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Our First Swing

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We were at Rhonda and James’ house one night last month when my wife and I shared the most intense and erotic expression of love we’d ever had before. It was a liberating experience that we will never forget and hope to repeat soon. Rhonda and James’ had invited us over to barbecue and hot tub at their house a few weeks prior, so we took them up on it. It worked out such that our daughter was at a friends house, and their children were also away.

Venus and I enjoy Rhonda and James company more than most of our friends, probably on account of their easygoing nature and similar lifestyle. They also have a bit of a wild streak that brings out our adventurous side, as you will see.

We had an early dinner and sat around their pool all evening drinking margaritas and telling accounts of places we had been and interesting experiences we’d had. Later on, after we all had a good buzz in our heads things got interesting, to say the least.

I was getting horny watching Venus moving around the pool in her bathing suit. She is a sight to see, beautiful from head to toe. She has an elegantly sculpted athlete’s body, slender carved muscles, and a backside that has always driven me crazy. But that night I was fixated on her pussy, which I knew she had shaved that morning. The thought of rubbing my face and tongue all over her bare pussy kept creeping into mind until I got fully spaced out on it and started to get a hard-on. I quickly snapped out of it, realizing that I was in danger of letting everyone see me make a tent out of my swimming trunks. It was too late, though, as I looked just in time to see Rhonda turning her head with a funny smirk. I was initially embarrassed, but quickly got over it. It must have set something off in Rhonda, though.

A little while later Rhonda approached James and gave him a long wet kiss right in front of Venus and I. He was sort of startled by it and looked at her with a surprised but happy expression. She just smiled at him with a dreamy-eyed look on her face for a moment and then leaned forward and kissed him even more passionately. She gave out a little devilish chuckle as she continued kissing him and then reached her hand down and began rubbing his penis through his shorts, which made James step back after a few strokes. She stopped and began laughing and said “I knew I could raise the tent.” She was staring down at James’ shorts, which were not doing a good job of hiding his erection. We all laughed, including James, who also turned red. Rhonda suddenly lit up and enthusiastically suggested that we get in the hot tub. We were all down for it and started to make our way to the hot tub gazebo.

Venus turned and smiled at me as I approached her and when I got close she gave me a kiss and smiled at me in a way that I know is her way of saying she’s having a good time. I leaned down and nibbled on her neck as I put my hand on her wonderful posterior. She immediately grabbed my hand and led me into the gazebo.

We were both surprised to walk in and see Rhonda and James stripping their clothes off. Rhonda turned to us and nonchalantly told us that they always get in their hot tub naked, but we could do what we liked. To my surprise Venus quickly said, “Sure, that sounds nice,” and proceeded to peel her bathing suit off.

A million fantasies raced through my mind as the gravity of the situation gave me a small shot of adrenaline. There I was about to jump naked in a hot tub with my wife and another couple. I was instantly excited but tried my best to remain calm. Without further hesitation I pulled my shorts to the floor and stepped out. My dick was stretched out from the excitement of the moment, but not swollen or hard. Feeling it swinging around as I stepped into the tub made me aroused and confident.

It was at that time that I turned and saw James’ dick, which was also only semi flaccid but obviously longer than mine and most notably, much more thick. I was a bit surprised and felt a flash of inferiority pass through my mind, but quickly forgot about those feelings and turned my head to look at Venus, who was practically staring at James’ cock. I chuckled to myself as I tried to imagine what she was thinking of. She slowly turned her head to me and smiled at me the same as before.

Not long after we got soaking in the hot tub the conversation turned to sex. It started out as some nervous jokes, and then turned more inquisitive with a little question and answer exchange that was focused around the things that turn us on. I recognized the opportunity and asked Rhonda and James if they ever had fantasies about group sex. I was stunned and excited by Rhonda’s reply: “You mean fantasies of doing it again?”, she said. She and James explained that they had had a threesome experience with another woman while on a vacation recently, and that they loved it, but hadn’t had any similar opportunities since.

Venus and I were speechless until James turned the question back on us. I kind of just blurted out that it had always been a unfulfilled fantasy of mine, but was interrupted by Venus who, to my surprise, revealed to them that it was something that we had talked about and that ultimately she hoped that we would experience group love making, but wasn’t sure she was ready now, or how it would come about if she was ready. She said that if it was meant to be, then it would happen, and she left it at that.

At that point I had my finger in Venus and she was gently holding my dick in her hand under the turbulent water. The light was dim, but I could tell that Rhonda and James were behaving similarly. Eventually the talk trailed off and the making out began.

Venus surprised me by kissing me hungrily and nibbling on my neck as she made no attempt to hide the fact that she was stroking my dick. I glanced over at Rhonda and James and saw that Rhonda was sitting in James’ lap with her head leaning back enjoying James sucking and licking her breasts. James began making obvious sucking sounds, which got Venus even more aggressive. She sat on my lap and guided my dick inside of her and continued kissing me.

At that point I was on cloud nine. I had a moment of realization that I was in the middle of a sexual experience that I had frequently fantasized about in the past – making love in the presence of another couple doing the same. My thoughts were interrupted when James got out of the tub and laid down along its edge. Rhonda immediately got up and put one leg out of the tub and put her foot down on the other side of James’ face. I got the feeling that they were re-occupying a familiar position. She slowly moved her pussy closer to his mouth until finally he succumbed and began licking her lips earnestly.

Meanwhile, Venus and I were lip-locked as we explored each other’s body with our hands. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Rhonda was gyrating her clitoris on James’ face while he slowly rubbed two fingers in and out of her pussy with a twisting motion. It was more than I could take. I stood up and grabbed and twisted Venus in one motion, while I stepped to the side so that I was instantly behind her. I squatted down on my knees and began passionately licking and sucking her ass cheeks and smoothly shaven pussy as she bent over and stuck her butt out for me to access her better.

It just so happened that she bent over such that James’ massive dick was two feet from her face. I soon realized that she was getting a close-up of the biggest dick she had ever seen in person. James’ dick was pretty large, probably about eight and a half inches long and thick, with a big mushroom-like head. It was longer and probably twice as big around as my penis, which is average size. I got even more horny thinking of Venus enjoying the up-close look at James large member.

I was relieved to feel aroused by the thought, since I had fantasized about Venus enjoying a second dick, but I had never been in that scenario and I wasn’t sure I would still feel turned on when the situation arose.

The other thing that was turning me on was the erotic moans of pleasure coming from Rhonda. She was getting heated up, and had her head leaned back looking at the sky as she voiced her appreciation for James’ efforts. James was also obviously fully aroused as well, as his dick stuck out as straight as a board.

I knew Venus was getting turned on because her pussy was wet with her sweet nectar and she was making little noises of approval. It only got me more excited, and I began to lick her crotch from her clitoris to the small of her back. She reached back and gently pulled my head into her and wiggled her hips slightly, grinding her pussy on my mouth.

Rhonda looked around to see what we were doing and noticed that Venus was poised over James’ dick as she leaned on the side of the hot tub with one arm and was encouraging my oral efforts with her other hand.

“Suck my husband’s dick,” Rhonda blurted out, nodding towards the big muscle pointing at Venus. I suddenly stopped and pulled my head back, out of surprise more than anything. Rhonda looked at me quickly and began apologizing for her remark. I told her it was OK, that I wanted Venus to do whatever made her feel good, and that seeing her get nasty would only turn me on more. James continued eating Rhonda’s pussy as she began moaning again.

I stood up as Venus looked at me with a different kind of smile than before. It was the seductive kind of smile that she gives me when she’s feeling horny. I instantly knew that she was happy I replied the way I did. I winked at her and smiled. She leaned over and gave me a long passionate kiss and told me that she loved me in a breathy voice, before she turned back around and grabbed hold of James’ rod with her hand and began to stroke it.

I felt a burst of adrenaline hit me. I felt like a kid again, doing something forbidden, like the first time I had sex. My stomach felt like it sank down to my heels, my heart was pounding, and my head began slowly spinning. My dick was so hard it hurt, and I couldn’t go on any longer without doing something with my throbbing hard-on.

I stood up and put my hands on Venus’ hips and brushed my dick against her ass cheeks. She quickly realized what I had planned and spread her legs apart, stuck her ass out, arched her belly toward the ground, and continued stroking James. I easily slid into her wet pussy, which was silky smooth with her sweet juices.

I moved slowly at first, knowing that it takes Venus a little while to relax and adjust to my penetration. Venus began stroking James’ cock more passionately as I picked up the pace. She looked back at me with a half-apprehensive, half-turned-on look on her face. I winked and smiled again and she turned around and continued stroking the big muscle in her hand.

As soon as I got to a long, tip-to-base stroke, Venus turned her head around at me again with her mouth open and breathing heavy. Her forehead was tensed up with passion, and she had the most nasty look in her half-closed eyes. It was obvious that she was extremely turned on, which always turns me on. She then turned her head around and leaned down towards James’ dick. I watched as her head moved in little circles. I couldn’t see, but I knew just what she was doing to him, having felt her tongue lick the top of my dick just like she was doing to his.

The moment was surreal. I had a mix of emotions; happiness that my most erotic fantasies had begun to manifest, an intense feeling of unselfish love like the kind that you feel when you’re able to give someone you love something they really appreciate, naughtiness from the taboo nature of the moment, and sheer horniness arising from the kinkiness of it all. Looking back on it, I realize that I wasn’t feeling the slightest twinge of jealousy.

I was totally in the moment, and began fucking Venus from tip to base even faster. Her head began moving up and down as she began taking James’ dick in her mouth. I could tell she was really getting in to it by the vigor of her sucking. It was like she had crossed a threshold from apprehensively toying with James’ dick to enthusiastically sucking his cock. She began using her hand as she bobbed her head up and down. James began to moan and I knew from experience that he was getting a great blow job. Soon Venus turned her head to the side and she began licking the shaft of James’ dick as she let out a soft moan.

The sight of Venus fully enjoying such a kinky act put me on a new plateau of arousal, as I squeezed Venus’ ass cheeks and began fucking her harder. Venus’ response to my harder strokes was immediate and intense, as she began raising her voice in a louder, more passionate moan of approval. She was licking James’ fat dick from the tip to his balls and moaning louder and louder. “Aaahhhh-aaaahhhhh-uuunnhh unh huh, ohh ohh aaoooonnhh, fuuuck yeah, fuck me baby.”

By that time Rhonda had turned around and had been watching Venus suck her husbands cock. “Yeah Venus, go girl. Suck that dick.” Venus filled her mouth with dick again and began stroking him in a passionate, sloppy kind of way that caused her to make loud slurping sounds. Rhonda leaned over and gently placed her hand on the back of Venus’ neck as she began moaning more and more, obviously approaching a climax. I slowed down my stroke momentarily, but Venus lifted her head up and said in a demanding, almost panicked sort of way, “Fuck me hard.” She instantly went back to sucking and I shifted my position so that I could drive it in her pussy hard and deep. I began giving her hard strokes again as she began whining and uttering unintelligible phrases of passionate pleasure. “Ooo-oo-oonn-ooohh god, mmm-uuu-uunnnhh-uunnnhh fuck! Mmm-uuu-unnh, oohhh.”

At that same time Rhonda was reaching her first orgasm and began screaming repeatedly, “Oh yes!” James was uttering his own groans of approval as he licked and finger-fucked Rhonda’s pussy. Rhonda’s hips began shaking in a spasmic way as her orgasm finally quelled.

Before long, Rhonda got up off of James’ face and said, “let’s take this in to the bedroom.” Venus, James, and I didn’t need to be coerced, and were instantly moving towards the house. When we got into the house Rhonda said that she was going to make some more margaritas and that we shouldn’t wait for her.

The three of us, James, Venus, and I, looked at each other, wondering what would happen next and how it would begin. I took the initiative and told Venus, “I want to see James fuck you silly with that big dick of his.” There was no need for an answer. James smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed. Venus turned to me with the most serious god-I-love-you kind of a look on her face, grabbed me by the back of the head, and gave me the most passionate kiss of our entire 13-year relationship. She broke away from our embrace, approached James, pushed him back on the bed, and turned around and looked me right in the eye as she lowered herself down to James’ erect dick. I watched intently as she guided the tip of his dick between her pussy lips. I swear I could see her heart beating in her chest as she slowly lowered herself down on the throbbing muscle. The sight of James’ big cock parting Venus’ pussy lips brought my dick back to fully erect. I looked up at her face and noticed that she was still looking at me intently.

As I watched my wife begin to fuck another man, I saw her as the most beautiful, sensual, sexy woman on the face of the earth. Something about the fact that Venus was going after and getting a sexual experience that she desired gave me an overwhelming feeling of attraction for her that I had never felt so intensely. I wanted her to get down and enjoy the experience, and I felt the same sense of joy-of-giving that I had felt earlier, even though I wasn’t giving her anything. But she was getting something; a big, long, thick cock, and she was really starting to enjoy it.

She started slowly but settled in on a smooth, moderate pace of slightly raising her hips and bringing them back down in a grinding motion as she held herself up with her hands on James’ knees. “I want to suck your dick,” she said to me. I stepped forward and she reached for my dick and gently pulled it towards her mouth. She licked my shaft up and down a few times and then took my dick in her mouth.

It was amazing to watch her work our dicks simultaneously. She got into a steady rhythm of leaning back and forth so that she was sinking James’ dick inside of her as she withdrew from my dick, and vice versa. James had his hands squeezed around her ass cheeks and was gently helping her stroke up and down, while I gently placed my hand on the back of her head and held her long, beautiful auburn hair out of the way. She looked into my eyes with a deep gaze of passion and I nearly cummed in her mouth right there and then, and might have if I hadn’t had to piss so bad.

Rhonda came in the room and placed some drinks on the dresser. I quickly excused myself to the bathroom, and after pissing and giving my dick and balls a rinse, I returned to the bedroom. While I was out, Rhonda had kneeled down between James’ legs and was licking his balls and the base of his shaft as Venus, who was leaned back with her hands on the bed and her stomach arched to the ceiling, methodically stroked the upper half of James’ dick. James was massaging Venus’ breasts with his eyes closed. Venus and James were both moving their hips in a rhythm of short, slow strokes as Rhonda’s tongue kept licking the base of James’ shaft and his balls. I stood in the doorway mesmerized and watched James grab Venus’ hips and hold them still as he began to lengthen his strokes and pick up his pace. The sight of James’ huge dick spreading Venus’ pussy wide turned me on.

To my surprise and total enjoyment, I watched Rhonda move up from the base of James’ cock to Venus’ clitoris. Venus immediately let out a high-pitched moan as she reacted to the stimulation of Rhonda’s tongue. Soon Venus reached down and grabbed the back of Rhonda’s head and encouraged the stimulation.

Venus’ mouth was slightly open, her eyes nearly closed, and locks of her long, beautiful hair was strewn all over. I remember thinking that she looked like a sex goddess to me, as I leaned against the doorway, staring at the incredibly sexy site of my wife being the center of the other couple’s attention.

Venus’ moaning quickly became more intense and I knew she was approaching an orgasm. She began furiously bucking her hips and announced that she was going to cum, which prompted James to firmly grab her hips and pull them up and down in rhythm with his pelvic thrusts. James was fucking Venus hard, even though he wasn’t able to get his dick all the way in her due to the position that they were in. Venus reacted by letting out the loudest scream I’d ever heard her make during sex. She soon leaned forward and her whole body shuddered uncontrollably as the waves of orgasm pulsed through her body.

Rhonda sat up and smiled at Venus, who smiled back in a content sort of way. Rhonda suddenly leaned forward and gave Venus a quick kiss. To my amazement, Venus leaned forward and initiated another kiss, although this kiss was much more sensual. Venus reached out and held Rhonda’s face in her hands, while Rhonda reached her hands around Venus and began massaging her hips and buns. Their tongues probed each other’s mouths while they closed their eyes and took in the moment. My dick bobbed up and down in reaction to the sight of the two sexy women locked in the sensual embrace. Their lips soon parted, and I heard Rhonda ask Venus, “Can I play with your man?” Again, my stomach seemed to drop to my knees, as I considered the possibility of being sexual with a different woman than my wife for the first time in years. I began to think that Venus wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea, when I heard Venus’ reply. “Sure, I want him to be as good to you as your man has been to me.”

I was amazed and delighted at her reply, but even more excited by her instructions for me. “Now, honey, I want you to give Rhonda a good fuck, and don’t hold anything back,” she said in a pretend serious way. “Oh honey, you know that your wish is my command,” I said, continuing the humor.

I had never felt more loved by Venus any more than I felt then. She has always known that I’m a very sexual person, and for her to give her blessing for me to have a sexual experience with another woman, without jealousy, showed me the strength of our love more than anything she had ever done before. I realized that she truly understands me, and that her love for me knows no boundaries. I felt more than ever before that she and I are more than just lovers, that we are truly partners, that we are best friends, that we are companions on the journey of life, and that she loves me enough to allow me the type of experience that most husbands only dream of.

Rhonda stood up and moved over to the other side of the bed while motioning for me to follow her. I did, and when she got down on her hands and knees on the bed, I got on my knees and began eating her pussy from behind. “Oh yeah, do it that way,” she said as she laid her head on the bed and stuck her butt up in the air. The way she positioned herself turned me on even more than I already was, and I pulled her ass cheeks apart and began alternating between fucking her with my tongue and flicking her clitoris with it.

The position also allowed me to watch as James got out from under Venus and stood at the edge of the bed across from Rhonda and I. Venus grabbed hold of James’ dick almost immediately and guided him towards her mouth. They were turned slightly, which gave me a good view of what they were getting in to, or rather, what James’ was getting into. It was the first moment that I actually saw James’ dick in her mouth, and I was surprised to see that she was able to get so much of it into her mouth.

She sucked it slowly, putting it almost all the way into her mouth before pulling back, stroking him, and looking him in the eye. She did that a few times and then laid back on the bed and pulled her legs up. James leaned over her and guided his dick into her once again. He started to quickly pump it in her hips, but Venus stopped him and told him to go slow at first, and not all the way in yet. The other positions they had fucked in hadn’t allowed James to get full penetration, and so Venus needed to adjust to his full size.

Meanwhile, watching my wife getting nasty was keeping me at a high state of arousal and I was licking Rhonda with a passion, which she was enjoying. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart as I licked her crotch up and down. I flicked her clitoris, dipped my tongue into her pussy, and circled it around her ass hole.

“Oh yeah, play with my ass,” she said in a passionate, moaning voice. I flicked my tongue over her ass a few more times, and then went back to her clitoris, as I pressed my thumb up against her bung hole. It was wet with my saliva and I pushed a little bit to spread it. She let out a little high pitched scream, and I knew that she was really enjoying it. I was ready for something else, though, and stood up behind her.

She looked back and smiled at me and said, “Oh yeah, are you ready to fuck me? I want you to fuck my pussy. Yeah, I want your dick inside me right now.” I obliged her and put the tip of my dick against he pussy lips and pushed. Her pussy was soaking and my dick went in easily. I noticed right away that her pussy felt especially hot on my dick. I began stroking her pussy in long, slow, methodical thrusts. My dick was so hard that there was no chance of budging it from its fully erect position. It was like hot iron moving in and out of her pussy.

I looked over and noticed that James had gotten almost his entire length inside Venus and was thrusting in and out of her at a medium pace. The back of her knees rested against the crotch of his elbows, and with her legs spread that way I could see her pussy lips holding on to his dick like a vacuum lock. Each time he retracted, her swollen pussy lips extended outward, and when he thrust forward, they bunched up and spread to the side.

Venus was writhing in pleasure. Her hands moved randomly all around James’ shoulder and chest, and her breath was short. Seeing her so passionately enjoying fucking got my heart pounding and soon I picked up my pace and was giving it to Rhonda in long, hard thrusts.

Rhonda was thoroughly enjoying it, even though my dick was not the caliber she was used to. She compensated for the difference in size by squeezing her pc muscles around my dick, which felt incredible. I couldn’t take my eyes off Venus, though, who looked incredibly sexy getting fucked into delirium.

James had stopped for a moment and put Venus’ ankles on his shoulders. He slowly pushed the rest of his dick inside of her, as she gasped in pleasure. He then straightened his back, and, pivoting on his knees, began thrusting the entire eight and a half inches or so of his cock in and out of her. He started slowly at first, but soon picked up the pace and was thrusting about twice per second in a steady rhythm.

Venus began moaning uncontrollably, “uuuuu-uuuunn-uunnhhhnn-uuuuuunnnnhhh-ooooohhhh.” Her cries of pleasure were similar in intensity to the cries of pain that I witnessed her uttering when she gave birth to our daughter. There was no doubt, though, that they were cries of pleasure. I looked down at her face and saw that her whole face was flushed and her eyes looked like she was on drugs. Her forehead was tensed up and her mouth was half open as she continued to cry out in complete, blissful, passion. Soon she reached her arms down to James’ hips and began pulling them towards her and bucking her own hips up in time with his thrusts. “Ooooohh, yeeaahh, fuck me hard!” she screamed. James began giving it to her as hard he could, and the sound of their hips coming in contact went from a slapping sound to a thudding sound as he buried his big cock in her over and over again.

I was fucking Rhonda with equal passion and fervor and she began her second orgasm shortly after Venus screamed for James to fuck her hard. She began moaning at first, but was soon into a full on scream as I pounded her hips hard. The more excited she got, the tighter her pussy clenched around my dick. I was getting close to cumming when she suddenly began shaking in orgasmic spasms. I slowed down a bit and she eventually reached back and pushed against my hips to get me to stop. I turned again to Venus and James who were still reaching a climax.

James was driving his dick in her deep and Venus was panting and screaming at the same time. Finally she tensed her entire body and emitted a high pitched scream. Later she told me that she experienced a type of orgasm that she had never felt before that came from deep inside of her pussy, rather than from her clitoris like her usual orgasms. We all collapsed on the bed in a sweating, panting heap of bodies.

A little while later, James and Rhonda made love on the floor next to us, while Venus and I made love on the bed. It was some of the most passionate, soulful love making that we had ever experienced. Afterwards, we went back to the hot tub and drank more margaritas. Rhonda confided that she loves the feeling of her ass being played with, but was always too scared to let James fuck her in the ass with his big dick. Venus then confided that she was a little scared to let James inside of her at first, but loved it once he was. A few moments later, I was fucking Rhonda’s ass in their shower, while James and Venus got it on again in the bedroom. Eventually the sun came up and Venus and I went home.

Since that night, Venus and I have been enjoying a renaissance of our love and sex lives. Venus told me that she also felt a indescribable feeling of love and being loved by allowing each other the pleasure of a sexual experience with another, and we both agreed that it has enriched our relationship tremendously. I guess that’s why Venus invited Rhonda and James over to barbecue at our house this weekend…

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