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Punishing Mum…

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Punishing Mum (That Was The Plan)

I’m writing this story 5 days after my first lesbian experience. I had to put this down on paper because I still can’t believe it happened. Maybe when I read this in 2 years I still won’t believe it, but it’s all true so here we go.

My name is Jacquelyn but people call me Jackie it all started on Friday morning when, Sara and I were going up the coast for the weekend to relax and enjoy ourselves away from the city dramas. We had only been gone 3 hours when Sara became extremely ill and wanted to return home. She didn’t want to spoil our weekend away and suggested we do it another weekend. We arrived at Sara’s house about 3 p.m. and said our good byes and I was off home. Mum didn’t know I was coming home and I thought I would spend a quite 2 days lazing around. I hoped I wasn’t going to spoil her weekend alone.

You see mum has been divorced now for 6 years, she married very young due to me. Being pregnant at the age of 18 and marrying my father was the right thing to do at the time, but now at 38 she could live her own life and not have to answer to any one (except me of course). My mum is still a very attractive woman with soft flowing auburn hair, flawless skin and a very shapely figure with just the right amount of chubbiness on her hips.

I arrived home and let myself in the back door expecting to go straight to the toilet, as I hadn’t been for a few hours when, I heard this moaning coming from the lounge room. I snuck through the kitchen and peered past the door to see my mother sitting on the lounge, dress pushed up around her hips with one hand rubbing her pussy through her panties. She was holding something in her other hand, I strained to see what it was then I realized it was my diary. Boy was I pissed off all my private thoughts were in that book not to mention the pictures.

“PICTURES” I peered through the door and sure enough there they were lying on her stomach. Those pictures were of me and my former boyfriend Todd doing things that belonged in xxx rated magazines. I couldn’t believe my mum was doing this to me so it was time to confront her.

As I entered the room mum had her eyes closed and didn’t see me. I quietly walked up to the lounge and watched my mum rubbing her pussy moaning lost in her own little world. The funny thing was I myself was becoming aroused at the site of her getting off. I felt my nipples tingling and the familiar dampness forming in my panties. I tried to push this feeling aside as I had something more important to do. “And what do you think you are doing with my diary” I said firmly.

Mums eyes shot open and her body went stiff with fear. “I can’t believe you would go through my personnel stuff what were you thinking” I said. Mum said that she was cleaning my room and knocked over my bedside table and It fell on the floor, and the pictures came out at the same time. ” When I went to put them back in I couldn’t help but look at them,” she said. Then she told me she started to read all the explicit details in my diary and how it turned her on and that’s when I came in and found her.

Man was I pissed off at her I had to get her back for what she did and I was now running on pure rage. I noticed her dress was still around her hips and there was a definite wet spot on the front of her panties. The picture of me being eaten out by Todd was still lying on her stomach. “You liked looking at this picture of me didn’t you It got you all wet” I said as I reached over and ran my hand along her wet panties. Mum jumped under the feel of my touch, her panties were wetter than I thought and she let a little sigh out. “Then maybe you should get a closer look at my cunt” I said. I stood up on the lounge in front of her, lifted my dress up and pulled my damp panties to one side to expose my shaved slit. “JACKIE what do you think your doing” mum yelled – ” You liked the feeling that my pictures gave you now feel THIS YOU BITCH,” I screamed as I pushed my pussy onto my mothers mouth.

Mum tried to pull her head out of the way but I grabbed it and held it in place. “EAT ME JUST LIKE TODD WAS DOING” I told her. Mum tried to struggle free but realized she had done wrong. She obviously wanted to redeem herself and I started to fell her tongue licking my now swollen lips. The touch of her tongue was better than expected and I could feel my juices flowing freely. Mum must have started to enjoy it to because she was rubbing her pussy through her panties again. I didn’t care at that stage weather she was or wasn’t I had something else on my mind revenge. “You like it don’t you,” I said. A little moan escaped her lips so I took that as a yes (little did she know that I was starting to enjoy it as well). “Well try this then” I said and started to piss right into mum’s mouth.

This was my revenge on her; I hope she would be totally disgusted in what I was doing, push me off and throw up on the floor to teach her a lesson. To my total shock mum started to swallow my hot piss. I pushed harder to force more into her mouth hoping to drown her but to no avail, she was drinking everything I had to give her. Mums hand was now inside her panties rubbing furiously and the other was pushing on my ass forcing my pussy deeper into her mouth. My planned revenge was backfiring on me I have never felt so sexual aroused in such a short time it was incredible. My mum was going crazy on my pussy; this was not suppose to happen, she was supposed to suffer for what she had done. She pushed her finger into the crack of my ass searching for my puckered anus. I tried to push my ass back to stop her but it was to late she found hole and pushed her finger in with ease. That was it I lost control of the situation and moaned to mum that is was going to cum, I bent my legs and pushed my steaming cunt further into her mouth and exploded in the most intense orgasm of my life.

After recovering from my orgasm I tried to regain myself esteem, I was the one in control of this situation not her or so I thought. I pulled my dripping pussy off her mouth and stepped down on the floor. “I hope this taught you a lesson not to go through my stuff, ” I said in a raised voice hoping she got the message. As I turned to walk away and ponder what just happened mum grabbed me by the arm and said “Where do you think your going – get down here and finish what you started.” She pulled me down onto my knees in front of her grabbed my head and pushed it into her soaking crouch. The last time I had my face this close to her pussy was when I was born. Her panties were dripping in cunt juice I wiped my tongue across the material and tasted her. It was much sweeter than my juices and I found myself sucking her panties into my mouth.

“Ooohhhh yeeesss Jacquelyn suck mummy’s cunt ” I heard her saying. This was something I never planned on. Here I was sucking another woman’s pussy for the first time ever and it was my mum’s and boy was I enjoying it. I could feel my own clit becoming hard again aching to be rubbed. Mum lifted her bum up and started to pull down her panties and I found myself helping her. When I had pulled them off she grabbed them and started to lick her own juices from them. I found myself back between her legs this time with no help from her as I drove my face into her sopping snatch licking and sucking all I could get. I pulled her ass of the lounge, as I wanted to get to her asshole like she had done to me. Mum pulled her legs up onto her chest to give me easier access and I jammed my tongue deeper into her pussy as I fingered her asshole.

“Jaacckiie you have to try this” she moaned. I thought she meant the position she was in but boy was I wrong and then suddenly my mouth was filling with her hot steaming piss. I was disgusted and excited all at the same time. My rage had turned into lust and I wanted more. The taste was not what I expected it had I slight tinge of yellow to it but tasted almost like stale water. Mum must have drunk plenty of fluid to dilute her piss like that. I found myself drinking all that mum had to give. It was such an erotic act that I came right there filling my panties without even touching myself. When mum had finished pissing I jammed my tongue into her tight little asshole and rimmed it for all it was worth. I was rubbing her clit with my palm while my thumb was buried in her cunt as she screamed out, ” OOHHH GOD I’M CUMMING YOU FUCKING BITCH I’M CUMMMMING”. As her asshole gripped my tongue I felt her juices pour from her steaming cunt all down over her ass and my face.

Mum pulled me up from her crouch panting her eyes all glazed and started to lick her cum from my face. Then she drove her tongue into my mouth and gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever had. “I’m sorry Jacquelyn if I invaded your privacy I didn’t mean to hurt you in any way darling” mum said – “if you ever do that again expect the same treatment next time” I said with a smile. We both went and cleaned up and treated ourselves to a dinner out. During the meal we discussed what had happened earlier. Mum told me that after the divorce she thought about turning gay because she hated dad for what he had done. She even fantasized at night what it would be like to have sex with another woman, but was to scared to follow through with it. I told her I had never had any feeling towards another woman before, and the pissing part was to punish her for what she did, but then the tables turned and the incredible feeling of lust that I felt couldn’t be ignored. Mum also said that one of her old boyfriends pissed on her in the shower once and it was a big turn on, so when I started to piss in her mouth it brought back those memories. We both agreed to keep it our own little secret and pretend it never happened.

When we came home later that night mum went to bed and I stayed up and read my diary. It got me all worked up again so I went into mums room where I found her lying there rubbing her tits, she looked at me and said “I couldn’t help it dear I shaved my pussy just like yours and have cum twice already”. I looked at mum with that lust in my eyes again, and stripped off my cloths and slid in beside her and said, ” My pussy’s all wet again and I need to have a pee can you help me mum”. – “Well bring it up here and let me have a look then”. And with that said we made passionate wet love all weekend long and I’ve been sleeping with my mum every night since. Our little secret has turned into our big secret and we will just see how long it lasts. (I hope for a long time to come)

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