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Chloe was hot. She was young, blonde, intelligent, vivacious and generally popular. And she knew it.

Ashley wouldn’t go so far as to call her vain, but he did consider her to have a lot of pride. That’s was OK. He could work with pride. Pride would make her do things she really shouldn’t, just to save face, and that same pride would help her justify her actions afterwards. Basically, it was wait and take the chance when offered.

The chance came one summer evening. Ash had been at the beach with a number of friends, Chloe included, and they were now packing to go home. Nearly everyone had already gone. The only people left were Ash and a few of the boys and Chloe. They’d all been out catching some last waves, but were now prepared to pack it in.

The changing rooms were next to each other and open to the sky. While there were half a dozen people in the men’s room, the women’s room was empty, apart from Chloe.

Faintly hearing the shower in the room next door, Ash decided that the time was ripe to pay Chloe a little visit and see what developed. He slipped out of the men’s changing room un-noticed and drifted into the woman’s room.

Ash headed down towards the showers, hearing them stop running as he approached. Then Chloe stepped out from them, casually drying herself as she came.

“Very nice, Chloe. In fact, you look sensational,” murmured Ash.

There was a soft squeal from Chloe as she hastily rearranged her towel to protect her modesty.

“What are you doing in here?” she demanded. “You know damn well you’re not supposed to be here.”

“It’s not what I’m doing, so much, as who I am going to be doing,” returned Ash. “I want you and I thought that this would be the ideal time to demonstrate that fact.”

Chloe paled slightly and started backing up as Ash moved towards her.

“Don’t be silly,” she snapped. “You’re not going to touch me and you know it. If you don’t go away I’ll scream and people will come to see what’s going on. I can hear the others in the other changing room, even if you can’t.”

“Oh I know that they’re there and that they’ll come running if you start screaming, but I don’t think you’ve thought it through.”

“What do you mean?” demanded Chloe, a horrible feeling nagging at her that she might be in real strife.

“Well consider what would happen. You’d scream and the boys would come running. While they’re on their way I’d have that towel off you and be holding you with your arms pinned behind your back, facing the door. The boys would come barging in and then they’d be beholding you standing starkers before them, giving them a most unforgettable sight.

On top of that they all have smart phones and I can just guarantee they’d be taking pictures of you before they did anything else. Those sort of pictures would go viral as soon as they hit the internet.

On top of that, the boys are getting changed so they’ll all probably be only half dressed.

The big question is would my mates thump me and toss me out of the changing room or would they decide to join in the entertainment. You are a very sexy dish, as you must know.

And even if they did toss me out, how do you know that someone might not linger and follow up their advantage while the others are chasing me away?”

Ash smiled at Chloe.

“Are you really going to risk them all admiring your nudity, cameras flashing rather than having to put up with a little quality time with me?”

Chloe paled. The thought of the rest of the men seeing her naked was bad enough, but to have them taking pictures as well? She’d never live it down. She’d just curl up and die. Why the hell did they ever invent smart phones in the first place?

Chloe jumped when Ash reached out and plucked the towel out of her hands. She promptly tried to cover herself only to drop her hands to her side when Ash gently derided her. As Ash moved closer Chloe backed further away until she encountered the wall of the shower cubicle behind her.

Ash reached out and took her arm, turning her until she was facing the wall.

“Bend over and brace your arms against the wall,” he told her, helping her to reluctantly take up the position he wanted.

A gentle tap on her ankles encouraged Chloe to move her legs further apart, and then she gave a small shriek as she felt his hand close over the sensitive flesh between her thighs.

A little gentle exploring and titillation established that Chloe was not a virgin (which he hadn’t really expected. She was pushing twenty.) and that her pussy was starting to heat up and moisten. The knowledge of what was going to happen was enough to make Chloe acutely aware of herself, and Ash’s teasing touches just hastened the flow of her natural juices.

“I’d suggest you keep any squealing or screaming to a minimum. You don’t really want visitors checking to see what’s happening, do you?” Ash advised her.

Chloe gulped, wanting to scream already. Mainly she wanted to scream a lot of rude names at Ash. Then she gasped as she felt him probing against her soft flesh. She gasped again as Ash reached down and stretched her lips apart before driving forward more forcefully.

Ash heard Chloe give a soft squeal as he impaled her with one firm thrust. He could feel her pressing back against him, and he grinned. Whether she knew it or not, she was ready and willing to do her part. Ash slid his arms around Chloe and captured her breasts.

Chloe felt Ash’s withdrawal and then gasped and pushed firmly back against him as he thrust back into her, hard and fast. She cursed softly to herself. She was not going to cooperate with this, this ravishment.

She held firm while Ash withdrew and plunged back again, and then again. The next stroke Chloe was again pushing back to meet him as he returned with another thrust. No way, she had decided, would she just stand there and let him do what he wanted. If he wanted her then he’d better be prepared to match her, because she wasn’t some doll he could just toy with.

Ash smiled as he felt Chloe positively responding to him. He’d thought she would and he now set to work with a will, thrusting into her as hard, fast and often as he could.

Chloe was panting hard, striving to match his needs and deeds, not wanting him to get the better of her. Ash’s hands on her breasts were squeezing out the tempo and she made herself meet him, breasts rubbing against his palms while at the same time her bottom bobbed up and down.

The pattern established, Ash hammered Chloe, thrust by thrust driving her towards a satisfactory conclusion. Chloe was hot, excited and reluctantly willing, hastening to meet Ash’s every push.

Her climax was coming, Chloe just knew it and little wails were spilling out of her mouth, with Chloe finding herself helpless to prevent them. The little wails were starting to turn into louder shrieks and squeals when Ash placed his hand over her mouth, stifling them.

Unable to help herself Chloe bit down hard, hearing Ash yelp, then forgot everything but the climax that was hitting her, not thinking about it but just reduced to feeling, with wave after wave of feelings rippling through her.

Chloe was vaguely aware of Ash gasping and banging hard against her as he vented himself, but he was incidental to the wave of glorious feeling flooding her. She just sighed and yielded to it.

Chloe leaned against the wall of the shower, gasping, feeling Ash move away from her. Then she gave a sudden gasp as a cascade of cold water washed over her. Thankfully it was still a hot day, but that flood of cold water was a real eye-opener. Did she thank Ash for turning on the shower or hit him? She needed the shower right then, but she also needed to hit him. Hard.

Turning around, Chloe saw that Ash had gone, and hearing the shower turn on next door knew where he had gone. Muttering under her breath, breathing imprecations about what she would do next time she met him, Chloe dried and dressed and got out of there.

– – –

Although Chloe wasn’t expecting (or hoping) to meet Ashley for a while she found herself running into him the next day. She was heading home, strolling past the small lake in the park near her place when Ash popped up like an evil genie.

Chloe promptly ignored him, stepping past him and heading on home. Unfortunately for her intentions, Ashley put a hand on her arm, stopping her.

“Excuse me for a moment, Chloe,” he said.

“What do you want? I want nothing to do with you, as I’m sure you should be able to understand,” snapped Chloe.

“Oh, dear. Busy hating me, are you?”

“What did you expect after yesterday?”

“Gratitude? You did enjoy it, you know?”

While Chloe spluttered, Ash continued.

“I’m sorry to have to say it but I think you’re going to hate me even more shortly.”

“And why would that be?” asked Chloe.

“Because I’m going to get you to step behind those bushes for a few moments while I have my wicked way with you again,” Ash replied. “We can be reasonably private there and you can even be a bit noisy with no-one talking any notice.”

“You’re mad,” stated Chloe, looking slightly stunned. “Can you give me a single reason why I should even continue to talk to you, let alone let you drag me behind some bushes?”

Ash held up his smart phone, letting Chloe see the picture on it. She blanched.

“As you can see, after you took up your position against the wall yesterday I managed a very nice shot. It shows everything doesn’t it.”

Chloe just looked at him, stunned. Taking her arm, Ash steered her towards the bushes.

“Now why don’t you come and see if you can persuade me to get rid of the picture. I assure you, it’s the only one I’ve got, so when I delete it, it’s permanently gone.”

Her mind spinning Chloe suddenly found she privately ensconced in the bushes with Ash. She looked quickly around, finding that Ash had managed to locate a private bower in the park. She’d been coming to this park quite frequently and had had no idea that this little bower existed. How had he, she wondered?

“All right,” she snapped, gathering herself together. “What do I have to do to get you to delete that picture? You know damn well I can’t let you show it around. You have to delete it, or better yet give me the phone so that I can delete it.”

“I think you know what you have to do. Afterwards I’ll place the phone in your dainty little hands and you can personally delete the picture. OK?”

Reluctantly, Chloe nodded. She was trapped again, but this would be the last time, she swore.

“What do you want me to do?”

Smiling, Ash settled down onto the grass, patting the ground beside him. Irritably Chloe sank down beside him. Ignoring the glowering looks that Chloe gave him, Ash persuaded her to take up a position on all fours. Chloe shortly found herself on her knees, her head resting on her crossed arms, her bottom hoisted perkily into the air.

Ash moved around behind Chloe and lifted her skirt clear of her bottom. He heard Chloe give a little hiss of anger as he slowly pulled her panties down. Then he heard her give a startled gasp as he parted her lips and started pushing between them without even trying to prepare her.

Chloe found herself wriggling with surprise as Ash came barging rudely into her. She had not expected to be assaulted so rapidly and she just wasn’t ready. She gasped, feeling him push deeper, and was further shocked to find herself reacting to his internal presence, her pussy positively flooding with moisture as it rallied to adjust to this sudden action.

Ash moved quickly, driving in hard and fast, not giving Chloe a chance to settle. She responded to his driving need almost from the word go, feeling his hands gripping her hips as he drove almost desperately into her.

Chloe was feeling stunned. Taking his time and enjoying himself was what she expected. A hard driving need, with Ash hammering into her without respite, was what she got, with Ash apparently determined to set some sort of record in bring her to a climax.

And it was working, she found. Ash’s rush to fulfilment was carrying her with it, lifting her against her wishes and pointing her towards a climax.

Ash could hear Chloe gasping and squealing as he hammered home, her bottom frantically bobbing, trying to keep up with him. Then he was coming and she was groaning with relief as he flooded her and swept her into her own orgasm.

A few moments later and Ashley was withdrawing and pulling her panties up and her skirt down. Then Chloe found herself being helped to her feet, feeling completely stunned. What the hell had just happened?

Still in a daze, Chloe found herself once more standing on the path next to the small lake. For some reason Ash was offering her his phone. Chloe took it and looked at it. Why did she need this?

The memory of a photo filtered through and she gasped. Oh, god, yes. She had to get rid of that photo. She did so with one sudden movement.

“Fuck!” yelled Ash, watching his phone sail through the air and land in the middle of the lake.

Chloe smiled. Photo gone, mission accomplished.

“OK,” sighed Ash. “I’ll pay that one. The photo is definitely gone.”

“And I’d appreciate it if you would follow the phone,” snapped Chloe. “I trust I won’t see you around for a while.”

“Um, sorry to be a nuisance and all that, Chloe,” Ash told her, “but I promised myself at least three interesting meetings with you. Do you want to set up the third one now or should I make the arrangements?”

Chloe glared at him. “Forget it,” she snapped. “I’ll be quite happy to not see you again. Ever. Don’t bother trying to set up a third meeting.”

Turning she stalked off, smiling as she remembered the look on Ash’s face when his phone took flight.

– – –

It was Friday before Chloe ran into Ash again. There was a barbecue on at a friend’s place and Chloe rolled up. With not a care in the world, she intended to enjoy herself. Her joie de vivre took a bit of a hit when she realised that Ash was among the guests, but an instants thought made her realised that she should have expected that. They had a number of friends in common and Ash was likely to turn up no matter where she happened to go.

Chloe had no intention of going out of her way to avoid him. She did intend to just ignore him when she could.

Ash made no attempt to move in on her, and Chloe quickly relaxed again, enjoying the easy going barbecue with good friends. Typically for this type of affair the guests tended to divide into groups, men in one and women in the other. The groups weren’t fixed, with various people crossing between then and back again, but effectively the main two groups circulated amongst themselves.

As with all such things the talk among the men concentrated on politics, cars, sport and women. Among the women the talk was more about house and home, men, and women who weren’t there.

Not unnaturally, when the talk among the men switched to women, the women’s group pricked up their ears, hoping to hear a useful piece of scandal. They became especially interested when the subject arose of how some women would use sex to get out of awkward situations. A couple of situations were mentioned, even though the specific women weren’t. The women’s group buzzed with speculation, wondering if they could identify anyone.

That was the stage when Ash came up behind Chloe.

“Hi, Chloe,” he said quietly. “I was wondering if I could have a private word with you?”

Chloe’s stomach turned over. He wouldn’t tell about her little contretemps, would he? She’d kill him if he mentioned the changing shed or that bloody photo. She threw him a killing look, bit her lip and nodded. She’d better find out what he had in mind.

Chloe brooded as she followed Ash into the house. She knew damn well what he wanted. His third time. Well he could just get screwed. Well, no, not exactly. If she had her way he most definitely wouldn’t be getting screwed. He wouldn’t dare tell anyone about those two occasions. He didn’t come out all bright and shiny, after all.

A horrible suspicion nagged at her. Men looked at sex differently from women. The other men would probably congratulate him on his success while she’d be condemned if it was known he was talking about her. Chloe writhed inside, not knowing what to do. Except she damn well knew he could whistle for it, but she was not letting him jump her again.

Chloe’s temper stewed and heated while she walked along behind Ash. Look at him, she fumed. Not a care in the world, while he goes trampling through my life. She was going to give him a piece of her mind, see if she didn’t.

Ash obviously knew his way around the house. He moved swiftly to where there was a guest bedroom where they’d be assured of some privacy. Turning to face Chloe as she came in, he nodded approvingly.

“You’re looking very nice tonight, Chloe,” he said, and indeed she did. Her yoga pants and tight top set of a superb figure to advantage.

“Oh, really,” said Chloe. “Meaning I don’t always look nice? How kind of you to notice that I may have put a bit of effort in when I’m visiting friends. I’m surprised that you’d actually notice, seeing you’re always trying to see what’s under the clothes. I’d have thought my clothes would be a hindrance to you having your third time. My apologies for having them on and impeding you. Let me make amends.”

Before Ash’s startled eyes a raging Chloe stripped off her top in a matter of seconds, with Yoga pants going just as quickly.

“This is the way you want to see me isn’t it,” Chloe raged. “You’re just desperate to get laid and the hell with what I want. Well it’s not going to happen, do you hear me. It’s just not going to happen.”

In Ash’s opinion, Chloe looked magnificent. If it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t want to lose his new smart phone he’d be taking a shot to make up for the one that sank with his phone.

Chloe, it turned out, wasn’t finished.

“It occurs to me that I haven’t actually seen you naked. When you ravish me you always do it from behind. Why’s that. Ashamed of what you’ve got? Why don’t we take a look?”

Next moment Chloe was yanking at the buttons on Ash’s shorts, trying to pull them down. Resistance, decided Ash, was futile. With no attempt at defence it didn’t take long for Chloe to have Ash’s shorts and jocks down. Then she started to realise what she’d done.

“Oh, god,” she said, sounding a little stunned. “That’s, ah, impressive. Were you scared if I saw it I’d run away screaming?”

She straightened her shoulders, trying to stand tall, her temper rapidly rising again.

“Did you think I’m a prissy little girl who can’t handle a man?” she snapped.

Chloe pushed Ash, sending him staggering back. A second push resulted in Ash bumping up against the bed and sitting on it.

“How do you like it when someone just grabs at you?” demanded Chloe, her hand closing around what was, she had already admitted, a fairly impressive erection.

With one hand holding her prize tightly, Chloe used the other to push Ash flat onto his back. For some reason his total lack of resistance did not cut through her fury and indignation.

Ash tried desperately to keep a straight face as he watched a furious Chloe climb on top of him. Then she was settling down onto him, her face a mask of concentration as she eased herself onto him, pressing steadily down as she firmly impaled herself on his erection.

Satisfied, Chloe started flexing her thighs, sliding up and down Ash’s erection, muttering to herself the entire time. Ash could hear little snippets floating past – selfish pig, how does he like it, a girl likes to be asked, teach the bastard.

Ash relished the sensation of Chloe sliding around on his shaft. When she apparently got tired of lifting herself up and down on it, she started to rock backwards and forwards, her breasts lightly brushing his chest when she leant forward.

It wasn’t long before Chloe was breathing hard and giving little squeaks of excitement as her pleasure built. Ash found himself breathing hard. He really wanted to move, rolling Chloe onto her back and taking control, driving in hard and fast. He held back, letting her have her way. He idly wondered when she’d realise just what she was doing and how she’d react.

Then Chloe was lying flat on top of him, her breasts crushed against Ash’s chest and her bottom was bobbing up and down as she drove herself repeatedly down onto his shaft, seeking that final build-up. Ash’s hands claimed her breasts, massaging them, and he saw a sudden look of consternation flit across Chloe’s face.

“Time’s up,” Ash decided, actions matching the thought.

Ash twisted, turning Chloe under him, pulled out and then drove in hard, driving Chloe swiftly towards the climax she’d been seeking. His mouth covered hers, tongues intertwining as he drank her sweetness.

Then he was drinking her screams as Chloe convulsed, and Ash drove in hard to get his own release going.

Ash lay there, keeping Chloe pinned beneath him, waiting for her to recover. At last she pushed firmly against his chest, ordering him to “get off me, you jerk”.

Ash rolled to one side and regarded Chloe who was giving him a glowering look.

“Well,” Ash said. “You certainly showed me. I guess I didn’t pay enough attention as to what it was like for you.”

Chloe’s glowering look was now almost incendiary. Spontaneous combustion seemed a distinct possibility.

“I guess it’s only fair that as I used a little coercion on you a couple of times, you should have the chance to balance the books. You know where I live. Why don’t you come around tomorrow and show me where I was going wrong. You’ll find I’m an excellent student.”

Chloe had to swallow a couple of times to stop herself screaming.

“Do you seriously think I’m going to come round to your place and continue this sort of thing?” she managed to say, almost stuttering in fury.

Ash regarded her thoughtfully, then reached out and cupped her breast, lightly rubbing her nipple with his thumb.

“Yes, I do,” he said. Rising he grabbed his clothes and dressed.

He bent and dropped a quick kiss on her.

“I’ll be home all day,” he said. “You can come any time and stay all day.”

Then he was gone. Chloe stared at the door as she started to gather her own clothes. She had a horrible feeling that the next day would find her knocking on Ash’s door.

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