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My Aunt Jessie had been threatening for several weeks to call me over to her house for me to give her another massage after I’d massaged both her and Mom with baby oil in our back yard one afternoon and she finally did it. I got home from work and was showering in the mud room when, as usual, I heard Mom call out, “That you, Hut?”

Like always when I looked toward the door, there was Mom with a light robe on today – she must not have been hot enough in the house to strip down like she often did – watching me thru the translucent curtain. I said, “Yes Mom, it’s me. I don’t know why you always ask that when, before I can even answer, you can see me thru the curtain.”

I was twenty at the time and was used to a fair amount of intimacy between Mom and me. She, my two older sisters, and I were all very casual about nudity around the house accepting it as just a natural and healthy thing. My two sisters had gotten even more casual about it since we’d started fucking on a regular basis – Nancy since the past Christmas and my oldest sister Lynette (four years older than me) since earlier that very summer. My cousin Kathy (two years older than me like Nancy) was involved, too, since Christmas. We didn’t make it group sex or anything. We’d just have a go at each other when the desire and the opportunity intersected in time and place.

When I finished in the shower I turned off the water, opened the shower curtain, and stepped out onto the mat. Mom reached up and pulled a towel down off the shelf and handed it to me. I started drying my hair as Mom said, “Aunt Jessie called. She’s pulled a muscle in her neck and shoulder and asked if you could please come over there and try to rub it out for her.”

I asked, “When?”

“I guess as soon as you can. You’re not doing anything this afternoon are you?” she answered.

By now I was finished drying myself and tossed my towel in the hamper by the washing machine and said, “Guess not.” I had to slide by Mom to get out the door and, as usual, I had to brush up against her large tits to get by her standing in the doorway. Her robe gaped open and of course she was naked underneath. I headed down to my room, pulled on my old gym shorts on which the legs gaped open when I had my legs propped up pretty much exposing everything I had since I never wore anything under them. I usually wore them only around the house and our yard, but I was fairly sure Jessie would want me naked just like I’d been (along with them) when I gave her and Mom their massages in the back yard. So the shorts would be convenient to lose if I was right and that was the case.

I shoved my feet into my sneakers, picked up my wallet and keys and headed back upstairs. “I’ll go on over there now, Mom. You want to call her and tell her I’m on the way?”

She said, “Yes, I’ll do that. Don’t forget the baby oil.” Baby oil was Mom’s magic elixir – moisturizer, suntan oil, and now massage oil.

I said, “OK,” and ducked into the mud room to get the bottle on the shelf in there. I drove the five minutes or so over the Aunt Jessie’s and Kathy’s house and turned up their drive. Like our house, theirs sat a good ways back from the road. Up the gravel drive to their house, park by the side, and hop out. I noticed that Kathy’s car wasn’t there as I headed to the back steps that led up onto the screened porch and then the back door of the house.

When the screen door slammed behind me I heard Jessie call, “I’ll be down in a second, boy.” I got a glass, filled it with water and was leaning on the counter sipping on it when I heard her coming down the steps and she walked into the kitchen. She had a cotton house dress on and it was real obvious she had no bra on. While my mother had maintained a pretty good female figure as she got older, just thickening some, but still shaped nicely with large breasts that sagged a good deal but hadn’t given up yet, large hips, and a still recognizable waist line, the years hadn’t been as kind to her two year older sister Jessie. She had developed a large belly and a small pouch that hung down above her lower abdomen. The most marked change was her breasts. Where Mom’s still had enough structure to stand out some from her body as they sagged, Jessie’s had truly sagged. They were pendulous affairs that laid down on her belly and literally reached down to her navel. They were rounder and filled out a little at their terminus down around the middle of her protruding belly, and she had huge areola – at least four inches across – and nipples that protruded over a half inch and stared down at the floor. But that’s just what the years had done to her. She hadn’t lost her sense of humor though, even after both my father and my uncle died suddenly near the same time a few years earlier. She was also very well known for saying what was on her mind.

She said, “Well, boy. I thought the back porch might be cooler.” Boy was what she called me more often than not, always had for as long as I could remember. When we were all younger we used to sleep on the back porch sometimes on hot summer nights. There was a twin bed out there with a couple of removable back rest cushions that made it into kind of a an odd sized sofa. My two sisters and cousin used to all share the bed and I slept on a pallet on the floor that my Aunt Jessie would put together for me. We had spent a lot of hot nights out there during our younger days.

She headed for the back door with me behind her as I said, “That sounds fine, Jessie.”

Out on the porch, she removed the cushions from the bed and said, “I brought down an extra sheet to keep the oil off it,” as she unfolded a sheet and flapped it out a couple of times until it drifted down onto the bed mostly square.

I said, “Mom told me your neck and shoulder hurt.”

She said, “Hell boy, that was just an excuse to get a massage.” She unbuttoned her house dress and dropped it on a chair. Yep, she was naked underneath as I figured. She said, “You don’t want to get oil on those shorts of yours, do ya’?”

I said, “No, Jessie” and took them off, kicking them up onto the chair. I asked, “Front or back first?”

She said, “Let’s start with the front. If there’s time we do the back.” She sat down on the side of the bed, tits hanging down to her thighs as she sat there, then swung her legs up and turned to lie lengthwise on the bed. Now her tits were hanging off each side of her chest, almost to the surface of the mattress, but her protruding belly and little pouch seemed to melt back into her body. She patted her thighs and said, “Get to work, boy.”

I climbed on the bed and straddled her thighs, letting my weight down slowly onto them. I leaned over to reach up to her shoulders and had to scoot up a little. Now my penis was lying in her bush as I drizzled oil on her upper chest and began to massage it in. When I finished there I put a fair amount of oil in my left palm then rubbed my hands together over her right breast to get the oil well distributed. Reaching under her right tit, I slipped in my left hand and then pulled it up to trap it with my right hand and lifted my hands together to let the tit slip thru my oily hands. I did this a bunch of times, adding more oil a couple of times and moving my hands around to ensure that all parts of the tit got its fair share. For a finale on the right tit, I poured a little more oil on my right palm and picked the tit up again with my left hand near the rounder part that settled at the far end of the sack. With the areola aimed up, I rubbed my oily right palm around on it in circles, feeling her big nipple roll around under the skin on my palm. The left tit got the same treatment. As before, working her tits gave me a full erection.

Finished with her left tit, I was about to start working on her abdomen when Jessie said, “You can skip my belly. It’s fine. Work on my thighs. They need some work.”

I slid down her legs to below her knees and drizzled oil on her right thigh then began to massage it with my hands wrapped around it, working my way from top to bottom. When I moved my hands back to the top, I let my right hand brush the hair and lips around her pussy as I wrapped my hands around her thigh. After doing the right thigh for several minutes, each stroke brushing her pussy, I moved to the right thigh and did the same as on the left. As I started to get off her legs so I could do her lower legs, Jessie said, “I think the insides of my thighs need a little more work.”

That sly dog was pretending less and less like this was massage. I sat back on her legs just below the knees and oiled my hands thoroughly. Alternating right hand to inner right thigh and left hand to inner left thigh I dispensed with a fair amount of the charade and simply slid my fingers down from the front to as deep as I could reach at the crease where her inner thighs ended then pulled them back up with slight pressure toward her pussy. The lips of her pussy were getting a nice massage of their own now. She said, “Yeah, boy, that’s where I need it most, I think.”

I continued with the same action and she tried to spread her legs a bit but with me sitting on them it wasn’t possible. So I lifted myself off of her legs and sat on the side of the bed, leaning into her as she spread her legs a bit and simply using my right hand to massage her pussy, letting my fingertips slip inside a little more each time.

Jesse suddenly said, “Hell, boy. I’m going to drop the bullshit and cut to the chase.”

I looked at her and said just, “What, Jessie.”

“You know damn well what, boy,” she said. “You’re not stupid. You know the cows need to be serviced on a regular basis to stay happy. Well, Hut, that’s what I need from you if you’re willin’ to take care of an old hag like me.”

“Well, I want you to be happy, Jessie,” I said.

She sat up and said, “Then you lie down here.”

She got up and I laid down. Jessie straddled my legs midway down, put some baby oil in her hand, rubbed them together, then grasped my erect penis in her right hand while cupping my testicles in her left. She slowly stroked my penis saying, “There you go.” With my penis well oiled, she scooted up, guided it with her left hand underneath her and impaled herself on it. Sitting still for a moment, her head was back and her eyes closed. Then she began to raise and lower herself and actually got up to a pretty good rhythm for a few moments before slowing, then sitting back down. She said, “I don’t have the stamina I did thirty years ago.”

I suggested we turn over and she got off of me, I moved, and she laid down and lifted her legs like she was ready to be serviced. I got between her upturned legs, guided my penis into her pussy and began to hump her with all I was worth saying, “Let me do the work, Jessie.”

She began to murmur softly as her eyes looked like they were going to roll back and her eyelids were fluttering. I felt myself about to come but I resolved to stay on the job till the work was done. My rhythm was interrupted a little as I came, dumping a full load in my aunt’s pussy, but once through it I continued to thrust as hard as I could. Between the baby oil and my cum we were well lubricated and each time I rammed it home she bounced a couple of inches, tits wallowing around and belly jiggling. I could feel myself getting wet with sweat in the warm summer air. A funny smile began to develop on her face, just a little at a time until her eyelids opened and closed repeatedly and her eyes rolled back a bit and she began to shake. I slowed my thrusting down and made it gentler as she worked through her orgasm. When she stopped shaking she opened her eyes and I was still gently thrusting. She looked at me and said, “Thank you, Hutter.”

I simply said, “You’re welcome, Jessie. I’m glad it was good for you.”

She said, “Oh yeah, it was good. I’ve never talked much about it but for years before your uncle died he was impotent. Couldn’t raise an erection on a bet. He just lost interest and never touched me that way again. I’ve been so lonely for all these years.” She looked like her eyes were beginning to water up.

I said, “That’s OK, Jessie. I’ll do what I can to help. OK?”

She just said, “Thank you, Hutter,” again. I stopped thrusting with my penis planted as deeply as I could and just held it there. She wrapped her legs around my back and squeezed. “You’re a good boy, Hutter.”

I rolled off of her and she said, “Hand me a towel. They’re over there.” I handed her one and took one for myself to clean up. She stuffed hers between her legs as she turned, put her feet on the floor, stood up, walked small steps over to the chair where she had dropped her house dress, picked it up, put it on, and buttoned it while keeping the towel trapped up between her thighs. I had finished cleaning myself up and pulled my gym shorts on.

I said, “I better be going, Jessie, OK?”

She said, “OK, Hutter, thanks again for taking care of an old lady.”

I said, “You’re not an old lady but you’re welcome. Take care, Jessie.”

With that I went out the screen door, down the steps, and to my truck. I drove home in quiet reflection. Isn’t giving somebody who needs it a little bit of joy a good thing? Seemed like it was to me. Back home I parked in my usual place, headed in the back door, stopped in the mud room to put the baby oil away and headed down to my room. I heard Mom call out, “Hut, that you?”

I called back, “Yeah Mom, I’m in my room.” I heard her come down the stairs and in a moment she was in my doorway.

She came in and asked, “How’s Aunt Jessie. Did you help her sore shoulder and neck?”

I told her, “Yeah, I think I did. She said it was good, anyway.”

Mom sat down on the side of my bed. When she did the front of her robe gaped open and standing above her as I was, she might as well not had it on. I said, “If you’re going to sit like that, Mom, you might as well not wear that robe.”

She looked down and saw how widely it was open, stood up and took it off and sat back down naked. “You’re right. I don’t much like clothes anymore anyway.”

I said, “You will when winter comes.”

She answered, “I’m sure I will, but it’s not winter now. While you were gone giving Jessie a massage, it made me think I might need one, too, Hut.”

“I’m tired, Mom,” I protested.

She said, “Oh no. Not now. Maybe tonight after I take a hot shower. It’ll feel real good then.”

“OK, mom,” I replied as I lay back on my bed. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until Mom called for dinner. We ate alone since Nancy and Lynette had gone to a movie. After dinner I told Mom, “I’m going to get a shower.”

She just said, “OK, Hut,” as I got up, rinsed my dishes, and headed downstairs. I pulled off my shorts and threw them into my room as I went into the bathroom. Shower on, hot water, me under the spray letting it run down me for a few minutes before I cooled the water down. It was still pretty warm in the house and I didn’t want to get out of the shower heated up. All washed up, I turned off the water, got out, and dried off before walking into the family room and turning on the TV. As I sat down on the couch I could hear the shower upstairs turn on. It was still light out as the sun got low, closer to the horizon and though it would take a while for it to cool inside, I could feel that the air coming in the open windows had already begun losing some of its heat.

After a bit I heard the water upstairs turn off. As I thought about how Aunt Jessie just dropped the charade and went for what she really wanted, I wondered if Mom could do that. I got up, walked over and turned off the TV and headed up to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Then I headed up the stairs to the second floor. I found Mom standing naked in her bathroom brushing out her hair. She had begun to get a few gray hairs and with the contrast to the natural dark color of her hair, I thought it looked nice. Though she had never voiced any concerns about the gray hairs, she asked, “Do you think the gray hair makes me look old?”

I said, “No, Mom, but I’m the wrong person to ask. You’ll always be beautiful to me.”

She turned and looked at me and said, “Aren’t you the nicest son.”

“Yeah, I guess so, but I meant it.”

“Thanks, Hut.” Finished with her hair she asked, “Ready for my massage?”

I said, “Whenever you are, Mom. Do we need the baby oil from downstairs?”

“No, I have some here under the cabinet,” and as she bent over to get it those tits of hers swung away from her body to hang down pointed at the floor. I could feel stirrings already. They always did that to me and even to this day, Barb, my wife’s tits always do the same thing to me. She said, “C’mon,” as she brushed past me, went to the upstairs linen closet, got out a large beach towel saying, “This’ll help keep the oil off my bed,” and went into her room, standing by her door. After I walked in past her she shut and locked the door behind us. She spread the towel on her bed and laid on it face down saying, “Just start with my big butt.”

I climbed onto the bed, straddled her legs down around her knees, opened the oil and drizzled some back and forth across her cheeks. With one hand on each cheek I began to massage the oil into her skin, moving my hands around as I did and letting my thumbs caress the length of her crack from thighs to top as I moved my hands up her butt. Then I moved down on her legs, began with some oil on her left thigh, and started working it in, each stroke found the fingertips of my right hand caressing as deeply along the crease of the thigh to butt juncture as I could reach. Her right thigh got the same treatment before I got off of her legs and asked, “Ready to turn over?”

She didn’t answer but just turned over, tits swinging around as she did. There goes my penis. It was more than semi-erect now as I asked, “Where to you want me to start?”

“My thighs, I guess,” she answered.

I straddled her legs down below her knees, my semi-erect penis wagging back and forth with my movements, and drizzled oil on her right thigh. I began a solid massage from the top to the bottom, and as always letting my right fingertips caress the hair and lips of her pussy as my hand passed by. I did this until the oil was mostly gone and then moved to her left thigh to do the same. When I finished it, I decided to just see where this was going so I oiled both hands well and did the same thing I’d done to Jessie, right hand to the inside top of her right thigh to let my fingertips slide down the crease of her thigh then along her pussy on the way out, left hand to the left thigh to do the same. There was no protest, only a slight movement of her hips in reply. Without asking I scooted up her legs until my penis was lying in her bush when I leaned forward, oiled up my hands, and began to work on her right breast. Pickup, surround, lift, let it slide thru my oily hands. Move my hands and repeat. I felt that her nipple was as hard as a marble as it slipped thru my fingertips. I switched to her left breast to give it the same treatment. When I was finished with it, I scooted down her thighs just slightly, leaned further over, and reached for both tits with my hands under them where they sagged to the sides and lifted them to let them slide slowly off my hands on the oil that was left on them and my hands. After I’d done this a few times I leaned far enough forward that my penis was between her legs and the head just touching the hair around her pussy. With each lift, I eased forward so that first my penis was touching her lips, then when it felt like the head was just beginning to part her lips to penetrate her I stopped my movement with a tit in each hand. “You know, Mom,” I said, “Aunt Jessie came clean about what she really needed.”

Mom opened her eyes and asked, “What?”

I said, “Don’t kid me, Mom. You know what she wanted. She told me she needed service like a cow to stay happy.”

She simply said, “Oh my.”

“Is that what you need, Mom?”

“Would you think I was a terrible person, a terrible Mom?” She asked.

I said, “No, Mom, I could never think that,” as I moved and pushed my penis ever so slightly into her lips a bit further.

She said, “I have been very lonely,” with an emphasis on the “have.” I responded by gently pushing in very slightly more. “Yes, Hut, that’s what I need. I need a man to hold me and make me feel like I mean something.”

I slid forward and pushed into her as far as I could with her legs inside mine. I slid up and down on her a few times with my legs on top of hers before working my knees in between her legs. She drew her feet up, raising her knees as she spread them to each side. I began to thrust with more earnest and she lifted her feet off the bed and held her legs in the air for a moment before wrapping them loosely around my back. Hammering her as hard as I could, I watched her tits wagging back and forth between her armpits and stomach in time with each impact. She began to stiffen and moan lightly under her breath. Her eyelids opened up and she looked right into my eyes and smiled at me as she began to shake. I slowed down a bit as she traveled thru her orgasm then when she stilled I thrust a few more times gently and slowly before shoving hard and stopping as deep in her as I could. I felt her legs tighten up on me.

She said, “Hut, are you OK?”

I answered, “Mom, you talk to much,” as I began to thrust slowly and gently again. With the afternoon orgasm which had drained me I was enduring longer than usual this time. So I continued to slowly thrust as I leaned forward with my elbows on the bed and played with her tits, a hand on each. She began to murmur again as I felt myself rising toward orgasm. I raised myself back up onto my hands and outstretched arms and began to hammer her again, making those tits flail back and forth again. Watching them completed my climb and my thrusting became erratic as I came, deep in my mother. I stiffened up and stopped in her as deep as I could after one last thrust, felt my orgasm peak then collapsed onto her oily chest.

I felt her hands caressing my back lightly as she asked, “You don’t think badly of me, do you?” “I could never think badly of you, Mom. End of discussion.” She squeezed me with her arms around my shoulders and her legs wrapped around my thighs.

“I love you, Hut.”

“I love you, too, Mom.”

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