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I stood in front of my Dad, head hanging in shame. In my senior year of high school, just about to graduate, I still lived at home and probably would all through college and until I got a good job. And during all that time, Daddy would control me. Today, I was in serious trouble.

“Your teachers called me,” he told me. “They said you called another girl a retarded bitch?” I cringed.

“She said that children in single parent households grow up to be common criminals.” I shuffled my feet. “So I called her a retarded bitch.”

Daddy scowled at me. “You could have just told her that she was wrong and pointed out why.” He folded his arms across his chest.

I scowled at him. “She says retarded shit every day! I’m tired of correcting her and wanted her to shut up!”

“Did you just raise your voice at me, little girl?” I froze.

“N-no…” my voice trailed off. Daddy worked construction because it made him happy, but he was so smart, he could have been anything. As it was, working construction made him strong. He was already a big man, standing 6’5 and towering over everyone like a giant, but hard work and the weight gym in the basement made his tall, lean form bulge with heavy muscles that were thick with honest, hard earned strength rather then the weaker, high definition body builders had. The only reason he wasn’t big bellied like a lot of strong men was because he ran every day and had his meals with just as much fruits and veggies as meat and protein. Dad was just as likely to eat a fruit salad as he was to eat a 10-ounce steak. Unfortunately, in addition to all this power, he came with a criminally short fuse.

His voice was dangerously quiet. “I could have sworn you just raised your voice at me.” I shook my head vehemently and started backing up, fast. His hand was almost instantly wrapped around my arm and dragging me back. “No, you raised your voice at me. And you know what happens when you raise your voice at me.”

I burst into tears, scared. “Daddy, please, I didn’t mean it!” With one hand, he unbuckled his belt and pulled it off. “Please, Daddy, I’ll do anything! Just don’t hurt me!” He paused and I felt a glimmer of hope. “Daddy, please, I don’t wanna get belted. I’ll do anything! Just don’t belt me!”

He stared at me. Then his cold blue eyes flicked down to my chest as they did multiple times a day. Only, this time, they stayed there.

“Fine,” he said. “I won’t belt you. Instead, whenever you get in trouble, you will stand in front of me and I will question you. During this time, you are not to move an inch or complain or you’ll get spanked. And just because you get spanked, it doesn’t mean the punishment stops, got it?” I nodded my head. “When I ask you a question, you stand still and answer me without complaint. If your doing a chore, keep working, but answer me without complaint. Clear?” I nodded again. Anything to get out of a belting. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

Daddy led me to the basement. I stayed next to him until he sat on the bench press and pointed to the ground in front of him.

“How was your day?” he asked me.

“It was quiet,” I answered. “I had math first block and we took a quiz.” I jumped when Daddy placed both hands firmly over my breasts. “Daddy!” I jerked a step back. Almost instantly, I was over his lap as he slammed an open palm cross my ass cheeks, hard enough to make me shout.

“I said don’t move,” Daddy snapped at me as he roughly yanked me back onto my feet. “After your test, then what?”

Tears slid down my cheeks as I continued talking about my day. I flinched when his hands went back over my breasts, but didn’t move. He started gently massaging my c-cup mounds, lifting and pressing them together, the force he was using making me rock back and forth. To my shame, I felt my body begin to heat up with a liquid warmth. When I started talking about second period, he pulled my shirt off of me. His heavy hands and thick fingers were rough on me as he went back to squeezing my breasts. Reaching around, he undid the clasp of my bra and pulled it off of me.

I started talking faster and he pinched my nipple, making me yelp. “Slow down and take your time,” Daddy scolded. I cried, but slowed down and added more detail about my day. By fourth block, Daddy had pulled me closer and was suckling on my teats, his hands down the back of my jeans so he could squeeze my ass cheeks. Despite everything, I felt my arousal grow as my Daddy groped me and suckled on my nipples. I was losing focus. I finally finished talking about my day and stood quietly, afraid to move before being dismissed.

I nearly cried when Daddy spoke. “Tell me about your day again, but slower and with more detail.” As I started again, Daddy unbuckled the front of my pants and tugged them down off my hips. “Shoes off,” he growled. I quietly toed off my shoes with a whimper as I repeated what had happened in gym that day with the stupid girl. Daddy pulled my jeans down to my ankles, then he lifted each leg and my pants were off and tossed across the room. When he touched my panties, he paused, then growled. “Nasty pig,” he snapped. “You like this, don’t you?” I shook my head, but kept talking. “Yes, you do. You enjoy the way Daddy touches you, don’t you, nasty girl.” I shook my head again and sobbed. My panties went the way of my jeans and Daddy went back to suckling my breasts and groping my ass, alternately spreading and squeezing my cheeks. Abruptly, he let me go and stood up. “Keep talking.” I continued on about the conversation with my friends during lunch as he picked me up and laid me flat on my back on his bench.

Swinging his leg over the bench, Daddy sat down astride it and dragged me down by my thighs so my legs were on either side of him. My voice started shaking as I got to the end of my day.

When I finished, I stayed quiet. I knew asking if I could go would be seen as a complaint. Daddy stayed quiet. “Tell me about your day again.” I burst into tears, but started again.

His hands roamed up and down my thighs as I talked about my math quiz. He stood up long enough to pull his shorts off just enough to let out his cock. Like the rest of him, it was massive. It stood up, hard as a rock and slick with pre. Pushing it down, Daddy nudged it against the soft folds of my pussy, pushing through the tightly curled red hair that covered me. He gently slipped his cock between my pussy lips and started rocking his hips. His hands went back to my breasts and he kneaded me in time to his thrusts.

“Johnny, whose dating Megh-aah!” I moaned aloud, then swallowed hard and continued. “Dating Megh-aah! Meghan, said that she has the cutest new kit-ah, kitten. It’s na-ah! Name is Tabby. Meh-ah! Meghan isn-nng! Isn’t too cre-ah-ative! I hAHHd cream tURkey and pot-AHH potatoes.” I struggled to talk coherently as his thrusts started getting stronger. His cock quickly grew wet as it soaked in the juices leaking from my sopping wet pussy. I tried to keep talking but eventually gave up as my vocabulary was obliterated by his thrusts and entirely replaced by moans, expletives, and the occasional cry of Daddy.

Abruptly, Daddy pulled back further then before and shifted his left hand to my hip. Reaching down, he adjusted the angle of his cock until the tip was pressed against the entrance to my pussy. Putting his hand on my hips, Daddy pressed me down into the bench and resumed thrusting. Without thinking, I spread my thighs further apart. My hands found his forearms and gripped him tightly. Daddy continued thrusting into me, harder with each sway of his hips. Wet, sucking noises grew louder and I moaned with every push. Then, one particularly hard shove forced his head inside of me and I shouted. Daddy didn’t pause in his movements, but actually started pushing harder and harder, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy, breaking through my hymen in the fifth thrust. His cock was thick and long, filling my pussy so much, it was a painful stretch. When he was finally fully sheathed inside me, he stopped.

“Fuck, Daddy,” I moaned, panting for breath. I felt completely full, stretched beyond belief around his thick cock. He had stopped moving and I tried to see that as a good thing, but couldn’t. Despite not having wanted this, I wanted nothing more then for him to finish what he had started. But he refused to move and just sat there.

Taking his hands off my hips, Daddy leaned forward and dropped his head to my breasts, taking a nipple into his mouth and suckling at it. His hips started slowly thrusting into me again, each bump of his hips on mine ending with a swirl that ground my clit into his pelvis and made me moan.

He let go of my nipple and pressed his face into my throat, bracing one hand on the bench and wrapping his other arm around my waist to hold me against him. His hips began to slowly pick up speed, pressing his cock in and out of me faster and faster. The sound of our skin slapping together as his balls bounced lightly off my ass grew louder, as did my moans and curses.

“F-fuck m-me,” I managed to fit between moans of pleasure. I was so overwhelmed by the erotic sensations of my Daddy’s cock buried inside of me, being thrust in and out of my soaked pussy, I couldn’t even remember why he was doing this. My Daddy was fucking me on his bench press in the basement and it felt so good.

Abruptly, he sat up and pushed me into the now wet faux-leather of the seat by the shoulders. He picked up speed as he watched my breasts bounce with the force of his thrusts. I began to feel a force building inside of me, like a poorly constructed tower that could fall down at any moment, but was still being built higher and higher. I grew louder and grabbed my Daddy by his forearms again, holding on for dear life as he pounded into me.

Suddenly, he lost his rhythm for a second and I felt a hot liquid spray into me, coating my insides. My Daddy had cum inside of me. My orgasm hit me like a truck and I screamed, my body jerking up and into Daddy as my pussy squeezed down onto his cock, not ready to let go until it had squeezed every last ounce of cum from him.

When it was over, I lay there panting for breath, my thick red hair tangled around my face and my breasts swollen and damp from Daddy’s mouth. His cock was still buried inside of me and hadn’t softened.

Suddenly, upstairs, we heard a door slam. Daddy quickly pulled out of me and yanked up his shorts. “Get dressed,” he hissed at me. I rolled off the bench and quickly gathered up my clothes and put them on, finger combing my hair into some semblance of order as Daddy went upstairs. He paused on his way and turned to face me. “You tell no one about this.” I nodded and he continued on upstairs. I waited a minute or two before following. I found Daddy in the kitchen kissing a beautiful woman with the same red hair and blue eyes as me.

“Hi, Mama.”

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