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Remembering My College Years!

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This is a little departure from my usual creampie stories. Yes there are creampies in it as they are my favorite. But there is some male bisexuality as well. If this offends you, please skip this story. Thank you.

When I think back to my college years, I always smile. Especially because of the pranks we played on each other and what we had to do to pledge our fraternities. In fact, that’s where I learned about eating a creampie.

My wife boasts that at least I learned something useful in college. Of course, that was with the benefit of time. Such was not the case on our third date. That was the first time I went down on her after we made love but definitely not the last.

As soon as I came in her, I automatically slid down and began sucking it all back out of her. She almost screamed in horror. I stopped and explained how all the other girls I had known had enjoyed this. You guessed it, she did too! She said, “Well, if you really don’t mind it, it did feel good.”

Moments later she was clutching my head to her pussy as she had a violent orgasm. Now, she expects it.

Now let’s get back to reminiscing about my college years. I’ll start with my brother’s involvement. His name is Joe and he was a member of the biggest fraternity on the campus. He is a year older than me. He is also smart and was (still is) very athletic. Most of all, he was a ladies man in school. I wasn’t quite as blessed with the ladies back then.

I really wanted to go to school with him and that made my family happy. Once I arrived on campus, he was the one who suggested to me that I should pledge his fraternity. I hoped I would meet some girls this way and hang out with my brother.

So I decided to go to the frat house and see if I could fit in. When I got there, there were probably about twenty guys at the house. They were all just sitting around, drinking beer and looking at porno magazines together. They were also talking about some party tonight at the sorority house.

When one of the guys first saw me, they asked my brother Joe, who I was.

“He’s my brother and he wants to join our fraternity,” he proudly replied to this guy. I later found out his name was Stan.

Then another guy spoke up and said that even though I was his brother, I still needed to do something crazy if I wanted to join. “You know, sort of a hazing prank.”

So Joe asked them, “Like what?”

So Stan suggested, “Have him go over to the girl’s sorority house and steal a bunch of panties. Make sure they’re the dirty ones. These girls are the hottest on campus. I want to sniff a few of them!”

The rest of the guys all joined in with gusto. I was a little shocked at their openness, but this was college. I wondered how hot these girls really were.

Joe said, “You know that they’ll kill him if they catch him with their underwear!”

“I know, isn’t that the point, to send him out on a real challenge?”

Joe said, “Alright then, now you know your mission. But don’t get caught, we already had a guy get kicked out of school for doing the same thing. If you can pull it off, you can come to the party. Incidentally, the party’s at the same sorority house your going to, so be careful!”

I asked him where I should meet him.

“I can’t go tonight; I’m going out with Alicia and hopefully I’ll get laid. Meet up with Stan and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I said okay and was out the door.

I made my way over to the girls’ house and went around back. There wasn’t anyone there. So I tried the door and it was unlocked. This was going to be easy, I thought.

The house was neat and clean downstairs. You could tell that girls lived here. Then I went upstairs. That was a different story!

I looked in their rooms. What a mess. Their clothes and shoes were everywhere, which made my job easy. All their dirty clothes would be in plain view. So I quickly went from room to room and gathered up some dirty panties. Most were on the floor but some were in laundry hampers.

Needless to say, I had plenty of their stuff in no time at all. In the last room I went to, I saw a picture on the dresser. It was a picture of the girl that lived in this room and she was hot! She was all dressed up and the picture was taken in this very room.

Then I saw on the floor, that there was a sexy little black mini-skirt with a black g-string still tangled up inside of it. The skirt was so short, that it was probably hard for her not to flash her crotch to other people. Not that any guy would mind.

There was also a pair of black strappy heels next to this pile of clothes. They must have showed off her legs and feet. I love women’s feet, especially when they’re manicured.

I could tell that she had gone out in this outfit and then took it off in a hurry. I wished I could have seen her in it and then watch her get out of it too! First, I bent down and grabbed one of her high heels. I could see the imprint of her foot on the sole and drug my tongue across the top of the shoe where her toes went. It smelled sexy and I could taste her salty perspiration on the sole I wished that I could suck her toes for real.

My attention now turned to her thong that was still inside the skirt. I picked them up and pressed the crotch to my face and inhaled deeply. It smelled so strongly of her pussy and a hint of flowers, that I wondered how long they were on her and how long they have been lying here begging to be found. I was going to save this pair for me! I stayed for a while lost in this girl’s womanly fragrance when I realized that I needed to keep moving.

I was as hard as a rock, as I left her room with my prized possession when I heard a sound. It was more like a moan and I went to check it out like an idiot. It was coming from down the hall and in another bedroom. The door was open a crack, so I peered in.

My eyes beheld a beautiful young woman with long brown hair. She was lying naked on her bed and on top of her, was some guy who I didn’t know. But she definitely did because he was busy fucking the shit out of her.

As she lied beneath him, this dark haired beauty continually moaned and encouraged him to fuck her harder. My dick was still hard from sniffing panties and seeing this made me want to start jerking off. I could tell he was close to losing it and so was I.

He rammed himself into her pussy, over and over. Her legs were up on his shoulders. In that position, I could see her feet. They had a French manicure and looked delicious. Apparently, he thought so as well. She put them on either side of his face and he turned towards one and began to suck on her toes.

She began screaming with pleasure. “Oh please suck them, suck my toes while you fuck me!” This pushed him over the limit. He drove his cock in deep and I watched his muscles contracting. It was a big load for sure and she felt it filling her up.

“No! Not yet, I’m almost there,” she yelled.

Her pleading was too late. He remained buried in her pie for a few more seconds so his nuts could continue to rid themselves of their precious baby making fluids. Then finally, he was satisfied and hastily withdrew his cock from her and told her he needed to get back. When he got off of her, I could see her pussy from the door. It was gorgeous. It was red and puffy and her lips were still splayed open from his cock. Some of his milky white cum had already begun to gather near the bottom of her pussy.

“What about me?” she asked.

“Sorry, you’re too beautiful. I couldn’t stop myself,” he replied as he threw his clothes back on and left quite embarrassed.

What kind of guy would do that to a hot piece of ass like this and expect to get a return engagement?

“Just great,” she said with great disappointment and obvious frustration.

I had to duck into the next room, so he didn’t see me. I tried to be quiet and waited till I heard the front door close to make my escape. I slowly reopened the door and to my shock, there she was. She was standing there in her bare feet with nothing on but a robe.

I was busted.

“What the fuck are you doing here and why were you standing there watching me get fucked. Well answer me you perv.”

I thought about running away from her but as luck would have it, two more girls came up the stairs.

“I caught one of them, call security!” she yelled to the two girls who were approaching us. I recognized one of the girls. She was the one who’s panty’s I had just been sniffing and she was even hotter in person. The other was a beautiful blonde.

I begged them not to call the campus security. I told them my name and the story of trying to pledge like my brother.

The blonde asked, “Who’s your brother?”

I told her his name and she smiled. Then they all said that they were going to “teach me a lesson for that” and someone said, “Cheese”. That’s when I saw a flash and saw a camera in the hands of the girl who I was watching before. Apparently, she had slipped back into her room to retrieve a camera. Now she had a Polaroid of me, holding their panties.

The other brunette said, “Make it a good lesson too, he’s got the panties that I had on last night in his hand and they all looked in my hand.

“You’ll really love those, you perv. I was out dancing in them all night and I just got home. I bet they smelled nice and ripe! You did smell them didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Anything else?” she asked.

“Your shoes,” I said.

The other brunette who screamed when she had her toes sucked, perked up.

“Bullshit, you didn’t. Then do it now or I’ll start screaming,” she said.

“If you don’t do what we say, I will give this picture to the Dean and to security. Do you understand me?”

I was panicked. She wasn’t kidding. She had a photo of me with a handful of panties inside their dorm. So I bent down and kissed her feet.

“That’s nice but I meant my panties,” she said.

So I brought them back to my face and started inhaling.

The blond went, “Eww gross, now sniff the crotch”.

So I did as she said. They smelled intoxicating.

“That’s not enough. I could tell you enjoyed that, though I don’t know how,” she said.

She was right. It was erotic to do this in front of them. Still, I pleaded with them not to bust me. “I’ll do anything!”

The brunette with only the robe on said, “Anything?”

“Anything, I swear,” I begged.

So the blonde had another idea. As she revealed her plan, the rest of us listened. None of us listened more closely than, yours truly.

“Your fraternity is coming over for a party tonight and a party they will receive. Not from us, but from you.”

I said that I didn’t understand.

“Listen, at this party we need a pledge to lock herself in that bathroom and service the guys, as a way for her to pledge our sorority.”

I looked at the room and saw a bathroom door with a hole in it at crotch level.

I said, “She blows them in there?”

“Well, sort of. Her identity is kept a secret because she is inside the bathroom and the guys push their penis’s through the hole to her.”

I asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“We had a girl already picked out for this honor but now you’ll take her place.”

My mind was numb. “There’s no way. I’m not gay,” I said.

“That doesn’t matter. What matter is that if you refuse, then we go to security and you get thrown out. We already got some guy thrown out who did the same thing and didn’t a deal.”

One of the other girls called her a “genius”.

“Nobody will find out that it’s you in there. Do it and I’ll give you the picture back and you can keep those.”

She pointed at the underwear in my hand.

“Those are mine,” the other girl said.

“Give them to him. He’s gonna need something to remind him that he’s a guy and what a pussy smells like after he gets through with all that cock,” the blond said.

I knew if I got thrown out, that I’d end up back home in some dead end job.

“Okay, but only as long as it’s kept a secret.”

The blonde seemed very pleased and the other girls gasped in surprise. One said, “You will?”

“Shush; never mind her. You go lock yourself in and I’ll come in after they leave and give you the picture back and maybe something more!”

She was hot and I hoped she meant it.

Then the brunette in the robe said, “Wait, before you lock yourself in there, I’ve got something for you to take care of first. I’ll break you in easy and see how you like the taste.”

I thought the taste of what?

“Come in here with me, I’ve got someone else’s unfinished business for you to take care of for me,” she said and walked me by the hand into her bedroom.

As the others walked away down the hall, they were all giggling.

“Lie down on the bed. I’m gonna give you a little taste of what’s to come.”

I did what she said. I was gonna finally get laid, I thought. “Don’t you want me to undress?” I asked.

“No need to,” she replied and opened up her robe.

She was beautiful. Her body was tan and you could tell she was athletic. Her breasts were full, maybe 36c’s and she had a small strip of pubic hair above her beautiful pussy. She crawled across the bed and when she reached my side she swung her leg across my body.

I looked up at this beautiful creature, waiting for what was next. I was trembling. Was she gonna fuck me with my clothes on?

“Okay, here we go. Now first suck on my toes to get me warmed up.”

I began and could taste her saltiness again but much stronger.

‘That feels so good. My idiot boyfriend must have stepped on them a hundred times when we danced last night.” We both enjoyed that and she pulled them away from me and I couldn’t wait to see what was next.

“Now go slow and I’ll cum more than once,” she said.

Then quickly, she scooted up and I was face to face (well you know what I mean) with her crotch! When she made contact with my face I wanted to yell, but she had her pussy plastered to my mouth. Next, she grabbed my hair to keep me in that exact position. Her pussy was literally dripping with his cum and she smelled like it. She was sweaty and sticky all over.

“Suck me out and make me cum. I know you think I’m hot. I’ve never had a guy be able to resist me. Now suck my pussy clean for me,” she demanded.

As gross as it seemed, I hadn’t been with a girl this beautiful before. So I figured, why not give her pleasure and see where it could take me. So I began licking her pussy.

She moaned and said, “Oh g-d, now go slow. All you guys are the same, you’ll do anything for a taste of my pie. But either you’re the most pathetic I’ve ever met or the most hard up. You’ll even taste my little pussy when it’s full of some other guys cum.”

She was dominating me in every way and it was turning us both on.

“Does he taste good, do you like it? I know that he came a lot in me, I felt it. Usually he drips out of me all day but not today. Now I have you to clean my used pussy for me, don’t I? You like his semen don’t you?” she teased.

It really didn’t taste too bad and I replied the only way I could. I went, “Mmm huh.”

“You like it and you’ll do this again whenever I want?” she asked.

“Mmm huh,” I said again.

“You really love his cum?’ she said again.

“Mmm huh”

She squealed with delight and then returned to concentrating on my tongue. As I swallowed the thick cream that poured from her, she moved my face to wherever it felt best for her. Soon, she began to moan and then sat straight up on my face and cried out with her orgasm.

Her sweet cum flooded my mouth as her pussy contracted with her orgasm and I swallowed everything she had to offer. She was true to her word and stayed put on my face for another orgasm and then fell off to my side with exhaustion.

“That was so good, I needed that. I didn’t think I was gonna get to cum today until you came along,” she said.

“You were delicious and I’ll do it again as often as you like!” I replied.

“He rarely gets me off with his cock and I’ve been stressed out with school. It’ll be nice to have you around to take the edge off when I need to relax,” she said.

I hoped she would help me out now as I needed to cum. But that was not to be.

“I through with you now, go in there and get cleaned up. Our guests will be coming soon, literally.”

She was laughing at me as I shut the door. As I contemplated what had just happened. I thought, “What do I do?” I can’t get kicked out of school and I certainly will. They have a picture of me for proof. Besides, now I had a hot chick wants me to eat her out on a regular basis. I didn’t even care that it’ll be filled with her boyfriends cum when I do it. His cum really didn’t taste that bad anyhow. I didn’t even know her name?

I decided that I needed to see this through and it wasn’t too long before I heard some music and the sounds of people arriving for the party. I was stuck in here now.

They had been nice and brought me some food and drink earlier. By now, I was pretty buzzed on the booze. I could tell it was getting later and I was getting bored. It was around midnight, when I heard some voices outside the door. I peaked out the dreaded hole and saw the blonde explaining to my fraternity that their sorority had a new girl pledging.

“She’s inside there and her job is to do everyone, as her way in to the sorority.”

“Do us how?” a guy asked.

She’ll suck you off as many times as you like,” she said.

There was a hush of silence from the guys all across the room. You could feel every zipper straining.

I heard Stan say, “Are you serious? She’ll do that?”

“Absolutely, and swallow every time. If she misses one drop she gone,” she answered.

There was a cheer from the guys. My heart sank and so it began. I heard Stan’s voice again saying, “I’m first, I need a good blowjob!”

I glanced at the door and soon I saw Stan’s semi-hard cock pushing through the door. I hesitated and from the other side of the door I heard, ‘She’s backing out. Open the door and send her packing.”

I knew there was only one way out of this room. So I knelt down and grabbed it with my fingers. “Never mind, she’s alright.”

Then he turned his attention to me and said, “I hope you’re not counting calories in there because me and the boys have got some serious cream for you to swallow.”

His cock was semi-hard when it came through the door but it began to harden and grow in my hand.

“That feels good, now start sucking it!” he said.

As weird as it felt in my hand, it was about to get a whole lot weirder. I kneeled down and licked across its head. His cock jumped a little and I heard a moan from the other side. I even tasted some of his salty pre-cum. It wasn’t too bad. I might survive this.

Then I ran my tongue around its spongy head and began to suck on it. It felt so big and hot inside my mouth. It kept growing until it was really hard. I settled into a nice rhythm and felt him getting more and more excited as the time went on. I had had a few blowjobs in my past and knew what felt good to me and did those same things to him. Pretty soon, I felt it throbbing in my mouth and he began thrusting.

I wondered what it would feel like when he came. Would it gag me or would it be so foul that I would freak out? Then what would happen to me? I didn’t need to wonder long.

Without warning, my mouth suddenly began to fill with his seed. I pictured the guy as he shot his load in the brunette on the bed. The way his muscles contracted as he shot his load into her pussy. How good he felt.

This guy was feeling the same way, only now, my mouth was the substitute. I pulled back a little but when I did that he just thrust a little deeper. He groaned again and his next blast went down my throat .By his third blast, he held still and I received the last of his thick cum.

I held myself still with him in my mouth. As it softened, he milked out the last bit of semen from his cock and then pulled it back through the hole.

I swallowed his cum and noticed how thick and hot it was. It seemed to stick to my tongue. It tasted pretty good. I had heard some women despised the taste. I didn’t know why? I didn’t have long to contemplate how it tasted for long because another cock came poking through the hole looking for me.

This one was thicker and longer than the last. This guy was ready to go, as I could see he was already leaking pre-cum. I took his cock deep in my mouth and sucked it powerfully causing him to groan. “She’s like a vacuum,” I heard him say. I didn’t recognize that voice.

I felt the veins on it pulsating in my mouth and its mushroom like cap, continue to grow. After about five minutes, his cock grew even thicker and harder if that was possible. I knew he was very close to cumming by the heavy breathing through the other side of the door.

“I’m cumming!” was all I heard for a warning before his torrential release.

I held him in my mouth as he gushed his sperm across my tongue. I choked a little at first because of the sheer quantity. He tasted stronger than Stan did, (my previous BJ), and there was much more cum. Besides the quantity, it was also hotter and thicker. I had to swallow at least three times.

When he was through, he pulled back and slid out of my sucking lips and back through the hole.

“She’s awesome. She swallows it all. If only it was always this easy. I put my cock through a hole in a door and she sucks me off,” I heard him say.

“Yeah, she swallowed all of mine too! We need a door like this at our house,” I heard Stan say.

Another cock soon replaced the previous one and so it went for me for the next two hours. Everyone took two turns and as I was getting tired, apparently they were too. I felt like I had consumed enough semen to fertilize a small planet. They thankfully stopped coming to the door and after a little while, there was a knock at the door. I peeked through the hole and saw that sexy blonde again. I hadn’t seen her all night but I knew I was through.

“Let me in.”

I unlocked the door and she came in. She said, “All the guys left. I think they’re gonna smile for a week because of you. You certainly have held up your end of the bargain.” Then she paused.

I was thinking to myself that I was glad that I didn’t know any of the guys in the fraternity that well yet. The only person that I knew I had sucked was Stan. I could live with one and still be able to look the other guys in the face.

She continued, “But I have one late comer. Do him and you’re done.”

Before I could say a word, she yelled “Okay” and I heard footsteps coming down the hall. She kissed me and then a cock came poking through the hole. It was longest and thickest of the night; He must really put the meat to the girls with that thing.

She whispered, “Suck this one really good and I’ll even blow you at the end.”

Hearing that, I eagerly put him in my mouth and heard him groan from the other side. I had no shame anymore. I sucked on wantonly without reservations. These girls had broken my will. He was already hard as if he had already been aroused before he got here. I bathed this cock with my saliva and began to nibble on its head. It surged with more blood and got even harder.

The blond began to rub my crotch.

After sucking so many cocks tonight, I could now tell when his orgasm was approaching. After a few more minutes, I felt this one filling up fast with semen.

“Tease him,” she whispered in my ear. “Don’t let him cum yet.”

So I did as she said and slowed down, just sucking on the head. He calmed down a little and then I began another all out oral assault. She had me do this over and over until he was moaning uncontrollably.

“I can’t take it anymore,” he said.

She whispered, “Yes he can. I sucked him like that in the car for almost an hour before we got here, but I told him he couldn’t cum till we got inside.”

We were both prisoners of this bitch. We were chained together by his frantic need to cum and my need not to get expelled. My only way out of this prison was through his orgasm and his way out was through my mouth. I would have gladly ended it so I could go home and I’m sure he would have ended this torment as well, but she wasn’t through denying either of us our freedom quite yet.

So again, I began sucking on its entire length for him. I was pulling on it with my lips and tongue, over and over. It was throbbing with every beat of his heart.

“That’s it, I’m gonna cum!” he cried.

She shook her head and I stopped. He was frustrated.

“No please, do it! I can’t take any more!” he begged.

This voice was becoming more familiar to me but it was hard to make out. I knew this voice. The torture didn’t stop. I teased him over and over for quite a while longer. His cock was continuously leaking cum rather profusely into my mouth by now. Every time he was ready to shoot, she had me stop. I began to feel really bad for him.

Then finally he began again in his tortured voice, “Oh yeah, here it cums!” I looked over at her and she nodded to finally do it. So as I continued, I could sense his impending orgasm again. “That’s it…don’t stop this time, I’m gonna cum Alicia, I’m gonna…..” he cried also sensing that he would finally get to cum.

His cock swelled to impossible proportions. I had teased him past his breaking point and if I stopped now, I felt that he would go insane. My mouth was filled to capacity with him. I opened as wide as I could and sucked as hard and as fast as I could.

“Oh fuckkkkk………..!!!!” he screamed.

Then it began. A continuous stream of hot, sticky semen roared across my tongue. This load was immense. I had to swallow it immediately or drown. That’s when I noticed the taste. He tasted really good. I know you’re wondering how I could say this but it was simple. It just tasted good. And then the second blast washed across my tongue and the third and the forth. After everything I did today, I didn’t care the why and the how. His seed was delicious and swallowing it down was my pleasure as well as his.

“Fuck yeah, swallow it all Alicia!”

And I did. He pumped out every ounce of his milky seminal fluid into my mouth and I gladly received it. I still couldn’t believe that I found his cum to be so delicious. It was hot and sweet. What was wrong with me? I only did this to stay in school but now I wanted more.

Unfortunately, now he was impossibly drained and very sensitive to the touch. So he pulled his cock out and I stood up. She yelled out to him ever no innocently, “I’ll be right out sweetheart, don’t move. I need to clean up.”

“I bet you do,” he replied.

She then handed me the picture and dropped to her knees.

She popped my cock in her mouth and in no time I was ready to cum. I wanted to last but I felt my balls fill and just as I exploded, she took me out of her mouth and pumped my cream onto the floor. I just stood there, weak in the knees, as she stood up and fixed her outfit. Then she opened the door and walked out. The door closed behind her with a thud.

I heard her say to him, “Well? I’m probably not as good at it as the pledge who sucked everyone off. You’d probably rather that she had done you.”

I heard him reply, “I wouldn’t want to know that. I love you and what you did. That was the best ever. You even swallowed for me this time, you’ve never swallowed my cum before.”

That was true, she hadn’t swallowed mine either.

“Wasn’t this more fun than going out tonight?” she asked.

He said, “Hell yeah!”

“I want to do it again. Can you do it again so soon?” she said.

“Do what?” he said.

“I want to suck you off again.”

“When?” he asked.

“Right now!”” she responded. “I don’t know?” he said.

“I’ll go back in there and swallow it again for you,” she begged.

That bitch! How could he refuse her?

“Please, please, please let me do it again! I want to swallow your sweet cum again,” she implored him.

He was stunned. She was batting her eyelashes and licking her lips. But this was a college kid and I knew he could do it.

“I don’t know?” he replied rather unsure of himself.

“Let me try. Please? You tasted so sweet and I promise not to tease you this time. Besides, after this, I don’t think I am going to swallow again for a while,” she said.

Now she was blackmailing him.

“Well then, if you insist. That’s a tough offer for a guy to ever say no to,” he replied.

He took the bait. She came back in and locked the door. Then I heard a sigh and he said, “I’ll never understand you women will I?” Then his limp cock came through the hole again.

He got the only answer he expected. I took his soft cock back in my mouth for the last time.

“I guess not,” is all he said and then relaxed as the pleasure of a blowjob returned to his penis again. His cock would only get semi-hard for the first ten minutes. It was like a challenge now and I began sucking his cock harder than this girl Alicia had ever done for him, I was quite sure.

At one point, Alicia saw me tiring and had me move over as she sucked him for awhile. Then he surprised us both by saying, “Do what you were doing before. It was better.”

She gave me a dirty look and pulled his stick from her mouth and fed it back into mine.

“That’s it. Oh, that’s so much better. I just don’t know if I can cum again so soon.”

“Wait, I have an idea.” That’s when he decided to begin sawing his cock in and out through the hole using my mouth as a pussy instead of passively standing there and having me doing all the work. I held my head still for him, as he thrust his cock through the hole

“Oh fuck, this is good. Let me fuck your mouth. This is real good. I can feel myself getting close.”

I did as he asked and after another few minutes, I felt his cock swell even more. I could feel his excitement. In his mind, there was no teasing this time, just some hard thrusting into his girlfriend’s open mouth. She had just begged him to let her swallow his cum. He never thought that anything that could cause him so much pleasure, would be the same thing that this beautiful girl desired so much. This was something he’d never have expected in his whole life and would never get again.

I waited for his cock to serve me up seconds. It began to twitch again in my mouth as before and he began moaning again. Then he slowed down. What was he doing? He was gonna make it last as long as he could. He tried but it was impossible. I felt his cock surge and expand as it filled with his semen.

“Here it comes, so get ready. This is what you wanted, so suck harder!”

My mouth began to water in anticipation. It was degrading to think about, but I couldn’t wait to drink his seed. He began to grunt and then he pushed himself through the hole as far as he could.

When he exploded, I couldn’t believe this was his second load of the night. It was immense and even sweeter tasting this time. I sucked on his rod to try and suck it out of him. It was thick and creamy. His nuts squeezed out every drop, until he was dry.

I knew how sensitive he must be right now so I let him do all the work so as to not cause any friction. It took him quite a while to settle back down. I gently nursed on his prick and received little spurts of juice as a reward.

This guy must have thought he was in heaven.

Finally he had enough and was too sensitive. “Stop, please. That was so good, I can’t take it anymore.”

As he pulled his cock back through the hole, he squeezed out the last remaining drops of cum in his cock, as if sensing how much pleasure it was causing in it’s consumption. I swallowed it down and then Alicia gave me a deep kiss and opened the door and left.

I peeked out the hole when the coast was clear. I saw them kissing but I still couldn’t make out who he was and why he sounded so familiar and also, how it was that I knew her name. I heard him still talking to her about how good she made him feel tonight. When I finally saw who her lucky guy was, I got cold. These bitches had set me up good. The shockwave of what had just happened to me, rippled through my body.

Standing with this blonde was my brother, Joe! Then it clicked. Alicia was my brother’s girl. That’s why I knew the name. What had I just done? Why did she do this to me? He had said they were going out and she teased him on purpose. Now I had two massive loads of my brother’s semen swimming around in my belly with all the other countless loads from his frat brothers. I felt sick to my stomach.

“Do you really feel better, sweetie?” she asked him.

“Fuck yeah, you should know. Those were the best blowjobs you’ve ever given me!”

They walked away holding hands as my stomach churned with the thought that I had just given my own brother the best blowjobs he said he had ever received.

The next morning I showed up with the handful of panties I had worked so hard for. The guys all said that I missed a killer party.

My brother said, “Yeah, there was some pledge from the sorority who was in the bathroom and sucked everyone off through a hole in the door to join their group. Not so bad, huh? All we had you do was steal some panties!”

“Yeah thanks,” I replied.

“But don’t worry about me little brother; Alicia did the same for me, twice last night too. She even swallowed my jizz,” he triumphantly announced.

A cheer went up.

“I told you she was a great girl.”

If he only knew, I thought.

“Where were you last night?” he asked.

I said I stayed in and jerked off with the girls panties that I had stolen.

“Well, you made it in!” the fraternity.

I threw the panties on the table and grabbed a beer. That’s when Stan came over to talk to me. I tried to put the memories of last night behind me but it was still too fresh. I swear I could still taste the cum in my mouth.

Stan said, “I just got back with Tim and Bill from the girls house. Our girls invited the three of us over for a quickie this morning. I wasn’t sure I could do it after last night but we all got laid.”

Just then, there was a knock. Standing at the door was Alicia. She saw me and smiled. My brother invited her in and all the guys were checking out her body as he introduced her to me. Of course I knew her only too well.

She glanced at the table and saw the panties laying there. She pretended to be mad and wanted to know why they were here?

Joe said, “It was a joke, my brother did to join the frat.”

She said, “Well they’re going with me and so is he. Something is wrong with the plumbing. After the party last night, I guess something just needs to be sucked out.”

Joe said, “Relax sweetie, he can go. Is there anyone there?”

Alicia responded, “The girls are waiting. There are three of them there. They’ll show him what needs to be sucked out. So it can drain properly.”

He replied, “Well we can’t make them wait. Tend to their needs little brother, will you?” “Of course,” I said.

She winked at me on my way out. You guessed it. I was eating three creampies when I got there. Apparently, the word had spread of my oral skills and fondness for eating their creampies. Soon, I was in great demand in their sorority house. They set it up to appear that I was dating one of the girls casually at the sorority. It was a good cover to be over there and the girls used it to their advantage. I had many a creampie from all of them, even Alicia.

She took great pleasure in having me eat her pussy after her and Joe had finished having sex. It was a definite dominant thing for her. She would try to make me feel weird because she was my brother’s girl and I was eating his seed from her. But while she got off on that I enjoyed her creampie.

I had a great time in college after that. The girls all got to know me and treated me really well. If they were drunk and I was over, I usually could get laid. Life was good with lots of pussy and creampies.

Bob even said to me, “You’ve turned into quite the ladies man. You’re at the sorority house before me and long after me. You must be doing something I’m not. What’s your secret?”

I shrugged my shoulders and we both laughed.

Bob and Alicia went their separate ways after school, “How can she be so hot and cold like that? One minute she’s literally begging to swallow my jizz and then it’s back to never?” he said.

I never knew the answer to why she never swallowed his cum. I thought that she was missing out. But why she did it for him that once and never again, I could never tell. That was going to the grave.

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