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Professor Aalto, Her View

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Anna likes watching daddy pick cherries.

The actors in this script are of legal age, but may portray maturing young adults. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

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If you don’t like fur don’t read this story.

Hope you enjoy.


My daddy Alton Aalto is a renowned Professor of Mathematics at the university. His head is often off in another world and my mom was quite frustrated, frequently complaining about his distractions. It wasn’t that he didn’t pay attention to her or didn’t keep her in a style beyond our means, she just seemed frustrated with marriage as best I could tell. I could surmise this even when I was quite young.

I’m Anna Aalto, a junior in college and I recently turned 18. Mom hasn’t been around since I went into puberty. She said that was the last straw for her. She left us, giving daddy sole custody of me and with her best wishes for him to cope with me. I wasn’t a difficult child at all but being my father’s child I wasn’t shy or reluctant with my mental capabilities. Mom was just not equipped to deal with me or daddy. Mom and me never bonded and I watched her disenchantment grow from an early age. So I wasn’t surprised or upset when she left. I’ve always been daddy’s little girl anyway.

Mom was a beautiful woman and with daddy’s physique and my mom’s good looks folks say I turned out to have a rather fantastic body. I never thought much about it however until several years ago with the beginning of my obsession over sex. I’m still a virgin and I take very good care of my body.

I know mom and dad screwed like minks. Daddy knocked up mom in high school with me so they’re both still young. She was insatiable and had guys over when daddy wasn’t home until she thought I was able to figure it out, about when I was three or so. She would still sneak out, leaving me home alone, ’till she left. I had it figured out at two years old. I’m not only smart but precocious and very observant as well. Mom wasn’t so smart as beautiful and horny all the time. I can relate to horny now.

Mom had only been gone a few months when daddy started banging several of his students on a regular schedule. He must have been really horny, not having mom to screw every day! He didn’t bring them home or so that I would know .. though I did figure that out quickly too. I even know most of the ones he’s screwing by sight and name. It’s a small campus. They’re all lovely and very sexy. I don’t blame him. I didn’t let him know I knew or complain. I’m happy he’s getting a lot of quality young ass instead of mom. I’m even proud of my daddy. Daddy’s not foolish and I’m sure he makes sure they are all of age. The ones I know about all are.

I did become jealous much to my surprise and began to fantasize what it must be like for daddy to screw them. They weren’t much, if any older than me so I could identify with the girls as I would view myself in the mirror and think of what it would be like for daddy to do them … me as I masturbated. I like watching myself in the mirror when I masturbate.


As I filled out and grew into my current body I wondered if daddy would like my new body as well as his student whores. I think daddy pops their cherries. That somehow excited me the most, knowing they trust daddy that much and are so eager to loose their virginity to him. I think it’s so romantic, sexy and wonderfully lustful even if it is because they want a better grade.

As I look at myself in an objective and analytical way in the mirror I realize I have a killer body. I’m curvy enough without being vulgar. Mom bordered on vulgar with big tits. I’m tall and slender like daddy and I have mom’s dark auburn hair he likes so much. Half the girls he screws have similar hair.

My hair is nicer, thicker, longer with a natural wave and I don’t have bad hair days. It has a beautiful rich red sheen in the sun like you see in shampoo commercials.

Daddy sure likes my nice firm smallish B cup tits. I don’t think he’s aware he looks at them all the time. They stand straight out nicely and have a nice bulge on the bottom and angle down from the top nicely. My nipples are fantastically large like big super sized pencil erasers. I love the feeling when I squeeze them. It’s like pulling on my clitoris. I can almost orgasm just by pinching my nipples. I do it a lot, sometimes in public when no one is looking just for the rush. They look magnificent against my big areola with its dark tan and the bright crinkly pink of the nipples when they are erect and hard. I think they are lovely. Of course they’re mine.

I don’t wear a bra under my sweaters either. I love the fell of the soft cashmere against my nipples and the looks from guys … and girls. They just can’t stop looking at my tits. I don’t know if they know what my face looks like. I know daddy likes me in T necks especially. He says I have a long elegant neck that is accentuated by the T neck. He’d right of course.

My muff is also auburn, thick as a cushion and soft. I’m proud of my muff too. Can’t figure out why girls shave it off?

According to my art teacher my face is a perfect long oval with classical Greek proportions and I have large oval brown eyes. I know my art teacher wants to fuck me real bad. I get what I want simply by smiling. I cultivate a healthy and natural look overall. I hated my mom’s made up face.

Mom’s butt was not as nice as mine. Mine is nicer and cheekier than hers for sure, accentuated by being on my slender body. I love wearing tight suede skirts or slacks over them. No panties of course. It drives the guys crazy when I twitch it about as I walk. I learned a lot watching mom before she split without her knowing.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m self absorbed all the time over my personal beauty and looks like some sorority chick because I’m not. Not like the dark haired little bitch on “That ’70’s Show” but I do know I am a beautiful woman … maybe more beautiful than mom. It’s just that I associate it with sex and I always want to please daddy. At 18 I’m obsessed over sex and I want to get laid in the worst way but I want it to be very good.

Normally I’m much more absorbed over getting my next A on a paper or test. I’m a straight A student. Daddy is a mathematics professor after all and I certainly can’t disappoint him by looking stupid. There aren’t too many juniors 18 and I carry more than a full load.

Right after mom left, a big corporation came to daddy offering him a regular consulting job because of his unique mathematical skills and at a substantial fee with bonuses, much more than his teaching salary. He took it part time, said he could do it full time for even more money but I know daddy likes teaching too much to give it up. It certainly allows him to indulge me as much as he wishes. Then there’s all that virgin ass calling his name. Mom sure missed that gravy train and she’d really be pissed over how things have turned out for us?

I think daddy started indulging me with clothing extravagances to fill in what he missed with mom at first but I think he quickly began to like me in quality clothes. I think his unconscious fantasies kicked in and he had to satisfy them. I addition to a closet full of wonderful clothes of my choice he got me a cute and very sexy real fur parka and jacket like he got mom. My first parka was a beautiful dark auburn mink like my hair and a sexy sheared Beaver jacket. I could wear both with just about anything and I did. I loved them and wore them all the time. I’ve worn nothing but fur since, knowing daddy likes seeing me wear it.

I think the fur thing with mom was his doing as much as she liking them. His parents are from Finland and I think he grew up with furs. His daddy gives his mother furs on most special occasions. He did get both of us killer fur spreads for our beds with his first check from the corporation. That sure helps me masturbate so much better. If his whores only knew what they are missing!! Well one of daddy’s favorite student whores actually does know.

One day right after I turned 18 Tina came to the house to drop off a paper expecting to see daddy. He wasn’t home so she began asking me a lot of questions about him as we stood in the entry hall. I asked her to come into my room and we could talk in comfort. We sat on my bed and she continued asking a lot of very personal questions about him, like I wouldn’t know what it was about?

Tina is certainly cute. She’s a bit redder haired than me with a cute pageboy cut. Shorter and a size bigger. Bigger tits and a lot like mom except much younger. Figures. Even though she’s a bit older than me she’s not so smart but nice. In daddy’s class she probably does have to fuck for good grades. Daddy’s not the only prof on campus that screws their students. He’s quite discrete and so are his whores. Some others are not nearly so discrete, indeed they are renowned for making out with their students. I know two women profs that get laid by their share of the boys routinely. They compete for their attention. One of mine takes her share of the girls. She’s ogled me in class more than once. I think she’s jealous over my furs. She always has her smug little bitches hanging all over her and sitting in front in class so she can admire them without obstructions.

Anyway Tina nervously and compulsively began stroking my fur spread. It’s very thick and plush, pure white Arctic Fox and I love it. She was getting very distracted by the thick, lush cloud like softness as she asked me more questions and began hugging and rubbing one of the big matching soft fur pillows to her body as she squirmed in the fur with her near naked butt.

I soon began helping her. She willingly slipped off her sweater so I could fur fondle her bare tits more fully. She gave out a sweet whimpering moan as I gently pushed her back into the fur with only the slightest resistance while squeezing her big tits with fur. I soon pulled up her skirt and fur fondled her legs then her thighs as she more energetically writhed in the fur spread. I couldn’t believe I was doing this to her at first, then I couldn’t believe my success. It became all consuming for me. I was emboldened with her responsiveness to my touch.

She was soon writhing and moaning in the fur with her whole body and I had her totally seduced. I slipped down her panties an began massaging her labia and finally thrust a finger up her twat and diddled her clitoris ’till she orgasmed but she kept on writhing and squirming in the fur like she wanted more.

I had heard about girls going down on girls and had looked it up on some porn sites. I find them so exciting I masturbate to them sometimes. I was between her thighs sucking her sweet twat and had her in more orgasms as I flicked her clitoris some more with my tongue. She’s totally under my control as she humped and fucked my face. Wow, I had seduced my daddy’s whore and sucked the tight twat he sticks his cock in! It’s the first time I’ve done it with a girl!

I began imagining daddy taking her as a virgin. What it must have been like as I had her writhing and squirming in the furs. I was incredibly excited by the thoughts as she orgasmed to my sucking her sweet tight pussy, imagining my daddy’s cock plunging and thrusting deep into her soft pussy and through her maidenhead as she screamed in pain and ecstasy.

She jumped up in a brief lucid moment … “Please I don’t tell your daddy what we’ve done!”

“Only if you let me do this with you again. Maybe you could go down on me? I know where to get hold of you and that daddy fucks you.” She looked at me stunned.

“OK.” and she left.

I didn’t mean to threaten her but I didn’t know how else to get her back. I have to do it with her again and have her do me.

My heart was racing with sexual excitement and I knew right then I had to seduce my daddy and have him take my virginity too, only better than his student whores. In a way neither he or I would ever forget. I wanted to be his number one whore.


By sophomore year in high school I had begun to cajole and beg daddy to let me get nicer, more opulent furs. This is when I got most of my height and my body began to fill out. I knew he would like seeing me in them and I wanted them so badly by then. I was already model beautiful. Furs on me by then were much nicer than on mom and I knew he liked seeing her in them. He relented as he always does when it’s something I really want.

After the first few really nice furs he encouraged me to get more and let me choose them for myself. I was buying all my own clothes by then of course. He said I have very good taste and should pick what I’d like to have. I was then bent on pleasing daddy as I always have.

I used his credit card as usual. Daddy always trusts me to be responsible and stay within reasonable limits. Most I got on line cheaply for what they were anyway. If I didn’t like it I’d just resell it. You might say that it was my first job .. selling furs on the Internet! He appreciated that since I wanted to get as many as I could and not have him complain.

My slender body made fur shopping easy. I could always get a good fit or better still, furs way too big for me. I love them like that and so does daddy. He never once acknowledged the obvious that they were too big, only that I looked beautiful with them on. I love his lustful looks when he watches me even though he tries to conceal it. I shiver with the thrill. This game is incredibly exciting and I don’t think he realizes it’s so obvious. Daddy sure loves to see his little girl in fur though it is clear he is conflicted and is struggling to suppress his excitement at seeing me in furs. He is so proud of me in so many ways and I work very hard to not disappoint him in any way.

I got many of them with no concern for style but for the quality of the fur, my pleasure and daddy’s pleasure of seeing me in fur. My buying and selling got such a level that it was hard to keep track and I since was close to break even daddy never once complained. I’m one of those sexy young models selling furs on the Internet. I almost always sell for more than I buy it for. I began to wear them around the house in the evening with no thought of wearing them in public. Just for my sensual satisfaction, his pleasure and his eventual seduction.

As I came of age I began surfing fur fetish sites and realizing this is a fantastic thing to do. My own fur masturbations and making out with Tina were a good reference. I’ve been reading erotic stories about how daddy’s do their daughters and get incredibly excited by these stories. Most are pretty crude and really turn me off but I know daddy will be fantastic. Some of the stories are so wonderfully exciting, getting filled with lots of daddy cum in some very erotic ways. So after I came of age I began to deliberately tease, flaunt and flirt with daddy wearing furs.

Tina has been visiting with me more often now and she is definitely taking the edge off horny and giving me a lot of ideas about daddy’s seduction, not with talk but her sensual actions. Daddy trained her after all. She’s really getting into making love in my furs. We get each other into orgasm quite easily in the furs. It’s so warm and sensuous. I luxuriate in having her head between my thighs, stroking her soft hair as she eagerly sucks me off to orgasm in the furs. It’s heavenly. Much better than masturbation. Besides I’m thinking I like girls. Not that I’m not looking forward to cock in me but Tina is so soft and sensual in the furs and our orgasms are so wonderful.

I did tease Tina into telling me about daddy screwing her while she fur fondles and finger fucks me. I think she gets a kick out of it. I sure do. She said daddy made sure she was 18 and really wanted him to screw her. The thought of that gets me so excited every time I think of it.

Over the past few months I began getting furs to have remodeled with daddy’s seduction in mind. I picked up a lot of good erotic ideas about furs and put them into my fur remodeling program. Two remodeled furs I call fuck capes are made from two big furs. The first is a golden brown Chinchilla coat and a Chrystal Fox coat I got for a relative song. Daddy did wince at the bill but I convinced him he would enjoy what I got. I had these made into a single big cape with hood, each fur to a side for me. It has a strategically places 6 inch slit in the back at the butt. There is a rolled cuff border of contrasting fur around it. I’m sure daddy will eventually find it.

The other fuck cape is from several Norwegian Blue Fox coats and several Red Fox coats I had made into a very big cape with fur both sides and hood for daddy. I had a big Superman “S” with a similar “F” underlaid in contrasting fur on the back of each side for “Super Fucker”. I’m sure he’ll live up to the billing.

Several other big soft fur pillows of various Foxes were made. A beautifully lush Sable coat I got for cheap was made into as big a throw as was possible, about 50″ by 60″ with a soft, dark Russian squirrel on the other side. Big enough to do some sexy furry damage.

I try them all out myself on Tina of course. She’s my willing and eager fur slave now as well as daddy’s fucking whore. She confided to me after several fur seductions that she doesn’t think she knows now which she likes best? My making love to her in furs or getting screwed by daddy?

Between the special furs, my Arctic Fox spread and daddy’s lush Lynx spread I don’t think daddy has a chance.

I kept all the special furs hidden. Daddy was curious over what I had gotten and though he had the receipts it didn’t really tell him much. I just told him some of them were being fixed. I did get a few killer furs for surprisingly cheap to wear and model for him. I did this one evening recently. I figured after wearing furs around the house for some time now I could pull out all the stops. Kind of a preliminary tune up for daddy screwing me.

I think he expected me to lay them out on the couch to show them but I wanted to treat him to a show. My special modeling event was done wearing only a very tight loose knit cashmere scoop neck short sleeved sweater with very exposed midriff. My nipples were glorious poking through the weave of the soft cashmere. Also a very tight and short buckskin mini skirt with no panties that barely covered my twat and barefoot. I didn’t want to distract from the furs or my body any more than necessary. Softly accentuate the effects with my nubile body as much a I could?

First was my new full pelt Norwegian Blue Fox coat like he will have in his cape. It is way too big for me since I wanted to entice him with my sweet virgin daughter innocence. It swallows me in its opulent softness, my partly nude body suggestively sticking out here and there as I swirl and moved about. He was literally drooling. I followed it with a very full Red Fox with big drooping hood similarly way too full for me. My hair is gorgeous falling in and around the hood with the red fur accentuating its colors and dragging through the thick fur as I move. I knew from his responses I picked the right furs for our fuck capes.

Next I wore a thick full pelt Lynx jacket with a thick collar I can pull up around my face. It falls just below my miniskirt so I look like I’m nude under it with it closed. It’s like his spread so I knew he could identify with it too. I let it hang open just enough to show my nipples nestled in the long fur. Daddy was nearly jacking off as he stared at me lasciviously, unconsciously quietly moaning.

I followed them up with a very stylish and well tailored plush dark mahogany Anne Kline Mink coat with hood that perfectly matches my hair. I do intend wearing it often along with the Lynx. The way my hair blends with the soft mink, falling over the hood and my shoulders is like the Red Fox only with complete color blending. This was meant to cool him down. It didn’t. He went flush with heavier breathing. I knew he had a sudden realization of some sort? Maybe the mature and gorgeous daughter he desperately wants to screw in the furs? With that I was enormously successful.

“So you like my new furs daddy?” I said in the most sensuous and coy way I could muster. Daddy couldn’t answer. I’m not sure he even heard me through his lustful haze.

That night I could hear him moaning with his masturbations, I presume fondling his cock with the furs, as I listened by his bedroom door diddling myself with fur. Gottcha daddy!!

I flirted and enticed daddy by wearing furs around him constantly over the following several days. I had gotten a few fur vests that are quite nice to wear around the house and tease him with. The big Red and Silver Foxes are reversible to tan or gray suede. I like wearing them suede side out and nothing under but tiny tight suede or silk shorts and my tits not quite fully visible. My nipples stay rock hard caressed in the soft furs. Much nicer than even cashmere. They’re so sweet nestled in the thick fur. I flash him with them “accidentally” every now and them. It drives daddy crazy I can tell. He has a big boner all the time now around me.

Several days after that as I made love with Tina in the furs she said the day after my fur modeling when daddy screwed her he was like a man possessed with his mind somewhere else, like he was screwing someone else. I didn’t tell her about the modeling. I knew it was me he was screwing and it’s time.


Daddy had just gotten home and headed for the shower after a workout at the gym. It was one of his short days at school and it is still light outside. While he’s in the shower I get all the furs I had organized and pile them on his bed including my Arctic Fox spread. I undress and wrap myself in my Chinchilla/Fox fuck cape and have the double Fox cape for daddy opened on the bed. The setting sunlight is flooding in the room off the early snow outside. The bed is glowing warm in the sunlight and the furs look incredible. I imagine I must be looking pretty good myself.

He walks out nude and still drying off with his face in the towel. God his cock is big! My twat involuntarily twitches in anticipation. He continues drying for a bit before he realizes I’m in the room and on his bed. He gasps as he sees all the furs around me and sees me siting there with my fuck cape open for him to see my totally nude body, my thighs spread for him to see my sweet virgin twat.

“Wha .. Anna! My god what are you trying to .. oh my sweet daughter!” he stands stunned with an instant huge boner. It’s much bigger erect. Tina warned me.

“Don’t stand there like an idiot daddy! The mathematical probability of you fucking me now has risen to 200%.” as I stared in amazement at his cock.

“We can’t do this honey! It’s not right. It’s unnatural. I just can’t.” as he stumbles toward the bed.

“You know you want me daddy and I’m so much more beautiful than any of your student whores.” This hits him like a baseball bat.

“You know?”

“Of course. Just like I knew about mom’s indiscretions.” He stumbles on to the bed and I wrap him in the double Fox cape. I’m all over him with the furs and my body. I’ve seduced him already as he gropes to come to grips with the reality as I begin fur fondling his huge cock.

“Oh my god Anna.” as I stroke him, I smile as I look into his wide open stunned gaze at me. His stunned condition is melting to the preliminaries of ejaculation as his lust for me overwhelms him. I feel his cock swelling in my hand despite the fur wrapper. I slide the furs down his cock a short distance driving him near to cuming. I do what I’ve seen cock suckers do in the porn sites but with fur. I wrap my lips around his cock tip kissing it and suck lightly at first, fur fondling his balls and exposed cock with the Sable throw until his cum wells up. I begin to bob on his cock taking more of it into my mouth as his cum begins to pulse into my mouth. Professor Alton Aalto is totally seduced by his daughter Anna, I think to myself with pride.

I look up at him with his cum on my lips … “You’ve wanted my virgin pussy for a long time haven’t you daddy? .. licking cum .. So close … sensual … enticing … yet forbidden!” He’s speechless as I return to his cock and continue fondling his balls to an ever more powerful ejaculation, moaning loudly “AAAHHH” like some huge burden released. I know he will have time now to take me slowly and deliberately without shooting off too soon. I’ve read about that spoiling everything.

“You did all this to get me to take your virginity?”

“Yes daddy.” as I wrap my arms around him in his big cape, my flesh presses against him and I can feel his cock rubbing against my twat. We have a long and lingering kiss, the taste of his cum still in my mouth … increasing in passion.

“I knew you wanted to screw me in the furs daddy. Didn’t you ever do mom in the furs?” His hands are all over my body increasing the furring and squirming together as we both get into the soft sensations all around our bodies.

“No sweetie .. your mom just wanted my big cock in her twat.” I think this is a new experience for daddy. So he’s a virgin in fur sex.

“Let me change that for you … for us daddy.” I whisper softly into his ear.

My time with Tina puts me in control!

Daddy is moaning and uncertain of what to do next? How do you take your daughter’s virginity? He must be asking himself, I’m sure.

“Let’s take it slow daddy” as I spread my legs apart to him.

“Spread your legs over mine daddy.” and he complies. Still gripping his big stiff cock I scoot close up to him. He’s looking down at us as I take his rigid pole and stroke my soft muff and swollen labia lips with its tip. His cum trail glisten in my dark auburn muff hair.

“Oh my how beautiful and wonderful daddy!!” I mutter which seems to excite daddy all the more as a bit more precum oozes out. I can feel him shaking as I pull his cock closer into me, parting my labia lips. The thrill is almost more than I can bear and I’m already into small orgasms which I know daddy can feel and hear me have. He’s gasping and shaking all the more as his cock head touches my clitoris.

“Oh my god … daaddddy!!” I scream as I orgasm big. “It’s so incredible” and I press it harder to my clitoris and orgasm again. Daddy is beside himself with excitement and getting close to cuming himself.

I slide back a bit. “Let’s slow down a bit daddy.”

“You suddenly don’t want to do it?”

“Oh yes indeed. I’m so excited .. it’s like fifty Christmases worth of excitement.” as I stroke his body with furs and he fondles my tits with my Chinchilla. Daddy is getting into the swing of it as I shutter to the furry sensations around my nipples. He has found the magic buttons and is doing them more than justice as I shiver with the soft excitement between my thighs.

Suddenly the image of daddy’s big cock plunging into my hot pussy well, pumping and pumping load after load of his hot daddy cum deep into my pussy is all consuming.

I grab his fur cape lapels and pull him firmly to me. “Daddy take me now. Fuck me hard and strong.” Daddy falls forward on me driving his big cock deep into my vagina, deeper than I had imagined as I scream. It is like I’m filled to my kidneys with his big cock. An orgasm rips through me like none before. It leaves me numb and gasping as daddy plunges and pumps in and out with firm and strong thrusts to the full depth of my womb. I don’t even remember feeling my maidenhead being ripped through since all I can feel now is the euphoria of orgasm after orgasm rip through me. I soon feel the heat of his daddy cum flooding my womb.

“Oh god it’s wonderful daddy!!” which seems to drive him to greater excess .. “oh my god yesss .. fuck me more … harder daddy … fill me with more of your hot daddy cum!!” as he jettisons more and stronger pulses of cum to the very depths of my womb, flooding me with more wonderful daddy cum on cue. I continue to be wracked with strong orgasms and I can’t seem to get enough of them. Such incredible love and passions I never knew! Oh my, it’s like daddy can’t stop cuming in me. It’s glorious.

Finally we slow and slip apart. More from the physical exertion than wanting to stop. I think we both want to go right on screwing.

“Oh daddy!! That was incredible! Is it like this with all your whores?”

“No woman has ever come close. I haven’t done any in furs and you are insatiable compared to any of the others. Anna .. this is incredible … like nothing in my live … ever. I don’t need anyone else.”

Daddy is laying in the furs beside me and looks over at me with an almost helpless look. I swing over his torso and straddle his cock .. dropping down on him, driving his cock fully up in me even deeper than before. Daddy groans loudly and thrusts up firmly into my pussy. I scream and rock back and forth on his cock like a hobby horse grinding my labia lips against his crotch hair.

His cock is massaging every inch of my womb. I can feel him thrusting and filling me to the walls of my womb deep inside. I am in orgasm instantly and ferociously as he squeezes my nipples with the Chinchilla. My twat contracts around his cock as he shoots hot pulse after pulse of daddy cum in deep inside again and again. After quite a few rounds of his ejaculations into me I feel his cock starting to soften. I slip off him and fall back into the furs.

“No woman has ever taken me so long and so much that I went soft sweetie.”

“Oh daddy! You did me so good and so long. I’m sooooooo satisfied.” We fall asleep in each others arms wrapped in furs as the daylight fades and the room gradually goes dark.


I awake the next morning laying face and bare tits down in the fur as I do nearly every morning. I love squirming in the fur as I awake, but I realized daddy’s astride my thighs, his cock buried deep into my hot pussy from behind and he already has me in orgasm as I awake. I feel more of his hot cum pulsing even deeper into my womb and his cock feels like it is touching my stomach. Oh my it’s wonderful and I can fell him fur fondling my cheeky butt which causes my twat to tighten around his cock. “Oh god Anna .. your twat is soo tight!!”

“Oh yes daddy you know what I like!” as he pummels me senseless.

“Oh my I hate to stop but I have to get to class.” as daddy falls off me I can feel our juices ooze over my pussy lips. I get up and head for his shower. I won’t be sleeping in my bed any more or using the other bathroom I suddenly realize as daddy follows me into the shower.

We wash each other lovingly then presses me against the shower wall with the hot water flowing over us, thrusting deep into me and I realize this is the first of endless morning shower fucks. My whole body is smiling as I orgasm for daddy and me as he floods my womb once more with daddy cum. I love it that he can’t keep his cock out of me now.

We’re both off to class together, he as Professor and me as a new Junior student. I decide to flaunt my new mink coat today at school. It’s plenty cold enough with the snow. I’m not the only fur wearing girl at our university. There are a lot of very wealthy girls and some wear fur often. One is in my Lit class, Kelly.

Today Kelly has on a sexy white hoodie fake fur jacket with open midriff. She likes to taunt the boys with her tight little petite body, sexy blond hair and virgin twat. She has nice jiggly soft tits also. I do the same kind of taunting of course. I’m just not a virgin anymore. After class I corner her in the empty classroom office and tease her over her “little” fake fur. She’s a smug and sassy little rich bitch as she asks me if my mink is mamma’s.

“No bitch .. it’s mine!” as I grab a fist full of her blond hair and hug her into its lush softness. I’m bigger and stronger so she submits. She shakes with a bit of fear and, I’m sure, a thrill as I crush her in a furry embrace.

“You know its a real bummer still being a virgin at 20.” she stammers, half apologetic. I kiss her with a strong suck face kiss then squeeze one of her jiggly tits with my fur.

“Maybe wear one of your mother’s real furs next time!” and as I release her she gasps giving me a coy smile.

Later in the day I find Tina and a wicked thought passes through my mind.

“Tina, come to my place at four.” I can demand her presence now and I know she will comply. I think she gets a sexual charge from it because she responds so eagerly since we really don’t have any secrets from each other now.

When she gets to our house I take her into daddy’s … our bedroom and I proceed to seduce her in the furs I lost my virginity in .. the same ones I tuned her up with prior to that. I am sucking her out with her in wild orgasm just as daddy walks in. Tina is shocked over the situation she’s in. It seems to heighten her orgasm as daddy watches his daughter seduce one of his sweet little whores.

“Fuck her, fuck her for me daddy!”

His clothes seem to magically vanish as he is in his Super Fucker Fur Cape to the fur fucking rescue. He is between her thighs in an instant fucking Tina senseless, like never before.

“Yeah daddy fuck her harder .. make her beg for more!!” It’s like I stuck a rocket up his ass. He drove into her and had Tina screaming and begging for release, then for more as I finger fuck myself watching. Tina is about to orgasm once more with her face in the furs. Daddy had flipped her over and is fucking her from behind. I slide my twat under her face and she sucks me out as never before in her orgasms. I orgasm as she orgasms and as daddy floods Tina’s tight twat with cum. Tina is our first joint fur sex slave and daddy knows I know all his secrets.

Tina fumbles her self together and leaves for her dorm. She knows sex for her has just gotten a whole lot better.

“So how long have you been making out with Tina?”

“About a month now. If you want to bring any of your other student whores home with you feel free to do so. Who knows, I might take a liking to one of the others as well? I might have a special treat for you soon also.”

“You really got off on me doing her didn’t? You’re a perverse little seducer aren’t you?”

“Yeah daddy, I really did. Didn’t you like doing her for me?”

“I don’t think I’ve experienced anything nearly so erotic. What’s the treat?”

“You’ll know when it happens.”

“Aren’t you the coy one? I didn’t know I had raised such a little nymphomaniac? You are quite the seductress.”

“You know I may bring you prizes from time to time and you can have your student whores but don’t ever forget that you are mine for eternity now. I’m not only your main fuck but your new wife …. daddy.”

Alton is stunned with this reality which is totally true. Hard as he tried to suppress the desires for his daughter she has always been his main sexual fantasy since his divorce and her puberty. No wonder he has lavished her with whatever she desired.

“Daddy, you’ve sure ruined Tina. She can’t find another guy to satisfy her sexual cravings since you took her virginity and especially since we’ve done her together in the furs tonight. Guess we’ll have to keep her happy.”

“Yeah, ain’t that a shame. What’s the big SF on the fur cape you got for me?”

“Super Fucker .. daddy!”

Daddy and me have long, slow and very loving sex in our fur fucking capes before going to sleep that night, our second night together. Doing it in the furs together now is a real addiction for us both we realize. The full enjoyment of love and passions too long deferred.


Daddy and I get into a new routine of going to bed together and showering together in the mornings. At first it seemed a bit strange. My stuff ends up in mom’s old places, his wife’s places. Not that either of us wanted to change anything but it’s still such a radical change in our lives … our new life together. The passions before sleep certainly help to set the “routine”. Things are anything but routine. We make love anytime and anywhere. I’ve claimed my place more deeply in his life and he in mine as full and true lovers.

Our relationship was nearly complete before sex. Daddy and I have kept house, cooked and done most everything together since mom left. He’s depended on me for things other men depend on their wives for. We had worked out a full and well organized life for ourselves, only now I’m doing it as daddy’s full partner which seems to make the sex even better, fuller and richer.

We haven’t had any loving visitors since Tina but it’s certainly not forbidden. In fact I think we both look forward to the excitement of our next mutual conquest. There’s a wonderful rush and thrill in the mutual seduction I think we both enjoy immensely. Besides, I think daddy will miss those students of his and frankly I’m lusting after their seductions myself.

Later the following week I wear my new hoodie Crystal Fox long jacket that drapes on me very seductively and with a soft cashmere cardigan sweater hardly buttoned my little blond vixen is about to have her seduction completed. She’s obviously wearing her mother’s Silver Fox skirt length coat today. It’s five sizes too big for her and she looks like a sexy little school girl wearing mommy’s big fur coat. Coy dripping from her as I corner her, willingly, in the classroom office again.

“Now that’s much better my little fur bitch. Let me show you how it really feels.” wrapping my furry arms around her and pulling her now willing body tight to me, my face buried in her soft blond hair and Fox hood I whisper .. “Seduction in fur is the most wonderful thing you can imagine my little sweet.” She is breathing heavy and gripping my fur to her tightly.

“Can I loose my virginity in furs Mistress?”

“I wouldn’t lead you on like this if you couldn’t my little bitch in heat.” She gasps and hugs me tighter. I slip my hand between our furs to find her soft tit. Pulling her blouse aside I wrap my fur around it and fondle her soft bare orb, pressing it to mine. She opens a little space so I can get them both and moans as I fondle both tits in fur and she strokes my tits lovingly with her fur. She can’t resist pinching my nipples. I squeeze her tits firmly as she does.

“Oh my … this is wonderful.” She gasps from the tweaking of her nipples as I pinch them in the fur.

“Now imagine getting a big hard cock thrust between your aching and wanting thighs while wallowing in an ocean of furs, being fondled all over.”

“I’m ready now Mistress!” gasping with quick breaths.

“Very well. Come to my house at four and be prepared to meet your maker. Fur God will fuck you senseless.” We part with big smiles.

The rest of the day goes by with my excitement level increasing to a fever pitch. I’m about to watch daddy deflower one of my virgin tricks. It’s nearly as exciting as getting it the first time myself.

She’s at our house and she’s still in her mother’s Silver Fox. She looks so sweet and innocent, accentuated by her petite build and the huge fur.

I start fondling her at the door. She’s very responsive. I have on my big Chinchilla/Fox cape and we’re engulfed in soft furs instantly. She is already shaking and moaning with the excitement. I have her nude in no time. I’m already nude and she’s been nervously stroking my labia lips with fur already. She really is a bitch in heat.

I get her in our bedroom and have the schedule planned for daddy to be surprised. I start tuning her up as we wallow in the furs at first together flesh to flesh. I can tell she likes my body to hers and she can’t keep her hands off my labia. I lay back and pull her face to my crotch gripping her soft blond hair. “Want a closer look?” She eagerly begins licking me and fur fondling my body. She’s thought about this. Soon she is sucking me and fingering my twat in an exploratory way. I pull on her hair and hump her face to my twat like I’m using her face to masturbate. Don’t think she has done another girls pussy before but she gets an A for effort so far.

I wince, groan and orgasm as she suddenly thrusts two fingers in my twat. I grip her hair even tighter and shove her face into my pussy harder. She eagerly sucks for all she’s worth and I begin to orgasm for her, my girlie juices flood on her face and she eagerly sucks them up while fur fondling me more energetically.

She lifts her sopping face up and .. “When do I get cock and loose my virginity?”

“About right now sweetie.” as daddy walks in the door.

“Is this my surprise?”

“Yes daddy. I brought you Kelly, a twenty year old virgin that wants to loose it. We lost the big red bow already.” his clothes hitting the floor as I speak.

“You must have a lot of pent up sexual desires?” daddy says to her.

Kelly gasps as his big cock springs out of his dropping pants. She backs up in the furs with the sudden awareness and reality of loosing it to a really big cock for sure as her legs involuntarily spread wide for daddy to view her virgin twat. Precum has already formed on daddy’s cock. I stroke it with fur and drape the SF cape over him as he looks at Kelly.

“Are you absolutely sure about loosing your virginity Kelly?” daddy asks her as he pauses. My he’s good, getting a full and active request!

“Yyyeess pleassee take me now. I want it so bad .. I’m your bitch in heat and I need to be satisfied.” Wonderful I thought as daddy slides forward through the furs, his cock parts the furs headed for her hot blond harry pussy. I told her not to shave. Daddy likes it harry and so do I.

He does her like he did me. Her legs spread wide and his spread past her. I sit close beside Kelly and daddy watching as he strokes her muff and labia with his stiff cock. Kelly is shaking and screaming “Fuck me fuck me damn it!” but daddy takes it slowly and deliberately. She’s working herself up into a frenzy and not a shadow of a doubt she wants to get fucked. I think daddy likes doing it this way. Gives her a chance to back out .. hah .. and daddy gets her really wanting it much more than she thought. Wonder how he did them before?

She scoots closer so his cock is piercing her labia lips and touching her clitoris. He presses hard against it and she looses it, screaming and writhing in the furs, having a huge orgasm. She presses to him harder and daddy slips into her tight pussy as she moans loudly. Her maidenhead is split asunder and she is shaking like in a seizure with his cock still only half in her very tight pussy. She is in near constant orgasm as daddy rolls and thrusts forward firmly and deeply into her womb. She has a quieter and swooning moan of submission as she lay quiet beneath him.

I’m leaning lightly on daddy’s back as he begins to thrust into her tight twat. I can feel the full strength of his thrusts like it is into me. I slide around behind Kelly to watch as daddy thrusts repeatedly and wantonly into her womb. It’s a glorious sight to see the strain on daddy’s face and Kelly beginning to hump daddy’s cock for all she’s worth as I squeeze her tits with fur.

“Yeah daddy! Fuck her harder … make her scream for mercy … make her beg you to stop … make her beg you to never stop.” Kelly screams as daddy rams her harder and harder to my command. She begs for release and then begs for more, twisting and shaking her head and shaking her hair about as she moans and screams in ecstasy. I fur fondle her face and tits as she writhes, twists and thrashes about wildly under daddy’s relentless pummeling. Kelly is beautiful as she mindlessly orgasms with daddy and daddy is magnificent and grand with his powerful thrusts into her helpless pulsing and twitching pussy.

Kelly is our first virgin-fur sex-fuck whore. She won’t be able to get enough of us.

I straddle Kelly’s belly, just above her twat facing daddy and he rams me the very next stroke, his cock slick with Kelly’s and his fluids. It thrusts deep and smoothly into my twat as I moan. He gives me several strokes as I eagerly thrust back and Kelly is already screaming for him to ram it back into her so he thrusts back into her for several strokes and back into me again, back and forth ’till I shake with and orgasm just as Kelly is shaking with hers. It’s like loosing my virginity all over again. Daddy and I are hugging smiling at each other as Kelly is screaming for more beneath us.

“Flip her over daddy!” as I roll away and Kelly is face into the furs with daddy thrusting deep into her from behind.

“Oh my oh my … what’s happening?”

I now get to have Kelly suck me out as she gets pummeled.

Daddy begins pummeling her twat from behind and I pull her head up by her hair dropping her face in my twat. She is instantly sucking me better than any so far. Her eagerness to please is thrilling, sucking my wet twat, wet with her juices, my juices and daddy’s cum. She sucks me eagerly and diligently.

“What a wonderful little whore we have Daddy.” We smile as we are orgasming and luxuriating in our mutual sexual pleasures. We reach out and fondle each other with our furs and he tweaks my nipples, sending jolts to my twat as Kelly pinches my clitoris between her lips. I instantly orgasm violently.

Daddy says I shake and thrash my hair so beautifully when that happens. It sure feels sensual and orgasmic. I’m so glad I can please daddy that way. I work at it and it feels even better. I know he loves looking at me when we have sex of any fashion. I sure like watching him thrust into our whores. It excites me and that fires his passions. He knows I’ll be totally receptive to him when he fills me with his hot daddy cum.

Kelly is released from our grip and she instantly goes for daddy’s cock. She is sucking off her and his juices with eager attention. She takes almost all of daddy’s cock into her tiny mouth. I have a light orgasm just watching as her soft blond hair flows over daddy’s crotch and hips as she bobs on his cock. He jettisons another load into her sweet mouth and she takes it all. She then falls on me and kisses me with her lips dripping with their juices. The juices thrust into my mouth with our suck face kiss .. passionately.

“Yesss .. I’m your bitch in heat. I love getting fucked in the furs. Can I come back for more?”

“Only if you wear more of you’re mother’s furs.” I remind her.

We pull her between us and fur fondle her all over, each of us with a finger in her tight little twat. We fondle and diddle her, pinching her sweet little nipples through the fur she softly and repeatedly orgasms after orgasm. She is confident she is our little fuck whore as we fall asleep together. It will be some time before another guy can satisfy her cravings. In the mean time she will be such a sweet little toy fuck for daddy and me.

When I awake Kelly is sucking on daddy’s cock as he opens his eyes. He lays there enjoying the sensations for long moments and without warning he grips her tight little butt cheeks in each hand, lifting her up above his cock he rams her down hard as she grunts loudly and has an orgasmic spasm. Daddy proceeds to pump her on his cock like a masturbation toy while she twists and screams, wracked with orgasms while daddy pumps load after load of cum into her tight little twat. Daddy finally relents and she falls on his chest like a rag doll.

“Thank you Professor. That was incredible.”

Daddy gave me a bonus treat for seducing Kelly. I think he wanted to make sure I would continue to get him virgins like Kelly. He gave me a beautiful Sable coat. We fucked with me wearing it the moment it came out of the box. He should know I want to get virgins for him.


Daddy introduces me to Wendy. Another of his student whores. She is sweet and a bit mousy but in a very seductive way. I can see why daddy likes her. She’s a brunette and wears Trotsky glasses. She is very sensual now that daddy has tuned her up real good. He has only screwed her twice and she wants a lot more. She’s smart enough not to have to fuck for grades?

Daddy thinks she might turn out to be a favorite. He told her it was only possible if I like her. She wasn’t sure or was it clear to her what that meant so daddy told her to come over during the day when he wasn’t home and meet me. She’s never done it in the furs with daddy either.

I’m wearing my Red Fox vest, suede out and nothing under it when Wendy knocks on the door. I also have on a new sheared beaver miniskirt with the leather side out as well. It has a colorful stitch pattern for the fur seams and it fits my butt like a glove. The Beaver is rolled over at the waist and hem so it is clear there’s fur inside. It feels so good on my butt and hips when I move. It softly rubs against my muff too. I call it my self tuning outfit.

Wendy gasps lightly as I open the door. “Well hello .. Wendy I presume?” She fidgets with her glasses and adjusts her blouse as I touch her shoulder, ushering her in.

“Oh my .. you must be Anna.” she says nervously.

“Yes I am. You look like you’re chilly?” as I drape daddy’s big Fox cape around her knowing it’s nerves and not the cold. She exhales a soft moan as the fur wraps around her body, face and hair. Between daddy having already taken her virginity and this I figure she’s pretty well seduced so I usher her into the bedroom to “talk”.

The cape is dragging behind her so she fumbles and grapples with its fullness and thick supple softness to get it in her arms in a big bundle so it won’t drag on the floor. Every part she touches is Fox and it presses all over her body as she hugs it to herself, like a wrestling match. Just as I had planned. She wasn’t protesting as she started breathing a bit heavier and going flush with the awareness of my smiling at her struggles. She’s clearly getting very excited over this and looks at me rather sheepishly. What a wonderful start.

We sit on the edge of the bed as she tosses the bottom of the cape over the furs on the bed. One relief and yet more fully engulfed in furs. Her sensitivity level is very high and she’s going into orgasm soon.

“Won’t you make yourself a little more comfortable?” I allow my vest to fall open, exposing my tits to her as I scoot around on the Lynx spread and pull up my skirt part way so she can see the Beaver covering my beaver. I reach over and lift up her skirt a bit like mine. It’s full and I can see almost everything she owns. No panties. She blushes and modestly pulls it back around herself.

“Oh come on Wendy … as I move forward to her and shove the Fox around her thighs .. pushing her skirt up again.

“Wwhatt do you want to ttalk abbbout Annna?”

“Having sex with daddy of course. That’s why you’re here right?”

“Yyess .. bbut what are you trying to do to me?”

“Well why?”

“Why what?”

“Why did you get daddy to screw you and take your virginity?” in an attempt to get more information from her and distract her from my fur fondling, if only briefly.

“I wanted to lose it but not to some dumb jock so I looked for the smartest guy on campus. I thought about it a lot and looked all over. The smart boys aren’t smart enough to seduce me then I realized my math prof was probably the smartest and he is good looking too. When I tried flirting with him he said I wasn’t very good at it and what did I want? So I just told him flat out that I was 18 and wanted to loose my virginity.”

“Well? What did he say? Tell me what happened.” while stroking her thighs softly and wrapping more furs around her.

“OK. We met at a motel and he screwed the shit out of me and I bled some. He seemed to enjoy having a bloody dick. I thought he would split me in half but after the pain I got real excited.”

I get her writhing more in the furs and she’s getting distracted .. “So what then?”

“I asked him to do it with me again and he kept putting me off. I asked him if it was because I was a nerd or not pretty enough? He said no to both that he liked smart girls and agreed to do me once more. It was much better the second time. I wasn’t so up tight.” she’s more involved stroking the furs now … “So what was it like?”

“He fucked my brains out. So I asked him if he could do me every so often so I wouldn’t get so incredibly horny or until I can meet another guy? That’s when he said I’d have to talk to you …. so what do you want?”

“Daddy doesn’t suffer stupid chicks very well as you know Wendy.” squeezing her tits with fur … a big smile comes over her face and she slips out of her blouse and bra. I unfasten her skirt and she lays back in the furs.

“Sex in the furs Wendy. Want to try it out?” as I lift my skirt and grip her hair thrusting her face to my twat pushing her into the furs as I do. She shrieks and resists at first but as she feels the furs to her naked body she begins to squirm and writhe in them. She slowly kisses my thighs at first then nuzzles my muff. I see she has a nice thick brown one herself. I let her get accustom to kissing and licking another girl. She is tentative at first but more eagerly licks my labia slit and kisses my swelling lips. She is already getting me quite excited with her initial reluctance. Finally she opens wide and sucks my whole labia in her mouth. I instantly orgasm with the tension and she is treated to my girlie juices which she tentatively licks then slurps up and then sucks my whole labia again, taking it all in.

“Good girl.” I roll her over in the furs several times then wrap my cape around her and myself with daddy’s cape as well. We wallow and roll in the furs for a bit and she is panting and groping at me with her excitement. It finally dawns on her what it is all about. I spread her thighs and dive into her thick curly muff licking up her slit to her clitoris. She jumps and orgasms. I grip her clitoris between my lips and relentlessly squeeze. Wendy goes into a constant spasm of orgasms, writhing in the furs and moaning as she humps my face.

I relent just as daddy walks in. “I see my daughter likes you Wendy.” undoing his belt and slipping off his shirt with Wendy squirming and nervously wrapping furs around herself. I pull her back to me and whisper .. “Have you sucked his cock yet?” as daddy kneels forward on the bed Wendy leans forward and is sucking his cock like it’s a mission. Daddy is smiling and stroking her hair as he shoots his cum into her mouth. She takes him fully and keeps sucking.

“OK OK Wendy. Anna likes you and I see you know you must pleasure her as well.”

“I’ve never been with another girl before Professor.” Professor in the circumstances seemed odd but sends a warm flash through me. Wendy wants to please as she lets daddy roll her over and over in the furs, fingering her and fondling her for long moments. Wendy comes up from the fur wallowing with a big smile and wraps her arms around me kissing me passionately as she fur fondles me all over.

Daddy takes her from behind as she is engaged in laying on top of me kissing and fur fondling me. He thrusts deep into her and pumps her twat for long moments then thrusts into me with equal force and fervor, pumping me for quite a while then into Wendy again ’till she orgasms then into me again to my orgasm. Wendy and I get it from daddy repeatedly that way hugging and kissing as we orgasm together.

“Now you girls play nice while I’m gone, hear?” he leaves for the shower and I go down on Wendy again with daddy’s juices flowing from her labia lips. It tastes good and after my doing her she goes down on me. I orgasm softly, adding my girlie juices to his and hers.

Wendy and I decide we really like each other a lot. She’s smart like me. I have her wearing some of my furs since she’s sexy in them and helps her somewhat mousy image quite a bit.

It seems Wendy likes seducing other girls too and recruiting virgins for daddy. We started doing it as a team. We found we can seduce just about any girl we target. Some are reluctant at first. They often become the most eager to please. Wendy is a stealth seductress. With her mildly geeky style it is not expected from her which lets her in the door. She’s incredibly coy with other girls. We don’t do lesbians since they won’t do it with daddy. Heterosexual girls are a lot more fun to seduce anyway.


Daddy and I have a full life now with each other with me as his wife. Well, I’m still his daughter to the outside world that never seems to leave home or have a steady boyfriend. Our student virgin whores know the truth but aren’t telling. The Math Professors student whores wanting to fuck for grades is only rarely mentioned and no one gives substance to it. There’s more than one on every campus.

I bring daddy fresh virgins of age fairly regularly. I love the seduction of fresh young girls. Their so eager to please and so responsive to my furry touching and I love the way daddy makes them squeal when they loose their cherry.

He doesn’t have to work at seducing them the way he use to. I love doing that for him. He can pick and choose his students that badger him and just have to have him for at least a B, a C if their failing.

It’s a fresh thrill each time and we sometimes have more than one at a time. It’s nice to be doing my own student whore while watching and hearing daddy’s little whore scream for release or more or both! I get to sooth her agony as he takes my whore the same way. Sometimes we watch them do it to each other as we fuck.

Since he made me his business partner for things outside the university, I always accompany daddy on official functions as we travel together all over. The same room and bed always. I wear furs all the time and make sure daddy is well furred and gets to screw me whenever we wish. I take him whenever I wish but I’ll always be daddy’s little girl.

Life goes on.

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