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Passion Plug

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The butt plug was enormous and firmly in her perfectly formed ass. I had no idea how she got it in to begin with, but it was there when I pulled her thong down. Her pussy was flushed, already engorged and wet. Grabbing the plug I began to play, pulling it out and watching in amazement at how wide it was. She moaned, kneeling on the couch in my apartment as I spun the toy back and forth in her tight ass. It didn’t look like it was going to come out easily.

The force I was pulling with made it more apparent that it must have taken some doing to get it in. I stuck a wet finger in her pussy while I tugged on the plug. She moved back, further on my finger and moaned louder as more of my digit disappeared into her hot pussy. She was gorgeous, tan, toned and sporting a rack of fake round breasts with small darker areolas. She looked back at me with a cute face, dark brown hair and an expression of lust. She obviously enjoyed anal play and my cock oozed and throbbed inside my pants just thinking about fucking her perfect ass. If I was successful in getting the plug out first that is.

“Damn girl, how did you get this thing in?”

“I was really horny.”

“I guess so. Maybe try and push out when I pull,” I suggested.

Under the plugs end cap the lube she used to insert it was still fresh and wet. Lubrication wasn’t the problem, it was just big. I pulled again and she pressed out this time, getting some more of the fat bulbous toy to come out of her bowels. Still I wasn’t able to pull it out fully without hurting her badly. Her moans became louder and more pleading the harder I pulled. I was forced to stop and watch as the plug returned into her ass. Maybe she needed more attention elsewhere first.

“I’m going to help you relax and try again in a minute.”

She just nodded, breathing hard. I rolled her onto her back and noticed her nipples were standing out, erect, on her round tits. They looked amazing all tight and darker with arousal. I started there first, taking her left in my hand and the right between my teeth. She squealed with pleasure as I twisted and nibbled. They were exceptional; with no scars I could see and fit her toned body perfectly. I continued working on her breasts until she pushed my head lower.

I got the hint and licked her body all the way down to her shaved mound. Spreading her wet lips with my tongue, I ran it between until I found her growing clit. Her hands grabbed my hair as I flicked it and she pushed me down onto her sweet pussy. The plug’s cap was on my chin while I feasted on her succulent nectar, going between her wet hole and her hard clit. I could feel my cock throbbing, wanting to be let out of my pants. It was extremely hard, having been a while since I had cum last.

She let me eat her for longer than most women. I experimented with the plug as I sucked and licked. The oral was helping, but still not enough to get the plug out, even when she helped push. I smiled thinking about how I came to be here….


Mike, a guy from work, invited me to a party at his house on Friday. When I arrived she was already there, standing with a drink in her hand surrounded by three guys. She was incredible, the hottest woman at the party and the attention she was getting proved it. I got myself a drink and wandered around until I found Mike. He thanked me for coming and told me to make myself at home.

“Who’s the incredible brunette with the vultures swarming her?” I asked.

“Miranda, she works with my wife. Do you want me to introduce you to her?”

“Maybe in a bit, she looks plenty occupied,” I said, looking directly at her.

She caught my eye and we locked stares. She was so hot I forgot to look away and was lost in her face. She wore a tight one piece dress that was high above her knees and fit her like spandex.. From what I could see of her behind the men, she had a smoking hot body. When she smiled I choked on my drink and broke eye contact.

“Looks like she might ask to be introduced to you,” Mike laughed.

“If she ever gets away from the others.”

I played it smart, not looking too eager and not ogling her like all the other men. I actually talked to a few other women, glancing over at Miranda every once in a while. About an hour later I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to find Gina, Mike’s wife, with Miranda standing next to her.

“Hey Luke, this is Miranda, I thought you too should meet before the night was over,” Gina said.

We exchanged pleasantries and Gina ended up drifting off so Miranda and I could talk. I had to focus, keeping my eyes on her face and not get caught checking out her body. It was tough let me tell you, not to say her face wasn’t fabulous, the complete package was something out of fantasy. We chatted about the normal stuff: Movies, music, work, how we knew Mike and Gina, stuff like that. While she was talking to me she would touch my arm or brush up against me. Things were going really well and most of the other guys were leaving us alone. Later on the subject of conversation turned to a curious nature.

“If I needed help with something could I count on you Luke?” she asked.

I thought it was a strange question, having just met her but I went with it, “I guess… sure what kind of help?”

“It’s kinda embarrassing, I’d ask Gina but I don’t know what she would think of me.”

“I can keep a secret. What is it?”

“Well… let’s go somewhere a little more private,” she said.

I followed her out to the balcony where we were alone. She was looking over the edge at the city below with its lights and noises. I was mesmerized at her perfect ass and staring at it when she turned around. I quickly looked up to her face as she spoke.

“I don’t know how to explain it any other way so I’ll just tell you. I seem to have gotten a butt plug stuck in my ass.”

It was the second time I choked that night. This time was just on pure shock. My mouth dropped open, my eyes got wide and I’m sure I was beet red.

“Umm, well, wow that’s quite a problem.”

“I know… would you help. I know it’s a very strange request but I like you. You seem to like me and well I was hoping we could go somewhere and try to get it out.”

“Sure!” I said too fast.

She smiled, “Where should we go?”

“My place is only a few minutes away,” I said.

“Okay, sounds good. I’m really sorry about this I feel so stupid.”

“Don’t, I’m glad to help.”

My cock was already shooting upwards and I had to adjust myself as I followed her back into the main room. We said goodbye to everyone and I saw a few angry looks from the other guys. Mike winked and did a sly thumbs up. He had no idea.

We took my car and I had to try and keep the speed down and not seem too eager.

“So how long has it been stuck?” I asked trying to keep it casual like a doctor would.

“Since last night, I went to work with it and everything.”

“Is it hurting?”

“No, not really. It’s just really stuck.”

I pulled into my garage and closed the door, letting her out of my car and into my house.

“Nice place Luke, so where should we try this?”

“It’s up to you, where do you think?” I answered freaking out a bit.

“Couch seems fine,” she said. “I’m going to get out of my dress so you can take a look.”

I swallowed noisily as she pulled a strap off her shoulder and then the other one. I about creamed my pants when the material slid off her incredible breasts and down to her tummy. She wasn’t wearing a bra and they were the best looking breasts I’ve seen in real life. She shimmied out of the dress, stepping out of it and looking up at me. She smiled. I probably looked like an idiot with my mouth open and in shock. She was wearing a small thong and just high heels now.

“Are you okay Luke?”

“Umm… yeah… fine,” I stammered.

“Come join me, see what you think.”

I slowly walked around the sofa and she knelt down and put her hands on the back of the couch and spread her legs. I was shaking. She flipped her long hair and looked back at me. I could see the plug wedged in her ass and the thong strip crossing over the end plate.

“Help me take my panties off would you?”

I reached up, still shaking and pulled her thong off her exquisite ass. I couldn’t move. The stunning visual before me was something surreal. I just stood staring with wide eyes at the plug combined with a perfect ass and shaved pussy. She finally brought me back to reality and spoke.

“I was masturbating last night and got really turned on. I thought it went in relatively easy and after I came the final time I fell asleep with it still in. The next morning I woke up and couldn’t get it out. I gave up when I had to get to work.”

“Umm wow, well I’ll see what I can do,” I said reaching for the plug….


Back to the present. I stuck my tongue as far as I could in her pussy and spun the plug around and pulled. I could feel the wide toy press on her body from within her warm hole as I pulled on it. The resistance was still great and she shook and moaned the harder I pulled. I didn’t want to hurt her, which would ruin all the fun after the plug was out. I sat up and stood over her thinking. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“So what do you think?” she asked.

“I think it’s really stuck, but we’ll keep working on it.”

“It looks like helping me is turning you on. You’ve made a mess in your slacks.”

I looked down, and sure enough a large wet spot at the top of my hard cock showed through.

“We should take those off of you,” she said rising up and already working on my belt.

She had my pants around my ankles in no time and my boxers down soon after. My cock throbbed and hovered over her face and she had a large smile on her face.

“Very nice, Luke. I get really wet and horny when I suck guy’s dicks, maybe it will help with the plug,” she said grabbing my shaft and proceeding to lick my head.

Seconds later she engulfed half my cock in a mind blowing sensation. While she sucked and licked I took off my shirt. She was a damn good cock sucker and since I hadn’t cum for a while I had to warn her a few times if she didn’t stop I was going to cum. Each time she squeezed the head of my cock with her hand, only further proof she knew what she was doing. I let her suck for as long as I ate her. It was sweet bliss as she kept me on the verge until my balls ached for release.

“Why don’t you fuck my pussy for a while, maybe that will loosen things up down there,” she said taking my wet hard cock from her mouth.

She laid back and pulled her legs up over herself. The view was spectacular. Perfect breasts, perfect body, shaved pussy and a plug in her ass were what I had to look at. My cock was so hard it was difficult to push it down to enter her hot tunnel. Damn she was wet! She wasn’t lying about getting turned on when sucking. The sensation my dick experienced, penetrating her body for the first time, almost made me explode. She was tight and hot! I’m sure the huge plug in her ass made her pussy tighter than without. I focused, keeping my load in and slowly pulled out. She moaned, pulling my head down to her breasts. I eagerly sucked and nibbled while slowly entering her over and over. I could feel the hard end cap on my tight balls. She was so gorgeous and felt so good I was at the verge of shooting my wad in less than a minute.

The pure excitement of the moment had my heart and cock ready to burst. I didn’t want to look like an idiot and cum as soon as my cock was inside of her so I used the excuse of changing positions to stop my pending explosion. I pulled out in the nick of time, held my load in and rolled her back onto her tummy.

“I can work on the plug better in this position,” I said when she looked back at me.

She smiled, got back on her knees and spread her legs for me. While she wasn’t looking I squeezed my cock head and pulled my balls down away from my body to try and last longer. The view of her ass up with the plug firmly in and her pussy wide open didn’t help my urge to blow. Before putting my dick back in, I took a moment and pulled the plug out while twisting it. She dropped her head and moaned in pleasure this time as I played. I had to admit it was damn fun playing with that plug.

No good, it still was stuck firmly in her tight ass. Letting go of it I had to bend my raging member down again to insert it under the plug into her warm wet pussy. I realized I might have to make her orgasm to get the plug out, that way she could endure the pain as her body peeked in pleasure. I didn’t know if I was up for the challenge, if I began thrusting hard to help her climax I would surely blow before her. I moved slowly, making it seem deliberate and gentle. I spun and pulled the plug as I entered her and pulled back out nice and smooth. She caught me off guard when she spoke.

“You seem timid Luke, like you don’t want to hurt me. I’m fine really. Fuck me good.”

“It’s not that actually. I haven’t done this for a while and won’t last very long,” I confessed.

“Oh, well then just cum and we’ll work on the plug until you’re ready again.”

“What about protection?”

“I’m on the pill and if you want you can cum on my breasts.”

I lost it! I slammed my cock hard inside of her two more time and pulled out telling her I was cumming. She rolled over onto her back as the first rope of cum shot from my cock, landing on her chest and reaching to her navel in a long trail of white jizz. She called out in excitement as I stroked my shaft over her, showering her body with an impressive amount of cum. I knew it was going to be good but not this good. The excitement and this whole experience increased my output and I covered her breasts all the way to her pussy.

“Holy shit! Sorry about that it has been a while,” I said, shaking the last few globs off my head.

“Oh don’t apologize that was awesome, I haven’t seen that much cum since I was a teenager!”

“I’ll get something to clean you off,” I said turning away from her and heading to my bathroom to grab a towel.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing as I walked. I was freaking out thinking about it and the fact that it wasn’t over was incredible. She was lying still, trying not to make the cum run off onto my couch when I returned. I couldn’t believe I was responsible for the mess on her perfect body. I began low and worked up, cleaning my spunk off of her. My cock was still hard, but was showing signs of shrinking. I finished with her firm tits and stood back up with the cum soaked towel.

“How long will it take you to be ready again?”

“Not long especially if I work on the butt plug.”

“Good, you better get started then,” she said rolling over onto her knees once again and sticking her ass towards me.

I dropped the towel and knelt behind her on the floor. Her pussy was wet and the lips were slightly open from my cock. I found her clit with my finger and thumb, pinching it before I pulled the plug out. It was amazing how far her ass stretched around the toy and still it didn’t come out. It was the widest plug I’d ever seen. With it as far out as I dared, I used my other hand to smear her pussy juice around her ass. The skin had turned stark white from the tension and she was panting from the stress. Her panting seemed to lessen when I played with her clit and pulled at the same time.

I worked her pussy over and twisted and played with the plug for about five minutes. I don’t think my cock ever went fully soft. Instead it just began to grow again and I was hard and oozing in less than ten minutes. She had her head down, grunting and pushing while I played and didn’t realize I was hard again. I was having a good time so I didn’t tell her right off. When I stuck my hard cock back into her pussy she didn’t need to be told.

“Oh shit! You’re hard again already?”

“I told you it wouldn’t take long.”

“Sweet, now fuck me like you want too!”

With my first load expelled I had plenty of staying power to pound away now. It felt incredible to hammer away at her tight wet pussy as hard as I could, especially with the large plug in her ass. I worked up a sweat and she was screaming in pleasure. This was what I needed; she was going to orgasm any second. When she yelled she was cumming and began to shake I slowed my thrusts long enough to grab the plug, pulling it. She must have been pushing as well because as her body shuddered the plug popped out with more force than I was pulling.

“It’s out! We did it!” I exclaimed.

She was amid her climax and only moaned and rocked back on my cock hard, reminding me to continue to fuck her. I began again, ramming her over and over while I admired her partially opened ass and the large plug in my hand. I tested her ass to see how sore she was with my thumb, sticking it in with ease. She screamed with pleasure as my entire thumb entered her warm hole. She didn’t seem sore at all.

“Fuck my pussy and ass! That’s it keep me cumming!”

She was one crazy chick. I was going as fast as I could with my cock in her pussy and thumb firmly in her ass. Her moans and screams only got louder as her orgasm intensified. Sweat was dripping off me from the exertion, but I kept it up until I could tell her climax was tapering off. She fell forward, exhausted and off my cock. She lay face down on my couch, struggling for breath, while I stood over her with my wet cock, trying to catch my own.

She rolled over after a while and looked up at me, “Thanks Luke, I don’t think I could have done it without you.”

“My pleasure.”

“My ass feels so empty now, do you think you can find something to fill it back up?” she said looking purposely at my hard cock.

“Absolutely,” I said eager to get to fuck her incredible ass.

She pulled her legs up, and scooted to the edge of the sofa.. There was plenty of secretions and leftover lube for my cock to easily slide in. Judas, she had a hot ass. It surrounded my cock in hot tight heat as I slid all my length into her. She moaned and threw her head back as my length penetrated her, filling her once again.

“Oh fuck yeah! I love your big cock in my ass!”

The excitement was back, my cock increased in size and sensitivity as I began to work it in and out while she held her legs up. I played with her clit and reached for her tits and back to her clit, increasing my speed in her ass. It was the single most incredible sexual experience of my life.

I’ve done anal before but not with someone that looked like her. I kept saying in my head that it couldn’t be real and I must be dreaming. I never woke up so it must have been real. Watching my cock slide in and out of her ass was so cool, and felt even better. My balls were tight, and I felt my cum boiling again in my body. The point of release was soon approaching and I didn’t care until she told me she wanted to cum again with my cock in her ass. I focused then, went to work on her clit and began a steady hard thrust inside of her with consistency.

“That’s it… perfect… just like that!” she screamed.

It wasn’t easy, my balls were screaming for release again and my cock was rock hard by the time I got her to orgasm. She yelled she was cumming and wanted me to cum with her. That was not problem, two more thrusts and I tightened up holding my explosion in as long as I could until my muscles weren’t strong enough to stop the blast of cum.

My cock convulsed inside of her, sending my jizz deep into her ass. It felt incredible and the length of my orgasm was outstanding. She bucked and squirmed as we both climaxed and screamed our orgasmic calls. When I pulled out her ass cleaned my cock off, with only a small glob of cum still on the head. My eyes had a difficult time focusing on her as I stood up. She looked up at me and smiled.

“That was incredible Luke. I knew you were the right guy for the job.”

“Anytime you get a toy stuck somewhere, don’t hesitate to ask.”

She laughed at that, rose up and pulled me down on top of her where we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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