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Professor at the Baths

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It was a hot Saturday night in the summer of 1971 and the bathhouse was throbbing. A guy I knew from school at San Francisco State, had suggested the visit after we’d struck out with a couple of secretaries at Perry’s Bar on Union Street. They’d teased us right up until closing time, and then given us the slip. We found ourselves on the sidewalk as the bar closed, high and horny.

No big thing, though. This was San Francisco just as the gay revolution was beginning to fire on all cylinders. Like every other horny guy in the City, we knew we had options.

We smoked a fat joint as we walked the few blocks to the Geary Street Baths. We knew that once we got in, it wouldn’t take long to find a guy willing to provide a high quality blow job. What we hadn’t counted on was how busy the place would be. We would have had to wait for an hour or more to get in if my pal, Jeff, didn’t know one of the guys working the reception desk.

Every one of the fifty private rooms was taken and we got the last two of the two hundred and fifty lockers available. The locker room is usually pretty quiet with just a few guys coming and going. Tonight, though, it was crowded and the action extended onto the benches facing the long rows of lockers. I had to edge past a guy kneeling on the floor giving a thorough, noisy, blow job to a guy standing with his back against the lockers. Watching made me even hornier. I changed out of my street clothes, wrapped a towel around myself and looked around for Jeff. He’d disappeared, so I made for the maze on my own.

Here is a little secret that a former girlfriend helped me discover: I like to get fucked. I remember the firecrackers that went of in my head when she stuck her finger up my ass while we screwed one night. Encouraged by my obvious pleasure in butt play, she got herself a dildo and did me with that. It was like a bomb going off. It wasn’t much later, at a mixed party at somebody’s house in the Castro, that I discovered that a guy’s hard, hot cock was at least as good a pleasure delivery system as a plastic dildo. In the course of my sessions with guys I learned to like sucking cock. And I have to admit, that the average gay guy gives a better blow job than the average woman. So, stepping into the maze, I knew I was going to have fun of some kind.

It didn’t take long. Turning a corner I found myself following a guy who’s broad shoulders tapered to narrow hips. He was slim, and rather tall. “My type,” I thought as I followed him, but in the back of my mind I was thinking that something seemed familiar about him. Which is why I was able to control my shock when he turned around and I recognized him.

It was Mr. Grigg, my favorite professor from school. He taught a history of culture class that was super interesting. We spent a lot of the class in heated discussions about situational ethics and their application in the real-world. I especially liked going one-on-one in arguments with him. He had the quickest mind I’d ever known, terrific command of an extremely broad range of topics and a devilish way of leading you to his point, despite your best efforts to find a chink in his logic.

He was also a good looking, very masculine guy, married to the co-chair of another department at the University. I knew that many of the women in my classes found him very attractive. I’d assumed that at least one of them, my friend Dana–the best looking woman in the class, by the way,–had gone to bed with him. So yeah, I was surprised to see him there. But pleased, too.

He was about 6’1, 185 lbs, very fit ,in his mid 50’s and tonight, when he recognized me, he had that devilish, half mocking look on his face.

“I’d do him in heartbeat,” I thought to myself.

I closed the few steps between us with a big grin on my face.

“Well Mr. Adams,’ he said reaching out and gently tweaking my left nipple. “What a pleasant surprise it is to see you here tonight.”

I felt a delicious jolt course through me and wasn’t kidding at all when I sighed and said, “my pleasure.”

I reached out a little and placed my hands on his belly, and slowly slid them up his torso. I closed my eyes for a moment, savoring the silk of his flesh, the heat. I felt a flush go through me, I felt myself surrendering to the sensuality of the moment, and, as I looked up into his eyes, I knew I’d do whatever he wanted as long as he gave me what I wanted—a hot, no-holds-barred man-sex session.

The glint in his eyes made me think he was reading my mind. He reached a hand behind my neck and pulled me into a kiss. I wasn’t that in to man-kisses, until this one. This one just set my body on fire and I found myself returning it hungrily.

Time stopped. I’m not kidding. I don’t know how long we stood there making out, I just know that my body was on fire and I was in the moment, loving the way his chest felt against mine, The way his hands pulled me close, the pressure of his crotch against mine.

“Come with me,” he said, and I followed him to one of the private rooms. He let us in with his key, turned to face me and dropped his towel. The v of hair that ran down his belly ended in a trim thicket at the base of a long, thick, dark cock. I was extra turned on to see how big he was; I’d of been fine with a 5″ dick, but it was better,–a lot better–to be looking at 7 or 8′, half-hard. He was uncircumcised, a first for me—but hey, I’d only been with like, three guys up to then.

I dropped my towel to let him get a look at me. No, actually, I was showing off. I’ve got an 8 1/2′ dick with a big, fat helmet head, a shaft that’s about as big around as a Red Bull can, and now it was curved up against my belly. I thrust my crotch forward, arched my back and stretched to my full 5’9″. I knew I looked good–slim, muscular, ripped from the gym, good genetics and the magic of being only 19 years old.

He looked me over appreciatively, then looked me back in the eyes. His wry smile was the same one he used in class. The one that acknowledged when I’d gotten in a good riposte to one of his arguments, but suggested that I shouldn’t think I was going to come out ahead.

We’ll see about that, I thought, and dropped to my knees. I reached out, wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and squeezed it firmly. Then I leaned forward and, making an O with my lips, sucked in his foreskin. Like I said, he was only half hard and the foreskin hadn’t drawn back yet. I’d never played with foreskin before and knew that if I wanted to I’d have to do it before he got hard and it pulled back.

So I sucked on his foreskin and flicked it just a little with my tongue. He started to get hard almost immediately, so I only had a moment to slip my tongue between the foreskin and his cockhead, to enjoy the incredibly sexy taste of that hidden spot. I got a huge rush from it and I moaned, almost in frustration because it was so nasty but so transient. Then he was hard and I found myself licking up the underside of his long shaft, right up to his balls. I breathed deeply, savoring that sexy piss-sweat-man scent.

I had another big body rush from that and found myself thinking that even though his cock had swelled to maybe 9″ long, it was slim enough that I ought to be able to take it all the way down my throat. And that’s what I began to try to do.

I put both my hands on his hips and took a grip that meant that I was going to try to control his motion. I didn’t want him to start pumping away before I was ready. He didn’t seem to be in any rush and just ran his fingers through my hair as I began to do my stuff.

I took him into my mouth and leaned in until the head of his cock was pressed against the back of my throat. Then I leaned in some more. I relaxed and pressed against him, letting his cock push it’s way slowly into my throat. When I got to the gag reflex, I paused for a moment, and then backed off. I wiped my chin, breathed for a moment, then did it again. Each time I got up to the gag reflex, I got a huge body rush. It was fantastic. I went down on him again and again and again, each time getting more of him down my throat, each time getting more and more turned on.

Finally, when I’d gotten about 3/4 of it into my throat, I knew I could take it all. I backed off, rocked back on my heels, wiped my chin again, then looked up at him and laughed.

“You like sucking my cock, he said, “don’t you?”

“Yeah I do,” I said, ” a lot.”

I stroked his cock with one hand and rolled his heavy balls around in my hand with the other. I looked at his dark, veiny cock, gleaming with my saliva.

I looked up at him and grinned, “Yeah, I like it,” I said, grinning. I looked him in the eye. “Sucking your cock is making me super hot.”

I dropped back to my knees, leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth again. I paused. I felt it swell for a moment as he jetted blood into it. I pressed it against the back of my throat, breathed in, relaxed and, leaning forward slightly, took it in until my face was buried in the heat and hair of his belly.

He moaned. I moaned. I savored the moment, thinking what a cock slut I was being, how much I was enjoying it, how hot and nasty it was. Then he began to move. He pulled out of my throat very, very slowly. When the head of his cock emerged back into my mouth, it gave me a chance to breath. He paused a moment, then slowly, very slowly, began too slide it into my throat again. In a moment, my face was buried in his crotch again. He moaned again. And so did I.

Now he pulled back again, but just part way. He slid his cock back deeply into my throat. Then again. He began to set a gently rhythm, fucking my throat. I moaned my assent, feeling more turned on than I ever had in my life. A long, hard, hot cock sawing in and out of my throat, my face pressing into hard, hairy man-belly, my hands on hot flesh of hairy thighs and smooth, muscled ass, me cocksucking a grown man, my teacher for God’s sake. It was so nasty and hot; it was like my whole body was going through some kind of pre-orgasm, every cell glowing with the heat.

Then something happened, we lost the rhythm, I couldn’t breath, and I had to break off and come up for air. I rocked back on my heels, gasping for breath. I looked up at him and grinned.

He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up. He covered my mouth with his. His tongue invaded my mouth and I sucked on it. I don’t know if it was from standing up quickly, but I felt my knees go weak. He felt it too and pulled me hard against him.

He broke off the kiss and we held onto each other, my face on his shoulder.

“You are the hottest little cocksucker,” he said, and then began to talk dirty to me, telling me how he could tell that I loved sucking his cock, that I was a hot little slut with a whorish mouth, that I made him hot. I loved it. It turned me on even more, and I began to reply, telling him how much I loved sucking his cock and his balls, how I loved being his slut. I whispered that he could do anything he wanted to me, that he could beat my face with his long hot cock, come in my mouth, even fuck me if he wanted.

As soon as I said that he could fuck me another huge rush of erotic heat coursed through my body. I realized I did want him to fuck me, to slide his long, hard cock up into my belly.

I leaned back, holding onto his shoulders while he held me to him with hands on my waist. I looked him in the eyes.

“I want you to take my ass,’ I said. “I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock up in my belly and your balls slapping against my ass.”

He grinned. I could see he was into it.

“Have you had it in the ass before? ” he asked. I nodded. It had been really experimental, with another kid my age a few years ago. It had been ok, but nothing special.

“Perfect,” he purred. “I’m going to turn you out so that you’re going to love taking it in your ass.

He pushed me down on my back on the bed, spread my legs, pushed my knees back against my chest, leaned down and began to lick my ass hole with his hot tongue.

I was squirming and squeaking it felt so good.

After a while he came up for air, grinning. “You love that, don’t you, you little slut. You love getting your hot little ass rimmed.

“Oh yeah,” I breathed, “I love it. Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.”

He grinned. “Don’t worry. I have no intention of stopping.”

He began to gently grind a bent knuckle against my anus. He watched me closely. My mouth went slack and I made a mewling noise. It felt so good.

He smirked. “No Mr. Adams, I’m not going to stop. I’m going to get you ready.”

I saw him look at my cock. It was iron hard and curved against my belly and it was oozing great slicks of precum.

“You have a beautiful cock, Mr. Adams,” he said, “and I’m going to enjoy sucking it and making you hard again, but not until you come from the delicious fucking I’m going to give you.” He looked into my eyes, his own eyes blazing. “You’re going to find out, Mr. Adams, that what you have is not an asshole, it’s a man-cunt. You’re going to find out just how much pleasure your man-cunt can give you. And me.”

His words seared my brain and I moaned again in complete surrender. No, it wasn’t surrender. That would imply that I was a passive participant, willing to let something happen to me. That’s wrong. I wanted him to fuck me. I was so turned on, there was so much heat in the room, we were so good together, that I not only didn’t want it to stop, I wanted it to go on and on, get even more into it, give and get more pleasure.

“First we’ve got to get you ready,” he said and promptly slid one finger into my ass. I squirmed against it in pleasure.

“Squeeze, he said, “tighten your sphincter as hard as you can.”

I did as he said. It felt great. I’d had no idea that my ass was such an erogenous zone. But then, I’d never been touched or treated this way. After a few more bouts of squeezing, he slipped in a second finger. More squeezing. Then a third finger, first just the tips, then, a few squeezes later, all three fingers as deep as they would go.

Everything he did back there with his hand was introducing me to new pleasures. I was sweating, breathing hard, turned on like never before. And each time he pulled out his fingers, I realized that my hole was left more open than before.

Now he got up on his knees and moved between my legs. He pressed the head of his cock against my anus. I felt the blunt heat of it and moaned in pleasure. He held it in his hand and rubbed it around the rim of my anus. It was fabulous.

Then he reached his gym bag at the side of the bed, squeezed some lube into his hand and coated his cock with it. He stroked his cock into a firmer erection, talking to me, telling me how I was going to love it, how my ass was going to love it, how I’d be begging him for it.

“You do want my cock in you, don’t you Mr. Adams?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Tell me,” he said. So I did. In fact I begged him for it, begged him to slide his cock into me, to fuck me, to turn me out and make me queer. (I didn’t think it would make me queer. I just liked saying it.)

“I’ll do anything you want,” I said looking him in the eyes, “I’ll be your boy slut. I’ll do whatever you want whenever you want, only fuck me, fuck me please.” I could tell he just loved hearing me say it, knew that I was saying it, at least in part, just to give him pleasure, to make the event fuller, more rich.

“Very well, Mr. Adams,” he said in that half mocking way of his, “relax now, and enjoy.”

Gently he pressed forward, and to my surprise, his cock slid into me easily. It didn’t stop until I could feel the hairs of his belly against my ass. A weird kind of cry came out my mouth as bombs and sparklers and sirens went off in my head. He pulled out slowly, then thrust back in with more force once, twice, three times, and then I was coming, screaming out in my orgasm as every neuron in my body overloaded with sensation.

My vision receded, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t think, I could only ride with the overwhelming sensation of total orgasm. I barely registered him thrusting hard into me, each thrust coinciding perfectly with the waves of my orgasm. Come erupted from my cock and splattered hot against my chest and face. I was still screaming as heard I him cry out and knew that he was into his own orgasm, thrusting deep and hard again and again and again.

I knew he was coming, I knew he was squirting cum into me, but all I could really feel was the full hardness of his cock deep up inside me. I felt myself wrapped around him, overwhelmed with the sensation of his presence in my body, moving inside me. Then I think I passed out.

It took many minutes before either of us was in shape to do more than pant and make noises of wonder and satisfaction. At some point, we both started laughing in pure pleasure. A little while after that, we managed to get up and make our way to the shower to clean up.

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