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Our First Swinging Experience

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She is beautiful. Everything about her is exotic. With long, dark hair, deep brown eyes, full lips, luscious breasts, a flat stomach to accentuate her curvy hips, long legs and well-manicured feet, she is a knock-out.

“What a lucky man I am,” I think while I watch her dress. Even after ten years of marriage, I still lust after her.

She leans forward to take a light pink thong from her drawer, and I catch a glimpse of her freshly shaved pussy. Even though I’m usually an ass man, I can’t get enough of my wife’s pussy. I seldom miss a chance to steal a quick glance, touch, or suck whenever time allows, and this glance is making my cock begin to stir.

Time does not allow tonight. I have been dressed for over an hour, and we are more than a little bit late. We are meeting Debbie and Joe at our local pub, Legends for a night out, and I can already see Debbie’s little foot tapping the floor as she checks her watch again.

Debbie is a schoolteacher and really looks the part. She has short, light brown hair, and a pointed nose with glasses perched on the end. She is short and thin with a flat chest, and a personality to match. She does not hide her fear of change, and I find her downright dull. Even when we’re out on a night out, Debbie’s sharp criticism and demeaning looks through the glasses on the end of her nose make me feel like I am one of her students.

I cannot understand what Debbie’s husband, Joe, sees in her. Joe is an old rugby buddy of mine. He is a giant of a man, but has little fat padding his massive frame. He is always smiling, and I’ve heard the ladies call him “adorable” more than once.

Marion’s voice interrupts my train of thought. “Jason, what do you think?”

I look up to see an absolute vision in front of me. She is wearing a simple black mini-dress with spaghetti straps. The fabric hugs her curves, giving just a hint of what is underneath. I feel my hard on growing.

“You look wonderful, love.”

My answer is an understatement to what I feel, but we have to go. I can feel Marion’s presence in the car. I am so aware of her scent that my hard on has barely subsided when we arrive at the pub.

“Jason, what’s up!”

I hear Joe’s thundering voice, silencing the rest of the patrons. I see him across the room, but I don’t recognize the petite blonde next to him.

We greet with a bear hug and lots of back slapping before I look at his companion. I do a double take and realize that it’s Debbie, but it isn’t the Debbie I know. She had a haircut, and she colored her hair blonde. She is wearing contacts instead of her glasses, and for the first time I realize what beautiful, green eyes she has. She is wearing a black, leather pants suit, and it’s obvious that she is not wearing a bra. I can see her small breasts and nipples outlined by the leather. I look at her ass as she stands up to greet me. She leans in close.

“Hi Jason,” she smiles kissing me on the cheek. She smells wonderful, and I am very aware of her presence.

“Close your mouth, honey,” Marion says while moving past me to greet Debbie and Joe.

We all sit down, ready for a night of drinking with good company.

Debbie is looking good enough to eat, and Joe is really laying on the charms towards Marion. I can see that she is enjoying the attention.

She looks into his eyes whenever he is talking, and she accentuates a point by touching his arm or hand. I am thinking that she should watch it as she might give him the wrong impression.

Debbie’s attention towards me takes my mind off what’s happening across the table. We are downing shooters like crazy, and I can feel more than a good buzz.

Debbie puts her hand on my leg while laughing at something I said. I don’t even think it’s that funny, but I don’t care as she leaves her hand on my leg. I look at Marion and she smiles while moving her hand under the table. I can see Joe stiffen and guiltily look first at Debbie then at me. I look away, pretending I haven’t seen anything.

“What is going on here?” I am thinking when suddenly, all the pieces of the puzzle start falling in place. Marion’s extra attention to her appearance and the way Debbie looks tonight make sense as I realize that there is something sexy going on here.

I am very conscious of Debbie’s hand on the inside of my leg, stroking closer and closer to my cock. I can feel myself getting even harder, and I hear her sigh when her hand at last finds her target. She slowly strokes my cock through my pants from the tip down to my balls.

She gently squeezes my balls while sipping her drink with her left hand, keeping on with the conversation as if everything is normal. I can feel my cock uncomfortably pressing against my pants.

Although I am enjoying the special attention, I feel a ping of jealously as I can only imagine what Marion is doing to Joe. I can feel the sexual tension growing at the table, and I almost feel relieved when the ladies excuse themselves for one of their customary bathroom breaks. There is a sense of unease at the table.

“Well, Debbie is looking very good. What brought about the change?” I ask to break the tension.

“I don’t know. I had to go into the office this morning, and when I got back it was as if I returned to a different wife. Not that I am complaining,” Joe smiles.

I know that Joe has always had the hots for Marion, so I decide to push it further.

“Joe, I know that Marion is jerking you off under the table. Since Debbie is doing the same to me, I can’t be cross or jealous about it. Where is this going?” I take a sip of my drink and added, “In other words, where do you want this to go?”

Joe just shrugs his shoulders, and his stupid smile tells me that he doesn’t care as long as he gets a chance to get into Marion’s pants.

“But will I be alright with any other man except me getting into Marion’s pants?” I wonder to myself.

My thoughts are interrupted by the return of the ladies. They are smiling with a confidence that women get when they know that they have a hold over us men.

I order another round, and it doesn’t take long for Debbie to return her petite hand to my throbbing member. I can see Marion doing the same to Joe, and I have mixed emotions as I see him move his hand under the table. I can only imagine his big, meaty fingers moving up underneath Marion’s short dress.

I stand up, making an excuse to go for a smoke break. I am confused, and I deeply inhale my cigar as if punishing my lungs will clear my head.

I feel Marion’s soft, feminine body against my back. She puts her arms around me, hugging me while planting soft kisses on my neck.

“Are you alright Jason?” she asks.

“I’m alright, why shouldn’t I be?” I answer with more bite in my voice than I meant.

I inhale the cigar, not looking at her. She turns around and walks away. I feel alone trying to understand what has just happened. Then I think of the lust I feel for Debbie.

“I am a hypocrite!” I decide, throwing the cigar into a bin. I walk back to the table. Marion is sitting next to Debbie, and I can feel a heavy atmosphere at the table. I take Marion’s hand, pulling her up into my arms.

“I love you,” I say forcing my lips to hers for a passionate kiss.

“I love you,” she answers with her voice and her kiss.

I take Debbie’s hand, pulling her up with my arm around her. I stand back with the two beautiful ladies on my arms looking at dumbfounded Joe.

“You coming big guy, or do I have to do everything myself?”

Joe just about knocks the table over in his haste to join us. They came by cab so they join us in our car. It’s not too far to drive to our house, so I feel safe in driving the small distance, even though I am slightly intoxicated. Marion joins Debbie in the back with Joe next to me in front.

I keep an eye on the ladies in the back mirror. They are sitting very close to each other, and I can see the naughty look in Marion’s eyes as she takes hold of the zipper on the front of Debbie’s top. She looks into my eyes as she slowly lowers the zipper, exposing Debbie’s small mounds.

I always thought that Debbie had no breasts, but now I could see the two beautiful, round breasts tipped by the longest nipples I have ever seen. Marion lowers her head down to a nipple taking it into her mouth while keeping eye contact with me. Joe turns around when he hears Debbie’s moan.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” he cheers like a schoolboy.

I can’t help but laugh at his reaction. He looks like a big puppy dog with his eyes wide and his tongue hanging out. He can’t keep his eyes off the two beautiful women in the back seat. I can still see Marion sucking a delightful nipple while kneading Debbie’s other breast.

I feel my hard on pressing up against my belt, wanting release from its confines. I get to our apartment building, driving into the underground parking. We are giggling while we walk up to the lifts. I am holding onto Marion with my hand cupping her butt cheek. Debbie jumps onto Joe’s back with her beautiful small breasts still exposed to the night air.

I press the button to call the elevator and Marion continues to tease Debbie’s nipples while we wait. When the door opens, Mr. Soberski from the third floor gets a delightful eyeful. I don’t think he even recognizes me. His eyes are glued to the naked boobs in front of him.

Debbie almost falls when she lets go of Joe to try and cover up. Joe takes hold of her legs just in time. Debbie blushes when we move past the old gentleman. His mouth is still hanging open when he gets off the elevator.

I raise my eyebrow and say, “Do you think that Mrs. Soberski will be getting the benefit of her husband’s excitement tonight?”

We get off at our floor without getting arrested for indecent exposure. I let our guests in, and the mood suddenly becomes awkward. Marion sits down on the couch with Joe and Debbie on single seats across from her. Debbie has covered up, but I could still see the outline of her beautiful breasts and nipples.

I try to change the mood by switching on the stereo and taking a drink order. Joe joins me at the mini bar pouring the ladies’ drinks. I look up at my lifelong friend and I think back at all the good times we had. I can’t help but wonder what this will do to our friendship.

“Joe, do you think we should do this?”

“Jason, I love you, but you always overthink everything. We have two beautiful, hot women in there that want both of us. I have seen the way you have been looking at Debbie, and you know how I feel about Marion. It’s not that this is fucking around on your wife, is it?”

The big lug is making sense, although I am not sure if it’s the alcohol, his hormones, or both speaking. I decide again to go with the flow.

“So girls, out with it. What sneaky, little plan are you up to?” I ask while handing them their drinks.

The girls look at each other and smile.

“Let’s show you what we have planned,” Debbie answers while pulling Marion up with her. Debbie puts her hand behind Marion’s neck, pulling the taller girl’s head down for an open-mouthed kiss. I can almost see their tongues explore each other’s mouths. I can hear them moaning, but they are not moaning as loudly as Joe is.

“Hey, bud!” I shout getting distance between myself and his cock that he has pulled out while nobody was looking.

He just smiles while pumping his hand up and down his member. His cock was like him, big and kind of chubby with an uncircumcised head that was pushing through the folds.

I feel like a third wheel, but decide to sit back and enjoy the show. The girls are still kissing, but Debbie’s zipper is totally undone now, and her beautiful little breasts are back on display. Marion’s dress is bunched at her middle with her wonderful, natural, full breasts straining against her bra. I hear Joe grunt, and his eyes are almost bulging, fixated on my wife’s breasts.

Marion’s dress falls off, and I feel proud of my tanned, wonderfully toned wife. I also feel a bit weird that I can feel this way with my wife almost naked in front of another man.

Marion removes Debbie’s top and turns her around, displaying her little tight body to us. She moves her hands down Debbie’s body, stopping at the back zipper of her leather pants. I can see the outline of her pussy lips. The last shred of my modesty disappears as I decide to free my trapped cock from the confines of my pants. I see Debbie lick her lips when sees my cock for the first time.

Marion turns Debbie around again while she starts peeling the panda over the tightest ass I’ve seen in my life. She has wonderfully round ass cheeks with two dimples just above them. I can feel my hand getting wet with the pre cum leaking from my cock.

Joe jumps up ripping her pants off, almost spoiling the moment but Marion kisses him on the cheek and pushes him backwards, shaking no with her head and finger. Marion takes control of the situation again. She turns Debbie’s back towards us, stroking her back and cupping her ass cheeks, spreading them to show us her pussy. It looks so small and tight that I can’t imagine how she and Joe fit together.

It’s Debbie’s turn to put Marion on display. She stands behind her, loosening her bra then cupping her breasts, prolonging our anticipation. She slowly drops her hands, taking the bra with her. I again hear Joe grunt when my wife’s wonderful nipples come on display. Her full breasts are standing out proud with almost no slack. She stands there looking at our admiring glances and at our hard cocks in our hands.

“Come here,” she beckons me with her finger. I feel a bit foolish standing up with my cock in the air. She comes into my arms sandwiched between me and Debbie, and she lifts her head towards mine, kissing me deeply. She pushes me away, pointing towards her thong.

I get the message and go on my knees with her wonderful pussy only inches from my face. I can smell her arousal, a fine aroma. I am rewarded by a deeper smell when I slowly lower her delicate panties. I can now see her arousal by the puffiness of her outer lips. I can see her wetness, and only now I realize how wet the garment is that I have just removed.

I suddenly forget about our guests and can only think of this woman that I love. I can’t help myself, and I take as much of her wet pussy into my mouth as I can. I am slurping up her juices, marveling in the taste. I can hear her soft moans as I suck as much of her juices as I can.

I look up when I feel someone almost pushing me off balance. Joe has had enough, and I could see him squeezing and sucking at Marion’s breasts. I feel Debbie’s naked body against my back, and although I am almost overcome with jealously, I can feel my cock getting even harder.

Debbie takes hold of my cock. For the first time since I got married, another woman is touching me, and it feels good. I stand up, looking at the now naked Joe devouring my wife’s breasts. Debbie leads me by my cock to a vacant couch.

My mind tells me this is wrong but my cock tells me a different story. I catch my wife’s eyes, and I can see her asking me without words if this is alright.

I form the words “I love you,” and get rewarded with a smile. I see Joe move down towards the cunt he has longed for since he met Marion, and Debbie brings her mouth over my cock. Taking it deep into her throat, she groans while slurping the pre cum from its head.

It’s a weird feeling getting a blow job while watching another man eat out your wife. My hands move down towards Debbie’s breasts, pinching her hard nipples. She groans again, and I am amazed how much of my cock she can take into her mouth. She has certainly had some practice. She sucks my cock while cupping my balls. All jealously disappears as I have to concentrate not to come in her mouth.

I can hear the familiar sounds of Marion coming. Joe bends her over the couch when she starts coming and rams his thick cock into her wet cunt. I can see him entering her from behind, and I can see her pussy lips expanding and contracting as he pumps into her.

I pull Debbie from me, taking her into my arms, finding her mouth. I can taste myself on her, and I am sure that she can taste Marion on my lips. We kiss deeply while I search for her cunt.

“My God she is wet,” I think while pushing a finger deep inside her. I can feel her cunt squeezing my finger while I hear Marion and Joe coming together. I lift Debbie onto my lap and with her back to me, I enter her.

I can see Marion with a smile and lewd, open legs, watching us. She is absentmindedly playing with herself. Her hand is wet with the combination of her juices and Joe’s cum. Joe is sitting back with his now limp cock in his hand.

Debbie starts bumping up and down my cock. She moves up until only the head is inside her then falls back down, hitting bottom. I hold onto her wonderful, firm breasts, tweaking her nipples. I can feel her pussy contracting around my cock, and I realize that she is close. I take hold of her hips and start pumping my cock into her pussy. She lets out a scream when she comes.

“I have to taste her,” I think while picking her up and putting her down on the couch. I take hold of her firm ass and lift her cunt towards my lips. She is still coming when I take her engorged clit into my mouth. I suck on her clit then I start sucking up her juices. She tastes totally different from my wife’s taste, but she still tastes delicious.

I stand up, throwing her legs over my shoulders and enter her again. She is now constantly moaning as I pump into her with all my might. I can feel the swelling in my balls. It seems impossible, but I can almost feel myself get even harder as I erupt into her pussy. We come together, and I have to hold onto her writhing body to keep her from falling. I stay in her, still hard, waiting for her to come down from her orgasm.

I feel Marion hugging me from behind taking hold of my wet cock. It feels so naughtily good. I look at Debbie’s gaping pussy as Marion removes my cock. I can see the trail of my cum pouring out of her cunt. Marion bends down, tentatively pushing her tongue into Debbie’s open cunt, slurping up the combined juices.

I am sure that it is the first time that Marion has tasted another woman, and the image helps me to keep my hard on. I press my hard on back into Debbie’s wonderful fuck hole, past Marion’s lips. I feel Marion’s tongue on my cock as I pull out again.

I offer my gleaming cock to her, and she takes me in her mouth to clean me up. It is the most erotic thing that I have ever seen, and the sensation of first the wet hole and then the tight mouth quickly brings me to the brink. I repeat the procedure, but this time I pump in and out a few times with Marion’s mouth alternating between my cock and Debbie’s pussy lips.

We are obviously doing something right as I can hear from Debbie’s moans that she is close to another orgasm. I pull out again, taking my cock into my hand while Marion goes to work on Debbie’s pussy. She licks, first on the outer lips, then with long strokes, licks from just above Debbie’s clit to her asshole.

Marion takes her clit into her mouth, sucking it into her full lips with her face into her cunt. She takes hold of Debbie’s writhing legs, keeping her in place while she sucks her clit, flicking it with her tongue.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Debbie screams when she comes. She falls over onto her back with her chest heaving, gasping for breath.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” she screams while curling into a little bundle.

“That was so fuckin’ good,” she says as she looks up in adoration.

Marion stands up, looking at me with a gazed look. Her face is wet with my cum, but even more from Debbie’s juices. She offers her lips, but I go at her like a puppy, licking the juices from her face and furiously stroking my cock.

I can’t hold it anymore, and I push her down towards my cock. She takes me in her mouth, sucking the head, taking over from me, stroking me towards the biggest orgasm in my life. I feel my cum splattering the inside of her mouth.

She takes everything in, and I can see her throat muscles work as she swallows all my spunk. I am exhausted, and I fall on the couch into Debbie’s arms.

I become aware of our surroundings. Joe has an almost respectful look on his face. I sit up, feeling guilty about what I just did. The loving look on Marion’s face puts me back at ease.

“Wow!” Joe says and suddenly we all relax. The ladies stand up, and on slightly shaken legs, they walk off to the bathroom.

I look at Joe, and I am happy with his big smile.

“Thank you,” Joe says.

“Thank you?” I ask looking at the big man sitting unashamed with his hard cock in his hand.

“Thank you to you and Marion for what you have done for us,” he answers then he starts to explain.

“We have never really had a sex life until we started fantasizing about you two, but it was all just a fantasy until Debbie told Marion about it.”

I try to remember the last month, and I suddenly realize that I have been played. I am a naturally proud person, so I first feel used then I realize just how much I enjoyed it.

The bathroom door opens, and Debbie comes walking out of the bathroom. I feel my cock coming back to life as I realize that she is still naked. She walks up to me and plants a soft kiss on my lips, smiling her thanks. She has that freshly-showered smell, and I can’t help grabbing hold of her ass. She laughs while pulling away to go to her husband’s lap.

I stand up, walking to the bathroom. Marion is in the shower, and I join her. She looks at me, asking the question.

“Are we good,” she asks with a worried look.

I kiss her, smiling my answer.

We cover ourselves in bathrobes and walk into the living room. Joe and Debbie are dressed, and Joe offers me a drink. We sit down with very little unease about what has just transpired. They leave shortly after, and I can’t wait to get my wife to bed.

You probably think that we went to bed and fucked like rabbits all night, but you’re wrong. Instead we made long, slow love deep into the night. I don’t know if we will ever repeat this experience, but I do know that no matter what, the woman that I want to be with for the rest of my life is next to me in our bed.

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