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Poker Face

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It was a quiet afternoon at the office. My last appointment for the day had to cancel at the last minute, and the bosses were all at a convention out of town. Nothing was happening, and although it was a good time to catch up on paperwork, I was tired so I thought I’d get an early start on the weekend. I didn’t expect my girlfriend, Paola, to be home when I got there, so I was surprised to hear the television when I walked through the door.

I decided to sneak up on her as a surprise, but when I went into the living room, she was the one who surprised me.

Playing on the television was a porn video; a pretty young girl was having her faced stuffed with cock; I watched for a second when the actor pulled out and emptied a huge load of cum across her face. Paola, not realising I was behind her, emitted a little gasp and then a moan. Immediately the scene on the screen shifted; once again, a sexy young bitch was getting her throat rammed by a large cock. Once again, the scene ended with arcs of hot, sticky cum splashing the actress’s pouty, puffy lips. Paola moaned again and I could her a squishing sound. I quietly looked over the back of the sofa and saw my petite sweet girl pounding her cunt with her fingers. The skirt of her elegant suit was hiked up around her waist, her dainty little g-string panties around her knees. I wanted nothing more than to strip down and fuck her senseless, but I was fascinated with the scene in front of me and decided to watch quietly, despite my own erection.

Paola has always been an enthusiastic cocksucker. In spite of the fact that she’s a high-powered corporate attorney, in the bedroom she’s definitely a submissive. Who knows? Perhaps it’s because in the “outside” world she is so forceful and dominant that at home she takes comfort from being the object, rather than the subject. Which suits me fine; our sex life is dominated by me—I’m the one who calls all the shots, and she takes the greatest pleasure in pleasuring me. Not that she doesn’t get her share of orgasms: the girl comes buckets, at times even squirting juice from her cunt.

Another scene started on the television, same as the others, but this time, when the girl finished with a face full of dripping cum, she turned her head and got a second pounding by another huge cock, and then a third. Paola’s breathing grew shorter, her moans deeper. She reached into her purse and extracted a large, natural-shaped dildo and stroked herself once before burying it deep into her gash. I fully expected her to fuck herself with it, but as soon as it was properly lubricated, she withdrew it and began to suck on it. The girl in the video took a third load and then a fourth and as Paola watched, she fucked her own mouth with the plastic cock while still fingering her stiff clit.

Silently, I took off my jacket and tie and unbuttoned my shirt, slipping off my loafers. My nipples were almost as erect as my cock, but I left my trousers and stepped around the side of the sofa. Paola was startled and automatically attempted to cover herself but I commanded her to continue and knelt down between her legs and began to lick her oozing slit. The bitch was wet, her tangy juices flowing into my mouth and down my chin. As I concentrated my wagging tongue on her stiff clit, I reached up and pinched her nipples, which only had the effect of deepening her moans and causing her hips to buck against my chin. I reached further and put my hand over hers, grasping the dildo, and pushed it into her mouth. Paola gagged, but I knew she was loving it from the way she thrust her cunt at my mouth.

I continued to savage her clit until I could tell she was ready to cum. Her entire body shook and her little cunt went into spasms around my tongue. Before I knew what was happening, she arched her back and emitted a stream of hot, viscous juice into my face as she twisted and writhed beneath me. I took the dildo from her mouth and rammed it deep into her gaping hole and then went back down to sucking her sloppy clit. Pulling on it with my lips, I brought her to a second, quick orgasm, and then told her to describe the video to me.

“A young girl is on her knees, sucking a large black man’s cock. He is grabbing her pigtails—she has red hair and freckles—using them like handles to pull her head into his groin. He’s raping her mouth and now…” she gasped…”now he’s coming great quantities onto her face, filling her mouth and eyes, shooting it into her red hair…

“Another one is starting; the girl is undressing, acting sexy, slowly showing her tits, which are tiny, like mine. She has a very short “school-girl” plaid skirt, and is turning around to show that she’s naked underneath. Her cunt lips are puffy, and now a man’s hand goes between her legs. Oh god…” and her breath catches “…he’s fingering her asshole. She’s kneeling down now, taking his cock in her fist and licking around the head, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum no doubt.”

Paola was rocking her hips against the dildo and my tongue. Her voice was a dull monotone, describing each act of facial abuse, how the semen shot forth and splattered the young models’ mouths. But then she became animated again, as she described the next clip.

“It’s an Asian woman…oh, it’s a genuine bukkake scene. She has her panties on but has removed her bra and is holding a clear glass plate under her chin. There are dozens of men in their underwear, holding their cocks and stroking them. The first one has just come on her and it’s slowly sliding down her face. Now the next one has spurted and it too is dripping from her cheek. Another now, less forceful, and now another—this is a big load, and it drips off her lips and onto the glass plate. The camera position is now underneath the plate, I’m watching the cum accumulate. Oh my god, there are dozens of men yet to go; they’re all going to come on her. Oh fuck…”

I stuck my index finger into Paola’s asshole and then slipped my middle finger in as well. Now both holes were filled and my tongue continued to lash her clit. Her mouth was filled with words, dribbling out the descriptions of the action on the television. “Another shot and another; they’re relentless, she’s coated in a sea of cum,” she said. “She’s so lucky.”

Then my Paola came again. I pulled the dildo from her cunt and she squirted into my face again, the last few words that escaped were, “she’s drinking the contents of the plate, swallowing all that cum.

“Please let me suck you.”

I was ready, and withdrew the dildo from her cunt, stepping out of my trousers. My cock sprung lewdly in front of my, and I guided Paola onto her back, with her head hanging over the edge of the sofa. I placed my cock over her face, settling my balls on her lips and she began to suck and lick them. Her body was crunched on the couch, and I directed that she raise her ass against the backrest so she could drape her legs over the back. A large dollop of precum oozed from the tip of my cock and onto her neck. I spread her legs and slapped her cunt, then grabbed the slick dildo and slowly plugged it into her asshole. Pulling back for a moment, I eased my cock into her waiting mouth, sliding down into her throat until my balls covered her eyes.

“You dirty bitch,” I said as I began to thrust and fuck her throat, “coming home to masturbate without my permission.” A little whimper escaped but I continued stuffing her mouth with my erection. I slapped her cunt again. “You’re just a whore, aren’t you? You worthless cunt.” I was in a good rhythm now, stroking my cock between her lips, feeling the tip enter the top of her oesophagus. I wasn’t going to last long, I wanted to come as much as Paola needed to drink it.

And I knew she needed it. Her hands went over her head and around my waist, reaching for my ass cheeks and pulling me even deeper into her mouth. “Go ahead, bitch,” I commanded, “I know you want to…finger my asshole.” Paola wasted no time sliding her index finger up my ass. We both knew that would cause me to come almost immediately; it’s what we both needed and wanted.

She gagged a bit when I exploded in her mouth, emptying the contents of my balls so deep into her throat I doubt she even tasted it. And unbelievably, her cunt was oozing and going into spasm again. I pulled out and squeezed the last drops of my load onto her lips, which she hungrily licked off. My legs were weak as I stood up, and I collapsed into the club chair. The video had ended at some point.

“Take that cock out of your ass and bring me a drink,” I said. Paola was still in the same position. “And get off the rest of those clothes.” She straightened up slowly and stripped the rest of her dishevelled clothing off, leaving nothing but the glistening juices of her cunt gracing her flesh as she went to the kitchen. A few moments she returned with a cold glass of white wine which she handed me before kneeling at my feet and started to gently stroke my limp cock.

“Thank-you, sir,” she said. “Thank you for the multiple orgasms and the load of cum to swallow.”

“We obviously need to talk about what happened here today,” I said. “Don’t we?”

Paola’s head and voice both dropped. “Yes, Sir.”

“Why were you home early?”

“I had hoped to surprise you with a nice dinner. I signed an important contract this morning and thought I’d treat myself with the afternoon off. I stopped at the market for some steaks, and then had the idea to buy some new knickers to wear while I served you. I went into a sex shop and saw this video on the shelf and was irresistibly drawn to it. I had only intended to skim over it while I cooked, but with each passing scene, I slowly lost my resistance. It made me so randy.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

“I’ve always known you liked sucking cock, known you like feeling it hit your face before you scoop it into your mouth. What’s special about this?”

“I’m not sure,” she replied, pensively, “maybe it’s the anonymity, especially in the bukkake scene. All those random cocks, all that anonymous cum drenching that lucky slut.”

“And you’d like to be that slut, wouldn’t you?”

She didn’t answer, but sighed heavily and tellingly. I reached down and put my hand behind her head, then yanked her hair back, so she was looking into my face, repeating, “Wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered haltingly.

“So my cock isn’t enough, doesn’t satisfy you, is that it? You need more?”

“Oh, no, Sir,” she quickly replied, kneeling up straight and lowering her head to my lap, “Oh no. I love your cock. You treat me so well, better than I have ever deserved. I live to serve you, to serve your cock. You fulfill me, complete me. No, Sir. Your cock is my world. I am your slave, and no others’. I love you”.

“Hmm,” I said, as if unconvinced. But I knew that Paola spoke truly. And it was reciprocal: her subservience filled a hole in my life I’d never been able to define before. She was my ideal woman, physically—petite and with an olive complexion, totally committed to our mutual pleasure, dark, doe-like eyes, small tits and short hair, incredibly smart and well bred. She’s at home in a board room and a captain of industry (if such a thing exists in this post-industrial age), well read and erudite, a decent cook and total slut. And yes, I love her too.

“I’m going to have a shower, and you can make the dinner—I hope you got the ingredients for the dinner before your trip to the sex shop.”

“I did, and I will, Sir,” she said. “Can I bring you a second glass of wine?”

“That’s my good girl,” I said, rising. There was a drop of cum dribbling from my cock, and I squeezed it out and offered it her. Paola extended her tongue and took the drop, almost like a communicant receiving the Blessed Sacrament.

As the hot water ran over my body, I thought about how to make Paola’s fantasy a reality. It excited me, thinking of actually whoring out my little slut. But while it was all well and good to let her suck random cock, I needed to be in charge—without any skills as a pimp. I thought about the possibility of asking colleagues from the office, but that was certainly not “anonymous” enough; most of my colleagues already knew Paola for the business leader she was. And then I remembered my “poker buddies”. There was a random group.

Once a month, I play poker with five other fellows; we met at the race track a couple of summers ago and typically meet for our games in the back room of a small bar in the far reaches of Queens, not far from Aqueduct. But on at least two occasions, we’ve relocated to the home of one of the other guys; in both cases because of babysitting conflicts. The games don’t go on too late, and they’ve always been relatively low-stake. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to bring these guys to my apartment, but getting a suite at a Midtown hotel wouldn’t be out of the question. I’d make some lame excuse, and bring Paola along as the “hostess”.

I turned off the water and drew back the shower curtain. There was Paola, on her knees on the bathmat, with my next drink on a silver salver held above her head. Naturally, she was nude.

“How’s dinner coming along?” I asked, deliberately ignoring the earlier topic.

“Fine, Sir. It will be ready to be served when you’re through here.” Her eyes were lowered, and I placed my hand under her chin, forcing her to look at me. “I’m sorry, Sir,” she added.

“For what?”

“For causing you any distress,” she replied, a tear welling in her eye.

“I’m not distressed, Paola. I’m quite happy.” I wiped away the tear. “Now go get the dinner ready and I’ll be along shortly.”

She smiled at my smile. “Yes, Sir,” she said, rising and exiting the bathroom. Did I mention Paola possesses the most perfect ass? I love watching her leave a room. I also love fucking that tight, dark hole.


I came to the table wearing just my dressing gown, and Paola served me naked, placing my plate down before me and topping off my wine glass. Never presumptuous, the place opposite was empty, but I asked her to join me. Naturally, as befitting her general breeding and good taste, the steak was excellent, perfectly done. We ate in relative silence, only occasionally commenting about our workdays. I explained to her how it was that I came home early, and what a pleasant surprise it was to find her as I did, causing her to blush a little, in spite of all our intimacies over the years.

When I finished, I pushed back and adopted a serious mien.

“I’ve thought a lot about your comments earlier,” I started, causing her to blush again, “and I’ve decided to help you realise your fantasy.”

“Oh, no, Sir! Please! I’m so sorry!”

“Hush now, my sweet. We both know you’re a slut, and I’ve made you my whore…Isn’t that correct?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

“Well, I’ve decided it’s about time you were drenched in cum. But of course there will be certain ground rules.” I explained my idea of hosting a poker night at a hotel. Paola would act as a paid hostess, serving drinks and sandwiches in a revealing costume and eventually letting her mouth be raped by all the men there. And though I’d permit them to finger her cunt and ass, only I would be allowed to fuck her. And that would probably only be after the others left.

Paola was curiously quiet. “Well?” I asked, “does this idea have any appeal?”

Her head was lowered, and she merely nodded.

“Speak up, my love, I can’t hear you. The idea made you wet, didn’t it?”

Again, she nodded, eyes still lowered.

“Show me,” I said.

Paola reached between her legs and slid her fingers between her labia, and found that yes, she was quite wet. Raising the index and middle finger of her right hand in a sort of erotic salute for my view, I could see them glistening with her oozings.

“Lick them,” I ordered, and she did. “So, why the hesitation? Speak up.”

“It frightens me. It will be so humiliating.”

“You’ll look just like one of the dirty sluts in that video of yours. Maybe I should film you getting your mouth raped repeatedly, having your face slathered with gobs of anonymous cum. Then you could watch yourself in all your whoredom whenever you want. And so could I. Would you like that?”

She nodded her affirmation and whispered, “Thank you, Sir.” I noticed her nipples were stiff and distended. My cock was stirring again, but I could wait.

“Anything for my good girl,” I said. “Now, let’s get this cleaned up and afterwards, you can get into the shower then show me your gratitude.”

Paola rose and gathered the dishes and headed to the kitchen. I could see a slime trail down the inside of her thigh and as she collected my plate, I fondled her cunt and sucked a nipple; then I offered my wet fingers to her mouth, which she hungrily licked clean.

“You’re so good to me, Sir,” she said gratefully.

“I love you, my little slut.”


That night I fucked Paola’s ass. After her shower, I sent her to bed and told her to “assume the position”. An hour later when I got into the room, she was kneeling on the bed, with her arms stretched out grabbing the rail of the footboard, her tits pushed into the duvet and her ass high and inviting in the air. I told her what a dirty slut she was, what a whore. I told her how disgusting it was to know that she was thinking about—wanting, craving, lusting for—a face full of sticky, stinking cum from anonymous men. She whimpered but said nothing. I jammed my fingers into her cunt and found it already moist. “You disgusting bitch,” I said, fingering her roughly, “you really can’t help yourself from becoming turned on. What a whore.”

I pulled out my hand and brought it down firmly on the pale orbs of her ass. Again and again I struck her, reddening her cheeks to a fiery crimson colour, ignoring her whimpers, moans and tears; she knew better than to complain. And of course she wouldn’t because each stroke, each slap, only excited her more. As the tender flesh of her ass was inflamed with my beating, so was her lust, her desire. Of course it had a similar effect on me: my cock was stiff and protruding lewdly, dribbling pre-cum and aching to plunge between the tight ring of muscle protecting her darkest hole. I tested her readiness by again fingering her cunt, shoving first two, then three and finally four fingers into her dripping, oozing gash. My thumb pressed roughly against the little bean of her clit, and I could feel her grasping at my fingers, bringing herself to the brink of orgasm. All the while I kept up the banter of degradation, verbally abusing her for her slovenly, sluttish, whoring desires.

I withdrew my slime-covered fingers, dripping with her juices, and could see her gaping hole pucker and quiver, the muscles clutching at the air, willing me to reinsert them. But instead, I slide two into her asshole. Paola moaned deeply, the mixture of pleasure and pain singing through her whimpers. Climbing onto the bed, I looked into the mirror on the dresser immediately in front of us, and saw Paola’s face wincing with each thrust.

“Are you wet enough, bitch?” I asked, “Are you ready to get a good, hard reaming?” Paola looked up, into the mirror, into my eyes, and merely nodded. “I can’t hear you, slut,” I yelled. “Are you ready to get your ass fucked?”

“Yes, Sir,” she moaned, barely audible.

Positioning myself between her legs, I spit on her asshole and worked the saliva deep into her. Unable to resist the temptation before me, I ran the tip of my cock over her hard little clit causing her sphincter to grasp at my fingers. Grabbing her hips with both hands, I sunk my cock to the balls into her dripping slit—”Just for a little more lubrication,” I assured her. Then, spitting at her dirty hole again, I withdrew and positioned the head of my cock at the now-gaping opening and slid forward. She was tight and hot. The heat which emanated from her rosy cheeks against my groin fuelled my lust and I pounded into her, stroke after stroke as I pulled on her hips. Paola clenched the footboard tightly, and I watched the pain and emotion on her face in the mirror as I reamed her ass again and again.

“Don’t you wish you were getting your face fucked now at the same time?” I asked. “Wouldn’t you love to be sucking cock whilst getting this ass-fucking?” Paola opened her eyes and looked into mine, via the mirror. Her hair was plastered to her face with perspiration; a sheen of glistening sweat coated her entire body. I knew she was loving being pierced this way; she was responding in a frenzied way, pushing back voluntarily against my powerful strokes. I reached between her legs and grabbed her clit—so hard, so distended, so wanting. As I continued pounding her dirty hole, I tugged the clit, jerking it roughly, and could feel her beginning to orgasm. Her breathing was ragged and she gasped in air and held it as long as she could, attempting to hyperventilate to orgasm.

My own ejaculation was about to fill her ass with the rising tide of my salty semen. The balls, sweaty and slapping against her puffy labia tightened and my thigh muscles stiffened as I was about to empty into her. But I pulled back, so just the head of my cock was still inside the ring of her sphincter, and let loose with a load groan. Whether or not Paola came then as well I couldn’t tell and didn’t care. I let go of her clit and grabbed my shaft, coaxing the remnants of my ejaculate into her.

I too was coated with a sheen of perspiration when I pulled out of her with an audible “plop”, a string of cum from the slit of my cock to her asshole still connecting us.

“Push,” I ordered, “push it out.” This was an easy command to follow as I’d dumped my load right behind the opening of her pouting orifice. As I settled back on my haunches, I cupped my hand under her cunt and when she pushed, my white cum oozed out and down over her lips and onto my fingers. “Goddamn, but you’re a mess, you slut.” A beautiful mess, I added silently. When my cupped hand was filled with all that glorious cum, I bade her to turn around. “Lick it up, bitch,” I commanded and she hungrily lapped at my sticky fingers and palm with her tongue, greedily taking the spunk that had so recently spewed into her asshole. I leaned back in the bed and directed her head to my crotch, allowing her to lick my softening cock clean and suck out any residual cum. When she’d satisfied us both that I was completely voided, she looked into my eyes and placed a hand on my chest and said, “Thank you, Sir.”

We had a quick shower where I peed on her clit and let her pee into her hand—a little routine we’ve developed. Then we went to bed and spooned, my soft cock safely nestled between her still-warm ass cheeks, falling quickly asleep.


The next morning I began to work out the details of Paola’s first bukkake. My monthly poker “buddies” would be the perfect foils for fulfilling Paola’s dirtiest fantasy. As our next regular night wasn’t for two weeks, that gave me enough time to contact everyone and make a reservation for a suite in Midtown. The first to respond was Henry Willis, a large black man who worked for the Sanitation Department; although it had been many years since he worked “in the field” (as he so euphemistically put it), he did not have the physique of a desk-jockey. Eddie Chong, an accountant from Flushing was also available and game; he was excited by the location. Jimmy Doyle was a school superintendent from the Bronx and Hector Lopez, a wiry little immigration lawyer from Carroll Gardens were both in. I gave none of them any idea of the special treat I had in store.

When I got the final response from Hector, it was evening. Paola and I had just finished dinner and I called her into the living room. She was already naked, and I had her squat down on her haunches before me, spreading her crotch and exposing her cunt. “Put your hands behind your head,” I commanded, “and lace your fingers together.” I wanted to watch her cunt as I laid out the plan. “Five guys,” I said, “Five cocks for you.” Paola trembled slightly. “You’ll like that, won’t you?” She nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.” I described each of the guys. “We’ll each take a turn with your mouth, I imagine. That should be perfect for a cocksucker like you.” I could see Paola’s cunt begin to glisten with moisture and he nipples stiffen. “Of course we could probably all take you at once too. A cock in each hole and one in each hand. But I don’t know who’d I’d let fuck your ass and cunt—they really do belong just to me. I don’t mind sharing your mouth and face—hell, they can even abuse those pointy little tits of yours—but the ass and cunt, no. They’re mine. Isn’t that right, slut?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“But the idea does excite you. I can see it in your dirty slutty cunt now. You’re wet, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Jerk your clit, baby. I want to watch a while.”

Paola lowered her arms and with one hand spread her lips wide, then began to finger her little bean. “Thank you, Sir.” Closing her eyes, she slid into reverie, holding her squatting position and careful and conscious of giving me a clear view. I found it arousing. She’s such a dirty girl, a hungry, craving, wanton slut. And I told her so. I unzipped my trousers, taking out my cock, which was already oozing pre-cum, then took one of our toys—a large black dildo with a suction-cup base—and smeared the head with my drippings. Placing the toy at the hungry mouth of her snatch, I eased it into her, setting the base firmly against the floor. I didn’t need to say more: Paola lowered herself onto the toy and began to slowly ride the thing, the fingers on her clit now moving faster as she approached orgasm. I stepped in font of her and ordered her to open her eyes as I began to stroke my cock, inches from her mouth. Her eyes were locked on the slit and I could feel her willing my cum to spurt on her face. It took significant self-control on my part not to just plug her mouth and fuck it. But I resisted. Paola licked her lips and gasped as my hand rapidly pulled my cock, swirling the pre-cum over the head, pulling the slit open for her view.

“What do you want, bitch?”

“Your cum, Sir.”

“Where do you want it, slut?”

“On my face, Sir.”

“Why, whore?”

“Because I’m a dirty slut, Sir; your dirty whore. Because I love your cum.”

“And not just mine. You can’t wait to have those other four cocks fucking your face, can you?”

“No, Sir.”

“You want to drink quarts of cum, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Sir. Oh yes.”

With that, Paola began to tremble and orgasm, rocking her hips frantically against the dildo, slapping her own clit with her hand. And as her mouth opened and she gasped for air, my cum spewed from the slit, arching across the synapse between my cock and her lips. I let the salty drops of spunk stay on her cheek and mouth then reached between her legs and extricated the dildo. It was covered with her slime. Telling her to put her hands behind her head again, I offered her my softening cock to suck out the remaining drops before I pulled out and inserted the dildo. She looked horrid, like a complete whore. I went and had a shower, leaving her like that. When I came back later, she was coated with her own saliva and tears, almost gagging on the dildo. Then I let her have a shower and get ready for bed.


We met at the hotel two days later, at lunch hour. We’d both taken the afternoon off, and had a pleasant lunch, winding down from the week’s work and getting excited about the upcoming event. Paola was wearing a conservative grey business suit, with a white silk blouse. I told her she should wear that to start during the party, but then I handed her a package from my favourite lingerie store. “I want you to wear this underneath. You’ll be able to strip down as the night goes on.” As usual, she had no panties on (it was a standing order), but I did allow her a bra for business wear. She took the package from my hand; “Open it,” I said. Inside were the tiniest pair of panties I could find: just a diaphanous triangle of black lace for her cunt, with three strings. There was also a bra, of the same fabric and cut; just two tiny black triangles that would barely conceal her nipples. I had deliberately selected black so it would be enticingly visible through her blouse. As Paola held up the lingerie, I slid my fingers between her legs, to test her wetness. My good girl was getting excited. I slid my middle finger through her slimy labia and tugged on her clit.

“Just think of all the fingers that are going to be up that cunt before the night’s over,” I said. “You can’t wait, can you?”

“No, Sir,” she said. “I’m probably going to orgasm frequently.”

“Even before you start sucking all that cock?”

“Perhaps, Sir. You know what a slut I am.”

“Yes, I do,” I said. “I might even get you to squirt for the boys.”

Paola shuddered with pleasure. “I may very well. If you’re the one that’s fingering me at the time, Sir. You know how to ‘push my button’.” She smiled, slyly.

We finished our lunch and then went up to the suite. There was a bedroom, large bath and living room with a table and chairs for the poker game. I had ordered a bar to be set up, and some trays of snacks—little sandwiches and other munchies. Paola would be serving these. I sent her in to take a bath, instructing her to pay extra attention to her cunt and ass, though I didn’t really need to of course—Paola is always meticulous in her preparations for sex. Smooth and soft and clean enough to eat, as I frequently do.

She came out of the bath naked, her cunt freshly shaved, and stood before me for inspection. Her nipples were hard as I pinched them, sending a shiver of pleasurable pain down her spine. I parted her labia and was happy to find she was moist. Her labia were puffy with anticipation. Slipping my cunt-slickened finger up her tight asshole, Paola’s nipples extended even further. I handed her a g-string to step into: it was the tiniest triangle of black lace that hardly covered her cunt. Indeed as I tugged it into place, I could almost see her distended clit hood peaking over the top of the lace. I was enjoying dressing her, and put on the bra. It was too small: her nipples stretched the flimsy fabric to the limit, her large, dark areolae were clearly visible on either side of the delicate triangles.

My cock was stiff and leaking, but there was no time. Besides, I was hoping to spill a huge load into her cunt when I finally fucked her. But that would be much later. Now I had her put on the white blouse, again, just a little snug, hugging her form. The black fabric of the tiny bra was clearly visible: she looked like a whore needing to be fucked.

The skirt I provided was very short, just barely covering her arse cheeks, and then the finally, a pair of four-inch high stiletto heals. “Look at yourself in the mirror,” I said, and she did. “How do you like it?”

“I look like a whore,” she smiled.

“Today you are, baby. Daddy’s little cum-slut is going pro. Now sit down and relax until I call for you. Think about the fat cocks that will be fucking your mouth; think about all the cum you’ll get to drink.”

“I doubt that will be very relaxing,” she demurred.

With that there was a knock at the door to the suite, and I closed the bedroom door behind me and let in Henry and Eddie. Just as I was about the close the door the elevator down the hall opened and Jimmy and Hector stepped out. “Good,” I called, “we’re all here.”

When they were in the room, Hector asked what the special occasion was. “Oh,” I said, “I just thought we’d do something interesting for a change. Spice things up.”

“This kip up must have set you back a few bob,” Jimmy said.

“I had a good month,” I replied, “thought I’d spread the wealth.”

The guys sat around the card table and I broke open two new packs of cards. “Anybody want a drink?” I asked as I began to shuffle and deal out the first hand.

“Sure,” said Henry as he began to get up.

“Sit,” I said, “it’s covered.” I clapped my hands and the bedroom door opened and Paola came into the room. Four pairs of eyes turned to her, and four chins dropped at the sight as I dealt out the remaining cards.

“Miss P, our guests would like something to drink,” I said as nonchalantly as possible, although my heart was pounding in my chest to see my little bitch about to begin her “service”, benign as it was.

“Yes, Sir,” she said approaching the table. “What will you gentlemen have?” she asked. Jimmy wasn’t shy, maybe he quickly assessed the situation: “I wouldn’t mind a taste of you,” he said.

“To drink, Sir” Paola retorted, adding somewhat cryptically, “It’s early yet.”

“Scotch rocks, then,” Jimmy replied and the other added their orders. They all looked at me questioningly, and I kept my best poker face attempting to give away nothing yet. When each of the men were served, Paola stood before me asking, “And what will be your pleasure, Sir?”

“A Pinot Grigio, Miss P., if you please.”

“It’s always my pleasure to serve you, Sir,” she said, smiling, as she walked to the bar. When she put my drink on the coaster next to me, I picked up a five-dollar chip and offered it to her between two fingers. “I don’t suppose you have any pockets in that outfit, do you?” I asked.

“No, Sir. But I’ll make do.” Paola took the chip and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, sliding the chip into her bra, just over the left nipple. The fellows watched in rapt attention, and Hector squirmed a little in his seat. I could only imagine that his cock was stiffening and needed readjustment.

Henry quickly won the first two hands, though the play wasn’t as nimble and lively as usual. There were long pauses as all heads turned in unison watching Paola strut around the table. When Jimmy’s drink was finished, Paola went to him and bent over, to whisper in his ear, allowing those behind her a full view of her arse and those before her a good look down her blouse. Jimmy whispered something in reply and Paola went back to the bar, telling him he was naughty as she got him another drink. This time Jimmy tipped her as well, with a ten-dollar chip, that she slipped into the other cup of her bra.

Eddie’s drink was also wanting, and Paola fetched him another. He had the ten-dollar chip ready even before the drink was poured and he looked at us saying, “I wonder where she’s going to put this one?” I wondered as well, but without missing a beat, Paola slid the chip under her skirt and into her g-string. We played a few more hands, but it was obvious to all by then that the game was not progressing with the distraction. It was my turn to deal again and I mentioned to Paola that Hector wasn’t having very good luck this evening.

“Why don’t you go and blow on his cards, Miss P.?” I suggested.

“Just his cards, Sir?” Paola replied, coyly.

I dealt the cards and Paola stood behind Hector, rubbing her hands over his shoulders and chest and when he had his full hand, she bent down and blew onto his cards, allowing her hands to slide across his lap. From the way Hector moved in his chair I could tell that Paola was squeezing his erection. His face was practically smothered between her breasts.

“Shit, man,” Henry said, “it’s getting hot in here.”

“Yes,” I added. “Very hot. Don’t you think so, Miss P.”

“I do, Sir,” Paola answered, and straightened up and unbuttoned her blouse, tossing it aside. “That’s better,” she said.

“Not for me,” Eddie said.

“Then allow me to help,” Paola said, going to him. He turned in his chair and she unbuttoned his shirt, and began to lick his nipples as she removed the shirt from his shoulders. Gradually sinking to her knees, she licked down his to the belly until she got to his belt buckle. We could all see Eddie’s cock pushing the fabric of his trousers towards the girl’s throat.

“Still hot?” she asked. Eddie could only nod his head in ascent. “Perhaps if you took off your trousers,” she suggested, undoing his belt and lowering the zipper.

Eddie stood up and allowed his trousers to fall to the floor. His stiff cock was protruding from the fly of his boxers. This was the moment of truth, the moment Paola desired, the moment I’d been waiting for: to see my little slut prostitute herself.

“Oh my,” Paola said, wrapping her fingers around his erection. “It’s leaking.” With that she extended her tongue to just graze the tip of his cock, before sliding his hard rod between her sweet lips.

“Sweet mother,” Jimmy said, standing and undoing his trousers. He already had an erection and drop his briefs as well, standing next to Paola’s face, stroking it. She turned to look and reached out for his cock, abandoning Eddie and slurping Jimmy into her mouth. Eddie just stepped back and removed the rest of his clothes then sat on the sofa and slowly stroked himself as he watched.

It was my turn to join the fray, and take control of the situation. I took Eddie’s seat at the card table and turned the chair outward to the action. “Miss P.,” I said, harshly, “you’re a very naughty girl.” Paola stopped bobbing her head up and down Jimmy’s cock. “Come here and assume the position.”

Reluctantly, Paola released Jimmy, a trail of saliva and pre-cum drooping from his cock to her lips. She lost no time lying across my lap and I raised her skirt and brought my hand sharply across her arse. “You’re a slut,” I said, smacking her again. Jimmy, Henry and Hector joined Eddie on the sofa, unconscious of each other, all eyes fixed on Paola’s rapidly reddening arse. “Such a dirty, whorish slut,” I added.

“I know, Sir,” she whimpered through her tears, “I can’t help it. I love to suck cock.”

“Don’t be harsh, dude,” Hector said, “she’s only doing what she loves.”

I stuck two fingers into her dripping cunt. “And look at this,” I cried in mock amazement, turning her bottom for the guys to see, “Her cunt is dripping wet! Have you ever seen such a dirty cock-sucking slut?”

“Thank you, Sir,” Paola directed at Hector. “I’m only doing what I love, Sir. Please don’t spank me anymore.”

“Shut up, bitch,” I said. “There’s only one way to treat a cock-sucker like you. Like the slut you are.”

“Sweet Jesus,” Henry said, raising. He was still completely dressed, but also erect, his cock making an impressive tent is his trousers. “Let me teach her.” Henry exposed his rod, which was massive, at least eight-inches long and as broad as Paola’s wrist. “Come here, bitch,” he barked, “I’m going to fuck your face.” I released Paola and helped her to her feet, taking the skirt off before she stumbled across the room to where Henry stood. She knelt before him and reached out for his huge tool, but he told her to grab her ankles and not say a word. Grabbing the back of her head he plunged his big black cock between her lips until his balls were slapping her chin.

“You want cock,” he said, “You got cock.” He began to pound into her head, oblivious to her gagging and struggling, but I noticed that she didn’t dare release the grip on her ankles. The other three were naked now and stood in a circle around my delicious little bitch as her mouth was repeatedly raped. I was behind her, and undid the hooks of her bra, allowing it to fall forward. The two chips that had been hidden there bounced to the floor and I tossed them onto my pile on the table.

Henry’s pounding was relentless and I was surprised and impressed at how well Paola handled it. She wasn’t gagging now, but accepting all the meat down her throat with every thrust. I decided to urge him on, so said, “A bitch like this doesn’t deserve a mouthful of cum, man. You should dump it on her face, Henry.” The other joined in. “Yeah, Hank, spill your load on her face.” “That’s what the slut deserves.” “Pump it, man, pump it.”

This had the effect I was hoping for and Henry was getting close to busting his nut. “Go for it man, give her the facial,” I prompted. I felt like the evil angel on his shoulder, putting thoughts of debauchery into his head.

“Yeah,” Henry panted, “yeah, I’m coming.” He pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped each side of her face with it a couple of time before stroking it in his big hands. “Look at it, bitch. Watch it spurt,” he said as a long thick rope of cum exploded from the slit in his cock and splashed onto her face. Spurt after spurt hit her, the cum dripping down her chin and cheeks to her tits, almost drenching her.

Henry didn’t have time to admire his handiwork because as he stepped back, Hector moved in. “My turn, puta,” was all he said before plugging her mouth again. He was fast, thrusting his hip unmercifully towards her head. I knew my pretty baby’s cunt would be dripping and I knelt behind her and drove two fingers deep into her. There was a puddle of her juice on the carpet already, just as I expected. Hector didn’t last as long as Henry had (he’d been wanking hard the entire time Henry face-fucked the bitch) and he pulled out and spewed splooge all over her face, mingling his cum with Henry’s enormous load.

Now Jimmy stepped back in. For a skinny little Irishman, he had a fairly impressive tool as well; though very slender, it was at least as long as Henry’s. “You can let go of your ankles now, angel,” he said, “and hold onto my arse.” Jimmy held his cock upright and offered Paola his heavy ball sack to lick. “That’s right, baby,” he said, “suck those nuts. They’re so full and heavy, aching to unload on you.” Jimmy slid his cock around her face, coating it with the spunk the others before him had spilt there, before inserting it slowly into Paola’s still hungry mouth. Inch by lingering inch her drove into her until her tickled her nose with his public hair. She held him there, kneading his arse cheeks between her fingers while gripping at my fingers with her cunt muscles. I withdrew the two fingers from her cunt leaving it raw and gaping, then spread the juice around her asshole. As Jimmy began to fuck her face I slipped one deep into her ass. “That’s right, baby. Suck all that cum off my cock before I add my load to the mess,” he said. “You want it now?” he added, pulling out.

“Yes,” Paola hissed. He plugged her gob again.

“You want another load on that pretty face?”

“God, yes, Sir,” Paola moaned as her finger went to his arsehole. Jimmy started stroking his cock in earnest as Paola just moaned over and over: “Give me that cum. Give me that cum. Give me that cum.”

Jimmy was only too happy to comply when her finger began to stroke his prostate. It was a powerful load of jizz he emptied on her face. Oh, my happy, happy cum-drenched slut! But I knew her knees must be aching, and not in a good way.

“Let’s get her on the table,” I said, and I helped her to her feet. She looked into my eyes with a gleam that spoke all I needed to know. She was filthy, her face a wreck, dripping with spunk. ‘I love you,’ I mouthed silently as I laid her onto the card table, head over the edge. Eddie now stepped up. He’d stopped stroking his cock, I’m sure out of fear that he’d cum too soon. Paola stretched out her arms and drew him into her mouth, ready to be face fucked yet again.

“Finish what you started, girl,” he said, sliding his cock past her lips and down her throat. I went around to the other end of the table and spread her legs apart, swiftly inserting two fingers into her dripping cunt. God, she was wet. So wet a third finger slipped in easily. As I fingered her deeply, I kept my thumb planted solidly on her clit, pushing it into my fingers grinding away inside her. Eddie just kept pounding her mouth, fucking it as if it were a cunt, faster and faster. Paola didn’t gag, his cock slipping easily down her throat. But I was afraid that if he shot his load down her throat she would be able to avoid swallowing. And that was not allowed: he had to add his spunk to her cum-wrecked face. I warned him to pull out before he shot off and as I did so I felt the muscles of her cunt clamp down on my fingers. She was writhing on the table and I withdrew my fingers and then a stream of hot, viscous juice spurted from deep within her. “Slut,” I said, slapping her clit as the fluid drenched my belly and cock.

At that moment Eddie pulled out and shot a massive load of jizz on her face. Between all the guys’ sperm and her saliva, her eyes were nearly glued shut. Her cunt was nearly as red as her ass. She was beautiful. A beautiful wreck.

Hector was the last up, and plugged her even before she had time to call for him. He only stroked a few times before pulling his cock out and dropping his heavy, hairy balls into her mouth. Oh, she sucked them hard, I could tell from my position. I was fingering her again with my right hand, pinching and twisting her slick clit with the fingers of my left. I so wanted to fuck her but not in front of the other guys—I didn’t want them getting any ideas that they could have more than her mouth. So I just manually mauled her cunt while Hector’s cock slid around the mess of jizz on her face, his balls in her mouth.

By this time Henry was hard again, and stoking himself. I hoped each of them had an extra load for the slut. Jimmy had come around behind me to watch me pummel her pussy and he began to jerk himself as well. Just then Hector let out a yell and we both looked up as his cum arced over her face and onto her tits and belly. A nice touch I thought.

But now it was my turn. I dragged Paola off the table and spread the cloth on the floor so she could kneel down in the centre of it. The cum dripped off her face and down her torso onto the cloth and I got her into a squatting position to insure that some of it would roll over her aching clit. I put one finger under her chin and directed her head upwards, wiping some of the heaviest goo away from her eyes so she could see me.

“You fucking whore,” I said softly. “Got what you deserve?”

She just nodded, unable to form the words. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and plunged my cock into her well-used mouth. My good little slut, my dirty cum-soaked whore. I couldn’t wait to get her alone now, but first I’d fulfill my duty as host and fuck her mouth like all the other had done. “Come on, guys,” I called, “jerk one more onto the whore. She craves cum, more cum.” Paola was barely able to stay on her feet, and wrapped her arms around my arse as I pummelled her mouth. The jizz from my four friends coated my belly as I pounded my hips into her face again and again. Oh sweet bitch! I felt myself getting ready to explode and wanted to add my spunk to all the others.

The guys all circled around her, cocks hard again, stroking madly as I face-fucked my sweet little whore.

When Henry shook his prick out at her, dumping another good load on her face, I lost it and began to cum into her mouth. She knew better than to swallow and I didn’t really need to put my hand around her throat. Jimmy was next, and then Hector. Eddie was the last. She was now so dripping with cum, off her nose and chin, down onto her tits. I made her dribble out my contribution.


And just like that, they were gone. Paola and I were alone. Her face was still sticky with cum. We didn’t talk. I walked into the bath and turned on the shower, then came out and helped her to her feet. My poor baby. I stepped into the shower first and helped her lift her legs over the edge of the tub. Her eyes were practically glued shut. I stood with my back to the stream of water and lowered her, sitting her down in the shallow water. She looked so very fucked. So abused. Worn out.

“Are you happy now?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she said, with a devilish little grin. “I was quite the whore.”

“You certainly were. The hit of the party, I’d say. Now, let’s get you cleaned up.”

I took my cock in hand and unleashed a stream of piss onto her face, which shocked her, roused her. The dried cum began to melt away and I knew she could taste the hot saltiness of my piss. She kept her eyes closed, but her hand went between her legs and she started finger fucking herself. When I was done, I wiped my cock along her cheek and got her onto her feet again. The shower had a wand with an adjustable head, so I took it down and turned the dial to “pulse”, aiming the stream at her clit.

“Oh, fuck,” she said, “I’m going to cum again.”

I didn’t respond, just let her have her orgasm. She deserved it. And the others I intended to bring from her as I fucked her later. After she came, I directed the stream to her hair and face, to rinse away the rest of the spunk. I turned her around to wash her hair and breasts and belly and cunt, sliding my slippery cock between her arse cheeks. When I was finished, I let her wash me. Although she wanted to suck my cock again, I told her to wait. The rest of the night was going to be for her; in appreciation.

We dried each other and then I carried her to the bed. The “party room” was a mess, but we could straighten up in the morning before the maids came. I laid Paola down gently with her head on the pillow and climbed to the foot of the bed, to her feet, which I began to kiss. It tickled her and she laughed, but I didn’t linger. I slowly kissed and nibbled my way up her legs until I was gently biting the inside of her thighs. She spread her legs for me and I could see her cunt was moist again and I flicked my thumb over her clit as I nibbled the flesh.

Extending out of its sheath, her clit throbbed and I was ready to attack it with my lips and tongue. Paola moaned with a deep satisfaction as I licked it. She placed her hands on the back of my head without guiding me at all, just feeling me bob up and down into her cunt. I took a long, slow lick from the hood to her clit to her arsehole, lingering there to insert my tongue and thoroughly wet her puckered hole. I was making it ready to accept my fingers.

When I stuck two in and went back to licking her clit she moaned and sighed. I reached down and coated the fingers of my other hand with pre-cum and brought them up to her nipple which was hard and distended. Involuntarily, Paola began to thrust her hips, grinding her clit against my mouth. I pinched her nipple and she clamped her thighs around my head, coming hard against my face, soaking me with the overflowing juices of her cunt. I didn’t linger but slid my body up between her legs, kissing her belly and ribs, stopping to suckle her nipples, my face still dripping with her juices.

“Fuck me, please,” she gasped. “I need your cock in my slutty little cunt. Oh please, Sir, please. Fuck me.”

“Hush, baby,” I said, sticking the two fingers previously in her arse between her lips, “You’ll get your fucking when I’m ready.”

I went back to sucking and biting her nipples. From the way she squirmed under me, I could tell it hurt, in the way she loved. I rolled onto my back, with my cock stick up straight. Immediately Paola reached down to stroke it; pre-cum was dribbling out the slit and she worked the juice around the head and down the shaft.

“May I suck it, Sir?” she asked.

“No,” I said. “Just get on.”

“Oh thank you, Sir.”

She mounted me, sliding her velvety cunt down the length of my shaft and grinding her pelvic bone into mine. I put my hands behind my head and looked into her eyes, willing her to come again, to make me come. She worked the muscles of her cunt around my shaft, milking me, hardly bouncing at all. She looked so lovely, my good little girl.

I reached down and grabbed her hips causing her to begin rocking on my rod, grinding her clit against me. Her hands were on my chest. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, deep in concentration. When my cock began to spurt out my jizz, shooting deep into her cunt, she came again too. She just leaned forward and laid her head against my chest and we fell asleep like that, still joined, exhausted by the experience.

My sweet little slut.

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