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Public Sufferance

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A choice of punishments?

It had been 15 years since they had started tightening up the littering laws, and for the last 7 years they had been imposing prison sentences. When my bag of shopping broke, I thought I had picked it all up, but it was just my luck that a policeman found the one cybergrape I had missed.

So now I was being offered a choice of punishments – 3 months in prison, or one month of ‘public sufferance’.

I strained my head back to look up to the judge. “Please, Sir, could you tell me what public sufferance is?”

A clerk of the court whispered in my ear, “It means you have to wear a rubber suit all the time. And you should address the judge as, ‘Your High Excellency’. ”

I shouted up to the judge’s bench, “Please, Your High Excellency, I would like to take public sufferance.”

A booming voice came down from above, “You are sentenced to 1 month of public sufferance, grade 3. Take him down.”

I was taken away by policemen, by hyperlift down to the Public Sufferance Chamber.

There, an officer told me, “There are various steps you need to go through in order to get you prepared. First you have to strip naked, and we can get you into the Flash Chamber.”

He turned to the policemen who delivered me, and said to them, “Hey, guys, you might want to stay around to watch this, it can be an impressive sight.”

I stripped off all my clothes, then was taken by the officer into a room with observation windows and large ‘Fire hazard’ signs on the door and walls. He pulled a lever, and the lid opened of a large vat of yellow liquid. “Get in,” he said, “and make sure you get it all over your body, your head, everywhere.”

I did so. The stuff was like an oily gel, and made a thin film over my body. Once I had done and got out of the vat, he sealed the vat, and pulled another lever that opened a small hole in the wall with a flame burning inside. He said, “Now go stand over by that flame.”

I walked over to it, but slipped and put my hand against the wall to steady myself. The officer shouted, “No, not yet!” and ran out of the door, closing it behind him.

He spoke into a microphone from an observation window. “Close your eyes and mouth, then put your hand out to touch the flame.”

As soon as I did so, I felt an instant intense burning sensation all over my body. I saw a brilliant flash, even through my closed eyelids. And then I heard applause. I opened my eyes to see all the policemen were clapping.

I looked down, and found that all the hair had vanished from my body. My head was cold, and when I touched it, there was no hair at all. Even my eyelashes had gone, and my cock looked like a baby’s.

“Now for the hooding.” The officer took me to another room, which had hundreds of head shapes lining the walls. Except each head had a rubber hood over it, with eyes, nose and mouth holes.

He sat me down, and pushed a button on a machine. A laser gun came down from the ceiling and buzzed around my head, zapping out a beam occasionally, even though I couldn’t feel anything. A code appeared on a screen, and the officer picked out one of the hoods.

He handed me the hood and a bottle of lubricant, saying, “Put this on, and you had better make sure it’s comfortable, since you’ll be wearing it for a month.

I put the lubricant over my head, then started pulling the hood over my head. He stopped me, and said, “No, arms first.” He pointed out two rubber straps that came down from the neck of the hood. I put my arms through them as I pulled the hood down.

Once the hood was on, the straps anchored it in place under my arms. I could see and speak okay through the hood, although it did give me some tunnel vision, and my hearing was muffled.

Next, he took me to see my full body rubber suit, but it was like no suit I’d ever seen. He had me climb up a ladder on the side of a large machine that he said had the suit inside it. At the top was a large hexagonal hole.

He said, “Climb down into the suit. You’ll feel the arms and legs – make sure you get your fingers into the right holes.”

I slid down the hole, into what felt like a lubricated rubber suit. But it was huge – they could have fitted another person inside it – and it seemed to have no neck hole, just the hole I was using to climb in.

I stood inside the suit, my arms barely reaching the ends of the suit arms. The officer said, “Okay, reduce the vacuum now”. The suit started to get tighter, the arms got shorter, and the feet seemed to fit snugly around my feet.

The suit stopped shrinking, and the officer said, “This next part might feel a little strange.” I felt something inside the suit prodding around my groin. Once it found the head of my cock, it grabbed it, then sucked my whole cock into a sheath which held it down between my legs. “Your cock will be kept securely down inside your suit, so you won’t be having any fun with it for a month.”

Next, something was prodding my arse. It found my hole, and pushed something hard into it. It kept pushing in, widening my hole, and when I thought it could stretch no more, it got narrower, sealing the wide part inside my rectum.

I’d never had anything like that in my arse before, but the sensation was quite a turn-on. My cock was trying to get hard, but the sheath it was in held it firmly in place. “Now you see why we get the cock secured first!”

Once the arse probe was in place, the suit continued to get tighter. It was now close fitting on my arms and legs, and pressing in to my chest and groin. The neck hole was contracting. I realised that the neck of the suit was attached to 6 curved metal pieces, which had been held apart to let me get into the suit, but now came together to form a round metal collar around my neck, preventing the suit being removed and preventing me getting at the arm loops holding my hood in place.

The suit finished contracting, a floor came up inside the machine, my arms, legs and neck were released, and I climbed out. Only then did I realise quite how tight the suit now was. There was absolutely no give in it, and it was made of thick rubber, so at first it was hard to bend my limbs. The officer said, “We have to make a 95% vacuum inside the machine to stretch the suit out so you can get into it. Now it’s so tight, you’d never be able to put it on or take it off like normal clothes.”

He fitted something else around my neck, then led me to a full length mirror. Only then could I appreciate what they had done to me. My body was completely shiny black rubber all over, with the exception of my eyes, mouth and collar. The collar had a display right around it, which had a message continuously scrolling along. I read some of the message as “…been sentenced to Public Sufferance for the crime of littering by order of…”

The officer explained, “You are not allowed to wear any clothing, or try in any way to cover up your status. You can carry on going to work as normal, but it’s part of the punishment that you have to go through the humiliation of having to work while suited and with the collar reminding everyone of your status.”

I said, “So how do I go to toilet in this?”

He turned me around and pointed out a small hole in my suit’s arse. “We’ll give you a machine with a tube which you can fit into this hole. That will flush your arse out whenever you need it. And there’s a hole down between your legs, which your piss will come out from when you go.”

He picked up a large metal helmet. “This is your immobilisation helmet. You have to wear this from midnight to 6am. It will block your hearing, and sight and prevent you from eating or being heard. Your collar will flash and make a sound when the helmet should go on, and will keep it locked on until you’re allowed to remove it.”

He checked some notes. “Oh, I’m sorry, as you have grade 3 sufferance, you must put the helmet on at 9pm and remove it at 7am. You need to check in with your police station once a week, where they will download the data from your collar, and check to make sure there’s been no attempts to cut open the suit.”

He handed me the helmet and said, “Enjoy your month!”


“…and that concludes the forecast of figures for the next month.”

I stood at the front of the meeting, presenting figures as I did every month. Except that this month, and for the whole of the previous 3 weeks, instead of my usual business suit, I was clad from head to foot in smooth shiny black rubber, and my collar’s display was constantly reminding everyone of my crime and punishment.

At this point in the meeting, people always asked me lots of questions. But this month, nothing. I’m sure they were just staring and my suit, and hadn’t heard a word I said.

Then one man raised his hand, and said, “Yes, I have a question. How do you take a piss in that thing?” The room burst out laughing, and I stormed out.

Ten minutes later, I found myself in the coffee bar, nursing a cup of coffee and plotting all sorts of revenge. Angela, one of the people in the meeting, came over and sat next to me.

“Never mind,” she said, “they may make fun of you, but I quite like your suit.”

I laughed. “You’re just humouring me, no-one would like something like this.”

She looked serious. “No, really, I do. I have a kind of… a thing about… ” She looked around the coffee bar, to make sure no-one was watching. Then she lifted up the hem of her dress, to show me that she was wearing rubber cycle shorts under her dress.

She said, “I used to wear these occasionally to work, but since you’ve been in that suit, I’ve worn them every day.” Then she leaned towards me, and whispered into my ear, “and they have a built in dildo!”

It was quite a turn on, her telling me she’d had a dildo in her pussy every time she’d seen me for the last 3 weeks. I started to get hard, and I felt the constriction of the cock sheath, like I had every time since the suit was installed.

She saw my discomfort, and guessed what it was. She said, “I’ve heard what they do to your… what they do to you. Is it true that you can’t… do anything about it?”

“Yes, it’s quite well trapped.”

“Wow,” she said, “you don’t know what that does to me, to know you’ve not been able to… touch it for nearly a month.” I don’t think she realised that her hand had moved down to her crotch, and was rubbing it in small circles. “Would you like to come to my place for dinner tonight?”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to get into all that. She was thinking of sex, but she must have known I couldn’t give it to her, and it would just frustrate me. I replied, “Look, I have this helmet I have to wear…”

She interrupted, “What grade are you?”

“Grade 3.”

“Then you have to have your immobilisation helmet on by 9pm. That’s no problem, just bring it with you.”

She was a sexy girl, and there was no way I would get an opportunity to see her naked once I became a normal man again. I guess I couldn’t pass up the opportunity…


She had a thing about black – that was obvious. She served me blackberries for starter, followed by char-grilled chicken with black bean sauce, and finished with black forest gateau.

I ate my meal, dressed the only way I was allowed, in full rubber suit and collar.

Angela had said he didn’t want me to feel awkward, so had dressed similarly – she was wearing a very tight rubber catsuit, with a rubber hood which had hole like mine, PVC spiked stiletto shoes, and a silver choker that was supposed to look like my collar. I had no doubt that she had all these items in her wardrobe, and wore them often.

She quizzed me a lot about what my suit felt like, how they put it on me, how I went to toilet, how it felt to not be able to touch my cock, and lots of other things.

After the meal, she said to me, “Lets take a closer look at this suit then.” She stood me in the middle of her bedroom, and ran her hands all over my body, finding the various drainage holes in the suit.

She put her hand on my crotch, and said, “Is your cock under here?” She rubbed hard and said, “Can you feel this?”

I said, “Yes I can, and it’s really turning me on, but there’s no way I can cum from it so it’s very frustrating!”

She came up close to me, and smiled. We kissed, long and hard as we embraced. Even through my rubber gloves, her body felt very sexy – curves in all the right places.

I reached up to her neck to unzip her suit, but only found that the suit zip, hood zip, and choker were all locked together with small padlocks. She said, “Well it’s only fair that if you’re secured, I am too!”

I ran my hands over her firm breasts that were beautifully layered in rubber. She took one of my hands and put it onto her crotch, where I could feel the base of a large dildo in her pussy. I moved it around and she groaned.

We heard a voice: “Immobilisation helmet must be in place in 5 minutes.” It was my collar.

Angela moved away from me, saying, “That’s okay, I was expecting this. You get ready, but don’t put the helmet on yet, and I’ll be back in a moment.” Then she went into another room, and I heard the door lock from the outside.

I took the helmet from its bag, and got ready to get into it. My collar kept shouting warnings, but Angela didn’t reappear.

Just as I was starting to get suspicious, I heard the door click again. She came back. She was wearing the same catsuit, but no hood, shoes or choker. She kissed me, a long, deep kiss.

As the collar announced 10 seconds left, she stepped back from me, and slowly pulled down the front zip of her catsuit. 5 seconds, and the zip was showing off her cleavage. 3 seconds, and it was down to her belly button. The last image I saw was the zip so low that a tuft of pubic hair was visible, and the insides of her breasts on display, very nearly but not quite showing her nipples.

I threw my face into the front of the helmet, and slammed the back of the helmet down to connect with it. As usual, probes extended into my ears, playing a quiet hissing sound to drown out all external sound. A tube extended into my mouth, which sucked my tongue inside it. Then the tube with my tongue was pushed into my mouth along with gum shields, and my jaw was clamped shut, preventing any movement or sound.

So here I was, clothed from head to foot in tight shiny rubber, standing in the bedroom of a semi-naked, beautiful, sexy girl, unable to see, hear, speak, smell or taste anything, and with a limited sense of touch from my rubber clad fingers.

She grabbed my hand, and made me pull the dildo out of her. Then she must have taken it out, because my hand was all over and inside her pussy. And her hands were frantically all over me, especially clawing at my crotch.

I have no doubt she was screaming and shouting at me, but I couldn’t hear a thing in the helmet. Then she grabbed the wrist of the hand that was in her pussy, and rapidly pulled it in and out. She pulled faster and faster, until she gripped very hard for about 5 seconds, and then completely let go of me.

She must have orgasmed hard. Maybe now she was whispering sweet nothings to me, in the warm afterglow of it. Maybe she was frantically showering, cursing that she’d ever met me. I had no way to know.

A few minutes later, I felt a push on my shoulders, and fell back onto her bed. She climbed over me, pulled my arms out, then put some straps around them. Soon my arms and legs were strapped down to the bed, and I couldn’t move.

I felt a weight on my groin, and then it started to vibrate. I guess it was some sort of mains powered vibrator or other appliance, since it felt very big and heavy. It continued to increase vibration until the sensation started to get through to my cock buried inside. It stirred and started to harden, quickly stopped by the sheath.

The vibrations carried on, and my cock was continuously prevented from stretching out the way it wanted. It was getting uncomfortable and painful. I tried to shake the vibrator off me but it was either too heavy or strapped on, since it wouldn’t move.

What could I do? I thrashed around, but I couldn’t make a sound, and I was tied down too tightly to free myself. And it was nearly 10 hours before my helmet would come free.

What was Angela doing? Was she hoping that the built up vibration would make me cum inside the suit? Or was this some sort of sadistic turn on for her? Either way, I had no choice but to put up with this eternal frustration, and hope for merciful release, one way or the other…

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