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Plumbed During Work

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I work as a saleswoman for a company that markets adult products. The pay is low, the travel constant and the hours unsociable. But it’s all I can get at the moment. Mostly it’s parties or fundraisers I go to, usually held in someone’s home. The fundraisers are nearly always mixed events. Although I sell more this way, I don’t look forward to them.

One of the ‘benefits’ of this job is supposed to be meeting people. But there’s little pleasure going into a room where the guys all feel compelled to make grubby comments and innuendos and the women all laugh in an embarrassed way wishing they were elsewhere. And some guy always comments on my looks or what I’m wearing or wants to give me advice about how to use one of the products or calls for a demonstration. It makes me feel like the money I’ve earned is barely worth the effort.

Much better are the parties. The ones I get on my job sheet are mostly all women parties – hen nights, engagement showers, that kind of thing. The lines I use for the different products don’t sound smutty and the atmosphere is much more relaxed. Women aren’t bashful about speaking out when there are no men around, and they’re not worried about being misunderstood. They also say things about their husbands or boyfriends that they would never say if they were in the room. There is much more laughter and although I don’t sell as much, I hand around my card before I go and quite often there are phone calls and sales that way.

Which is how I came to have a very raunchy afternoon late this summer. You may think that a woman in my line of work would have lots of opportunity for a bit of fun. Well only if your idea of fun is half-drunk guys trying to grope you or propositioning you as you fill orders and pack up. In fact, working constantly with ‘marital aids’ and ‘sex toys’ tends to de-sensitise you and it’s only when you see them through other people’s eyes that you can be reminded that they are things intended to give erotic pleasure.

I was at an engagement party one evening. There were around twenty women all getting into the champagne and dancing to some music. I went through the usual routine and they had a bit of fun with some of the novelty items. The bride-to-be was in her late 20s and made a humorous display of fellating a chocolate dildo. There was the usual interest in the leather gear but before long I could sense they were getting bored. I handed round my cards, packed up the travel case and headed home.

The next afternoon as I was on the way to another function I got a call on my cell phone. The woman introduced herself as Monica from the day before. As she described herself, I quickly remembered her. She was 30ish with pale skin and dark hair cut in a pageboy look. Very striking, with good dress sense that showed off her trim body. She had been fairly quiet at the party but I had noticed her because she had seemed more attentive than the others and because she had large dark sexy eyes and large pouty lips.

On the phone she said she would be interested in looking through some of the samples in more detail and making some purchases. We made an appointment for the next day and I jotted down her address. It was some distance and I hoped that I would make a big enough sale to justify the trip.

Early the next afternoon I knocked on the door of a small newly-built house in a commuter suburb. Monica answered looking as well groomed as I remembered and ushered me into the living room. She had coffee ready and poured it as I opened the travel case. Most phone enquiries are about the S/M items that we stock, so I had a good selection of those with me together with specialist catalogues. But Monica showed little interest in those.

I asked her what she was interested in seeing and she sat back on the couch, sipped her coffee and said that maybe I could advise her. She told me that she and her husband had a good sex life (don’t they all say that?) and that they had an uninhibited relationship (ho hum) where they discussed sexual matters openly (yawn). Well, she had long known that there was a time in her husband’s life before she met him when he had experimented with bisexuality (uh oh). Although it had been years before, he had recently started talking about it in terms of a sexual fantasy.

Monica continued on saying she could see what he was leading up to and didn’t like the idea of her husband looking for sex with another guy. Although they had tried most things she didn’t like that idea at all.

She was quite nervous talking so openly to a stranger and even though I encouraged her with smiles and nods, it wasn’t getting any easier for her. She stood up and said she needed a glass of wine.

While she fussed about in the kitchen, I looked at a row of framed photographs on the bookcase – wedding photos, holiday snaps and so on. Monica’s husband was quite a hunk.

She came back in with two glasses of chilled white wine and, even though I make it a rule not to drink on the job, I accepted a glass hoping it would put her at ease. I asked her how I could help. She said that her husband’s fantasy involved him in a submissive role.

By this time I had had enough of the coy way she was talking. ‘You mean he wants to be screwed in the butt?’ I asked, and smiled gently to show I was not being nasty. Monica nodded quickly and took a gulp of her wine. But the ice was broken and she was able to talk freely.

Apparently he had always encouraged her to play with his arse and she had no problem with fingering his butt and rubbing his prostate while giving him a blow job. And so long as he washed thoroughly, she was prepared to rim him on occasion as part of their foreplay. Afterall, he certainly returned the favour and it was a bit of a turn on for her that he would lick her butt for long minutes. But they rarely progressed to anal sex – she was willing enough but he didn’t seem to have much interest beyond tonguing and sucking her shute.

As Monica talked I was aware of a breakdown of the normal barriers between people who had only just met. I would not expect a stranger to confide in me in this way, but it somehow felt natural enough and a warmth was building between us. We were talking like old friends who had long been sharing secrets.

She continued saying that she had concluded that her husband’s fixation on things anal was based on his desire to get bum fucked; and she was concerned that he would start cruising some gay beat and do something stupid or get himself in trouble. Not to mention that she didn’t like the idea of him getting involved with some guy. At this point she stopped, put a hand on my forearm, and spent a couple of minutes assuring me that she wasn’t the jealous type and that they had experimented with swinging and threesomes. It was just that anything he did should be with her consent, and he hadn’t even tried to talk to her about it.

She got up and took our glasses to the kitchen for a refill. When she returned she sat close to me on the couch, our knees touching, and told me that her plan was to buy a strap-on dildo and give him what he wanted herself. I had a sudden vision of Monica naked with a black leather harness strapped around her pale waist and between her buttocks, a rubber cock hanging heavily from her groin. I took a gulp of the wine to cool my suddenly hot face then told her I had a few in the sample case she could look at and a number more in the catalogue.

I felt a bit flustered as I unpacked the case and took out a couple of harnesses – one black leather with studs and the other a more dainty red version – and a range of dildos. Monica went straight for the black harness and stood holding it as I complimented her selection and showed her how to fit the dildos in and the raised patch on the inside that presses against the woman’s parts. She got the idea quickly and didn’t hesitate in selecting a large nine inch black life-like tool (catalogue number AM8447/9B – we move quite a lot of these beauties), running her fingers up and down the ‘veins’ and around the ridges of the ‘glans’, a reflective smile on her face. ‘Yes, I think this will do nicely,’ she cooed and put her selection on the coffee table together with some lubricant and, after a pause, a small black leather flogger.

We sat back on the couch and resumed talking. I asked Monica how she planned to bring up the subject with her husband. She wasn’t sure so I suggested that she do it as a role play. She liked the idea and we amused ourselves thinking up ideas, giggling like school girls. We decided that it should be something along the lines of a dominant/submissive theme with Monica pretending to be a tough butch guy. Our glasses were empty again and Monica refilled them. Returning from the kitchen she announced that she thought there would be a better chance of things working out if she rehearsed it all and would I mind playing the part of her husband. I agreed readily enough. She said she needed to dress for the part and I sipped my wine while she went to the bedroom to change.

She came out wearing jeans and a checked shirt, her hair tied back and lipstick removed. She strutted around talking in a deep voice and we both broke up laughing. It was obvious that wouldn’t work and, after a bit of thought, we agreed to it with her being a dom mistress that her husband was going to see. She scooted off to change again and, after quite some time, came back in dressed in a tight black top with a deep scoop neck, short black skirt, and black stockings and pumps. Her hair was down again and she had lots of vivid lipstick and eye shadow on. She’d put on a push-up bra and the tops of her breasts looked plump in the neck of her top. Her pale skin was striking in this get up and her dark eyes positively smouldered. I felt weak in the pit of my stomach and Monica asked me if anything was wrong. I stammered that she looked pretty amazing and she gave me a long look.

She sat beside me and reached for her wine. Her skirt rode up to reveal her garter belt and the touch of her stockinged knee against my thigh made my mouth go dry. We talked about how to proceed and basically agreed that Monica needed to get into the role right from the start and not deviate from it. I would do my best to give the kind of responses a submissive guy would make.

‘Right,’ said Monica decisively. ‘You go out of the room and knock on the door. I’ll call you in and we’ll go from there.’ I went out to the hallway, took a couple of deep breaths, then knocked on the door frame. ‘Come in,’ Monica said imperiously. I walked in and stood before her. ‘Well, well, what have we here?’ she said, looking up at me from the couch.

‘Please ma’am,’ I said in a little voice. I wasn’t sure what else to say and anyway my eyes were drawn to her cleavage and my mouth went dry again. She watched me staring at her for a long moment then stood up and walked around me.

‘You’re certainly an insolent little boy,’ she said in a demeaning tone. ‘Pretty and girlish and insolent.’ She stopped in front of me and, hand on hips, said ‘By the time I’ve finished with you, sissy boy, you won’t be so smug.’ She seemed taller and more substantial and had a natural severity about her. ‘Now strip!’ she commanded. I hesitated wondering an instant if she expected me to act out this part as well. ‘Strip!’ she said harshly, dispelling my doubts, ‘Or it will be worse for you!’ I unbuttoned my blouse, shrugged it off, and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall around my ankles. I was very self-conscious as Monica looked me up and down. I carry some extra pounds, especially on the hips and my backside is larger than I’d want. Plus my thighs need toning. ‘So the sissy boy wears women’s underclothing! What other nasty little things do you do? Huh? Speak up!’ I wasn’t sure what to say and stood there dumbly. ‘Do you put on lipstick and make up?’ she demanded.

‘Uh yes.’ I mumbled.

‘And do you put on false eyelashes?’


‘Yes, I bet you do,’ she purred. ‘And I can see that you shave your legs.’

‘Uh huh,’ I nodded.

‘Take off your pantyhose so I can feel how smooth and girlish they are, sissy boy.’ I took off my shoes and rolled down my pantyhose, standing bare foot in just my cotton briefs and bra. Monica walked slowly around me and then ran a hand slowly down my thigh. I shivered with the contact and broke out in goose bumps. She laughed brashly, then sneered ‘What a scaredy cat!’

I was a bit confused but decided that I should abandon my qualms and get fully into the role play like Monica obviously had. Once I’d settled that in my mind it wasn’t so hard and I guess the three glasses of wine were helping. I started trying to think like a man who wanted to get screwed by this beautiful mistress. After all it wasn’t at all hard to see Monica as sexy and desirable.

‘Sorry ma’am,’ I said apologetically. ‘I’m not scared really.’

‘No, you’re not are you?’ she said. ‘You’re here because you want to be. And you know what you want from me. Isn’t that right?’

‘Yes ma’am,’ I agreed.

‘So, sissy boy. Tell me what it is you want.’

‘Uh, I want you to strap on a dildo and fuck me,’ I said hesitantly.

‘Oh,’ she said in a demeaning tone, hands on hips again. ‘Let me make sure I’ve got this right. You want me to get my black leather strap-on…’


‘With the huge black rubber cock…..’


‘Bend you over the arm of the couch here….’


‘Shove it up you tight little sissy butt hole….’


‘And fuck you till you cry and beg me to stop.’

‘Yes’ I was a little breathless after this and Monica’s voice was also choked.

There was a moment’s awkward silence before Monica replied. ‘Well let’s see how serious you really are, faggot boy. Get my harness,’ she ordered, pointing at the coffee table. I stepped across and picked it up, conscious of the weight of the wide studded leather. ‘And my beautiful black weapon,’ she added softly. ‘Now kneel,’ she commanded when I turned back to her. As I knelt before her she inched the skirt slowly over her hips and onto the floor. She was wearing a small pair of black lace panties that seemed moulded to her mound. I could feel my face redden as she put her thumbs under the waist band and lowered them down over her garter belt to the floor. She kicked away the skirt and panties and stood before me, legs slightly apart, hands on hips. Her pussy was only a few inches from my eyes. It was lightly covered in short dark wispy hairs. I could see the bulge of her labia and a slight parting, red and dewy, through which the inner lips protruded. I could smell her arousal. I was also damp between the legs.

Monica let me gaze a little longer before ordering me to dress her with the harness. I fitted the dildo in place and, heart thudding, held it out for her to step into. I lifted it up her legs and my hands trembled as they came into contact with her smooth pale thighs and buttocks. I fumbled with straps and buckles, shuffling around her on my knees. As I fitted the rear strap I saw that her pear shaped buttocks were perfect and the sight of the black leather disappearing between them made me flush again. I was sorely tempted to kiss the flawless flesh.

Back in front of her, the heavy black cock bobbed before my eyes. Monica grasped it at the base and brushed it against my lips and cheeks. ‘Come on sissy boy,’ she cooed. ‘Open your lips so I can put my fat black cock in your little girly mouth.’ I complied and she pushed the head of the dildo in. My lips had to stretch quite a bit and it wasn’t an easy fit. She rocked her hips a little, running the cock head back and forth till I was used to it. ‘Yes,’ she purred. ‘I bet you’ve sucked lots of dicks, haven’t you?’ I didn’t think any answer was required, but grunted anyway. ‘Yes, I bet you were quite the little faggot in the locker rooms at college weren’t you. Sucking off the bigger boys and the coaches.’ She was sounding a little choked again and, looking up, I saw that she was wetting her pouty lips with the tip of her tongue. ‘Well sissy boy, show me how good you are.’ With that she reached behind me, grabbed me by the hair and pulled me forward onto the cock. It slid into my mouth until it butted against the back of my throat, making me gag a little. I guess it was a good five inches in and she held it there for a few seconds before starting to thrust it back and forth. ‘Yes my little queer,’ she cooed dreamily. ‘I bet you love having your sissy mouth fucked by a big strong cock. Suck my cock, baby,’ she said tugging at my hair. I sucked and slurped so that she could see and she smiled down at me. ‘My, my,’ she teased. ‘You are a hungry little cock sucker, aren’t you.’ I grunted again and she continued the thrusting. In fact, I was quite enjoying it. The rubbery taste was gone now and I wanted Monica to keep tugging my hair and shoving her groin towards my face. She started swaying and rotating her hips so that the pad on the inside of the harness worked against her clit and in this way she fucked my mouth for a long few minutes.

‘Well, you slut,’ she finally said a little breathlessly. ‘Time to show you know how to handle a real man’s cock. Time for you to deep throat my black beauty.’ I felt a bit panicked, never having had a cock this big in my mouth before and not knowing if I could take it any deeper. ‘Come on my lovely,’ Monica said and, hand still grasping the hair at the back of my head, tugged down so that my head was tilted up and my throat was straightened. ‘Now take a deep breath … that’s it … and open up …’ She leant her weight forward and the invader in my mouth pushed past the initial constriction and deep into my mouth. I was skewered and in a few seconds my lips and nose were hard up against the leather of the harness, the scent of her pussy thick on my senses. Monica eased back and then pushed deep in again, this time grinding her mound against the harness as it pressed against my face. ‘Oohhh, you do give good head you nasty boy,’ she cooed before tightening her grasp on my hair and pulling me along the cock and against her groin for another long grind. After half a dozen times, my throat was beginning to get sore. Maybe Monica sensed this because she pulled her cock all the way out and wiped it around my face.

‘OK my pretty,’ she said. ‘Now take my cock and show me how you like to give head. Let me see what those guys in the locker room are getting.’ I took the head of the rubber dick back in my mouth, reached behind Monica and cupped her buttocks. They were cool and smooth. I sucked back and forth on a comfortable three or four inches, squeezing and stroking those admirable cheeks. Then, with the cock half way in my mouth, I clamped down on it with my teeth. At the same time I grabbed the strap running between Monica’s buttocks and pulled it tight so that the harness was jammed hard against her snatch. Then I pushed with my mouth, grinding the base of the dildo back against her cunt. Monica moaned and rotated her hips. After a few seconds I eased off then did it again, getting the same response. I could smell her pussy and ran a couple of fingers down the strap between her buttocks. Sure enough it was all damp where it had been pulled against her labia. I glanced up and she had her eyes half closed and was massaging one breast, her nipples prominent against her bra. Knowing she was getting off just heightened my own arousal and I wanted to put a finger between my legs. But I kept my attention on the blow job I was giving.

After a couple of minutes Monica took control again. ‘Jesus,’ she gasped. ‘You sure are a good little cock sucker.’ She pulled away from me and adopted a stern voice again. ‘Now let’s see how tight that arse is. Over to the couch!’ I stood up and stepped over to the couch. Monica put her hand in the small of my back and pushed me forward so that I lay across the arm, my backside presented quite high. Keeping one hand firmly on my back, she roughly tugged down my panties and pushed a finger into my dripping crotch. ‘So you’ve been getting off on sucking cock, huh, you little slut!’ She wiggled her finger around and the invasion made me ache for that cock sprouting from her thighs.

‘Please, Monica,’ I begged. ‘Put your dick in me!’ She chuckled and twirled her finger. It had been several months since I’d had a lover and, after the last half hour of sexual tension, I craved fulfilment. ‘I need it bad!’ I gasped.

‘OK, slut, you can have my big fat black dick,’ she replied. ‘Reach back here and bring it to your little fuck hole.’ I felt for the cock and grasped its cool length near the base. I wondered if Monica expected me to put it against my anus and, for a moment, half-considered it. But its girth was intimidating and I really wanted it in my puss. In a second I had it nestling between my labia and, telling me to get ready, Monica took hold of my hips and pressed forward. God it felt good sliding in me. Sure it was large, and it spread me wide, but I was ready for it and needed it. I let out a long moan as Monica drove it in, paused and then drove it in some more. Even when I felt her harness pressing against my upturned buttocks, and knew she’d bottomed out, I continued to moan. It was so big in me and so deep. I had never been so deeply penetrated. Just thinking about it made me clench involuntarily.

‘All right then,’ said Monica a little breathlessly. ‘I can see that you like my big cock. Let’s see if you like to be fucked hard!’ With that she pulled slowly back and then slammed back in, all her weight pressing forward against me.

‘Oooff!’ I gasped as the hard invader thudded deep inside me and I was squashed into the arm of the couch. She chuckled then withdrew and slammed into me again, again driving the air out of my lungs.

Then she stood upright and grabbed my bra strap like a horse’s reins, pulling it tight and flattening my breasts. ‘OK sissy boy, give me a good ride,’ she said and started jagging the dildo into me in short steady strokes while yanking the bra strap. The dildo felt good sliding in me and I squirmed a little to make the angle better. There was a sharp crack as Monica spanked me. I gasped in shock and she smacked me hard again. ‘Come on, queer,’ she cajoled. ‘Fuck back at me!’ I bucked back at her and she jerked on the reins and smacked my flank. ‘Harder!’ she demanded, and I bucked again, feeling the dildo plunge deliciously deep again. ‘That’s the way,’ she cooed. ‘Now give me a proper ride!’ And away we went. I have never had sex like that. I was panting and sweating like a real horse. Every jerk on my bra strap and stinging smack on my buttock sent a tingling jolt straight to my rigid clit which was being ground into the rough fabric of the couch. And all the time that huge invader relentlessly probing the depths of my cunt. For long seconds I hung on the edge of orgasm and then went crashing over, collapsing forward and convulsing. Monica rode me down and then lay on top of me, her sweat mingling with mine as we panted in unison.

After a few moments I felt her kissing my back and neck. Her hands undid my bra and slid around to cup and gently massage my breasts. I started to tell her how wonderful it had been but she shushed me and continued nibbling, kissing and stroking. I relaxed and gave myself up to it, still coming down from that amazing orgasm. Now her mouth started on my ear lobe and her hands began to tease my nipples. I gasped and arched back, feeling her small warm breasts press against my sweaty back. ‘Clare,’ she whispered into my ear, using my name for the first time, no mockery. ‘You have such a beautiful bottom,’ she said gently and kissed me again. ‘I really do want to fuck you there,’ she said, her tone only gentle and caring now. I guess I got all tense because she kissed my neck and shoulders several times and lightly worked my breasts. ‘I’ll take it real easy, I promise,’ she whispered again. ‘And if you tell me to stop, I will.’

Although I’d had anal sex before it hadn’t been for nearly three years. My boyfriend at the time had a preference for doing it that way and over the course of several months it had gotten to the stage that he would enter me with only a moment’s preparation, coating his penis with gel and sliding it in past my ring. But that had been some time ago and after lots of practise. And he only had an average sized cock.

Monica sensed my reluctance and whispered that she’d go slow and wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want her to. She told me it would feel really good and, sensing me weakening, kissed my neck and tweaked my hardening nipples. I told her OK, we could do it and she pressed her body against me in thanks. She stood up, the long tube joining us sliding out of my pussy and dropping wetly against her thigh. We both giggled and I started to shift on the arm of the couch, getting ready for her. But she told me she wanted to do it face to face and, picking up the gel, asked me to follow her into the bedroom. I followed the perfect figure walking before me, the splendid bottom swaying sensuously. In the bedroom we embraced and, for the first time, kissed. It was breathtaking. Her lips were so soft and hot, her mouth sweet and passionate. Her hand went to my breast and as she kneaded I held her beautiful bottom, aware of the long sticky cock pressed between us. When we broke apart she told me what a great kisser I was. We kissed again, more urgently, then she gently pushed me back on the bed, my legs apart and still on the floor. She knelt between my legs and I lifted them over her shoulders so that my backside was raised and exposed. She told me how red and swollen my puss was and how some of my juices had dribbled down to my bummy. She ran a finger down and circled my anus, making me squirm, then pushed it deep inside. It felt good and I moaned appreciatively. She finger fucked me for a while, using my own juices and telling me how sexy it was. I was getting hot and started bucking back at her.

‘Are you ready to be fucked?’ she asked.

‘Mmmmm, yes,’ I replied dreamily.

‘Are you ready to be arse fucked?’ she said more loudly, squirming her finger deep inside me.

‘God, yes!’ I gasped.

‘Are you ready to be arse fucked by a BIG BLACK COCK?’ she demanded, jamming her finger in as deep as it would go and making me arch and moan.

‘Ohh God, fuck me now,’ I replied as eager now for that dick in my butt as I had been earlier for it in my puss. As I writhed impatiently, my legs still hooked over her shoulders, Monica applied generous amounts of lubricant to the crack between my buttocks and then to her dildo. Without a pause she lifted the glistening knob into place and leaned forward so that it was snug against my pucker. We looked at each other and I gave a little nod. At first my butt held firm then, as she increased the pressure and I bore back tentatively, the fat hard rod made its way in. Although the invasion was massive, it didn’t hurt like I’d expected. Even so, I thought that maybe my pelvis was shifting out of place as that thick ram rod forged a path through my anus and into my rectum. I moaned and shifted my hips, but it was OK and I was managing to take it. Monica could see that it was alright because she kept up the pressure, and that large black dildo slid deeper and deeper.

After a moment it became too much and I put a hand up, flattening one of her small breasts with its pebble hard nipple. She stopped and then leaned down till our lips met. We kissed long and deep and, feeling me relax again, she inched the cock deeper as our tongues duelled. By the time she bottomed out I was sucking desperately on her tongue. She gave me a moment then began to rotate her hips in a screwing motion, moving that fat latex prick in circles that churned up my guts. Her pubic bone was pressing against my clit and as she screwed her hips she mashed the straining bud. It was almost too intense to bear and I started to push back at her, urging her to fuck me. Which she did, working that cock slowly and steadily in long deep thrusts punctuated by more deep screwing mashing swirls. When I came it was almost a surprise. I hadn’t thought I could have an orgasm from anal sex and it came on with a suddenness that left me whimpering and clutching at Monica. She kissed me hard then, with a hard glint in her eyes, resumed her steady fucking.

I had never been so thoroughly fucked – in any hole. Monica was relentless, pausing only a couple of times to add more lubricant. By the time I’d been through three orgasms, we were both shining with sweat and were both panting. But still she ground and thrust and screwed and bucked. Finally I could see that the pressure of the harness over her mons was having an effect. Her thrusting became a bit erratic and she was panting harder. Her eyes lost their focus and she bit her lower lip. I didn’t think I could take much more. My insides were churning and felt all mashed up. I had an increasing urge to defecate and each trust of that black rubber monster was making me whimper. Desperately I pushed back at her, trying to drive that cock back onto her clit.

Monica knew what I was trying to do. She just smiled and gave me a few jagging thrusts to put me back in my place, then continued with her steady fucking. I pleaded with her to stop, but she just smiled coldly. Then I went for her nipples. They’d been hard ever since we started, little pebbles half the size of mine jutting perkily out of those small taut breasts. I reached up and grabbed one in each hand, pinching them. Monica tried to shrug me off, then tried to prise my fingers away. But I held on desperately, even squeezing tighter and making her cry out. She jagged the dildo hard into my guts but couldn’t dislodge me. Then with a half-shriek half-grunt she was cumming, first arching her back and gasping at the ceiling, that cock going deep into me one last time, then falling forward onto my breasts. I clasped her to me as she shuddered and moaned, our sweaty bodies heaving.

We were still together on the bed when my cell phone beeped with a text message. It brought us back to the present and Monica gave me a quick kiss and said she had to tidy up before hubby got home. She headed off to the shower and I checked my phone. There was to be a sales meeting in an hour. Shit. I joined Monica and quickly washed. Before I left we arranged to meet for coffee in the city when Monica would tell me how things progressed with hubby…

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