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Pleasure in Prison

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“How did I get myself into this mess?” I thought to myself as I lay there on the bottom bunk, in my new home for awhile. I jail cell in the State Penitentiary, with ‘Terry the Terror’ as my new roommate. My nightmare started three days ago when I decided to buy some weed.

I had went to a seedy part of town just looking for a little weed, nothing more.

I went to a spot one of my friends had told me about. Right on the corner, just like my friend had said, was a big tall guy, with a red bandana around his head. I parked my car around the corner and walked over to him, and asked him if he knew where I could get some weed. He looked me up and down and nodded his head yes, and motioned for me to follow him. I followed him into a hallway just around the corner, and as he stepped into the first apartment through the door, I stopped cold. There was no way I was going into a stranger’s apartment.

“I will wait here.”

He had a look of impatience, and said, “Do you want the weed or not?”

“Well, yes of course I do.”

“Then follow me. I ‘aint doin’ nothin’ in the hallway.”

“But I don’t even know you.”

“Look bitch, if you want the weed we do things my way, or no way at all. Stop wasting my time.”

“Ok, ok I will go.”

And with that I followed him into his apartment. Of course I didn’t notice the hidden cameras in the room. He asked me if I wanted anything to drink, but I refused.

“Can we just get on with this, I really have to get going.”

“Suit yourself. How much weed are you looking for?”

“How much for an ounce?”

“Depends on the quality.”

“Lets say your middle price?”

“Ok well I have an ounce of pretty decent stuff for $250.00.”

Just wanting to get the hell out of there, I agreed and asked to see it. He reached under the sofa cushion and pulled out a bag of weed, and handed it to me. I opened it and smelled it, and was happy with what I smelled. I thanked him as I handed him the money, and turned to leave. Before I could grab the doorknob, there were cops busting into the place. Unfortunately I was buying weed from an undercover cop, and now I am here in this dump for six months. Luckily I had never been arrested before, or been in any trouble of any kind I got a light sentence. All I could think about was how no sentence is really a light sentence.

As I lay there regretting my stupidity, I suddenly heard what sounded like sexual moans coming from the bunk above me. “Terry the Terror” was my cell mate, since she got to bunk with any new girl she chose. When she didn’t want them anymore, or they were released, she would just choose a new one. She chose me, and I wasn’t quite sure why. She could have had her choice of any new girl, and there were plenty. Not that I am ugly or anything like that. I am not ugly by any means, but I am a BBW. I am 5″2, 200lbs., and 38D tits. She was a bit heavier than me, and had the biggest tits I had ever seen. I wished I could actually see what she was doing, instead of just listening, but I would take what I could get at this point.

My mind went back to concentrating on the sounds I was hearing. When I started to pay attention, I could hear what sounded like swishing sounds, like when you play with your pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She was working her pussy so fast and hard, she started to shake the bunks. She was in a state of such sexual arousal, that she must have completely forgot about me on the bottom bunk. I laid there listening to her, as she whispered dirty names while she rubbed her pussy. Just hearing the dirty things she was saying, made my own pussy get very wet, and my nipples were rock hard. I began pinching my nipples real hard, just the way I like as I listened to ‘Terry the Terror’ rub herself to, what sounded like, a much needed orgasm.

I knew she had cum because everything stopped. I quickly put my hands outside my blanket, and closed my eyes, and pretended to be sleeping.

“I know you were listening, you dirty cunt,” she whispered.

I pretended I didn’t hear her, and she finally drifted off to sleep. I couldn’t sleep, since I still hadn’t cum. I put my hand down my pants, and began rubbing my clit. First real slow in a circular motion, making my clit get big and hard. Then I started doing it faster, as I got more heated. Rubbing my cunt and pinching my nipples, wishing ‘Terry the Terrible’ would use my hot BBW body rough and hard. Little did I know then, she would do more than use me, she would own me, and make me her personal fuck toy.

The next day, was like any other. We ate breakfast, and then went into the yard where we could smoke cigarettes and talk or play ball. Terry asked me if I wanted to play a game of basketball. I agreed and we played and of course she won, since I suck at basketball. For some reason I just wanted to be near her. She had the biggest tits I had ever seen, and all I could think about was taking them into my mouth, and sucking and licking them.

We went into the showers, and since everyone still had another hour in the yard we were the only ones in the showers. We took our clothes off, and put them in our bags, and took out our change of clothes and laid them on the bench. Being extremely shy I sat down on the bench, naked, waiting for her to shower first. She didn’t realize I hadn’t followed until she turned on the water and turned around.

“What are you doing over there, take a shower.”

“No, I will just wait until you are done.”

“I said take a shower!”

Something in her voice made me know she was serious. The feeling I had in my pussy told me that I wanted this. I got up and went over to the shower next to her, and turned it on. I let the water completely soak me, and went to grab the soap. Terry stepped up behind me, and forced me up against the wall.

“Did you like listening to me cum last night, bitch?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Terry. I didn’t hear anything.”

“You fat lying whore! You were listening to everything, and even made yourself cum before you went to sleep!”

“Oh shit, she heard me?” I thought to myself.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I repeated.


With that she rammed two fingers deep inside my wet hole, making me scream. She was finger fucking my cunt so hard, I was screaming, and pushing myself on her fingers. The feeling of having my cunt fingered is a big turn on, but when those fingers belong to a rough nasty woman then I knew I had hit the jackpot.

“Do you like my fingers in you bitch?”

“Yes, oh please don’t stop, that feels so good.”

“I knew you were nothing but a whore.”

“Yes I am a dirty nasty whore, use me any way you want.”

“Oh don’t worry bitch, before this day is done I will own you, and use you any way I please.”

Hearing her talk like that was making my pussy so wet, that she decided to slide another finger deep inside me. Now she had three fingers sliding in and out of me, making me moan and scream. She started pumping me real fast, and reached around and began pinching my nipples real hard, which only makes me want to get used more. The feeling was incredible. Being used like this was what I needed and craved.

Just when I thought I would explode, I heard a man’s voice call out.

“Is anyone in here?”

It was Malcolm the janitor for the prison. Her fingers never stopped fucking me as she answered him.

“It’s okay Malcolm, it’s just me Terry, and my friend here having a little fun. Come join us Malcolm.”

I heard footsteps coming toward us, but couldn’t see anything since Terry still held me face down against the wall.

“Good evening ladies.”

“Hi Malcolm, meet my friend, Tammy.”

“Nice to meet you. I see Terry is showing you who’s boss around here?”

“Yes Sir”, was all I could think of to say.

Hey Malcolm, I think my new friend here needs to get fucked by a big hard cock. Do you think you could help her out?”

“Oh Terry, you know I would never pass up the chance to use a fat white bitch.”

Terry pulled her fingers out of my cunt and replaced them with the biggest, hardest, fattest, cock I had ever had inside me. I immediately began screaming like a crazy person. The mix of pain from the stretching, and the pleasure from the filling, made me want to get fucked so bad. I started pushing back on the monster inside me, never turning to see his face, and just feeling his cock buried deep inside my juicy wet pussy, as I felt Terry start pinching my nipples again and whispering in my ear.

“You look so good getting fucked whore. You will make me a lot of money, and get me a lot more privileges around here.”

“Oh oh yes yes fuck me fuck me……..oh oh fuck yes yes…..harder please harder…..”

“You are now my fucktoy cunt, and I own you. Is that understood?”

“Yes Terry, yes, ….uuuhhh….uuuhhh….I am all yours. Oh fuck yes…I will oooohhhh……oooohhhh… anything you want…..oh oh”

“That’s better bitch, now cum all over Malcolm’s cock!”

With that my body began to shake, and convulse as my juices dripped down Malcolm’s cock, as he held me up. He again started pumping in and out of me, as I begged for more use. What was wrong with me? Why was I enjoying this so much? It came to a point where I didn’t care how I got there or why, as long as I got fucked.

I felt Malcolm’s cock stiffen, and he rammed me real hard and shot his hot creamy load deep inside me. It was amazing, and I had never been fucked so good in my life. When I turned around all I saw standing there was Terry, with a big grin on her face.

“Take a shower bitch, and I will meet you back at our cell.”

“Yes Terry.”

Terry turned and walked out of the showers, leaving me there alone, and wondering where Malcolm went. I showered and cleaned up the cum dripping from my used cunt. I loved the feeling of knowing that I was used like a piece of meat, and having the proof dripping from my cunt. I finished up and went to get dressed, and get back to the cell as Terry instructed.

When I stepped into the cell, Terry was laying in my bunk completely naked.

“Get over here and suck my cunt whore.”

“But what if someone sees us?”

“Then they will get some of that fat pussy of yours too, so you better hurry before anyone comes.”

“But I have never sucked on a woman’s pussy before.”

“Then get your mouth down there and learn quick.”

I kneeled down on the edge of the bunk, with my ass high in the air. I would die of someone saw me like this. I lowered my mouth onto her completely shaved pussy, and began licking up and down, making her moan, and show signs of pleasure. Up and down I licked, until my tongue pushed through her pussy lips to her clit. I started sucking on her clit, which really made her moan loud, and she started to call me names.

“Oh yes cunt, suck it, suck my clit!”

I sucked on her clit for all I was worth, and when I slid my finger into her wet hole, she came all over my face. I was drenched in my owner’s pussy juice, and I licked up every drop.

When Terry came down from her orgasm, she got up, and pushed my down on the bunk, on my back. She took my legs and spread them real wide, as she got on her knees, and started fingering me again. This time was even better though, because she started sucking on my clit, as she fingered me. I was screaming and begging to be used. Just when she knew I was about to cum, she pulled her fingers out of me, and stopped sucking my clit. She saw the disappointed look on my face, but got up anyway. She walked over to the chair in the corner and positioned it in front of me, and sat down.

“I want to watch you play with yourself.”

“Oh please don’t make me do that. Someone might see.”

“Even better, now get to work.”

I had no choice, I had to perform for her. My hand slid down my stomach and straight to my clit. I figured I would try and get this over with as fast as possible. I rubbed hard and fast, trying to make myself cum so I could stop this before anyone saw me. I closed my eyes, and imagined riding Malcolm’s big cock, as he smacked my fat tits and calling me names. I was really getting into my thoughts, when I heard people talking. I opened my eyes, and there was about fifteen women, and some male guards watching me. I stopped what I was doing, but Terry ordered me to continue. How could I go on like that with all of them watching me? I closed my eyes and tried to think about Malcolm’s big cock again, but all I could hear was everyone calling me names, and cheering me on to cum. It was so hot, and erotic, and of course I came hard, and fast. I couldn’t believe how much this was turning me on. I knew then, that I would do whatever Terry wanted me to. Of course she made me do things that felt so good, but she was obviously a big shot around here. If I did everything she wanted I would have no problem doing my six months.

When I was done I just laid there as I watched everyone pay Terry for the show they just witnessed. I was pinching my nipples, and licking my fingers as everyone left. I was still feeling so horny, and I wanted more. Terry sensed this and ordered me to bend over the chair. Of course I did what I was told, and stuck my big ass in the air in front of her.

“You are a real whore, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Who owns you whore?”

“You own me Terry, you own all of me!”

“That’s right bitch!”

With that her hand came down hard on my ass, making me jump.


“You like that bitch?”

“No please no!” was what I was screaming but, yes is really what I should have been saying. Her spanking me was making me so wet, it was dripping down the inside of my leg. She noticed this, and started telling me what a whore I was, and spanked me harder. I closed my eyes and let her continue her assault on my ass, even begging her for more. As she spanked me she slid a finger into my dripping wet cunt.

“You fucking slut, you are enjoying this!”

‘Yes I love it, please don’t stop oh oh yes!”

Just then one of the guards saw what we were doing, and stepped into our cell. He watched a few minutes before making his presence known by clearing his throat. Terry pulled her fingers out of my cunt, and turned around. The guard stepped over to Terry, and asked her if they were going to do the usual with me. I had no idea what he meant by that, and I began to get scared. Terry nodded her head yes, and the guard ordered me to get dressed, and do not put on a bra or panties.

I looked over at Terry and she told me to do whatever he says and she would see me later tonight. I said okay, and pulled my pants up over my now red and sore ass. As I pulled my shirt down over my braless tits, the guard pulled me out of my cell and down to the basement. He was going to punish me and put me in solitary, and nothing happens to Terry? She was going to get a piece of my mind when I see her tonight, I promised myself.

I was thrown into a small room with a thin mattress on what looked like nothing more than a cot. There was a thin blanket folded on the mattress, and a lumpy pillow. There weren’t even any sheets on the mattress. I sat down on the so called bed, with my back to the door and staring out the window, and began to cry. I didn’t want to be here like this. I thought being Terry’s whore would get me out of anything. I guess I was seriously wrong.

I didn’t hear them when they entered, due to my crying. I felt someone grab me by my hair and pull my head to the edge of the bed, and quickly put a blindfold on me. I felt a hard cock rammed into my mouth, as I felt someone else’s hands pulling my pants off. So far I had counted two of them. The man with his cock in my mouth handcuffed my wrists to the metal rims of the bed frame. Now I was completely helpless except for the kicking I was doing. That only made my second rapist handcuff my ankles to the bed frame also. Now I was spread eagle on the bed, completely open, and on display for my rapists.

I felt fingers invading my now wet pussy as the other one raped my mouth. I was loving every minute of this. I guess I would have to thank Terry for this instead of being angry. I love feeling like a whore, just a piece of meat for anyone that wants to use me. I had never been with two men before but this was great. They were telling me how they were going to take turns on my whore cunt, and I will be begging them for more. If the second guy was the size of the one in my mouth, then I knew they were right. I would be begging for their use very soon.

I was gagging on my rapist’s cock. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was. I had never seen anything like it. It was even bigger than Malcolm’s. I couldn’t wait to have his cock buried deep inside my wet hole, and I wanted them both to use me rough and nasty. I felt hands pulling up my shirt exposing my big tits, and showing how hard my nipples were. As he fucked my mouth, he started pinching my nipples hard, and slapping my tits, telling me what a whore I was.

“Please fuck me!” I couldn’t believe I was already begging.

I now had four fingers forcefully buried in me, and was still gagging on cock, and I wanted more. I needed to have my pussy fucked, and fucked rough and hard. I was now pushing myself back and forth, forcing his fingers deep inside me, and forcing the other’s cock into my mouth. This went on for about five minutes until they switched places. Now I had a different cock in my mouth, and I felt another cock at the entrance to my hot wet hole. I pushed up begging for his cock without saying a word. All of a sudden I felt him plunge his cock into me, and I was screaming onto the cock in my mouth. This of course only made him fuck my mouth harder.

I was in such ecstacy, and flying on a pleasure high that I didn’t hear the door open. I felt someone’s tongue brush across on of my hard nipples, as I felt the other being pinched real hard. I moaned, as I thought about who the third person was.

“I told you I would see you tonight whore.”

It was Terry, and she continued her assault on my nipples, as she continued her slapping. She told them to fuck me good and hard, as she slid her hand down to her pussy. She rubbed her clit, as she pinched my nipple, getting harder as she got hotter.

“One of you guys come over here and fuck me!” Terry screamed.

The guy in my mouth pulled out, and bent Terry over me, and slid his cock in his cock into her dripping wet pussy. She sucked on my tits as he fucked her from behind, and then slid a hand down to my clit. She was rubbing my clit as I got fucked, and it felt great. It was so hot, I was begging to be used. This is what I wanted for the next six months. These guys pounded us for about fifteen minutes before, switching places. Before they slid into our holes, they shoved their cocks into our mouth. Terry was sucking the cock that was in my cunt, and I was sucking her juices off the cock in my mouth. After they felt satisfied that we cleaned off their cocks, they told Terry to get in a sixty nine position over me.

I watched as a cock stretched open Terry’s hot hole, and I started licking her clit as he slid in and out of her. Then I felt Terry begin licking me as I had a cock fucking me. This was the hottest thing I had ever done or even seen. I was being a whore, and watching Terry get fucked was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

These men fucked us good and hard, and little did I know then, but I would be enjoying a lot more than this very soon. Everyone came that night at least two times, me five times. When the guards were finished, they uncuffed me, thanked Terry, and left.

“Get over here and clean up my pussy slut!”

I got up and immediately got on my knees, as she stood there with her legs spread. She grabbed me by my hair and forced my mouth into her pussy. I could taste the cum, and pussy juice all mixed in, and I sucked at her greedily.

“That’s it, right there, oh yes, clean my cunt bitch!”

I sucked her clit hard and fast, until I felt her juices pouring into my mouth. She shook as she stood there, and her legs began to buckle, and she had to sit down on the bed. She laid back and told me to come lay down next to her. I did as I was told, and she began playing with my pussy and tits, as she told me how much she liked owning me and using me. She fingered me, and pinched my nipples until I came all over her fingers. When she was sure I completely emptied all my cum into her mouth, she brought her fingers to my mouth, and we both sucked on her fingers. We licked and sucked every drop of my cum off her, and ending with a hot passionate kiss.

“You are such a hot whore, and I own you cunt.” she whispered in my ear.

“Yes Terry.”

Terry got up fixed herself, and knocked on the door. A guard came and let her out, and shut the door, locking me inside, alone once again. I drifted off to sleep with the thoughts of everything that had happened that day, and I couldn’t wait to see what Terry had in store for me tomorrow.

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