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Reclaiming His pet

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It had been a while since her Master had had time to play with her. His schedule at work, and the classes he was taking really cut into their time together. She had started to feel neglected, and as a result started to slip into bad habits. She was not showing him proper respect; Sir had all but been eliminated from her vocabulary.

He seen this and it pained him so, he knew he had been failing at his duties as her Master. He knew he needed to get back what they had; he knew he had to correct the situation, but how?

Did she deserve to be punished? She had failed to follow the rules, and this would indicate a need for punishment. He on the other hand had left things go for so long how could he put all the blame on her. It would be very cruel to do such a thing and very unjust. But that still leaves the problem how to get back what they had?

He thought about this for a long time and decided that the first thing he needed to do is establish the rules once again. Then to establish his role as her Master, and hers as his pet. He knew he had to be careful not to expect her to fall right back into line. So he decided maybe a scene would be just what the doctor ordered. A planned scene, so she had time to get into sub mode. Maybe even a few instructions for her to help her along.

So he sat and wrote an email to his pet.

I know I have neglected your needs, and for this I am truly sorry. I know you have slipped in your duties and although this is not acceptable it is not all your fault. I think we both need to get back to where we were, so I am exercising my rights as your Master and giving you the following instructions. I truly believe this is what we need to get back on track, and start the journey back to where we were. This is not open for discussion, nor do I want to discuss any additional plans I might have.

1) Do not make any plans for Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon.

2) Call my mother and arrange for her to take the children for this time.

3) Once the children are gone you are to then prepare your body for my use. You know the routine, clean-shaven including your cunt, and an enema.

4) Then you are to have a glass of wine and take a relaxing bath. Get yourself into sub mode.

5) You are to dress as follows, black stockings, garter, heals, black lace bra, skirt, and button down blouse.

6) Apply your makeup to please me.

7) You are to have this all done and be waiting for me buy 1:30.

Monday afternoon, she read her email, she was surprised to see her Master had noticed her need, and that he had realized his neglect. She smiled as she had been longing for his attention. She only hoped he would go slowly, and not to expect her to be able to take all that he was capable of giving.

She sent a simple reply to his email.

on my knees, eyes lowered, waiting to serve you… All will be as you wish my Master!

Your obedient,


The week crawled; her Master was still preoccupied with work and school. It seemed to her even more this week.. She had made arrangements with his mother to take the kids. She would be there by 9:30 Saturday morning to pick them up.

She made sure her outfit was ready. That she had everything she needed. She even made a point of getting new lipstick, blood red of course. It was the kind that was smear proof, and needed a special cleaner to remove it. She knew this would please him. She also made a point of getting her nails done, again picking a deep dark red for the color, matching the lipstick she bought.

Saturday Morning finally arrived. Her Master was up and gone early something about having to take care of some business. This worried her, as she knew that he had a habit of getting into his work and losing track of time. His mother picked up the kids at 9:30 right on time. She then proceeded with her Master’s instructions. She was hoping that everything turned out right; she had obeyed him and had not tried to discuss the day’s plans at all. She just hoped that he had not forgotten about them. His week seemed to be more hectic than most and it could have easily slipped his mind.

What she did not know was her Master had work extra hard all week to make sure he had no business related to work for the rest of the weekend. The business he had to take care of was final preparations for the day ahead. First thing was scouting the best route to the restaurant. Stopping by the toy store to purchase a new butt plug, and a special thong.

She went into the bathroom and proceeded to shave her legs and underarms. Then she shaved her cunt, something she had neglected for some time. She then did the one thing that she found most humiliating, she administered an enema to herself. Once she was done with her preparations she put on her robe and went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine, it was only 10:30 a bit early to be drinking but his instructions were explicit, and she wanted the day to be everything it promised to be.

She returned to the bathroom and drew her bath. While the tub was filling she poured in some bath salts that were supposed to help one relax. Once the tub was filled she stepped in letting the warm water envelope her. She sipped her wine and then closed her eyes and let her body relax. She wanted to serve her Master more than anything. She slowly let her cares wash away, and opened her mind to the thoughts of her Master and his caring but demanding touch. She wondered what he had in mind, what would be demanded of her, would she be able to comply with his wishes. It almost felt that she was preparing to serve him for the first time. She was nervous yet excited. She feared, yet looked forward to her time with her master.

She finished her wine and relaxed until the bath cooled. She then got out dried herself. She went to the bedroom and noticed that it was only 11:45, she had almost two hours until she had to be ready, so she went down stairs and signed onto the computer to check her email.

She was happy when she seen that there was an email from her Master. The subject simply said, “Good morning pet”

She opened it and it read;

If you are reading this I trust that you have been following my instructions. I know you have taken care of arrangements with my mother. By now your body should be prepared to serve me. When I arrive home I expect you to be waiting in the living room in position. You may use a cushion to kneel on; I know you have not knelt in a long time, and it may be rough on your knees. While kneeling I expect you to be thinking how much pleasure you get from serving me. I want you to remember your only duties are to please me and to be obedient.


As she read the email she felt her nipples stiffen, and a warm glow start to form in the pit of her stomach. She now had a better feeling about the day; she knew he had not forgotten. They were going to be together as Master and sub. She clicked the reply button and typed her reply; it just flowed from her heart, as she felt herself slipping even further into subspace.

i belong to you, i am here for Your pleasure. i will serve you in what ever You desires. i only desire to be obedient. my greatest pleasure comes from pleasing You.

I will be waiting for my Master as instructed.

Your obedient,


She logged off the computer and headed for the bedroom. She checked the time it was just after noon she had plenty of time to get ready. It had been sometime since she wore her lingerie for her Master. First the garter, she clips it on and positions it just so. As the straps caress the sensitive backs of her thighs, her mind drifts to the time when her husband had to just about beg her to wear lingerie. Then she felt her body was not sexy enough for such garments. She continued with her stocking. The silky feel of her stockings on her smooth legs pushed her mind on, remembering when her husband and her first started experimenting with BDSM. One of the first things that her husband demanded in his role as her Master was lingerie and absolutely no pantyhose. She had not even bothered with panties; she knew it was not an oversight on her Masters part he often made her go out without panties. The Sheer Lace Bra was next; you could easily see her nipples through the lace and she knew that it would do little to hide the excited state of her nipples. As the stiff lace cups of her bra scratched at her nipples they hardened to two little stones. This all combined to heighten her senses and pushed her yet deeper into sub space. She had a warmth about her that was centered in the very core of her womanhood. The lingerie, once something she looked on as not being good enough for, now she relished the effect the silk and lace had on her.

With her lingerie on and her mind in overdrive she sat at her vanity and started to apply her makeup. She carefully fixed her hair and then applied her makeup. She picked bolder colors than she would normally use, as she knew this is what her Master would desire. She finished with the blood red lipstick and her Masters favorite perfume in all the right places.

She then slipped a dark blue silk blouse on, the coolness of the silk caused her nipples to ache and they hardened even more. Next was the skirt, black linen and a few inches above her knee. Then came the heals, four-inch dark blue paten leather.

Her outfit complete, her makeup applied to his explicit desires. Her mind filled with nothing but the desire to serve and obey. She was fully into sub mode now.

She stood before the full-length mirror and gave herself the once over. The reflection looking back from her mirror added more fuel to the fire of desire already burning in her very soul. Her outfit simple yet sexy, her nipples excited state clearly shown. Her makeup was perfect just a touch on the sluttish side just like her Master demanded it to be. She hoped that her Master would be pleased. Then satisfied that she was finished she headed for the living room. It was only 1:20 but she went to the center of the room and knelt never even considering her Masters generous offer of a cushion for her knees. This action served two purposes, it made her look more submissive in her Masters eyes, while it was easier on her back to hold her proper position. She assumed her position; knees spread just a little passed shoulder width, back straight arms behind her neck, eyes lowered.

As soon as she was in position her mind started to wonder what her Master had in store for her. From her outfit she assumed they would be going out, but where, with her Master she never knew. He was skilled at keeping her off guard and under constant sexual tension. He knew in that condition she was much more receptive to his control.

She was so into her thoughts she did not hear her Master arrive, until she heard the front door close. She resisted the urge to lookup, knowing it would not please him and could force the day down a path she would regret.

He stood in the arch admiring his pet; he could not help but smile at the site before him. Kneeling in complete submission, no longer just his wife but his pet, and just like a pet so willing and needing to please her Master. He resisted the urge to go to her, as he wanted her to wait just a bit longer. There was plenty of time he turned and headed for the shower.

As she knelt she could sense his presence then he was gone without so much as a word. Now that she knew her Master was home her senses were tuned to him. She strained to hear any indication where her Master was. She could hear him going upstairs then she could hear the shower. It seemed like it took her Master forever to finish his shower. At last she heard the shower stop and then again it seemed like her Master was taking his time getting ready, but she could not tell if he actually was or just her need for her Master exaggerating the time it was taking.

Finally she heard his footsteps on the steps. Then she could again sense his presents again. But where was he, why is he not said anything, her mind was racing, was he not pleased, did she not follow his instructions. He could see her concern form on her features as he stood in complete silence admiring the sexy creature that knelt before him. A picture of complete submission, and obedience.

He suddenly moved to right in front of her. He reached down and took hold of her hands and brought her to her feet. Her legs shook as she stood. She did not know if it was from the amount of time she knelt, or the fact that she now stood before her Master. He placed his hand on her chin and tilted her head back so that he could look at her face. She still did not raise her eyes to meet his gaze, until he spoke, “pet, you are most beautiful today. You have pleased me with your obedience.” With that said he lowered his lips to her and kissed her with a passion that she had not felt in sometime. His kiss took her breath away and caused her legs to buckle. If it were not for his arms enveloping her body she surely would have collapsed to the floor.

He then lead her into the dining room, where he pulled a chair out from the table and had her bend over resting her head on the seat cushion causing her ass to be raised into the air. Then he used is foot to cause her to spread her legs wide. While she stood in such an obscene position she felt him grasp the hem of her skirt and raise it up over her hips, exposing her ass.

He started questioning her, “Who am I?”

“You are my Master,” her answer came quickly and without hesitation.

“Who are you?”

“I am your pet, Sir”

“What is your purpose?” came his next.

“To serve you, Sir.” again her response came without hesitation.

“What matters most to you pet?”

“To be obedient and to please you, Sir”

“Reach back and spread your ass cheeks pet”

Without a word she reached back and spread her cheeks and waited for his next command.

The next thing she felt was his fingers spreading something cool and slippery onto her rosebud. He continued to spread the cool lube inserting one then two fingers into her ass. She let out a low moan as his fingers invaded her ass. He slowly fucked his fingers in and out of her, working the lube deep.

Her cunt spasmed and she could feel her cunt juice start to leak onto her inner thigh. Between all her preparation, the obscene position he had her in, and his fingers fucking in and out of her ass, she could feel the fire begin to grow once more deep in side her. She was panting, as the fire grew hotter. She was lost in her bodies need for release, without realizing it she started to move her hips in an unconscious attempt to fuck the fingers deeper into her ass.

She was brought back to reality when he quickly pulled his fingers from her ass, and landed two quick swats on her upturned ass, CRACK! CRACK!

She let out a screech, as the swats took her completely by surprise. That earned her another swat, CRACK! She stifled her cry as the third swat landed. Then she waited, she stood very still as she knew was required. She was kicking herself she knew she had displeased her MASTER by letting her own needs overrule her Masters wishes. It seemed like forever as she waited for him to make the next move. Finally he spoke, “pet, you had better get your urges under control or you will be in for a very hot ass.”

He started questioning her again, “Who am I?”

“You are my Master,” her answer came quickly and without hesitation.

“Who are you?”

“I am your pet, Sir”

“What is your purpose?” came his next.

“To serve you, Sir.” again her response came without hesitation.

“What matters most to you pet?”

“Please Sir, forgive me, I will be obedient and do what ever I can to please you. Your pleasure is all that matters, Sir!”

“We shall see pet…” was all he said as he slid his fingers into her ass once again. She stifled a moan as he pushed his fingers all the way in, in one quick stoke.

He fucked his fingers in and out of her ass a couple of more times, just enough to restoke the fires, not that they needed restoked. Satisfied her ass was relaxed He removed his fingers from her ass.

As she felt his fingers leave her ass a moan escaped her throat at the sudden empty feeling, and also the knowledge of what she knew was to come next.

He then coated the outside of the new butt plug with more lube and slowly inserted it into her ass. She moaned as it slid in. It was always a strange feeling as it went in, especially when it got to the widest part before it narrowed down. She was whining as her asshole was being stretched, as it had been a while since she had worn a plug. Then with one last gentle push and a slight twisting motion her Master had the plug firmly seated in her rear passage. He then slid a finger through her slit starting at the bottom and ending with a pinch or her clit. She jerked, her cunt spasmed again, and more cunt juice coated her inner thighs. He just chuckled, “Oh my but you are a horny little slut today”

He then let her release her ass cheeks and helped her to stand again. Her hair and makeup needed attention.

“Go and freshen up pet, and be quick about it we have reservations.” She answered, “Yes Sir!” turned and headed back to her bedroom to fix her hair and makeup. She blushed as she now realized that they were going out and she had to wear the plug. Again something she had not been required to do for quite sometime.

She hurried to her room to fix her makeup, she relished the feeling of the plug in her ass, she felt so full, and so submissive. When she got there, she found a package, laying on the vanity, with a note on it.

You will find a pair of panties inside, put them on.


She opened the package and found black lace panties, thong in style, but the piece that ran between her asscheeks was wider than most. As she pulled the panties on she found them tight, almost like they were a size or two to small. To her amazement the lace stretched to allow them to be pulled all the way on. As they slid up the last inch she realize why the strap was so wide as it pushed on the plug holding it even more firmly in her ass. It was at this moment she felt something hard pressing against her clit. She ran her hand across the front of the panties and felt what seamed to be a small plastic disc, about 1″ in diameter and about a ¼” thick in the center tapering down to a thin rounded edge, sewn into the front of the panties. The disc was positioned to rest right on top of her clit. She wondered what her Master was up to. She quickly snapped her attention back to the task at hand and smoothed her skirt and sat to fix her makeup. She was glad her makeup only required a minimal amount of fixing, and was amazed that the lipstick seemed to truly be smear proof.

She finished fixing her makeup and hair, and then headed back down to the living room. Now when she walked not only did she have to deal with the plug in her ass, but the little plastic disc in her panties was rubbing her clit. This alone was going to be torture.

As soon as she entered the living room she went and knelt before her MASTER knees spread back straight head lowered and hands clasp behind her neck.

Her Master got up from the chair and approached her. He reached down and took her by the hands and brought her to her feet. He took her by the chin and tilted her head and looked into her eyes and spoke, “pet, my you are so beautiful. It is time to go we have reservations. As they got into the car came his next instruction, one that she could have anticipated but knew a good sub never does, “when you get in and when ever you sit tonight raise the back of your skirt and let your bare ass rest on the seat.”

This she did without hesitation, in the privacy of the car it was simple. But where were they heading and how hard would it be to comply when they got there. Being exposed in public was one of the hardest things her Master required of her. She hoped that he would not require much of this tonight.

Once inside the car he opened the glove compartment and removed a set of leather wrist cuffs with a short leather strap connecting the cuffs. He first took her right wrist and attached one of the leather cuffs, then pulling the strap around the back of the seat he pulled her right arm behind it also. Then he took the other arm and attached the other cuff to it. In order to do this her left arm was pulled behind the seat also. This had the effect of restraining her as well as causing her breast to stick out. He then reached over and undid the buttons to right below her breast and pulled the blouse open displaying her lace bra to anybody looking in the window. He then reached down to the front of her skirt and raised the hem to her waist exposing her thighs and panty covered cunt. He slid his hand up her inner thigh. As his hand traveled up her thigh she spread her legs, as she knew this is what was expected of her. He then ran his hand over the front of her panties pausing as his fingers rested on the disc sewn into her panties. He strummed his fingers on it, causing her to let out a moan as it was stimulating her already engorged clit. A sly wicked grin crossed his face as he turned and started the car and pulled out.

As he drove it seemed that he was trying to hit every bump and dip in the road. This only added to the growing fire in her cunt. She wanted to cry out and beg for relief but knew that would only put her relief off for that much longer.

After long drive they pulled into parking lot of a vacant business, where he reached over and button one button, which covered most of her bra, but still left a good bit of her cleavage exposed. Then he released her wrist and put the cuffs back into the glove box. As she brought her arms from behind the seat the stiffness caused her to groan. Her Master then pulled out and around the corner to a fancy restaurant. They pulled up and a valet opened her door. She blushed red as she realized the valet seen that her skirt was bunched up and had got a perfect view of her skimpy panties. As she was getting out her Master came around and handed the keys to the valet, and took her arm and lead her into the restaurant like there was nothing out of the ordinary. It was still fairly early for dinner so there was not to many people there. The dining room was dimly lit and they were lead to a booth in the corner away from most of the other customers. As she sat she hiked up the back of her skirt and rested her bare ass on the cool leather seats. She was grateful that the hostess was not paying attention when she sat down. They were told that their waiter would be with right with them.

While they waited for their waiter her Master spoke, “pet, you have pleased me. You have shown me that you want to obey me, to please me. I am your Master and as such I will be ordering for us. You are to sit there quietly and know that you have pleased me” “Yes Sir, Thank You Sir,” She Beamed, as she knew her Master was pleased. Just as the waiter came up to table she felt what her mind register as a shock to her clit. This caused her to let out squeal, and drew a quick glance from her Master. He did not have to speak a word, she knew what was required with one look from him.. She quickly regained her composure.

The waiter gave her a quizzical look as he went to hand her a menu and her Master said, “she will not need that I will be ordering for us.” “Very well Sir” with that he handed Her Master a menu. He then ordered a bottle of her favorite wine. As the waiter walked away the vibrations stopped. Her face was flushed and as she bit her lip trying her best to compose herself.

Once the waiter left he started a casual conversation with her, discussing the children, the house, etc… He saw the waiter approaching again and he hit the button on the remote control. She let out another little squeal from the surprise and then she began to blush. Her Master shot her another look, and she felt the vibe speed up. The waiter went about his business opening the wine and offering it to her Master for approval. While all this was going on the need in her cunt was growing as the little disc continued to hum away. How could her Master sit there like nothing was going on, and expect her to do the same with that damn vibe driving her out of her mind. The waiter then poured the wine and left. As soon as he was gone Her Master hit the button again shutting the vibe off and started the conversation right where he left off. She had to use all of her will to control the heat building in her. She was ready to scream and he just sat there calmly talking to her.

This was repeated through out the meal, every time the waiter approached the table the vibe would come to life and every time he left it would go back to sleep. He kept her in a constant state of arousal. When the meal was finally over he told her it was time to go home and give her, her just desert.

As she got up from the booth she noticed that there was a sizable wet spot on the seat. She blushed wondering what the bus boy would think when he cleared the table. As they walked out of the restaurant she was grateful her skirt had fallen back into place. Then she realized that she had to get into the car in front of the valet, and her skirt had to be hiked up or her Master would be angry with her.

Her Master gave the valet his ticket. As they waited, her Master once again hit the button on the vibe and it came to woke up once again. She grabbed his arm and said, “Oh God no, please Master I cannot take much more.” “Oh but you will take all I can give you and then some” and then He hit another button on the control and the plug in her ass came to life. She had to grab her Master to keep from collapsing as her legs went to jelly. Her Master then said, “Relax pet take a deep breath, let it out slowly and concentrate.” She took a deep breath and tried to steady herself. Her Master quietly repeated himself “Relax pet, take another deep breath and let it out slowly, and concentrate” She did has he instructed and his quiet reassuring voice seemed to help as she regained her composure some what. Just then the valet pulled their car up and came around and opened her door for her. She took another deep breath and stepped to the open door, reached back and hiked up her skirt and sat as quickly as possible. From the gasp she heard from the valet she new he had gotten an eyeful. She again could feel her embarrassment as a hot flush spread through out her body. All she could do is stare at the floor as the valet closed her door. As humiliating as it was why was her cunt leaking again.

As her Master got in the plug in her ass and the disc went to sleep. Her Master pulled out and went around the corner and pulled into the parking lot he used to right before they got to the restaurant. He again pulled the wrist cuffs from the glove box and restrained her arms behind the seat. Then unbutton her blouse and, hiked up her skirt. He then started for home.

They had only been driving for a few minutes when Her Master hit the remote control, which turned the vibes back on full. He then just simply said, “Cum For Me Pet”

With his words still dancing in her head her cunt exploded and she seen a brilliant flash of white in her eyes and her whole body shook. She kept cumming and cumming… “Ohhhhhh Gooooodddddd Sssssiiiiir! IIIIIIIII cccccaaaaaannnnnnoooootttttt sssssssstttttooooooppppp. Pppppppllllllllleeeeeeasssssse Mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaassssssssssssssttttttttttterrrrrrrr”

She did not know how long she had came for but she slowly realized that the vibes had stopped and he was chuckling, she hated when he did that, she felt like he was laughing at her, but he always said he was not laughing at her but was laughing the situation she found herself in.

Soon they were pulling into their driveway. Once they were stopped he reached over and undid her wrist.

They then went into the house. As soon as she was in the house she headed for the living room and got into position. Her Master locked the door and came into the living room. He went to the chair and sat, admiring his pet. She looked so beautiful, so submissive. She had done very well.

As she knelt in position she had hoped that she had pleased him. She had surprised herself, the day had been more intense than she had hoped for, and expected; yet she never used her safe word. Was it because of the time she spent preparing herself? Was it because he had managed to get her so hot? She could not figure it out, all she knew was she had but one desire today, and that was to do what ever it would take to please her Master.

After he was comfortable he spoke “Pet stand and remove your skirt and blouse. Also pet, remove your thong and put them on the table over there. Then come here pet, and kneel before your Master.”

She stood up and proceeded to remove her skirt and blouse, then the thong panties. She then walked over to the table and set the items down. She did not look out the window for fear she would see someone looking back. She then went and knelt before her Master, knees spread, back straight arms behind her head eyes lowered.

Her Master asked, “Pet, who owns you? What is your purpose?”

Her answer came without any thought, “I belong to you my Master. I am here for your pleasure. I will serve you in what ever you desire. I only desire to be obedient. My greatest pleasure comes from pleasing you.”

With that said he stood before her undid his pants and let them fall to his ankles. His briefs followed. His hard cock stood out from his body, showing its need for relief. He sat back down and beckoned her closer. She knew what he wanted but he had not spoken his request, so she dare not act for fear of what her punishment would be. She waited patiently, staring at his manhood. His musk enveloping her nose, it was intoxicating. She could feel her cunt starting to heat up again, as he made her wait. He knew that the anticipation of being allowed to service his cock would heighten her desire to please him.

Then he spoke in a very quiet voice, almost a whisper, “You may begin now pet” She let out a sigh of relief and leaned forward and licked the head of his cock. Then she continued down the underside of his shaft using only her mouth. Then back up and around the head, licking and sucking on her reward. She continued to lick it up and down coating his cock with her saliva. When it was covered she went back to the head and started to ease it into her mouth, taking it a little at a time. Then backing off and sliding it in deeper. It was not long before she was sliding it all the way down her throat, and then back out. She continued this for several minutes at a nice steady slow pace. She knew he liked it when she took her time, building his climax.

She then let his cock slip out of her mouth and licked down to his balls, taking one into her mouth and gently sucking on it, then the other. Then she worked her way back up his shaft, and plunged his cock down her throat and held it there. He let out a low moan. She knew he was going to start any moment and was just signaling her readiness to please him.

He reached out and grabbed her head on either side head and started pulling her on and off his cock. He was fucking her mouth like it was a cunt, and all she could do was relax and wait for him to finish. After much practice she had learned to grab quick breaths on the up stroke. Thus he always told her that she had become an “A1” cocksucker. He continued pumping her mouth up and down his shaft; his breathing became ragged, and short. She felt the head of his cock swell even bigger and then he let out a low growl and started pumping his cum down her willing throat. He pulled her head into his crotch and held it there as his cock continued to shoot into her throat. His hands fell to his side and he was breathing very hard now. She obediently continued to suck his cock until it was drained of his load. She then licked it clean and then laid her head on his thigh.

He stroked her hair and spoke, “You have done well pet, and you have pleased me. We still have much to do, but it is time to rest.” His soft gentle touch and kind words caused a contentment to wash over her body. She was happy that he was pleased with her.

He again spoke in the same soothing voice, “pet, go and lay there and rest, you have a long night ahead of you” With that he pointed to the corner of the room where the large pet bed laid. They had won it in a Chinese auction at the local pet store. They thought that the dog would use it, but as it turned out her Master made more use of it whenever he wanted her to feel submissive. He would pull it out and have her lay on it all curled up like a cat. She always felt so much more submissive to him when he had her lay on it.

She did not answer she just dropped on all fours and crawled over to it and curled up and closed her eyes. She felt so relaxed, so loved by her Master. He had returned and had taken her back.

He sat there for a while just staring at her she looked so content, he waited for her breathing to become regular. Once he was convinced that she had fallen asleep he got up, fixed his pants and went to the basement to prepare for the rest of the nights fun.

He laid out their toys. He had amassed quite a collection. Leather wrist and ankle cuffs, various leather straps with snap connectors (so much easier to use then rope), various torture devices, all acquired to give his pet the pleasure and pain she craved. He laid them all out across his workbench. He then laid the old quilt across the wooden table. He carefully prepared everything to make sure that no matter which way he decided to go he was ready. He had found early on that a scene in the basement workroom always took on a life of its own.

Once he was done he went to his room and picked out the lingerie his pet would be wearing for the nights activities. A royal blue lace garter matching half-cup bra, fresh stockings, and five inch heals. He loved the way heals changed her posture and left her slightly off balance. Looking at the clock he seen it was only 9:00 so he set his alarm and laid down for an hour, he knew that even if his pet awoke she would not leave her bed until he called for her.

His pet woke up about a half an hour later; she was surprised it was so quiet. Where was her Master? Surely he had not gone to bed without her. She knew she had to stay put, he had sent her to her bed, and unless he gave her permission she was not to leave it. As she laid there she became aware of her need to use the bathroom. In all of her excitement she had not peed in quite a while. If he did go to bed she knew she would be forced to go to the bathroom and risk getting in trouble. She looked at the clock it was only 9:35 he could not be in bed for the night. She would be obedient and wait for as long as she could.

She had wished he had removed the plug from her ass, as it was beginning to become uncomfortable. Although she was in discomfort right now, she was content; she was serving her Master again.

She tried to keep her mind off her bladder, which was starting to scream and the clock, which seamed to slow to a crawl. How long was her Master going to make her wait, where was he? It was now 9:55 she was becoming desperate. She did not know how much longer she could wait. What was that, she listen carefully, was it her Master’s alarm. Oh please make it so, if she was right she would only have to wait a little while longer. She listened carefully for any sign of him. Then she heard footfalls he was coming. From the steps she heard, “Pet, Position Now”

With great relief she scrambled to her spot, on her knees, back straight, hands behind her neck, eyes lowered.

He entered the room, “”Pet, who owns you? What is your purpose?”

Her answer came without any thought, “I belong to you my Master. I am here for your pleasure. I will serve you in what ever you desire. I only desire to be obedient. My greatest pleasure comes from pleasing you.”

He smiled, “Did you have a nice rest pet?”

“Yes Master I did. Master, if it pleases you may I speak?”

“Pet? What is it?”

“Master if it pleases you, I need to use the bathroom very badly. I have for a while but I waited for your permission. I fear that if I do not go soon I will have an accident.”

“Well pet we do not wish for you to have an accident now do we? Yes you may go, and while you are there you may remove your plug. Once you are done shower, fix your make-up and put on the new outfit that I laid out for you. I will be waiting in the workroom. You have twenty minutes do not keep me waiting”

“Thank You Master” with that she rose and half walked half ran to the bathroom.

With great relief she emptied her bladder, she then removed her plug from her ass. She winced in pain as she slid the plug out. Her ass twitched at the sudden emptiness. She washed the plug with soap and water and left on the sink as she showered. The water felt great on her body. She washed herself; taking care to make sure all of her most private parts were squeaky clean. After her shower she dried herself and took her plug and headed for her bedroom. She sat at her vanity and fixed her makeup she was amazed that true to their claims her lipstick was still passable and needed little touching up. Once she was done she pulled on her stockings and put on her Garter and Bra. Then slipped on the heals. She did appreciate the effect the heals had on her posture, but the feeling of not being quite balanced she could do without. If it was not for her Masters pleasure she would not wear them.

She then made her way to the basement workroom where her Master was waiting for her. She wondered what he had in mind. What she would have to endure for his pleasure. She knew what ever it was he would have her begging to for more before he was done.

He was waiting for her; she knew what was expected of her. She went to him and turned with her back to him. Her feet were planted just wider than shoulder width, reaching back lifting her hair out of the way. He then removed the Gold rope that represented her collar. She put her arms down at her side and waited. Her Master placed the collar on the workbench and picked up the first item, a leather collar. He held its ends in his hands and lowered it in front of her. She tilted her head back slightly and let him place it around the front of her neck. She then reached back with her hands and lifted her hair out of the way so that he could bring it around to the back of her neck and fasten it. She continued to hold her hair out of the way while he went to the workbench and retrieved a small black padlock. He put the lock through the clasp and with a click the collar was locked into place. When she heard the lock close she felt a shutter run through her, it was always that way, the feeling of total submission rushing through her very soul. She dropped her arms back to her side, and waited for her Master next move.

Her Master then took leather wrist cuffs and locked them onto her wrist in the same fashion. Using double ended snap connectors he then pulled her arms above her and attached the wrist cuffs to eyehooks in the rafters. Her arms were spread at shoulder width. Although her body was not stretched in this position she was totally open for what ever he desired.

For the first time since she entered the workroom he spoke, “Pet you have done well and this pleases me. You have almost done to well; I have very little reason to flog you. Knowing how hot a good flogging gets you it would be a shame not to come up with a reason to flog you. So lets just say you are being flogged for general discipline.”

Her Master then went to the workbench and picked up two clothespins and came over and reached out and pinched her left nipple. He squeezed it hard and twisted and pulled it. She let a little squeal but held still knowing this is what was expected of her. He then carefully positioned one of the clothespins over her left nipple, and released it. She felt its bite as the jaws closed on her defenseless nipple. The sudden pain caused her to let out another squeal, as it shot straight to her cunt, like a bolt of electricity. He gave her little time to recover from the first clothespins when he was pinching, pulling, and twisting her right nipple. Then again the sudden bite of the other clothespin. She squealed again as the clothespin bit into the tender flesh of her nipple. As always to her amazement, the pain in her nipples went straight to her cunt and turned into the most delicious pleasure.

Her Master then went to the workbench and picked up the flogger, a gift from her, one that she has came to love as much as hate. He swung it without warning a light blow to her back. One designed to measure his swing. She braced herself for what she knew was to follow. He started out slow, covering her backside from her shoulders to the backs of her thighs. Turning her skin a nice shade of pink. So far she had been able to take it and hold relatively still, but she knew that her resolve would not last long, he would have her dancing soon.

Her Master then started again, this time the blows came harder and faster, with each blow her skin turned darker pink, and also caused her breast to jump causing fresh pain from the clothespins. As he worked his way done her body she was finding it harder to hold still and stifle her cries. He worked with a skill turning her skin deeper pink then red, she was moaning openly now, and letting out screams when the flogger came in contact with the tender underside of her ass just above her thighs. He continued his assault raining down blows harder as he went. Soon her resolve totally dissolved and she was crying out and dancing with every blow. Her backside felt like it was on fire, but the fire inside her cunt was even hotter.

He did not stop until his armed tired and he was satisfied with the color evenly spread over her skin. She was panting, tears running from her eyes, but she pleased him, never once calling out her safe word. He returned the flogger to the workbench and then the next thing she felt was his arms enveloping her from behind. As he snuggled against her back she moaned as her skin was tender and sensitive. He slid his finger down to her cunt. He found her cunt lips open and soaking wet. As he probed her cunt with one hand, his other was tweaking her clothes pinned nipples sending more jolts of electricity to her clit. She was going out of her mind with need. She was pushing her cunt against his fingers trying to encourage him to give her relief. Her nipples were screaming, but she could care less, all that matter now was her release.

Her Master could sense her need and as he pushed her closer to her release he whispered into her ear, “pet, you will not cum without permission.” She moaned and answered, “Please Master I need to cum, please let you’re slut cum, please Master I beg you.” His answer was for him to remove his hands from her breast and cunt and back away, leaving her hanging there panting and whining with need.

He left her hang until her panting stopped and she calmed down a bit. Then he released her wrist. And lead her over to the wooden table, and had her sit on the edge of it. He then went to the workbench and picked up a length of soft black cloth and covered her eyes with it.

She let out a soft moan and felt a shiver as her world was plunged into the darkness of the blindfold. He then went to the workbench and picked up two cotton balls, which he carefully fit into her ear, then went and got another length of the soft black cloth. He found the center of the cloth and placed it against her lips. While he was wrapping the two ends around to the back of her head he made sure to cover her ears to hold the cotton in place. He pulled the first wrap tight and told her to open her mouth, which allowed the cloth to act like a bit. He then wrapped the two ends around her head in opposite directions then to the back of her head where he tied the ends together. Her mind was racing now, all she could see was blackness, and all she could hear was her heart pounding in her chest as a combination of fear and extreme excitement wracked her mind. She has yet to understand why being tortured as she was being, was such sweat pleasure.

Then he laid her back, positioning her so her ass was just at the edge of the table. Next he took a nylon tie down strap and attached it to an eyehook on one side of the table, ran it across her body and attached it to an eyehook on the other side. He then pulled it tight, pinning her body to the table. He then took a short length of rope and attached it to the D ring in one of her ankle cuffs and then ran it through an eyehook attached to the rafters. The eyehook was positioned on the rafters so when the rope was pulled her leg was pull up toward the rafters and off to one side. Her Master then repeated the process on her other ankle. When he was finished her legs were pulled up and spread wide leaving her ass and cunt fully exposed.

As he put her back into bondage, now taking her movement a way from her the delicious feeling of being totally at her Master’s mercy flowed over her. She was on such a sexual high that her need for release was all that mattered, and she would endure what ever she had to, to earn this release from her Master.

Her Master then continued by taking two more short lengths of rope and attached them to the wrist cuffs. Then using the same eyehook he used for the respective ankle, he pulled her arms up and off to the side of her body. This opened her entire body to his pleasure.

She was panting again as the intense bondage and being deprived of her basic senses of sight and sound had her mind on overload, Her cunt was screaming for relief, her heart was pounding, Her nipples throbbing and her Master just stood back and watched her struggle with her intense state of arousal. He knew he now had her where he now had to be careful because she was beyond the ability to signal him to stop. He knew from past experiences that even though all she had to do was call her safe word or hold up two fingers to say it was too much; she would not once she was this aroused. Her need for release was all consuming, all that mattered.

Her Master then went over to her and reached down and took a hold of the clothes pin on her right nipple and started to pull it straight up stretching her nipple.

She screamed into the gag, as the pain hit her mind a split second before it hit her cunt like a bolt of lighting. Her cunt spasmed and she could feel her cunt juice start running down across her upturned asshole. Then it just continued as he pulled until the clothespin popped off, which cause her to scream once more and caused the fire in her cunt to scream louder for relief. As soon as her nipple was released he clamped down on it with his mouth sucking hard on it causing the blood to rush back in that much faster. The constant pressure on her nipple from his sucking was making her nipples hyper sensitive. The next thing she felt was The other clothespin being pulled and her nipple being stretched and fresh pain being added to her already overloaded mind. Her cunt was on fire, her juices were running out of her. Then the clothespin popped off her other nipple. He immediately sucked her nipple into his mouth and sucked on it hard. Her head was flailing back and forth. Her whole body was shaking. He now knew she was ready. Time to give her what her body has been screaming for, RELEASE.

He move up and put his lips close to her neck right below her ear. He then spoke “pet, I trust you can hear me, as your Master I now give you permission to cum.”

With that he moved around the table pulled a chair over and sat down between her spread legs. He then leaned forward and blew on her engorged cunt lips. He watched as her cunts reaction was to spasm and release another flood of cunt juice. He then started licking and sucking on her cunt lips. Licking her slit from her asshole all the way but not quite to her clit. With each lick He would give her asshole a good licking then suck each of her cunt lips into his mouth pulling on the causing then to swell more. He continued his oral assault keeping her right on the edge so desperate to cum. She was bucking her hips as much as her bondage would allow. Then without warning he sucks her clit into his mouth and uses his tongue to smash it against his teeth. This is enough to push her over the edge. All of the sudden her mind explodes in a white hot flash as her Release hits her. As soon as her orgasm is full blown he stops abusing her clit and moves around to her side. He plunged three fingers into her hot and extremely wet cunt. As he fucked his fingers in and out of her cunt, He started rubbing her clit with his thumb. This launched her into another series of gut wrenching orgasms.

While he continued fucking his fingers in and out of her cunt he reached down and pinched her right nipple. This pushed her orgasm on even harder as her whole body went stiff and a muffled scream could be heard through her gag. Her cunt clamped down on his fingers, her orgasm lasted about another 15 seconds and she went completely limp. The last orgasm crashed into her causing her mind to overload in a brilliant flash of color then completely black.

It is not the first time that he had pushed her orgasm to complete overload. He went over and released her wrist and ankles. He removed the ropes but left the cuffs in place, he had other plans for them. He then removed the gag and blind fold. She was panting so hard it was almost like she was gasping for air. Her eyes were glazed over with a far away look. Her Master then ran his fingers over her nipples and quickly down to her cunt. As soon as his fingers came in contact with her cunt she moaned, “pppplllleeeeaassseeeennoooo mmmmoooooorrrreeee, ooooooo gggggggooooooddddd nnnnoooo mmmmmooooorrrreeeeeee….”

Her Master took mercy on her and stepped back and let her calm down. While he watched her recover he coiled up the lengths of rope and put away all of the toys except for her cuffs and collar and a few leather straps with snap hooks at each end.

He then helped her upstairs then lead her to the living room. He had her stand in position in the doorway while he moved her pet bed to beside his favorite chair. He then led her over to the pet bed. He had her kneel in a more relaxed position. Knees spread wide, but she was allowed to sit back on her haunches and keep her arms down in front of her palms down resting on her thighs.

One simple command came from his mouth, “Stay” he then turned and headed for the kitchen.

The command was not needed, as she knew she would not move until her gave her permission. Her mind was still spinning, as it always did when she was on such a sexual high. But the questions of how she could crave such things and get so much pleasure from the pain no longer mattered. All that mattered was pleasing her Master.

A few minutes later he returned with a tray carrying two glasses of wine and a bowl of fresh strawberries. He set the tray down on a table beside his table and the sat in his chair. While patting his thigh her Master gave another simple command, “come here girl, come on” It rolled off his tongue like he was calling a loyal pet.

She dropped to all fours and crawled over to him.

Then another command, “sit.” she immediately assumed her relaxed position at her Masters feet. He handed her her glass of wine and let her take a drink. He then took her glass and set it back on the tray. He then took a strawberry and fed it to her. He continued with the strawberries and wine, stroking her hair and running his hand across her face softly stroking her check and under her chin. The sexual heat was fading a bit, but it was being replaced with contentment. He was silent the whole time he attended to her.

When the wine and the strawberries were gone he again gave one simple command, “stay.” He then took the tray back to the kitchen. When he returned from the kitchen he past right by her and again called her as before, “come on girl, come on, time to go up stairs.”

She quickly followed on all fours until she got to the bottom of the steps. She knew she was allowed to walk up the steps so she stood and followed upstairs. As she got to the top step her Master was waiting and signaled her that it was ok to continue to walk.

Once in the bedroom he had her remove her lingerie and then he took her to the edge of the bed and bent her over and reached down and slid his fingers over her cunt. That was all it took to start her juices flowing again. He then removed his clothing and walked up behind her and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit. When he had it covered in her juices he lined it up with her hole and slid it all the way in, in one stroke. She let out a moan and pushed back onto his cock. He started fucking her with nice slow strokes. Stoking the fire in her cunt again. The heat of her cunt and his own excitement soon had him pounding her from behind. She felt another orgasm coming on and out of know where she felt a sharp sting on her ass as he landed a swat, then another and another. The sudden sting pushed her over the edge. As her orgasm wracked her it sent him over the edge. With one more stroke he slammed his cock all the way in and held it there as it filled her cunt with his cum. He laid across her back for a few while he got his breath. He then got off her he then went over and picked up the leather straps and ran one between her ankle cuffs, and another one between her wrist cuffs. He then covered her up turn out the light and crawled into bed. As soon as he was situated the next command, “come her girl, come on.” She quickly moved to snuggle up to her Master. He stoked her hair and whispered “You are so beautiful. You have pleased your Master. You have done very well tonight, I Love you, Good night pet.”

She simply said, “Thank you for allowing me to serve you Master, I Love You, good night Master”

She lay there listening to her Master, and once she heard is breathing fall into a deep restful pattern she allowed herself to relax. She felt so much more at peace with herself. She had her Master again. Sleep came easy, as she was quite exhausted from the day.

She woke the next day to the smell of fresh coffee, and bacon. She lay in bed as she was still in her cuffs and collar and knew she had to wait for permission to get up. It was then that her Master appeared in the doorway with a cup of coffee. He set in on her vanity then went over and helped her out of bed. He then removed her cuffs and her leather collar. He then put her gold collar back on. He took her into his arms and kissed her tenderly and said, “good morning pet, enjoy your coffee and get a shower and join me in the kitchen for breakfast. We have a lot to talk about.”

“Yes Master” I will only be a few minutes. She then took her coffee and headed for the shower. Once she was done she head done to the kitchen in her robe. The table was set, there was fresh strawberries, orange juice, he had her sit and then filled her cup with more coffee. He then served her French toast and bacon. He sat and as they enjoyed their breakfast they discussed the previous night and working on getting back to where they were. They talked all morning until it was time to go to his mothers for an early dinner and pickup the kids. They had setup the rules again. He promised to not neglect his duties. She promised him to be obedient.

As they drove to his mother’s house he felt relief that he had won his pet back. She was very relaxed and so happy that her Master had returned. They both know they have a long path ahead but now more than ever they look forward to where the path will lead.

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