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Plugging In

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Just looking at it made her wet.

It was so imposing, all black leather and silver, with the thick black plug anchored firmly into the tail-end of it. He’d e-mailed her earlier, the man she obeyed but had not yet met, and asked her to get it out and ready. He’d also told her to get herself ready, to shave her pussy and make it smooth, to oil the skin so it would be soft.

So, she had, leaving her with nothing else to do but follow his instructions, even though a tiny part of her was anxious, looking for something, anything, to delay the inevitable.

“Insert your plug,” he’d typed, the words transcending their apparently stark nature. “You may use lube, of course, but don’t hesitate. Don’t insert it half-way, pull back, then try again. No matter how much it may hurt, I want you to accomplish this task in one smooth, continuous push.”

It was daunting, of course. The plug was large, thick at the bulge and not much smaller beneath. The bit that would part her anus once it was settled in place was as broad as a fairly large cock. She’d worked up to it over the course of a few months, not wanting to rush herself, but still pushed relentlessly in her timetable by the desires of her online Master. He didn’t want her to grow complacent, and so she hadn’t. By the time she’d learned to accept one plug easily, he’d moved her up to the next. She couldn’t say that the result hadn’t always been pleasant, because it had. She’d loved it, the apparent non-control over her body, the dictates of a Master who took her beyond her comfort zone and into a space she wouldn’t have dared occupy if left to her own devices. His insistence, his determination that she wouldn’t simply accept her limitations without protest, had shown her that her body was willing to do things her mind couldn’t comprehend. And, to make it sound esoteric was perhaps doing a disservice to the more banal, inherently more carnal, outcome. She liked pain, liked discomfort, liked humiliation, and liked most of all feeling she had no control over the level at which it was administered. While it was true that he would never know if she didn’t obey his dictates as instructed, instinctively she realized that if she lied to him, she just simply wouldn’t enjoy it as much. Hedonistic as it might have been, it was her pleasure driving the whole endeavor, and she wasn’t dishonest enough to pretend otherwise.

So, according to her instructions, she applied a healthy dollop of lube, using her fingers to spread the excess around her smoothly shaven anus, dipping inside occasionally, almost teasing herself. She realized she’d put it off as long as she could, well aware that he’d be displeased with her were he to know. Taking one last glance at the plug, aroused beyond comprehension at the thought that it would soon be nestled quite firmly inside of her, she lay down on the bed, turning on to her side and reaching behind her, grasping the harness. Guiding it to her, body stiffening in anticipation, she took a deep breath, the blunt tip of the plug resting against her hole. It was more a breath of fortification, to calm the already rapid beating of her heart, than anything else.

Eyes fluttering closed, she started to push, that delicious first penetration soon giving way to more and more intense pressure until she was breathing heavily, anus nothing but an aching void. Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes at the point where she normally would have admitted temporary defeat and eased the plug back, letting herself adjust to it, but she couldn’t do that this time. This time she had to keep on, and as she pushed, she felt the momentary fear that she was never going to be able to do it, that her body quite simply wouldn’t stretch far enough. It was something that always happened, even though she knew she’d taken it before and most certainly could again. And, like always, just seconds after that feeling hit, she felt herself start to close over the thickest part of the plug, that slide down to the base nearly a relief. That is, until she realized just how well she was stretched, the plug parting her very efficiently. It was a fulfilling sensation at the moment, bordering on uncomfortable yet not, and as she pulled the rest of the harness into place, she wiggled around on the bed, moving it into place, the sharp pain that had been teasing at her before settling into a dull, constant pressure.

A quick click had her locked in, and with a sigh she laid the key that would guarantee her freedom to the side. Unfortunately, it was to be left at home, leaving her with no other option than to hope she could return quickly. She knew it probably wasn’t meant to be, though, and accepted the fact with a confusing mixture of anticipation and resignation.

He wanted her to look a bit slutty that night. She was to wear her loosely pleated black skirt, the one that vaguely resembled the bottom half of a Catholic school-girl outfit. Sheer black stockings and garters went with it, taking away the co-ed feel slightly, appropriate since she was now in her late twenties. Stiletto heels elongated her calves and straightened her posture, automatically putting her breasts on display. Not that they wouldn’t be on display anyway. The tight black tank top she was wearing saw to that, the thin material highlighting her well-rounded C cups. The definite jiggle when she walked was a clear indication that she wasn’t wearing a bra, as were her hardened nipples, but she couldn’t help either of those things.

Taking a step, moving gingerly, she moaned at the near orgasmic sensation of feeling herself slide against the plug, the shift of her body around the stationary object sensuous to the extreme. She realized, much to her embarrassment, that her pussy was already soaking wet beneath the thick leather strap covering it. Each and every step reminded her that she was filled, ostensibly by him, his thick cock buried inside her as she went about fulfilling the tasks he had set for her.

She’d printed the list off but hadn’t looked at it. He’d insisted she do it that way, so that she couldn’t talk herself out of it, convince herself it was an impossible task before she even tried it. It was as if he knew that once she was in the harness, she’d find it nearly impossible to back down. Pride would keep her from it, as would the intensely exciting prospect of obeying him.

Feeling slightly breathless, she picked up the paper. Eyes closed, she took in a deep breath, letting the anticipation build, then looked down.

“I assume you’ve followed my directions like the good little slut I know you are. Of course, it’s only the beginning, and I’m curious to see if you can make it through the entire evening. Each of the items below must be completed as directed, no deviations allowed. Enjoy.”

Shivering slightly, perversely proud of her slut status, she read on, as of yet undaunted.

“First up is a trip to the nearest library. Check out a book, I don’t care which one, but don’t decide on a title until you’ve been there at least half an hour and looked on every shelf in the building. Take special care to read the names of the books on the bottom shelf, but when you do, bend at the waist and show off your pretty, slutty little ass.”

She snorted with laughter, unable to help herself. It seemed like such a silly request, one she was going to fulfill, but had to wonder what he was thinking. In all the scenarios she’d mapped out in her mind, a trip to the library hadn’t been the focus of a single one.

Snatching up her keys, making sure her purse was fully loaded with everything she was required to take with her, she made her way out into the night air. Her nipples hardened instantly, pressing against the thin fabric of her tank top in an almost obscene manner, and she fought the urge to cross her arms over her chest. He wouldn’t be happy with her if she did.

As she slid into the seat of her car, she nearly moaned, the pressure inside her shifting and increasing in intensity, and she wiggled slightly against the seat, feeling the plug move inside her. She felt naughty and dirty, wearing it outside of her house, convinced that anyone looking at her would be able to tell. It was ridiculous, really, because no one knew but herself, even though part of her couldn’t shake the belief that somehow everyone would know. Know she was a slut, know that her ass was stretched tight around the thick black plug…

The nearest library was only a few blocks from her house, but strangely enough, in a part of town she rarely visited. Conditions shifted radically in the span of a few streets, a seemingly invisible line dividing her neighborhood from the much poorer one only a few blocks over, and as she pulled into the parking lot, taking in the run-down, older model cars there, she felt herself grow a little apprehensive. The stark brick building looked somehow intimidating in the fading light of the evening, half of the streetlights apparently broken, and she gulped, suddenly quite nervous. For a moment, she thought about turning around, about choosing another destination, but he’d said the nearest library and this was it. Not that she thought he would want her to endanger herself in any way, and perhaps a single woman walking alone in a neighborhood like the one she was in, especially dressed as she was, would be a target.

No, she was going in. If she left, she wouldn’t make it to the next nearest library in time to adhere to his command. So, with a decisive move, she opened her door, stepping unsteadily onto the broken pavement beneath her. Walking quickly to the door, she threw it open, startling the elderly woman sitting placidly behind the desk.

The disapproving scowl shot her way soon turned to a look of near disgust, and she blushed, quite aware of how she had to look. She was dressed like a whore, the bright interior lights of the library unforgiving. Ducking her head slightly, suddenly very embarrassed, she made her way quickly past the old woman, heading for the nearest shelf, hoping to hide herself away. That one instant had defined the beauty in this part of his plan. His task wasn’t simply to give her meaningless chores to keep her away from her house… he wanted her humiliated.

It was fairly empty, for which she was grateful, but also extremely well air-conditioned, for which she was not. Nipples rock hard and straining against her shirt, she made her way slowly through the aisles, bending as instructed. Each time she did so, she could feel her skirt slide up the backs of her thighs, nearly so high as to leave her completely exposed. Some part of her must have liked it, because after the first couple of tugs, she didn’t bother pulling it back down, leaving it to ride high across her thighs. Maybe it was the thought that out there, unbeknownst to her, might be a patron she couldn’t see, eyes following the long line of her thighs straight up to her almost bared crotch, hitting on the thick leather with confusion.

About five minutes into her slow trek through the building, she finally hit a row that wasn’t unoccupied. At the other end stood a slim, young African-American man. His hair was in neat cornrows, his babyish face clean shaven. He was lounging against the corner of the shelf, book in hand, when she caught his eye. For a second, he gaped, eyes going wide, but then looked down quickly. She nearly chuckled, watching the way his eyes flitted from her to the book and back again, his interest obvious. Feeling slightly emboldened, she made her way down the aisle slowly, bending deeply, making sure every inch of her creamy white thighs was displayed to its best advantage. Half-way through her slow perusal, he stopped pretending to look at his book and focused only on her. By the time she reached him, he’d abandoned the book entirely, dark eyes hooded.

He didn’t move as she passed him, forcing her to squeeze between him and the shelf. As she did so, his hard cock brushed against her ass and she nearly gasped, beyond aroused that she’d aroused him. But, she didn’t stop, merely continued on, moving with methodical intent down the next aisle, aware that he’d followed her, that he was standing behind her, watching her every move. It made her wet, or, more accurately, wetter, and she put on a show for him, hips shaking as she moved, ass pushed back toward him.

She almost giggled as she realized that the task meant to humiliate her had gone in quite the different direction, each step she took followed by that of the young man behind her. For a moment, she wondered if she should worry about it, if she should be concerned that she’d acquired such an ardent admirer, but then she remembered the man’s handsome face and his hard cock, and it didn’t seem to matter nearly as much.

They were in the back, non-fiction apparently requested so rarely that it wasn’t even dusted, when she felt his hands on her waist, holding her still. She stiffened, wondering just how, exactly, to handle the situation when it hit her. He would not demand that she disappoint the young man behind her, and if the decision was made with a slight bit of bias on her part, then so be it.

“You’ve been teasing me,” the deep voice behind her whispered, and she pressed backward, ass rubbing over the thick length of his cock.

Surprised at how much she wanted what she had in mind might happen, she turned slowly, looking up. He was in his early twenties if even that, profile strong and regal, skin the color of creamy milk chocolate.

Running a hand down his belly to hook in the waistband of his jeans, she husked, “No, I haven’t. Teasing would imply that I’m not going to give you what you want.”

His nostrils flared at her words, pupils dilating until his eyes were nothing but dark black pools. “So what’s that mean? You going to fuck me? Right here?”

He said it as if it was a challenge, and she smiled a small, wicked little smile. “No,” she drawled, fingers tugging at his jeans, popping open the button.

One arrogant brow arched, and he ran his hands up under her tank, large palms rubbing roughly against her bare breasts. “I thought you said you were going to give me what I wanted,” he shot back, fingers tracing down to pinch her nipples tightly, drawing a satisfied moan.

Smirking slightly, she leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on his cheek. “You can’t fuck me. I wish you could, but right now, you just can’t. But, I really, really want to suck your cock. Will you let me?”

At that, the man chuckled, hands quickly sliding out from under her tank to rest on her shoulders, pressing down. “Let you?” he echoed, amused. “Fuck yeah. Suck me off, baby.”

Easing down to her knees, she slowly unzipped his pants, soft hands sneaking inside to pull his cock free, not quite able to wrap her fingers all the way around his shaft. When she saw him, she smiled, licking her lips in anticipation.

Looking up at him, comforted by the cocky grin on his face, she said seriously, “It’s very important you cum in my mouth, okay. I’ve got other places to go tonight, and don’t need a mess.”

Before he could answer, she’d wrapped her lips around his tip, one hand gripping the base of his shaft and the other braced on his thigh. Starting slowly, she began to suck, tongue flicking out to taste him, to trace his slit. He was warm, slightly salty, and almost too big for her mouth. Not that she was deterred. Instead, she worked to relax her jaw, taking him deeper and deeper with each bob of her head until she’d developed a steady rhythm, his cock sliding over her tongue to bump against the back of her throat.

She continued on that way for so long that she began to wonder if he was going to cum at all. He tasted wonderful and she loved the feel of him in her mouth, but her jaw was beginning to ache and she was growing nervous, well aware that the more time she spent on her knees, the longer she was vulnerable to discovery. She didn’t say anything though, having determined that she was going to make him cum no matter what. It seemed as if he’d developed an easy rhythm of his own, bucking slightly as she moved down his shaft, hands soon coming to rest in her hair, guiding her. The sounds of her mouth slurping against him sounded insanely loud to her own ears, as did the harsh cadence of his breathing, but she didn’t pull away, didn’t do anything but increase the speed of her movements, head bobbing rapidly against him.

By the time she felt him tighten, her jaw was so sore she felt tears pricking the corners of her eyes. The first jet of his cum splashed against the back of her throat, nearly gagging her, and she rushed to swallow as spurt after spurt filled her mouth, coating her tongue, until finally he eased, cock softening slightly. When he pulled free, he did so with a wet pop, and she flexed, tongue sneaking out to wipe her lips clean.

“How much I owe you?” he asked without looking at her, tucking himself back into place and zipping up easily.

She hesitated, uncertain, for a moment, what he was asking. “Owe me?” she asked, easing to her feet slowly.

“Yeah,” he grunted, reaching for his wallet. “For the blowjob.”

She blushed deeply when she realized he thought she was a whore, though on some level, the thought was nearly enough to make her cum. “You don’t owe me anything,” she said honestly, eyeing his wallet. “But, maybe you wouldn’t mind writing down your name and number. I’d love to feel that cock inside me one day.”

Despite the fact that she didn’t think she could, she blushed even more deeply as soon as the words crossed her lips. She’d rarely said anything so, well, so… slutty. At least, not outside the confines of her bedroom.

“Is that so,” the young man drawled, looking intensely pleased with himself. Then, the polite veneer he’d been sporting earlier dropped away, no doubt because he assumed he didn’t really have to worry about offending her. Or, at least that’s the way it seemed. “Cause I sure as hell wouldn’t mind fucking a bitch like you. Got some friends who wouldn’t mind, either. A cock-sucker like you could handle them, I’m sure.”

Swallowing nervously, feeling her pupils dilate with arousal at the mere thought, she licked her lips unconsciously, surprised to still taste him there. “Just how many friends?” she rasped, shifting slightly to rub her thighs together… anything to ease the ache that had sprung up between her legs.

With a leer, he looked her up and down, eyes linger for a long while on her breasts. “I’m a pretty popular guy,” he replied, voice almost a sneer. “Probably more friends than you could count. But, I doubt they’re more than your pussy can handle.”

As she thought about it, imagining a line of sturdy young men just like the one standing in front of her, her eyes landed on the clock on the wall and she gasped, surprised to realize that she’d exceeded the thirty minutes she was supposed to have allotted for this particular adventure. Grabbing a book at random, she tilted her head toward the counter. “Come on, I’ve got to go, but we can find you a piece of paper and a pencil, and you can write that number down for me,” she said enticingly, smiling slyly.

Grinning widely as he followed, she made her way up to the counter, digging out her county-wide library card. Trying in vain to ignore the old woman’s disapproving look, she slid the book onto the counter, laying her card out beside it. The woman took it gingerly, swiping it as if it were infectious, throwing it back down onto the counter immediately.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt someone behind her, a large hand palming her ass, but then realized it was the boy and she smiled and blushed, watching the old woman’s eyes look down to where he was fondling her openly, a severe frown on her face.

“You should be ashamed,” the old woman hissed, finally unable to take it anymore.

She merely smiled, reaching out for one of the markers laying on the counter and passing it over to her newfound friend. “Probably,” she said lightly, licking her lips lewdly, “but I just can’t bring myself to worry about it.”

The man behind her snorted, pulling a dollar out of his wallet and scribbling something on it. She grabbed her book and turned, hips wiggling as she led him out the main library doors.

“This is for you,” he said with a smirk when they reached the parking lot, holding out the dollar. “Couldn’t send you away with nothing, especially since you suck cock like a pro.”

She blushed, taking the dollar when she realized he’d written his name and telephone number on it, folding it neatly into the palm of her hand. “Maybe I’ll see you again,” she said with a crooked smile and a pointed glance down to his crotch. “Until later.”

Back in her car, she slid the dollar into the glove compartment, wiggling on the seat slightly as she felt her anus start to burn slightly, the initial numbness fading away in face of a more searing ache. It wasn’t bad yet, at least not like she knew it could conceivably get, and she pulled out her list, anxious to move on to the next item.

“Learn anything new at the library, little slut?” it started out, and she blushed deeply, thinking about how she’d spent the majority of her time. “I’ll bet you did, knowing you. Time for your next trick. I think a trip to the bus station is in order. You never know when you might want to take a vacation, and it’s always good to be prepared. So, why don’t you head on down, and read your next task when you get there.”

She shivered, hearing his words in her mind, sure his voice would be silky smooth and deep. Commanding, just like him, with that little hint of sarcasm she’d come to expect. Expect and appreciate, his mocking humor delivered with just enough of an edge to let her know he’d be laughing at her were he there, laughing at her pathetic need to do just what he asked of her.

It took her nearly twenty minutes to get to the bus station, and when she did, she found a parking space as close to the door as she could manage, flipping on her car’s overhead light to read what was to come next.

“Good girl. You’re so predictable, rushing to do my bidding. I like that about you. Now, wondering what’s to come? Go in, take your time to familiarize yourself with the place. Make sure everyone in there gets a good look at you, then pick the most visible seat you can find and sit down. I want you to wait. Surely some man will want to talk to a good looking whore like you, so I don’t expect you to have to wait long… the first one that flirts with you is your new task. I expect you to be out back behind the station sucking his cock within five minutes of his first hello. You’ve brought your condoms with you like a good girl, haven’t you? Of course you have. Make him wear one, and after he cums inside of it, take it off carefully, tie it up, and store it back in your purse. Don’t throw it away, and don’t lose a drop. We’ll have a use for it later.”

Mouth suddenly dry, she swallowed nervously, taking in the dimly lit lobby of the bus station, of the few people milling around that she could see from her perch in the car. For a moment, she considered admitting defeat and returning home. This was different than before. True, she’d sucked the cock of the young man back at the library, but that had been different. That had been her choice, and she could have passed him over had he not be acceptable. This time, though, she would have no choice. Whoever approached her first would be the one she would have to take, and the thought made her extremely nervous.

And, as she made her way inside the building, meandering slowly around the open lobby, she only grew more nervous. The time the feeling was tinged with a hint of nausea as she took a look around, eyes falling uneasily on the people waiting patiently on benches. There was a tired looking woman and her children, a few bags of luggage at their feet. A soldier apparently headed back to his base stood in another corner, duffel bag at his feet, an opened magazine in his lap. He hadn’t looked at her for more than a brief second, despite the fact that she’d intentionally tried to catch his eye. An elderly gentleman was dozing on another bench, a trail of drool etching out of the corner of his mouth, and two bright faced young women were holding court on yet another bench, talking animatedly to one another, faces bright. They’d looked at her with disdain as she’d passed, sneering for a second before bending close to one another to whisper snidely, and she’d blushed.

The only other person there was an older man, his graying hair sparse on top and slightly oily, plastered to his head with sweat. He had on a rumpled shirt, the remains of what she thought might have once been a jelly doughnut now a dark purple stain at the top of his burgeoning belly. He looked tired, with a few days scraggly stubble dotting his cheeks, and he’d leered openly as she passed, not even bothering to hide the way he undressed her with his eyes.

She made a complete circuit of the lobby almost five times, hoping that someone new would show up, but no one did. After that, she gave up, resigning herself to the fact that her options for the night were either the sleeping elderly man, the uninterested soldier, or the slob in the corner.

As soon as she settled into place, the man in the wrinkled shirt stood up, hitching his sagging pants up though they weren’t quite big enough to stretch over his belly, and made his way over to her. He settled into the seat beside her with a smile, exposing cigarette stained teeth, and she moaned internally.

“Where you headed?” he asked, voice a little deep though his tone was polite enough.

With a sigh, she gave herself over to the inevitable. “I’m actually not here to take a trip,” she admitted, turning to face him more fully, giving him a good view down the front of her tank.

He looked slightly startled, then confused. “Then why are you here?” he asked slowly, as if he thought she might possibly be mentally deficient.

“Look,” she said wearily, “I don’t really want to get into it. How about we settle for this… it’s your lucky night. I’m going to give you a blow-job, free of charge. What do you think about that?”

Sitting back against his seat quickly, surprise evident on his face, he looked at her warily as if trying to decide whether or not she was for real. “You’re going to give me a blow-job,” he said disbelievingly. “Like I’m supposed to fall for that one. What, you haul me off into the bathroom where there’s a squad of vice cops waiting, and I find myself in handcuffs bending over and grabbing my ankles for a biker with a hard-on? Yeah right.”

Sighing in frustration, she said crossly, “I’m not a cop. I have an… arrangement, you might say. The terms of the arrangement say that I have to do what this person asks of me, and tonight he’s asked me to suck the cock of the first person at the bus station that looks interested. Unless you’re not interested, that is.”

Eyes narrowing in comprehension, the man chuckled. “Oh, I see. Your pimp mad at you for something?”

Feeling it not worth the effort to explain, she merely shrugged her shoulders. “Or something. So, you want it or not?”

“Fuck yeah, I want it,” he growled. “Let’s go, bitch.”

He was already making his way toward the men’s room, and despite the fact her instructions had said to take him outside, she wasn’t going to quibble. Just so long as she managed to get the job done, that was all that mattered. Aware of the eyes following her, all except for the still oblivious and still quite handsome soldier, she eased past him into the men’s room, trying to ignore his smirk as he turned around, flipping the lock on the door.

“You have to wear a condom,” she cautioned, digging into her purse to pull the little packet out.

“Hey, no need to rush,” the man said lazily. “I want to see your tits. Raise that little shirt up for me.”

Eyes burning, angry with the man and, at that moment, angry with her online Master for putting her in the position in which she found herself, subject to the dictates of the ogre in front of her, she pulled the hem up defiantly, breasts soon bare. The man chuckled, then reached out to touch her, his hands rough as he squeezed her flesh, pawing at her, flicking roughly at her nipples. And, despite herself, she felt herself start to grow a little aroused, her nipples hardening under his rough touch.

“Oh, the slut likes that, eh?” he joked, tweaking each nipple in turn, lifting her breasts up by the hardened tips and then letting go, watching them bounce back into place. “You like it a little rough?”

She didn’t anything, just shot him an irritated look, jumping in surprise as he slapped each breast in turn, his opened palm snapping loudly in the quiet room. “Say it, slut,” he growled, pinching her nipples cruelly, short nails digging into her flesh.

“I like it rough,” she ground out, wincing slightly, the pain shooting down her belly to pool between her thighs in the form of hot, wet arousal.

His hands fell away, fumbling with his belt buckle, unzipping his pants as quickly as he could move. “You’re so fucking hot,” he said breathlessly, pulling out his cock. “Get on your knees, slut.”

Wincing as she looked at the slightly grimy floor, she kneeled nonetheless, watching as he stroked his cock in front of her face. It wasn’t overly large, especially not in comparison to his belly, and she sighed, ripping open the condom package.

“I don’t want it that way,” he protested, one hand gripping her hair roughly. “Fuck the condom.”

“Rules are rules,” she said irritably. “Either you wear it, and this doesn’t happen.”

With a grunt, he nodded, clearly unhappy. “Fine then, but you better be worth it, bitch.”

After sliding the condom down his cock, she closed her eyes, nose wrinkling at the slightly stale, smoky smell of his body, and took his cock between her lips, head bobbing quickly as she worked to get him off, unconcerned with anything other than making him cum. He groaned loudly, hands in her hair pulling her into him hard, his balls slapping slightly against her chin as she took the whole of his rather unimpressive length. Sooner than she’d expected, he was groaning, body jerking, and she felt the spurts hit the latex against her tongue.

He pulled free, and she moved to catch the condom, easing it off of him and quickly tying it into a knot. Under the guise of wrapping it in a napkin, she snuck it into her purse, snapping it shut and pulling her shirt down once more.

“Not half bad,” the guy said grudgingly, tucking himself back into place. “Tell your pimp you can work me for free anytime he wants.”

“Fuck you,” she spat, unable to hide her disgust for him, and in part herself, any longer.

At that, he smirked. “Already done that, you cocksucking slut-whore. Gotta run, or I’ll miss my bus.”

She could feel almost everyone’s eyes on her as she walked back through the lobby, the harried mother shielding her children’s eyes and the two girls in the corner glaring at her. The man just sneered and blew her a kiss, and she nearly ran through the lobby, convinced she’d never been so embarrassed before in her life. It was, perversely, intensely arousing, and she could feel herself slipping easily against the leather between her legs, pussy soaking wet.

Back in the car, she took a calming breath, anus contracting involuntarily on the thick plug buried inside her, the now tired sphincter muscle aching. Putting her purse to the side, trying not to think of what was inside, she picked up the note again.

“How’s my little cocksucker doing?”

She shook her head wryly, a rueful smile on her face. His little cocksucker was, alternately, not doing well, and doing too well indeed. She couldn’t believe that being forced to suck that pig’s cock had turned her on as much as it had.

“Now, I’m going to give you a choice. You’ve done well, using that stranger for our pleasure. If you think you can’t handle any more, that the night’s adventures have been enough for now, you may go home. I’ll be online waiting on you, and won’t be disappointed if you don’t think you can continue on tonight. If not, if you’re committed to following through on everything I’ve set for you, then read on.”

Taking a moment to think it over, not quite sure that she wanted to know what he had in mind for her after the bus station adventure, she though seriously about returning back to her house. After all, she’d already had quite the adventuresome night. One man in the library, another in the bus station bathroom… without doubt, one of her more active played out fantasies.


She wanted it all.

“Ah, good. It pleases me to know you’ve decided to read on. Don’t worry… there aren’t new horrors in store for you. Just more of the same old, same old. Remember that package of condoms I told you to buy and bring with you? You’ve used one of the six already, so just five more to go. Think you can suck five more cocks tonight? I know you can, so don’t worry. It’ll be easy. There’s a club where you should be at now. It’s only a few blocks away, and it should be late enough for there to be a sufficient amount of prey. Here’s what you do… When the first man asks you to dance, you look at him and say, ‘I won’t dance with you, but I will suck your cock. Interested?’. I’m going to guess he will be. Take him out to your car, use the condom so you can fill it up and keep it like before, then when you’re finished, just do the same with the next four, and you should be out of there in no time at all.”

She gasped, considering what she’d let herself in for, then nearly doubled over in a wave of pleasure. Once again, he’d taken control away from her, and in such a delicious fashion.

With a small smile, she made her way over the club he was referring to, watching the long line of people waiting to get inside. Keeping his instructions in mind, she parked in a far corner of the parking lot in a space beneath a broken light, well aware that her car was about to see far more action than a well-lighted space could handle, and made her way toward the door. The line was long, wrapped all the way down the side of the building, and she shivered lightly in the cool night air, suddenly wishing for a jacket. But, he hadn’t allowed her a jacket, not wanting to cover up the assets he so clearly though she should display.

She’d been waiting for nearly half an hour by the time she made it up to the door. Her calves were beginning to ache from the unnatural angle the stilettos forced her into, and her ass was slowly turning into nothing more than what felt like one big, gaping bruise. The tender flesh was starting to burn, the plug seeming to grow thicker and thicker inside her as the minutes passed by even though she knew that it wasn’t possible, and she couldn’t help but squirm about a little bit, unable to find relief.

The club was crowded, the music loud enough to shatter an eardrum, and she relaxed slightly in the darkness. She was headed for the bar, intent on getting a drink, when a cocky young man stepped out in front of her, grinning widely.

“Hey baby, you wanna dance?” he asked, smirking slightly, eyes focused unwaveringly on her breasts.

Swallowing nervously, not having had enough time to prepare herself even though she’d been in line for almost half an hour, she nonetheless leaned forward, lips brushing against his ear as she said, “I won’t dance with you, but I will suck your cock. Interested?”

He pulled back in surprise, dark eyes going wide. “You’re fucking kidding me, right?” he asked, grinning broadly.

“Not kidding,” she said with an unprepossessing shirk of the shoulders. “I’m sucking five cocks tonight, and yours will be the first,” she said honestly, not even bothering to hide the truth of her intent. After all, she’d already learned it was best to avoid misunderstandings.

“No shit,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “Five?”

Blushing, she nodded. “Uh-huh, and you can be first. You interested?”

“Hold up… why’d you pick me?” he asked, chest puffing out with pride.

Tilting her head to the side, she smiled. “Because you were the first to ask. First come, first serve, so to speak.”

“Well, fuck yeah. So why five? Gotta quota or something?” he asked, leering down at her, one hand sneaking around to cup her ass, squeezing firmly.

Shivering into the contact despite herself, she nodded. “Actually, yeah, I do.”

“So how’re you going to pick the other four?” he asked, hand sneaking down to slide between her thighs, fingers teasing up past the top of her stockings to stroke bare skin.

“Same way I picked you,” she gasped, eyes glazing over slightly at the thought of him fondling her so publicly. He merely grinned arrogantly at the sound, pulling her in harder against his stirring cock.

“So,” he drawled, “how about you let me pick them for you. I’ll find four more guys, and you let us all watch. How about that?”

She shivered at the thought, imaging herself down on her knees, one cock in her mouth and four waiting. It was a picture she found she liked. A lot.

“Okay,” she allowed, eyes twinkling. “Four more guys, and you each get to watch. You’ve got ten minutes.”

“Why don’t you go dance, baby. Make it real sexy, and I’ll get them in five,” he boasted, pushing her out toward the dance floor.

She’d just gotten into the groove of the music when she felt someone slide in behind her, hands sliding down over her hips to the vee between her thighs, rubbing against the leather covering her mound. “You ready, baby?” came a familiar voice, and she turned, surprised to see the guy from earlier.

“Already?” she asked, grinding her hips into his, pushing up firmly against his already hard cock.

Eyes hooded, he smiled. “Not like it takes a lot time to convince a bunch of guys to come get their cocks sucked. Hope you don’t mind, but one was a two for one kind of pair. Looks like we’re one over. But, I know you can handle it.”

She sputtered, angry beyond measure that he’d intentionally set her up, the cocky smirk on his face only serving to make her hotter. But then, she shrugged, figuring what the hell, and smiled. “Let’s go out to my car, then,” she whispered in his ear, hand sneaking down to give his cock a firm pull.

The group, when she finally got a chance to look at them all together, was fairly impressive. One guy was lanky, with long, unruly hair and glasses, and looked entirely too shy to be a part of anything like what was going to happen, but despite his blush, remained still. The second guy was short and stocky, Asian by the looks of his beautifully dark eyes and jet black hair, body muscular and smooth. Three and four, the two she assumed came as a pair, were twins, both with long, thick dreads and neatly trimmed beards, wide smiles grinning back at her. The final new addition was young, so young that she had to wonder how he’d managed to get into the club at all, with his hair carefully gelled and spiked, clothes easily saying that he was trying far too hard to be something he wasn’t. And then, there was the guy she’d met at the door, the one who’d orchestrated it all.

“How about you show us what we’re going to get,” the guy from the club said, smiling a toothy grin. “Take off that little shirt, why don’t you.”

She looked around nervously, but realized that they were out of sight of the club, almost behind another unoccupied building, and that there was no one in sight to see her but the men looking at her expectantly. “Sure,” she said, easing the cloth up, teasing them a little before pulling it over her head. She tossed it to one of the twins, smiling as he in turn tossed it over his shoulder, then looked back at them.

“Like what you see?” she asked, getting into it a little, surprised at how easily she’d capitulated. She hadn’t even put up a protest, more excited by the thought of sucking off the strangers in front of her than she had been anything else.

“That’s not all of it, baby,” the self-proclaimed ringleader said, gesturing at her skirt. “We want to see it all.”

She blushed at that, knowing they’d see her harness if she took her skirt off, but somehow wanting them to know. So, she unzipped it, kicking it over to perhaps the same twin who’d caught her shirt, grinning shyly as they all gaped at her.

“What the fuck is that,” the stocky Asian boy asked, stepping forward to run his fingers over the small padlock.

Clearing her throat, she said roughly, “It’s my harness. You can’t fuck me when I have it on, but I wasn’t going to fuck you anyway. I’m not doing anything but sucking tonight, boys.”

“Holy shit,” another cried, circling around behind her. “What’s that?”

Turning bright, bright red, knowing they’d discovered her secret, she said shyly, “It’s a butt plug. You boys know what they are, I’m sure. It’s just that this one is locked into place, so to speak. Like a great big cock I can’t get rid of.”

The youngest boy, apparently intent on making himself a part of the group, sneered, “What a fucking slut. You must be into all that bondage/pain shit.”

Despite herself, she perked up slightly at the words.

One of the twins whistled, obviously impressed. “Oh, I think she is. You into that? You like to have that pretty little ass spanked?” he asked, grinning widely at her blush.

Chin going up, determined not to be cowed, she nodded. “Yes,” she said simply, not bothering to elaborate.

“So,” the twin who had spoken asked, slipping his thick leather belt free from his pants, “if I told you to bend over, you’d do it?”

Eyeing the thick belt warily, feeling the wetness between her thighs grow, she nodded shallowly. “Maybe.”

Suddenly chiming back in, the youngest boy sneered, “No maybe to it, bitch. Do what he says.”

Jumping, slightly startled, she looked at the group with wide eyes, surprised to see that most of them appeared to be intensely interested in the prospect.

“Nah, don’t bend over,” the twin with the belt said, looping it and snapping the resulting two straps against his palm. “Put your hands on that wall over there and spread your legs. Then you can stick your hot little ass out for me.”

Gulping, suddenly a little intimated, she looked around, realizing quite quickly that she had no real avenue for escape.

Apparently growing irritated with her, the twin snapped the belt again. “It wasn’t a question, bitch. Do it.”

Moving quickly, more than a little turned on by the authority in his voice, she walked quickly over to the wall, spreading her legs wide and leaning into it, ass on display. She tried to block out the sounds of the chuckles that followed her action, but couldn’t, and blushed deeply, fully aware of just how she had to look.

“I don’t need you to count them or thank me for them, bitch, just stand there and take them,” the twin said, voice rough, and before she even had time to brace, he was whipping her, this sharp sting of his thick leather belt making her yelp. The blows came quickly, all painfully hard, and soon she was dancing from foot to foot, ass on fire, aching beneath his unrelentless assault. Finally he stopped, and she sagged slightly, only just becoming aware of the tears on her face, when she heard him laugh.

“She’s about done for, guys, but I think she could handle at least five more from all of you.”

Stiffening suddenly at the words, she was completely unprepared for the next blow. It was different, a little softer, though that was little comfort to her already raw ass. She could tell when the belt changed hands. Some were hesitant, some using nothing but brute force, but she gritted her teeth, counting down the twenty-five she imagined she had coming, breathing a sigh of relief when the last one finally landed.

“Look at that,” one of them said, laughing, and soon the others were joining in. “Looks like a fucking lobster.”

Tentatively reaching around to touch her bruised and swollen skin, she found it burning hot to the touch, and slightly damp. She winced even at that slight pressure, only just then able to unclench around the rock hard plug still buried inside her.

“Ready to suck our cocks, bitch?” came the voice of the boy she’d met in the club, now nothing more than a mocking snicker, and she turned to face them, eyes falling to the ground at the derision in their eyes.

Before she could protest, she found herself on the ground with a cock pumping away in her mouth, followed soon after by another and then another, and she vaguely heard someone say he wished he could fuck her before she felt something cool against her pussy. Then the pressure of her harness was gone, and a cock was pressing into her, struggling to fit with the thick bulge of the plug making her tight, and she was moaning and cumming and cumming and cumming, desperately sore asshole clenching tightly around the thick, imposing plug each time.

By the time they were finished, she’d sucked and fucked them all at least once, some more than that. She’d lost track somewhere in the middle of it all, though as she watched them zip up, she stumbled to her feet exhausted, looking for her clothes.

Someone threw them to her, and she eased into them, well aware of the flood of cum running down her thighs, of the thick layer of it covering her tits and her chin. Moving slowly, she picked up her purse and fled, squishing back into her car and flooring it.

When she got back to her house, she pulled out the note, wincing slightly.

“Follow my instructions? Good. I’m online, waiting for you. Sign on as soon as you get home, before you do anything else. I want to hear how things went.”

Despite the cum now slowly drying on her skin, she did as he asked, cringing as she saw his name pop up on her buddy list. Her first IM was timid, though soon she’d related the whole, sordid evening to him.

“My, my, you’re an even bigger slut than I’d thought,” he chided, and she could almost hear the disappointment in his voice. “Well, you certainly disobeyed me, and for that, you’ll have to be punished. I had plans for you, plans I intend to see carried out.”

She fought back the urge to tell him she’d already been punished. The raw, burning flesh of her ass, the sharp ache of her asshole, and the dull pain in her pussy attributed to that, as did the stomach-full of cum sloshing around in her belly.

“I’m sorry,” she typed shamefully, eyes downcast.

“It’s in your nature, slut,” he said kindly, and she could imagine his indulgent smile. “Just means we’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Don’t think you’re going to get away with this, though. You may take the plug out to deal with any bowel movements, but it must go directly back in. You’re to sleep in it tonight, and wear it until you can complete the new list I send you tomorrow. Is that understood?”

Moaning, near tears at the prospect, she nonetheless diligently typed, “I understand.”

“Good girl. Now, don’t wash that cum off before bed. Sleep in it like the dirty slut you are. Tomorrow morning, if you’re good, I’ll give you permission to clean up. Oh, and send me the young man from the library’s number. I think I can use him.”

She signed off with a frustrated sigh, trudging toward bed, intensely aware of the radiating pain rippling through her ass.

And all of it nothing more than what she wanted…

The End

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