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Other Side of Town

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Sandra was following her neighbor Kay’s advice about using the downtown mall as an escape from her straight and narrow life. The thirty-two year old Sandra used shopping to fill her emptiness, and had since her marriage began crumbling two years earlier.

Standing at five foot and nine inches with a tight and firm body made it easy for her to find outfits to spend her rich ex-husband’s precious money from the divorce settlement. Sandra knew she had focused on her ex husbands lack of interest too long and that it was his fault for not wanting her, who many friends said looked like a brown haired Nicole Kidman. Today’s trip out of the locked gates of suburbia was something that she needed.

Sandra needed a lot more, but only realized it that day.

At ten o’clock on a Tuesday morning, there were few other shoppers as Sandra turned from the main entrance to her left. Sandra passed by the same chain stores found in every mall. She was thinking that she might as well be in the mall down the road. Then she spied a unique woman’s shoe store. You can never have too many shoes.

Before reaching the shoe store, an art gallery across the way caught her eye when a sales woman with wavy shoulder length blonde hair straightened a display in front of the store. Sandra couldn’t take her eyes off the female’s outfit that seemed fit for a street corner. The woman who looked to be in her mid twenties was wearing a short navy blue skirt with wide fence fishnet hose on her shapely tan legs with red high heel shoes. Her black long sleeve top looked sheer from a distance.

Sandra quickly decided to take a look at the art gallery before the shoe store. What could it hurt?

Sandra ran her fingers over her straight long brown hair to make sure it was in place. It was, as always. She then looked down at her long beige skirt that matched her beige jacket. Her white blouse was buttoned up to the last button. Sandra undid the top button but wasn’t really sure why she did it.

The blonde was behind the counter with her back facing the entrance as Sandra walked in to the gallery. Sandra could see though the girl’s sheer shirt and saw the woman wasn’t wearing a bra. When the woman turned around, Sandra saw the woman’s shirt had a band of thicker material covering her breasts. Sandra felt a little disappointed. Sandra didn’t realize she was staring until the woman caught Sandra’s gaze.

The woman smiled and says, “Can I help you?”

“Just looking,” replied Sandra, feeling her face turn flush.

“If you need anything you might want, my name is Mira and I’d be pleased to help you.” Mira looked at Sandra with light blue eyes that were highlighted by dark thick mascara.

The paintings on the wall and the sculptures on the shelves were all modern ink blotches and tangled sculpture, the kind it would take all day to even figure out what they were suppose to represent.

Sandra kept peeking back at Mira. Mira eyes were fixed on Sandra, and Sandra felt it. Sandra felt a little tingle of excitement, but was confused.

Then at the back of the store, Sandra spied a normal painting of two women staring at each other. Sandra drew near it. The women, one blonde beauty and the other a red haired beauty, were standing on green rolling hills in white lacy turn of the century outfits. It looked like two Irish lasses. Sandra thought it was a very warming picture. Then she noticed how the women were looking at each other. Their gazes were strong and their hands were reaching toward each other and their lips were parted ever so slightly. Sandra gasped when she realized the women were lusting over each other.

“That one kind of draws you in to it,” Mira whispered from just behind Sandra. Sandra spun around to see Mira standing right behind her. Mira slowly sashayed away to the right of the store. Mira opened a door at the back of the shop. “We have some more art like that one in the back. That is — if you’re interested.”

Sandra hesitated but staring into Mira light blue eyes she felt curious to see just a little more. What could it hurt?

“Yeah, I might be interested,” Sandra said, trying to act calm while her heart was pounding. She walked over to the open door, unable to look Mira in the eyes until she was next to her. She glanced up at Mira eyes and was mesmerized by the dark pupils piercing out from the surrounding light blue coloring. Mira stepped back only slightly so that Sandra had to walk very close to her.

Sandra took a few steps into the dark room and paused. Mira brushed up against Sandra’s back as she reached for a light. Sandra smelled Mira’s sweet perfume and inhaled the aroma. When the overhead light came on it exposed a room filled with erotic art. There were pictures and paintings of women in all types and states of dress, enjoying themselves and the pleasures of other women. These were tasteful pieces of art, thought Sandra as she walked around the room. Sandra’s heart was racing, and she began feeling uncomfortably warm. She was disturbed by her body’s reaction and tried pretending like the art had no effect on her, but she could not look at any of the paintings for very long. She turned to leave and stopped upon seeing Mira sitting in a wood chair by the door.

The younger woman’s left shoe rested on the chair as she adjusted her thigh high stocking top. Her legs were spread wide. Sandra could easily see Mira’s red triangle of panties between her legs. Sandra stumbled as her eyes fixed on Mira’s spread legs and inner thighs.

“So, do you see anything you like?” asked Mira.

“I’m sorry, but I just remembered I need to be somewhere,” said Sandra. Sandra rushed out of the room and out of the store. Sandra was quickly out of the mall and into her car.

She tried collecting her thoughts.

Sandra knew she wasn’t gay. She liked guys a lot and always had. But then she remembered her college days and the couple of drunken make out sessions with her roommate and realized maybe there was more she could enjoy in life. It was all too much. Sandra’ started up the car and began driving back home.

She noticed a smell in the car and soon realized that the smell was her arousal. Sandra reached her right hand under her waistband of her skirt and rubbed on her warm folds bulging against her panties. Tingles ran up her whole body. She could feel the warm wetness build between her legs. She ran her fingers under the elastic of her panty and through her curly pubic hairs. Touching her swollen lips sent a shiver into her body and she swerved the car as she almost had an orgasm.

Sandra sped up. She wanted to get home. A flashing police light in her rear view mirror caught her attention.

“Oh hell,” said Sandra, and she pulled off onto the side of the road. She pulled out her license from her purse and twisted in her nervous right hand.

“I need to see your license,” said a feminine voice as Sandra rolled down the window. A female sheriff’s deputy about thirty years old with dark hair in a pony tail held out her hand.

Sandra handed the license over with the same hand that had been down her skirt without realizing her fingers were still wet.

Sandra couldn’t help looking at the tight behind of the Deputy in the brown uniform as she walked back to the police car. Sandra thought how she’d love to see more of that. She put her hands to her face for thinking such a thought and realized her hands reeked with the smell of her pussy.

“Oh fuck, what if she can smell it on my license?” whispered Sandra. A local deputy would tell everybody about Sandra Cline, the dripping horny woman. Her face was flush as the deputy strolled back to the car.

“Mrs. Cline, are you all right?” asked the Deputy. “I pulled you over because you were driving a little erratic. I see you’re a local with no record and I was just wondering.”

“I’m just having one of those days. You know how that is.”

“Yeah, I have those days myself.” The officer bent down and rested her arms on the open window. Sandra looked over and saw the deputy’s top buttons on her shirt were undone and the top of her lacy white bra was easily visible. “Here’s your license and here’s my card. If you ever need to talk about anything, I’m available to listen. My name’s Gina and I’ve only been with this department a month, and I’m still getting settled. If you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I think I do.” Sandra smiled and their hands lingered for a second as she took the license and the card from Gina.

“Well, I’m here to help.” Gina winked and walked away.

Sandra watched Gina get in her car and drive away. If she really wanted to help, she could have followed me home and licked my dripping pussy. And with those thoughts in her mind Sandra rushed home and into her large empty house.

She slammed her front door and looked at her stairs and decided the bedroom was too far. She had waited long enough. She pulled off her panty and pulled her skirt up and laid belly down on the floor. She spread her legs and arched her ass up. She ran her fingers up her swollen wet folds and when she couldn’t stand it any longer she gently stroked her clit and sent her body into an orgasm. She continued to stroke herself as the tingles slowly subsided.

Sandra rolled over and sat with legs spread wanting more. She hadn’t had an orgasm in a long time, and the last two were by the vibrator she had bought to help fill in the gaps left by her now ex-husband. But even that had grown uninteresting, and she too had lost interest in sex.

Sandra sat on the floor thinking, this is the most alive I’ve felt in a while and I want, need more. She wanted some female flesh as bad as a drunken frat boy. “Perhaps I’ll go back to the art store tomorrow. That Mira could be a good place to start. She is probably just a flirt but I need some practice since it been so long since I’ve done anything like this.”

Sandra began planning her return to the mall and wondered what she should wear. Sandra knew she could never get away with wearing anything braless like Mira’s outfit with her firm breasts and pert nipples. Sandra reached her hand into her blouse and under her bra and felt her still hard nipples. She laughed, while laying back on the floor, and begining to think about all she wanted to do. Then the doorbell rang. She wasn’t expecting anybody, and even wished it was the deputy.

Kay the next door neighbor was standing at the door when Sandra opened it. Sandra said, “Hello, Kay.”

“I am so sorry to disturb you,” said Kay. I think I left my address book over here last night during our poker game. Hopefully Mandy or Cindy didn’t take it by accident”

“I didn’t see it when we cleaned up, but you might have. Come on in and let’s look.” Sandra was amused at how Kay was always forgetting things over at her house. Sandra took a good look at the gorgeous green eyes of the red haired thirty three year old Kay as they looked for the address book. Kay and her husband Jim had lived in the house next door for two years before Sandra and her then husband had moved in.

With no kids and a frequently traveling husband, Kay also had free time on her hands. Kay was wearing her usual conservative long dark skirt and long sleeve blouse, but her outfits couldn’t hide her curvy figure. Sandra had been jealous of Kay’s curves and ample breasts before, but now she was lusting for her friend and wanted to see what she would look like out of her outfit and just how soft that smooth skin could be.

Kay bent over to pick up her address book lying beside the couch. Sandra felt the urge to run her hands across the well stretched material but resisted. Sandra decided then and there she wasn’t going to drive herself crazy wanting something without making an effort to get it. Sandra unbuttoned two more of her buttons on her blouse and was rubbing her fingers up and down her exposed skin when Kay turned around.

“I found it,” said Kay turning around. “I don’t know how I lose so much.” Kay’s eyes bulged as she looked at Sandra. Sandra could feel her hard nipples stretching against her bra and knew Kay could see them.

“You can hang around and look for other stuff,” replied Sandra. Sandra saw shock on Kay’s face.

“I think, I think I’d better go.” Kay walked to the door but paused with her head towards the floor and then looked over her shoulder at Sandra with a big smile. Sandra thought she saw lust in Kay’s green eyes. Sandra took a step towards Kay. Kay quickly opened the door and left.

“Come on over any time my door is always open to you.” Sandra waved as Kay walked away. Sandra thought, everything is open to you, you luscious vixen, my door, my legs, and my pussy. Sandra looked down and saw her panties lying on the floor. “Ha, that’s what Kay was smiling at.”

Sandra didn’t leave the house for two days as she thought about her life. She decided to sell the house, go back to college and get her masters, and start fresh. But in the six months she had before school would start, she wanted to satisfy her hungers for other women that she had suppressed for years. She was going to live life to the fullest. She didn’t care what the neighbors thought. She wanted her neighbor, Kay, most of all.

The next day Sandra headed back to the downtown mall for a little shopping and the hope of flirting with Mira. She wouldn’t run away this time.

Sandra walked into the mall with excitement. She wore a tight, white sweater that had a plunging neckline, and her grey skirt was knee high. She felt sexy. The only thing she didn’t like about her body was her pale skin and she decided to wear tan pantyhose to cover her legs.

Sandra tried to keep herself from walking too fast toward the art store. She had gotten to the mall so early some stores weren’t open. And sure enough the art store still had its front blocked by the roll down wire gate. Just as well, what was the chance of Mira working anyway, thought Sandra. Sandra heard the gate open on the shoe store behind her. After a moment she decided to look at shoes since it was so close.

The Shoe store was filled with all types of interesting shoes. Sandra wondered where the employees were as the store was open but empty. A red pair of shoes with three inch spiked heels with straps for around the ankles caught her eye. They were sexy but Sandra felt hesitant trying them on.

“You’d look great in those,” said a familiar voice. Sandra turned around to see Mira’s familiar eyes. Mira hair was straight now and pulled back with a hair band. She wore a knee length grey skirt and long sleeved light blue sweater. Her makeup was light with just a touch of eye shadow and blush.

“Hey, I thought you worked over there.” Sandra pointed to the art gallery, thinking Mira looked like an all American woman — a damn hot all American woman.

“I work both. I got to do something to pay for finishing my masters. Would you like to try these on?” Mira held the shoes up.

“Oh I doubt I could walk in those.”

“These weren’t made for walking.”

Sandra laughed and says, “Sure, I’ve grown interested in trying new things.” Sandra sat in one of the fitting chairs. Mira kneeled before Sandra and placed the shoes on Sandra’s feet. Sandra liked how Mira looked now better than the other day. “I’m sorry I had to run the other day.”

“I was too. But I’ve been hoping you’d come back. You can never tell what a woman will do regardless what she wants.” Mira fastened the straps around Sandra’s ankles and run her hand up and down Sandra’s calf. Sandra pulled her skirt up enough to temp Mira eyes.

Mira peeked and with a disheartened look says, “Pantyhose? You didn’t come prepared for quick action did you?”

Sandra heart skipped a beat and asked, “Action? I’m — I –.”

“That is what you came back for, isn’t it?”

“Well, I thought we might go out some time.”

“Go out? I suppose we could make a night of it sometime, but I got a boyfriend to go out with.” Mira stood up and looked down at Sandra.

“Oh then your not — well, I mean you like guys too?”

“Is that a problem?”

“No, I do too. I’m so new to this. I haven’t kissed a girl since college.” Sandra blushed.

“But you liked it then didn’t you?” Mira reached out her hand to help Sandra stand.

Sandra stood up and says, “Yes.”

“Then why so long?”

“I’m not sure right now, but I’ll blame my now ex-husband.” Sandra tried to take a step and her ankle wobbled. Mira grabbed Sandra by the arm to support her. Sandra leaned into Mira and they stood back to front for a moment.

“Why don’t you go into the office.” Mira pointed to a door in the back of the store.

Sandra hesitated, but decided she had waited long enough. She wobbled into a small room with a large wood desk in the center and two chairs. She heard the noise of the store’s gate shutting.

Mira walked up behind Sandra and says, “Now we can have a little privacy.” Mira warped her arms around Sandra. Sandra leaned back into Mira and felt the younger woman’s breasts pressed against her back.

“Should we be doing this?” asked Sandra.

“Why not?”

“Won’t you get in trouble?” Sandra turned to look into Mira’s eyes. Any lingering hesitations melted away.

Mira inched her face closer and whispered, “Were fine.”

Their lips met in a soft kiss at first. Sandra loved the feel of the soft lips pressed against hers. She felt Mira’s tongue sliding across her lips. Sandra parted her lips and met Mira’s tongue with hers. They kissed for a minute. Sandra felt Mira’s hands gripping her butt and pulling her into her. Then Mira shoved Sandra back until her behind was against the desk. Mira pulled Sandra’s skirt up around her waist, and pushed her up onto the desk.

Sandra spread her legs. Mira walked between them. Sandra wrapped her legs around Mira and they kissed. Mira brought her left hand up and run it along Sandra’s left breast. Sandra let out a sigh as Mira fingers lingered across her hardened nipple.

Mira lowered her body down and says, “Next time you visit don’t wear any of these time consuming granny pantyhose.” She ripped the crotch out of them.

Sandra loved the cool air hitting her inner thighs. It felt like she had been freed. Sandra leaned back and spread her legs wider for Mira. Sandra felt Mira fingers run up and down her cotton panty.

Mira snatched them to the side and used her fingers to gently pull Sandra’s mound enough to access Sandra’s swollen pussy lips.

Sandra mussels contracted as she felt Mira’s tongue plunge inside her. Sandra had expected gentleness between women, but Mira run her tongue in and out and up and down, sucking her wetness with aggression. Sandra loved being so wanted. It was like learning to swim by being thrown into the water. Sandra felt tingles rise within her and gasped as an orgasm surged through her. Mira quickly licked up the extra juices. Sandra felt another surge building but Mira stopped.

“I’d like to keep going, but we don’t have the time,” said Mira, climbing onto the desk next to Sandra after snatching off her pink thong.

Sandra was trying to catch her breath.

Mira kissed her with her lips covered with Sandra’s juices and said, “My turn sweetie.”

Sandra slid off the desk and stood on her weak legs.

Mira was on her hands and knees on the desk, she arched her back and says, “Come on and get your tongue to work.”

Sandra looked at Mira’s round tight behind and saw that Mira had a shaved pussy. Sandra ran her fingers along the smooth skin and thought how sexy it was. She wanted hers to look and feel like that.

“That feels good,” said Mira. “But I want that hot tongue of yours on and in my pussy now.”

Without hesitation Sandra stuck her tongue out and got a taste of Mira’s juices. Sandra loved the smell. She felt like she tasted sweet water after walking across a desert as she licked and sucked on Mira’s swollen lips. Soon Mira bucked, and Sandra felt her new lover’s body quiver, and was rewarded with more nectar.

As soon as Mira stopped shaking, she climbed off the desk, kissed Sandra, and says, “That was nice but you need to come at closing when we have more time.” Mira left Sandra alone in the office.

Sandra heard the sound of the front gate opening, and knew her fun was over — for now. She looked down at her legs and saw her pantyhose had runs well down her legs. She took off the spiked heeled shoes so she could take off her ripped pantyhose. She looked down and saw Mira’s thong lying on the floor. She looked at the thong with elastic bands and decided to try them on. After tossing her pantyhose in the trashcan she slid off her cotton panty and slid the thong up her legs. Sandra loved the snugness against her pussy and the exposed feeling of her ass. She left her old pair lying on the desk.

“I don’t think I’ll take these shoes,” said Sandra walking out of the office.

“That’s too bad. You look good in them.” Mira smiled and took them from her. “Would you like to see more?”

“I think I will. I always will now.”

Sandra spent an hour trying on shoes and bought two pairs. Mira laughed when she saw her panties on Sandra. They talked like old friends. Mira explained how she had grown to love working in the mall and all the attention she got form the suburban women wanting and needing more than their men could offer. Most of it was just flirting though. The owners of the shoe shop and art gallery were a longtime committed lesbian couple who found it humorous to see the suppressed housewives throwing themselves at their younger employee.

“You want your thong back?” Sandra asked, getting up to leave.

“No, just bring them back next time, when we can have more fun.” Mira leaned in and kissed Sandra softly.

“I’ll do that,” said Sandra in a whisper. “You won’t make me wait will you?”

“For you I’d shove the all the married other ones aside. They are a little too time conscious most of the time.”

“That’s nice of you.”

“I warn you though there is one gorgeous redhead I’d close the store down in the middle of a sale if I could get her to spread her legs for me just once. My bosses are complete understating with me also. Fay doesn’t try to flirt, but her green eyes look at me with that hungry look — like you. I’ve had to open that back door to the art gallery several times for sexy Fay.”

“Fay sound delicious.”

“Oh wait — that’s not her name its Kay.”

“Hmmm,” said Sandra.

The end

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