and youthful looks allowed her to pass herself off as a schoolgirl, even though she was almost twenty-four.

She saw the shadowy figures of Jean Claude and Pierre flit up the darkened street and gripped the gun tightly. She was the lookout tonight, standing in a darkened doorway she blended into the shadows. She would fire a warning shot and then escape down the street if she saw any Germans coming. The two men took up stations outside Madam Garnet’s whorehouse and waited as a silent rain began to fall.

The door opened and the music of a piano drifted softly down the street along with the musical sound of women laughing. A few moments later two men in black uniforms started down the stairs. The quiet of the Paris night was shattered by gunfire, as the two freedom fighters sprayed bullets at the men on the stairway. The two SS officers went down, but a horrible sound quickly followed. It was a tearing sound, like a fine dress being ripped in half, but infinitely more frightening. Both freedom fighters turned and fled, screaming for her to run as bullets whined down the darkened street. Anne-Marie knew that sound and cringed, it was a German machine gun.

Anne-Marie bolted, fleeing as fast as her lithe legs would carry her through the dark Paris night. She dodged down the darkened streets, quickly becoming lost in the maze of apartments. She could hear the boots of pursuing soldiers and a shouted order in German to halt. When she kept running a shot rang out, followed by more. Soon a hail of bullets whined and ricocheted after her. She prayed as she ran.

She heard an engine then, it may have been just a passing car but her fear made it sound like a tank and she dared not look back. A stairway beckoned and she ran up it, the door at the top was closing and she threw herself against it, forcing her way in, slamming the door and drawing the bolt.

“Quite an entrance child, what do you do for an encore?” a cultured voice behind her questioned.

Anne-Marie whirled and faced the speaker. She was a tall, statuesque woman in her late forties, with blonde hair, blue eyes and creamy skin. Her long legs were concealed by the maroon skirt she wore, revealing only her button up boots and her matronly bust strained against the fabric of a white silk blouse, this was clasped at the neck with a single star shaped pendant. She had a damp umbrella in her hand, and a very stylish broad brimmed hat. Anne-Marie recognized her at once, Countess Von Shoenstoffen, wife to the SS garrison commander.

Anne-Marie immediately produced the Luger and motioned for the women to be silent by placing her finger over her lips. If the gun, or the intrusion frightened the tall blonde in the least she didn’t show it. Feet pounded past on the street outside and orders were shouted in German, Anne-Marie held her breath, but no one knocked on the door.

“It seems you plan to stay a while, you might as well make yourself comfortable,” the blonde woman said. Her French was flawless, tainted only by a very slight German accent.

Anne-Marie looked at the woman in surprise. Their eyes locked and as they stared at each other she thought she saw emotion in the deep blue eyes. Sardonic humor, pity, compassion and something else, something more disturbing than the woman’s fearlessness, hunger. Something passed between them, something intangible but very real and Anne-Marie knew the rumors she had heard were true. She flushed deeply, but the gun in her hand never wavered.

When the silence stretched out to minutes the older woman spoke again, “Are we going to stand here in the foyer all night? The drawing room is much more comfortable, and intimate,”

Anne-Marie still couldn’t speak, those knowing blue eyes unnerved her. She had been so careful, so discreet, but in that one glance this strange woman knew her secret. She could hear the indistinct sounds of men in the streets, the soldiers had not given up, and she knew she was in grave danger, but she could not keep her eyes off the woman’s chest.

“At least tell me your name?” the Countess asked after another long silence. Anne-Marie’s eyes lifted from the woman’s large bosom to her face. Their eyes locked again and she felt herself shiver.

“Anne-Marie,” she whispered.

“That’s a lovely name. My name is Elkie. Now that we are more or less formally introduced let’s go to the parlor, I am not accustomed to receiving guests in my hallway, and you are shivering,” she said in an imperious manner.

Ignoring the gun, she turned gracefully and walked through an opening off the hallway, depositing her umbrella in a beautiful guilt stand as she passed. Anne-Marie could do nothing to stop her, not even order her to stop, her mouth was to dry to speak.

Carefully, Anne-Marie walked down the hall and peeked into the room. The sitting room was beautifully appointed. It was decorated in antique furniture, mostly in the German mode, tastefully decked out in French laces and silks. Elkie was pouring two glasses of wine from a crystal decanter as if it were not out of the ordinary to have a woman with a gun burst into her home. She took a goblet in each hand and sat on the settee motioning for Anne-Marie to join her. Despite her fear Anne-Marie did as she was bidden, she felt strange, hot and tingly and when she recognized what she was feeling she blushed again. Once the Frenchwoman was seated at the far end of the settee and had a goblet of wine in her hand the German smiled. “This is much nicer than the hallway, wouldn’t you agree child?”

“Yes, it is,” Anne-Marie grudgingly admitted. She was still holding the gun, she was a member of the Resistance, she should have been in control of this situation, but she knew she wasn’t, and she felt Elkie knew it too.

They sipped their wine in silence. Elkie drank hers with obvious relish and her eyes roamed lustfully up and down Anne-Marie’s petite frame. Anne-Marie sipped hers mechanically, while her ears strained to catch any noise from out on the street. Elkie finished her wine and put the empty goblet on the table next to her. Her eyes returned to the smaller woman and she gave her that hungry stare and scooted closer. Anne-Marie’s eyes were glued to Elkie’s breasts now, they were so full, so large, they seemed ready to bust out of the tightly stretched silk top at any moment.

Why did she have to look like that? Anne-Marie thought. She had never been able to resist such women; large women with matronly figures and large busts were her downfall, ever since Malena. Especially when they took charge in that motherly sort of way, she had no resistance at all then. With her life threatened sex should have been the last thing on her mind, but the fear and the adrenalin of her earlier flight only seemed to add to the fire in her loins that this woman was provoking with those hungry glances.

“There, there, ma petite, it will be all right. Sleeping with the garrison commander infers certain privileges, one of which is privacy. You are perfectly safe here,” she said in a soothing tone. Her hand slipped past the gun and patted Anne-Marie’s knee. A jolt of pleasure shocked her system from this simple contact.

Elkie did not remove her hand but gently squeezed and Anne-Marie felt her will to resist drowning in her need. She had been celibate since the night Paris fell. Working with the resistance was a constant rush of adrenalin, always afraid, always tense. It left her wrung out most nights and the fear of informers was so prevalent she dared not frequent the few places she knew where she might meet other women. Her regular lover had fled to Nice and most of her friends had gone underground, leaving her with no outlet save hurried masturbation on those rare nights where she could find the energy and wasn’t out helping her countrymen hinder the invaders.

Anne-Marie felt Elkie’s other hand on the gun now, tugging it from her suddenly weak grip. She couldn’t resist. Oh why does she have to look like that? she thought.

Elkie placed the gun on the table next to her empty wine goblet then turned her full attention to Anne-Marie. She continued to gently squeeze her knee, there was nothing overtly sexual in the caress, but Anne’s thin dress did nothing to lessen the contact and her mind was quickly running away with her. She could feel the heat of the older woman’s hand and the fire it was producing between her legs was becoming impossible to ignore.

A sudden pounding on the door sent a frenzied panic through her. She tried to reach past the larger woman for her gun, but the big blonde snatched it up. Captured! Caught like a child because I can’t control my own body, she thought bitterly. Anne-Marie remembered the small capsule in her shoe. Death was far preferable to what the Germans would do to her.

Elkie held the gun on her and placed her finger over her lips. She then did something that stunned Anne-Marie. She tossed the gun into the Frenchwoman’s lap and went to the door. The frightened Frenchwoman grabbed up her pistol, but the front door was already opening and she was trapped in the parlor. Anne-Marie had grown up in the Alsace-Lorraine and so spoke German, not well, but well enough to understand the exchange going on at the door.

“I am sorry to disturb you Frauline, but there is a dangerous partisan on the loose, I am afraid we must search your apartments,”

“Do you know who I am?” Elkie’s voice replied, cool, unruffled, totally without fear or respect.

“Yes, Frau Shoenstoffen, I am aware of your identity,”

“Then you know that there is no possibility a partisan has taken refuge in my home, there is no one here save myself and my maid,”

“That may be, but it is still my duty to search,” the officer replied stubbornly.

“Very well Herr Oberst, but do not think my husband will not hear of this indignity. I shudder to think what he will do when he learns that you and your men barged into his home, traipsing mud on the floors and treating me like a common criminal. I can assure you that Herr Ribbentrop will also hear of it. I hope you have packed warmly, I hear it is very cold on the Eastern Front,”

“I am most sorry Frau Shoenstoffen, I lost two men to these animals and my emotions have mastered my reason, there is of course no reason to search your home, and I beg your pardon,”

“It is understandable Herr Oberst, good hunting,”

His reply was cut off by the door firmly closing. Elkie breezed back into the parlor as if nothing had happened. She poured herself more wine and returned to the settee, seemingly as unconcerned as she would have if the man at the door had been a delivery boy with the wrong address.

“Why did you do that?” Anne-Marie asked, her voice sounded small and disbelieving in her own ears.

When Elkie replied the words were halting, hesitant, as if she were articulating deeply held beliefs for the first time and struggling for the right words. “I was born to privilege, even the depression and disintegration of the Weimar government did not impose any hardship upon me. Like many Germans, I was thrilled when we tossed off the shackles of Versailles and began to rebuild. I saw it as right, and proper when we reclaimed our lost territories. The Rhineland, the Sarr, even the Sudetenland, but I became worried when we annexed Austria. The invasion of Poland opened my eyes to the growing evil in my beloved Fatherland. This was never a German territory, and we had no right. I saw the depredations we visited on the poor Poles firsthand, and my heart went out to them,”

“But you are married to an SS commander,”

“My marriage to Herman is strictly a matter of convenience. We have never shared a bed and I find his touch to be loathsome. Oh, he has preached to me many times about my duty as a German woman to have babies for the Fuehrer and all of that other rubbish. He has tried every argument, but in the end he is too attached to the title Baron Von Shoenstoffen to push me too far. For my part I get the freedom to continue to pursue and take to my bed any woman I choose, without fear of the Gestapo arresting me for immorality. I also have the freedom to travel, and have used my own family’s connections to aide friends. Contrary to what the English broadcasts tell you, we are not all blood thirsty, slavering Huns,”

“Why did you help me?”

“You are quite attractive, it isn’t the only reason, but it was certainly one of the factors in your favor. I had only just returned from a fruitless night of searching for a new lover when you burst in. You looked scared and lost and I instantly felt pity for you. I also saw that there was determination in your face, and you held your pistol steady, I admired you for your courage. I would probably have aided you if you had been old and ugly, or even a man, but it was a particularly easy decision given the circumstances,”

Anne-Marie did not know what to say, the situation was so surreal to her. A hammering on the door of the next apartment startled her and she jumped to her feet, her gaze darting fearfully around the room.

“Relax child, you are perfectly safe here. No soldier would dare knock on this door after my little talk with his commander. As long as you are here, you are as safe as you would be in your mother’s arms,”

“Nowhere is safe,”

“Poor thing, how long have you been running?”

“Since the beginning,”

The lights went out suddenly, and the echoing report of the guns began. Sirens wailed and a massive explosion sounded somewhere near. Anne-Marie jumped, she could not stand loud noises, not since the day a bomb destroyed her home and killed her family in Metz. Of that day she remembered only the noise clearly, everything else was fire and pain.

She found later that she had been dragged from the rubble in a catatonic state. She had returned to Paris in one of the long refugee trains, oblivious to the world around her. She might have languished in one of the overcrowded city hospitals if Polly had not recognized her. The aspiring nurse was one of her cousin’s best friends and they had been intimate on several occasions. Polly had taken her to her small home and nursed her back to health. They had had only a few weeks together before she had fled to Algeria. Polly’s mother was a Jew, and that meant relocation if she were caught after the roundups began.

A second explosion rocked the room and Anne-Marie screamed. She felt a pair of incredibly strong, yet infinitely gentle arms warp around her. She found herself cradled tightly to the big woman’s large soft breasts and she could feel them beneath her cheek as she struggled.

“Shhhh, it’s just an air raid child, those bombs are hitting the marshalling yard, far from here,”

Another explosion sounded and Anne-Marie whimpered like an injured animal. She was loosing her mind and could feel the overwhelming fear and dread crushing her. It was becoming hard to breathe and she gasped for air. Air raids terrified her, but on top of tonight’s fear, it was simply too much for the young woman to bear.

“Child? Anne-Marie? Are you all right?”

The words seemed to come from far away, she could feel herself beginning to shiver and twitch uncontrollably. She was vaguely aware of Elkie moving, but she had no real idea of what the older woman was doing. She was lost in a swirling cyclone of fear and it was quickly drawing her under, back to that place of nothingness. She had only barely escaped the first time, and then only with Polly’s help, she knew instinctively if she ever returned it would be for good. Her mind groped for something, anything to tie her to reality.

She felt something soft press against her cheek. Her reeling mind tried to draw in that one sensation and examine it. By now it was pressed against her lips, they parted of their own accord. It was hard, but surrounded by soft warm flesh. A nipple? she thought. She felt a warm, soft hand stroke her cheek and without thought she began to pull at the nipple. Another crashing explosion sent her conscious mind to the dark safety of the void. Like a small child, she clung to the soft breast and suckled. She was content and happy, oblivious to the falling bombs and crashing guns.

Her mind returned to her slowly. The lights were back on, and the sirens had ceased to wail. The night was quiet, no longer filed with the booming of guns and falling of bombs. She was in a very beautiful room. She became aware of the nipple in her mouth. It was hard, and slick with her saliva. She jerked her head away and sat up, blushing furiously. Elkie smiled at her and began to tuck her breast back into her blouse.

“I am so sorry, I cannot take the bombs,” Anne-Marie stammered.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you are not the first to find comfort at my breast, are you all right?” Elkie asked, pausing with her fingers on the button to her blouse.

“Yes… I… Thank you,”

Elkie chuckled. “It was my pleasure I assure you,”

Anne-Marie blushed again. She wanted to say something, but her gaze was drawn to the pale expanse of the German woman’s upper chest. The gentle swell of her breasts seemed wondrous and enthralling.

She tore here eyes away from the generous cleavage and found her eyes locked with the blonde woman’s. Elkie smiled, and slowly undid the few remaining buttons. Here eyes never left Anne-Marie’s as she tugged the shirttails out of her skirt, both of her breasts spilled out , free of the restraining silk at last.

She then extended her hand to Anne-Marie. In a trance the petite girl extended her own hand. Elkie tugged her back down into her lap. The bigger woman took her left breast in her hand and gently guided it to them smaller woman’s lips. Anne-Marie could feel the turgid nipple slide along her lips. She knew she shouldn’t allow this to happen. This woman was the enemy, but she had been so kind and gentle.

“Come ma petite, this one feels neglected,” Elkie cooed.

That gentle coaxing was all it took, Anne-Marie’ s lips parted and she sucked the nipple and part of the large aureole into her mouth. She heard the older woman’s contented sigh, as her tongue rolled over the fat nipple. For a while she suckled like a child, but her rising excitement led to more aggressive licking and tonguing. The contented sigh gave way to a quiet moan of pleasure.

Elkie’s hand slipped from Anne-Marie’s cheek, down over her chest and eventually rested on her flat belly. The big woman’s hand began to clench and relax and it was only when she felt the cool air on her thighs that Anne-Marie realized the hem of her dress was being pulled up. Soon the simple dress was bunched at her waist and only the thin cotton of her knickers kept the cool night air from her flesh. She was excited now, and when Elkie’s hand brushed her mound she moaned into the big breast.

Elkie, gently pulled her breast out of Anne-Marie’s mouth. It made a popping sound, as it came away from her still pursed lips.

“You are driving me to distraction ma petite. I want you, but not here. The bedroom is more appropriate for such adventures,”

She stood and pulled Anne-Marie to her feet. Elkie made no move to cover her breasts and Anne-Marie could see the white taffeta chemise that had covered them. This was pulled down underneath the heavy mummeries, staining to hold their weight. The older woman seemed unconcerned that the garment might be ruined. Anne-Marie wished she could afford such luxuries, her cotton chemise was so plain. Elkie took her hand and led her up the polished wood stairs.

The bedroom was as beautifully appointed as the parlor, dominated by a huge four-poster bed. The big German stopped next to the bed and then turned to face Anne-Marie. She thought she saw hunger in those blue eyes, but compassion as well.

“Ma petite, I want you badly, but I do not want to take advantage. You are obviously scared and alone. I will do all I can to protect you, if we have some sport or not,”

Anne-Marie couldn’t speak, her eyes were still locked onto the blonde’s pendulous breasts. She could feel her mouth watering as she remembered what the big nipple felt like in her mouth. She could almost taste its sweetness.

Elkie smiled then and cupped both of her breasts, holding them up, like an offering. “I think you like these, No?”

Anne-Marie nodded, still not trusting her voice. She watched in rapt silence as the older woman removed her blouse and chemise. When she undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor Anne-Marie felt her breath catch in her throat. Elkie’s body was lush and inviting. Large, heavy breasts with aureoles as big as the coasters Nanna used in her bistro to protect the tabletops and nipples fully an inch long. A lacey black satin girdle squeezed the blonde’s waist in, while peach colored satin knickers with antique lace at the waist and knees covered her wide hips, ample posterior and large thighs. Black stockings could be seen on her legs from the knee down to her fashionable boots.

Elkie smiled and slowly removed her knickers. Anne-Marie’s eyes followed her every move, centered on the junction of her thighs. When she stood, Ann-Marie found herself staring at the woman’s crotch. Elkie’s sex was plump and moist, the pearly pink lips gaping slightly, and her mound was covered in downy blonde curls.

A burst of gunfire sounded somewhere in the Paris night and Anne-married jumped. Her fear retuned instantly and with it came an overpowering urge to flee and hide. Without a word, Elkie lay on the bed with her legs spread and opened her arms invitingly.

Anne-Marie shivered and then climbed onto the bed and curled up in Elkie’s lap. The blonde woman seemed to sense her weakness and fear and did nothing to entice her further, simply stroking her hair and humming an old lull-a-by. The caress was gentle and comforting, and Anne-Marie felt herself begin to relax, as the fear diminished she felt her need rise.

Her face rested on one of Elkie’s large soft breasts and she couldn’t stop herself from snuggling up against her. She could feel silky skin beneath her cheek as her head moved. Elkie placed her fingers on Anne-Marie’s chin and gently tilted her face up. Anne -Marie felt a stab of anticipation just before their lips met for the first time. Where the caresses had been gentle, the kiss was demanding. Elkie’s tongue forced it’s way between her lips and began to ravage her mouth. When the Countess finally withdrew from the warm cave of Anne-Marie’s mouth it was only so she could take Anne-Marie’s lower lip between her teeth and gently gnaw on it. The smaller woman felt the heat rising between her legs, and knew she was going to be this woman’s lover, even if only for tonight. The knowledge was like a bolt of lightning, shooting through her body and awakening all of her nerve endings.

Elkie released her lip and gently pressed the dark haired head down, down to the golden nipple of her left breast. Anne-Marie took it into her mouth and began to suck, but this time it was not the gentle suckling of a scared child. She teased it with her tongue, rolling over it in long slow swipes, applying a stronger suction. Elkie wiggled and sighed as the Frenchwoman worked on her breast. Anne-Marie felt the blonde’s hand slide down between their bodies to rest on her sex and begin to gently stroke herself.

Anne took both of the large breasts in her hands and began to squeeze and knead them, feeling their weight and the softness of the skin. Her hand found the nipple of Elkie’s free breast and she began to pinch it, rolling it between her fingers.

“Yes, Ma petite, just like that,” Elkie sighed in a throaty whisper.

Emboldened by the words Anne worked both breasts harder. She took the nipple between her teeth and gently bit it as her tongue lashed it with quick side to side motions. Elkie began to moan then, softly at first but with growing passion. Anne-Marie could feel the blonde’s fingers sandwiched between their bodies, sliding over her sex. Soon her hips began to jog, tossing the small woman up and down with their violence. She could tell Elkie was close to a climax and redoubled her attack on the big woman’s breasts. She held both of them up and pushed them together so she could run her tongue over both nipples with out having to move her head.

Elkie groaned and her body stiffened, with a sharp cry she began to shake and spasm. Anne-Marie kept up the stimulation until the older woman’s body began to relax. She slowed herself and clamped her mouth back onto a single nipple, gently suckling as Elkie came down from her orgasm.

‘That was wonderful Ma petite, I love having my breasts adored, and you seem to love them,”

“I do, I could stay here forever,”

“Mmmm, you are welcome to, but first, let’s get you out of those wet things,”

Anne-Marie sat up and pulled her dress and chemise over her head. She felt very self conscious, her body was so under developed compared to the Countess’s. She knew she was small and thin, her ribs easily discernable under her olive skin. Her breasts were small and rode high on her chest, the tiny nipples were like pebbles now. Her hips were slim and boyish, only her legs and bottom were shapely. Elkie’s smile did much to reassure her and she returned to the heavy breasts.

After a timeless period she began to feel Elkie’s become aroused again. This time when the older woman’s hand started towards her sex Anne-Marie stopped it with her own. Kissing down the underside of the big tit she traced her lips along the top of Elkie’s girdle and then down it, towards the juncture of her legs. The girdle ended just above the blonde’s pubic triangle and when her lips brushed the soft curls Elkie moaned.

“Yes, Ma Petite, oh Yes, please,”

Anne nuzzled through the downy curls, moving downward until her lips touched Elkie’s slit. She was immediately aware of the flavor, for Elkie was very wet from her first climax. It was musky, with undertones of sweetness and salt. Anne-Marie began to lap up the moisture from the outsides of Elkie’s labia. She found that she loved the woman’s taste and hungered for more, but she refrained from going after it. She wanted to build up the tension in the blonde woman. She knew her soft attention would heighten the Countesses desire and ultimately her pleasure.

When she had finished the outside, she moved her mouth to the bottom of Elkie’s slit and slowly pressed her tongue in, the swollen lips parted easily and she felt the warm clenching walls of the German woman’s tunnel. Her cream was thick here, and the flavor even richer. Anne-Marie went wild then, licking, sucking, and lapping, totally forgetting her original intent. Elkie’s shuddering moan reminded her of why she was there and Anne-Marie moved up to lap delicately at the German woman’s clit. It was erect, and fully exposed and a few swipes of her tongue sent the blonde’s hips into a paroxysm of plunging. The Countess’s moans echoed around the room, followed by an almost feral scream when her orgasm took her.

Anne-Marie continued to kiss and gently tongue her lover’s pussy, slowly bringing the blonde down from the intense orgasm. When the aftershocks had subsided she kissed her way back up to Elkie’s breasts and began to suckle again.

“That was wonderful Ma petite cherie, now I have a surprise for you,”

The Countess detached herself from the smaller woman and rose stretching languidly, like a cat. She then moved across the room to a dresser where she removed something from a small drawer and stepped behind her dressing screen.

“Tell me Ma petite, have you ever been with a man?”


She stopped what she was doing to stare over the screen, “Never?” she asked.

Anne-Marie colored and shook her head. “I have seen naked boys, but I was always to shy to get close to any of them,”

“Perhaps we should not play this game then, I did not know you were still a virgin,”

“What game?”

Elkie smiled and stepped from behind the screen. Anne-Marie gasped. Elkie had a belt buckled around her waist, and two straps, like the legs of a pair of trousers went between her thighs. Attached to the front was a large dildo. It dangled obscenely, creating a very incongruous sight. So feminine and beautiful but at the same time that hard masculine thing in front. Anne-Marie was shocked.

“I enjoy taking my lover’s as a man does, it is very exciting for me. I did not know you were still a virgin, I would not ask you for that honor,”

A long silence followed, Elkie was staring at Anne-Marie, but the petite Frenchwoman was unaware of it, her eyes were glued to the dildo.

Elkie chuckled, “Have you never seen one before?”

“No, not ever in my life,”

“This one is very nice, supple leather filled with hardened millet. An old lover had it made for me in Austria, many years ago, I know the rubber ones are in vogue now, but I till prefer leather,” Elkie said. Another silence followed and the big woman smiled. She walked very slowly towards the bed, watching Anne-Marie’s head bob gently as her eyes followed the leather phallus.

Elkie stood before Anne, she planted her feet and thrust her hips forward slightly, and the tip of the dildo was pointed straight at Anne-Marie’s crotch. Elkie thrust her hips forward again and the head bumped Anne-Marie’s mound. Anne-Marie felt a shiver pass through her then, a jolt of excitement like nothing she had ever experienced.

Elkie laughed. “Ahh, what am I to do with you Ma petite? I thought we were going to get you out of your wet things?” she said, indicating the spreading wetness at the crotch of Anne-Marie’s knickers with her finger. Anne-Marie colored furiously and looked away, but felt the German’s fingers on her chin, gently tilting her head up so they were looking into one another’s eyes.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I am flattered that I make you excited. Let me take this off, and I will return to you the pleasure you have given me,”

“No. Please don’t take it off,” Anne-Marie stammered. Elkie looked at her with a seemingly quizzical expression.

Anne-Marie felt hot, and flushed. She finally screwed up her courage and blurted out “Please, make love to me as a man does,”

Elkie smiled at her, but the smile faded and she took on a very serious expression. “My beautiful Petite cherie, the first time can be very painful and this is quite large for your first. Besides your first is very meaningful, do you not want to save it for someone special?”

“I am so confused. I should hate you for what your people have done to my country, my friends, but I can’t hate you. You have been so kind and gentle to me, and you set me on fire with your touch. My head is so jumbled, but I know this, I want you to take me,”

Elkie smiled then, a smile so radiant that Anne-Marie found herself smiling too, no longer afraid. Elkie helped her out of her knickers and gently arranged her on the bed. She then took a small green bottle from her nightstand and climbed onto the bed between Anne-Marie’s knees.


Anne-Marie was lying on her back, with her head propped up on two over stuffed pillows, Elkie had placed a third under her bottom. Her legs were spread open and Elkie was kneeling between them. She worked the cork out of the green bottle and poured some its contents onto her fingers as Anne-Marie watched.

Anne-Marie gasped when she felt Elkie’s fingers part her labia and slide into her. It felt wonderful, but soon a strange heat began to build inside of her. Not a burning heat, but something very warm and soothing.

Elkie withdrew her probing fingers and spread the oil over Anne-Marie’s mound, in a few moments her entire pussy was hot, deep penetrating warmth that suffused her vagina. Anne looked up questioningly at the blonde as she worked the more of the oil onto her cock.

“Relax, child, the oil is from Japan, it is used in the pleasure houses to ease things for the girls. The oil is frictionless, and the heat you are feeling will relax you, making it easier to penetrate without hurting you.”

Anne nodded and tried to relax, but the heat kept her mind centered on her aching sex. Elkie carefully positioned herself as she took the dildo in her hand and gently stroked it up and down Anne-Marie’s slit. The head slipped between the slick lips of her sex and caressed her inner folds. Anne-Marie moaned and pressed upward with her hips. Elkie chuckled and brought the head of her cock into line with Anne-Marie’s entrance. She nudged the head in with careful movements of her hips, until the tip was inside of the Frenchwoman.

“Are you sure Ma petite? In a moment we will be past the point of no return,”

“Please Elkie, please?”

“Then open your eyes little one and watch, you will always remember this,”

Anne-Marie opened her eyes and took in the sight. Her nipples were hard, and her small breasts were taut with excitement, her flat belly was rising and falling with each excited breath. Her dark pubic hair was matted with the oil and her own lubrication, the black dildo seemed to form a connection between her dark curls and Elkie’s blonde ones. Her legs were splayed wide and Elkie knelt between them, she had a look of intense concentration on her face, as she slowly pushed her hips forward.

Anne-Marie felt the walls of her vaginal canal stretch to accommodate the head of the large dildo as it slowly pushed into her. The feeling was indescribable, she had never had more than a woman’s fingers inside of her, and never very deeply. As Elkie kept up the steady pressure, Anne-Marie felt like the head slide deeper, until it came to rest against her maidenhead. Elkie now placed her hand on the bed to hold her weight and with the other began to stroke Anne-Marie’s mound. The petite Frenchwoman felt the wonderful ripples of pleasure Elkie’s hand was causing. The feeling of being stretched that the dildo was causing slowly went from slightly uncomfortable to very pleasurable. Anne-Marie could feel her orgasm building, Elkie’s gentle stroking was driving her towards the edge. When she felt the twinge, deep in herself that signaled its onset she moaned. The first wave tore through her, causing her to cry out. Even as she felt the spasm tear through her Elkie drove her hips forward with brutal force.

Anne-Marie felt a tearing deep within herself, a shock of pain that was quickly drowned out by the powerful waves of her orgasm. Anne-Marie rode out the stream of sensation, oblivious to the world around her, totally absorbed in the pleasure. As the last spasm rocked her body she became aware of the throbbing in her vagina. She could feel the signals from her abused tissues, but also a delicious feeling of being full, stretched wide, but not open.

Elkie was gazing down on her, the big woman’s face showing obvious concern. Anne-Marie smiled weakly, and tried to shift her hips to a more comfortable position. The big dildo inside of her was stating to feel very uncomfortable.

“Are you all right Ma petite?”

“I think so, but it hurts,”

“It always hurts the first time, I tried to make it as painless as I could,”

“Take it out please,” Anne-Marie groaned.

“No, the pain will ease, wrap your legs around me and lock your ankles above my derriere, that should make it less uncomfortable,”

Anne-Marie did as she was bidden and found that she could wiggle her hips a little and the discomfort abated, it was replaced by a sensation unlike any she had ever had, she felt so stretched, so open and yet so full. It was intensely erotic. Elkie lay upon her and she could feel the big woman’s breasts, thighs, hips and belly, all rubbing against her excited skin. She looked up in time to see Elkie’s lips descend upon her own. Elkie’s tongue, slipped into her mouth, and a long kiss followed. When it broke Elkie pushed herself up on her hands, this caused the dildo to move inside Anne-Marie.


“You like that Ma petite?”

“Well, yes it fells kind of nice,”

“Then you will love this,” the big blonde said as she pulled her hips back. Anne-Marie felt the cock slide slowly out of her, until only the tip was inside, then slowly back in. She groaned as it reentered. With great care the German woman established a rhythm that was to her liking, long slow strokes that left very little inside on the outstroke and left her pubic hair mashed into Anne-Marie’s on the down stroke.

The sensation was magical and within a few minutes Anne-Marie was coming again. Elkie did not slow down, but increased the tempo. Anne-Marie cried out as a second, and then a third orgasm over took her. Elkie was grunting now with each thrust, sweat dripped from her face and breasts. Anne-Marie could see that the Countess’s eyes were slitted, her teeth clenched and her face tightly drawn. With a final stab she screamed and came, driving the dildo to the hilt into the groaning little Frenchwoman.


Anne-Marie awakened to find Elkie gently stroking her small breasts. Sunshine was streaming in through the lace curtains, suffusing the room in a soft light. She felt drained, sore, happy, aroused and relaxed all at once.

“Good morning Ma petite cherie,”

“Mmmmmm, Good Morning,”

“I wish to thank you for last night, it was a precious gift you gave me, one I shall treasure always,”

“You’re welcome, I shall treasure the memory too, but it is morning and I must go,”

“Oh no Ma Petite, the soldiers are still hunting you. I am afraid you will have to wait for nightfall to escape my evil clutches,” Elkie said with a teasing smile.

Anne-Marie smiled back, “Who said I wanted to escape?”

“I wish you would stay, but I know you must return to your struggles,”

Elkie hugged her tightly and they kissed, a deep, sensuous, passionate kiss. When it broke the big German offered a breast to Anne-Marie. She happily sucked the big nipple into her mouth and gently began to suckle. Perhaps, the Resistance can do without me for a while, she thought dreamily.

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