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Party Surprise

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My wife and I were throwing our first Halloween party on the Saturday of the weekend before Halloween. My wife had gotten excited about the idea a month and a half before Halloween, excited about the different foods that could be made, the decorating, the invitations, her costume…

Me? Not really excited, but if she wanted to throw a party I was willing to support her, knowing full well that most of the cooking would be on my shoulders.

My wife, Vicki, chose my costume for me. It was a wizard’s robe and a staff that made thunder sounds with a flashing ball on top. I wasn’t against it since I am into fantasy books and the robe looked comfortable enough to wear through a party, being quite loose fitting.

She also chose her own costume, which got my first bit of excitement about the Halloween party started. She had gotten a short little schoolgirl skirt, a white button down shirt, a large lollypop and some pom-pom things for her hair. In short she was going to be a sexy little, innocent, schoolgirl.

When she first tried on the whole outfit, I thought my cock was going to tear a hole through my pants as it hardened up. My wife is half Spanish, with a rich olive skin tone year round, long black hair that she had in pony tails, soft thick lips, impossibly long legs, round ass, and pert breasts.

I couldn’t resist immediately pouncing on her pinning her to the floor and as she giggled I pulled her panties down her legs.

Four years of marriage on top of six years of dating and we still acted like kids, still excited about the whole concept of sex with each other.

I dove underneath her skirt with my eagerly probing tongue outstretched as Vicki squirmed beneath me as if trying to resist the attack.

She was wet from checking herself out in the mirror and noting my excitement from her outfit and I quickly began lapping up her juices as her squirm side to side turned to humping up into my face.

I slid my tongue along her lips and delved it into her hot hole causing her to gasp. I ran my tongue up her slit and began caressing her clit with the tip of my tongue. She quickly came flooding my mouth with even more of her juices.

I continued licking her gently as she moaned and whimpered her appreciation as I began to open my pants.

Once my cock had sprung free I pulled back and spun my wife over and lifted her up to her knees. She reached back and flipped her skirt up revealing her beautiful ass to my view.

I kneeled behind her and lined my cock up with her moist opening, and then pressed forward.

I groaned as I sank into her, her pussy was still so tight that I would almost swear she had found a way to renew her virginity after every time we had sex.

I began to pump myself back and forth inside of her enjoying the warmth and tightness of her sex as it gripped and squeezed my cock.

As I slowly began to approach my orgasm, I began picking up my pace, slamming my cock into her with greater force and speed.

Vicki began meeting my every thrust, letting a little moan escape her lips every time I trusted deeply into her.

I reached beneath her with on hand and began to stroke her clit in time to my thrusts.

The volume of Vicki’s moans began to increase as the tempo of my thrusts increased speed. Suddenly I felt her vagina pulse around my cock squeezing it tight enough to make me gasp.

Vicki let loose a scream and began pushing herself back and forth on my cock as rapidly and forcefully as she could.

It was only a couple of her orgasm pushes and pulses of her pussy around my cock before I felt the cum boiling up from my balls. I gripped her hips with both my hands and began ramming myself into her even harder than before.

Vicki continued to whimper as I pounded her still spasming pussy, and then I suddenly felt my cock pulse and twitch. I pulled her ass tight to me, burying my cock as deeply as possible into her warm wetness as the cum began shooting up through my shaft.

As the cum shot out of the head of my cock into my wife’s wonderful vagina I yelled and cursed holding her tight to me.

As the waves of orgasm began to subside I pulled out and began to lie beside Vicki before she laughed pulling herself away from me.

“Watch-out, I don’t want to have to clean you cum off of this before the party.”

Vicki quickly slipped the skirt off throwing it onto the bed before laying he head on my shoulder to snuggle against me on the floor.

“Thought a couple of cum stains would authenticate it.” I said smiling.

“Funny.” She responded poking me in the ribs. ” I take it you like my costume.”

“It’s alright.” I said holding my hand and tilting it side to side.

“Yeah, that was not the reaction of ‘alright’.” Vicki says as she quickly covers my mouth with her lips to end any come back I could think of.

The weeks leading up to the party slipped by quickly making getting everything ready seem near impossible.

The night before the party Vicki; her brother, Stan; and I stayed up until 3 am decorating and doing the pre-party day cooking.

The day of the party was spent with final party preparations, cooking the food that could not be cooked in advance, last touch decorations, and then cleaning so we could say, ‘sorry its such a mess, but we just haven’t gotten around to cleaning up’.

The party was scheduled to start at 7:00 and we finished the cleaning just in time to hop in the shower. I got out first and began heating the ‘bat wings’ (buffalo wings), and the ‘fingers’ (cocktail wieners in chili).

At 10 minutes before 7:00 I hear the first knock at the door. I let in one of my wife’s relatives and a friend of my brother-in-law who happened to arrive at the same time, early.

It may seem strange, but I hate when people arrive early for a party. I would rather everyone arrived 10 to 15 minutes late to be honest.

By 7:15 most everyone had arrived and I was finally able to go back up stairs and don my costume. I had to resist taking my wife as I noticed her putting the final touches on her costume.

She noted me pulling on my robe over a pair of pants and she shook her head.

“Don’t wear the pants.” She said with a mischievous smile.

“Are you kidding?” I asked raising my brow.

“You’ll still have your boxers on. Might be fun later.” She hinted before turning to go greet guests.

Well with that kind of incentive what do you think I did?

I quickly pulled my pants down and off, and then pulled the robe on the rest of the way. The robe was pretty loose fitting and I smiled at myself in the mirror as I decided to up the ante.

I quickly pulled off my boxers and was soon naked beneath the robe.

I immediately got hard as the soft fabric of the robe brushed my genitals. Fortunately the robe was thick and loose enough to cover for such a thing.

I made my way down stairs and began making the rounds through our guests. I met up with Vicki and she let me know that John and Terry had called to ask if their son and daughter could each bring a guest to which my wife said ‘of course’.

John and Terry had used to work at the same company my wife and I did. Four years ago at Vicki’s and my wedding their kids, Eric and Lisa had been the ring bearer and Junior Bride’s maid. Eric had been 13 at the time, and Lisa had been 14. We hadn’t seen any of them in nearly 3 years.

The two places with the best and most decorating had been our newly re-finished basement, and our garage. To try and ensure that everyone saw everything we set up the majority of the food in the basement, and the drinks in the garage. Also in the garage were tables set-up for Black Jack and Poker.

Vicki and I began sitting with people together so that we could enjoy each other’s company some while talking to our guests.

A little after Eight John, Terry, Eric, & Lisa arrived with Eric and Lisa’s guests. It was amazing how much Eric and Lisa had grown since we had seen them.

Eric had grown to be taller than me, and his voice had deepened significantly, with him he had his girlfriend, a shy looking girl named Stacy. They had come in matching pirate costumes.

Lisa had blossomed into a young woman, she looked like a younger version of her mother, and that resulted into a very pretty face, and nice body. She had to be driving the guys wild in school. She had brought a friend, Vanessa, who was taller, but also another high school knockout. The two of them must have had quite a following through the school hallways. The two had matching gothic looking costumes, with tall boots, fishnet stocking, halter-tops, and short skirts.

Lisa and I talked with John and Terry for a while as their kids and their friends moved on into the party, getting some food and drinks for themselves. After a while John got interested in a pool game occurring in our bar area, and Vicki and Terry wandered to continue their conversation on a couch.

“Hey, you up for a game of poker?” My brother-in-law Stan asked.

“Sure, let me hit the bathroom and I’ll be right in.” I responded.

I always seemed to lose, but since we weren’t going to be playing for money that didn’t matter to me, so it would just be fun.

I let Vicki know where I was going to be before I went to the bathroom, and when I came back out, Vicki and Terry had moved off somewhere else.

I went to the garage and took the last remaining seat at the poker table.

The chips had already been evenly distributed and they were only waiting for me to begin dealing.

My brother-in-law, two of his friends, a guy from work, and Eric were all seated around the table.

“You know how to play?” I asked Eric.

“How do you think I pay for better lunches at school?” Eric asked.

The first couple of hands didn’t show any promise at all and I folded immediately. I then had one or two hands that had some hope, but didn’t pan out to anything in the end.

As the sixth hand was being dealt I laid out my blind bid, and felt a delicate caress on my left leg, just under my robe. I covered my shocked surprise from anyone to see, but squirmed slightly.

As the cards continued to be dealt, the hand traveled up my leg underneath my robe, until the hand encountered my nut sack.

Fingernails lightly slid along my ball flesh causing me to shiver slightly.

Vicki loves to try and embarrass me by exciting me in public. She had never been so bold as this, but it wasn’t out of her character. I couldn’t look down and say anything, as it would make my position more embarrassing.

She must have snuck under the table before everyone else had gotten here; I was impressed with her patience.

As I tried to shift my concentration to the cards I had been dealt, I felt the robe being pushed up my leg to reveal my hard cock.

For a moment I thought I heard a gasp of surprise, and I looked around to see if anyone else at the table had noticed anything, but everyone else seemed intent on the game.

I now realized the real reason Vicki had her brother and I move such a large table into the garage for the poker table, why she had run spare rugs along the floor, and why the table cloth was so long.

Her hand slid light fingertips along my cock shaft causing my cock to twitch, and making it very difficult to not gasp with pleasure.

Lightly she stroked my cock, just brushing it really, with her hand wrapped around my shaft. The sensation was exciting and tantalizing. Slowly she tightened her grip until she was really jerk my cock, making me want to be able to moan.

I knew was beginning to leak cum from my cock, and yet there wasn’t anything I could do about it as I tried to maintain a calm expression of paying attention to the game at hand.

I felt hair brush my thighs, and then the soft delicate touch of the tip of her tongue licking the head of my cock, licking up my leakage. Her tongue began lightly caressing my cock head, tentatively, almost like she didn’t know what she was doing.

Vicki is great at giving me head, but this felt like someone who hadn’t done it before; she was playing the part of innocent schoolgirl to the hilt! It caused my cock to harden even more, and a little more cum seeped out.

Slowly she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, and then sucked gently on it.

I briefly closed my eyes, but had to re-open them immediately to prevent suspicions from anyone else around the table.

Slowly, tentatively I felt her slide my cock into her mouth. She got about three quarters of the way down before she paused. She slid her tongue up and down my shaft a couple of times before sliding her lips back up to the head of my cock.

Slowly she slipped her lips back down my shaft, as her fingers began delicately caressing my balls.

She got her lips a little further down my shaft, before she paused again and then started back up. It was like she was re-training herself to take my entire cock into her mouth.

Slowly she got further and further down my shaft until I could feel her chin resting on my balls. I felt more than heard her moan around my cock, as the vibrations traveled through my shaft.

She began bobbing her head up and down on my shaft, slowly increasing her speed. I could feel her light moans as she sucked my cock thankful that my cock was muffling her from other’s hearing.

I kept folding, no matter my hand, as I there was no way to concentrate on what I was dealt. I was having a hard enough time not moaning and lifting my hips off the chair to meet the mouth sucking my cock.

I began to feel the cum boil in my balls as I felt all my body’s muscles begin to tighten with excitement.

Then my wife Vicki stepped into the garage and looked at me.

The cum shot up my shaft into the mouth sucking me off as the shock hit me. I was able to school my expression so no one else knew, but Vicki’s eye’s told me she knew that I was cumming.

I couldn’t tell if she was mad, but there was no way to explain that I had thought it was she.

The mouth around my cock sucked up all my juices and swallowed them quickly. Then my robe was slowly pulled back down to cover my cock.

I played a couple more hands to recover my breath, still not looking underneath the table to give anything. Vicki left the garage after giving me a meaningful look.

Finally I begged off from the game, and got up to leave.

Shortly after everyone else got up to leave as well, came over to me, still giving me a look I couldn’t translate.

“Meet me up stairs.” She whispered in my ear.

Meekly, now knowing for sure I was in trouble, I made my way up the stairs to our bedroom, figuring tonight the best I could hope for was to be sleeping on the couch.

After waiting about 10 minutes Vicki came upstairs followed by Lisa, and her friend Vanessa with their heads hung.

“Look who I found under the poker table after everyone left.” Vicki said sternly.

“Look honey, I didn’t… I thought it was you!” I stammered out quickly.

Vicki held up her hand in a shushing gesture, and I stopped trying to make excuses.

“I know.” She said finally looking at me with a small understanding smile. ” I was angry at first, but I know you better than that, so I figured I better catch the real culprits.”

Lisa and Vanessa both had their eyes locked on the floor in front of them guilt plainly written on the their faces.

“The rest of the party is breaking up, everyone is going home, including your parents, Lisa.” Vicki said, ” I asked them if it was okay if you and your friend spent the night.”

“We’re sorry, we didn’t mean…” Lisa begins her eyes plaintive.

“To give my husband a blowjob? To behave like sluts? To lie?”

Both girls immediately clam up not knowing how to respond to that question.

“You are both 18, you are both adults, you should act like them.” Vicki continued sternly. ” Do you know what your parents would say?”

Lisa’s head snapped up and her eyes were wide open, ” You didn’t…”

“Not yet, but I haven’t decided not to.” Vicki said. ” Can I talk to you a moment alone honey?”

I followed Vicki to our bathroom, leaving the two girls standing in our bedroom.

“So how was she?” Vicki asks quietly her eyes alight.

“What?” I asked in disbelief.

“How was she?”

“Ah, alright…” I said trying to keep myself from getting into trouble again.

“Be honest, I want to know.” Vicki pressed.

“Inexperience, but good. Like you, when we first dated.”

“Which one was it?”

“No clue, I never looked under the table.”

“That was pretty hot, once I got over my anger.” Vicki confessed.


“Well, you weren’t far wrong to think it was me, I mean it is something I would do…” Vicki said with smile.

“I had thought you set things up so you could do it, the large table, the long table cloths, and the carpets…”

“I had good reasons for all of those things. I want to try something, so just go along with it.” Vicki finally said before leading me out of the bathroom.

We came back into the room and the girls quickly ended some whispering conversation they had been having in our absence.

“So who was it?” Vicki asked.

I noted how sexy she looked, looking angry but wearing the schoolgirl costume with the innocent pigtails. I didn’t know how she was so intimidating in that outfit, but both girls looked very cowed.

Lisa tentatively rose her hand, ” It was me, don’t blame Vanessa.”

“What made you do it?” Vicki asked.

“I, uh, well I had told Vanessa how I had a crush on Mr. Stevens back when you guys were getting married, and well when we saw you and Mr. Stevens still looked so hot.”

I quickly had to keep myself from blushing from the compliment, while my wife would occasionally call me hot, no other woman had ever really thought of me as ‘hot’.

“Then we overheard about the poker game, and we thought it would be funny to sneak underneath the table, and surprise everyone or something.” Vanessa added.

“But when Mr. Steven’s sat down we…”

“Lisa put her hand up his robe a little bit and found out he wasn’t wearing pants.”

Vicki looked a little guilty at this but Lisa continued.

“We knew he really couldn’t react given the situation so we got curious and I ran my hand further up his leg until I reached his… balls, finding out he didn’t have any underwear.”

Now it was my turn to look a little guilty as Vicki looked over at me.

“Well we really haven’t… you know, so I helped her lift his robe up over his crotch. When we saw it…” Vanessa’s eyes seemed to glaze a little.

“I couldn’t help but to reach out and touch it, and before long I was stroking it.”

“Then I saw him start to leak, and I pointed it out to Lisa.”

At this point I could see the blush in Vanessa’s and Lisa’s faces and I knew they were getting excited reliving the memory. I knew my cock was hard in memory and was thankful the robe was covering it up.

“I didn’t want to make a mess and I had heard that girls sometimes stuck penises in their mouths so I licked it. It tasted so… I just had to have more. I couldn’t resist once I got started, and then it didn’t all fit, so I had to keep trying until I got him all the way into my mouth. I was so turned on…” Lisa babbled breathlessly, her sexual distress had become quite clear, and I figured it likely that if she kept going she might come standing right there.

“That’s enough.” Vicki finally said holding up her hand and forestalling any more explanation.

I could tell the way her nipples were trying to poke through her thin blouse was exciting her.

“We’re sorry.” Lisa and Vanessa say as one.

“As I said before, you are both adults, and part of being adults is having sexual desires, and sexual relations. Also part of being an adult is having those activities with full partner consent. Do you understand?”

“I think so.” Lisa said quietly.

“It wasn’t wrong to have sex, it was wrong to take advantage of someone with sex.” Vicki continued looking at both girls.

“We understand. We won’t do it again.”

“Alex, do me a favor and remove your robe.” Vicki said turning from the girls and looking at me.

I paused a moment but since I had already agreed to go along with whatever Vicki had planned I do as she asked and was soon standing there wearing nothing.

Both Lisa’s and Vanessa’s eyes were locked on my hard cock.

“Now you girls owe, Mr. Stevens and myself. Remove your costumes.”

The girls hesitated, but only a second before they quickly stripped themselves.

In a matter of moments they stand side by side, completely nude, their soft round breasts in full view along with their young vagina’s with small bushes of dark hair. They both looked very shy and unsure, but willing to see where this went.

“Lisa, you gave oral pleasure to my husband, I now expect the same for me.”

“Yes’mam.” Lisa said bobbing her head.

“Lay on the bed.” Vicki ordered.

Lisa quickly lay down on the bed; my wife pulled her panties off from under her skirt. She then got up on the bed and straddled Lisa’s face and slowly lowered herself to Lisa’s mouth.

I could see Lisa’s tongue reaching out for my wife’s cunt before my wife had covered it, and I could tell by my wife’s expression that Lisa’s tongue was being the same gentle tool of pleasure on her that it had been on me.

“Vanessa, do you want to suck Mr. Steven’s penis?”

“Yes’mam!” Vanessa responded excitedly.

“Then get on your knees, girl.” Vicki encouraged.

Vanessa got on her knees in front of me, and delicately gripped my shaft in her hand.

Her hand was nice and cool and excited me from the touch immediately.

I watched her as she tentatively took the head of my cock into her mouth. Once she had it in her mouth she bathed the head of my cock with her tongue, with slow swirling strokes that quickly had my cock twitching.

The head of my cock was leaking freely and Vanessa moaned around it as she licked up my leakage.

“Go ahead and take more.” I urged her.

Vanessa looked up, with large innocent looking eyes as she slid her lips slowly down my shaft. She got about as far as Lisa had before her expression said she was fighting her gag reflex.

“It’s alright.” I encouraged. ” Ease off a little and then relax before you try again.”

Vanessa smiled up at me and then she lifted her lips up and then lowered them again, this time she managed to get the entire thing.

I had never seen a girl deep throat in so few attempts, but here she was with her nose buried in my pubic hair, moaning around my entire shaft.

I looked up to see my wife removing her blouse; her eyes closed as she rode Lisa’s tongue and tweaked her own nipples. Her eyes opened briefly and she locked eyes with mine, and then smiled before lowering her mouth down to Lisa’ vagina.

I had never seen my wife with another woman, and as far as I knew she never had, but the moment her tongue reached for Lisa’s clit Lisa began screaming into my wife’s cunt.

Meanwhile Vanessa was continuing to bob her head on my cock and picking up speed and I knew it would be difficult to hold back much longer so I gently pushed her back.

She looked up at me with a hurt expression, which I quickly replaced with an excited one as I pushed her back on to the floor and dove face first into her wet vagina.

I let my tongue the entire length of her slit and she practically squealed her excitement as her hips bucked up to meet me.

I ran my tongue back and forth long her slit, circling but not going directly over her clit or hole. Her hips bounced up and swayed side to side; encouraging my tongue to hit either of the two targets I was just missing.

I heard my wife’s familiar moans of orgasm, and took that as my cue. I trapped Vanessa’s clit between my lips and flicked it rapidly with my tongue.

With a strength I didn’t expect from her lean frame Vanessa’s legs clamped to my head, as her hips humped into my face, as she began to scream in orgasm.

I gently lapped at Vanessa’s vagina allowing her to ride the subsequent waves of pleasure as she bucked up into them whimpering.

I slowly withdrew to see my wife and Lisa both smiling down from the bed at us.

“I think she liked it.” Vicki said, causing Vanessa’s eyes to snap open.

“I’ve never been…” Vanessa began.

“I know, guys in high school.” Vicki answered with a smile, ” They only think of fucking as sex.”

“I may not only think of fucking, but I certainly would like some of that now.” I said with a smile, my hard penis jutting out from me.

“Well, Lisa, just had her birthday last week, I think maybe…” Vicki said and Lisa’s eyes immediately lit up.

I crawled up on the bed but Vicki pushed me back into the pillows. ” It may be her birthday gift, but she still owes you for taking you with out your permission.”

I laid back and Lisa crawled forward so that she was straddling me. She then began to slide herself back and forth on my cock.

Her eyes closed as her cunt lips wrapped around my shaft, and she let out a little whimper each time the head of my cock pressed against her clit.

After several strokes that left her shivering and my cock leaking freely she lifted herself up and reached between us. She pointed the head of my cock for her love canal and slowly began to lower herself down on it.

She was incredibly hot, wet, and tight and the grip on my shaft was incredible as I saw my wife’s and Vanessa’s eyes glued to where my cock was entering Lisa.

I saw a slight grimace cross Lisa’s face and then she pushed herself down hard on me completely impaling herself.

I leaned up and whispered in her ear, ” Are you a virgin?”

“Was.” She responded slightly breathlessly and smiling as I leaned back into the pillows.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my wife straddle Vanessa’s face as she lowered her tongue down to Vanessa’s cunt. Their rhythmic moans soon joined mine and Lisa’s as Lisa began to raise and lower herself on my cock.

Lisa started slowly, lifting herself up until just the head of my cock was inside of her, and then slowly lowering herself back down onto my shaft as she moaned. After several long slow strokes Lisa began to pick up speed and her moans began to turn to excited whimpers.

I reached between us and began to lightly rub her clit with my thumb. She began to push herself down hard and sliding back with every thrust, trying to rub her pelvis against mine as her orgasm approached. I began to feel her vagina muscles contract around my cock as her orgasm began to take her, and her whimpers quickly turned to screams as she shoved herself up and down my cock repeatedly.

I could feel that I was close and as my cock began to twitch I grabbed Lisa’s hips and began ramming my cock up into her vagina as I pulled her down on me. With a roar of a yell I slammed my cock as deep into her as possible and shot my load deep into her.

She must have felt the cum splash inside of her, or my cock twitching because she moaned loudly with me as another orgasm hit her.

As our moans began to subside my wife and Vanessa drowned us out as they came into each other’s mouths.

Lisa leaned her head against my chest as she breathed deeply trying to catch her breath with my still twitching cock buried inside of her still spasming vagina.

Slowly my wife rolled off of Vanessa and the two of them crawled up onto the bed to join Lisa and myself. Lisa finally got the strength to roll off of me and as my wife curled against my right side, Lisa laid on my left, and Vanessa laid on my wife’s right side.

“I am so glad we came to your party.” Vanessa said as we all began to drift off to sleep.

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