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Please Take My Wife

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I’m a divorced forty-something male with a relentless sex drive. I am blessed, or perhaps cursed, with an enormous cock fully ten inches in length and seven inches in circumference. My bitchy ex-wife could hardly take it in the cunt, so she usually jacked me off. Fortunately, we were swingers, so I got more than my share of pussy at swinger parties.

After the divorce, I discovered that I was no longer welcome at parties because I didn’t have a woman to share with the other men. There were still a few swinging wives who needed my big cock, but I wasn’t getting as much pussy as I needed, so I placed ads in every contact magazine that I could get my hands on.

“Attractive male, very well-endowed (10″) seeks singles, couples and groups for good times.”

Several weeks passed before I began receiving replies. One of the most intriguing was from a man who was trying to arrange a gang-bang for his wife. He had enclosed a picture of her in a skimpy bikini. As I ogled it, my cock began to harden. I pulled down my pants and began jerking off as I picked up the phone.

“To do the job right, I’ll need at least six men,” he said. “It’s very important that they all be hung. If you are chosen, you will be very well paid. My wife may not go along with what I have planned for her, so you will have to subdue her. I don’t want any harm to come to her but I do want her to get the best fucking of her life. I will pay you a thousand dollars, plus an additional hundred for every orgasm you give her.”

I needed the money and the sex, so I agreed without giving it much thought. He had implied that I would participate in a gang rape, but I didn’t believe it for a minute. I was sure that it was just some kinky thing that he and his wife had dreamed up. I met him a few days later at a nearby cocktail lounge for what he referred to as an “audition”.

He introduced himself as Dave and said that his wife’s name was Gwen. We had a drink and chatted for awhile, then he said he had to see my cock to make sure it was all I claimed it to be. I followed him to his very expensive imported car in the parking lot. Once inside, he told me to pull my pants down.

“Very impressive, but I would like to see it fully hard.”

I began stroking my cock and fantasizing about his wife, and soon had a good hard-on.

“You might just as well jerk it off,” he said. “You’ll never get it back in your pants with it in that condition.

He reached under the seat and pulled out a handkerchief. Judging by the musky smell emanating from it, it had been used more than once. I pulled his wife’s picture out of my pocket and propped it on the dashboard where I could look at it. “I can’t wait to fuck your wife,” I said. An instant later, my jism shot out into the hanky.

“Nicely done,” he said. “I hope that you will refrain from masturbation for a few days before the event so you will be in peak form. I’ll expect all of the participants to fuck my wife until they can no longer get it up. Each man should be capable of coming a minimum of three times.”

He said he would call me in a few days with details. As I drove home, I began to think that I had been the victim of a hoax. Dave was probably a voyeur who had come up with an ingenious way to watch guys jack off. How wrong I was!

I was pleasantly surprised when Dave called a few days later to say that he had auditioned enough men and that the gang-bang would be held the following Saturday afternoon. He gave me directions to his home and urged me to be on time.

Saturday was four days away. I recalled Dave asking me to refrain from masturbation a few days in advance. I was accustomed to jacking off twice a day, so the next four days were pure Hell. By the time the big day finally arrived, I could hardly think of anything but sex.

I was trembling with excitement as I drove across town. As I came closer to my destination, the price of the real estate gradually edged upward. First there were sprawling ranchhouses, then mini-mansions, and finally, full-blown mansions in the multi-million dollar price range. I pulled into a gated driveway, announced my name into an intercom, and then drove up a long driveway to a luxurious mansion.

Expecting a butler or maid to open the door, I was somewhat taken aback when Dave appeared. “I gave the staff the day off,” he explained. I followed him through the house to a large room where three other men were waiting. After telling me to help myself at the bar, he left to answer the door. We exchanged names and I learned that they were Bill, Ray, and Carlos.

“You don’t think that he really wants us to rape his wife, do you?” Carlos asked.

“Hell no,” Ray replied. “If I thought for a minute that it was the real thing, I’d be out of here in a heartbeat.”

“I agree,” I said. “I knew people like these when my wife and I were swingers. They are so jaded by so much sex that they have to dream up kinky stuff to get their kicks.”

Dave returned with two old men in their sixties and introduced them as the cameramen. “I want to get all of the action on tape,” he explained. “I will have enough jack-off material to last the rest of my life.”

The men were obviously voyeurs who had volunteered to operate the cameras. We were soon joined by two more young men named Mike and Danny and our little group of “rapists” was complete. Dave called us to order and explained the rules.

“My wife is quite beautiful. I’m sure you will enjoy raping her. She is very athletic and will certainly put up a good fight. I do not want her harmed in any way, except, of course, for the rape itself. You are probably wondering if she will go to the police or divorce me, and I can assure you that neither will happen. I am a very wealthy man and I took care to draw up an ironclad prenuptial agreement. She has everything she wants and doesn’t have to lift a finger to get it. She won’t do anything to rock the boat.”

He produced a paper bag and dumped out several items on a table, including leather hoods and gags.

“I don’t want my wife to see your faces. These hoods will insure your anonymity and make it all very authentic. I suggest you put the ball gag on her as soon as you’ve pinned her down to prevent her from biting or screaming. Now find a hood that fits, put it on, and then strip down. You’ll be going in order of cock size, the smallest first, the largest last. Now please get them hard.”

We jerked our cocks while sizing each other up. Dave had done an outstanding job in selecting the participants. Carlos had the smallest cock at around eight inches. The others were in between his eight and my ten. Only one final detail had to be settled before the fun began: our pay. After Bill reminded Dave that the deal called for cash in advance, Dave handed each of us an envelope containing ten crisp one-hundred dollar bills.

“My wife will be returning from her Saturday morning shopping trip at any moment,” Dave said. “Do her right here on the floor. Be sure to keep your legs spread so I can see the penetration. Good luck and have fun.”

He tossed several blankets on the oriental carpet, then began removing his clothes. The two cameramen had already stripped, and, despite their age, were sporting impressive erections. Dave told them they were free to masturbate as long as it didn’t interfere with their camera work.

We heard a car coming up the long driveway, then an expensive sports car passed by the window. I was shaking like a leaf. “What have I gotten myself into?” I thought. “It’s still not too late to back out.” Then the front door opened and the fun began.

“Get her, men!” Dave hissed. “Pin the slut to the floor and tear the clothes off of her beautiful body.”

You should have seen the look on that bitch’s face when six naked men descended on her with their hard cocks bobbing in front of them. When I saw the terror in her eyes, I began to think that maybe this wasn’t a kinky act after all. We grabbed her and carried her kicking and screaming into the adjoining room. Five of us pinned her down while Mike struggled to get the ball-gag in her mouth. She was tossing her head around and letting loose blood-curdling screams. Bill and Ray held her tightly by the hair to hold her head still, and Mike finally managed to get the gag in place. Then we set about tearing her clothes off. The little trophy wife had thousands of dollars worth of clothes on, but Dave didn’t seem to mind that we were tearing them to pieces. He had a big grin on his face as he stood off to the side pulling on his greasy cock. The two old men were getting all of the action on tape and were masturbating whenever they got the chance.

Gwen was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. When Danny tore off her bra and her big teats spilled out, my cock throbbed all the way to my belly. I clamped her right leg between mine and ripped her panties off. I was very pleased to see that her cunt was covered with a full bush of curly black hair. She was wearing a garter belt and nylons, but when we tried to remove them, Dave told us to leave them on. By the time we had her ready for a fuck, I was pretty sure that we really were raping her, but a team of wild horses couldn’t have dragged me away. Even though I couldn’t see my comrade’s faces, I sensed that they had come to realize that the woman really was resisting.

Carlos immediately mounted her and shoved his eight-inch cock into her beaver. Even though she had a big ball-gag filling her mouth, it couldn’t block the scream that rose from her throat. As I struggled to pin her right leg down, I marveled at her strength. Countless hours on tennis courts had put her in prime condition.

Carlos gave her a damn fine fucking for ten minutes. She bravely struggled the entire time. Ray took his turn and drove his prong into the mess that Carlos had left. By the time Ray, Danny, and Mike had fucked her, Gwen’s struggles had weakened considerably. I figured that she was just plain worn out, but I had second thoughts while Bill was fucking her. She seemed to be responding. When I slightly loosened my grip on her leg, she tried to plant her foot for leverage. The bitch was enjoying it!

Bill came a little too quickly, and then it was my turn. I knelt between her legs and held my cock flat against my belly so she could see what she was getting. Her eyes widened and she shook her head from side to side. As I mounted her, I noticed that cum was streaming out of her pussy and running down her ass-crack. I spooned it up with the head of my cock and then planted the slick bulb in her fuck-hole. That bitch went wild when I shoved my cock in. The others laughed as they struggled to hold her down. I really gave it to her then. She howled around the ball gag and her pussy clamped down on my cock, sure signs that she was coming. She convulsed for a few seconds and then passed out cold.

I pointed out to Dave that I had finished off his wife, but he told me to keep fucking until I came. I fucked her unconscious body for another five minutes before I shot my load. I hadn’t even fully dismounted when Dave came forward to perform such a disgusting act that I probably shouldn’t even tell you about it. He crawled between her legs and lapped up the cream that was oozing out of her snatch. After he cleaned her up, he knelt by her head, jerked his cock a few times, and covered her face with sperm. Considering his age, it was an impressive display of virility.

I assumed that the party was over and reached for my clothes. The others had the same idea, but Dave reminded us in no uncertain terms that we had agreed to cum at least three times, and if we left without fulfilling our obligations we would not receive our tips. He ordered us to carry his limp wife to a luxurious bedroom and tie her to the bed with nylon stockings. Then he handed us a different kind of gag called a bit gag and told us to put it on her. We took the ball gag out of her mouth and replaced it with the bit gag. The bit gag resembles the bit that equestrians put into the horse’s mouth to give them control.

Dave said he wanted her to be wide awake for the second round of rape, so he held smelling salts under her nose until she came around. Her blue eyes widened when she saw the six of us standing around the bed with our stiff cocks in our hands. We ignored the plea in her eyes and the frantic shaking of her head as we moved closer. Carlos once again led the way. He mounted her and shoved his hard cock into her cunt. He pumped hard for ten minutes or so, then shouted that he was cumming. Dave ordered him to pull out and let his sperm go on her lips. He scrambled around by her head and got in position just in time to splash down on her glossy lips and the gag that separated them. One of the dirty old men became so excited at that point that his load dribbled onto the floor.

By the time the third man shoved his cock into her soggy cunt, any pretense of rape was gone. The bitch loved what she was getting. Dave was not pleased with this turn of events, but that didn’t stop him from masturbating constantly. By the time my turn came, Gwen had had so many orgasms that she was worn out. I pushed my cock into the soggy mess left by my fellow rapists and started to pump. One of the old men crawled between my legs to get a close-up of the penetration. When it was time to cum, it took every bit of my will power to pull my cock out. I knelt above her with her head clamped between my knees and jacked off on her lips. I don’t think she was even aware of my presence.

Even though we had only cum two times instead of the three that we had agreed to, Dave realized that his wife was totally done in and couldn’t take any more fucking. Nevertheless, he insisted that we hold up our end of the deal. He had us kneel beside his voluptuous wife, three on each side, and jack off on her. We all came at about the same time. I had the pleasure of creaming all over her teats.

We had all lost track of how many times Gwen came, so Dave just gave each of us a five-hundred dollar bonus, which was probably about right. As I was leaving, I said to him, “If you ever want me to rape your wife again, just give me a call.” I’m still waiting.

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FRan wrote

I have to admit that the rape theme didn’t set well with me ,but i would have done the same the men did..

Randy O. wrote

My oldest son has me cucked and makes me watch him and my wife Vanessa have sex he even makes me jack him off into her mouth then I have to kiss her. he tells me that way he knows I want what he is doing to both of us. omg I am starting to like being his wimp.