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Piano Lessons

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He wrapped his fingers around hers. The touch was firm but gentle, and it sent a jolt up her arm. Visions from the previous night flooded into her mind. She could almost feel his hands moving across her skin, and she shivered at the memory. Her breathing deepened as she got lost in the images in her mind.

“Rebecca? Are you okay?” He was looking at her, his eyebrows slightly raised in concern.

She shook herself back to the present, and blushed hard at the sudden realization that her memories had been nothing but a very vivid, very sexy dream. She shook it off as quickly as she could. “Sorry Dr. Clements, I just zoned there for a second. I guess I’m a little tired.”

“It’s okay; I know you’ve got a lot going on right now.” He smiled at her.

Rebecca looked down at her hand on the piano keyboard where he still held her fingers. He gently pushed them into the proper position then let his hand drop. “Try the first few measures again.”

She struggled to focus her mind back on the lesson. What was she thinking?! She’d been taking piano lessons practically her whole life, and never had a touch like that brought on such feelings. It was simply part of the lesson. When you play an instrument, it’s only natural that your teacher will touch your hands.

She managed to hold off the images from her dream for the remainder of the lesson, though she was obviously having a little trouble focusing on her playing. When the hour was up she was relieved but also a little disappointed. When she got to the door to his studio, she turned to say goodbye. She stood there just a little too long, for the first time looking at him as something other than a professor.

Though he was probably old enough to be her father, she noticed that he was still in quite good shape. There was only a touch of gray in his dark hair, and his green eyes sparkled with energy and a hint of mischievousness. Her gaze stopped on his hands, the part of his body she had looked at the most. How had she never noticed before just how sexy they were?

“Bye, Rebecca. See you next week.” She blushed again as she realized she’d been staring.



Rebecca walked back to her dorm room in a daze. She’d managed to force the dream out of her head for most of the lesson, but now that she no longer had to focus on something it came flooding back in shocking detail. She let herself into her room and sank into her bed, allowing herself to relive the dream.

She closed her eyes, remembering the sensation of his smooth fingers gently caressing her arms. He stood in front of her, slowly trailing those talented fingers over her skin, from her shoulder down to her hands. When he reached her fingertips, he lifted her hands and lightly brushed her fingers over his lips. When his slightly parted lips closed over the tips of her fingers, she felt her knees weaken, and he took the opportunity to push her gently back onto the bed.

The impact of their bodies on the bed awakened their pent-up lust, and they dove into each other’s lips with their own. His wonderful fingers sent chills through her body when they found her breasts. He had unbuttoned her shirt and was teasing her hard nipples through her sheer bra when the sound of the door being unlocked rudely jolted Rebecca back to reality.

Rebecca looked down at herself and saw that she was lying on her bed, her shirt unbuttoned and her hand in her bra. She scrambled to straighten herself just as her roommate Ann walked through the door.

“Hey, what’s up? How was your lesson this week?” Ann asked brightly as she entered and headed over to her desk to dump her huge load of books.

“Oh, fine, nothing special,” Rebecca mumbled. When Ann looked at her quizzically she realized that she must not quite sound herself. “Sorry, I took a little nap and I’m still sorta asleep.” Under her breath, she added “…and I had this weird dream…”

Ann continued to flit around the room in her usual cheerful way and kept up a chatter in which Rebecca did her best to participate. Inside, though, Rebecca was trying to sort out her feelings.

She thought about Dr. Clements, about how he’d been one of the reasons she had decided to attend this particular school. Not only was he a fabulous teacher, but he was also an amazing pianist; she could listen to him play endlessly. Since she’d been at this school, she’d never regretted the decision to come.

“Why did I even have to remember that dream, anyway?” she thought to herself. She hoped that she wouldn’t be uncomfortable around Dr. Clements now; he was a great teacher and she had always enjoyed his lessons. She did not look forward to the idea of two and a half more years of lessons in which she couldn’t relax. It certainly wasn’t the right environment in which to really learn anything.


Jeffery Clements watched Rebecca leaving his studio after their weekly piano lesson. He had liked her since the day they first met, almost two years ago, when she was a prospective student visiting the college. She had a lot of musical talent, which was reason enough for him to like her, but she also had a wonderful personality. She could be moody at times, an element he believed to be a part of most true artists, but she was also quite confident and full of energy. He had always enjoyed her lessons. She reminded him of the friends that he had had when he was an undergraduate.

There was something about the way she had looked at him today that was different, however, from the Rebecca he knew. He had felt like he was being sized up. That surprised him a little; he was used to students feeling a little intimidated by their professors, especially the younger students. Rebecca wasn’t a typical student, though.

He thought a little about what he knew of Rebecca. She was always extremely busy; in fact, he thought that she sometimes tried to do too much. Of course, he’d prefer that she drop everything but piano so she could devote all of her time to practicing. She was an above average piano player, but she had the potential to be fabulous. He knew, though, that she wouldn’t give up her other activities. Though her technique could use more practice, her playing had deep musical feeling, a gift he greatly appreciated, as that was the aspect that made his own playing so excellent.

Though he usually didn’t allow himself to think about such things, he found himself considering Rebecca’s appearance. Still 19, she had managed to keep off the proverbial freshman 15, and her membership on the school swim team had given her the strong, lithe body of a swimmer. Unlike most swimmers, however, she wore her straight chestnut hair long, almost to her ass.

Dr. Clements shook himself when he realized he was thinking about running his fingers through that long brown hair. He knew that he couldn’t allow himself to start thinking about any of his students that way.


Rebecca slowly entered the music building. It had been a week since her last piano lesson, and she had managed to put the dream out of her mind most of the week. Now that she was about to have her lesson, however, she was a little nervous.

“Okay, Rebecca,” she told herself, “if you think about it and act funny then it will be awkward. Just let it go…”

With a deep breath, she turned down the hall to Dr. Clements’ studio.

“Hello, Rebecca, come on in.” Dr. Clements looked up from his desk. She sat at the piano and watched as he stood and walked over to her. “Have a good week?”

She smiled and told him about her week, inwardly telling herself that it wasn’t so bad. She should just forget the dream ever happened.

The lesson settle into a comfortable routine, with Dr. Clements happy at the progress she had made on her Rachmaninoff. When they got to the Chopin, however, she began to get frustrated.

“I just can’t get this one measure,” she sighed as she misplayed it for the third time. “My fingers aren’t cooperating.”

“You’re holding your wrist tight.” He took her wrist in his hand and adjusted its position. “Play it again.”

When he touched her hand they both felt her entire body tense. She had done so well the whole lesson until now, but she couldn’t help the reaction.

He looked up at her. “Your whole arm is tense. Relax.” She smiled wanly at him, knowing it wasn’t just her arm. She willed herself to relax, and attempted the measure again. “Better…again.”

As she continued to play the offending measure over and over, she was very aware of his firm grip on her wrist, his arm lightly resting against hers. Her fingers were on auto-pilot; she was only subconsciously aware of the music she was producing. She realized that not only was she playing the notes correctly but she was also making them sound quite musical.

“Okay, this time keep going,” his voice came from behind her head. She started again, but didn’t stop at the end of the difficult passage, continuing through the end of the piece. She knew that she was playing beautifully, though she was only vaguely aware of her fingers moving on the keyboard. When the music was over she closed her eyes and reveled in the final chord still hanging ghostlike in the air.

“That was beautiful, Rebecca!” he said quietly, bring her out of her reverie. She sat up straight when she realized that she was leaning against him. She had gotten so into the music that she had been totally unaware of the increasing contact between their bodies.

“Oh my God! I’m sorry!” she said quickly, embarrassed at the realization. “I guess I just lost touch with reality there…”

“It’s okay. That really was beautiful. Wherever you were while you were playing, it was a good place for you.” His face was kind and proud.

She studied him, unable to tell if his mention of “a good place” was just referring to her zoning out, or if he had enjoyed her closeness. Before any real awkwardness could descend upon them, he announced that the hour was up, and she left the studio with even more thoughts flying around her head than she had come with.

She had amazed herself with the ease and beauty of her performance in the lesson. She had been struggling with that piece, but somehow it had just flown out from her fingers. She had lost herself in the music, and she sincerely hoped that she would be able to recreate the experience.


The next week Rebecca arrived at her lesson in a slightly grumpy mood. All week she had tried to play the Chopin like she knew she could but she had been unsuccessful. She had gotten to the point where she was so frustrated that she could barely even play through it, much less make it sound good.

After their initial greeting, Rebecca asked what they should work on first.

“I can’t wait to hear you play the Chopin again. That was really amazing last week.”

She grimaced. “I was afraid you’d say that. I’ve been really struggling with it all week. I think that was just a weird fluke.” She reluctantly turned to the correct page in her music.

“Stop. I can tell you’re not going to play it well just from looking at you,” he said, looking at her tense muscles. “Take a deep breath, relax a little.” He waited patiently as she took a few deep breaths. “Okay, now try it.”

She stumbled trough the first few measures, then stopped and put her head down on the piano, completely frustrated with herself. She knew what ingredient was missing from the formula, but she didn’t want to admit it to herself. Besides, she couldn’t exactly ask her professor to hold her while she played.

She felt his presence as he slid onto the piano bench next to her. He placed his left hand gently on her shoulder and pulled her back up. “Try it again. I know it’s in there somewhere, you’ve already proven that.” His hand stayed on her shoulder as she placed her fingers back on the keys. When she hesitated he reached out and took her wrist in his right hand like the previous week, only this time the touch was tender. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, then opened them and began to play.

As she played she was aware only of his touch on her arm and on the bare skin of her shoulder. As they sank deeper into the music his left hand began to trail across her back to her left shoulder and down her arm. His arms now encircled her completely, and his gentle caresses quickly grew stronger. Electric current seemed to travel through her body, originating at his touch and infusing the notes pouring from her fingertips.

Rebecca felt her long hair being brushed off of her neck, and then his warm breath close to her skin. She ended the piece with a passionate burst of sound and melted back into his body, all inhibitions abandoned.

When the music stopped, they both sat stunned for a few seconds. When Dr. Clements realized he was embracing his student it was his turn to be embarrassed.

“Oh my God, Rebecca, I’m so sorry!” He quickly dropped his arms and tried to pull away from her. When he began to move she turned toward him and placed her hand on his face. More than the touch, however, it was the intense look in her deep green eyes that stopped him.

“I…it’s okay…” She paused, able to communicate more through their shared gaze than with words. Finally, she leaned forward and kissed him gently.

When their lips made contact, she was suddenly and completely aware of her body, as though someone had flipped a switch. Every inch of her skin was tingling with the desire to be touched, and she could smell the musk of her soaked panties. Dr. Clements responded to the kiss by wrapping his graceful fingers through the hair on the back of her head and returning the kiss passionately.

Suddenly, however, he stood, and Rebecca was afraid she’d gone too far. Ashamed, she didn’t look up at him. Seconds that seemed like hours passed before he reached down and pulled her up beside him. He pressed her roughly to his chest and whispered huskily, “Rebecca, oh Rebecca.”

She looked up at his face, at his eyebrows raised in unspoken question and his lips parted in anticipation. She nodded slightly, and a tiny smile curled the corners of her mouth.

“Not here. Come with me.” He led her to the door.

She followed him out of his studio, down the hall and outside. She knew where he was leading her, and she’d never been so glad that he lived just off campus, less than a block from the music building. They tried not to walk too fast or attract any undue suspicion, but Rebecca was sure that had anyone been paying any attention they would have known something was up.

They practically fell through his front door, and the second it was closed they were on each other, kissing frantically. As they kissed, he pushed her backwards into his living room and up against the baby grand piano that stood proudly at one end. He lifted her onto the bench and laid her across it, legs reaching the floor at one end, head practically hanging off the other end. He stood over her and looked down, for the first time allowing himself to look at her as a woman and not as a student.

“God, Rebecca, you’re beautiful.” With that, reached down and began to unbutton her thin summer shirt. When it lay open he stopped to admire her again. Rebecca’s stomach was flat and muscular from her swimming. Her breasts were small enough to stand up from her chest instead of hanging to the side, but were large enough to fill his hands. He could make out the outline of her long nipples straining through her silky bra. He longed to trace his tongue around the delicious curves of the bottom of her breasts, and decided that he couldn’t wait any longer.

His skillful fingers undid the clasp between Rebecca’s breasts and let the skimpy material fall to the sides. He gently palmed both of her breasts and enjoyed the sensation of the supple flesh underneath his fingers. Rebecca had been holding her breath, but at the first contact she let out a moan and gasped for breath. Their initial urgency had ebbed some, but when his fingers touched her warm skin all of the lust came rushing back to them.

He played with her soft breasts for some time, both because he enjoyed it and because he wanted to tease her. He could tell from the way that she was squirming that she wanted him to pay some attention to her hard nipples, and after a few minutes her finally gave in to his own desire to play with them. He began by gently pinching both of her nipples, but before long he was pulling on them and rolling them between his fingers.

This treatment had brought out a side of Rebecca he had never seen before, though he wasn’t at all surprised that she had such a wild side. Her lithe body was writhing beneath his hands on the piano bench, and she was making all manner of sounds, from tiny mews and whimpers to deep throaty gasps and moans. He swore to himself that he would have her screaming by the time they were finished.

Dr. Clements began kissing and nibbling at Rebecca’s neck. He worked his tongue down her neck to her chest, loving the clean smell and taste of her skin. He decided that his tongue should not have to wait any longer to share in the softness of her breasts; it joined his fingers in their exploration, licking all around, under and in between her mounds.

With his mouth on her breasts, his fingers were free to travel down her tight stomach and under the waistband of her shorts. Her hips rose to meet his touch, and quickly he was unzipping her shorts and sliding them down her long legs to join her sandals on the floor. He cupped her mound gently through her skimpy panties, and as his fingers brushed across her clit for the first time, he sucked one of her nipples into his hot mouth, licking and biting at it at the same time.

“Oh! God! Ahhhh!” Rebecca cried out as she was pushed over the edge into an explosive orgasm. She bucked and shook so much that Dr. Clements had difficulty keeping his hands and mouth on her body. She ground her pussy up into his hand as she rode out her orgasm. He could feel her already damp panties becoming wetter as her juices ran out of her.

When her orgasm had subsided, Rebecca lifted Dr. Clements’ head from her breast and looked him in the eyes. “I want to suck your fat cock, Professor.” The initial shock at her language wore off very quickly, and within seconds Rebecca was staring at what was, indeed, a very large cock. She licked her lips as she studied it.

Though it didn’t appear to be all that thick, it was long; Rebecca knew that it was much bigger than any cock she’d ever seen in real life. She could tell that she was going to have trouble taking the entire thing in any of her holes. Damned if she wasn’t going to try her best, however.

Rebecca’s orgasm had done nothing to sate her lust and she was eager to have this stiff cock down her throat. As eager as she was, however, she remembered how he had teased her and she fully intended to return the favor.

He was on his knees to her side, his cock thrusting out across her just below her chin. She looked up at him, smiled what she knew was a flirty, sexy smile, and moistened her lips with her tongue. Finally, she gave in to the lust in his eyes and leaned forward to lick his shaft.

She began with long slow licks from the base of his cock up to just below the smooth head. She continued this for some time, eventually adding her lips, driving him wild. After a few minutes, she could tell that he was struggling to not force himself into her mouth. She pulled away, flattened her tongue, and slowly ran it across the tip of his throbbing prick.

He nearly came all over her face. He looked down at the clear trail of his precum that connected her outstretched tongue to his cock, and what little restraint he had maintained left him. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth onto his dick, pumping into her face roughly.

After a few seconds of this Rebecca pushed her professor away from her. He was disappointed and a little mad that she was making him stop. Then she smiled at him, said, “Bad angle. I think you’ll like this one better,” and laid back on the bench and hung her head completely off the end. He quickly took the hint and moved to the end of the bench and pressed his cock against her lips.

When she parted her lips, his dick slowly slid into her mouth. He kept expecting to hit the back of her mouth, but she took him in until his balls were pressed against her face. Rebecca was a little surprised at herself; even at this angle she hadn’t thought she could fit his entire cock in her throat. Dr. Clements was certainly surprised. No one had ever swallowed his whole length before, and he would never have expected it out of this small young woman.

In this position Rebecca could hardly move, so it was up to Dr. Clements to provide the motion. At first he was worried that he might hurt her or that she couldn’t breathe, but as they began to get into a rhythm he realized that she was enjoying the sensations as much as he was. He was enjoying the feeling of being in control, and he had a feeling that she was liking it as well. Since he had been discovering new things about Rebecca’s personality all day, he thought he’d try something and see how she reacted.

He had been pumping her mouth fairly quickly, but now Dr. Clements’ grabbed his Rebecca’s hair and began slamming his cock in between her lips. Her eyes got wide, then she squeezed them tightly shut. She began to buck and squirm, but he knew it was out of pleasure and not an attempt to get away.

“You like that, don’t you, you dirty little girl?” Her response was a moan that sent vibrations from his cock throughout his body. He knew he had to get her to keep doing that.

“You like it when I fuck your pretty face.” It was more of a statement than a question. Her moan was louder and longer.

“You like my cock in your throat? Next I’m going to fuck your hot little pussy.” Rebecca let out a scream muffled by the cock in her mouth. The sensations put him over the edge, and he slammed himself as deep into her throat as he could and came harder than he could remember ever cumming before. She closed her lips around his shaft and swallowed, stimulating his throbbing dick.

When he was finished, he slipped from between her lips and collapsed back onto his heels. They both lay silent for a moment, still enjoying the last waves of pleasure shooting through their bodies. After a while, he spoke.

“Rebecca, I…” She sat up and turned around. “I don’t know what to say. Somehow ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem quite right.”

“You shouldn’t thank me. At least not yet, anyway,” she finished with a smile. She got up from the bench and joined him on the floor. “What makes you think I’m done with you?”

“I’m not sure I…” She cut him off with a soft kiss.

“You’re not sure you can what?” She kissed him again, this time more firmly. “I’ll wait.” This time her kiss was more of a bite; she gently nibbled and licked at his bottom lip. “I don’t think I’ll have to wait too long. Besides, you promised. I seem to recall that you wanted to fuck my hot little pussy.” She smiled at the soft groan that escaped his lips. “But before you can fuck it, you’re going to have to lick it.”

She stood and her wet panties were inches from his face. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into her soaking crotch. After a few kisses and licks, he grabbed the sides of her panties and ripped them down her legs, burying his face in her mound. Her swollen lips were shaved smooth, and he delighted in running his tongue over them and sucking them into his mouth. He teased her slit for a while before driving his tongue into her hot folds. By this time she was bucking down on him, trying desperately to get him to lick her clit. They were both lost in a symphony of gasps and moans. Finally he gave in to her and, starting at her asshole he trailed his tongue up her slit and flicked it over her pink bud. She grabbed his head, not about to let him get away, and rode his face wildly. As he sucked her clit into his mouth he felt her begin to shake.

Suddenly, she forced him backwards onto the floor. “Now you’re gonna fuck my hot little pussy!” With that she grabbed his once-again stiff prick and slid it into herself.

Immediately Rebecca’s body began to convulse as her orgasm hit her with full force. Her pussy clamped down on Dr. Clements’ dick as waves of pleasure rushed through her body. He knew that he was very close as well, and he grabbed her hips and began slamming them up and down into himself. He took in her firm breasts bouncing in front of him and her long hair flying around her head. Her throbbing pussy was still sending spasms of pleasure into his cock, and the sensory overload was too much for him.

“Oh God! Oh, Rebecca!” His screams of pleasure were added to hers as he filled her with his seed. She ground her pussy onto him, squeezing out every drop, then finally collapsed onto his heaving chest.

The pair rested on the floor until Rebecca realized that she was late for a class. She jumped up and began pulling on her clothes. “I’m so sorry, I’m supposed to be in my English class in five minutes.” She continued pulling on her clothes, then stopped and looked at him. He was now standing in front of her, watching her as she got dressed. She could tell that he was feeling a little awkward now that the passion had passed. She wondered briefly what future piano lessons would be like, and she was sure that he was having similar thoughts.

“I’ll see you next week, Dr. Clements,” she said softly into his mouth. With a short but sweet kiss she turned and left his house. She knew that next week could not come quickly enough.

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