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As I get closer to the door, I can see there is a note attached to the front door. As I get close enough to read it, I see that she is awaiting my arrival. Out of politeness, I knock on the door and wait a moment. Then the door opens. It is Robert. He is partially dressed in a tuxedo and it appears he is getting ready for an evening out. I say good evening to him.

“Janet….I mean Mistress…. is awaiting your arrival. Mistress is in the bedroom.”

“Thank you Robert,” I reply and make my way past him and into the house.

As I move towards the bedroom, I am attempting to sort out in my mind what exactly is going on here. As I see the bedroom door, my mind quickly turned to Mistress. I knock gently at the door. Mistress responds from afar and instructs me to strip and when naked except for my underwear I should enter the room. I, of course, immediately respond and quickly strip off my clothing and place them on a nearby chair.

I then slide the door open. Mistress is standing in the middle of the room, dripping wet….with a towel covering her as best as it possibly can. I stare slightly, but Mistress quickly snaps me back to reality.

“The panties look lovely on you dear. I love the sexy lace touch too. They look so feminine. I see that you must also be enjoying them as your….excuse me… cock appears to be very aroused.”

Yes, her cock was attempting to poke a hole in the delicate material of the panties. With the soft silky material caressing it, well, it just has to respond.

“Tell you what, my precious, why don’t you just remove the panties for now, so I can see that I have your complete attention.”

“Of course Mistress,” I reply.

“Well, enough about my cock. Robert and I have to attend a function this evening. You are here to attend to me and my needs. Do you think you can handle this assignment my pet?”

“Oh yes Mistress,” I reply. “Thank you so very much for thinking of me.”

With that I immediately fall to my knees. Mistress proceeds to laugh at me.

“Get up pet…you will hardly be able to take care of me from that position. At least right now.”

I then rebound up to my feet.

“Now pet, begin with me. As you can see, I am still dripping wet. You will dry me off. Gently pat me. Remember, I am very delicate…very sensual….very loving. Treat me that way,”

“Yes Mistress,” I softly respond.

I slowly remove the towel which was wrapping her body. I began with her back and her shoulders…gently patting her…absorbing the water into the thick, plush towel. As I completed her shoulders, I gently caressed her neck with a few delicate, light kisses.

I then lowered my attention to her ass and below. Kneeling myself upon the ground. Again gently patting her dry. Slowly working my way down her long lean legs. When I was finished, I knelt in an upright position and Mistress turned towards me. When she turned, her beautiful shaved sex was immediately in front of my face. My initial reaction was to lean forward and kiss her, but I knew I would be out of line there. I then returned to the floor and began toweling the front of her feet…her instep and toes.

When dry, I gently kissed her toes and her feet very lovingly. Then I continue up her legs. Patting her dry and caressing her legs with my fingers, ever so lightly, as I moved higher. When I arrived at her thighs, I tenderly kissed the insides of her thighs. I suddenly felt her fingers in my hair….rustling through it. I then moved myself higher…Her hands still upon me.

I was now caressing her breasts with the towel. When dry, I felt her hands grasping against my head pulling me towards her breast. I instinctively sucked upon her nipple. Bathing it with my tongue…..caressing it ever so lovingly, back and forth. Feeling it grow firmer in my mouth. Now a distinct, hardened bud was within my mouth as I continued caressing it so tenderly. Then turning my attention to her other nipple. I very slowly began running my tongue along it sensing it harden. I then sensed Mistress softly sigh. Her slight moan, increasing my desire to please her.

Then I feel her sex begin to slowly enclose my cock. She was so aroused. The sensations were driving me crazy. Feeling myself growing larger and harder within her, while I was also attempting to concentrate on her lovely breasts. She then pulled me close to her as I began to feel her hips grind into me. I wrapped my arms around her. I felt her hair as it draped across my shoulders.

“Don’t you dare come, my precious…this is for me…not you,” she whispered in my ear.

Then I felt her begin to gyrate in and out…her hips slamming into mine as I attempted to keep her nipples aroused.

I raised my head and held onto her very tight. Wrapping my arms around her…kissing her neck. She began to moan… groan…. as she continued her wild rhythm. She finally screamed out in ecstasy as I attempted to meet her thrusts. Then she slowly eased…and then removed herself from me. Her face looking very flushed, but at the same time, very content.

“Very nice little one. I see my cock is still at attention as well. You are very good to me. Now I must sit down, but I expect you to continue where we left off.”

As Mistress sat down at her table, I obtained the brush and began to brush out her long, luxurious hair. Very slowly…insuring that I brushed out the entire length, as she has taught me. With each additional brush store, her hair seemed to be more lovely, if that is possible. When that task was finished, Mistress instructed me to obtain a pair of silky black hose,

“Now you know what is next my pet.”

With that, I knelt in front of her and she spread her legs around me. I began with her toes and softly, lovingly kissed my way from her toes to her thighs. Running my tongue along her delicate skin. As I moved higher upon her thigh, I could sense her shudder ever so slightly. I then softly kissed her sex, which had beads of pleasurable dew forming upon it.

I then returned to the opposite foot and again worked my way higher and higher. Again, I ran my tongue along Mistress’ inner thigh. This time the shudder was much more distinct and was followed by a soft moan. Now her fingers were upon my head. I moved to kiss her lips again, but as I did so, she pushed my tongue completely into her. My tongue instinctively delved deep within her.

Her clit was as erect as her nipples from before. I began to attempt to tease it…and her, but she was having no part of it. She held my head in place exactly where she wished and instructed me to lick…. faster…and harder. I flicked at her clit as diligently as I could. My tongue flicking it…back and forth. Feeling her legs tighten upon me. Pulling me as close to her as possible. Hearing the moaning…..the sighs……and then finally a very loud moan …YES …YES…YES….oh my……and then she trailed off…..and seemed to collapse….and released me.

I slowly pulled myself away. Then lovingly kissed her there one more time. My mouth and face covered in her juices. She smiled softly at me. Then pointed towards her legs again. I picked up the stockings as I began to place them on her legs. Her eyes were closed at my latest glance. Just kind of lost there. I slowly slid the stockings up her legs and when upon her thighs, my hands gradually caressed her legs on the way down.

She then spoke softly. “The panties and bra next, precious.”

I retrieved both. I fastened the bra upon her. After the clasp was secured, I gently kissed the back of her neck and whispered a very soft “Thank You Mistress” in her ear. Then I moved in front of her. She smiled as I knelt in front of her and held out the panties. She then arose and stepped into them.

“Now love, the black dress hanging on the door please.”

I turned and immediately saw it. A short black dress, with spaghetti type straps. She will look gorgeous in it.

I return and hold the dress as Mistress raises her arms and the dress gracefully settles upon her lovely shoulders. She then sits back down.

“Now pet, my heels the black ones with the ankle straps.”

I sigh softly. I’m sure Mistress knows how devastatingly gorgeous she will look in her attire this evening. Upon retrieving the sexy shoes I return and she extends out a foot. I place her foot inside the shoe and secure the ankle strap. Then I return and do the same with the other foot. They definitely look so beautiful on her feet.

“Mistress…may I please kiss your shoes…your feet? You look so ravishing this evening.”

“I would love you to my precious, but time is short and I must depart. However I do have special surprise for you.”

I immediately get excited…and Mistress smiles.

“Please come over here pet.”

She motions me towards the bed. I move towards her. Then she shows me half of a set of leather restraints. The other half secured to the bed.

“Now give me your wrist dear,” and I reluctantly do as instructed.

“Very good my pet. Now I know exactly where you’ll be when I return this evening. Even though I left one hand free, you had better not play with yourself…or else.”

She walked over towards the dressing table again and found a gold necklace to complement her attire.

“They’re perfect. Don’t you think so pet?”

She looking ravishing. her hair silky, short black dress, gold necklace, silk stockings and ankle strap on heels covering her gorgeous legs.

“Yes, Mistress, you look absolutely ravishing tonight.”

“Thank you love. Oh and by the way, I have one more little treat for you.”

With that Mistress shows me a black leather blindfold in her hand and strolls back towards me. She then leans over and places it over my eyes.

“Now you’ll just have to stay here and think of only me. Maybe if you’re lucky, I will use you again for my pleasure when I return.”

Then suddenly, I felt her lips upon mine, and her tongue probing deeply within my mouth as I attempt to return her kiss. Then she breaks the kiss.

“Nite my precious…hope you have a wonderful evening. I know I will…and I’ll also know that you are here awaiting my return.”

With that, I heard her move away. I hear a slight misting of her favorite fragrance…then the door shut and I am left with my thoughts and her wondrous scent…awaiting her return.

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