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Professor’s Training Continues

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I didn’t turn on a single light that night after Kirsten left. I barely made it up to bed before passing out. I couldn’t remember the last time I had slept so soundly. It must have been almost noon when I woke up.

“Bringg.” It was my doorbell. “Who the heck could that be,” I wondered as I slipped out of bed instantly aware of that the thong Kirsten had enjoyed so much still hugged my cocky tightly.

I reached for my robe, a warm terry cloth job that made me feel like a boxer every time I put it on. It was incredibly light. I did a double-take. She must have switched them. I had been left with a short, almost kimono-like wrap with a flowered print. I pulled it on anyway, trying to figure out if there was any way out of this mess.

“Professor,” I heard a call from below and the bell again. It was Summer. She was going to get my neighbor’s attention if she didn’t stop it. But how could she know I was home, unless…unless Kirsten had told her. There I stayed crouched under my bedroom window sill until she finally gave up. I quickly showered.

Toweling off, I went to put on a pair of boxers, but my drawer was full of panties, virtually all thongs. Kirsten had left a note as well, “You seemed to enjoy these so much (I know I did) I thought you might need some reminding. Remember your stockings tomorrow. NO SOCKS! Don’t worry no one will notice, unless it is pointed out to them.” Despite myself, I felt my cock growing harder; terrified, yet aroused, at what she might do tomorrow.

For the rest of the day I tried to distract myself, but the image of her blond curls, damp with arousal followed me everywhere. Intrigued by how turned on she got, and shocked by how hard I had come, I knew I had little chance for resistance, even without her threats. Then I remembered the last discussion with her friends. She had made me promise to suck a real cock or be exposed. She wouldn’t really do that would she. I shouldn’t have even asked.

The next day, I went to class feeling the clinginess of the black stocking slide against my pants with each step. I was convinced that the line from the rubber ribbing or the thing that I sported above was somehow visible. I kept checking, which was probably more obvious than anything else. I had worn my longest pants, but I couldn’t help but feel incredibly self-conscious as each step the cuffs pulled above my shoes revealing the stockings which I had to hope passed as socks from a distance.

Kirsten was already at her seat when I came into the room and so was a blank envelope on my desk with various other papers. The note was short and breathtaking. “Meet me here tonight at 8:30. Consider if I told anyone in class today what you are wearing and what gets you off – mlcs.” I looked up and saw her eyes on me. In explanation, she mouthed, “My little cocksucker.” I shuddered, but felt my own cock involuntarily swell in my pants.

I can’t even tell you know what the class was about. I somehow managed to get through to the break with minimal movement. On her way out the door, Summer stopped and turned to me. My heart almost popped into my throat. “Professor, I need to talk to after class. I really need a brief extension on the next paper. I tried to come by yesterday, but you were not around.”

I felt like I was going to melt, what a relief. “That should not be a problem Summer,” I blurted out without thinking, “How long do you need?”

“Would one week be okay?” she smiled. How could this innocent girl be the same that had suggested to Kirsten that I be forced to suck cock for their amusement less than two days before.

She looked so innocent. Knowing the ploy, but still basking in the fact that Kirsten had not actually told her anything, “Okay, but make sure that you get it in then.”

“Thanks so much professor. By the way, those are killer shoes.” Smiling she turned and walked with Kirsten to the door. “You were right K, no problem whatsoever. How…” The rest was lost in the bustle, and I was left rooted to the spot unable to move, suddenly glad for the tightness of the thong I had chosen as it served to conceal the growing bulge in my pants. I came to and sat down, trying to control my breathing.

“MLC!” Kirsten!

“Yes.” She had poked her head back through the door.

“No MK? Professor.”

“What.” Still in my reverie. “Oh…Yes, MK.” I was beaten and acted almost on instinct.

“Check your email and be on time or who knows who else might be on my mailing list.” I was back with it now.

“What do…”

“Now, now.” She began sidling back into the room. “Try not to get too aroused thinking of me cumming while fucking you with my cock.” She work almost echoed around the room as my own swelled as if on command. She put her hand on my crotch, “Maybe we’ll work on this later, Professor.” She smiled, almost leering, and turned to catch up with her friends.

I could not get to a computer fast enough. Just as I had suspected she had uploaded some of the video footage. I didn’t dare turn on the sound in my office, but I could see my mouth moving enough to know she had focused in while I begged to suck her cock and told her that it turned me on. I was shocked to find the scene cut to the other room, where she showed a clip of me agreeing to suck cock for her and eat my own cum out of her dripping pussy. She had done the editing superbly so that only someone with an intimate knowledge of her body (something I had to admit I was enjoying tremendously) would know who was taking advantage of me. Looking at the stills attached, I could not believe that I could become aroused even as my whole life (at least professionally) was hanging on by the whim and caprice of one of my students.

Just as I was getting up to go, the office assistant knocked on my door. “Professor?”


“One of your students just called, Kirsten, she asked me to tell you not to forget the costume and that you would know what she was referring to. Does that make any sense?”

Turning red, “Yes, as a matter of fact it does. Thank you.”

Although I knew that being on a campus and having computers gave Kirsten some additional leverage and certainly eased her opportunities for exposure, it had not really hit home until her voice was channeled through my assistant. As if driving the point home, my phone buzzed, “It’s Kirsten again. Do want it?”

“Sure,” trying to maintain my normal voice, even as I physically shuddered. The phone clicked, “Yes, MK.”

“Hang on professor, I am still putting it through, but its Kirsten not MK.”

I nearly dropped the phone. Now I was digging myself deeper, without any help from Kirsten — or so I thought.

“Hello Stevie. Did you miss me?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I whispered.

“You’ll have to speak up to believed.” She intoned. “Slut,” she added now almost sweetly.

“Yes Mistress,” I said louder trying to reach my door to shut it.

“Better,” now the mature woman, stricter, as she had been two nights ago. “I just wanted to make sure that you got the message.” We both knew exactly what she meant.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. That’s all for now, be on time.”

I was. After getting back to my house, I realized I did not know whether I was supposed to wear a costume, assuming that to be the drag outfit she had so enjoyed, or just bring it with me. I probably should have been more bold, but I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my house dressed as a woman. I did leave on stockings and panties, but brought the rest including the wig in a bag with me when I went back to the classroom.

At 8:40, the door opened. Her golden hair was down, streaming over a tight sweater vest zipped up to her neck. She was wearing a wrap skirt and despite myself, I couldn’t ignore the fact that all I wanted was for nothing to be underneath and for her to walk over and pull my face to her crotch so that I could taste her, feel her warmth and the series of trembles leading up to one of her convulsively free orgasms.

“No, I told you I had to meet someone.” Looking up, “Hold on a second.” She dropper her arm to her side, still holding the phone. “I thought you said you got my message. That is not what I told you to wear. I guess I will have to show one or two people some photos.” She turned bak towards the doors.

“Mistress, wait, please, I misunderstood. I have the stockings on and the other clothes are right here,” I pointed desperately to my bag as she looked over her shoulder.

“Then let me see.”

“Wha… Mistress…”

“Strip and show me, bitch.” She must have practiced the inflection. As she waited by the door, I quickly shed my shoes, pants and shirt. I reached for my bag and pulled out the skirt and top inside.

As I slipped the wig on my head and started to pul up the skirt, she interrupted, “Stevie stop. Come here.”

I walked towards her slowly. Knowing each step brought my more within sight from the corridor outside the classroom. “Yeah, I am sorry do you want me to call you back?” She spoke back into the phone. “Well if you need to talk, why don’t you just come here.” Another pause. “Yes, Baxter 216.”

“You don’t mind company do you Stevie,” she turned to me.

I was rooted to the spot. I just looked at her. “No, that would be great, whenever you get here.”

“Let’s see what you picked out, Stevie.” She approached my bag. “Nothing new! I am a little disappointed. I expect better next time. Is that understood.”

Still panicked about the presence of another person, I managed, “Yes Mistress.”

“I do like how that sounds, but I think I’d like it better from your knees.”

I lowered myself, “Yes Mistress.”

She move towards me and lifted her skirt so that her bare leg pushed into my now growing crotch. “So tell me Stevie what you want.”

“I would love to kiss you, to taste you, to feel me against you.”

“Those are very selfish answers slut,” she sneered.

I had fallen into a trap. “I would have thought that you would have wanted to put on more clothes or at least to please me in some fashion.”

“Mistress, but I….,” she looked down at me and smirked. “Mistress, please, I do want to please you, to get dressed.”

“I really thought you would be better at this by now. Have I not given you enough incentive to learn?”

“Yes, Mistress. I…”

Cutting me off, “Well then I am waiting.”

“Mistress, please let me finish getting dressed. I would love to please you in whatever manner you see fit.” She gestured to me that I should continue. Some part of me noticed that she still had her phone in her hand, but I blundered on, “I would love to be fucked by you, to pleasure you with my tongue.” She looked bored. “To suck your cock.”

Her leg ground into my stiffening cock, and she slightly smiled down at me. “I would love for you to cum while fucking me to entertain you however you saw fit.”

“What do you mean by that Stevie.”

What did she want? I knew what it was, but I was having trouble making myself say it. She started to pull away. “I would suck a cock for you.”


“Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress, what?” she repeated.

“I would suck a cock for you.”

“Holy shit.” A girl’s voice through the other end of the phone. Kirsten had never hung up the phone.

Kirsten smiled and stepped back, “Couldn’t stay quiet, could you?…It’s okay, you’re still coming over to talk right?”

She hung up the phone. “Put on the rest of your clothes Stevie. Then maybe we’ll see how honest you were being.” I was covered up in a minute. Kirsten had me turn around and tied a blindfold over my eyes, placed my hands behind my back and had me sit in a desk chair facing backwards so my hard cock just barely passed the opening and hit the backrest above. “I love that you would suck a nice hard dick for me Stevie, “she whispered, “but I want, and will have more. What else you want to know.”

I nodded. “I thought you would, but I think you already know. I know the thoughts that have been stuck in your head over the last two days. I know how hard you got sucking my dick. I know how hard you came as I rode you shoving my dildo into your mouth as we climaxed together. I know that if you felt my hard cock on your cheek right now you would reach for it, try to lick it, to feel it fill your mouth.”

I felt something hard against my cheek. As she scraped her cock along my chin, I felt the head’s crown catch and slip towards my mouth. I did the inevitable and stretched out my tongue opening my mouth to harbor her cock. She pulled it away and somehow without mockery added, “No Stevie, I need to hear what you want before I give it to you.” In my mind I could see her standing in front of me. Her skirt lifted above her tanned thighs. One hand grasping the base of her cock strapped to her crotch so that her golden curls peeped out from all sides begging to be touched, licked and savored. Her second hand gently stroking the head of her cock, pushing it rhythmically back against her clit moving herself towards an inevitable orgasm.

“I want to suck your cock Mistress.”

“Louder Stevie.”

“Please let me suck your cock Mistress.”

“Better. Does it make you hard, the feel of my cock slapping your face, knowing I am going to push it into your mouth at any moment?”

“Yes…” I began to respond.

“Show me,” she directed lifting my own skirt up and pulling my panties to the side to reveal my full erect cock. “Stroke your cock like you want to stroke mine! But one hand only. Tell me what you want.”

“Please Mistress, let me suck your cock.” She rubbed the head across my lips.


“Please Mistress, I need you to fill my mouth with your cock.” She ran it along my cheek again. I reached for it with my mouth still holding one hand behind my back, the other grasping my now pulsing cock.

“Like this slut,” she grabbed the back of my head as she thrust her hips into my face, taking me. One, two, three thrusts and she pulled out slowly, letting my head follow hers until she held my chin in her hand.

“Yes Mistress.”

“From now on you will only touch yourself when you are licking my dick. Understood.”

Of course. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Then tell us what you want, Stevie.”

Us? I heard someone move on my right. She really had brought someone up. “Do you want me to leave Pro…”

She was conniving. “No, no…please let me suck you.” Nothing. “Please let me suck your cock!” I was three shades past red, virtually completely broken. Still nothing. “Please Mistress, please let me suck your hard cock.. You know that I need it to get me off.” I could almost hear her smile as I felt the head rest on my lips.

“May I?”

“Yes, Stevie. Show me how much you like cock.” No longer hers, but something more generic. I had turned some unknown corner as I wrapped my mouth around her cock and began to stroke my shaft again.

At first she did not move, making me do all the work, but slowly she started pushing her hips back against me. She picked up speed and soon was fucking my face in earnest. Shoving her hips against me, holding my head in place, using me to get her off. And then she stopped. Pulled out. My hand kept moving for an instant, I was so close. She must have known.

Immediately sensing the impropriety, “I am sorry, Mistress.”

“On the floor, on your back. Tell us what you want.” Us?

“God. I want to suck your cock. I want to come. I want to please you.”

“Go on,” she intoned.

I could feel the cool air on my cock. I thought I heard two people breathing. I trembled at the fact that we were no longer alone and my cock gave a little tremble of its own almost ready to burst in anticipation and embarrassment. I was done, hers, “I want to suck cock for you.”

A sharp gasp, and then nothing.

I felt as if I was in quicksand. Faltering slightly, “The thought of sucking your dick and others cocks gets me hard….” Nothing. What else? “I want to feel them come on me while you watch.”

“And that gets you off.” Kirsten queried from above even as she moved back towards my face.

“Yes Mistress.”


“Yes Mistress.”

“Then you’ll have no problem telling others about your desires will you.” Oh my god, what had I created. “Or showing them, I suppose.” WHAT?

“Mistress, I…”

“Put your hand back on your cock; look straight ahead; and tell me what I already know.”

“Mistress the idea of sucking cock turns me on.” And because of her training it really was starting to. “I want to suck a cock while you watch and feel it spray all over my face.”

“Better. Tonight you will have to make do with your own come however. Lift up his, her legs.” My knees were bent then lifted up so that my own cock was pointed down at my face.

“Now Stevie, because I am nice I will let you come on your face as you requested.” It was all almost too twisted, but I needed to come so badly, I thought I was going to pass out. It took all of my control not to jack-off furiously more that relief.

“Start stroking your cock. That’s it. I want you to listen to me very carefully. You will know when to come. Imagine that it is not your cock in front of you, but several hard cocks. The first round head bobbing in front of your face, wanting to slide over your lips, let its heat pass to you. Its softness contrasted with the pulsing you can feel coursing through it as it splits your lips, forces your lips wider, filling your mouth, It feels so warm and hard as it slides gently into your mouth and then pulls away.” She stopped my hand and held it in place.

“You feel empty. You want more.” I nodded in a trance. She released my hand and brought hers to my cock-bone behind my tightening balls. “It brushes your lips. You beg to feel it filling you again. You reach out with your tongue and pull the head into your mouth as you fell it tremble. The pressure building as you know it is about to explode filing your mouth again.” My cock did as it was told. I felt the initial coursing from my ball and then, A second cock rests on your cheek out of reach as the first drive into your mouth, warming you and swells now uncontrollably. Shooting into you.” Mine did, a wrenching drive that started inside and then burst forth over and over again until my lips, cheeks and chin felt covered, hot , warm, then cooling even before I was able to catch my breath.

Almost instantly I felt the ridiculousness of my predicament and felt the need to retract the admissions I had just made to Kirsten and her friend. I tried, “Mist…”

“Not a word whore. Not until you have begged to lick your come off my cock like the cum slut you are.”

“What…” I said that out loud.

My hands were brought above my head and cuffed to something hard. She must have planned that in advance, I thought grimly even as part of me responded to her. She must have noticed the twitch that her words produce din my cock.

“Fine, Professor I was going to wait until later. But I guess the proof will be in the pudding.” I felt her nearer to me and then something hard against my cheek. My brain barely registered “Professor.” As her voice filled my head again.

“You already admitted to wanting to suck cock. To feel one hard cock after another fill your greedy mouth until they spew all over you. You like the idea that I may be off to the side getting off on that picture , don’t you! Don’t even bother answering, your cock will give me the true answer.” As if on cue, the damnable thing grew harder again, even as she slapped my face with her cock; the plastic making a thicker sound as it ground my own com into my face and pushed it up to my lips.

“Come on Professor open wide.” This time my head partly cleared.


She filled my opening mouth with her come covered cock. Shoving the hard shaft into my dripping mouth. “Now that’s a sight. Maybe I’ll let you see it later on tape, Professor.” My cock spasmed again, somehow knowing the humiliation was just beginning and that she was just beginning to truly enjoy it.

“Oh no,” with mock concern, “Your hew hair is getting wet, maybe it should come off.” What? I tried to shake my head. “Then you better show me that you were not lying earlier.”

I turned to face her better. Concentrating on getting her off. She started to respond, no concentrating more on grinding into my face, letting the remaining come slide down my neck to the ground. “Oh god that’s good.” I could visualize the base of her cock disappearing into her golden hair the base sliding between her lips just barely grazing her clit with each thrust. I could smell her arousal, dying to feel her wet pussy slam against my lips, my cock now fully erect again.

“Oh yesss. Professor, that’s great. I think I need to see you face, and eyes when I come though.” Without more she pulled off my wig and slid my blindfold up to my forehead then grabbing the back of my head to steady it against her harder thrusts.

I blinked in the light seeing her pubic mound directly in front of me just as I had envisioned. Indelible on my brain even as I felt her other hand on my cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Summer legs spread rubbing herself almost languorously, obviously having come at least once during the show. My cock twitched again as I saw the camcorder in her other hand pointing directly at my face.

“I felt that Professor,” Kirsten grunted as she pushed into me. “So far only Summer knows about you, but who knows when I might slip up and leave this tape out somewhere. Oh, yes.” Her grip on my cock and head tightened.

Though clenched teeth, “ I love the look on your face right now and I love the thought of you standing on front of our class with your pretty panties and stockings on, knowing that I am thinking of you sucking dick while I fuck you. You knowing I am thinking about that every time I raise my hand. Your getting aroused and hiding this expression every time one of my friends raises their hand, wondering what they know. What they have seen.”

It was too much. Her visuals put me over the edge. I pumped my second orgasm through her clenched hand. She glanced down, smiled almost wickedly, pulled my head further onto her cock, threw her head back and came: hard, long and thoroughly.

She sat back, pulling me with her, holding the base of her cock against her still pulsing clit. Brushing her hair from her face she bent down and kissed me hard on the lips. “Thank you Steven,” she whispered as she stretched over me unlocking one cuff. Even after the abuse, I was immensely attracted to her. Not only her physical beauty which was undeniable, but she seemed to glow in her new found understanding and power.

She rose slipping off her harness and placing it in her bag. “See you in class, Professor.” She grinned as she and Summer sauntered out of the room, leaving me to my own thoughts, dripping in my own cum on the floor of my classroom.

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