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Plans for My New Pet

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You and I are planning to get together. It is all arranged so I have a babysitter, and you have things worked out on your end. I call you at work, that afternoon, but you are in a meeting or something, so I leave you a message. I simply state that I shall expect you at 6 p.m, not a minute earlier or later. There are no ‘brownie points for early arrival.’

While I am waiting for you, I get everything ready. By 4 o’clock, I am already wishing I had told you earlier.

I decide to take a hot bubble bath to kill some time. As the water is filling I start to think about the plans I have in mind for you, and the desire to reach down and rub my wet pussy is just too powerful. I begin to play with it, and stop myself, just before I cum…I want that first one…to be, shall we say special. I hop in the tub, and begin my bathing ritual…maybe someday you can help me…or atleast watch.

When I am satisfied that my body is…as perfect as it is going to be…I get out of the tub, and begin to dry myself off. I am tempted to smoke a cigarette, but opt to brush my teeth and wait. My bath took me an hour, so I only have another hour to kill.

As I start to get dressed; I opt for a pair of thong underwear, a lacy tight fitting bra, a black skirt that is just above the knee, and a bright red sleeveless blouse that buttons up the front. No shoes and no stockings.

I look at the clock and it is 5:15, I go into the bathroom, and do my hair, and give one last look around to make sure everything is perfect. I smile and go to the computer for a little while, otherwise I am going to drive myself crazy thinking about everything I have planned for tonight. Fortunately I am able to find a couple stories on Literotica to keep me occupied until 5:55. That is when I get off the computer and go to the kitchen. I light the few candles I have on the counter and smile.

When you arrive at my door, I can see you look a little nervous, yet I can see that someone is happy to see me. I open the door and invite you in and ask you to remove your shoes at the door.

I show you where the bathroom is, and I smile “You can take your clothes off in there.”

There wasn’t any question in my voice as to whether or not this was a suggestion or an order. As you walked in and pulled on the door, I very quietly said “Leave it open…”

You heard me and did. When you stepped out of the bathroom, I smiled and asked you what you had been thinking about all day.

“You Miss Jenn” you said softly.

I wiggled my finger telling you to come over to me, while I smiled. When you were standing directly in front of me, I looked into your eyes and said, “Do you remember where your hands and feet are supposed to be?”

Your feet moved apart and your hands dropped to your side.

“Yes Mam.” “Thank you.”

I reach up between your legs, while our eyes are locked together and grab your balls, not hard, just enough to startle you but not hurt. You jumped a little and gasped. All this time, you had been trying to look around to maybe get a preview of what was in store for you, but I knew that would be the case, and I am prepared for that. All you can really see is the candles flickering in the dark.

I point to my counter in the middle of my kitchen and say “Sit up here for me.”

You notice I have covered it with a blanket and there is even a pillow to rest your head on. Once you are seated, I smile and say, “Now, lie down, adjust the pillow so your head is comfortable, and make sure your knees are bent right here.”

I pointed to the edge of the counter. Once you are settled, I stand there a minute, looking you over, still smiling. Under the blanket, I had placed a couple of ropes, and I attached one to each ankle, I walk up toward your head and pull on the rope a little, pulling your ankles back. I ask for your hands…but you hesitate.

My only words with a snarl in my voice are “Please don’t irritate me this early, or it will be a very long night for you.”

Your hands moved and I tied the ropes attached to your ankles, to your wrists. When I am satisfied you are tied tightly enough, I smile and walk into the other room. You feel like it has been an eternity when I return, I ask if you missed me. You give me a sarcastic answer about that being a stupid question.

“Well now, I will just make it so you don’t have to answer any…” I take my panties off and walk up to your head; smile and pinch off the air coming from your nose, while I am saying “Open your mouth.”

Which you do, right away. I let go of your nose and I stuff my panties in your mouth. Still smiling I say, “If you want to find out what mad is, let those out of your mouth.”

I may have been smiling but there was no question from my voice that I meant it. You nodded your head. I climbed up on the counter, and straddled your chest kneeling over you, so all you could see was my backside, unable to touch it, unable to lick it, just able to look at it. Meanwhile, I am running my fingers up and down the length of your shaft, making your cock jump every now and then when I either tickle you, or gently dig my fingernails in to the soft skin. I stick my tongue out and lightly lick the tip of your cock head. I take your balls in one hand and grab your cock right at the base and squeeze it with my other hand.

That is when I decide to take the head of your cock into my mouth, and run my tongue all over it. Then I sucked really hard on just the head of your cock, while I am still squeezing the base.

I can almost hear moans coming from your mouth.

I kind of giggle as I say “Do you like that?” and then I continue with “Oh thats right, you can’t answer me without sarcasm. Never mind, I like it and right now thats all that matters.”

As I begin licking and sucking your cock. When I have become bored, I notice that my pussy is dripping, probably somewhere nearby your chin. I take one hand and reach around so you can see me stick my fingers in my pussy. I take them out and you can see the juices clinging to my fingers.

I stand up and turn the other way so I am facing you and sit right back down. Now all my weight is on your chest and I am just looking at you, for a few minutes, I sit there staring at you.

“I have surprise for you.” I said. “Have we learned about answering respectfully?”

You shake your head yes.

“Are we sure?”

Again you nod your head. As I take the panties out of your mouth, I smile and say, “If it happens again, you won’t like what I will use to gag you with. Understand?”

“Yes Mam.” was the only reply I got.

“Are you ready for your surprise?” I asked.

“Yes…” was your reply, but I am not so sure.

“Yes what!”

“Yes MAM.”

I walk over to the closest candle and slowly begin to pour the hot wax on each of your nipples. As it cools, it hardens. Then I work my way down your stomach, dripping wax along the way. When I reach your pubic region I stop. I walk over to your head and kiss you hard on the mouth.

“You OK?” I ask with a smile.

“Yes, Miss Jenn I am OK.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Please don’t.” you said very quietly.

“I am sorry sweetheart, I didn’t hear you.”

A little louder this time, “Please don’t stop.”

I smiled and answered with, “Yes dear, what ever you say.”

I took the next candle and performed the same motion, first over your nipples, then down your stomach, until just about the pubic bone. Then you felt something different, I had an ice cube that I was running all along the wax cooling it off quicker. Then as I started to peel the wax, I would lick and kiss the red marks that the wax left. I saved your nipples for last, deciding that I needed to be coordinated enough to pull both of them off at the same time.

I climb on your stomach and sit down. I lay forward towards you so that I have my fingers on your nipples, I gently grab hold of the wax and pull them both off at the same time. I start licking and sucking on each of them trying to soothe them a little. I begin to get carried away, and I start nibbling a little on your nipples, they are hard as rocks, and I can’t help but wonder how they would look in clamps. I reach under the counter, and pull out a pair, connected by a chain. I put them on your nipples and pull on the chain a little. I ask you if your arms are doing ok. If you need to switch positions.

“Not yet. Miss Jenn.”

I smile and walk towards the other end of the counter. I am pleased to see there is pre-cum all over the head of your cock, I scoop it up on my finger, and walk back to your face and smile wickedly.

“Open your mouth for me.” Which you do without hesitation, I rest my finger that is covered in your pre-cum, on your tongue. As you begin to close your lips around it, I pull my finger out fast.

“Did I tell you to close your mouth?”

“No Mam,” and your mouth opened back up.

Again, I place my finger on your tongue, I hold it there, longer than I had planned this time, and then quietly I say, “Lick it off.”

When you had licked my finger long enough, I asked you if you would like to show me what else you can do with your tongue. I take off my skirt and drop it across your eyes, I climb up on your chest again, only this time, I am closer to your face. I hold my pussy there for a minute, right by the tip of your nose.

“Can you smell it?”

You moan some sort of response. “Can you taste it?”

You stuck your tongue out and tasted my pussy. You stuck your tongue out a second time. I stood up, turned around so I was facing you, and sat back down. I made sure you were able to really reach my pussy.

I smiled and said, “Now make my pussy feel good.” I took the skirt off your eyes, so you could see my pussy. You were licking and sucking my pussy like it was the last time you would ever get to eat one.

You were very close to getting me to cum, when I said “Stop” you looked disappointed, but you did as I said. I stood up and got off the counter, walked to the end of the bar, by your feet.

“I have something I am going to try. I don’t want you to be a hero, or a tough guy. Right now pick a word, that you can use, to tell me, something is too much.”

I held your cock and squeezed it hard. You gave me your word, and I repeated, “Seriously no tough guy, you have to give me time…to stop what I am doing.”

“”Yes Mam.”

I had in my hand several clothespins, which I placed between your legs on the counter top. I began licking your balls, first one then the other. Then I took a little bit of skin, and held it between my teeth and pulled gently. I take a clothes pin and place it on the piece of skin. Then I switch to the other one. When I was finished you had three clothespins on each of your balls, I reached up and pulled on the chain attached to your nipples, and deep throated your cock in one fell swoop. I held it down my throat as long as I could and picked my head up. You moaned, and that just encouraged me to do it again. Before too long, I was trying very hard to get you to cum. But then I stopped, I tapped one of the clothespins to make it bounce, pulled gently again on the chain, while I sucked on just the head.

Out of nowhere I looked up and said “Can you move your fingers?”

“Yes Mam.”

“Do you want to eat my cunt again?”

“Yes Please Miss Jenn.”

“If I untie your hands for a few minutes, will you behave yourself?”

“Yes Mam, I promise.”

I untie your arms, and give you a minute to shake them out a little. Then I climb back on top of you.

“You may use your fingers, and your tongue. Eat my pussy and make it feel good. I wanna cum all over your face.”

You did not hesitate, you began by slowly licking the outer lip region, separating the lips with your tongue, every now and then tickling my clit with your nose. Your hand moves and you slip a finger into my pussy, while your tongue is exploring, meanwhile I am playing with your cock, every now and then tapping one of the clothespins. When I started to remove the clothespins from your balls, you started to suck on my clit really hard, your two fingers were drove in my pussy, and I actually moaned, which of course encouraged you to keep going.

Another couple minutes goes by and I am ready to cum. I tell you, that I am going to…and then I do cum, hard enough to squirt cum on your face. You are diligent in cleaning me up and by that time, I have all the clothespins from your balls removed. The clamps are still on your nipples though, and I take an opportunity now and then to pull the chain a little.

When I have caught my breath, I smile at you and tell you how pleased I am and then I ask if you are ready to continue.

“Yes Mam.”

I have you follow me into the living room, allowing you time to stretch your legs. I explain to you that I want you on your knees, by the couch, I want access to your cock and ass. You follow my instructions, and I come up behind you, playing with the cheeks of your ass. Reaching down and squeezing your balls a little. I kneel behind you, so that I can place my tongue on the backside of your balls, licking and sucking along the way. Then my tongue finds your tender rosebud, I flick it a little with my tongue a little and then insert my tongue. Back down to your balls and I repeat the process.At some point, I suddenly decide I want to spank your ass…

I explain to you, that I was intending to spank your ass ten times on each side, and that I want to hear you count them, out loud.

When I asked if you understood my instructions, you said “Yes Mam”

I slapped first the right cheek, then the left. “One”

Then I slapped the left one, and then the right. “Two”

Three, four and five were fairly uneventful, but when we got to six. You said “OW” instead of six.

“Speak up my pet, I can’t here you. Do we need to start again so you can keep up?”

“No Mam, Six. Thank you Miss Jenn.”

Angrily I said “I want to hear that for the rest of these, you better thank me for not starting over.”

“Yes Miss Jenn, thank you Miss Jenn.”

I swatted each side again.

“Seven, thank you Miss Jenn.”

By number 8 your ass, was bright red and you could see my little hand prints in places. Number 9 was a lot harder and that hand print shown through right away.

Number 10 was placed on the inner portion of your ass crack, that one made you howl the words, “Ten Thank you Miss Jenn.”

I rubbed your ass, and kneaded it like dough, I backed up and sat down in one of my chairs, thinking about what wanted to do next. There you kneeled, so vulnerable, so sweet, so…MINE; and that is when it came to me.

You hear a buzzing noise, but you decide it best not to turn and look. You feel a vibrating sensation up against your ass hole, the pre-cum was oozing out of your cock. I placed my head underneath you so I could suck your cock while I was vibrating your ass. I was jerking your cock at the same time I was sucking it, I could feel the vibrations in my tongue.

Your head brushes along the back of my throat. I can feel you trying to move your hips, I slap you hard once on the inner thigh. Didn’t even have to say anything, you stopped moving. The second time you got caught up in the moment, I slapped the other inner thigh just as hard as the first one. I didn’t have to remind you again after that, you let me, control your blowjob with an added bonus.

“Oh my god Miss Jenn, I am going to cum, may I cum in your mouth? Please.”

I keep sucking and moan into your cock, and cum you did hard, and a lot of it. I moved the vibrator away. Sucked on the head, and milked your cock to make sure I got it all.

Once you had caught your breath a little, I smiled and said, “Now, my pet, turn over so I can get at those nipples of yours.”

By now I figure, probably enough was enough for your nipples, they probably could use a break. You turned around, so you were facing me, I straddled your legs and sat on you, took one nipple clamp in my fingers and released the first nipple, you made a face, initially, but my quick tongue and sucking motion quickly brought the sensations back and you were then moaning. I smiled at you and asked if you were ready for #2.

You weakly smiled, and said “As ready as I will ever be Miss Jenn.”

I smiled back and said “The only other option is to leave it there. Let me ask you again,” as my smile faded, “Are you ready for #2?”

You replied with a tight lipped “Yes Mam.”

I removed the second one and gave that nipple the same treatment as the previous one. I could feel your cock getting hard underneath me. Growing and pushing up against my crotch.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want my cock in you…” there was a slight pause “please Miss Jenn.”

I smile at you, contemplating my options.

“Please Miss Jenn.”

I shake my head no, still smiling, “Not yet my pet, I have some more fun I want to have with you. I want you to lie down on the couch, on your back.”

I removed the back cushions, and you do as I asked. I climbed up on your chest, so that you could get at my pussy.

“You may eat, and play with my pussy. Lets see how many times you can get me off, my pet, before I tell you to stop. If you can make it into the double digits, I might even let you fuck my ass tonight.”

You began playing with and eating my pussy. Sucking on my cunt lips, gently teasing my clit. For a few minutes it almost seemed as though you were savoring the moment, not wanting to make me cum, just licking and worshiping my love hole.

Juices were running out of me, and you were keeping them lapped up. Then you took two fingers, stuffed them into my pussy and started sucking on my clit really hard. The way I was feeling, I turned back to you, and said quite loudly, “Give me another finger, pet.”

You didn’t seem to have a problem inserting a third finger, still sucking on my clit. You made me cum, and as I was cumming, I said “One more pet…”

You complied with my request, as I took your cock down my throat in one motion it was all the way to the back, my nose pressed into your balls. Me unable to breathe without picking up my head, you stuffing a fourth finger into my pussy, and sucking hard on my clit, was too much, it made me cum again. I was sucking your cock and deep throating it every chance I got.

“While I am sucking your cock this time, I want you to try that last finger, do you understand me, pet?”

“Yes Miss Jenn, I will try” I took your cock down my throat and continued sucking on it as it was buried at the back of my throat. Your balls stuffed up into my nose, my fingertips around the base of your cock, squeezing. You, slipping that last finger into my pussy and sucking on my clit, was making me want to cum again, which I did. You kept after my pussy and made me cum hard a fourth time. That’s when I could feel a finger of the other hand resting on my ass hole.

“Yes My pet, be a good slut and pay attention to both of my holes.”

You slipped one finger in my ass, while your hand was in my pussy, and still you were sucking on my clit. That was enough to push me over the edge a fifth time.

“You want to quit and put your cock in my pussy now, slut?”

“No Mam, please let me keep going, I want my cock in your ass, please Miss Jenn.”

“I am not touching your cock for the next ones.”

“Yes Mam.”

“You may continue, pet.”

You sucked on my clit, and fist fucked me, until I thought I was going to collapse, you not only made it to double digits, I tried to lift up off you at #10 and you wrapped your arm around my waist and held me there so you could keep eating my cunt. I didn’t order you to stop for 3 more orgasms, because it felt so good, and when I came down off my 13Th I spoke up and said “That’s enough pet, you may let go now.”

Reluctantly you released the grip you had around my waist, gave one last lick, slowly removed your hand and said “Thank you Miss Jenn.”

“You are welcome, thank you my precious pet. Would you like to put your cock in me now?”

“Yes please, may I?”

“You may, would you like me to sit on you? Or would you like to choose the position.”

“Whichever pleases you, Miss Jenn.”

I turned around and sat right down on your cock, it slipped into my pussy, and I began to grind my groin against you. I can feel your cock head deep inside my pussy, and its making me want to cum. I start bouncing on your cock, and it is hitting my g-spot and that pushes me over the edge and I cum for time #14.

That’s when I speak up and say “Pet, I want you to fuck me doggy style, make me cum one more time, and then put your cock in my ass.”

“Yes Mam,” was your reply.

We got ourselves into position and you slipped your cock into my pussy from behind and held my hips and fucked me hard. Wasn’t’ too long and I was cumming again. You allowed me a second or two to catch my breath, and then you slipped your cock into my ass, your finger went to my clit, and you began fucking my ass and pinching and pulling on my clit. Every now and then a finger would glide past my clit, up into my pussy just a little and back again. You fucked my ass hard and fast continuing your wonderful assault on my clit, just as you were saying “I am gonna cum Miss Jenn” I came at the same time, grunting, “Me too, pet”

We collapse in a heap, me wrapped up in your arms. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I remember is feeling your tongue probing my pussy lips, and my eyes open, and I grab the back of your head, and tell you what a good slut you are, you keep eating my pussy and make me cum.

I smile at you and ask if you would like me to suck your cock.

“Yes Please Miss Jenn.” was your reply.

I work my way down your body, licking and sucking along the way, I reach your cock and begin licking the head. Then I run my tongue up and down the shaft. I take your cock in my mouth and begin working my way down.

Out of nowhere, you grab me by the back of the head, with both hands pushing my head down, and growl, “Now, its my turn to show you, who the slut is. Open that throat up, and take it all.”

I decide it best to do as you ask for the moment, and my throat opens. Your cock is buried down my throat and you have both hands, holding my head down, I couldn’t lift my head if I wanted to. I reach with one hand to grab your balls in my hand…thinking to myself if I gently squeeze your balls, perhaps, my pet will snap out of it…however you are too fast for me, as my hand reached, so did yours, and you grabbed my wrist, then took the other one, folded both my elbows behind my back and used one of my hair ties to secure them together.

In the meantime, I had moved my head and was just getting ready to sink my teeth into your cock head, when you grabbed a big hand full of hair, and pulled my face away.

“Don’t do it.” was all you said. There was no mistaking your tone, you meant it. You picked me up and placed me on my stomach on the coffee table.

“Knees!” you barked, I scrambled up so my ass was elevated. You took a rope and went over my calves and under the table several times, and tight, my legs were not moving.

Next, you took my vibrator and played with my pussy a little bit, just enough to make my juices run. The vibration stopped and you were standing behind my looking at my ass.

“You really do have a nice ass. I bet it would look even nicer with some read marks on it. I am going to paddle your ass you know.”

I reluctantly answered with, “I thought so,” there was a long pause, and you were glaring at me, I could tell by the look that I had better add the “Sir” which I did.

Out of nowhere a slap on my ass cracked. Again and again, until you reach 15 on each side. My ass was bright red, but you were not finished with it yet, you took out my flogger, and proceeded to swat my ass 15 more times on each side.

Then I felt this odd sensation of something being pushed up against my ass cheeks, I soon found out it was gorilla tape, and you were using it to hold my ass cheeks open, you pulled it tight and secured it to my hips. Next I feel cool wetness being applied to my ass hole, your finger slips in.

Thats when you say, “My sweet little slut, I am going to test you tonight. I am going to tease your pussy, and try to make you cum, you are going to fight it. When you can’t fight it you will say “Sir please.”

You are not to cum until I say CUM now. If you do, your punishment will be severe. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Sir” was all I dared respond with.

You began to lick and suck on my clit, pulling on my pussy lips with your tongue and lips. The you were nibbling on my clit while your two fingers slipped into my ass hole.

Twice I was close to not being able to fight it, and then out of nowhere, an orgasm came up on me and I came hard, squirting juices all over the place. “No denying that one, huh slut?”

“No Sir, I am sorry, Sir.”

“Not as sorry as your are going to be.” You picked up a few clothespins and began clipping them to my pussy lips, three went on each side. Two of your fingers were then drove up my ass, and all I could do was moan. Your other hand began to pinch and rub my clit.

It wasn’t too long, I was begging to cum, “Please Sir, please.”

Everything ceased and I got a firm “NO.”

A minute or two goes by and you begin your assault on my ass and clit, and again a little while goes by and again I am begging “Sir Please, Please may I cum.”

Again everything ceased and again I got a firm “NO.”

You walked into the other room and when you came back, you opted to stuff your cock down my throat for a minute, you didn’t just stuff it, you stuffed it and held it there, while you were pushing 3 ice cubes in my pussy, I was trying to squirm, but to no avail. The ice was in there and wasn’t coming out. You kept your cock down my throat and only pulled it out enough to let me breath, and then it was back down my throat. As hot as my pussy was, it didn’t take long before the 3 cubes had melted.

Then the assault on my clit began again. I was unsure if I would be able to hold out again. I tried, and when I could no longer, I begged and this time, you said “You may.”

I did, and squirted again, all over the place.

Thats when you decided you wanted to fuck my ass, so you went around behind me and slipped your cock in to my ass, with no difficulties, You slapped my ass cheeks repetitively on about an every 2 second interval. While you were fucking my ass, you removed the clothespins from my pussy, Making me want to cum again. I began to beg, and you consented. Making me cum again, hard.

It wasn’t too long after that you were ready to cum, you stuffed your cock deep inside my ass, as you told me you were cumming. Once you had caught your breath, you untied me and sat down in front of me on the floor. “Are you OK pet?” I asked.

“Yes Mam, I think so.” “Then what’s wrong?”

“I…I…I don’t know. I guess I feel like I just did something wrong.”

Smiling at you I respond with, “You did…but if I hadn’t wanted to let you, at any time I could have given you one of those looks, and demanded you release me. I didn’t do that, and I haven’t scolded you, so come over here give me a kiss and smile.”

Which you did. You gave me a kiss, and then we sat in a chair together while you gave my breasts some attention.

When it was time for you to leave, we both agreed that we would have to do this again, real soon.

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