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I was a regular at a small club that was known to be a “meat market.” Women of a certain age, divorced and horny were there often. I was there every Friday night and the occasional scattered evenings throughout the week but mostly on Fridays. I knew who the regulars were and their preferences. I also knew who the witches, the desperate, the players, and the losers were. There was a smattering of women that were there to dance and a smattering of people that did not seem to belong. I was one of those.

I was too reserved to have much luck with the women but I liked the atmosphere, the music, and the cheap draft beer. I also loved watching the women maneuver around each other for prime men and the men maneuver towards the best looking women or the easy lays. I was not among those men.

I have a smallish cock, just under the average size. The few women I had luck with had shown disappointment when they first saw it and had apparently spread the word of my shortcomings. Even though I was a good lover and made sure the women had multiple orgasms I was still seldom treated to a fuck.

Some of the more drunk women did come to me but usually some guy came over and picked her off. It seldom bothered me much since fucking a drunk woman seemed un-sportsmanlike to me but I did find it disappointing.

A redhead that seemed to be an outlier became an acquaintance and we had occasional conversations. We had danced a couple of times and were friendly enough but she was the wing girl to a blonde perhaps five years older than she so I though they were looking for two men, I was always alone.

Her blonde friend had big tits and a fine body. She apparently also had money so in a place like that she was a star. I had never spoken to her.

Once the redhead had asked me, “Why don’t you like Laura?”

“I don’t know Laura and she is too busy to add me to her list of admirers, and I prefer redheads anyway,” I answered with a smile.

She had giggled and kissed my cheek before rejoining her friend.

The redhead had very red hair and very white skin but I could see no freckles. Her green eyes were large and mesmerizing. Her ass and tits were very nice and so was her voice. She seemed to glide as she walked and always had a somewhat amused smile on her face. I had always treated her with respect and had never made a move on her. However each time I saw her I smiled and told her I was happy to see her and meant it. Then I gave her all the room she needed.

She could tell I liked her and I was not going to try to seduce her so she at times would come to me and act like we were together until some guy lost interest in her. I would then be rewarded with a kiss. The kisses were soft and sweet and I was hooked on them.

Although many nights she and the blonde left with at least one guy I never saw her leave with a guy herself. I began to suspect she was there mostly for the threesomes with her friend.

That previous Friday she seemed to be having a bad evening so I sent her flowers. I asked the flower girl to not tell her who sent them figuring the gift would distract her and she would cheer up a little.

However the redhead immediately came up to me and after a very nice kiss she said, “Thanks, I really needed this.” She kissed me again then returned to her friend’s table. Her friend Laura apparently asked her who had sent her flowers and the redhead pointed at me and blew me a kiss. Laura seemed to be confused.

So was I. How did she know I sent the flowers? I had made sure she did not see me talking to the flower girl and I did not see her talk to the redhead. On their way out that evening the redhead stopped and kissed my lips before following her friend and a guy with big hands out the door.

Still I was surprised that following Friday when the redhead sat at the bar next to me and bought me a beer. She told me her name was Rebecca and was a bookkeeper for a dispatch company. I told her my name and that I was a teacher.

“We had guessed you were a professor of some kind. Math?”

“Science. Do you have any kids in this school district?”

“No, I live in the town ten miles west although my house is just two left turns and four traffic lights from here. Do you live far?”

“No, two left turns and four miles west.”

“Huh, we are practically neighbors. Lets dance.”

It was a slow song and she pressed her tits to my chest immediately. My cock pressed her abdomen immediately and I sensed she was judging its size. I did not have any hopes in that regard so I just enjoyed the dance.

When the song ended she gave me a quick kiss on the lips then headed towards her blonde friend. I returned to my bar stool not expecting to see her the rest of the evening but three minutes later she was again sitting next to me.

She said, “Laura said she didn’t mind taking both guys home with her, she does that sometimes. Some of those times I get jealous but most nights I just go home. Tonight I am relieved. Both of those guys just fuck and say goodbye, that’s how she likes it.”

“And you don’t?”

“Oh, sometimes I do and those two are well endowed. But I like people that make love to me and not just my pussy.”

“I though that was the point of that endeavor in the first place.”

“Not for any of the other guys here, all they want is a pussy to fuck. What is my name?”


“You still know my name after an hour, the guys with Laura still don’t know mine after several months.” I decided not to tell her I had known her name for months.

“Are you ready to take me home?” She asked.

I knew I would have to risk the look of disappointment in her and hesitated. Somehow she understood, smiled then took my hand and walked us out.

I unlocked and opened the passenger car door for her and as soon as she sat she unzipped my slacks and pulled out my already erect cock. After she slurped it into her mouth she said, “Your cock is bigger than your hands say.”

She kissed my cock then closed her door. I hurriedly shoved my dick back into my pants and got in my seat. I was on the wide boulevard on the way west when she took my right hand and slid it to her naked pussy. I could see her panties crammed into her purse. I caressed her clit area as I drove.

“Your house is closer,” she said amid a moan.

We were naked on my bed within three minutes of arriving. She coaxed me to my back and sucked my cock briefly then impaled herself on it. A long sigh later she pressed her body to mine and began a kiss.

She really needed that kiss and I was surprised to learn I needed it too. I caressed her naked body from her ass to the back of her neck. The kiss continued. I embraced her tightly to me. She rubbed her face on mine and resumed the kiss. My cock began to twitch.

“Are you going to cum already?”

“No, I can last through your second one.”

“We’ll see,” she said with a grin and began the fuck.

I in fact lasted through her third cum.

After we caught our breath I gently stopped her from getting off me by softly putting my hands on her ass cheeks. I wanted her to know I was happy where she was. She giggled then kissed me as she pressed her tits to my chest.

We kissed until my spent cock slid out of her pussy.

“Hmm, we forgot condoms,” she said.

“If you are worried if you are pregnant don’t be, I had a vasectomy. If you are worried about my health don’t be, this is my first time to forget since I felt the need to use them with my wife.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Five years ago although four months ago, she picked me up at the club. She told me she was getting re-married as we fucked.”

“You have gone four months without pussy?”

“Yes, I have no seduction skills.”

“Dixie and Jenny said they spent a night with you.”

“All they wanted was for me to watch them eat each other’s pussy then they left. All I got was a handjob. Neither spent the night, in fact neither spent an hour.”

“They do love head, I have had to force myself out of their bed to go home every time. Dixie told me your cock was not large but most definitely useful. If Jen had not wanted to leave she would have fucked you.”

“That is nice to hear but you must be better a pussy lover than I am.”

She smiled, she had just confessed she ate pussy and I was not disturbed by the news.

We kissed. She slid to my side and draped an arm and a leg over me. “Covers please.”

She had decided she was spending the night. I was surprised and very happy to see that.

I covered us up and turned the lamp off.

She kissed my neck and said, “Your cock is easily big enough for me and you use it well. Orgasms are the payoff and I had fine orgasms. Thanks.”

“Thank you. I loved loving you.”

“Yes, I could tell. You are right, you are a pushover for redheads.”

I chuckled as she giggled then we fell asleep as we kissed.

It was dawn when I awoke as her hand was caressing my rapidly rising cock. She was still asleep and before my cock began to demand action she stopped.

When I awoke in the morning she was fucking me softly. I was not sure she was completely awake then but I began to caress her anyway. She had a small orgasm then stopped.

“I need to pee.”

“Me too. I also need a shower.”

We got up, peed, brushed our teeth with my toothbrush, and then took a shower together. We kissed often and after she soaped down her pussy I put the showerhead on pulse then knelt down to spray it.

“Thank you,” she said after her orgasm. I kissed her pussy and replaced the showerhead then gently pinned her to the shower wall and lifted her leg at the knee then fucked her for a few minutes as we kissed. It was apparently something new to her and she seemed to enjoy it. After her orgasm we toweled each other dry then went back to bed. She opened her arms and legs to me and I began a long slow fuck. After her next orgasm I began a hard and fast fuck and spilled myself in her when her next orgasm hit.

I rolled us to our sides with my cock still in her. We kissed then went back to sleep. Thirty minutes later I got up and fixed breakfast for us. She was about to put her dress on when I went to get her but put it down when she saw I was still naked then followed me back to the kitchen. We kissed between bites.

She said, “Your cock goes from nearly non-existent to nice more than any cock I have ever seen. I think that unless you have a full erection the ladies would not know the ultimate size of your cock. Yours goes from one inch to six, an impressive percentage of growth. Don’t be alarmed when you see me just watch it become erect. I love it when the head suddenly emerges from your foreskin, it’s like it says Ta Da.”

“Hmm, maybe I should write that on a business card.”

She giggled and kissed me then we fell into a comfortable silence. Then as we sipped our coffee she asked me, “What are your plans for today?”

“Work a little on my patio. Come, bring your coffee.”

She followed me out the door after first checking that no one could see us. We sat on my outdoor chairs by a table and I gave her time to take in my little tropical jungle.

“I love this. Do you drink your coffee here in the morning?”

“Yes, although this is my first time to do so naked.”

She smiled and we let silence envelope us again for a while.

“Do you like me?” she asked.

“Yes, yes I do.”

“Take me out on a date tonight.”

“In fact I was thinking of asking you go to the Steve Winwood concert tonight. As of yesterday they had plenty of seats.”

“He was the singer for Cream?”

“No. Blind Faith and Traffic, then solo.”

“Either way, yes, I would love to go with you.”

“Good. Do you like me?”

“Absolutely. You have always treated me as a lady even though you had ample evidence I was not. You have taken me to more orgasms in one night and morning than anyone ever has in any month. You are the first to love me in years. Thanks for leaving the fuck until last, I did need someone to love me first.”

“Is that your phone ringing?”

In answer she bolted out of her chair and ran inside. I already loved her ass.

She returned as she was telling her caller that, “I’m drinking coffee nude in his patio.

Yes I spent the night.

OK, tell me about Harley and Evo, did they take you where you wanted to be?

Really? Did it hurt?

Wow, you are one brave woman.

No, I have a date for tonight; we are going to a concert. But Tim will be there and so will Randall so you will have all the company you want.

Yes I know nobody eats pussy like me but you can teach them. I can have you for lunch all next week if you need it.

OK, bye.”

“You two work together?”

“No, she is my boss’ ex-wife but still fucks him at times. She eats lunch with him often and I eat her pussy sometimes. And no I don’t fuck him.”

‘Where are your kids?”

“My only son is in the Air Force in Bossier City. Yours?”

“My only daughter married two years ago. She lives in Dallas.”

“So all we have is each other?”

“Yeah, bummer.”

I fended off her attack as best I could but I somehow ended up with her pussy on my face when she sat on the table in front of me. I retaliated by sucking her clit until she surrendered. Then we went back to bed and took a nap.

We fixed lunch together then at last dressed and I took her home. She had a very nice house in a very nice neighborhood.

She noticed my admiration and said, “My ex is a lawyer for a big firm. When I filed for divorce his firm told him to settle quietly and let me have everything I wanted. I had caught him sucking his boss’ dick.

It was his boss that had panicked, I already knew my husband sucked cock. We swapped with another couple so I could eat pussy and he could give blowjobs. We were basically roommates by then and our son was out of the house. His boss wanted me out of his life so I filed.

I got the paid for house and two thousand a week. I don’t need to work but I do out of boredom and I don’t know why I am telling you all this. Not even Laura knows that.”

“I will keep your secret. What was it again?”

I got a kiss for my touch of dementia. My first thoughts were that her divorce settlement was twice as much as my salary. It also occurred to me that no one from the club had ever been to her house, not even Laura.

I returned to her house at six and we went downtown and had fries and a beer at the Hard Rock next to the venue. The concert was fine, better than expected but less than I hoped for, which was a Blind Faith/Traffic concert although I knew some of those guys were dead. He did do some songs from that part of his career and I was pleased that his voice had held up.

We ate a very late dinner at a large Vietnamese restaurant on the way home and again ended up on my bed. We made love softly before going to sleep.

We again took a shower together the next morning then had coffee naked on my patio. After she finished her coffee Rebecca sat on the table in front of me and I ate her pussy between sips from my mug.

She told me that I was the first man to make love to her pussy and that she and her pussy were thrilled. “Most give head out of a sense of duty,” she said.

After her orgasm she made me sit on the table and sucked my cock as she finished her coffee. I stopped her from pushing me to cum in her mouth, I told her I knew for a fact it was too nasty a taste. My confession seemed to make her even hornier and we found ourselves back in bed with her fucking the hell out of me.

It was time for me to take her home then it was time for me to leave her house. Both were a lot more difficult than expected. We left things with, “If we run into each other some time we may do this again.”

Thursday afternoon I called her and asked if she would like to go to the baseball game that night. She said yes.

We slept on my bed again that night but did not fuck until the next morning before the shower.

That Friday night I stayed home although I could not think of a reason why I did. Rebecca called me about ten and asked if I was OK. I assured her I was and then she asked if I had company. I assured her I didn’t and she said she was happy to hear that too. Half an hour later she was knocking at my door.

After she kissed me hello she went directly to my shower. I had a small snack and some Port wine over ice ready for her when she got out. She gave me a description of the night at the club but no hint on what she was doing herself other than to say that it felt weird to be there. She also said she liked the Port wine. We went to bed and made love for a long time before falling asleep.

When I awoke the following morning my cock was in her mouth. When she saw I was awake she said, “Coffee is ready,” and walked towards the kitchen. After I peed and brushed my teeth I found her still nude in my patio. I kissed her lips and we drank our coffee in silence as we watched butterflies work my flowers.

“Are you busy today?” she asked.

“Sort of, I planned to go see a lecturer at the Science Museum.”

“Lecturing about?”

“Paleontology. It is fun to listen her tell about adventures and mishaps on digs. Would you like to go with me?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

We went back to bed and made love then ate breakfast.

The paleontologist was funny and insightful and Rebecca bought the woman’s new book and had it autographed.

“A present for you,” Rebecca said as she handed it to me. I kissed her right there next to T. rex.

We spent perhaps a couple of hours wandering around the museum holding hands and she was comfortable enough to put her hand on my crotch as we enjoyed the planetarium show.

“Do you always get an erection for the Horsehead nebula?” she asked me as we walked to my car.

“Yes, I have always been turned on by it.”

I got my butt swatted then a kiss.

She asked me to take her to her house first before we went to mine. She got a dress and some shorts and blouse and a small toiletries bag. I picked up some fried chicken dinners for us and went home.

We put things away then as we ate the chicken she said, “We are going to make love then shower before we go to my class reunion. I had no intention of going until I realized we like to be together and best of all we look good together. That will keep some of the creeps away from me.”

We made love then I fucked the hell out of her, we definitely needed a shower after that.

She had a fine time at her reunion and I had a fine time watching her. When we returned to my house we cuddled together and just went to sleep.

The next morning we again had coffee naked in my patio and I again ate her pussy then fucked her while she sat on the patio table. Fucking as she sat on a table was a first for her she said.

We were drinking our second coffee when she asked, “Any plans for today?”

“No, not really.”

“Good. Let’s stay home and do nothing. We can stay naked in case anything comes up. We can cook lunch and dinner together and there are three baseball games we can watch.”

“Great plan,” I said and we did just that.

Early that evening she went home to get some spices she had that I didn’t and brought her work clothes for the next day. We had a nice dinner, watched the west coast game until something came up again for the fourth time that day so we went to bed for another long love making session.

We managed to get ready for work the next morning without any incidents and she spent the following Tuesday night with me then Thursday night through Sunday night then did so again the following week. On one of the occasions I drove her home she pulled me to her bed and fucked me there.

“I was wanted to see if it felt different here. Other than my ex you are the only one that I have ever had on this bed. It feels different and I did not enjoy it as much, I prefer your bed,” she said.

One week after that she was living with me. I was not surprised even though we had never discussed it but nearly each day for two weeks I had helped her bring some stuff from her house to mine. She said my house was closer to her work but I knew that would have saved her only five minutes so I understood she just wanted to live with me. I was not surprised to learn I wanted her to live with me.

At the club each Friday night she visited with all her friends and I was at times in the middle of conversations with some but especially Laura and Dixie. It was easy for people to assume we were now a couple although I allowed her all the freedom she wanted. Each night I dreaded that she would go home with someone else however what she mostly wanted to do was kiss me. All including us had assumed whatever our relationship was would be a temporary one.

Dixie and Laura were the only women we took home. I fucked Dixie a few times while she ate Rebecca’s pussy and vice-versa although my cum always went into Rebecca. We shared Dixie several times but Rebecca stopped inviting her over and that threesome abruptly ended. I never asked why.

I felt it might upset Rebecca if I fucked Laura when she was on my bed so I did not. Laura was very puzzled. I dawned on me that what confused her was the fact that I preferred Rebecca to her.

On our third night as a threesome I watched Rebecca and Laura fuck then I made love to Rebecca as Laura watched. When I finally had my orgasm as Rebecca was on her third we noted Laura was gone. She never came to my home again.

The Friday of the following week we had been at the club maybe ten minutes when Rebecca took my hand in hers and walked us out. We went to a movie.

Five years passed before we went back to the club. The place was still a meat market. Laura and Dixie were there and looked like they had aged rapidly even though they were our age or so. Their conversation with Rebecca was short lived; they no longer had anything in common.

We found it difficult to believe we once loved it there. But our reaction was understandable; we were an old married couple by then.

We decided to move to a town on the coast and the sale of her house easily covered our next patio home. She became a substitute elementary teacher and I continued my teaching career. We would travel during the summers and on school breaks,

She resumed eating pussy on our bed and I resumed fucking her as she did. I however never fucked the other woman. She had not asked me to abstain but had showed her gratitude as soon as the woman left.

The town very much became home and we loved most people in it.

Then we met some aliens and the town moved.

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