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Question, Questions, Questions

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Look at you now, was it only four weeks ago I said those same words.

Sitting on my big double bed I remember looking in the ornate dressing table mirror, look at you now Mrs Susan Watts; it was so strange to be called Watts, 21 years as Harbert, and for the last month Mrs Rupert Watts.

A month of bliss. My mind went back to that lovely honeymoon in the Seychelles and the things a new wife experienced.

I had saved myself; a refined bringing up, all girl school, and an important family had kept me from the seedier side of life.

Rupert had experience and did things to me, exciting things, his tongue and fingers made me putty in his hands, I thought I will, no, I knew I must learn what to do to give him such pleasures but as he said at the time, there’s no rush, the excitement will be in him teaching me the, as he called it, kinkier side of love making and just the thought of innocent me learning how to give him oral sex was giving me a thrill, I wasn’t so sure about the words Anal sex, but?

Newly married and I am here in this huge house in the country with all its expensive extras and my own Mercedes coming next week, oh its great to be blond, beautiful and 21, I even laughed as I remember some-one saying I was like Britney Spears, yes I was happy and going to spend the rest of my life with the man I love.

Still there is a down side, there I was packing for him as he goes back to work, the firm could have been kinder and not sent him to the Berlin office for a week on his first day back but with his executive status and money comes responsibility and I was so proud of him.

I always kept a dairy with me, logging his progress, he had been the fastest person in the firm to have risen to this important level, so he had to go away and conclude another of his big deals, I thought it will give me time to sort the house out, with the kind of money he was earning it was a big house.

He came in from the bathroom, now clean-shaven and handsome in his business suit, this evening I was taking him to the airport so I could keep the car.

We chatted for a while along the long country roads but it was silence as we hit the main roads, every man for himself until we got round and in to terminal four, no chance to stop and say our goodbyes before we new it I was being moved on by the airport security; bumper to bumper until I got back to the lighter country roads, it was then I noticed the petrol gauge, it was flashing red.

Mile after mile I drove on, searching, panicking, then I saw one, I must have been travelling on fresh air as I pulled in under the one light, hell it’s shut.

I got out the car, maybe there was a phone, phone yes my mobile, I delved in to my handbag no, in the hurry at the airport Rupert had taken mine with him, my last hope maybe some one lived on the premises.

I walked around, there was nothing, I felt a little chill, the cool of the evening reminded me I had only got on pants, blouse and a skirt, I didn’t expect this to be happening to me so by now I was panicking.

I sat in the car for a while thinking, should I risk the drive or wait; I got out and walked to the road nothing, there had been nothing since I got there, so much for living in the middle of no-where, I turned back to the car.

I set of headlights suddenly illuminated the fore court, where had they come from; I was dazzled. I moved to the side of the office building as a large van pulled along side me, there was the driver and another man; he rolled the window down, I couldn’t see him but I heard “You lost or something?”

I moved to the door, he shone a torch in my face as I spluttered, “I’m almost out of juice; do you know where the next garage is?”

The other man past him a map, he opened it and pointed the light of the torch at it, I looked through the window, “Now we are here, this road leads back to Roundly, and this is the city road.”

Like a fool I blurted out, “I know, I’ve just taken my husband to the airport.”

He still didn’t look at me but carried on saying, “Look this road takes you up to ——,” I never heard anymore as a hand clamped over my face, my handbag clattered to the floor and I was jerked back and up, my feet left the ground.

The man in the van jumped out and grabbed my legs, “Nice one Jake, glad we opened the back first, come on sweetheart, Christ you got nice soft legs.”

I was carried to the back of the van, the driver was already in the back of the van waiting, he waved his arms at the man carrying me, then his strong arms took me, I had just one chance to scream before I was in the back and the door rolled closed.

As the door hit the floor a light came on, but a hand was over my eyes; with my arms pinned painfully behind I started to whimper, “Please don’t hurt me.”

I heard one of them laugh, “Why is it the first thing they always say is, please don’t hurt me, Christ lady its up to you whether we hurt you are not, Bren, pass the rope, lets get her secure and see what we got to play with.”

A gruff voice growled in my ear, “Keep still, keep your eyes shut and do as your told, I’m going to let go of you, move and you do get hurt, big time.”

I felt my arms released and the fingers left my eyes; I didn’t move or try to look

I stood there shaking, I jumped as my coat was jerked off my shoulders and down my arms, I heard it crumple on to the floor, then I heard a ripping sound, “Kneel down,” I was so scared I couldn’t move.

I sudden thump caused incredible pain in my back, “Kneel now,” screamed in my ear; trying to catch my breath and keeping my eyes closed I dropped to my knees, knocking my handbag to the side, my head was held firm and tape was stuck across my eyes.

My wrists were held outwards and I felt rope fastened to them then my arms where dragged out and secured to the sides slats of the van, I knelt there on my knees, crucified and helpless as a hand patted the top of my head and a patronising voice said, “There’s a good girl, nothing to get upset about, you look just like that aeroplane your husbands in.”

I swallowed hard to stop myself from crying out, but I lost that battle as I heard, “You drive, I’ll find the agents key, we’ll use the second of the renovated barns, its got more beams.”

As I tried to whimper I felt tears through the tape, I heard movement as some-one bent in front of me, “Don’t cry, we knew we were going to take you and have some fun when we saw you walking round the forecourt, pretty girls with big tits shouldn’t be out alone at night.”

He bent forward and I was almost sick as I felt his tongue touch my lips, his rough stubble scraped against my cheek as his face slid round to my ear, licking at it he whispered, “You said you were out of juice and needed some, well its your lucky night, you see we’ve got plenty of juice and we will be only to happy to pump it in to you,” the van started up and moved off the fore court.

The two men must have moved behind me I heard them talking quietly to the driver. My shoulders ached as I swayed helplessly, my knees began to hurt; my short pleated skirt didn’t give any protection to my naked legs; as well as scared I was cold, the short-sleeved top was only supposed to be for the warmth of the car but suddenly my mind was taken off those problems.

The men had gone quiet when suddenly I felt a hand on my bottom then a voice whispered, “You got a nice round ass.” I mumbled, “Please don’t do that.”

The voice continued, “And what are you going to do if I don’t?”

I tried so hard not to start sobbing again but when another hand squeezed my left breast I cried, “Oh god no.”

Another voice said, “God’s not here love but we are, now lets look at this sensible, I’m gona ask you a few questions and you gona give me some answers?”

I didn’t say anything until I felt his hand squeeze my breast hard and I cried out, “Yes, yes what ever.”

He stopped squeezing and said, “Now my friend asked you what you were going to do to stop him, lets look at that, ready?”

As the hands continued to rub my body, “Yes but please, I beg you don’t hurt me,” was all I could say.

The van lurched to the right as he said, “Told you before, it’s up to you if we hurt you, now I want answers, try this, are you beautiful?”

I muttered, “I eerr,” as I did I felt a hand cup over my skirt and squeeze hard at the flesh between my legs, as it began to hurt I said, “Yes, yes I suppose so.”

I heard him laugh, “No suppose about it, now try faster next time, have you got nice firm tits?”

I felt so scared, but I knew I had to answer him, “Yes.”

“Have those nice firm tits got big nipples?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen many others but they are, are quite eerrr long.”

I felt his hand over my blouse searching for them, he suddenly squeezed one, he licked my ear as he tormented me with “And they feel thick, see I told you, you are beautiful, does your old man like sucking them?”

I chocked out, “ Ya, Yes.”

He pulled on them, “I bet he does, and do you like it when he licks them and sucks them out, so they’re all wet, long and hard.”

I was trying so hard not to sob; I knew I was in a hopeless situation as I tried to say what he wanted to hear, “Yes.”

He laughed, “Yes what?”

In panic I spluttered out, “Yes I like my nipples sucked.”

He almost giggled, “Well ain’t that nice, I’ll be glad to be doing something you like, now getting down to the nitty gritty, here’s the next question, what have you got snuggling in your pants?”

As the van lurched I tried to plead again, “Please don’t make me say these things, I haven’t done anything to you.”

But his voice came straight back, “I don’t give a shit, we are the ones who are going to do anything we want to you, now lets try again, tell me what you got between those long, gorgeous, soft legs of yours.”

I was beaten, taking a deep breath and trying to think what to call it I said, “My husband calls it my love shut.”

The bellowing of his laughter nearly deafened me, “Aahh ain’t that nice, but now you call it a cunt, a wet juicy highly fuckable cunt, now answer the question again.”

“My, mmmyy, wet juicy,” my nipple was pinched again, “Go on.”

My wet juicy highly fuckable cunt.”

My torment continued, “And has your juicy cunt got hair on it?”

I had now realised resistance was futile, “Some, but I trim them.”

He was ready with another obscene question, “What shape is your little blond bush, I take it your are a real blond?”

“Its in the shape of an arrow head and yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes I am a real blond.”

“Mmmmm, so we got a little blond arrow pointing down to your fuckable cunt, sounds nice. I’m not bothered how you like to be fucked, your going to be fucked so many times tonight we will find that out anyway and the same goes for your ass.”

Oh god not there, the thought of these men being able to take me however they wanted, use me and I would be unable to stop them, my mind was in a whirl but worse was to come.

“Can you suck cock all the way, do you swallow or have I got to shove it down your long pretty throat?”

My sob only made him laugh as I said, “No please, not that, I, I don’t now how.”

He almost choked on his laughter as he said, “You will by the end of this, my god with a mouth like yours you will.”

Suddenly another voice said, “Does a little spanking on that cute ass of yours turn you on, it will me?”

My mind shot back to the words, “We’ll use the second of the renovated barns its got more beams,” oh god they were going to string me up and spank me.

An uncontrollable sob came from my mouth followed by a groan as I felt the van stop.

There was movement all around me, suddenly I heard the shuttered door roll up; hand grabbed at me, holding me, then my arms were free, there was a wonderful feeling as they dropped to my side but it was short lived as the ropes were yanked and I was wrenched forward.

I nearly fell forward but some-one was behind me, I felt arms come round, hands gripped me between my legs, I was quickly dragged upwards, that same sick voice whispered, “Feels nice, how’s this feel?”

I felt his hips grind it to my bottom, his hard penis pushed in between the light material of my skirt and between my cheeks.

I fought to keep my feet on the floor as he deliberately kept squeezing me between my legs pinning me to his crutch until I felt the cold air and the doorway. Another pair of hands clamped around my waist as I was lifted down.

I knew there was a man ether side of me as the third pulled my arms forward. The words, “Watch out for the step,” had me stumbling up three steps.

Hands held me as I heard a door unlock, then a quick tug propelled me through a door, the smell of new wood filled my nostrils; little words like, “Please no, don’t do this to me, have mercy,” kept falling from my lips, but they only fell on deaf ears.

The hands came back from behind plunging even further between my legs, the hard penis touching my bottom felt long and he made sure I felt it.

I heard a slapping sound then again, something swung close to my face, with horror I heard, “No, put the rope the other side of the strut.”

My hands were held forward, I could feel movement with the attached ropes, then the one holding me said, “Up she goes,” and my hands suddenly pulled up and out, I cried out, “Stop, please stop its hurting me.”

The one holding me pulled his hands hard up between my legs, “We could always put you on a stand, pull your arms up again, then take the stand away, you’d know how Jesus Christ felt, you want to try it?”

I sobbed a pathetic, “No, don’t do that to me,” I sensed the other two were now standing closed to me as the one holding me said, “Then we will have to find out what you do want us to do to you.”

They moved away from me, a voice said, “Get the cans,” I stood there, my arms pulled up and out making me look like a clock at ten to two. I heard things being pulled around the room, then the hissss sound of cans opening.

The same voice that had tormented me in the van started at me again, “Now lets get back to our little game.”

“Hay gorgeous, you listening?” I nodded, “Now you didn’t want us to crucify you, so what can we do to you?” those words drilled in to my mind and I knew they would make me answer.

As my brain tried to take in my situation another voice said, “Come on sweetheart don’t be shy you can tell us,” I could hear them sniggering.

I tried another, “Please let me go,” but that got the worst answer I wanted to hear.

“You remember me telling you how turned on I get when I take my belt to a cute ass, if not you will if you don’t answer my mate here.”

I know I’m blond and some what naive but I’m no bimbo so it was obvious from the filthy interrogation I got in the van that there was only one answer they were going to force out of me, and there was the other thought in my mind, I wanted to get out of this, alive.

I took a deep breath, “Why don’t you have sex with me?”

This was met with horrendous laughter, with the room being empty the sound echoed round, deafening me, what had I said wrong?

“We don’t want to have sex with you, we want to fuck the shit out of you, now answer the question.”

Did my tormentors have any mercy, with survival my only thought; again I took a deep breath, “Why don’t you fuck the shit out of me.”

The laughter went down to stupid cat-calls, “At last our fun tonight has got the idea, time to unwrap the goodies,” I felt them gather round me, my body was being fondled, suddenly a tongue licked my face.

“mmmmmmm, taste good, does the rest of you taste the same, you gona let us find out?” I stayed silent, but they weren’t going to let it rest, my hair was grabbed and shook, I squealed, “Yes, yes.”

The evil voice whispered, “Now our night of funning with you is about to start, I want you to remember what you said at the beginning, remember, please don’t hurt me?” I nodded, “Then you answer the question the way I have taught you and quickly, there will be no more second chances, only the chance of pain.”

I felt some-one squeeze my arse cheek very hard, and a voice said, “Oh how I could spank this,” my position was hopeless, I had to do anything these filthy men wanted me too, I blurted out, “I want you to lick me and find out if I taste good,” I swallowed, “All over.”

“All over it is,” I don’t know who said it but fingers pulled at the buttons of my blouse, hands were on the back of my legs, sliding up under my skirt, the same thing at the front, hands were on my inner thighs, stroking up towards my pants, I choked back tears as I heard, “You grab the back I got the front, lets get this accommodating ladies pants down.”

As I felt my pants pulled down over my thighs their revolting voices filled my ears, “ Oh yes what a cute ass, round, smooth and for the moment white.”

“She has got a little blond arrow head and what its pointing at is gorgeous, I real tight slit with fat full lips, oh I’m gona enjoy tonguing that, just as much as splitting it open with my dick.”

I squirmed and wriggled, fingers were now rolling and pinching my nipple as a mouth covered the other; fingers where pushing up my pussy and in between the cheeks of my arse.

My pants were pulled all the way down, then a mouth covered my pussy, the rough unshaved face scratched my inner thighs, I could now open my legs if only to ease the pain but that only allowed a tongue to push up and in to me.

Their mouths were so busy, sucking at my nipples, licking me between my legs both back and front for them to taunt me, no, I was taunting myself, I felt the tongue at my pussy starting to do things to me, the same things my husband did.

I knew my nipples were hard as his tongue flicked at them, his fingers could do the same; even the tongue tickling up between the cheeks of my arse seemed to enflame my body but it was the tongue between my legs, buried so deeply in my pussy that was forcing me to open my legs further.

They sensed I was aroused, that same voice said, “She seems to be enjoying our tongues, lets enjoy hers.”

Suddenly they stopped playing with me, there was movement around me, my legs were held together and a rope held them firm, then suddenly pulled back, as that happened my arms were slowly lowered.

I felt my legs pulled up behind me as my knees brushed the floor my arms were locked off again, as I half knelt half swung, a voice said, “Just the right height,” then the pain in my arms returned.

The dark of the blindfold heightened my senses, I knew they were close, I could hear them, I knew they were taking their trousers off.

I jumped when something slapped on the side of my face, a voice said, “Open that gorgeous mouth sweetheart and keep it open,” then I knew what had slapped my face.

Slowly I gave in to the filthy men who had me at their mercy, my mouth opened.

I felt sick as I heard, “Me first then you and you can finish her,” I didn’t have time to argue as my mouth filled with one fat cock.

Hands grabbed at my head as he carried on, “Then we can strip her, hang her up by all fours and see if her other holes are as tight as they feel.”

I chocked and gasped as this huge thing filled my mouth, I found myself being forced to stretch my mouth open as wide as possible, it thumped in, the filthy meat was trying to push down my throat and there was nothing I could do to stop him.

I tried so hard to swallow, to open my throat as much as I could, all I could do was try to keep breathing as more hands pulled at my nipples or touched my pussy and arse. Suddenly the length pushed further down.

I had been thinking about the hands abusing me and had relaxed my throat, the cock was now fully in me, his sweaty body pressed to my nose. He quickly told the others that I was a fucking good face fuck, took it all the way; he shook my head, “Have I fucked any shit out yet, no, well there’s time yet, hope your hungry, cause it ain’t everyday I get a pretty mouth like yours to dump a load in.”

With my head held tight there was no way I could dislodge the fat meat stuck in my throat, he was just jerking it back and forth and I was breathing through my nose.

I could feel him getting more excited, the cock was getting fatter and I knew he was going to cum, god I was so relieved when he slid it back and said, “Keep your mouth open and your tongue out its feeding time.”

I knew he was using his hand to pump his filthy juice out, suddenly the first splatters hit my face and then in to my mouth, I felt the tip of his cock resting on my tongue as he jerked the rest of his cream in to me.

I felt movement in front of me some-one said, “Get the fuck out the way, my turn to fuck her mouth, come on sweetheart get a man sized cock in your mouth.”

Though this next cock wasn’t so long it was fatter, I had to keep my mouth fully open not to catch it with my teeth and again my concentration was compiled by hands playing with my tits, pussy and arse, all the time this fat meat plugged my mouth completely.

My mouth fucking began all over again; my hair held as he forced my head up and down like some nodding dog, his voice sniggering, “ Your right about her being a fucking good face fuck, reckon she was telling lies in the van, she’s been having her mouth fucked plenty of times, and she must like it, she’s got a mouth like a sucking cunt, ain’t you darlin, now show me how good a suckin your gona give me.”

I wanted to scream at these filthy animals as they abused me, tell them that I wasn’t like that but all the time all the things they were doing to me was having an effect.

It was the same feeling as Rupert caused in me, my pussy was wet and they knew it. The fingers pushing up my arse tickled more than hurt and my hips were involuntarily moving, the fingers up my pussy were now slipping up easily and to my disgust I suddenly realised I was actually sucking on the foul thing in my mouth.

I must have been because the cock in my throat slid back and a voice shouted at me, “Keep them lips tight, keep it all in darlin, I want to see you swallow it all before you start suckin my mate.”

As my mind reeled at the thought of another cock stuck in my mouth this one exploded its juice in to the back of my throat, there was so much, more than the last and I found myself sucking it hard down my throat, I was so scared at what they may do to me if I spilt any.

The voice of the animal fingering my pussy laughed, “Go on sweetheart drink it down, your lovin your face fuckin ain’t you, your so wet, and you told me you didn’t know how to do it, and the way your ass is moving, I reckon the way these two holes feel you can’t wait for us to fill them.”

As I tried to protest the third cock forced its way in to my mouth, this one really used my lips, he kept telling me to suck it tight, keep my lips closed tight around it. He didn’t shove it down my throat he wanted me to continually tickle the fat swollen end with my tongue as he fucked in and out of my mouth.

The men relentlessly fingered my pussy and my arse as I played my tongue over the invading meat in my sore mouth. I’d lost all track of time, my life was held in suspension as these three men used me for their perverted lust.

What drilled in to my brain was their voices, was it me they were talking about, “She’s got a great ass, feels like she loves something up it.” “ Reckon her cunts the same, wet enough to take two, my fingers are soaking.” “If she fucks like she sucks we got a great night ahead, there’s no stopping her tongue, oh jesus the bitch is making me cum.”

Again my mouth was filled with a mans juice, I swallowed this load easily but as I did the fingers that had been toying with me moved away and I chocked with the fear at what was to come next.

The moans of relief as my legs were lowered soon changed to squeals of, “No, please no more,” instead of them leaving them down they were quickly pulled forward, as I swung backwards I heard, “No over that beam.”

My legs were pulled wide as they went up, I swung there completely exposed and helpless, I groaned at the pain as my head lolled back, I groaned louder as a voice said, “Still the right height, come on babe open up, you know you love having a cock stuck in your mouth, you suck great cock and it’ll be fun watching while they have your cunt.”

Before I could say anything fingers pulled at my nipples forcing a squeal from my mouth, to do that I had to open my mouth and immediately it was filled by a cock; he carried on squeezing my nipple as he said, “You’ve already cleaned my cock but in this position your tongue can clean my balls.”

I tried to shake my head, to remove it but suddenly I felt something touching me between my leg and it wasn’t fingers.

It thrust in, it was the long one and it pushed up and up filling me more than Rupert ever had; I thought it would stop but it pushed up thumping in to my cervix bone and I was already so wet and sensitive, a surge of sexual pleasure exploded through me.

He was slowly fucking me, in a way I had never felt, the length of it was touching places and as he slid it in and out it rubbed on my inner walls, there was a spot, a place that ever time he touched it I jumped, moans sighed around the cock in my mouth, I even forgot the pain of the ropes.

He must have sensed my movement as he deliberately rubbed the spot as much as possible and to add to the sensation he started using his fingers on the sensitive nub of my clit, the my own disgust my body began to wraith, my knees pulled at the ropes as I pushed up.

The cock in my mouth slid out as I heard, “Think you found it.”

I tried not to speak but moans were still being forced from me as this torment of my pussy continued unabated, I was almost delirious as I heard, “Oh yes she’s got one hot G spot and I do believe she didn’t know she had one.”

As I surcome to the words, “ Yes, oh god yes.” I voice gloated in triumph, “Well she does now.”

A voice whispered in my ear, “Yes what?”

As fingers played with my nipples my whole body wriggled in the ropes, “Yes don’t stop please, don’t, don’t stop.”

“Don’t stop what?”

As his length penetrated me again I heard me say, “Don’t stop fucking me, please don’t stop fucking me.”

The same voice whispered, “Then lick my balls and I’ll make sure you get the fucking a body like yours deserves,” I felt his legs ether side of my head as he lowered his balls on to my mouth and I immediately stuck my tongue out and licked at his hanging sack.

The long cock fucking me thrust in hard and drove me in to an orgasm; I licked and sucked at the filthy balls, squealing at the way I was being used, suddenly I felt him come, his hot juice filled me again.

The balls in my mouth moved and as I gasped for air the cock drove back in my mouth, I didn’t have time to think as another cock pushed in to my pussy and he had watched the first one, he soon found the spot again and soon I was rushing towards another climax.

Again I found myself squealing at another orgasm, but still he worked on me, I found my climax’s coming thick and fast. I was sucking at the meat in my mouth as I was fucked relentlessly, I thought that this was the most I could feel but I was wrong.

As the man fucking my mouth enjoyed the pleasures of my tits, the other man fucking my pussy rubbed my clit, I could hear them sniggering at the way my body was being forced to respond then suddenly I felt a finger push up in to arse, I went rigid as I experienced my first multiple orgasm.

The man in my mouth started to shove further down I could feel him getting fatter as I tasted the first squirt of his come; my cheeks filled out as I held his juice then he pulled out.

Due to the feeling between my legs my head fell back I could feel the juice running over my face as it bubbled from my mouth with me squealing in to the orgasms.

The finger up my arse tickled against the thin membrane as the cock spewed its cum in to me, then the two left me, I hung there, my body exhausted but my pussy was still aroused.

My legs were lowered and arms came round from behind, grabbed my tits and pulled me up. He held me as my arms were untied, then I felt a rope around my waist, it quickly went tight holding me up, my arms were dragged down and my wrists tightly tied to my ankles, I couldn’t move, I was in the most vulnerable position of being tied, bent over.

Fingers again played around my pussy and arse, I moaned a pathetic, “No more,” but my hair was dragged up and a voice said, “Oh yes plenty more, here taste this.”

I felt the soft cock rub on my face; then on to my lips, it smelt of me, “Come on get it in your mouth, bet you’ve never tasted your cum before, try it, its really nice.”

Soon I was sucking at the floppy cum soaked cock, swallowing the taste of my own pussy juice and still the other two were behind me pushing in to my pussy, thank god they couldn’t get their fingers to that spot again.

I heard movement and a noise, then one side, “Here it is,” no their fingers couldn’t get to me but there was something hard being pushed in me, it was rubber, fat and to my horror in was heavily ridged, it was a handle with think finger grips and as I sucked the cock hard with my mouth so it was sliding up my wet aroused pussy.

My mind screamed stop; stop this thing, the ridges on the fat handle were rubbing inside me and it was going deeper, then they pulled it back only to shove back and further, it was filling me, then it was touching; my knees buckled but I was held by the rope, I couldn’t escape and that feeling was returning.

I moaned around the hardening cock in my mouth as fingers started to tickle my pussy and arse again; the handle excited me so their fingers continued to tickle me extenuated the heat inside my pussy.

The cock in my mouth, now hard, started to force its way in to my throat, gagging my squeals; my hips jerked in the ropes but still they fucked my pussy with this obscene object and then they mocked my helplessness.

“Come on sweetheart, lets have you humpin again, you love a fucking don’t you?”

“Can’t get enough of the fucky, fucky can you, ready for some more, there’s a good cock sucker.”

“Ether of you wants to fuck her mouth? I’m gona have me a piece of that cute hot ass.”

As he pulled out of my mouth I spluttered, “No, not there,” but no sooner had I said that than another cock was pushing at my mouth, the handle had been pushed fully up me and the hard cock that was still wet from my sucking was pushing at the entrance to my arse forcing the little pink hole to my bowels to open for my next rape.

The word rape drilled in to my mind, was I being raped, was I hating it, where they hurting me?

The cock in my mouth was getting hard, it was the fat one and my lips were stretched around it, I’d learnt to tickle the head with my tongue and by doing that he didn’t choke me, he just let me play around it.

The cock head pushed in to my arse, I couldn’t stop him, his fingers held my cheeks wide.

His thrusts were slow and somewhat gentle, I almost relaxed until his hips came in contact with the handle still in-cased up my pussy.

As it touched me it was sending more shock waves of pleasure and he knew that the sensation had increased.

Giggling he said, “Come on bitch take it up the ass, you know your fucking love it,” as he started to pick up speed, fucking both my holes.

These men had done something to me, as the sensation grew in my pussy it was too much to stop, my hips pushed at the invading poles. I found myself sucking at the cock in my mouth, my tongue deliberately tickling the little hole at the tip of the fat head, I was virtually making the man face fuck me and I could take it.

There was something about being helpless, being tied up and unable to refuse what they did to me, the sensations weren’t my fault, after all I’m a young women with a sensuous body, yes its my bodies fault, they are making it respond, not me, I can’t help it.

I felt a slap, “Wiggle it, you know your loving it, you fucking hot assed lying bitch.”

I wiggled my arse like a obedient dog as my first climax had me squealing round the fat cock, some-one was under me, sucking at my nipples playing with them with their tongue, and it wasn’t long before I felt my next orgasm build as the fat cock pumped more juice in to my stomach.

My body jumped as my arse was filled for the first time, he pumped me full but as he did he slid out but continued to fuck me with the handle until I begged him to finish me, he did and I came, again.

They didn’t let me hang down for long, my hair was suddenly yanked up, I felt the ropes on my wrists untied and slowly I straightened up, the rope was taken from my waist but I had to be held, some-one took great delight in standing behind me and holding me up by my tits.

I finger scooped the dried cum from my face and pushed it in my mouth, a voice said, “Suck it all in,” I did.

“Now sweetheart, do you want to go home?” I whispered, “Please.”

“Well I don’t see why not, you’ve been a good fuck and you’ve enjoyed it so don’t come, ha that’s something you have down so many times I’ve lost count, anyway, don’t come the little miss innocent with us.”

He licked my face and winked at me, “Anyway we will take you back to your car, put petrol in and you can be on your way.”

I managed a small smile, but he shook his head, “Oh no, not that easy, that will be in about an hour, should give us time to have you again and maybe again, and you will say nothing to no-one understand?”

Another whispered, “Yes” sealed my fate.

“We ain’t gona tie you up, no point, we ain’t letting you go nowhere, you just let us lead you where we want and you will get home, now for your next little duty lets have you sat on my mates pole and you do the old bouncy, bouncy while you fuck him.”

Still blindfolded I was lead forward, told to straddle and lowered myself on to the waiting cock, I felt it slide in, further and further, oh god it was the long one and it seemed to go on forever.

I sat there impaled on this long cock, it was fully in me and still had a inch to go; slowly I moved up and down, I’d done this with Rupert but he hadn’t filled me like these men did.

He started to move his hips making his cock move around inside me, I tried to steady myself with my hands but they were soon pulled away and wrapped around the two cocks ether side of me and I could feel that strange feeling again, I jumped even more every time I slid down.

With in minutes I was pumping up and down, squealing as I raced head long in to another orgasm, my pussy was on fire and I needed to put it out.

The cocks in my hand had moved forward, enough so I could move my head sucking on one then the other, like a deranged whore I fucked myself to two orgasms before he filled me and I had sucked one of them off deep in to mouth until I swallowed more juice.

They lifted me off him and pinned me to the wall, my hands were fastened in front with sticky tape; they dressed, told me they had my clothes and I was ushered out in to the night air.

Bundled back in the van it soon moved off, as I sat in the back of the van a voice said, “You forgetting something?” I looked toward the sound and hopefully shook my head.

“Oh I think you have, you fucked my mate off and sucked another but I ain’t come yet, so we have a little time for you to get on all fours, I been fancying your ass all night.”

My hands bound in front made it possible for me to kneel on the van floor as this man mounted me, his cock quickly buried up my ass as he slowly fucked me, making sure it would last all the way back to my car.

He was still enjoying me as we stopped, he kept pumping himself in to me until petrol had be put in my car and they were ready to leave, then with a few hard powerful thrusts he empty himself up me.

Still naked I was put back in my car, my clothes slung on the back seat and my handbag returned to the passenger seat, I sat there, still bound as they pulled away.

It took me ten minutes to get loose, and another five to readjust to seeing again, the bastards had kept my pants and the seat was wet from the cum dribbling out from my arse but I did make it back home unseen.

I laid in the bath, looking at my body; after I washed the dried cum from between my legs I could see no visible marks but I felt very different, it was going to be hard to except that but my love for Rupert and the fact that it would never happen again made me confident I would able to return to a normal married life.

I worked the following day and I worked hard, blotting out the thoughts of the day before, what could I do, tell some one, tell Rupert, if I knew who they were or where they were was one thing.

What if I did and it was found out how I reacted, how many times did I climax, oh no I decided there and then it would be my memories and that was that besides I was excited by the thought of my new Merc soon.

The next day I woke and I felt better; I was going to have a nice bath, a good breakfast and look over the garden, maybe it was warm enough for a dip in the pool.

I was just putting the last of the breakfast dishes in to the washer when there was a knock on the door, I thought my new car had arrived; excitedly I rushed to the front door.

A woman and two large men stood at the door, they looked very official; the woman flashed a small card at me, “Mrs Susan Watts?”

I nodded, she continued, “We are investigating company fraud, you have your computer in the home?”

I was now petrified, “Yes its in the study.”

Her foot moved to the step, “May we see it?”

I was scared, stupidly I moved back allowing her in; she swept past me as the two men followed; all of them were taller than me and I felt intimidated, her neat blue suit accentuated her slim strong body, I made for the study.

She stood at the computer desk and put her brief case on the table; I was sandwiched between the two men, she looked at me, “I have documents allowing me to inspect this unit; do you have any objections?” I stuttered a weak, “No.”

She pressed buttons, and the computer loaded until the password box appeared, she looked at me, “The password please,” I just looked back at her and shook my head.

I was surprised when she muttered a quiet, “Shit.” She pulled the seat back and sat, “O K lets try a few ideas, what’s your name again?”

“Susan,” she typed my name, the screen flicked and returned to the box.

“Where did you meet your husband?”

“At a party in Kensington,”

She typed in Kensington; still the box remained blank.

She took a deep breath, “Where did you honeymoon?”

“The Seychelles.”

She typed it in and the box disappeared, the computer opened, she laughed, “God, men are so predictable.”

Her fingers raced across the keys, lines and lines of figures appeared, smiling at me she turned, “This looks interesting, I’m afraid this box and you will be coming with us.”

I pulled back, “No, no it’s nothing to do with me.”

She leapt from the seat, “Cuff her, we’ve got what we came for and from what I’ve seen maybe she’d be better here.”

The two men grabbed me and twisted my arms behind me, then I felt the cold steel click on to my wrists, as I squirmed in their grip she opened her brief case and took out a thin disk but what shocked me was, my diary was there under a thick long curved black cock shaped thing that was in the case as well.

She smiled at my pathetic attempts at a struggle then looked up at the men, “Well our three friends were right, what was written in the dairy makes it obvious he is an insider dealer and with what this tells me he has hacked in to several firms to gain fraudulent information, not only could his firm go to the wall but this boy could do a lot of time,” she looked at me, “But only if we gave this little lot to the powers at be.”

She came closer to me, “You remember an evening with our friends, fancy running out of petrol,” I went cold inside, “Well you fell for my little deception, it got me in and a look at the husbands little secrets, for that I thank our mutual friends and we crooks must stay together, though my line is a little different to theirs and a little more, shall I say where your concerned, long term.”

She fitted the disk in to a draw that came out of Rupert’s computer then inserted it back.

I stood not daring to speak but my mind raced at what Rupert could have done. I watched as lines upon lines filled the screen then she pressed a few more keys and I sign saying, Downloading, followed by, there is 1hr 20min left.

She turned back to me, “Now where was I, oh yes, these friends tell me your quite a little goer, or is it cumer, anyway lets see if I can find out, I seem to have an hour twenty to spare,” she turned back to her case and took out that black thing, waving it at me she said, “This should help, take her upstairs boys and strip her.”

My futile attempts at fighting were laughable as the two men dragged me upstairs, found our bedroom and started pulling and tearing my clothes off. My screams and hysteria meant nothing to them and soon I was naked, they had made sure that they had a good feel of me before she arrived and I was thrown on the bed.

She had taken her jacket off and was touching her face with that thing, “Thanks boys, there’s drink downstairs, I’ll call if I need you.”

She dropped the black thing on the bed, moved up and stood beside. As she started to unbutton her blouse she spoke, “My, my you are a pretty thing, those thugs were right, a real beauty and everything right in the right places,” she let her blouse drop on the floor.

Hitching her skirt up to her stocking tops she crawled on to the bed, she put her arms ether side of my head, her mouth twisted in to a sneer, “Seems your new husband has been making his way in life on the back of others and the way he’s done it, its against the law.”

I felt a tear run down the side of my face as she carried on, “There, there, there’s no need to get upset as I said before, we crooks must stick together and there’s a way he can keep his good name, but if you want him to stay out of jail, you can’t keep yours.”

I went to speak but she shook her head, “Oh no, you do the listening, now I have it on good authority that you fuck as good as you look, which is good news for me, you see I run a very exclusive business for very exclusive clients, rich clients that would pay very, very well to play with you.”

She put her finger on my lips, “Now I won’t show anybody that hard disc of your husband playing Nick Leeson and you won’t say anything to him, he will still go on his business trips and you will ether entertain here or at another location.”

She took her finger away and kissed it before sticking it back on my lips, “Oh I’m not bad to work for, you will get a percentage of your take, enough to replace your sexy underwear, you’d be amazed at the amount that get ripped off by my clients and of course for petrol, hate you to run out, again and a little something for yourself, looking as desirable as you do you should be in high demand.”

I shook my head but she just laughed, “Don’t even think about saying no, you ether become a working girl or a very poor homeless one,” she unclipped her bra, “Now a know you fuck well but what are you like with women?”

I squeezed my eyes shut, my head shook from side to side but I still heard her laugh, “And who better to try you out than your new boss.”

She tossed her bra on the floor and slid back down me, she stood at the bottom of the bed and dropped her skirt and then panties.

I looked, her body was that of a slim strong athletic woman, she had a tattoo over a bald pussy; her small firm breasts hardly moved as she bent forward and picked up the black thing.

She licked her lips, “Do you like it, I like to decorate it, it gives you something to look at while it’s stuck on your face, anyway yours looks cute, mind if I take a closer look?”

Sarcasm etched in her voice, “Come on, don’t be shy, there’s ten years of good fucking in you and at a thousand a fuck, its good long term business, so lets have those shapely legs spread nice and wide and have a good look at what’s so special about you.”

My mind switched off to the outside world, as I stared at the ceiling I felt my legs open, what was to become of me? How could this be happening? How could I get out of—-, suddenly I felt it, then a droning noise, it slid between the folds of my pussy and tingled.

My knees moved up but her elbows soon pinned them down again, my mind tried to comprehend, here I was trying to come to terms with what had just been said, yet still there was sexual awareness. She was laid between my legs, her tongue licked across the thing that was going in me then over my pussy and I shuddered.

I lifted my head and tried to look down, I could feel her working the black rubber cock in to me, gently but firmly she worked it around, opening me, exciting me as she pushed further inside.

I moaned, “Please don’t,” she looked up at me and grinned, “Don’t you worry, soon—” she suddenly stop, “My god from this angle you quite look the Britney Spears.”

She nodded her head, “mmmm, not a bad idea, I could advertise you as, Fuck the look a like, she’s really beautiful.”

She looked down at my pussy, “Anyway soon you’ll be begging for it, just like you did to them.”

I squirmed trying to move but all I did was give her easier access to me, she immediately took advantage and pushed her arm under my arse keeping my hips up, her mouth moved closer as she pushed further.

To my shame I felt the vibration inside, I blew my cheeks out and groaned, she pushed further, then the vibration increased I squirmed more, I knew I was wet, my hips were jumping up and I realised that soon I wouldn’t be able to control myself because any second the thick black cock would be touching me there.

She increased the vibration as it slid all the way in to me, I jumped and groaned; as I did she moved.

She slid out from between my legs and moved to the side of me. Her fingers moved the black cock faster, driving the curved end over that incredible spot.

I jumped and squirmed in my excited torment, her tongue licked under my breast and then tickled its way up to my nipple.

She mmmmd as she pulled my hard long nipple up with her teeth, the sensation of her teeth was exaggerated by her tongue, tickling over it, it had me squealing.

I was only just aware of her saying, “I’ve known some G-spots but you really are one hot pussy, you will be popular with the clients, your pure sex on legs.

I pushed my heels in to the bed and thrust my hips up to gain the entire length, but she slowly started to pull it out. My pussy shook as the vibration slowed and pitifully I did what she said I would; yes I begged her to push it back in.

She let go of the black cock, it slid even further out, she smiled as her face came close to me, she kissed me hard on the mouth, I immediately opened it and sucked her tongue.

She pulled back and looked down, “You want it back up?” I nodded, she shook her head, “Oh no, beg again, tell me what you want.”

The head of the vibrator was just inside me, the sensation was exciting my clit and I had to have more so I begged, “Please put it in me, fuck me with it, I’m begging you, please, please put it back.”

“Oh my little sex on legs, beg to be fucked as much as you like but it goes back up you when your tongue goes in my pussy, ready?”

As a tried to keep my legs together, trapping the head of the cock on me, I squealed, “I, I dooonn’t no how.”

She squeezed my breast, “Don’t worry, I’ll sit on your face and I’ll make you stick your tongue up me, right up me, its easy, just do to me what it would seem you love done to you.”

She swung her leg over me, facing my pussy, she lent forward and pressed her pussy over my mouth, she rubbed back and forth until I fully opened my mouth, I tasted her as her fleshy lips came in to contact with my own lips.

I felt her touch the black cock and start to push it back, I gasped, my tongue moved out licking her open slit.

She ground her pussy in to my face, “Go on, go on lick it, get in, get your tongue up me.”

I licked at her as she pushed the vibrator up to my spot, I jumped, sucking at her as my hips bucked. Rocking to her fucking she gasped, “Go on fuck it, fuck the cock, I knew you loved fucking, now your proving it, come on you cock hungry bitch, fuck it”.

I jumped and humped, degrading myself as I fucked myself on plastic, she bent further, opening her pussy to my mouth as I licked, sucked and tickled hers, tasting her juice as she got wetter and wetter.

Suddenly she moved her mouth back to the black cock, she licked at me, her tongue tickled my clitoris then her mouth covered it, sucking it up in to her mouth, her tongue was driving me to an incredible orgasm.

As I came I gyrated my pussy in to her mouth, my muscles twitched as I forced myself to keep the cock on that spot. I licked at her furiously making sure she kept that thing firmly on that spot, humiliated I might be but I didn’t want her to stop fucking me.

Suddenly I felt a surge in her pussy, she was getting wetter, she was lifting herself up slightly then pushing down on to my tongue and I made sure I was flicking it at her as far up her as I could.

She started to buck in to my mouth, she wiggled herself, the more she rammed that curved plastic cock in me the more I attacked her pussy, we were both in a frenzy of lust.

As both our pussies spasmed in to our climax’s she collapsed forward passionately kissing my pussy making me scream as I pumped my juice over the plastic cock.

As my body subsided, I stared as the fat wet lips that had just pumped juice in to my mouth; I felt her kiss my legs as she climbed off, she whispered, “Not bad for a first timer,” then she went to her blouse lifted it and put it on.

Next she pulled her pants on, I could still hear the cock buzzing on the bed.

As she picked up the rest of her clothes she went to the door and called, “Right you two, up.”

She moved back towards me, her fingers disappeared in to her blouse pocket and brought out keys, the two men entered. As she bent to pick the rest of her clothes up she threw the keys at them, “You can take them off, she won’t fight, it might be fun for you if you use bendy on her before you fuck her, I’ll be downstairs getting a lot more information on Mr Watts movements, after what I’ve just witnessed I think I will be needing that hot pussy on its own quite a lot.”

They moved towards me, all I heard was her going downstairs singing; Money makes the world go around.

I looked at them as they stripped their clothes off, I couldn’t believe my eyes both of them where bigger than the biggest of the men who had defiled my body the other night.

The bald one told me to turn over, I did, thinking they wanted to take the cuffs off but suddenly I felt my legs pulled wide open, I tried to look back but they held me tight.

A slap on my arse kept me still; then I felt the tickling sensation of the cock touching me between my legs, the first thing the bearded one said scared me, “Come on shove it up her cunt, lets get her hot, I want to fuck this one till she screams.”

With my chin on the pillow I gazed and my own bed head, I was lying on my bed, the bed that Rupert and I had made love on, yet I’d just had lesbian sex with one woman, the woman who was now in control of our lives and as I felt the black tormenter being pushed up me, I knew I was going to be given another hard fucking and these men would be expert at making me cum again.

It pushed in and I groaned, a voice sniggered, “Ya gorgeous you grunt while you can, my cock will soon be reversing anything coming out of your mouth.

The fear of what these men were going to do to me was over shadowed be the sudden tingling between my legs. He wasn’t gentle; thank god I was still wet from her as he pushed up trying to find what he wanted.

He was turning the vibrator around, it was at maximum power; the curved end touching every part of my cervix channel; a low groan escaped my throat as my arse jumped, my body betraying me told them they had found what they wanted.

There was no mercy, they just laughed as I groaned and grunted. They were driving, ah, ah, ah sounds from me as he just curled the black cock in and out, rubbing it hard inside me, he was fully aware of what he was doing to me.

As my arse rose, bucking at the intrusion, my body was electric, uncontrollable and enjoying it.

I felt the cuffs unlocked and a voice told me to get on all fours. I did, my legs involuntary opened, shame had nothing to do with it, I couldn’t help myself my body was building to yet another climax.

As again little grunts where forced from me the bearded one slid on the bed, sat, pushed his back against the headboard, spread his legs ether side of me, he didn’t have to speak, even if I was in the throws of a climax it was obvious what I had to do.

My mouth closed over the thick, long monster cock that stuck up in front of my face.

Even as I struggled, I was starting to cum over the thick black cock but I knew I had to work on the real one stuck in my mouth. Though my mind was clouding in its climatic ecstasy I knew if I didn’t use my tongue to play with the end, use what I’d learnt to excite him, this man would drive his huge cock down my throat.

The buzzing vibration being concentrated on that spot was driving me from that orgasm on to another.

The bald one just kept working on me, he knew I could do nothing to stop him and the way my arse was moving he knew I wouldn’t want him too.

My tongue tickled over the knob end in my mouth, every part of me being forced to enjoy what I was doing when the first real slap stung me. Then another and another, each cheek started to burn, but as I jumped to the spanking the thing up my touched me more and more and I climaxed again.

He wouldn’t stop, more slaps rained down, I was virtually eating the cock in my mouth, sucking at the end, kissing it all over to allowing myself breath as I moaned and grunted towards more uncontrollable orgasms.

Then with out warning the slaps stopped and the black cock withdrew, to be replaced with it tickling the little join between my two holes.

I whined and whimpered but my hair was yanked up and the bearded one grinned at me, “My friends tell me you play a game, lets play it, ready?”

As my arse moved to the tickling sensation I moaned, “What.”

His grin grew wider, “That’s right, what, as in what do you want?”

I felt fingers touch my clit; the rubbing sensation was too much for me and I whispered, “Put it back.”

A grunted laugh from him heralded, “Oh louder and with more, you weren’t that shy with my friends, try again.”

The black cock slid in, tickled me, relight my aroused pussy just enough to get me breathing hard again then pulled back, oh how I needed it, I moaned, “Do me, please do me.”

My pussy was dribbling and they knew it, he held my hair as he rubbed the end his cock on my lips, still he said, “Do what?”

I had to have relief, so as I was forced to kiss the fat knob-end I said, “Fuck me, I need you to fuck me,”

Then a finger screwed up my pussy, I jumped yelling, “Gemme a fucking cock, fuck my cunt you shits, just fuck me, that’s what you want, you want my cunt so just fuck me.”

I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy, just toying with me. My head was held by the other, making me lick the full length of his cock as well as his balls, the way I was held stopped me from moving back, stopped me from impaling myself on what I wanted.

Slowly he shoved it in, then out, then a bit further. My arse bucked and wiggled as I felt it filling me, his long fat length getting closer to that spot, suddenly it was in there, I sucked the other fat cock fully in to my mouth and let them both just stay there as I did the work, bouncing my arse back, driving my head down on the cock in my mouth fucking both cocks myself.

I was oblivious to their remarks, “What a hot assed fuck, what I slut, she fucks like a race horse, all you got to do is start her up and ride the fucker in,” none of it mattered as long as I got to another climax.

I came and was building again when they came. They sneered at me, laughing, knowing I wanted more. The bald one threw the black cock at me and both of them watched as I fed it up in to my pussy, I just had to relieve myself again.

I degraded myself for their viewing pleasure until they stood in front of me, dragged me to my knees and let me suck them hard while I fucked myself, it was unbelievable, I came again and again.

I had cum but they were hard again. I was forced down over one cock and then pushed forward so my arse could be fucked at the same time. Yet another new experience which had my body wanting more. I lay sandwiched on the bed until all three of us had cum again.

She walked in, dropped a list of instructions on the bed and they dressed and left me.

Well as I said in the beginning that has all happened in the last four weeks of my life.

I’m sitting here now, Rupert is none the wiser; he’s away, Japan I think. As for me, well I must say I look different.

I’ve got on a white studded dog collar, a white crutchless basque, suspenders and white lace stockings, white ankle strapped high heels, I have on a bride’s vale, my hair pulled up and through the circular tiara and I’m made up to the nines.

I’m sitting here waiting for three clients, there are two more this afternoon and I’m in town at a five star hotel suite tonight, all night.

This is my fourth time as a working girl, my mistress say’s I’m booked heavily every time Rupert’s away so I was to get used to it, and to think six weeks ago I was an innocent virgin bride, just look at you now.


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