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Peter, My Neighbourly Hunk

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Pete is a neighbour from a few doors away; he has always seemed a quiet sort of bloke who I’d spend the odd moment having idle chit chat with when our paths crossed in the street. I didn’t know anything about him other than he lived on his own and enjoyed cycling, he could often be seen cycling off on his racing bike with his tight lycra shorts on and bare legs.

His physique was very athletic topped with light blonde hair; he was about 6 foot tall and quite a good looking chap. One day arriving home from one of his rides he pulled up beside me a asked me if I fancied a barby around his house that evening as his friend he had invited had let him down and he had some fresh meat to cook or get wasted.

I agreed to go round about an hour later after I’d showered and changed, a funny thought struck me and I haven’t got a clue why, but I suddenly felt like I was getting ready for a date and wondered weather Pete was actually gay and had other motives for this evening, I only though it then for the first time and had never questioned it before, but when I agreed to go round her seemed very pleased or even excited with my response. I myself have never had any form of gay sex but have never been put off by it, I have on occasions visited a few gay web sites and found them to be as exciting and arousing as any other site but have never taken it any further than that. I guess you could say that if the opportunity arose at the right time I would certainly not run a mile and the curiosity of it would possibly lead me to some involvement.

I showered and dressed in a shirt and long shorts and all the time I couldn’t get the thought of Peter out of my head, god, what if I was completely wrong and he was just being friendly? I guess then I would just enjoy the food and drink a few buds. To be truthful I guess that I’d thought about it strongly enough to actually want something to happen. During my shower and the time I spent getting ready I had a few strong erections with the though of what might happen this evening, when I arrived at Pete’s my erection had subsided but knew that during the whole evening it would be creating a reasonable bulge in my shorts, I took the step of not wearing any pants and thought that maybe if I gave him a tiny sign of my openness than something might just happen.

Peter answered the door still in his blue cycling shorts and vest; he obviously hadn’t showered but had already started the barby and got some beers from his fridge. The next hour or so we talked about various thing, drank a few beers and eat some good food, as we sat there with the sun going down and the air getting cooler I began to feel a little under the spell of the booze and thought I’d throw a line to see what reaction I would get. I rubbed my hand across my lap and said

“I don’t know about you Pete but summer nights and beer always seems to give me a hard on”

I squeezed my semi hard dick through my sorts and looked at Pete for a response, he laughed and looked intently as I squeezed myself. He seemed comfortable with my actions and replied by say that it’s usually gin that has an effect on him. We carried on talking for a while before retiring inside as it was getting a little too cold to sit out, so we moved into the lounge and sat on opposite sofa’s. As we sat down and I could see his dick was far more noticeable in his tight shorts than earlier, pointing at his crotch I laughed

“fucking hell Pete if that’s what beer does for you I’d like to see that thing after a few glasses of gin!”

her looked a little embarrassed and began to apologise for it, “er, sorry I guess it has a mind of it’s own some times”

looking at the bulge in his shorts his dick seemed to be quite a large one.

“don’t mind me Pete” I laughed as he half tried to cover up “it’s your dick, feel free to do what ever you want with it”

My own dick was now becoming quite hard and what with having no pants on was becoming very difficult to hide, Pete looked over at my ever increasing bulge and smiled

“Looks to me like your in a similar state yourself” his eyes were firmly fixed on my crotch and mine on his. I moved my right hand and squeezed my erection through the thin material of my shorts,

“I guess your right, it does seem to be a little excitable tonight” I was now feeling that I didn’t really care what happened now so long as I got to see Peter’s tool, looking back up Pete had also moved his hand and was rubbing it gently over the unmistakable outline of his hard on, I could clearly see the shape and size of his dick due to the material of his shorts being so tight,

Peter again smiled and said softly “that looks a little restrained to me, maybe you should take it out and be a bit more comfortable”

Well that was enough of a come on for me to know that Peter was thinking the same as me and at the same time his slid his hand over the front of his shorts, he closed his fingers to outline his cock and took a hold of it through the thin lycra material. Both of us were now sat opposite one another rubbing our manhood’s through our shorts, I couldn’t take my eyes of Pete’s ever growing erection and it seemed to be getting more uncomfortable for him the larger it grew because it seemed to be pointing downward.

Without speaking I slid my hand into my shorts and began to slowly wank my bursting cock, Pete watched intently before surprising me and lifting his hips and removing his blue shorts, his dick sprung upwards upon it’s release and my word it was a big one, my dick is a reasonable 7 or so inches but this must have been 9 going on 10 inches!

“Fucking hell” I thought “that’s some cock”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of it as he slowly stroked up and down along it’s thick shaft, he smiled and re fixed his gaze upon my erect tool bulging in my shorts,

“Come on then, I’ve shown you mine now you show me yours!” I didn’t care that I’ve never done this sort of thing before and quickly whipped my shorts off, my dick sprang to attention and I regained my grip on it, I sat back and relaxed into the soft cushions of the sofa and watched both my own hand and also Peters as we simultaneously tossed ourselves off.

Peter now seemed just as relaxed with his knees spread wide and his erection pointing straight at the ceiling, his ball were not particularly hairy and seemed to hang quite away down from the base of his cock, the feeling I was now getting was one of great excitement and wonderment, I knew that if I wanted I could shoot my load on demand with just a few quick strokes, I was of course trying to make this last as long as possible to give both of us the maximum of pleasure. I wasn’t sure if Pete was waiting for me to make the next move or not but I was beginning to wonder about what to do next and how far to take it, Pete seemed happy to just sit across from one another and masturbate so I decided to probe Peter for some information

“Was this the real reason you got me here then, to see my dick?”

he smiled and replied “if I knew you would be this easy I’d have asked you month’s ago”

“Easy! You cheeky bastard, believe it or not this is the first time I’ve ever wanked off in front of another man”

“So you’ve never played with another mans dick before?” he questioned

“No never, but I suppose there’s always a first time for everything and I’d try anything once”

“Well I guess the phrase “you don’t know until you try” seems appropriate then!”

Peter stood up and was now standing only a few feet away in front of me, he still had a hand on tool and was gently pulling on his long foreskin, as he did so the purpleness of his bulbous knob showed the full extent of his raging hard-on, his light pubic hair hid nothing of manhood and to me it looked as good a specimen of mans best friend as I’d seen on any internet site or porn video. His erection was at my eye level and if I reached out I could have easily fulfilled my desire to play with it, as it happened Pete moved closer, removed his grip and offered himself to me. I reached up with both hands and gently placed each one either side of his veiny shaft, I closed my left hand to grip it just below the knob, it was such an erotic feeling to have another mans erection in my hand that I paid no attention to my own wanton tool which was twitching violently with the excitement of it all. Peter sighed as I pulled on his foreskin and again revealed the swollen head of his tool, as I did this I caressed his scrotum with my right hand which again brought a sigh of pleasure from my captive friend., I looked up at Pete’s face and was greeted with a smile of contentment

“That feels good, are you sure you’ve never done this before?”.

Suddenly I took a split second to ponder over what I was actually doing, never in my thirty years had I been involved with another man and here I was tossing off my neighbour that I’d only spoken to briefly before, I was in absolute ore of this erection I had firmly in my hand and knew that this would go further, much further. Not knowing Peter’s history or anything about him I wasn’t sure whether to let him lead or just go with it and do as I please. I decided to take the second course of action and see what reaction I got. Peter’s dick was indeed larger than mine but not by much, it felt so hard as I pulled gently on his foreskin and his breathing began to get heavier. As I pulled it back his eye would produce little drops of pre-cum which were making his knob quite wet and shiny. I rubbed the palm of my hand over his bulbous knob and spread his dick with his own fluid, as any man would tell you this makes masturbating with a foreskin far more enjoyable and easier.

From my position of being sat on the edge of the sofa with Peter standing in front of me my next move was an obvious one and one that I’d pondered over in the past when visiting any gay web site.

I looked up at Pete and smiled “I want to suck you” I said,

Pete looked down knowingly and moved in closer, I held him gently in both hands as I drew him in closer, his knob was only an inch or so away when again I looked up to see his face as I opened my mouth wide and placed my lips over his throbbing cock. His eyes rolled back as for the first time I tasted another mans dick, boy did it feel large in my mouth, I allowed my tongue to roam all over his knob, I pulled his foreskin up and ran my tongue around the inside just like my girlfriend does.

“Jesus! That feel good” he grunted you carry on like that and I’ll be filling your mouth in no time”

Without removing his dick I looked up, drew a deep suck on him and smiled, he took this as I meant it and knew I wanted to feel the thrill of making him come in my mouth. Taking a hand and gripping the thick base of his shaft I slowly began to rhythmically take him deeper into my mouth, there was no way I’d get it all down my throat but he wasn’t complaining about my current effort, I was now in complete control of Peter and it felt wonderful, I would never had believed that giving a blow job was going to be as exciting as receiving one but I was close to ejaculation myself without and actual stimulation to my own erect cock.

Peter was groaning deeply now as I continued my slow assault on his manhood and I could feel his hips beginning to push in time with my own movements, he placed his hand on my head whilst it bobbed up and down the length of his dick. Suddenly the volume of his groans increased and I knew he was close, very close as it happens, I looked up as I gave his knob a quick few tugs and again looked up, Peter’s eyes were closed and his mouth open, this was it, I was about to make him come and wanted to experience the thing so many of my girlfriends have experienced with me. Again I clamped my hand around the base of his shaft and gently squeezed and with my free hand I took a hold of his ball, I know from my own experience how good this feels and so knew that it would have a similar effect on him.

“Oh yes that good, you’re going to make me come”

I pumped harder and continued to suck him deep, again he jerked his hips towards me in response and this time I increased my hold and sucked harder,

“Oh god I’m gonna come”

He suddenly stood firm and I just knew he was going to shoot his come, I pumped his shaft hard and fast and continued to suck gently for a few moments before feeling that familiar feeling, his dick began to palpitate and a few seconds and a couple of gently sucks later I felt the first wave of warm, salty spunk hit firmly against the roof of my mouth, I pumped his shaft again and once again his penis erupted and this time filled my mouth with the same salty/sweet taste. He shuddered as he came and I continued to pull and squeeze on his dick to get every last drop of his come, I didn’t swallow his spunk at first and opened my mouth wide and drew him deeper into my mouth that ever before, as I did I could feel the spunk on my lips and some of it dribbling onto my chin, I nearly gagged as he pushed forwards and gave me the final few drops.

I pulled away to take a look at his shiny wet spunk covered dick before swallowing hard and feeling the warm feeling in my throat as his sperm found its way to my stomach …… to be continued

There seemed an age where I was sat there with spunk on my face, a pregnant pause you might say, Peter was breathing hard and I looked up with a grin of satisfaction on my face, not to mention spunk on my chin. Peter grinned back and reminded me that I still had a hard on to deal with that he wanted to help me out with it, immediately I sat back in my chair and opened myself up to Peter’s desires. He dropped to his knees before me and with the touch of incredible gentleness he drew my foreskin back and took me in his mouth.

Of all the blow jobs I’d had this immediately feel better and gentler then any other, I’d have never thought that another man could suck me better than all the other women before him, it felt so gently and encompassing, he sucked me gently as he slid further down my hard shaft and I knew that the time between now and my orgasm was going to be a short one.

Peter looked up as he kissed my shaft and reached the base of my dick, gently pulling my foreskin his tongue flicked around my balls and sent shivers of excitement down my spine. Them he surprised me by running his hands around my back and taking each buttock in hand and pulling me closer to him, as he did this he took me into his open mouth and went down on me in such away he took my whole length deep between his lips. The feeling was so wonderful I knew I would explode soon and I think Peter knew too, he never stopped to gauge my state of arousal he just continued to suck me off as if it were a mission. It was only a couple of minutes later when I felt it beginning deep inside

“Oh God” I groaned “That is wonderful, I’m gonna cum Peter, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum!” He didn’t miss a beat, he just continued to take me deep into his mouth but this time I was pushing up towards him, I felt like I was fucking his face as I bucked my hips in time with his actions and finally I exploded

“Yes, that’s it I’m cumming!”

It felt like nothing before as I let go of my load and Peter gulped it down, he continued to squeeze me and milked me for all I was worth and finally he looked up and smiled with a smile of contentment.

This was only the beginning, but that’s another story!

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