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Long Way Home

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The flight had been a long one and he was exhausted. The trip had gone well, better than he had hoped, but a trip was never like being at home. He yearned for the feel of his own shower, his own bed, and his own surroundings. The plane began its descent and he felt the familiar tightening in his stomach as the pilot banked first left, then right, and finally leveled out for the final approach. As the wheels touched down, he instinctively reached for his cell phone and turned it on.

The flight attendants began their post-landing script as he watched the phone first boot up, then register the signal.

“…and do be careful when opening the overhead bins as items may have shifted during flight.”

He pushed the speed dial button for his house and placed the phone to his ear. It rang four times and then he heard his own voice speaking to him, “You have reached….” He sighed and hung up the phone, realizing that Dannie must be out. He unbuckled his seat belt as the plane approached the gate and then felt the phone vibrate. He pulled the phone from its holster and saw the new text message screen.

Hope you had a good trip. I’m going out with Nicky and Liz at 10:30. I’ll see you late. Love, D

He raised his eyebrows slightly before placing the phone back on his hip. He stood and arched his back, then opened the overhead bin and pulled out his overcoat and suitcase. He picked up his briefcase and headed for the exit.

“Goodbye, Mr. Grove,” said the first-class stewardess as she gestured to the door.

“Thank you, Suzanne. See you again soon, I’m sure.”

Grove ducked out of the door and walked up the gangway pulling his suitcase behind him. As he reached the terminal door he put on a faint smile, glad to be home. He walked toward the garage glancing from side to side, noting the shops. His meditation was broken by a loud voice.

“Yo, John-o!, Johnny-boy!”

John Grove paused his walk and closed his eyes tightly for one second, steeling himself for the encounter. He rallied, turned with conviction and put on a smile. “Hi, Fred, how are you?”

Fred Mercer grinned. “Fan-fucking-tastic,” he nearly shouted, causing several people to cut disapproving glances. “I just got back from Phoenix. I inked that Johnson deal and I’m ready to celebrate. You wanna get dinner and drinks? I’ll call Josie and you can call Dannie and we can make it a foursome. How about it?”

John inwardly thanked Dannie before turning on his best ‘I’m sorry’ smile. “Afraid we can’t, Fred. Dannie already has plans.”

The two men resumed walking. Fred said, “Well how about just you and me? We can get dinner and do the titty bars. It’ll be fun.”

A bare smirk crossed John’s face as he said, “That does sound tempting, but I just got back from Seattle and I’d really like to get home and relax.”

Fred chuffed. “Alright man, your loss. Some of those girls look like….” John let his mind drift as Fred talked about the relative merits of women in their early twenties he’d seen twirling on poles. Walking along they looked an odd pair. An overweight man of average height, Fred’s ruddy complexion and obvious lack of exercise made him look older than his 40 years. John looked like the sort of man who worked out regularly but not obsessively and who knew the value of dressing well. Even his glasses didn’t detract, and few would have guessed that John was five years older than his walking companion.

“…and they had the perkiest…,” Fred went on as they passed the security checkpoint. Fred’s monologue continued unabated as they approached baggage claim. As John turned toward the garage Fred asked, “Hey, don’t you have to get your luggage?”

John smiled. “Nope. Got it all right here.”

“How do you travel so light?”

“Practice I guess. Hey, Fred, I’m going to head on home. See you in the office next week.”

“Alright, man, enjoy your lonely night. I’m gonna see me some ladies,” Fred said with a large grin.

“You do that.”

Fred walked toward baggage claim as John turned left toward the parking deck. He found his car, put his luggage in the trunk, and opened the driver’s door. Moving through the faint smell of stale Armor-All he got in and started the car. The Benz’s engine purred to life and he backed out, glancing at the clock in the dash. He did the mental calculus, ‘7:30 now, 30 minutes to get home, about an hour to unpack, decompress, and shower. Go and get some dinner at about 9PM.’

He pulled up to the exit, handed his ticket to the attendant with the correct amount of cash, then smiled and waved as he pulled under the raised arm. He gently accelerated down Airport Road, then more forcefully as he took the onramp to the interstate. He got to his comfortable speed and settled in for the drive home. Had he come in two hours earlier the trip would have taken over an hour but by timing his return he missed rush hour and the irritation it brought.

John drove without aggression, making calm lane changes, passing and being passed. He reached the exit for his bedroom community and made the six turns between the interstate and his house with the ease of long practice. Despite being so close to the highway, his neighborhood had enough standing old trees that the feeling was one of a remote country lane. In a fluid motion he tapped the garage door remote and turned into his driveway, gliding under the lifting door and placing his car in the middle. He lowered the front windows as he turned off the car and closed the garage door. He exhaled and let his shoulders sag, relaxing into the moment. He retrieved his coat and suitcase, then walked up the five steps to the entry door. John entered the vestibule and passed into the kitchen where he noticed the flashing light on the answering machine. He tapped the button and heard that there was one old and one new message. He selected the old message first, noting the timestamp at 5:30PM.

A man’s voice came on, saying, “Hey Dannie, great to hear from you. I tried your cell phone but it didn’t go through so I thought I’d try here. It has been a while and I’d love to get together for drinks. The usual place at 10:30? I’ll be there unless I hear from you. And Dannie, wear that dress I like. See you later.”

John Grove crinkled his eyebrows together, clenched his jaws, pressed the delete button, and listened for the second time stamp. The next message had been left only a half hour before.

A woman’s voice said, “Hey John, it’s Bonnie. Welcome back. I hope you had a good trip. Listen, Dave called me and told me he’d be late again tonight so I was wondering if you’d be interested in dinner. Maybe you and Dannie can come over and the three of us can get a late bite. Give me a call when you’re in and let me know.”

Grove frowned and waited for the answering machine’s cycle to finish before deleting the second message. He went to the refrigerator, pulled out a bottle of Sam Adams ale, opened it, and took a long pull. He pursed his lips as he felt the cold liquid warming and chilling him simultaneously. He took another pull, then took two steps to the phone and picked it up. He used speed dial to call Bonnie Matthews.


“Hey, Bonnie? John Grove here.”

“Oh, hi John, thanks for calling back.”

“No worries. So is Dave being a weasel again?”

“Yes, he is,” Bonnie said. “Some days I think he only cares about his work, and other days I think he only cares about his dick.”

John raised his eyebrows. “Really? Well, I guess it’s natural. For all of us guys, I mean.”

He could hear the smirk on Bonnie’s face as she said, “Which part, the work or the prick?”

John chuckled. “Both.”

“Well, what about it, are you up for some dinner?”

“Sure, but Dannie isn’t here. She texted me earlier that she already had plans. It’ll just be me. You still want to?”

Two seconds passed before Bonnie said, “Yeah, John, I want to.”

“OK, well I just got in so give me time to get a shower and I’ll come pick you up. Be there in 45 minutes? About ten ’til 9?”

“That would be perfect.”

John asked, “Do you know where you want to eat? Or do you want to play it by ear?”

“I’ll see if I can think of something.”

“OK, then. See you soon.”

Bonnie whispered, “You bet.” Then she said, “Ten ’til 9. I’ll be waiting,” and hung up the phone.

John returned the phone to its cradle and took another drink of his beer. He looked at the bottle, then set it down and headed for the stairs. Once in the bedroom he opened his bag and extracted his toiletries case. He took the case to the bathroom, removed his electric razor, and began shaving. The half day’s growth came off easily, and once done he turned on the shower. As it warmed he stripped and then stepped into the shower. He grabbed the soap and began to lather his body, running his hands over his pectorals. There was a slight valley between them and they were prominent without looking like a body builder’s. They were covered with a light growth of salt and pepper hair and John scrubbed them before moving to his toned arms. He had pianist’s hands and they traveled to his abdomen and ran over the layer of fat that covered firm abdominal muscles. John had given up the illusion that he would have a ‘six-pack’, realizing that losing that much fat would make his face too gaunt. In the competition of vanities, what everyone could see won over what was seen by only a few.

John’s thoughts turned to Bonnie. Although her body type differed from his wife’s, Bonnie was very attractive. She was a librarian and usually dressed the part, with her hair in a bun and with reading glasses but also in skirts that were short and shirts that were fitted. Bonnie always looked smart but seemed to smolder with barely suppressed sexuality. The gaze from her dark blue eyes gave the feeling of a shared secret and many men had read too much into that look. Bonnie was capable of scathing rebuffs of unwanted advances and John had seen more than one man withered by her retorts.

His cock thickened. It was well proportioned like his hands, and he stroked it with soap covered fingers then rubbed his smooth scrotum. John kept his pubic hair shaved, another vanity that he indulged because he liked the feel. He had shaved that morning before leaving his hotel so there was only the faintest hint of stubble. His hands moved through the valleys created by his thighs and pelvis, then around to his buttocks and legs then put the soap away before wetting his hair. He shampooed and rinsed his hair and grabbed a towel, drying himself in the same pattern he used to wash.

His cock bobbed in the air and John caught sight of it in the mirror. He again thought of Bonnie, and a smirk crossed his face. He hung the towel and walked to the sink where he put a small amount of gel in his hair, applied cologne and deodorant, and critically looked over his naked form. Finally he turned and went to his dresser, extracting a form fitting black undershirt, sports briefs, and black socks. From the closet he selected a pair of black pleated pants, a burnt orange shirt, and a dark tan wool blazer before quickly dressing. He tied a pair of simple black dress shoes, loaded his wallet and keys in his pockets, and headed downstairs. John poured out the remainder of the beer before rinsing the bottle and placing it in the rack to dry. He left the kitchen and went to his car, inserting a CD of thumping sensual music as he backed out of the garage to go to the Matthews’ house.


Bonnie Matthews was putting on the last of her makeup when John arrived. She was wearing a form fitting ice blue blouse that in the right light would show a hint of lace bra and a slightly stretchy black skirt that hugged the curve of her hip. Bonnie had debated about hose and finally succumbed despite the summer heat but decided to forgo panties. A pair of cute black pumps adorned her feet. Her shoulder length dirty blond hair was in a tight bun and she smiled into the mirror as the doorbell rang. She took a midnight blue silk scarf as a wrap then glanced at her watch as she headed downstairs, noting that John was exactly one minute early.

As she reached the first floor she called, “I’ll be right there, John,” and grabbed her evening purse from the kitchen. She transferred the essentials from her main bag after her phone call with John and before the quick shower she had taken. Because she knew it would make her late, Bonnie had used great willpower to not masturbate in the shower but she had washed thoroughly and noted the slickness between her lips.

Bonnie opened the door and smiled at John who was turned in profile, looking down her street. He smiled at her before extending an arm to usher her toward his car. She closed and locked the door to her house, then walked down the steps. John opened the car door then closed it after she was in and went around to his seat. He started the car and backed out while the music resumed.

“Hmm, good song. What is it?” Bonnie asked.

“A band called Loop Doctors. From Vienna, I think. Heard them on the internet.”

“Hmm, aren’t you eclectic?”

John grinned as he turned out of the neighborhood. “Thought about where you want to eat?”

“Some. But I couldn’t come to any conclusion,” she replied.

“OK, how about Morel’s on High Street? Dannie and I have eaten there before. The owner is a friend so even though it’s Friday I think we could still get in.”

Bonnie licked her lips. “Sounds good to me.”

As John drove he slipped on a Bluetooth headset and dialed his cell phone. In a few short sentences he arranged for the belated reservation. Fifteen minutes later he was parking and soon after that he and Bonnie were seated at a table. They ordered drinks and heard about the specials, then looked at each other as the waiter retreated.

John said, “So how are the kids?”

Bonnie sighed. “They’re OK, but you know how it is. There’s always something they have to go to.”

“I didn’t see any sign of them when I picked you up. They off at practices?”

“No, not on a Friday. Bobby got invited to Jimmy Tyndall’s and Sarah has a party tonight.”

John raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t Sarah twelve? She has a party?”

“It’s a sleepover birthday party for Mary Hopkins.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” John said. “We haven’t had as much of that to worry about lately. Since Jack went to college and Claire went to Northwood we’ve had an empty nest.”

Bonnie looked thoughtful. “How has that been? Has it been hard on you?”

“Some, but not as bad as I’d feared. It bothers Dannie some, but she also likes the freedom. We’ve been to visit both of them and I think that helped. Let us both feel they were doing OK but we also saw they missed us.” John grinned sheepishly. “Makes you feel good and bad at the same time.”

“I guess I could see that,” Bonnie said.

The waiter returned with their drinks and took their order. John sipped his gibson while Bonnie enjoyed a glass of pinot noir. They continued making small talk about their children and their work as they each enjoyed a relaxed meal. As the plates were cleared John asked if Bonnie wanted desert and she turned it back to him.

“Perhaps, but not here,” John said. “How about drinks instead?”

“I could go for that. Here?”

John said, “How about a place with some dancing?”

“Hmm, that would be fun,” Bonnie said with a smile.

John signaled the waiter, paid the check, and then stood to take Bonnie’s chair as she rose. As they passed the maître d’s podium John saw his friend and they spoke briefly. Bonnie thanked John’s friend for an excellent meal and for getting them seated on a busy Friday.

As Bonnie and John went to his car, Bonnie asked, “So where do you have in mind?”

“You know, the Hilton has a good bar and a good dance floor. One of Dannie’s old friends is managing it now and he’s turned it into a hot spot.”

“I’ve heard it’s getting more popular, but isn’t it kind of a gay bar?” Bonnie asked.

“I guess,” he replied. “Is that OK?”

“Sure, fine by me if you don’t mind.”

“No, doesn’t bother me.”


They listened to the music and as they drove a sporadic rain began to fall. They reached the Hilton in ten minutes and as they approached the hotel Bonnie extracted her credit card and ID from her purse. John dropped Bonnie at the door then parked the car and tucked her purse into the center console. He considered bringing his umbrella but decided he didn’t want to have to keep track of it and so dashed across the parking lot to the entrance. He ended up with a slight glint in his hair and a few rain spots on his jacket. He entered the lobby and scanned the room but Bonnie was not in sight.

John looked toward the restrooms and then walked over to use the men’s. He came out, again looked for Bonnie, didn’t see her, and decided to go into the bar. It took a second for his eyes to adjust then he spotted Bonnie as she was getting a wine glass from the bartender. He walked over and eased behind her.

“Thought I might have lost you,” he whispered in her ear.

“Oh, no, John, you won’t lose me that easily.”

John ordered a glass of wine and looked around for an available table. He spotted one and pointed it out to Bonnie, and they both took their drinks and went to it. The dance floor was full with men and women grinding to a bass beat and the table provided a good view. They both started people watching and after a few minutes they began to comment to each other.

“Look at her, she’s barely got anything on.”

“Man, those two guys look like they’re trying to fuck on the floor.”

“Look at that guy, sandwiched between two girls.”

“Wow, that man has some serious moves. I wish I could move like that.”

“If she keeps bouncing like that her breasts are going to pop out of that blouse.”

They continued their observations for several songs and noted the waxing and waning of the population depending on the song. Finally, a sexy thump started up and people seemed to materialize. Bonnie got up and grabbed John’s hand, pulling him to the floor. He resisted slightly, then grinned as he rose and followed her. He faced her, began to gyrate his hips in time with the music, and then Bonnie placed one of her legs between his and matched his rhythm. After about a minute, John put his hands on her hips and turned her around, putting his knees behind hers and pulling her ass into the greater than sign formed by his legs and abdomen. Bonnie’s ass brushed the fabric over John’s cock and she could feel it stiffen. They continued to grind each other though the song but the dance floor was so full that no one noticed them. Several times during the dance John’s hand slipped around to stroke Bonnie’s tummy making her nipples harden.

The song came to an end and another song with a slightly faster beat started up. A third of the dancers left the floor, leaving John and Bonnie and about 20 other couples of all combinations still dancing. With the more open floor John and Bonnie started to move freely, separating and coming together again. They also began to look at their fellow dancers.

There were two lesbian couples that remained on the fringes looking uncomfortable. Most of the couples were gay, with a wide range of ages and dancing styles. The younger couples tended to get very physical while the older men touched each other and kept spying the younger ones, often with hungry looks. There were five other hetero couples and they, too, represented a range of styles. Two were young white professional couples that looked nervous and one was older, not moving as much but touching each other and feeding off the energy.

The next song had a similar beat. Another third of the couples left the floor and it became much easier to see everyone there. John and Bonnie continued their face to face moves and then John spun her around again and snuggled her hips to his. He turned her so that they could grind and watch all the remaining couples. After two minutes, Bonnie leaned her head back and John leaned his in to hear her.

“Do you see her, John? Isn’t she the hottest thing ever?”

John looked to where Bonnie pointed her nose and saw. There was another couple not quite in the middle of the floor. The man was white and looked tanned, just slightly shorter than John with a build that was slightly heavier. His hair was long and well cut, and he wore tan pants with a black or blue shirt that was open at the neck. He sported a grin that reflected happiness and concentration. He moved his hands up and down the sides of the woman he danced with and obviously enjoyed the touches with her hips and breasts.

She was black, with shoulder length hair that just brushed the top of her dress. The dress was a patterned wrap, coming down between her breasts and highlighting their size. Her hips were full and were gyrating in perfect time with the music as she went up and down the front of her partner, the rear hem of her dress rising as she went down highlighting her rubbing of his cock with her ass. Her feet tapped out a tattoo and her calf muscles were tight with the work of keeping balance in black pumps. When her dress rose, her thighs looked smooth and firm.

John let out a soft grunt that would have been inaudible except that his mouth was at Bonnie’s ear. John turned his chin and rubbed against Bonnie’s face as they slowed to watch. After a second, John pulled his head back and started gyrating again, this time gripping Bonnie’s hips and pulling her roughly into him, grinding his cock against her ass. She grinned.

The dance continued and the two couples worked harder and harder until the beat changed again, slowing. Bonnie pulled away from John and said, “I’m thirsty, get me a drink. I’ll be right back.” She started toward the door. John stood, frozen for a second before exhaling through pursed lips.

John ordered two glasses of wine and a bottle of water, paid, and took one glass while he leaned against the bar. He looked to the entrance but still did not see Bonnie, then looked back to the dance floor. The interracial couple was still going, this time gyrating very slowly and sensually. The song changed and the tempo increased. The couple turned toward each other and they each took turns dipping, miming having oral sex with each other. John’s eyes opened wider and he took in a deep breath.

“Wine and water, smart man,” Bonnie said with a grin.

John started slightly then smiled. “Don’t want to get dehydrated. Bad for my moves on the dance floor.”

“You, my friend, have no worries about your moves,” Bonnie said as she took a swallow of the water. She picked up the wine glass and started drinking.

The song ended and the interracial couple left the floor, heading away from the bar toward booths and tables on the far side of the club. Other couples came and went, and the floor remained respectably full without being crowded. Bonnie and John continued to drink. As they each finished their glasses John picked up the water bottle and took a large gulp before offering it to Bonnie. She nodded and finished it.

She asked, “Ready for more dancing?”


They went to the floor and started dancing hard to the beat. They tried to replicate the moves of the interracial couple, first by performing mock-fellatio on one another, then by Bonnie turning away from John and grinding hard against his cock. Bonnie’s skirt was too tight to rise with each dip, but it did rise steadily showing more of her hose-covered thighs. While she moved up and down John let his hands roam over her, and after a bit he started tugging her skirt a little higher with each trip. Finally, John had her skirt up enough to touch her ass and he slipped his thumb under the hem and stroked it up toward the top of her cleft. He then slid the skirt back down and turned Bonnie around pulling her close to his chest.

“You,” John said in a hoarse whisper, “are sans panties.”

“You,” Bonnie said back in the same whisper, “are correct.”

John spun her around and pulled her roughly into his pelvis, grinding against her. The beat changed again and the pair started to move faster, separating slightly. The interracial couple came back onto the dance floor, taking a position near John and Bonnie. The two couples were in rhythm with the music but not with each other, then over the next minute they gradually synched up and created a four body dance. Each pair remained but they all moved together. Grinding became interlocked legs swinging became pelvis twisting as the foursome danced through three consecutive songs. Near the end of the fourth, the black woman grabbed Bonnie’s hand and pulled her away, leading her to the door. The two men stopped dancing and looked at each other. Each shrugged and then they turned away, John heading to the bar and the other man heading to the table he was at previously.

John ordered another two glasses of wine and started sipping his. After three more songs he saw Bonnie and the other woman reenter the club and each head to their respective man. As Bonnie approached John handed her the glass. She took a large drink of the wine and smiled at John.

John asked, “So are you worn out?”

“Not unless you are,” she replied. “You want to dance some more?”

“Maybe in a minute.”

They remained at the bar, drinking their wine. Another song with a great beat started and the interracial couple returned to the dance floor. Bonnie and John saw them, and Bonnie put her hand on John’s hip and pulled him closer. He wrapped a hand around her waist. The interracial couple ground with each other and then as the song ended, the woman gripped the man’s hand and pulled him toward the lobby.

Bonnie and John both finished their drinks and Bonnie pulled them back to the dance floor. They ground for two more songs, both of them getting more excited. John’s cock was mostly hard and Bonnie could feel the wetness that was about to soak through her hose. They left the floor together and then John signaled the bartender for two bottles of water. He paid and they started toward the door. As they approached the lights of the lobby Bonnie reached into the pocket of her skirt and pulled out three cards.

John raised an eyebrow as he saw the extra card. “Is that a room key?”

Bonnie smiled. “It is. Room 7503.”

“Did you plan this?”

“No, John, I didn’t. It’s not my room.”


They started toward the elevators, got into one that was open. She pressed ‘7’, the doors closed, and John pulled Bonnie to him, pressing his hip into hers. He dipped his head and kissed her softly. The elevator dinged and the door opened. They exited, turned left, and headed toward the room. At the door Bonnie used the card, saw the green light, and turned the handle.

The space inside the door was dark but there was soft light coming from the main part of the room. Shadows moved as John and Bonnie entered but they couldn’t see anyone. The door closed and they felt heat coming from the open bathroom door to the right. As they passed the closet they could see the main part of the large room. There was a king sized bed in an alcove to the left separated by a half-wall and to the right was a couch visible in the flickering light of a plasma TV.

In front of the couch stood the man from the dance floor. He was naked and his hair was damp. He held his hands above his head and his deltoids bunched at his shoulders. He had a bare chest and looked to be muscular but with a layer of padding, like an athlete in the off-season. His pubic hair was shaved and his cock jutted before him, slightly longer than average. The black woman was on her knees in front of him, gripping his hips and sucking on his cock. She still had her dress on though it was twisted slightly. Her shoes were off and her bare toes curled as she sucked.

“Ohh, fuck,” the man moaned. “Jesus, Beth, that’s amazing.”

Beth continued to pull his hips toward her and took his cock in deeper and deeper. The man moaned some more and she pulled back, turning to face John and Bonnie. “Mike, we seem to have company.”

Mike grinned. “The more the merrier,” he said.

Beth turned back and resumed sucking. After another minute he pulled her up and kissed her as he ran his hands down her back. He turned her and pulled her head back, dipping his head down to kiss her neck. Mike’s right hand reached around and passed between the folds of the wrap dress, cupping Beth’s breast.

John let out his breath, audible in the quiet room. Bonnie put her hand on his hip, pulled gently, and John started to move. They entered the bathroom together.

John turned on the lights over the sink, cutting the darkness. In the subdued light they saw a spacious bathroom with a walk-in shower that had two heads on opposite walls. Bonnie opened the door and turned both shower faucets. She went to John and put her hands on his chest. Starting slowly, they unbuttoned each others shirts, then quickened as they each stripped. Bonnie shed her shoes, shirt, skirt, hose, and bra and entered the shower, testing the water. John followed her, his underwear tenting as he stripped. Once naked he got in the shower, his cock bobbing in front of him.

John grabbed the soap and lathered it in his hands before passing it to Bonnie. He started to soap her neck and shoulders, then under her arms and along her sides. She started soaping his chest and shoulders and their arms tangled as they scrabbled for purchase on each other’s bodies. Bonnie grabbed John’s hips and twisted him, turning him away from her. She washed his back and then knelt and did his legs, running her hands up each one to the hip without touching his cock. Finally she stood and soaped his ass, running her hands underneath, gliding across his anus and then cupping his balls in her left hand. She reached around with her right and soaped his cock.

John moaned and put his hands on the wall next to the shower head.

After ten seconds John brushed her hands away and turned around. He retrieved the soap and turned Bonnie around, kneeling and washing her back and ass. He rubbed his thumbs at the top of her ass, working the base of her spine where her skin dimpled slightly. He let the water rinse the soap and then leaned forward, sticking out his tongue and licking the top of the cleft. He washed each leg and then reached around her, cupping and washing her breasts before standing and letting his arms drop. He soaped his hands and put them between her legs, one in front and one behind. He slowly put his fingers into each fold, front and back, before bringing his left hand up to scrub lightly at the small triangle of light brown hair above her clitoris. He let the water rinse, rubbing her all over before turning her back around. He kneeled again, this time putting his face at her crotch. He nuzzled the small pooch that childbearing had left above her pubic bone as he reached up and cupped both breasts. He licked the grooves created by thighs and pussy. He looked up and grinned, then bent back and sucked in the small triangle of hair biting it lightly. Simultaneously, he pinched both nipples and tugged at the triangle.

Bonnie moaned and put her hands out to the walls to brace herself.

Bonnie pushed John away, opened the door, stepped out, and grabbed a towel. She dried as John turned off the showers and stepped out. He dried quickly and followed Bonnie into the main room.

In the spot where Beth had been blowing Mike the wrap dress sat like a shed skin. John and Bonnie turned left and saw Mike on the bed, lying back with his knees at the edge and with a corner of the bed between them. Beth stood, knees locked, bent at the waist. Her hands were on the bed providing support as she bobbed her head, fellating Mike. Beth’s ass shook slightly with each movement creating a slow rhythm. She now wore only a maroon-colored bra and the lips of her pussy glistened between her thighs.

Mike lifted his head. “They’re back.”

Beth stopped bobbing and with her mouth full of Mike’s cock hummed, “Uh-huh.” She rose slowly, sucking his cock so that Mike’s skin tented until the head came out with a soft pop. Beth turned toward the newly washed couple and kissed Bonnie, their tongues playing. They separated and Beth stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Bonnie looked up at John, then at Mike. She looked back to John, cocked an eyebrow, grabbed his cock, and pulled him toward the bed.

Bonnie went to the corner of the bed where Beth had been standing and assumed the same pose, knees locked and bent at the hips, and started sucking Mike’s cock. Bonnie’s breasts brushed the comforter with each dip and the motion caused her ass to tremble slightly.

John came up behind her and kneeled. He put his hand between her knees and twisted, causing Bonnie to move her feet apart. He looked between her thighs and saw Bonnie’s mouth on Mike’s cock, her breasts flattening on the comforter, the curve of her belly above the triangle of hair, her pussy and her anus. Bonnie’s pussy was shaved except for the triangle of hair above her clit and her inner lips were prominent and flushed, a sheen of moisture between them. John sat on the floor, sliding his legs between Bonnie’s and under the bed, putting his head level with her pussy and ass. He slid forward and gripped the cheeks of her ass, parting them. He tipped his head slightly to the right and sucked in the curve of flesh at the junction of Bonnie’s ass and pussy, taking the small mound into his mouth. He licked and sucked the left mound then turned his head and did the same to the right. Bonnie’s rocking forced John to rock and he entered the rhythm easily.

Mike’s breathing gradually sped up as the force of Bonnie’s sucking increased. John pulled again at Bonnie’s ass causing her lips to part, revealing the pink opening of her vagina. John leaned forward and stuck out his tongue, licking around the opening and along the lips for about a minute before forming his tongue into a small penis and sticking it into her. Bonnie hummed a moan as she continued to suck on Mike’s cock. After fucking Bonnie with his tongue for a few dozen strokes, he pulled his tongue back and formed it into a boat shape, placed his nose at her opening, and then cupped her clitoris with his tongue. He could feel her wetness coating his face and she paused for a second before resuming her blow job.

“That,” came a voice from behind, “is a sight.”

John continued to suck on Bonnie’s clitoris for another minute before pulling his face back and reclining onto his elbows. In front of him he could see Bonnie and Mike shifting on the bed and behind he could see Beth, slightly damp from the shower towering over him. She was slightly taller than Bonnie, had skin that was the color of milk chocolate, muscular legs, a completely shaved pussy, a belly that showed a hint of a scar and slight looseness from childbearing, and very full breasts. From John’s angle, Beth’s nipples looked very prominent and her areolas were crinkled.

“You just planning to stare?” Beth asked as she stepped toward him.

John stood and looked at the bed. Mike had slid back so that his feet dangled just past the edge. His legs were now together and Bonnie had turned to straddle him in a reverse cowgirl. She gripped Mike’s cock as she placed it at the entrance to her pussy. She slid down onto it and put one hand back onto Mike’s chest to brace herself. She started bouncing rhythmically on his cock.

Beth stepped between John and the bed and bent forward in front of him. Beth put one knee on the bed and leaned in, taking one of Bonnie’s nipples in her mouth. Beth sucked as Bonnie bounced then took in the other breast. John reached his hand between Beth’s legs and started stroking her, fanning his fingers as he pulled them back, dipping the middle finger into her slick cleft. He returned his hand to her pubis and started stroking again, this time moving his slick middle finger over Beth’s clitoris, then sawing back and forth over it for several strokes before sliding back again to gather moisture from her folds. He did this for several languid passes as Bonnie fucked Mike and as Beth sucked on Bonnie’s nipples.

Without warning, John pulled his hand back and gripped Beth’s hips. John pointed his cock at Beth’s pussy and pulled her back, causing her to let go of Bonnie’s nipple with a pop. He pushed his stiff cock into Beth’s wet opening, moaning as he pulled her back over several strokes before pushing her forward with his hips. John thrust harder and harder, pushing Beth forward until her face was again at Bonnie’s nipples. Beth sucked one in and bit down lightly as John pushed into her. Mike’s thrusting was becoming more insistent and Bonnie was bouncing higher, causing Beth to tug harder at Bonnie’s nipple. After another minute, Mike pumped hard lifting Bonnie up and forcing Beth to release the nipple. Mike groaned as his orgasm pulsed and the portion of his cock visible under Bonnie’s pussy twitched. Bonnie reached down to stroke herself and Mike’s cock as he slowed down.

John pulled Beth back toward him and thrust harder as Beth dipped down, resting her elbows on the bed. After two dozen more strokes John pulled back, his cock gleaming with Beth’s moisture. John reached forward and tapped Beth’s hip, after which she leaned and then rolled onto her back, legs dangling off the edge of the bed. John grabbed a pillow from the bed, reached down and took Beth’s knees, lifted her legs and placed the pillow under her ass. With Beth’s pussy in line with his cock, John thrust forward and started fucking her again.

Beth caught Bonnie’s eye and grinned. Bonnie slid over Beth’s face so that Bonnie was facing the thrusting John and placed her wet pussy over Beth’s open mouth. Beth started to suck at Bonnie’s moist lips and forced her tongue into Bonnie’s opening, pulling out the moisture. John’s thrusting caused Beth’s face to slide along Bonnie’s pussy and after Beth had sucked out Bonnie and Mike’s combined fluids she moved her tongue to Bonnie’s clitoris. Beth timed the flicks of her tongue with John’s thrusts so that the rhythm was doubled and after about a minute Bonnie started to moan loudly.

Mike moved behind Bonnie and started to kiss her neck while reaching his arms around to knead her breasts. Beth reached her hands around Bonnie’s ass and pulled so that Bonnie’s pussy was pressed harder against Beth’s face. This continued for another dozen thrusts by John before Bonnie let out a guttural moan and shuddered, clamping her thighs around Beth’s face. Bonnie’s breathing settled and she lifted herself off Beth before rolling onto her back and lying on the bed.

John picked up his pace. Mike moved around and started to kiss Beth on the mouth and neck before moving to her left breast and sucking in her nipple. Mike rubbed his hands along Beth’s body, stroking her soft belly in rhythm with John’s fucking. Now recovered, Bonnie moved to Beth’s right breast and sucked in that nipple, joining her hands with Mike’s and caressing Beth’s body. Beth moved so that she could touch them, her right tweaking Bonnie’s nipples and her left pulling on Mike’s stiffening cock. Bonnie moved her right hand down to Beth’s pussy, made her fingers into a ‘V’ shape, and rubbed Beth’s lips as they were pulled in and out by John’s cock. Bonnie used the ridge at the base of her fingers to press on Beth’s clitoris and the pressure caught Beth off guard. Beth rocked in orgasm sooner than she had expected, yelling out and lifting her head off the bed.

Beth’s pussy twitched around John’s cock bringing him near to orgasm. He slowed and after Beth stilled he pulled out and put his cock into Bonnie’s hand. Bonnie tugged on it and John mounted the bed putting his rigid member near Bonnie’s mouth. She sucked him in eagerly and after only a few thrusts John cried out and gripped Bonnie’s shoulder to steady himself. John’s cock pulsed as he came into Bonnie’s mouth and she gulped down his load.

John relaxed and placed his head on Beth’s tummy as he lay down. Beth smiled and stroked John’s hair as she watched Mike go around the bed and kneel before Bonnie. Bonnie slid forward and put her knees on either side of Mike bringing her chest near his face. He licked the furrow between her breasts and reached his arms around to stroke her back, running his hands from shoulders to ass in long sweeps as he moved his face up and down. Mike lowered his head and licked the grooves created by thigh and hip then began slowly rubbing his face along the inner aspect of each of Bonnie’s thighs, touching his nose on her pussy with each pass. As Mike continued his dipping into Bonnie’s center, John and Beth reached over and began to stroke Bonnie’s back and chest.

After a few minutes of slow and sensual rubbing, John slid himself over to the other side of the bed and lay with his knees at the edge, his feet on the floor. He grabbed a pillow to elevate his head and then pulled Beth’s wrist toward him. She came over and straddled his face in a ’69’ position and John began licking Beth’s thighs, gradually nearing her pussy. Beth put her head down and extended her arms down his thighs. As John licked her pussy Beth became wetter, her lips swelled, and her nipples crinkled. After a few minutes Beth and John felt the bed shift and a shadow passed over John’s face.

Mike’s rigid cock appeared in John’s view. Beth’s wet and pink pussy gaped slightly as she lifted her hips in response to tugging from Mike. John had a clear view as Mike’s rigid shaft slowly entered Beth’s pussy, and he could see the tug of skin as the cock first entered, then retreated. Beth turned her face and John could feel her breath on his own cock as her excitement grew. Beth licked John’s shaft and his scrotum before pulling in one of his testicles and gently sucking.

John watched Mike’s methodical pumping for a few minutes, then felt Beth’s head move off his own groin. He felt another shift in the bed and then felt wetness and heat envelop his cock as Bonnie lowered herself onto his shaft. He could see and feel Beth shifting over him and heard gentle sucking sounds as Beth started in on Bonnie’s breasts. Mike continued his slow pumping in and out of Beth and John watched with wonder at the sight. The white skin of Mike’s shaved cock and balls created a fantastic contrast with the pink and chocolate colors of Beth’s shaved pussy. John reached his hands up around Beth’s waist and pulled slightly, bringing her pussy closer to his mouth and Mike shifted his position to continue his thrusts.

Beth sucked on Bonnie’s breasts as Bonnie rose and fell on John’s cock. Beth could hear the moist sounds as Bonnie fucked John and John heard the same sounds as Mike fucked Beth. John tipped his chin, lifted his head, and began to lick around Beth’s pussy, gradually getting nearer to the place where Mike’s shaft penetrated her. Finally, John’s tongue extended and rubbed Beth’s clitoris as the tip of his tongue touched Mike’s shaft. John became bolder and started to lick around Beth’s lips, touching more of Mike’s cock. Then, Mike’s cock slipped out of Beth’s pussy and bumped John’s lips. John opened his mouth and accepted the slow thrust, sucking in Mike’s cock and Beth’s moisture.

Mike took his left hand and braced himself on Beth’s hip while he put his right on the base of his cock. Mike pulled out of John’s mouth and guided his cock back toward Beth’s pussy, thrusting for several strokes before pulling out and guiding his cock toward John’s mouth for several strokes. Mike continued this alternation for several minutes while John went from sucking Mike’s cock to sucking on Beth’s clitoris. Beth stopped sucking on Bonnie’s breasts and rested her head on Bonnie’s thigh as Bonnie continued to rise and fall on John’s cock.

Beth kissed and bit Bonnie’s thigh as Beth neared orgasm. Bonnie reached down and stroked her own clitoris as she watched Mike, Beth, and John. Bonnie couldn’t see John sucking Mike’s cock but she could see Mike shifting his thrusts and could feel change in movement, the thrusts being transmitted through Beth, then through John. John started to tense his thighs as he became more excited causing Bonnie to increase her pace.

Everyone’s breathing became more intense. Mike was the first to come, his breath hitching as he pulled from Beth’s pussy and guided his cock to John’s mouth. John’s lips closed around the base of Mike’s cock as Mike spurted his second orgasm. John swallowed as Mike pulled back and collapsed on the bed.

John circled Beth’s hips with his arm and pulled her down, clamping his mouth over her swollen clitoris. He sucked roughly and licked the bud as his own orgasm built. Beth lifted her head from Bonnie’s thigh and moved to her pussy. Beth’s tongue found the triangle of hair and bit down on it, pulling it. Bonnie cried out in pain and pleasure as she came, her pussy clamping down on John’s cock. The sensation pushed John over the edge and he pushed his hips against Bonnie and hummed deeply. With his orgasm, John pressed his tongue firmly against Beth’s clitoris, providing the final stimulation she needed for her orgasm.

Everyone lay on the bed for several minutes and relaxed. Finally, John got up, went to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. He entered and began slowly washing himself. Beth soon came in entered the shower, taking the soap from John.

John smiled warmly. “That was amazing,” he said.

“I’m glad you liked it,” she said. “Wash my back?”


They washed each other slowly for several minutes enjoying the sensations but without an overtly sexual agenda. As they rinsed, John asked, “Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd?”

Beth grinned. “That’s right. I knew you would get the Hilton reference. So, was it everything you wanted?”

John looked into her eyes. “It was pretty damn good. How was it for you, Dannie?”

Beth/Dannie grinned. “Oh, it was great for me.”

They hugged each other as the water cascaded over them. After a moment John asked, “Should we let Bonnie and Dave have the room?”

“I guess it depends,” Dannie replied. “You up for another session?”

“I don’t know if I have it in me. It’s tough being an old man.”

Dannie said, “Then let’s go home and recharge for another day.”

“That, my love, sounds perfect.”

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