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Proper Management Skills

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The following story was a collaboration of sorts, and is based on real people in a real school setting. While the story itself is fiction, the characters are real, and two of them actually participate in the activities that I have described. It was a collaboration because I got many of my ideas directly from Mindy herself, along with several pictures of her and Nancy enjoying those activities.

I hope you enjoy the story, and as always, please leave a comment.


Assistant principal Mindy Starr shivered as she hurried behind school councilor Nancy Olivia. Her panties felt drenched from the sudden display of dominance displayed by the councilor. The day had gone by like any other busy school day, but now that school had let out, things had taken a thrilling turn.

The thirty three year old vice principal had found out an hour before the day was over that her new office chair had arrived from the delivery truck. Unfortunately it needed to be assembled before she could swap out her old, uncomfortable chair, so she had it sent to an empty 3rd grade room that was being utilized for storage purposes. From there, she asked one of the custodians, Jerry to assemble the chair for her. She had suspected for a long time that Jerry had a thing for her, and of course he was only too happy to agree when she smiled sweetly and fluttered her long eyelashes. Mindy was not above using sex appeal to get what she wanted, especially out of men.

As the final bells rang and the children filed out the doors to the waiting busses, Jerry knocked on the frame of her open door and waved to her awkwardly. “Miss Starr, the chair that you asked me to assemble is all together. Where would you like me to deliver it?”

Mindy opened her mouth to answer but was cut off by Nancy who breezed into the room around the startled custodian and quickly answered, “Oh Jerry, you’ve done enough work for one day. Go home and get some rest, we’ll handle the chair, right Mindy?”

A flush settled on Mindy’s face as she looked at Nancy, and she nodded quickly. “Yes, yes of course. Thank you Jerry, I appreciate it. Have a good evening.”

“Sure, no problem Miss. You have a good night also.” The fifty something man lifted his hand in another awkward wave, then began to back out of the office.

“Good night Jerry,” Nancy called in a without taking her eyes off Mindy.

“G’night,” Jerry called and was gone.

With a knowing smirk on her face, Nancy reached back and swung the office door shut before setting her zippered bag on the floor. Once the two were alone in the office, she shook her head and smiled. “You made that poor man assemble your new chair for you,” she said.

“I couldn’t do it myself,” Mindy replied.

“Yeah sure,” Nancy said, as she reached back to the door once more and locked it.

Mindy felt a chill go down her spine when she heard the lock engaged. Recently she had confessed to Nancy a secret desire to be dominated. Even though Nancy was married, Mindy could tell that she was a dominant personality, and when she explained to the councilor that her fantasy was to be dominated by a strong woman, Nancy had taken the ball and run with it.

Mindy’s job as assistant principal at a busy elementary school meant that during the day she needed to be in control and make important decisions that effected everyone. Was it strange that after the job was done, she wanted someone else to be in control?

“I bought you a gift,” Nancy said, with a sly grin. She unzipped her bag, reached in and pulled out a small cardboard box.

Mindy bit her bottom lip and said, “Um, you know that I’m- I’m not allowed to accept gifts from employees.”

“Oh stop it,” Nancy chuckled, “I’m not going to tell anyone, and I’m certain that you’re not going to either.” She stepped forward and placed the cardboard box on Mindy’s desk.

Mindy swallowed, then took a deep breath before picking up the box and opening it. Inside was a thick pink and black collar with a gold colored ring. The vice principal looked up at the standing councilor and raised her eyebrows. “A collar?” she asked.

“Well yeah, it’s a way to let everyone know that you are my slave,” Nancy said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be someone else’s slave.

“But…I can’t…I can’t wear this,” Mindy said.

“Sure you can.”

Mindy looked at the leather strap in her hand. It was thick and well made, and was definitely not cheap. Suddenly Nancy strode around Mindy’s desk and took the collar. Without a word, she wrapped it around Mindy’s neck and fastened the buckle under her hair, making sure that it was snug, but not too tight.

“There, let’s see how that looks,” Nancy said as she forcefully turned the vice principal’s head to look at her. “That is so hot,” she exclaimed, then reached up and did something to the ring on the front of the collar. As she pulled back, Mindy realized that she had attached a leash to the ring. “I wonder what would happen if I walked you out into the hallway right now while everyone is out there.”

“That wouldn’t be good,” Mindy replied in a hushed tone.

“I’ll decide what’s good for you slave,” Nancy barked, giving a tug on the chain, “Now get down on your hands and knees where you belong.”

“Yes Mistress,” Mindy gasped and quickly dropped onto the floor.

“Good girl. Now I really want to try out that new chair of yours.” Nancy glanced up at the clock on the wall and said, “We’ll give it a few more minutes to let the hall clear out.” She sat down in Mindy’s old chair and kicked her shoes off. “In the mean time you can worship my feet.”

“Yes Mistress,” Mindy said. She took the offered foot in her hands and began to massage the underside. Her fingers sunk deep into soft arch as she kneaded the nylon covered foot. A funky, cheesy smell wafted up, assaulting her nostrils and reminding her that it was the end of a long day, and the councilor had been in high heels all day. The smell wasn’t terrible, but also wasn’t very pleasant. Looking into Nancy’s eyes told Mindy that the councilor was enjoying the fact that her feet had a strong odor.

“These nylons have to go,” Nancy said. “Take ’em off.”

“Yes Mistress,” Mindy said. Not knowing how high the nylons went, she began to slide her hands up Nancy’s leg under her dress. When she reached her knee, Mindy’s heart sped up. Her hands slid higher, feeling Nancy’s strong thighs all the way up to…she found the end at the thickest part of Nancy’s thigh, mere inches from paydirt. She hooked her fingers and began to pull the material down over the knee, past the calf, around the ankle and off the foot.

“There, that’s nice,” Nancy said, “Now I want you to use your mouth to massage my feet. Start by cleaning the bottom real nice, and make sure you get in between all my toes.”

Mindy cleared her throat, then nodded and whispered, “Yes Mistress.” Feet were not her thing, but she lifted Nancy’s foot up and began to lick the bottom anyway. Her tongue tingled as the tart flavor coated her taste buds and overwhelmed her senses, making her cough and grimace, but she quickly began to lick again before Nancy could complain.

“Tell me how much you love my feet slave,” Nancy said.

“Mm, I love your feet so much Mistress. They are so perfect, and…”

“…And how do they smell?”

“They smell wonderful Mistress.”

“And how do they taste?”

“They taste wonderful Mistress.” A lie if there ever was one.

“Is your pussy wet?”

“Mm hm,” Mindy nodded, her wide eyes looking up at Nancy while she licked. That was the truth though.

“I want you to take off your panties, but do not stop licking me.”

It was a struggle for Mindy, trying to hold Nancy’s foot with one hand while her other hand hiked up her snug skirt, then she tried to lower her panties.

Nancy snapped her fingers and said, “Come on, what’s the hold up?”

Mindy grunted and struggled some more, and finally was able to tug one side down. With a bit more wiggling, she was able to tug down the other side, and moments later the feel of success washed over her as she finally held up the soiled garment for Nancy’s inspection.

The councilor reached down and took the offered panties as if they were toxic. Holding the thin material by the very edge with her thumb and forefinger, she raised it up close enough to look at, then made a sour face and tossed them onto the floor.

“Jesus, they’re full of slime and they smell awful. Have you been playing with yourself all day or what?” She leaned down and wiped her fingers in Mindy’s hair, as if they were covered with filth that she wanted off.

Mindy’s face burned with shame, but she kept on licking the foot. She knew that her pussy had been unnaturally wet lately, and her underwear was always very strong when she removed them after a long day at school, but Mindy always thought the smell was exciting, as it was a direct result of her being turned on at work. Her embarrassment caused her to pay extra attention to the feet she was servicing.

“Hm, what a good girl you’re being,” Nancy said, then moaned out loud as the special foot massage began to send thrilling signals up her legs and straight to her pussy. It was something that she had never experienced before, and she was starting to really enjoy it.

Mindy licked the entire sole from heel, arch, ball and toes. Then she worked her tongue in between each toe and ended by sucking each one individually. Finally as she was sucking the smallest toe, Nancy directed her to remove her other nylon and work on the other foot. By the time she had completed that task, her mouth felt like it had been stuffed with cotton, and the rest of the school was quiet. They had been in the room for over a half hour.

“Well, I think we can go try out that new chair of yours now,” Nancy said, as she placed her feet back into her heels and stood up on unsteady legs. Her breathing had quickened and her lips had plumped up from the sexual excitement the foot worship had caused. It was an unexpected feeling that was a direct result of wanting nothing more than to subjugate her boss even more. She smoothed out her dress which came midway down her calves, then picked up the leash and walked around the side of Mindy. “Heel slave,” she said, then giggled and gave the leash a tug. Mindy began to crawl along side her to the door as Nancy said, “I can get used to this.”

Nancy picked up her bag, then unlocked the door and opened it just a few inches to peer out. Seeing the lights off in the main office told her that there was no one left, so she swung the door wide and led her slave through the office and into the hallway. As she stepped out into the hallway, Nancy glanced back toward the front doors of the school to make sure no one was out there. She thought for a second that she saw something move outside, but there was nothing, so she led her boss out into the hallway.

Mindy was terrified that someone would see her crawling on her hands and knees with a collar and leash on, but the whole time her pussy was bubbling with juices. It was scary, but it was also so erotic that she felt like the slightest breeze in the right spot would trigger her orgasm. The room they were headed to was not very far, but to Mindy it seemed like miles. Somehow they made it to the room without being seen, or so they thought, and were soon inside and out of sight with the door locked behind them.

“That was nerve wracking,” Nancy said with a giggle, “I’m sure it was more for you then me though,” she added, and brushed her shoulder length brown hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ears. There was an nervous excitement in her voice, and Mindy realized at that moment that Nancy was just as unsure about all of this as she was. Even though she always seemed so sure of herself, Nancy had worries too.

Long after the school had cleared out of all the children and the majority of the staff, Syreeta Westbrooks was heading back. The exotic beauty with a long and lean body was irritated with herself for being so absent minded and leaving her pocketbook in the office. Syreeta’s desk was just outside vice principal Mindy Starr’s office, and earlier that Friday afternoon, she had glanced in through the open door and saw Mindy with a rather peculiar look on her face. If Syreeta didn’t know any better, she would have thought the vice principal was in the throes of a very intense orgasm. She quickly fired off an email to the vice principal saying, “Girl…you had such a serious look just a bit ago…it’s Friday, lol.” A moment later, Mindy looked up at her, smiled and waved, but was her face and neck really that red, or was it just the way the light was hitting her?

Of course what Syreeta didn’t know, was that Mindy had been secretly chatting online with a man who Mindy called, “Master”. She had told him that she was terribly horny, and he had given her some instructions to remedy it. First, he told her to remove her underwear. Not too difficult considering that she was wearing a skirt and her door was shut. Then he told her to place her undies on her desk, but make sure that no one outside could see them. Third, he instructed her to open her door, sit back down and masturbate. Her large desk would shield her from prying eyes, but she would need to be very careful so she didn’t get caught. It was scary, but oh so exciting.

Mindy had slid her pencil skirt up high enough so she could get her fingers into her pussy, then she fingered herself while just yards away the busy office hummed with activity. Her fear was that someone would come knocking at her door, and she wouldn’t be able to hide her underwear fast enough, but she had been ordered by her master to leave them on the desk, and she didn’t want to disappoint him, even though she could easily lie to him without his knowledge.

While Mindy had her fingers buried in her pussy, her eyes were frantically searching for movement outside her office. She was terrified, but so excited that she couldn’t stop. Even when Syreeta looked in at her just as she was on the verge of a very satisfying orgasm. She couldn’t stop, and it took all her self control to keep from crying out as her pussy clamped down on her fingers, and her orgasm shook her to the core. Moments later, the message from Syreeta came through, and Mindy shuddered at the realization that she had been watched while cumming.

Afterward, Mindy had closed her door again to put her undies back on. Syreeta thought her boss was acting strange, and she asked a few others in the office if they had noticed anything odd, but they all were doing their own thing and hadn’t noticed anything. For the last hour, Syreeta’s mind was trying to piece together what she had witnessed, and when it was time to leave, she absentmindedly left behind her pocketbook. Now she was heading back into the school to retrieve it.

As she walked up the walkway to the front doors, she saw movement though the glass that just didn’t look right. The movement was down the hallway where the door to the main office was located. All the lights inside had been turned off, and Syreeta, fearing that she might be witnessing something nefarious, quickly stepped to the side of the door and hid. A moment later, she peeked around through the glass, and the sight that she saw made her gasp in disbelief. Mindy Starr, the vice principal and her boss, was crawling on her hands and knees behind school councilor Nancy Olivia, who was holding the leash attached to the collar around Mindy’s neck.

“Oh my God!” Syreeta mumbled to herself as she watched the two women make their way down the hallway and into the room used for storage. As soon as the door closed, she quickly entered the building and rushed to the office. Once in the main office, she noticed that Mindy’s office door was open, so she peered in and saw nylons on the floor in a pile. Without thinking, she strode into Mindy’s office, and that was when she saw the discarded underwear. “What the hell is going on?” she mumbled to herself.

Deciding that she needed to know what was happening, Syreeta walked out and headed down the hallway to the door she had seen Mindy and Nancy going into. She was determined to get to the bottom of this.

Hidden away behind the locked door in the room used for storage, Nancy hiked her skirt up, exposing her naked ass, and sat herself down in Mindy’s new leather chair. Ever since she had become Mindy’s mistress, she was breaking small rules around the school. One of them was that she was wearing skirts with no underwear underneath. It gave her a thrill to be able to walk around feeling the cool air on her pussy. She had also starting taking extra long lunches and also she took to throwing little jabs at Mindy when they were around other teachers. No one else dared to put the boss down, so it gave Nancy a feeling of superiority to make disparaging remarks and know that Mindy wouldn’t do anything about it.

“I’m going to leave my scent all over this new chair of yours. You’ll think of me every time you sit here, and remember that my bare ass was here first.”

As Mindy looked on, Nancy began to rub her ass all over the seat. She even reached down and spread her cheeks wide open, then wiggled her ass around some more. Finally, after several seconds of the lewd movements, Nancy stood up and said, “Go smell your chair slave, and tell me what you think.”

“Yes mistress,” Mindy mumbled, before crawling over to the chair. She put her arms up on the chair arms, then lowered her face down and began to take long, deep breaths. It was humiliating, but the whole time she was doing it, she could feel her pussy dripping juices down her thigh. The smell was mostly leather, but she thought that she could also smell the dank, musky smell of ass, and the thought of that made her tremble with excitement.

“How does it smell slave?” Nancy asked.

“Mm, it smells wonderful mistress,” Mindy hissed, as she moved her face all around, sniffing everywhere.

“Are you ready to sniff directly from the source slave?”

“Yes mistress, if you’d like me to.”

“Well of course I’d like you to. You are my Ass Slave after all. Get over here and get your face in my ass.”

Syreeta pulled her ear away from the door as if it had been super heated and she had been burned. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she stood in the hallway with her hand on the door knob. She had heard everything though the door, and she couldn’t believe her ears. Thinking that this was some sort of a cruel prank, she carefully tried the knob, only to find that it was locked. “Shit!” she hissed under her breath, then remembered that Mindy had a key to that room in her desk. The thought of going through her boss’ desk without her knowledge was scary, but the curiosity of what was happening behind the door was too great to ignore.

Making her way quickly back down the hallway, Syreeta went back into the main office, then into Mindy’s office. She stepped around the nylons and panties still on the floor, and went to the back of Mindy’s desk. It took a few moments of rummaging around in the top drawer before she found the key, then she hurried back out and down the hallway.

Once she reached the door, she took a deep breath before carefully inserting the key into the lock. Trying to be extra quiet so she wouldn’t be heard, Syreeta’s ears picked up every click as the key slid into the lock, but she was confident that no one in the room had heard. Turning the key and the knob produced a few tense moments as the knob made a few more clicks, then she slowly pulled the door open just enough to peek through the crack.

Nancy turned around and jiggled her butt cheeks as Mindy crawled the few feet to her. This was it…This was what Mindy coveted…This was what she fantasized about on a daily basis now, ever since she had gone onto Literotica and read that story. The story about a straight woman who was turned into a lesbian sex slave by a strong willed woman. Mindy once considered herself straight, but after reading that story, she couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like. There had been a vividly described scene in the story of the woman being ordered to sniff and lick the other woman’s ass. That scene had Mindy creaming so much, and afterward it was all she could think about. She emailed the author to thank him for opening her eyes, and he had written her back. From then on, they had continued to chat, and Mindy now called him “Master”.

It was her Master who had given Mindy the courage to approach Nancy and tell her about her new fantasy. And Nancy had taken the ball and run with it.

Now here she was staring into the plump cheeks of Nancy’s cushiony ass. She wanted to savor this moment and make it last as long as possible, so she touched the tip of her nose to the crease, and breathed deeply, letting the earthy scent fill her nostrils. The smell was intoxicating to Mindy, but it wasn’t enough, so she plunged her nose deeper into the crack and sucked in another breath.

The second time, the smell was much more pronounced, sharper and dirtier. There was no doubt that she was smelling the remnants of an earlier bathroom visit, but it didn’t deter her at all. If anything, the raw smell sent a jolt of pure adrenaline through her body that caused her pussy to clench tightly. Her fingers moved of their own accord and began to rub on her skirt in the area where her clitoris was located.

“That’s a good Ass Slave, get your nose deeper in there,” Nancy said, looking over her shoulder at her boss’ wicked action. “I want to feel your nose right against my asshole.” She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her puckered hole, and Mindy pushed her nose up against it, sniffing loudly and enjoying every second.

The sight Syreeta witnessed as she peered into the room was the most depraved thing she had ever seen. School counselor Nancy was leaning forward over a chair with her skirt hiked up over her waist, while vice principal Mindy was kneeling behind her with her face in her ass. Her mouth dropped open in shock as she heard the unmistakable sound of Mindy sniffing loudly, and after each loud sniff, she could hear, “Mm mm”.

The initial thought that went through Syreeta’s mind was that Mindy was being forced into her actions. Surely no self respecting professional woman of Mindy’s status would lower herself to that level willingly. Not to mention the fact that Mindy had a young daughter. Nancy must be using blackmail, or mind control, or some other trick to get her boss to do something so disgusting.

Realizing that no one would belive her unless she had proof, Syreeta carefully slid her cell phone out of her pants pocket and began to film the unbelievable actions of her co-worker and boss. From her vantage point, she could see the action from the side, and with Nancy craning her head around the other way to watch Mindy, who was focused on the ass she was servicing, neither woman could see that they were being watched.

This was the third time that Nancy had allowed Mindy to sniff her ass. The first time had been really quickly one day during school hours. Nancy had gone into Mindy’s office and closed the door, then had her boss get down on her knees and sniff her through her undies. Nervousness about getting caught had kept things from progressing any further, but the excitement had spurred her on to find another time.

The second time had been about a week later when Nancy was scheduled to meet with Mindy to discuss some students. Mindy’s online master had requested some photos, and Nancy delivered in spades, getting two photos of Mindy with her face planted between her cheeks. Nancy had also used that private time to really begin to degrade and humiliate her boss. After all, she had been asked by Mindy’s online master to do just that.

Both of the other times, time had been an issue, and Nancy only ordered Mindy to sniff her ass. She had already informed the vice principal that her pussy was off limits as that belonged to her husband, and Mindy was not good enough for her pussy, only her ass. But today Nancy had made certain that she would have enough time, and she had plans to push this to the next level.

“You like the smell of my asshole slave?” Nancy asked, feeling so wanton for even asking such a loaded question.

“Mm hm,” Mindy huffed, then pulled back just enough to answer, “Yes mistress, I love the smell of your asshole.” before plunging her face back in.

“Do you want to lick it slave?”

Mindy was so horny she couldn’t stop trembling, and hearing Nancy’s lewd questions was giving her fits. This could be the moment she had been pining for, the moment she would get to lick the glorious, fit ass of Nancy. Her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. She wanted this so badly, and yet there was a nagging feeling of guilt associated with her desires. Her newfound fetish was not one that a sophisticated career woman was supposed to have. Those kinds of debauched desires were for other women, ones with less scruples about such things, the type of women that normal people didn’t want to be associated with.

“Yes mistress, if it pleases you, I’d love to lick your beautiful bottom,” Mindy finally said, the feeling of guilt being replaced by the desire to please her mistress.

“Beg for it slut,” Nancy said.

“Hmmm, please mistress. Oh please let me lick that sweet ass,” Mindy begged, the rush of complete surrender filling her with warmth.

“Very well, put that tongue of yours to work then,” Nancy instructed, feeling the rush of power as she gave the most perverted order yet.

Syreeta had to stifle a gasp when she heard the two women talking. Mindy can’t seriously want to do that… to lick that… It had to be bad enough to sniff it like she had been, but to lick it would be going way overboard. Yet moments later she saw Mindy’s head tilting up and down like a kitten licking milk from a dish, and was that the sound of slurping that she could hear?

It was happening right in front of Syreeta’s eyes, although it was a bit difficult to see through the cracked open door. Maybe if the door was open just a few more inches, she could have a better view with both eyes instead of one like she was now. Surely the video would be better if she could put her arm through the opening. All she needed to do was to very carefully pull the door open a tiny bit…just a couple inches and…


The sound of the dry hinges on the door was not extremely loud, but it was loud enough. Syreeta froze, her heart seemingly stopped in her chest as the two women in the room both turned to look.

Things were going so well. Mindy was finally doing what she had been dreaming about. The act of licking a woman’s ass was so dirty and depraved, and that was what made it so enticing to Mindy for some unknown reason.

The first lick was fabulous, as every inch of Mindy’s body was tingling from the excitement. Her tongue landed just below the puckered brown hole on the tiny piece of skin separating Nancy’s pussy and asshole. From there, Mindy began the long, slow trail upward. She felt the tip going over the wrinkled skin surrounding the tight, sphincter clenched hole, then passing over the creased opening, then back on smooth skin as she continued all the way up the crevasse.

The taste was bitter and coarse, a mixture of sweat and other unmentionables, but to Mindy’s hyper sexual state, it was wonderful. She closed her mouth and eyes for a moment to savor the taste, then moved back down and began to lap away at Nancy’s asshole.

For Nancy, the feeling was strange, but so erotic that she immediately felt her pussy juicing. It was like there was a direct link between her asshole and her pussy, and every flicking lick of Mindy’s tongue sent a jolt of pure pleasure straight to her love box. Losing herself for a moment, she moaned deeply, “Unnhhhh,” as Mindy’s tongue began to wiggle and worm its way inside.


The sound was the last thing either Nancy or Mindy expected to hear. They both knew that the custodians didn’t bother to clean the room because it was only storage of non useful items. They had their own closet with all the cleaning tools they needed for the night shift, so this extra room remained locked, unless something stored in it was needed by the staff, but that only happened occasionally, and always during the day.

For a moment, both women froze at the sound of the squeak, neither one of them believing that the noise could be coming from the door. After all, the door had been locked, Nancy had double checked it, and only a few people had the key, so surely it had to be something else making the noise.

But right after the telltale squeak of the unlubed hinges, there was the unmistakable sound of a female gasping, and at that, both Mindy and Nancy spun around to see.

Nancy and Mindy both looked at Syreeta Westbrooks, and Syreeta Westbrooks looked back at both Nancy and Mindy. All three of them were in shock, all three of them were at a loss for words, and all three of them were afraid for their jobs.

Mindy was the first to speak, “Oh my God,” she hissed, feeling the color drain from her face. “Syreeta…”

“I…I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” Syreeta stuttered as she backed up a step. “I didn’t mean to…I’m leaving.” She turned on her heel and hurried back down the hallway, the vision that she had witnessed still etched in her brain.

As Mindy dropped onto the floor, her future suddenly in doubt, Nancy quickly rushed to the door and into the hallway. “Syreeta wait,” she called, pushing her skirt down as she ran.

Mindy hung her head and sobbed, her mind picturing some terrifying things. She could see herself not only being fired, but what if the local news picked up the story? News stations loved these kind of depraved sex stories from prominent people like her. Maybe she would even be arrested, and her daughter, what would happen to her? There was so much going through her mind that she didn’t even realize it a moment later when Nancy came back into the room with Syreeta.

Nancy caught up with Syreeta just before she entered the main office. “Please, just hear me out, then you can do what you need to do,” she begged.

Syreeta turned around to face the councilor. “What the hell was going on in there Nancy?” she snapped, her initial shock had subsided enough, and what she was feeling now was anger, although the anger was at herself for the strange feelings of lust she had been feeling while watching the obscene show.

“Come back to the storage room with me and we’ll explain everything.”

“I don’t think I want to go in there,” Syreeta said, but deep down she wasn’t so sure of herself.

“Please Syreeta, just come listen to what we have to say,” Nancy said.

Syreeta bit her bottom lip and thought about it. She had just witnessed a lewd display of depravity from her co-worker and boss, and as much as she wanted to be disgusted by what she saw, she couldn’t deny that it had struck a chord in her. “Okay, I’ll come,” she agreed, and followed Nancy back to the room.

Once they were all in the room, Nancy closed the door and locked it, but this time she took the key with her for safe keeping.

Mindy looked up from her perch on the floor as Nancy and the exotic beauty Syreeta walked in. Her face showed her dismay. “Oh Syreeta,” she cried, wondering what her subordinate would think of her after seeing her begging to lick ass. Mindy couldn’t look at her face, such was her shame.

“Here, have a seat,” Nancy said, rolling Mindy’s new chair around while wiping the seat with a rag that she found.

Syreeta took the offered chair and sat down. “So… what the hell was that?” she asked.

Nancy walked back over to where Mindy was sitting on the floor and reached for the leash. “Why don’t you explain what was happening Mindy,” she said.

“Um…I…I…” Mindy stuttered, trying to come up with a way to spin this crazy shit.

“Oh hell, I’ll explain,” Nancy said with an exasperated growl. “You see…our boss, the one who runs things around here, she aspires to be a submissive slut. And she actually came to me a few weeks ago and confessed a desire to worship my ass.”

“You’re kidding,” Syreeta said.

“Oh no, I’m not kidding, it’s all true. Now I’ve got to admit that when I first heard it, I thought it was some kind of a joke. I mean who does that kind of shit right? But then I started to think about it, you know, and I realized what a perfect opportunity it was. I mean, on the one hand, I could use the information to get a few perks around here, and now that you know it, you can too.”

“Like what?” Syreeta asked.

“Like a raise for one, and I’ve been taking longer lunches without any complaints.”

Syreeta looked down at her boss, who quickly lowered her eyes to the floor. “Is this true Mindy?”

Feeling more embarrassment then she had felt in a long time, Mindy nodded.

“Look at her and answer her properly slave,” Nancy barked, giving the leash a snap.

Mindy quickly looked up into Syreeta’s eyes and in a near whisper said, “Yes ma’am, it’s all true,”

“Holy shit!” Syreeta replied. She was still shaking her head back and forth in disbelief, but the truth was right in front of her.

“So what now?” Nancy asked, “Are you going to keep our little secret, or do I need to start looking for another job?”

Not sure of what to do, Syreeta said, “I – I don’t know. It’s a lot to take in you know.”

“Yes it is a lot to take in,” Nancy agreed, then a sly smile appeared on her face and she said, “But you know, maybe I can convince you to keep quiet by offering you something.”

“What are you offering?”

“How about if I give you the opportunity to try out my slave?”

Mindy felt her spirits rise as she looked up in shock at Syreeta. Nancy was a very attractive woman with a great ass that Mindy loved to bury her face in, but Syreeta was in a totally different league altogether. While Nancy looked more like an attractive housewife, Syreeta was model gorgeous, with stunning eyes and a killer smile. Mindy would often spend her afternoons daydreaming about Syreeta, her long, sleek body moving seductively around the office was an enchanting sight for the horny woman.

Nancy laughed, then looked at Mindy. “What do you think ass slave? Are you interested in letting Syreeta join in our little reindeer games?”

“Yes!” Mindy snapped excitedly, then feeling a bit embarrassed for being so enthusiastic, she lowered her eyes to the floor again and submissively said, “If it pleases you mistress.”

Now Nancy laughed heartily while Syreeta once again shook her head in disbelief.

“So what do you say Syreeta, do you want to take her out for a test drive?”

This day had definitely taken a turn for the strange, and Syreeta knew that she should decline the offer, but in the end curiosity won out, and she slowly nodded her head. “Um, yeah…I think I want to try,” she said, then shivered at what she had just agreed to.

“I guess that settles it then,” Nancy said, “Let’s get started.”

“Now? I don’t…I can’t…” Syreeta stuttered, suddenly very unsure of herself.

“Oh come on, you were watching us for Christ sake. You saw my ass, I think it’s only fair that I see yours.”

Syreeta backed up as Nancy advanced toward her. “But I just…” she began, “I need…I need privacy.”

Nancy pointed to Mindy on the floor and said, “Look at her Syreeta, she’s the one who should feel embarrassed, not you. She’s the freak here, she’s the one who wants to put her face into your ass. This is your chance to show her that you’re superior to her. Are you going to let this opportunity go to waste?”

For a moment, Syreeta stood there as if uncertain what to do. Then, after taking a deep breath, she nodded and said, “Okay, what should I do?”

“You can do whatever you want with her,” Nancy answered. “Watch this.” She tugged the leash until Mindy was close to her, then she reached down and began slapping her face. It wasn’t terribly hard slaps, but after two on each cheek they were starting to glow a bit red, and after two more on each cheek, a single tear fell from Mindy’s left eye. She stopped slapping after five on each cheek, then dropped down to Mindy’s level and brushed her hair out of her face. “Do you like being treated like a slave?” she asked.

“Yes,” Mindy whined, as another tear began to run down her red cheek.

“Are you going to do whatever Syreeta wants?”


“Good, then go sniff her ass,” Nancy said.

“Yes mistress,” Mindy replied, and as if on auto pilot, she crawled on her hands and knees around to the back side of Syreeta, and began to sniff her ass through her tight, designer jeans.

“Holy shit,” Syreeta exclaimed as she craned her head around to watch her boss. “She’s doing it!”

“Of course she’s doing it, she’s an ass slave after all.”

As far as Mindy was concerned, Syreeta had a perfect ass, and that was with her jeans still on. It was perfectly proportioned, cushiony but not too fat, and she loved being this close. She made certain to sniff loudly enough so Syreeta could hear, even though the only thing she could smell was a faint whiff of perfume. The feelings of submission going through Mindy at that moment were so great that her pussy was soaking her panties.

From her perch behind Syreeta, with her face still plastered to her jean clad ass, Mindy heard a gasp, then Syreeta asked the question, “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking this damn skirt off,” Nancy said, “so I can put this on.”

There was the sound of a heavy zipper, the zipper on Nancy’s bag, opening, then Mindy heard another gasp from Syreeta.

“Oh my God, it’s frigging huge. Are you going to…you know?”

“Fuck her?” Nancy finished for her, “Only if the little slut earns it.”

Mindy was still sniffing Syreeta’s ass but she heard the whole exchange, and it just made her more wet. She already new what Nancy had taken out. It was a strap-on dildo that Mindy had purchased after confessing that another fantasy of hers was to be fucked with a strap-on by a strong woman.

“You going to take those jeans off now and let her really worship your ass?” Nancy asked Syreeta.

A moment later, Mindy heard a snap and a zip, then felt the jeans loosen. She pulled back and watched as Syreeta tugged the tight pants down over her ass. Mindy was in awe as she stared at the most incredible ass through an elegant pair of sheer, black thongs.

Syreeta bent at the waist as she pushed her jeans all the way down, then stepped out of them and kicked them aside. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she whispered. Not bothering to take her thong off, she peered behind her again and snapped, “So what are you waiting for? Get your face back in there where it belongs.”

“Yes mistress,” Mindy mumbled, before leaning forward again and pushing her nose into her administrative assistant’s ass crevice. Now she could smell the smell that she dreamed about. The material was so sheer it was see through, so the smell of Syreeta’s nether region was certainly coming through that material full force, only it was still mixed with a hint of perfumed detergent that was coming from the panties. It was magnificent, but Mindy wanted more, she wanted to feel the softness of skin against her face. Taking a risk of angering her two mistress’s, the horny vice principal hooked her fingers and began to tug the underwear down while her face was still up close and personal.

“What are you…” Syreeta began, as she felt her bottoms being yanked down.

Mindy didn’t slow down, and instead quickly yanked them down past her thighs and before the sheer garment had touched the floor, she had plunged her face back to where she wanted to stay forever, only this time she didn’t bother with just sniffing, this time she was licking.

“Hey!” Syreeta yelled as her boss grabbed her thighs and forced her face back between her cheeks. But this time the administrative. assistant felt a slimy, warm tongue worming its way around. Not being used to having anything probing her anal area, she instinctively clenched her cheeks and tried half-heatedly to pull away.

Mindy felt her face being pinched by strong gluteus muscles, but she wouldn’t relent, and she held on while pushing her tongue against Syreeta’s puckered hole. She had been teased for weeks by Nancy, and not allowed to lick her asshole until earlier, but that had been interrupted, and she just wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass, even if it meant being punished.

“Oh shit! Nancy tell her to stop,” Syreeta yelped. But Mindy had noticed that she wasn’t really trying to get away, and her gluteus muscles was already relaxing.

“You can make her stop if you really want her to stop,” Nancy said, “but I don’t think you really want to stop her.”

“UUnnghhh,” Syreeta grunted. The tip of Mindy’s tongue was licking directly on her puckered asshole…and it felt so incredibly good. Her mouth dropped open and her bottom lip trembled as things that she never felt before were giving her fits. This was so wrong, so depraved and dirty, but it felt so wonderfully delightful that she didn’t want it to stop.

Nancy had come a long way herself, from a bored housewife with a seemingly detached husband, to a domineering woman who was getting ready to fuck her own boss with a strap on dildo. Once it was in place, she stood there admiring the look of the seven inch, lifelike phallus with real feel hanging balls. She struck a pose and looked at her reflection in a darkened window, then began to stroke the fake cock. It made her feel even more powerful somehow, and she couldn’t wait to flaunt that power.

Turning back to see what the others were doing, she smiled at the sight. The administrative assistant Syreeta was now bent forward at the waist, leaning over an empty bookshelf. Her eyes were closed and she was obviously enjoying what her boss, was doing. Mindy was on her knees still, and was still licking Syreeta’s ass. Actually, Nancy noted, she was slurping that ass. The sounds coming from the two women were quite erotic to be sure. From Syreeta’s deep moans, to Mindy’s wet, squelching slurps, the sounds were a huge turn on.

Stepping over to the action, Nancy reached down and slapped Mindy’s ass hard. “Uh!” Mindy yelped as the stinging slap roused her from the depths of Syreeta’s ass. Her hand quickly began to rub the sore spot, as her eyes lit upon the jutting appendage now hanging from Nancy’s waist.

“Does this bitch know how to lick an ass or what?” Nancy said to Syreeta who was just starting to stand back up straight. She had a look of shame on her face, as if she was embarrassed by what she had allowed to take place, and she couldn’t look Nancy in the eye.

“What’s the matter Syreeta, are you ashamed of yourself?” Nancy asked.

“No.” Syreeta answered almost too quickly, but it was obvious that she was still uncomfortable with the whole thing.

“Hm, I think you are,” Nancy said. “Maybe you’re just another submissive like Mindy. Maybe you just need a strong woman like me to take control and tell you what to do. Is that it Syreeta?

“No…no, I’m not like that…like her,” Syreeta said haltingly, but she seemed to be trying to convince herself that, instead of trying to convince Nancy, who wasn’t at all convinced.

“It’s really nothing to be ashamed of you know. Some people are dominant, some are submissive, and nothing really needs to change in your normal life. Look at ass slut down there on her knees. She still manages to run things around here everyday, even though in the darkest reaches of her mind, she only wants to worship our asses. Nobody else knows her dark, twisted fantasies. You could do the same you know. You could lead a double life just like Mindy. You could be pretty Syreeta the admin assisstant by day, then you could be my slut at night. Of course you’d still be able to boss Mindy around, she’s just a pathetic ass licking slave. If you allow me to take control, you don’t ever have to feel ashamed again, because you’ll be my bitch, and I’ll be in control.”

Syreeta was so flustered that she couldn’t think straight. She never thought of herself as a submissive, in fact if she had to chose, she would say that she was more dominant than submissive, but what was being offered was so enticing, and extremely exciting. “But I don’t think I could…I don’t think I could be submissive. I’m not like her,” she said, referring to Mindy again.

“Of course not, and you don’t need to be like her at all. Why don’t you help me today. Help me put this horny slut in her place, and then you can decide what you want to do after. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Syreeta contemplated for a moment, then decided that she would stay. “Let’s do it,” she said with a wicked grin.

“Good girl, I knew you’d do the right thing,” Nancy said.

What followed was the most intense sex that Mindy had ever experienced in all her 33 years.

Nancy snapped her fingers loudly and said, “Get over here and worship my cock, slave.”

Syreeta watched in awe as her boss took hold of the fake appendage and began to run her tongue all over it. She tilted it up and licked from the balls to the tip, then took the bulbous head in her mouth and began to swallow it down. She made it past the halfway point before pulling back to breathe, then went down on it again a bit further.

“That’s it slut, swallow my big cock down your throat,” Nancy said.

Mindy tried her best to go down all the way, but it was too much and she was out of practice. Instead she tried to give the fake cock the best blowjob that she knew how.

After a few minutes of watching her boss debase herself further, Nancy got another idea. She grabbed Mindy by the top of her head, pulled the fake cock back, then proceeded to use the toy to slap her roughly, and then rub the saliva coated dildo all over her face. Mindy’s makeup smeared all around from the slimy cock, making her look ridiculous.

“Look at you now,” Nancy said. “Not so high and mighty anymore are you? Tell Syreeta how much of a dirty slut you are.”

“Hmm, I’m a dirty slut,” Mindy whined as the slimy cock struck her face again. “I’m a well respected, highly paid professional woman, but deep down I’m just a submissive ass slave.”

“Get your ass up on that desk and show Syreeta how wet your pussy is.”

“Yes mistress,” Mindy moaned as she quickly obeyed. Once up on the desk, she pulled up her skirt and spread her legs wide. There was no more shame, there was only sexual electricity. Her juices had dripped streams down the inside of both her thighs, and the scent of her excitement filled the air with an intoxicating aroma.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Nancy asked.

“Yes mistress.”

“Then beg me for it.”

Mindy was trembling with unbridled lust and the desperate need to cum. “Please mistress, please fuck my dirty pussy with your magnificent cock. I need it so bad.”

With a feeling of power unlike any she had ever felt before, Nancy hooked her arms under Mindy’s legs, stepped forward and plunged the dildo into the depths of Mindy’s pussy. This was all so alien to her. She wasn’t a lesbian after all, and if her husband found out what she was doing her would leave her high and dry. But Mindy’s submissive nature had awoken a beast inside her, and the beast was hungry.

“OOOHHHH FUCK!” Mindy cried out as the dildo began to fuck her.

As Syreeta stood watching the action, her eyes became fixed on Nancy’s ass. The way her glutes tightened as she drove herself forward, then released as she pulled back, was an almost hypnotic sight, and she became entranced as the action seemed to move in slow motion.

Things weren’t moving in slow motion for Mindy or Nancy. In fact, Nancy was getting quite a workout ramming the fake cock into Mindy’s wet cunt.

Lost in a fog of sexual bliss, Mindy’s breasts and belly jiggled with each driving slam from Nancy. She was being well and truly fucked, and it was better than any man had ever fucked her before. The thick phallus filled her hungry pussy and was battering her cervix, but in such a good way, she was rapidly approaching orgasm. Her heavy lidded eyes fell on Syreeta, and after a moment of confusion, she realized just what her admin assistant was staring at; Nancy’s ass. A smile spread on her lips as she realized what all this meant, she was going to have her cake and eat it too.

As mesmerizing as the movements of Nancy’s ass was, Syreeta finally pulled her eyes away and saw that Mindy was staring at her. She knew that she should feel some embarrassment for being caught staring at a woman’s ass, but she didn’t. In fact, watching her boss lying on her back getting fucked by a strap-on gave her a feeling of empowerment. She wanted to join in on dominating Mindy, she just needed some ideas.

“What can I do?” Syreeta asked Nancy.

Nancy looked over at Syreeta as if she had forgotten she was in the room. “I don’t know,” she snapped as if she was annoyed, “Get behind me and hold her fucking legs up for me so I can fuck her harder.”

“Yes miss, ah Nancy I mean,” Syreeta said as she stepped behind and took hold of Mindy’s ankles.

“Oh… you can call me mistress… if you want,” Nancy said with a knowing grin as she unhooked her arms from under Mindy’s legs and leaned over so she could fuck her in a more comfortable angle. Then she looked back over her shoulder and said, “Why don’t you keep a close eye on my ass sweetie, I know that you love to look at it.”

Syreeta’s face blushed red as her eyes dropped down to Nancy’s ass, and she watched it flex as the school councilor pumped in and out. Her mind kept picturing Mindy’s face buried between those fleshy globes, and she wondered what it would be like. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to try, but there was a certain part of her that was intrigued by the idea, and she was very interested in watching it happen again, but hopefully with a better view the next time.

Mindy couldn’t remember the last time she had been fucked so good. It had been a long time since she had a cock inside her, and this one made her feel so full, that she was rather rapidly approaching her orgasm. It also may have just been the visual of Nancy fucking her while Syreeta stood behind holding up her legs.

“Mm – may I – may I cum mis – mistress?” Mindy stuttered, bitting her bottom lip in an attempt to hold off the inevitable orgasm that was threatening to overtake her.

“Should we allow the slave an orgasm Syreeta?” Nancy asked as she tirelessly jackhammered the strap-on in and out of Mindy’s pussy.

Hearing her name jolted Syreeta out of her daydream. “Um, yeah, sure,” she said.

“Okay slave, you can cum now,” Nancy said, and began to pick up the pace and severity of her fucking motions.

Mindy let out a long breath that she had been holding in from the time she asked permission to cum, and before she could suck in any more air, her body became tense as she reached the point of no return. Somewhere inside her, the pressure that had been building up for so long, finally burst, and Mindy was overtaken by a flood of pleasure. The sensation was so powerful that she wasn’t even aware that she screamed; a guttural sound that could have come from a woman in the latter stages of childbirth.

Through it all, Nancy kept pounding away, turning Mindy’s swollen mound a bright pinkish color. She fucked so hard that Mindy actually had a second, and then a third orgasm right after the first initial blockbuster. The second and third were more like waves, each one less than the one before, but still magnificent in their own right. The other two women didn’t notice, but Nancy also had an orgasm from the pressure of the strap on against her clitoris. She managed to stifle her moans as she breathed through her own pleasurable contractions because she didn’t want them to know that she was cumming.

By the time the contractions finally let up, Mindy’s body was like a limp dishrag, and Nancy pulled back, letting the black dildo slip out of her abused cunt. Sensing that her boss had no strength to hold her legs up, Syreeta lifted Mindy’s left leg way up high so Nancy could duck underneath it.

Nancy moved up to Mindy’s head; which was lolling back on the desk, her eyes unfocused as if she was semi-conscious; and grabbed a handful of her hair. She roughly yanked Mindy’s head to the side, then shoved the dripping dildo up to her mouth.

“Open!” she barked, smearing the cream covered toy all over Mindy’s lips and nose.

Mindy obeyed and accepted the cum covered toy into her mouth. It was warm and slimy and had a sharp sour taste. She sucked the toy until there was no flavor left, then Nancy pulled it out of her mouth and unstrapped it from her waist.

“You ready to fuck her now?” Nancy asked, turning to look at Syreeta, who had lowered Mindy’s legs down onto another desk that she had pulled over.

Syreeta turned to look at the councilor with surprise. “What?” she asked.

“The strap-on… put it on and fuck her,” Nancy said, holding the glistening toy up by the strap.

“Oh…I don’t think…” she began.

“I didn’t ask you to think,” Nancy barked. “I’m telling you to put it on and fuck her with it.”

Syreeta looked at Mindy, who had a content but exhausted grin on her face.

Without waiting for Syreeta to obey, Nancy stepped up behind her, reached around, and began to strap the toy onto her waist. The administration assistant didn’t object, but did gasp when Nancy pulled the straps tightly.

“Roll over onto your belly slave,” Nancy said, “this time you’re getting it from behind.”

“P-please…I-I don’t…I can’t…” Mindy cried.

Nancy reached out and loudly slapped Mindy’s thigh, leaving a pink hand print. “Don’t you fucking back talk me. I’m not asking…now get on your belly!”

Still trembling from the last orgasm, Mindy nodded and said, “Y-yes mistress.” Flipping over onto her belly was difficult because her legs felt like jelly, but she finally managed and hung her ass over the edge. She looked forward and found that she could see her reflection in a flat screen computer monitor.

“Okay Syreeta, it’s time you decide whether you are going to take control, or be controlled. Are you a leader, or a follower? Show her who’s boss, or be a peon all your life.”

Syreeta was so unsure. This was all so sudden for her. She looked to Nancy, then back to her boss leaning over the desk with her ass in the air. It seemed to her like there was only two choices, either fuck her boss from behind with the strap-on, or take it off and submit to Nancy. A third choice of putting her clothes on and leaving the room was also available, but she really didn’t want to leave the room.

Reaching down with one hand, Syreeta grasped the black dildo hanging in front of her, and stepped forward. The tip of the toy came to rest against Mindy’s puffy pussy lips. Feeling like she was watching an adult movie instead of starring in one, the administrative assisstant slowly began to push forward. She watched in fascination as the dildo spread Mindy’s lips apart, then began to sink into her.

“There you go,” Nancy said to Syreeta with a wry grin, “I knew you had it in you.”

Mindy grunted as the toy slowly filled her aching pussy, then finally bottomed out inside her. Air hissed from between her pursed lips as Syreeta’s waist put pressure on her sensitive clitoris. Then she was pulling back, the dildo sliding out as slowly as it had slid in, leaving Mindy with an empty feeling. Her eyes remained glued to the reflection in the monitor. The sight of the exotic beauty moving so alluringly was ratcheting up her desire.

“This is so surreal,” Syreeta gasped. Not used to wearing the strap-on, she pulled back too far and the head popped out of Mindy’s grasping pussy and hung down. Without thinking, she grabbed it again and began to feed it back into her boss’ pussy. As she pulled her hand away, she realized that it was now coated with cum, and she held it up, not sure of where to wipe the sticky mess.

Seeing Syreeta’s problem, Nancy reached out and grasped her wrist, then moved it in front of her face. “Lick it off your fingers,” she ordered.

Syreeta stared at her hand, or more precisely, at the whitish cream gunked up on her fingers. She had tried her own juices long ago when curiosity got the best of her, but this was something completely different, and she didn’t know if she could do it. Maybe if she was a lesbian she would want to lick the cream off, but she wasn’t a lesbian, and straight women didn’t do things like that. Of course straight women also didn’t wear fake cocks and fuck other women, but that’s what she was doing right now. What she really couldn’t understand though, was why her mouth was watering so much from looking at and smelling her hand.

“Do it!” Nancy barked, still holding Syreeta’s wrist, and then she had to suppress a shocked gasp as the administrative assisstant leaned forward and began to lick the cream off her own hand. It was the only proof Nancy needed that Syreeta wanted to be submissive to her, and she smiled at the implications. “Good girl,” she cooed, letting her wrist go so she could pull back her long hair and tuck it behind her ears.

Syreeta continued to lick the sludge like slime from her hand while her hair was being fixed. The taste was sharp and tangy sour, the texture was like thick cream, the smell was heavy and intoxicating. All the while, her hips were flexing back and forth just a bit, which was putting a pleasant pressure on her own clitoris and at the same time causing the dildo to saw in and out of Mindy’s poor abused pussy about an inch each way.

“Time to fuck her like you mean it,” Nancy said, feeling more powerful than ever, now that she basically had two beautiful women obeying her commands.

Feeling more turned on then she had been in a long time, Syreeta nodded and began to fuck her boss faster. She didn’t dare pull too far back for fear that the dildo would fall out again, so she leaned forward and began to hump her hips quickly. She wasn’t as rough as Nancy had been, but she did have great speed, and soon Mindy was moaning and pushing back to meet her.

“OH… FUCK ME!” Mindy cried as another orgasm threatened to tear her apart. Her eyes closed tightly as her face scrunched up in concentrated bliss.

Syreeta also found herself on the verge of orgasm as the rubbing on her clitoris began to get to her. “Oh yes,” she moaned, forgetting for the moment where she was and who was with her. Neither woman noticed that Nancy had stepped back and pulled out her cell phone.

“Oh mistress, may I cum please?” Mindy called out. Her hands were balled into fists and her toes were curled over as sweat and her juices dripped down her thighs.

“Yes, you both may cum,” Nancy said, smiling to herself as she watched and recorded the action through the screen of her phone.

“Oh shit…oh fuck…oh my GOD I’M CUMMING!” Mindy screamed as another intense orgasm rocketed through her midsection. Her muscles locked up as the contractions intensified, and then there was a feeling of draining, as if she was peeing, and the pleasurable sensations increased alarmingly. “AAAAHHHHHGGGGGG!” she bellowed as the pleasure became so great it was almost pain.

If Syreeta wasn’t so close to her own orgasm, she probably would have pulled back as soon as felt the hot trickle of fluid hit her thighs, and she definitely would have yanked out when that trickle turned into a geyser, but she couldn’t stop herself. There was no more shame, no more embarrassment, Syreeta had one goal in and that was to get the orgasm that she needed. Her thrusts weren’t much more then wiggles now, trying to get the inside of the strap to rub her most sensitive spot in just the right way. Then the hot spray of Mindy’s cum hit her, and even though she thought that she was getting pissed on, she couldn’t stop, and then…

“Unh…unh…unh…uuuunnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Syreeta began to cum, her pussy clenched tightly as ripples of pleasure flamed through her body. Her slender body convulsed in climactic spasms that made her knees week, and the whole thing was caught on Nancy’s cell phone.

For a few minutes, the only noise in the room was Syreeta and Mindy catching their breath. They were both so out of it that they didn’t hear Nancy as she quietly dressed behind them. Finally, she stepped around where they could both see her and said, “Well that was very interesting.” She held up her cell phone and said, “I’ll send you both a copy of the video I took so you’ll never forget a thing about what happened here today.”

Syreeta’s eyes grew wide and the concern showed on her face as Nancy continued.

“Don’t worry, I have no intention of showing anyone, as long as we can all continue this arrangement that we have of course. I’m the boss now Syreeta, and the sooner you realize that the better.”

Syreeta slowly nodded her head as the realization of what she had just done hit her. She had been so turned on earlier, that she hadn’t wanted to stop, but now that she had climaxed and come down from that high, she was shocked by her own actions, and unsure of what the future would hold.

“From now on, I want both of you to contact me before you leave school in the afternoon to see if there is anything that I want from either of you. If you leave without permission from me, I’ll have to punish you. Is that understood?”

“Yes mistress,” Mindy replied without hesitation, her eyes filled with bliss.

“Good slave,” Nancy said, then looked at Syreeta. “Syreeta, is that understood?”

“But…but I thought that…” she began before she was interrupted.

“You thought that you could be dominant, and you can with that pathetic ass slave beneath you, but with me you will be submissive. At least until you can prove that you can handle the demands of a mistress. Then maybe we can drag Linda the science teacher into our little games. That California blonde would look great with her ass in the air getting fucked with our toy.

Anyway, I’ve got to get over to the gym for my workout,” Nancy continued. “Slave, I don’t want you to wash your face until you get home, is that clear?”

“Yes mistress,” Mindy mumbled. She knew that she must look awful, but she would obey her mistress.

“I’ll see you ladies tomorrow,” Nancy said with a smile, then she turned and left the room.

Syreeta stood up and moved away from Mindy. She looked down at the dripping mess of cream covering her front, then tried to unlatch the strap-on with shaking hands. Still in shock from what happened, she struggled until Mindy stepped up beside her and helped her.

“Are you okay?” Mindy asked, worried that Syreeta wouldn’t be able to handle this new twist.

“Mm, I think so,” Syreeta answered. “I’m all wet and sticky,” she said, trying to brush off the fluid running down the inside of her thigh. “I thought you peed on me.”

“I’m sorry, I guess that you hit all the right places,” Mindy replied sheepishly.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Syreeta said, as she started to dress herself. “It’s just… this is all really weird you know.”

“I know, but it’s a lot of fun. If you want out, I can talk to Nancy. She’s not unreasonable you know. She will listen to me. This is my fantasy, and Nancy loves to be dominant, so she’s enjoying herself. If you’re uncomfortable at all, you shouldn’t do it anymore.”

Syreeta nodded, took a deep breath and said, “I’ll think about it long and hard tonight, then I’ll let you know in the morning.”

Early the next morning when Mindy showed up for work, she didn’t know what to expect. She had received the video in her email from Nancy the night before and had masturbated herself to sleep after watching it.

When Syreeta showed up a few minutes later, Mindy watched her through her open door, until the brunette beauty came over and walked into her office. Without waiting to be asked, she closed the door behind her, and locked it.

“I’ve made my decision,” she said, as she strode confidently around the side of Mindy’s desk.

While the vice principal looked on in disbelief, Syreeta turned away, pulled up her skirt to expose her bare ass, and growled, “Get your nose in my ass slave. I want you to have my smell in your nostrils all day.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Mindy mewed, “Yes mistress.” Then, with a shiver of excitement, she dropped to her knees, leaned forward, and pushed her nose between Syreeta’s ass cheeks. This was going to be a wonderful day!

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