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Pale and Pretty Vampire

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Jordan stepped outside his small London hotel and paused. His business here in England was completed and he had one more day to sightsee before his flight home. This late October day had been cold and drizzly since morning and he was glad he’d saved his free time for some museums. He held an umbrella and glanced upwards. The sky was nearly dark with the early winter night.

Then, at that very moment, the heavens seemed to open as he stood there. He’d be soaked even with this slight protection. Another man stood just inside the door, watching him as he turned back. “Guess dinner will have to wait a bit” he offered with a smile to the other man.

The man was pale even for a Brit, his long, dark hair falling over his shoulders. He smiled back at Jordan. “I’ve already called a cab. There’s a great little pub not far from here. Why don’t you join me?” His accent was pure American. Jordan paused, quickly thinking about what he could do. Hang in his room being hungry or accept the invitation of this gorgeous man.

“Oh… sure. I mean, I won’t be imposing or anything….?” Maybe the man had a date.

“No! No imposition. I’m dining alone. And it sounds like you are from my side of the pond too.” His smile widened and Jordan was captivated. Dark, long hair, straight nose, dressed in a black overcoat over black jeans and clunky black shitkicker boots. Maybe he was a rock star. Might as well go for it. Maybe he’d get lucky tonight.

Raphael hadn’t planned on eating anything at the pub, but the Bone and Barrel had a wonderful wine cellar and a tasty red he had enjoyed before. The pub was also only two blocks from one of the more interesting gay clubs in the normally sedate Belgravia area. Raphael was always on the lookout for a brief liaison with a friendly human who would allow him to suck a few sips in the heat of sexual fun. That would keep him going for a few days.

“OK then.” He offered his hand. “Jordan Parker. Los Angeles.”

“Raphael Devries. San Francisco.” Imagine, they actually lived so close and had to meet overseas. It was destiny.

As they shook hands, a taxi pulled up in front of the hotel. Raphael called out, “I’ll get in the other side.” and was already in the car as Jordan slid in his side. He reconfirmed the address with the driver and they were off. The rain sluiced down and ten minutes later they were at the Bone and Barrel. This man sitting next to him was going to be even more fun. He knew already that the evening would end in bed with Jordan. His cock stirred at the thought.

” ‘ere we are gents,” The driver called out.

Jordan reached for his wallet but Raphael held up his hand, cash already there for the driver. Raphael paid and asked for a card to call for the return trip. Then both men ran for the shelter of the pub.

Inside was cheerfully warm and moderately bright for a pub. They shook off he raindrops as a waitress approached them.

“You two must be celebrating to be out on a night like this ” she smiled. “Would you like to sit in the back near the telly, or up front?”

With a look at Jordan, Raphael spoke up. “Near the front window if we may. I love to watch the rain.” He certainly hoped to be celebrating by the time dinner was over with this sexy man. Jordan was just his type. Even under his jacket he seemed slim. His styled asymmetrical hair was streaked with highlights. Raphael could feel the lust working below his belt. But he wanted to put Jordan at ease before he came on to him. Hopefully his gaydar was spot on this time.

“Righto, and something to drink?” She handed them menus. Raphael ordered a particular bottle of merlot.

Jordan perused the menu as they waited for their drinks. Raphael ordered steak, rare. Jordan decided on the Shepherd’s pie. He kept glancing at Raphael, wondering if Raphael was even into other men. Jordan could usually tell, but this man was different somehow. So pale and petite. Almost pretty. And his eyes… whenever Jordan looked into them he felt as if he was entering a daze, mesmerized by the dark brown …

Raphael dropped his menu and picked up his glass. “Here’s to new friends and old feelings.” He clinked Jordan’s glass. “Here, here.” he replied, but wondered exactly what the heck that could mean. Old feelings?

With a smile, Jordan opened up. “Well, first off, thank you for asking me to join you tonight. It would have been a cold and hungry night back in my room. I’m here for my company. I’m a guitar tech for a repair company in Los Angeles. My boss sent me for a pick up of an old guitar. He collects them. I just make sure they sound right. Love it over here and I always try to get in a day or two if sightseeing. There’s just so much to see. ” He took a sip of wine.

Raphael nodded. “I have a small resale business. Mostly antiques and old fabrics. I come over to Europe a few times a year to hit the flea markets for old lace and fabrics. Interior decorators just love this stuff.”

“So what do you do for fun? Or I guess I should say when you’re not shopping?” Jordan continued on.

Just then the waitress brought their plates. They thanked her and commented on the delicious aroma. Both dug in with gusto. As Raphael swallowed, he looked at Jordan. “Let’s see. I like to go out clubbing. Techno is my fave. Dirty dancing with some pretty boys is always fun. ” He waggled his eyebrows before taking another bite.

Ohsweetjesus… Did he just say what I thought he said? Jordan nearly choked on his food. “Ohhh now that sounds like fun. Will you be here tomorrow? Maybe we can find a place with some action.” Jordan needed to know just how far this would go. The man was hot and Jordan was in the mood. It had been weeks since he’s had a good fucking. If this man was ready, he was willing and able.

“No need to wait until tomorrow. We’re both going back to the same hotel, right?” Raphael grinned and…there was something about his smile that made Jordan pause a moment. But what was it? He couldn’t put his finger on it… The man’s smile was beautiful. His teeth white and… sharp. How strange.

But all thoughts of teeth fled his mind as Raphael placed his hand on his, stroking softly. Jordan felt it directly in his cock.

“Are you up for a little rendezvous after dinner?” Raphael stared into Jordan’s eyes and continued to lightly trace the back of his hand. The waitress approached again but Raphael didn’t move his hand. He glanced up and ordered another bottle of wine and dessert. “Something chocolate, please. And the check.”

Fifty minutes later, completely sated, and feeling the sweet effects of the wine, the two waited once again for the cab. It was still pouring but neither cared as they gazed at each other. Raphael moved to stand directly behind Jordan, breathing in his scent and pressing lightly against his backside. Jordan’s aroma was heady and Raphael was hard as a rock standing against him.

Once in the cab, Raphael inched closer to Jordan and placed his hand on his thigh, rubbing gently, sliding his hand ever higher, ever closer to Jordan’s already hard cock. Jordan couldn’t take it much more. Heedless of the driver, he leaned over and kissed Raphael, tasting the chocolate cake they’d shared. He also felt the coolness in Raphael’s mouth. Like he had been sucking on an ice cube. Raphael kissed back and then retreated.

“We’re almost there. Will you come up to my room? It’s small but the bed is comfy.”

Wherever you want. They arrived at the hotel and Raphael again had his wallet out before Jordan could even try. “Tonight is my treat. You are all mine, my precious one.” he whispered.

Waving hello to the night clerk, they took the stairs to the next floor up. Raphael opened the door and kicked it shut again. He unbuttoned his coat while gazing at Jordan. “I am going to take you places you’ve never been before.”

Jordan followed Raphael into his room and just stood there, not quite sure of the etiquette of entering another’s room. As Raphael removed his coat and draped it over the chair, Jordan took a quick look around the room. Neat and tidy, the bed covers already turned down. Had Raphael known he would bring someone back with him?

Raphael turned toward him, now unbuttoning his shirt. He stepped closer, backing Jordan against the door, reaching up to caress his cheek. Then he leaned in to kiss Jordan. Tongues tangles, teeth nipped, and lips bruised. Raphael pressed full against Jordan and he could feel both their hard cocks through the fabric of their jeans. The ache was perfect as they rubbed together.

Raphael’s hands roamed over Jordan’s chest before reaching up to take hold of Jordan’s shoulders, spinning him around so that the bed was now behind him. “Bed. Now. Clothes off.” Raphael whispered. He bent to untie his boots and Jordan kicked off his shoes. Jordan looked down to open his belt and when he looked up again, Raphael was naked before him, his clothes in a pile on the floor. His cock hard and ready. He gave Jordan a wicked smile. “Do you need some help there?”

Jordan closed his eyes and sighed, then paused. “Um… maybe I should tell you this right now, but…I am not into S&M and I don’t do drugs. At all.” He knew it was better to get that out of they way and hopefully the hot man would not kick him out. But he did have his principles.

“Oh baby, I will use only my body to give you pleasure.” He stepped closer reaching for Jordan’s shirt. At the sight of Raphael naked before him, Jordan quickly dropped his jeans then dropped to his knees and took Raphael’s cock in his hand, licking the length. He slurped it in and sucked, moaning as he swallowed around it.

Raphael moaned too, enjoying the warm wetness of Jordan’s mouth. He held Jordan’s head and gently thrust. But when Jordan reached down to stroke his own cock, Raphael pulled back making his cock pop out of Jordan’s mouth. “I would love for you to finish me but tonight I have other plans for you.”

Jordan stood up and Raphael pushed one finger against his chest, propelling him toward the bed. Jordan bounced down and then scooted up toward the pillows, a happy grin on his face. This night was turning into something magical. Raphael crawled up after him, straddling his legs. “You’re too tense. You won’t last very long at all.” Raphael leaned over and took Jordan’s cock into his mouth. Jordan moaned and let Raphael have his wicked way.

Raphael slipped one finger in his mouth and sucked that too. Then when Jordan was squirming and panting, Raphael removed his finger and instinctively found Jordan’s opening. He pressed it in slowly. Jordan tensed, his eyes opening wide at this invasion. Raphael swirled his tongue and swallowed Jordan’s cock fully. Jordan relaxed again and Raphael pressed that finger in more, gradually wiggling it about in the tight passage.

Jordan moaned and mumbled, ready to explode. “Raphael…. I….” and he grunted and came in Raphael’s mouth. Pulse after pulse, after pulse. Raphael swallowed and sucked every last drop. Jordan whimpered and melted on the bed, completely drained. Raphael just smiled at him and hovered over his body. Jordan was breathing so hard, his chest rising and falling in great gulps. Raphael leaned in to kiss him, letting Jordan taste himself. Then Raphael bit into his own tongue, releasing the blood. He pressed against Jordan’s lips until he opened his mouth, and Raphael deposited his mouthful into Jordan’s. Raphael kept his lips sealed over Jordan’s. Jordan was forced to swallow, the taste metallic and bitter and almost making him gag. Then, that second mouthful was like nectar. Sweet and syrupy, and Jordan sucked on Raphael’s tongue to release more of this elixir. Jordan’s cock began to harden again. Moments before he had felt nearly dead after that incredible orgasm. Whatever Raphael was feeding him was like some super energized vitamin.

Raphael knew that his blood had restorative properties and that just a little bit went a long way for humans. Nothing permanent would happen, but Jordan would feel the healing effects of his vampire blood within moments. Raphael withdrew his tongue, smiling down at Jordan. “Feeling better?”

“Oh fuck Raphael… What the fuck was that?” Jordan was ready to go again. All night long again. Invigorated.

“I told you I would only use my body tonight.” Raphael began to kiss Jordan’s neck, moving slowly down to his chest. Jordan’s nipples were hard and sensitive as Raphael licked and suckled them. One, then the other, nipping and teasing. Jordan arched up and tried to get Raphael to roll over so he could participate too.

“Nope. You just stay right where you are. This is your night, my sweetness.” Raphael moved lower nibbling Jordan’s stomach and hips, gradually working his way to his legs. Jordan instinctively opened his legs giving Raphael all access. Raphael lapped his thighs and pushed his knees up.

Jordan was not idle as Raphael ravaged his body, seeming to do all the work. His hands roamed wherever they could, touching that pale skin everywhere he could reach. He grabbed at Raphael’s shoulders, his nails leaving red scratches. Then he wound his hands in Raphael’s long silky hair, tugging and twisting it. This brought forth lovely moans and facial expressions. Jordan would alternate squeezing his knees around Raphael’s body or opening his legs fully. Raphael was totally ignoring his straining cock which throbbed and leaked on his stomach.

Raphael was still licking his inner thighs when he positioned his hands under Jordan’s legs and lifted him up. Jordan tried to look but thrust his head back on to the pillow as he felt Raphael’s tongue touch his anus. Slight pressure and cool wet skin entered him. It was stiff like a tiny cock. Jordan pushed back hoping Raphael would enter further. Raphael lavished Jordan’s opening, gradually stretching it. Then he placed Jordan’s hips back on the bed, once more climbing on top of Jordan’s body, positioning his cock against Jordan’s entrance.

Raphael always tried to get his timing perfect. He paused with the tip of his cock just inside Jordan’s tight ring of muscle. He pushed his stomach out against Jordan’s cock, pressing it between them. His mouth poised over Jordan’s pulse spot. Jordan continued to whimper and squirm. Jordan’s cock leaked pre-cum adding natural friction between their bodies. Raphael leaned in close and whispered, ” I want to come when you do. Come for me Jordan.”

This was it. A three part harmony. A trifecta of sensations as Raphael flexed his hips and thrust, filling Jordan and biting down at the exact moment. He impaled Jordan with teeth and cock letting Jordan’s warm life blood flow into his mouth.

Jordan gave a strangled scream. Hot burning pain and the sexual release hit him together. He felt every pulse as Raphael came in his ass and every hot pull on his neck as Raphael fed. His hands like vise grips on Raphael’s arms. His own cock shooting between them. He was still trembling and pulsing small aftershocks until it all became too much and he passed out, going limp on the bed.

Raphael withdrew from Jordan’s neck gently licking the wound closed. Then he slipped from his ass, still hard. He leaned over to lap up Jordan’s cooling seed from his stomach. Raphael sighed, resting on the bed, sated and complete.

This is the way the night usually ended. Raphael’s lover passed out and Raphael sated for a few more days. Raphael would leave quietly and his partner would wake the next day, a little tired, a little sore, and maybe a little horny. He would wonder with his fuzzy brain if the night had actually happened or if he’d dreamed it all.

But not tonight. Raphael watched Jordan sleep deeply, his body drained in all possible ways. Raphael curled around him then, snuggling close to await the morning together. A good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast would set Jordan right. He knew Jordan had a free day and he knew he would join him, returning to the room again to replay this night. Maybe tonight he would feed Jordan more of his blood to make the night last even longer.

He started planning his next trip to Los Angeles.

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