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Pleasure Three Times

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I sat on the couch and impatiently exhaled on a low-tar cigarette. Glancing at my watch, I noticed she was late. I took a slug of wine and looked over at Dave. He stood at the counter with his back to me, mixing a scotch and water with ice. For a moment I thought he sensed my anxiety as then he turned around and met my gaze with smiling eyes.

“You all right, babe?” he asked me. I nodded that I was fine, but my nervous fidgeting betrayed me. I lay back in the couch and took another mouthful of wine.

“Come on Tina where are you?” I thought.

When waiting for Tina, seconds seemed like minutes, and minutes hours. I thought of what it was that could possibly delay her. Did Alan forget he was to stay home tonight to mind their kids? Or had the bad weather made the roads inaccessible? Perhaps Alan had somehow discovered our plans and that were why she had not shown! I closed my eyes tightly and tried to block these thoughts from my mind.

“Don’t be stupid” I reasoned. “She’ll be here.”

After all, how could she not show? We had been planning this night for weeks. Ever since that night when we had talked until morning and she had told me her marriage was nearly dead, and fuelled by alcohol and my latent desire for Tina I had made a pass on her to which she had responded favourably. We had made love on the floor to which I now looked upon and the sex was mind-blowing. I took her to heights of pleasure that she had not experienced before and I had never come so hard and so often. When it was over we had agreed that this was to be the start of an affair, but a life of marriage and kids had got in the way, and we had not had the opportunity to fuck again until now.

It was my idea to have a threesome with the two of us and Dave, that way I could sleep with Tina with my husband’s consent and no longer have to keep my desires a secret. I love Dave and didn’t want to hurt him, but I could not ignore my feelings for Tina either. So by making Dave happy with the idea of his wife fucking another woman, we were all happy.

Naturally I had no problem in convincing him. Dave knows I’m bisexual as I told him before we were married about the women I had slept with, and he had no issues with sharing a bed with his wife and her horny best friend! The thought of me with another women really turned him on and god only knows it turned me on too! I was itching to get back to a bit of girl-on-girl.

Tina was extremely open to my suggestions, to say the least! Because of her marriage problems she was not getting fucked on a regular basis and Tina being Tina I knew she would be hungry for cock and I was right. She wanted it right there and then, and has told me since that the thought of fucking both Dave and I had fuelled all her masturbation sessions in the intervening weeks.

So where was she? I was getting concerned. We had said 8.30 but it was almost an hour later and still no sign of Tina showing. I poured another glass of red, lit another cigarette and tried to relax. Dave sat next to me and took a handful of chips from a bowl that sat on a small table by the couch then turned on the t.v. We watched a black guy fuck two white girls and I thought to myself “That should be me!”

“Don’t worry Jane, she’ll call if she can’t make it” he said reasonably. But I wasn’t interested in reason. I just wanted to see Tina pull up the driveway and take her clothes off. But all the same I nodded and smiled unconvincingly.

“Yeah, I know. She’ll be here.” We watched the porno in silence, Dave getting visibly aroused, but it didn’t really do anything for me. I was too worried that Tina, the sexy bitch, might not show up at all.

At 9.47, just as I had given up on her, Tina arrived, but not in her own car, in a cab. I saw the glare of the headlights as the vehicle swung around to stop outside the front door and my heart leapt with joy. I jumped up immediately and adjusted first my skirt, then the low-cut sleeveless top I wore to expose maximum cleavage then made quickly to the door. Dave followed and had the same obvious look of eager excitement as i.

“Are you ready for a night of untold sexual pleasure?” I asked him as my hand reached quickly for the doorknob.

“Oh yes!” he exclaimed, hardly able to contain his joy as I opened the door and smiled happily as, at last, Tina ran in from the rain and stood before us.

“Hi” she said breathlessly as I closed the door and the world behind us. “Sorry I’m late, fucking car wouldn’t start. Alan insisted on trying to fix it before he’d let me call a cab, the fucking cheap prick.” Tina swore quite a lot but I didn’t mind. She used the same language in bed and I swear she’d make you come just by talking dirty.

“That’s ok” I lied. “You’re here now, that’s all that matters. How are you keeping?”

“Fine, fine” she said as she took off the overcoat that Dave offered to hang up for her in the closet.

“And yourselves? You’re looking well.” I looked into her beautiful eyes and smiled, flattered, as I knew this compliment was directed solely at me, and told her we were doing great. Dave returned and led Tina into the lounge with me following from behind.

Tina was looking good, stunning to be exact. She wore a striped, tight fitting shirt with no brassiere, and a knee-length skirt and boots. Her large, meaty breasts looked magnificent, and the thin patterned material of her top stretched tightly across them, defining splendidly their silky roundness as they bobbed up and down beneath her shirt. Her great ass wriggled seductively in her skirt as she moved across the room and her tanned legs, long and glowing, shone smoothly as she sat down on the couch.

There was a lot of Tina and a woman could easily be jealous of her, but not i. We are both very similar in size; breasts, legs, ass, pussy. Both have golden hair, mine long, hers shoulder length, but most importantly I think we have the same sex-drive, the same responses to touch and pleasure. I looked at her sat down, legs crossed, her skirt riding up her creamy thighs, and I just wanted to eat her pussy right there and then.

“God, she is so fucking sexy!” I thought to myself, my juices already flowing.

Dave handed her a drink, Scotch, straight, lots of ice, and we both sat down next to her on either side of the couch. I picked up my wineglass, took a mouthful, then leaned back into the cushions. Dave sucked on a beer while staring at Tina’s tits. My eyes were alternating between her breasts and thighs as I spoke. “So…how are the kids?” I asked politely.

“Good” Tina replied, her answer short and to the point.

“And Alan?” I said. She looked up at me with pursed lips, somewhat frowning.

“Do you mind if we don’t talk about that asshole. It’s not going to exactly turn me on.”

I looked up at Dave who was still staring at Tina’s chest and nodded. “Sure. Sorry.”

Dave nodded also and muttered something but was not even listening in honesty. Tina’s gorgeous breasts transfixed him. I looked at them again. They rose then fell slowly as she breathed and looked to spill out of her top at any moment. God, I wanted to suck them so badly!

“So, you want something to eat, another drink? Dave, get Tina another drink” I asked. Dave looked up at me, confusion on his face like he had just woken up from a wet dream and couldn’t figure out why there was cum on the sheets.

“Pardon?” he muttered, not really listening.

“Tina would like another drink”.

“Oh, right. Sure.” Dave took the empty tumbler from Tina and went to fetch the drink. Tina watched him move to the counter then looked back to me. She was smiling away to herself, possibly amused by Dave’s unintentional Stan Laurel ways, but more so, I thought, because she liked having the two of us cast our eyes lustfully over her hot body. I put out my cigarette and thought “enough of this bullshit” then decided to end the chitchat and cut straight to the chase. I’d had enough red to give me courage and wanted to fuck Tina so badly that I just came out with it.

“Tina, you look gorgeous, and if you don’t mind I’d like to eat you out right here on the couch.” Tina’s eyes narrowed, her lips pouted softly, and slowly she spread her pale, creamy thighs as she leaned over and whispered quietly in my ear.

“There’s nothing I’d like more” she purred seductively. She moved back slowly to her original position then drew her skirt up above her hips in a slow and considered movement to reveal her white panties that barely contained the golden bush that I had loved and adored. I leaned forward and put my hand on her bare thighs as I sought her mouth with my own.

At last our lips met and we kissed passionately and hard, her hands pulling me closer as my fingers stroked her smooth, white flesh further upward until they touched upon the soft cotton fabric of her panties. Tina sighed as my nimble fingers nudged beneath the thin elastic waistband and into her knickers. She moaned again, more audible now, as my hand moved down her crotch and cradled her warm sex, my middle finger extending to find her clit through the mass of blond hair that concealed it.

“Oh!” Tina’s mouth fell open wide as with slow but firm movements I massaged her swollen clit, her steady moans continuing as my attentions became faster and firmer. Her tongue darted into my mouth and I pushed my body further against her own, our breasts and flanks squashed firmly together as I masturbated her with steady loving rhythms.

It was then that Dave returned with the drink. He stopped momentarily, not believing what he was seeing, then moved quickly to sit back down next to Tina on the couch. He put the drink down and without words stroked Tina’s other thigh. Then he slipped his hand beneath her shirt and stroked her breasts, grazing her nipples with his palm as he firmly kneaded her bosom.

Tina responded by reaching out with her right hand and finding Dave’s crotch began to fondle him through his jeans. Dave quickly took his hand out from beneath Tina’s shirt and unbuttoned his fly, pulling his trousers down to his knees and freeing his already hard cock. Tina took hold of his weapon and as I fingered her she began to toss Dave off in her hand, all the while continuing to tongue me frantically.

I wanted more than anything to pleasure Tina in this fashion but at the same time I didn’t want her to come too soon. I wanted to tease her until she pleaded with me to finish her off. I took my hand out from inside her now wet knickers and quickly whipped off my top, letting my naked breasts flop against my chest before thrusting them into Tina’s pretty face. She clamped her mouth to my right breast and lolled her tongue hard upon the nipple, sending my body into immediate spasms of delight.

“Oh yeah, yeah!” I moaned softly as Tina sucked my breasts and continued to pleasure Dave, pumping his straining cock in her fist with a steady rhythm that was concentrated around the head and sending him wild with pleasure. I put my hands on the centre of her belly and fumbled to find the buttons of her shirt, desperate now to get her naked, and as each one unpopped she exposed more tantalising flesh and subconsciously I began grind my hips in a hard fucking motion against her thigh.

When I opened the buttons just below Tina’s breasts I moved backwards slightly to undo her fully, and she released her grip on Dave momentarily to put her arms by her side. I pulled the shirt over her shoulders and then off her body completely, then threw the shirt onto the floor and collapsed into Tina’s arms, our naked breasts squashed tightly together as we kissed and groped one another like we had never done so before. I tugged at Tina’s skirt and lifting her bottom off the couch I removed the skirt and panties in one swift action, then I shoved my rear into the air and wriggled my hips so I too slid out of my knickers, leaving us both completely naked.

We both moaned loudly as our fingers made busy pleasuring each other, while Dave just sat there stroking his cock, contentedly watching us make out. Tina ground her pussy against mine as we petted heavily then kissed each other’s breasts and necks, our hands softly stroking the planes and curves of our sensuous flesh.

I sensed Tina was going to come very soon, so I pushed her knees wide apart and slid my body down hers until I was knelt square between her open thighs. I traced my tongue along the velvet insides of her thighs, licking her from knee to bush, and this made her whimper uncontrollably like a frightened puppy, her weak cries spurring me on to perform the act that she so desired.

Placing my hands on her flanks I stuck out my tongue rigid and licked her pussy from top to bottom, then back again. I repeated this action for as long as it took to get her nice and wet, then flicked my tongue across her clit and the folds of moist flesh that lay at the centre of her fragrant treasure. She tasted delicious and smelt fresh and clean. Her juices flowed as I made my tongue flicker lightly upon her clit, then I made rigid again and stuck my tongue into her warm passage, fucking her with my expert tongue.

I looked up with my mouth clamped to Tina’s pussy, my tongue deep inside her, and saw Dave groping her breasts as Tina wanked him off again. Both lay back with their eyes closed and seemed oblivious to one another, but they were both servicing the other as I pleasured Tina.

“Oh Jane..yes!” Tina’s moans were low and breathy as I ate her out her cunt, my tongue gliding rapidly across her wet flaps, licking and probing her pussy to exalted states of pleasure. Dave was also moaning loudly. He had taken of his shirt, and like Tina his eyes were closed and had a dreamy look of contentment on his face.

Suddenly Tina’s groans of pleasure became louder and more persistent, and I must have hit the spot for she grabbed my scalp roughly with both hands and thrust my face deeper between her thighs until I could not breathe almost. She bucked her crotch in a steady rhythm against my chin, angrily fucking my face as I lapped at her pussy like a dog drinking water from a bowl.

In the mean time, Dave had put on a rubber and was kneeling on the floor behind me, fondling my buttocks and trying to slip his cock inside me. I quickly went down on all fours and pushed out my rear to allow him to take me from behind as I orally pleasured Tina. He held me steadily by the hips and I could feel his cock head poking at my entrance, so I sank down onto his tool then moaned loudly as his length completely filled me.

Dave thrust into me like a jackhammer, fucking me like a crazy as Tina moaned and squirmed on the couch, approaching orgasm. I flitted my tongue upon her clit as fast as I could manage, and then, as she kneaded her breasts with busy fingers, she cried out loudly “I’m coming, I’m coming…aaahhhh!” and her back arched sharply off the couch. Her whole body tensed and her face grimaced with delight as her body exploded then shook with pleasure, and I felt her climax gush onto my face, quenching my lips and chin.

As Dave continued to fuck me from behind Tina sighed languidly with relief, then slid off the couch to sit on the floor in front of me. Her chest was coated with a light film of perspiration that sparkled like sequins, running into a pool in the space between her breasts, and her face was ruddy and hot looking. I was still on all fours with Dave doing me doggy-style, and I moaned loudly as his cock rammed into me in a fast, hard rhythm. Tina sat with her legs open and my hands between her thighs. She shoved her breasts into my face, and I opened my mouth to suck on them as she reached under to play with mine. Tina squeezed and pulled at my nipples, then rolled my breasts tightly in her palms, groping and fondling me while I kissed her pretty bosom.

Now I was in heaven, with Dave doing me from behind and Tina sat before me, my face in her breasts and she groping mine. I placed my hands on her thighs and squeezed tightly, losing myself in the pleasure my two lovers were giving. I rocked back and forth in time with Dave’s motion and I could feel his fingers dig deep into my fleshy rump. We were both moaning uncontrollably and uncomfortably hot. Sweat poured off my body, and I could then feel something wonderful from below as my climax started to happen.

“Oh god I’m coming I’m coming fuck me oh yes!” I cried through gritted teeth as I clenched my fingers tightly against Tina’s thighs and thrashed my bottom against Dave’s cock, rocking back and forth crazily as my body tensed and a powerful orgasm imploded from my pussy and outward. I gave a final climatic moan as my breasts shuddered against Tina’s palms and I collapsed into her arms as the full force of my climax felled me to the ground.

Throughout my release Dave had managed to remain inside me, and as I lay against Tina with my rear in the air he pounded his cock into me. Seconds later he too gave a loud rattling moan, and discharged his streams of passion inside me. When it was done he withdrew and lay next to Tina and I with his head resting on the couch. I was holding tightly onto Tina, and as she cradled me in her arms she kissed my hair and stroked my trembling shoulders. My face was against her chest and I petted her breasts as I found my composure, her tender flesh warm between my lips. My climax had been amazing but still I wanted more. I looked up at Tina, and in her eyes I could see my thoughts reflected in them. She wanted more of the same. This was to be only the beginning.

Slowly I moved my body upward, supporting myself on one arm as I went to kiss my lover, crushing her lips with my own. I forced my tongue into her wide, open mouth, pressing my hot, urgent body tight against her own soft sensual skin and we French-kissed tenderly but hard. My hand caressed her breasts as we kissed, making the nipples hard like bullets, then moved down her body touching her belly, groin and thighs, and when my palm brushed her cunt hairs I felt Tina open herself to me at her centre.

She moaned as I expertly stroked and manipulated the flesh between her legs, making her wetness gush onto my fingers. I gently touched her clit and she trembled like a leaf. Then I pushed two fingers inside her hot pussy and got them really wet, got Tina really flowing, then drew them out and spread the juices over her clit so it was nice and moist. Then i rubbed her there while we kissed and very soon she was gasping and squirming with pleasure, her body urging me to control, dominate, and satisfy her desire.

Her thighs split wider still, so I slid my fingers under again and pushed them through her creamy wet flaps, probing her jelly and finger-fucking her tenderly. Then i withdrew and lay down on the carpet, pulling Tina on top of me. We kissed frantically, madly, like animals, our hands touching and caressing as we ground our mounds together in a hard fucking motion. Both of us were moaning loudly and oblivious to everything but each other.

Then Tina quickly sat up and turned around so her backside was facing me, then she lowered her pussy onto my face and we assumed the 69 position. My thighs fell open wide, and i cried out loudly in ecstasy as i felt Tina’s tongue upon me, licking my poor pussy. Her hair was tickling my thighs as she manipulated my clit with her lips, giving me little kisses there and nibbling the passionate bud with her teeth, driving me wild with pleasure. As Tina ate me I sucked her clit and probed her passage with my rigid tongue, sending her crazy. Her pussy was so lubricated that my mouth, nose and chin were coated in her juices, and the tops of her thighs glistened with wetness.

My hands mauled her buttocks and flanks as I pleasured her and she clamped her thighs tight against my head, pushing her self down harder onto my face and my tongue deeper inside her body. She was rocking to and fro in rhythm with my attentions and making loud groaning noises that would have been audible to anyone passing by outside. Her bush scraped so hard against my face that it felt sore but we were both so gone, so close to coming, that I didn’t care.

Throughout all this Dave had been lying next to us on the floor, watching quietly as he waited to get hard again. Occasionally he had giving us words of encouragement (not that we needed any!) but now he was ready and neither myself nor Tina had seen him leave the room and return with lubricant and a dildo (mine). He knelt down by my head and smoothed his hands across Tina’s buttocks, saying, “go on girls, that’s it. Oh yeah, that looks good” and such like. He was really hard and already had on a condom. Then he slid one hand down and in one smooth movement slipped two fingers inside Tina’s gaping pussy.

As I lapped at her clit Dave then took the lubricated dildo and put it inside her cunt with his fingers. She whimpered loudly as Dave fucked her from behind with his fingers and the dildo, and she was so aroused at having the two of us pleasure her. After a short time Dave withdrew the dildo and spread some juices from her pussy to her asshole, getting her nice and moist there, and after doing this a couple of times he nudged the top of his index finger inside her, irritating her anus. Then he got the lubricant and coated his finger and her asshole with it, and this time it slipped in right up to knuckle.

He wriggled his finger around inside her ass and with the other hand returned to fuck her pussy with the dildo while I pleasured her clit. Now Tina was grinding her hips like a mad woman, shouting “oh god don’t stop, don’t ever stop!” and I could hear Dave saying “go on girl, that’s it, oh yeah you like that” Her breathing was fast and heavy, and her whole body shook as she rocked against us.

Sensing she was near Dave took out the dildo from her pussy and kneeling right behind her guided his cock inside. Tina moaned loudly and began thrashing wildly against Dave’s cock, thrusting her backside to meet his delivery and I could hear the slurping sounds as his cock slipped in and out of her pussy. As much as she loved what I could do to her this is what she had been waiting for, to be fucked by a cock after all this time she had been without it.

So there we were, Dave fucking Tina from behind while fingering her ass, while I lay beneath licking and sucking her clit. Tina tried to continue pleasuring me but it was hard for her to maintain while receiving so much from us. I felt her head come down on me then as quickly move away again, unable as she was to withstand the pleasure we were giving her. Her whole body thrashed above me, the sounds of moans, groans and fucking filled my head, and then at last Tina came. She screamed loudly “I’m coming I’m coming oh fuck me, fuck me, oh yes yes yes ohhhh,” her rhythm accelerated and then, as she came, subsided just as quickly. She collapsed on to me then in a sweaty heap, glowing all over and breathing heavily.

“Oh my god, what a fantastic orgasm!” she exclaimed between breaths. But Dave didn’t stop. He took his finger out from her ass and took her firmly by the buttocks, then pulled her rump outward and positioning himself comfortably behind her removed his cock from her pussy and slipped it between the cheeks of her ass. Tina moaned loudly again as she felt the head of Dave’s erection force it’s way into her rear, and he pulled the cheeks wide to guide himself in.

He pushed slowly but it filled her with ease, and with Tina lying with her head between my legs Dave began grinding his hips against her bottom, fucking her ass while she mouthed and licked my pussy. She stuck her ass out high so Dave could fuck her deep, and she moaned “oh yeah oh yeah fuck me oh god that’s right oh yeah fuck me” as Dave pounded into her.

Tina was fingering me again as Dave serviced her bottom, and she spread her thighs wide and low for me to play with her clit. This I did, and it triggered something in her for in less than a minute she was screaming “I’m coming I’m coming don’t stop oohhh” and her female ejaculation gushed out of her pussy and onto my face.

When her orgasm had subsided Tina pushed Dave out of her (who had yet to come!) then crawled round to lie down next to me on the carpet. She was totally out of breath and radiated heat and sweat. Dave lay next to her and she turned to kiss him. He groped her breasts, stroked her belly. I lay there, hot and sweaty, face covered with her juices, hand between my legs, rubbing the clit. Then Tina turned to me and placed her hand on my body, running her fingers over my thighs, stomach and breasts. Her tongue was in my mouth and we kissed, her hand continuing to explore my curves, caressing my skin down toward my open thighs and the fur that lay wet between them.

She pushed aside my hand and placed her own on my mound, her fingers immediately caressing my hot and juicy pussy, fingering the hole and rubbing the clit. Dave knelt between my thighs and ran his fingers down the smooth flesh, then placed his hands on the floor beside my sides and guided his throbbing cock into my yawning hole.

He slid in easily and began to thrust urgent and deep inside my body, mouthing my bosom as he fucked me hard. We both moaned loudly, “oh god, oh yeah, fuck me oh fuck me, oh!” our groins grinding together furiously. Tina lay beside me touching herself, making words of encouragement between her soft moans. I felt my climax approaching so rolled Dave over onto his back and began to pogo up and down on his cock, my hands planted steadily on his chest.

While I rode Dave Tina was on her knees crawling to him, then swung one leg up and over his face and bore her pussy down onto his mouth. Immediately his tongue was stuck out rigid and she squat her cunt down onto it, gasping then as he probed and licked her clit. Tina clamped her knees firmly against his head and gyrated steadily against his face, her hands on top of mine, holding on. Dave was holding Tina by the waist and ate her out as he thrust upwards into my body .We all moaned pleasurably, all hot and sweaty.

Now I was holding Tina close to me, her head in my hands, and she sucked on my breasts as I pounded Dave’s cock. Then suddenly my head snapped backwards, my chest thrust forward and I had a hard, rattling orgasm. I cried out loudly, my body flapping like a fish out of water, and though the climax was withdrawn and deep I did not stop for I felt another orgasm balloon inside me. I pumped with savage ferocity on Dave’s cock, so deep and stiff inside me, and within seconds I cried out “I’m coming I’m coming” and bucked mightily as my climax pulsated and coursed throughout my body.

My pleasures subsiding I lifted my hips and withdrew Dave’s still erect cock from my pussy. I slewed backwards so I sat between his legs facing him, and the instant his twitching cock was free Tina bent forward, mouth open, and took the moist head between her full lips.

She bobbed up and down on Dave’s cock, taking its generous length fully in her mouth, while he orally pleasured her from behind. Tina then alternated between sucking him off and flicking her tongue about the cock head, while I crouched forward and sucked Dave’s balls while fingering his ass. Then Tina took Dave into her hand and wanked him off with rapid flicks of the wrist.

I think Tina wanted to swallow my husband’s cum for she made to go down on him again, but suddenly and without warning Dave moaned loudly and instead his cum, like warm paint, splattered across her face and breasts in thick spurts. He writhed beneath Tina as at last he shot his salty load, and Tina herself must have been close to coming for once Dave was satisfied she sat upright and ground her hips hard against his face. His warm cum dribbled down her chin and breasts as she gritted her teeth and like rode his mouth like a jockey on a horse to a loud and mind-blowing climax.

Tina collapsed breathlessly so her face was again in Dave’s lap, and as she panted and sighed she took Dave’s flaccid cock and sucked off the dewy cum from the glistening head. Then she sat upright and embraced me, the cum on her breasts squashing against mine, and when she forced her tongue into my mouth I could taste Dave’s bitter cum in my throat.

We kissed while Dave lay on the floor watching us with a big satisfied grin on his face. On the t.v the porn tape had long ended, but like us the sex would be repeated again. It had been a night to remember, and as we slowly cleaned ourselves up, then dressed, we made a definite promise it would happen again very soon.

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