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Practical Ethics

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You sit there bending over your work, and then you stretch, you lean back on the sofa with your arms behind your head and fluff up your hair, and I see your nipples jutting out in excitement through your bra, through your shirt, and then you say,

“I must make some tea,” you leave the room. I pause. Mustn’t leave too soon after you, the two events aren’t connected. Some day she will notice, but if I’m careful, not today.

“Must have a pee,” I announce to no one in particular, get up and go through the door. You are in the scullery as I go through to the toilet/shower, but when I come out you are standing there in the Kitchen.

“Can I help you with the tray?” I ask. You come over and stand tantalisingly close. I see the fabric of your shirt straining over your breasts – is the shirt a size too small? Your nipples stand proud. I slowly reach out and stroke a nipple,

“Behave!” you say and then lean over and kiss me. You slide your tongue into my mouth and we make mouth music for a moment until we grasp each other in our arms. You back off until you have your back against the wall. My hips come in contact with yours, and I slide my hands down your back and squeeze them inside your trousers and panties and kneed the flesh of your buttocks. You open your legs and I squeeze my leg between your thighs until you are pressing on the top of my thigh and I think of your labia and your clitoris pressing upon me, as you gently rub backward and forward.

I feel your breasts pressing against my body and, letting go of your buttocks I bring my hands round. Slowly I press upon your breasts with my forearms and then raise my hands to begin to fondle your breasts.

You take your mouth away from mine, almost coming up for air.


“I am behaving my self,” I say, “Misbehaving my self”

You kind of splutter as I find your nipple and through the layers of cloth rub it between my finger and thumb. I can feel it growing and you rubbing on my leg. You reach down and begin to message me crouch and as it grows rub my prick up and down through the cloth and gently squeeze my balls. My prick begins to inflate. Your tongue does its tour of my mouth as I let go of one of your nipples and move my hand down to your crotch. For a moment you eagerly rub yourself and seem welcoming. Then you shy away.

“Stop it.” I do

Is that the door? Guiltily I go and make the tea while you cut up cake and we take the tray down to the room. We sit in the room and eat our tea and cake, while you sit there just so and your breasts are outlined in front of the lamp. We talk inconsequences and then it is time to go to our (separate) beds.

She goes off to the Bathroom, and we are drawn together, we kiss, you sitting on the sofa, me trying to press my self against you, then you swivel your body round, and lean back. I kneel between your legs with my cock pressing into your crotch. You rub yourself against me with your arms holding me closely against you. I can hardly get my hands up to your breasts.

“Night now,” you almost spit out and push me off you. I get off my knees and stand up. You get off the sofa and give me a casual kiss.

I go up the stairs leaving you behind to tidy up. She comes out of the bathroom, and I go in. I clean my teeth and use the toilet. As I come out of the Bathroom you come out of your room, and as we pass on the stairs and you grab my balls and give them a squeeze, and then go down to the bathroom where I hear the bolt being shot home very decisively. I go onto the room and clime into bed with Her.

In the morning I get up and go to the toilet. As I sleep in the nude I pull on a pair of track suit bottoms. When I come back I’m asked to go and make a cup of tea. I go down the stairs and into the kitchen. I stand around waiting of the kettle to boil. I make tea for Her and coffee for me, and take the tea up the stairs, and give it to her.

“Thanks, if you don’t mind I’ll lie on,” she says, Then she drinks her tea, and hands the mug back to me. I pull on a tee shirt, and go down the stairs. I collect the paper from behind the front door, go into the kitchen, put a piece of bread into the toaster, wait until it is done, go to the cupboard and get out the butter, butter the toast and sit at the kitchen table drinking my almost cold coffee, and reading the “Guardian”

I don’t notice you coming in until you put your hand on my shoulder. I jump. It is ages since anyone has spontaneously touched me that way. I place my hand on top of yours and turn round. You are standing there in pyjamas, with you nipples sticking out. You bend over the back of the chair, I tilt my face up and you bring your lips down upon mine. I bring my arm round your waist and draw you round so that you are sitting on my knee. I move my other hand up so that I am firmly grasping your shoulder. You enthusiastically kiss me, and I move a hand from your waist and slowly rest it on the top of your Ilium. I pause, and then move my hand round the fold between your body and you leg. Without a word you pick up my hand and place it upon your breast. I play with the nipple of your right breast, and then I open the third and forth buttons on your pyjamas and can see the paleness of the curve of your breast. I slide my hand in and taking the weight of the breast in the palm of my hand, I caress the nipple between by fore finger and thumb.

Eventually your break your lips from mine.

“The other one.” I withdraw my hand from inside your pyjamas, and undo the top two button, so that your breasts are peeking out. I grasp your left beast with my hand and rub my palm over your left nipple. With my right hand I take the material of the Pyjamas and pull it down you back so that you are sitting upon my knee with your breasts exposed. Again we kiss with my hand moving over your breasts.

You move your right hand down off my shoulder where it has been supporting you, and push it between my skin and my track suit pants. You find my prick which is making a valiant attempt to rise, and gently stroke first of all the Glans, and then moving down the shaft began to rub my balls. My prick began to stand to attention I moved my right hand round to your front and began to play with both your breasts at once, and then moved my left hand down into your lap. I gently, but firmly press between your legs, so that I can feel my hand moving along the silky smooth cloth of your pyjamas and round to where I can feel your labia.

Far away, up the house there is the slightest sound of a door opening. In a flash you disappear and I can hear the toilet door closing very quietly. I return to my, now much colder, coffee and my Guardian. I can hear the sound of the shower in the downstairs toilet. After a while you come out of the down stairs toilet dressed in a bath sheet. You come over to me.

“That was close.” You stand close to me and I reach out under the bath sheet and give your cunt a quick rub.

“Behave.” You say, and are gone.

I hear you meeting Her in the stairs I hear Her thanking you for letting her use the bath. She comes down.

“I’d love another cup of tea, well is there anything interesting in the Groniad, and aren’t you going to get dressed?”

I put on the kettle and go up the stairs. As I turn in to the room, I look at your door, and think that I heard the slightest noise of some small battery driven electric motor.

I collect my towel and go and use the shower in the bathroom. I leave the bathroom door unlocked but you don’t take the hint. I finish my shower, go up to the room and get dressed. I hear you and Her discussing what we are going to do for the day, what we are going to eat for the day, but not what you and I might get up to during the day.

“There is a food festival up the road.”

“Oh let’s go, it should be fun.”

So you get into the car. You are beside me, She is in the back seat, and we head off to the festival. We go to the places redolent with inner England, of Norwich and the surrounding towns. We taste seafood, with and without fins. We enjoy cheese, and different kind of bread. There is English Wine, and English Beer, which I have to have in modest quantities as I am driving, but which you and She have copiously, though you do not have as much as She.

And you come up behind me and press your body against my back, and taking my hands, pull them behind me, so that I rub my hands against your couch.

We buy the ingredients of our evening meal, and get back into the car, and set off trough the flat Norfolk countryside. There wis a gentle snore from the back of the car, and you reache over as I drove along, and rub my prick.

We cone back and go up the main street, turn into the Yard, and help her out of the car

“I think a cup of coffee might be the ticket”

“I think that I’d rather sleep it off for an hour or two,” She says. You and I help her up to the room, and while I take off her shoes, and her sweater, and tucke her into bed you disappear.

I go down stairs, and make a Cafetière of coffee. You come down the stairs. You have changed from your jeans and sweater into a shirt dress. I can see your nipples pressing thorough the top. I can see that you were not wearing tights. I pour you a cup of coffee. We sit at opposite sides of the table slowly drinking our coffee, you lean back in your chair and your nipples are so pronounced that I see you aren’t even wearing a bra.

I drink the coffee and admire the view, your nipples pushing out of your top. I finish my coffee, get up and go round the table to stand in front of you. You look up. I bend down and kiss you. You stand up, and take me by the hand and lead me into the dining room where there was a chaise longue. We sit beside each other. I caress your breasts, and you kiss me with passion. I unbutton your dress and discovered that it was not just a bra which are missing, but panties as well. I slip the dress off your shoulders, you sit there naked. You reach down and unzip my fly. I take off my shoes and socks, we peel off my shirt, I stand up and drop my trousers and underpants to the floor. we sit there naked. You get up and lock the door.

“Just in case, we can explain anything but you ass in the air,” you say.

I begin to nuzzle your breasts, and run my hand down to your cunt. My finger finds your clitoris, and I gently squeezed it, with, first of all one finger and then two fingers and then three fingers slipped into your vagina. You hold my penis in your hand, rubbing it until it is hard and active. We lie beside each other, I suppose unsure what we will do. Then, decisively you push me back and straddle me. You raise yourself on your knees and grasping the base of my prick you slowly lower yourself upon me. I feel my prick pressing between your labium moving up your wet, smooth love passage until we are one, the two backed beast. You kneel there with a look of triumph on your face. You reach your hands behind your head and fluff up your hair. I grasp your breasts and with a hand rub one nipple and excite the other nipple with my mouth.

I hear you breathe deeply, and you raise and lower yourself moving my prick deep into your cunt time and time again. It was then that your passion broke as you lean dnown and we kiss, deeply, passionately, as you continue your work. Then whisper into my ear, “Yes, Yes, give me more, that’s what I want,” until I shoot my load.

We lie there recovering.

You look me in the eye with that quizzical view which I remember over the years. I’ve lusted after you for 25 years, since you had been a student of mine and had babysat for us.

We’d lost touch, you do, and it had only been at a conference that we had met up again. I had been giving a paper, and you had been one of the respondents. Yes you were right. My ideas were old fashioned and the constraints had not fitted in with the problems of today. It was you who had charted out a new ethic, for our subject had been Christian Ethics. You had bid us love and do no evil to anyone. I don’t screw students, ah fellow professors, that is a different question which I had never thought about.

Am I doing evil to Her upstairs? Physically our relationship has deteriorated, while emotionally we have been on a low plateau.

“You know,” you say, “We could have done this 25 years ago, think of the time we would have saved.”

We get up, slowly dress, with the odd break for a kiss and a grope, then we go into the garden and picked strawberries. There She joins us totally unaware of what is happening.

The next day She and I will leave quite early as it is a long way home. On the way out, I will tweak you on the breasts and you rub my crotch. She won’t even notice. There is a conference next year. I’m invited to give a lecture, and so I see are you are chairing a session. I hope that we can practice practical ethics during it.

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