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Posing the Invitation

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It was always a fantasy of mine to model for an artist. I do not think I really cared where the artwork would go, be it for personal use or to be on display for the world to see. It wasn’t the fame or glory that I cared about. There is something exciting about striking a pose for someone to examine you in all your glory and imperfection, capturing your details into another form. Clay, paint, photos, charcoal drawing, all of it excited me.

I could care or less about the immortalizing effect. I just wanted to stand, sit, or position myself in some awkward stop-motion pose and let the artist do his or her work. But then, I was too chicken to really volunteer.

I was in college at the time and was majoring in psychology, nothing at all artistic, but I enjoyed sketching as a hobby and would get together with a group of other like-minded amateurs to do figure work. One person from the group would volunteer, disrobe, and strike a series of poses for the five or six others to draw in whatever media they chose. While I was asked from time to time, I always declined. Maybe I’m just self-conscious about my looks, figuring it would be like when I’m at the doctor’s office during a physical and my penis shrinks like a turtle’s head in a time of danger.

Mind you, this was twenty years ago. No digital photos, just everything the old fashioned way. My friend, Terry, was up today, volunteering to model for us.

I don’t know if anyone else felt the same way, but I loved when he was up. His body was lean, and he had awesome muscle definition, and beautiful abs. I was so jealous since as much as I hit the gym, I could never achieve such definition. I figured my admiration for him was out of my fascination with the human figure, nothing gay or sexual since I was still in denial at the time. I mean, it was just a love for the aesthetics of our humanity, right? The last pose of the night, the last of three in an hour, was a tough one where he held this pose like Apollo drawing an arrow and aiming for the sun, kneeling with his back toward the class. His back muscles simply gorgeous and his firm buttocks tense in such a flexed position. You could see his balls hanging low just below the view of his ass. Though no one paid any attention to what I was focusing on, I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed at where I was staring, and was glad my jeans concealed my semi-erection.

At the end of the session we cleaned up while Terry put his clothes back on, loose sweat pants and old t-shirt. Just as I finished gathering my large sketchbook into my portfolio case, Terry came over to me.

“Hey, great session today. I loved that last pose of yours! You looked like a Greek God. You have some real talent,” I said trying not to sound like a gushing teenage girl.

“Thanks, Tom! You know, you should try posing for the class some time. Everyone else has. Seriously, what are you worried about? No one here is supermodel material. It’s the flaws we have that make the art interesting.”

“Yeah, I know. I guess I still feel a little weird about doing it myself.”

“How about this, then. I didn’t get a chance to draw anything tonight since I was up modeling. How about you pose for me at my place? I promise I won’t tease you no matter how deformed you are!” Terry smiled that toothy grin of his at me with that last jibe.

I smacked the back of my hand against his shoulder (man, he has some nice muscle there compared to my bony shoulders), “Yeah, gee, thanks for the confidence builder!” After I pause, I almost couldn’t believe I was saying it loud, but continued, “Well, maybe… ” I have to admit, I was getting tingly with anticipating trying. I couldn’t even undress in the High School lockerroom as a teenager without trying to hide everything. The other guys would walk around with their junk flipping and flopping around like it was nothing, while I cowered in the corner concealing whatever I could. I was always a skinny kid, and though I have gained some muscle over the years, it was nothing all that athletic looking.

“Good,” said Terry, “then it’s a done deal. Come on over, I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s actually quite liberating to be able to stand before others in the nude. Be proud of your uniqueness!”

Well no turning back now. Last thing I need for my self-esteem is to be called a pussy. “Okay, I’ll give it a shot.” The funny thing is, I wasn’t even thinking of sex at all. I didn’t think Terry rolled that way, and honestly at the time I didn’t think I did, either.

We arrived at his college apartment just off-campus, and after some arranging of furniture to make room in his efficiency apartment, he set up a drafting easel near the kitchenette to give some space and placing the lighting to make for some good shadows. He sat down and arranged his charcoal pencils. “Well? You still okay with this?”

“I think I can handle it.” I replied, and proceeded to take off my shirt and jeans. I was so worried that the nervousness would make my penis shrivel up, which I would be thoroughly embarrassed about, but that wasn’t the case at all. As I removed my jockey shorts, my cock flopped out, still, well, semi-hard. Oh shit… I tried to hide it by casually holding my removed clothes in front of me at crotch level. If Terry noticed, he didn’t let on to it.

“Okay, so how about for the first pose, something simple. Hmm… how about you just stand facing away from me with your hands on your head, like you’re enjoying the sun at the beach?” Terry requested, and I quickly complied. Nice save, whew!

I stood there with my hands on my head, arching my back with my legs slightly spread. How vulnerable this feels, yet it’s exhilarating! I have no idea what he thinks of my body, but it feels so free, bereft of clothing, and knowing he’s staring at the details of my posterior. My heart pounded in my chest and I could feel a little sweat forming on my back and chest, whether from nervousness or exertion from the posing, I couldn’t tell. It seemed like an eternity, but Terry finally broke the silence.

“Awesome. See? It ain’t so bad, right?”

“It’s okay, I guess,” I responded sheepishly, though the feeling was incredible.

“Alright, so now let’s try something a little more brazen. How about you lie down on the carpet, resting your head on your elbow and keep one leg bent with your knee up.” Oo, a little more risqué but, okay, I think I can deal with that. Plus I’d be relaxing instead of standing. Wow, that last pose got my arms tired. I lay down on the floor as he asked.

“No, Tom, I meant for you to face me this time.” Oh. I tried a surreptitious glance down to see if my cock went back to normal size, and it was a little better, not too excited.

“Um, okay…” I flipped around and went into position. I could feel the tip of my cock grazing the floor. I tried my best not to let that excite things any worse.

Terry worked concentrating away on the sketch, and I could swear he was spending a lot of time looking at my crotch. I was positioned such that he had a good view of my cock and balls, but also the bottom of my ass crack from my leg raised. Why were these thoughts going through my head? That’s crazy, why would he have any interest like that? Why am I thinking about it? I’m not gay. I mean, yeah, I’ve had some fantasies, and it intrigues me a little, I guess, but, oh crap. I could feel my cock growing stiffer. Why am I thinking about this??? Oh my god, this is so embarrassing! What should I say? Do I pass it off like nothing’s happening? Do I cover it up? Oh man.

“Alright, Tom. One last one. This time I want you to lean on the couch from a standing position, one leg on the couch, your foot on the floor.” What? What a weird position.

“That sounds like something out of a porno movie. Are you sure?”

“Don’t be silly. It’s fine. It’s just the human figure. It’s not girly or anything,” Terry answered matter-of-factly.

“Well, okay. As long as you’re not doing this to make fun of me.”

“Of course not! Tom, I love drawing your body. I see you as very masculine. Aren’t you enjoying the posing experience?”

“I have to admit it, but yeah. Okay.” I answered back as I took on the pose. Just to tease as a joke, I spread my legs just a little wider than I thought he wanted, making it look like I was waiting to be taken from behind.

“Perfect! Hold that pose!” Terry exclaimed. What? Seriously? Man, whatever floats his boat. He wants to get a good look at my asshole, that’s his choice.

While holding the position, my ass cheeks just slightly spread from this awkward position, I couldn’t help but feel excited. My face was flushed as I realized my boner was just about as stiff as could be, but maybe it wasn’t so obvious since gravity was pulling it down, right? Terry probably didn’t notice. But why was I thinking that? Do I want him to notice? I’m getting totally excited bent over this couch, my legs spread, inviting who knows what. Oh man, this is weird. What the hell am I doing? And why in the world am I getting off on thinking about it? What’s going—

Just as I was finishing that thought, I could feel Terry’s hands on my hips. I froze still, not knowing how I should react. Do I violently push him away and call him a freak? No, I’m enjoying this feeling. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I respond to his caress and shift my ass out closer to his presence behind me. I feel the warmth of his cock through his sweatpants pressing against my two bare ass cheeks. He moves his hands along my torso, reaching around to caress my nipples. What an amazing sensation! My cock stiffens to full glory as his fingers move in tiny circles around my nipples, playfully pinching them as I feel his breath on my neck. He kisses my neck and gently continues his kissing up my neck and to my ears. I reach my arms behind me over my head to feel his head and encourage him to be close with me. His scent is intoxicating. He nibbles my ear and I let in an involuntary breath. This feels so good, but why? I never had been with a man before, but this feels so right.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, but please don’t stop,” I found myself saying to him. He gently turned me around onto the couch and lay on top of me. Wordlessly, he smiled and brought his face forward to kiss me. His sandy brown hair brushing my cheek and his lips parted to let his tongue extend into me and I responded in kind, our tongues and lips sliding and shifting with one another as I let the passion flow through me.

I pulled his shirt off to feel his moderately hairy chest press against my skin, and I could feel his warm cock pressing through his sweatpants against my exposed crotch. As we continued to kiss, I helped him slide his pants down and we were squirming against each other, both of us now completely nude. Our cocks and balls now pressed against each other as we grind our hips together in unison. He started to work his way down to flick his tongue against my nipples while stroking my cock. The feeling was amazing and I didn’t want him to stop. After a minute or two, he continued to work his way down, and licked the head of my cock. I never received a blowjob from my girlfriends before, and oh my god was I ever missing out! He gently opened his mouth to take me in, and he had the first few inches of my 6 inch cock in his mouth while pumping with his hand wrapped around the base. I heard of “toe-curling” orgasms before, but never imagined it to be so literal. I was on the verge of coming when Terry suddenly stopped. He shifted his body around as thought to do sixtynine so that I could get a magnificent view of his cock, balls, and ass all at once.

Oh, I guess he meant for me to participate as well! I cupped the upper part of his thighs with my hands and guided the tip of his cock to my face. Never had I had such a close up view before. The scent of his pubic hair was pleasant and I welcomed his cock into my mouth as deep as I could without gagging. His low hanging balls moved up and down off my nose with gyration of his hips. I loved the sensation of his warm cock against my tongue, my eyes looking straight into the stare of his butthole. I could hold it back no longer and exploded streams of cum into his mouth, his head bobbing up and down without fail through my entire orgasm. My eyes must have rolled back into my head because the feeling was amazing as he swallowed it all. Once the pulses of my cock ceased, Terry lifted his head away licking my cum from his lips, and continued to fuck my face for several minutes.

Terry then gently eased himself off of me. I was out of breath and remained motionless on my back as he moved around to the other side. He must have been preparing this event all along because he pulled out a small bottle of lubricant and a condom from the side of the couch. He lifted one of my legs up to rest on his shoulder as he squeezed out a healthy amount of lube and spread it all over his erection. I was still in a state of confusion not sure what was going on, but holy shit, is he planning to fuck me in the ass? I am pretty naïve, and I never thought it was going to go to this point. Before I could say anything in protest, Terry took a lubed up finger and gently teased my anus.

“Relax, this might feel a little weird at first. Trust me. Are we okay?” he said, all the while circling his slippery middle finger around my hole.

I didn’t know what to do other than nod my head silently. I mean, this is as taboo as you get (little did I know how much further I could and would go). He pressed his digit into me, and I thought it would hurt more, but it just felt strange, rather than painful. He rotated it around, gently helping my anus to relax. After a minute or two of coaxing my butthole, he removed his finger and eased his still completely hard cock into me. He eased it in an inch at a time, pausing, moving back and forth a little bit, then pushing deeper. I thought I was going to burst, but eventually I felt him all the way in, his balls gently resting against my asscheeks. He leaned forward to kiss me, and as our tongues met, the pain disappeared. I could feel him slowly pumping me back and forth. Short strokes at first, then lengthening the stroke. It started to feel different, pleasant even. It was different from anything I had ever experienced, and I knew then I wanted to experience this again and again. I could truly say I loved this man and wanted to share these experiences together throughout the future.

Terry’s thrusting started to gain momentum and his breathing heavy. I grabbed his buttocks and helped press him into me with each thrust. His arms held me tight as he thrust faster and faster. He pulled his glistening cock out of me and quickly slid off the condom. He pressed his cock against mine, adding some more lubricant as he rocked back and forth, sliding his cock against my own. With a forceful kiss and heavy breathing through his nose I felt him go into the throes of orgasm. I squeezed his ass hard as hot cum shot across my belly, spurting powerfully several times. He lay there on top of me, still breathing hard, our pubic hair pressed together in a wet mess of cum, sweat, and lubricant.

I closed my eyes as we lay there in our embrace, his face pressed against my cheek. I smiled knowing this was the first of many such experiences to come.

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